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tftOPElLTr Off 


jOPff?" sciewt'ia VEITAt 








FOR 1889, 



Comotad to Uw 3Ut DwMmber, less. 







ICU. Knigbt of tha Oidsr of tha Ganer. 
K.T. Knight of the Oifler of the ndMls. 
K.P. Kcietat of the OtObt of St. Patrick. 
'Q.O.B. KnJK)it ffraiulCViMortheOTderof UiaBalh. 
K.O.B. KiuRht CDmniubr of the Order of tha Bath. 
O.B. Companion of tho Oixier of the Bath. 
• G.C.8.I. Kuiffht Brand Conutiiaitr of tho Order of the 

Star of India. 
'K.O.S.I. KnightCnsaidrror the Star of India. 
O.S.I. CbHfiaatM of the Star of India. 

O.C.M.G. Knight Oramt Crau of the Ordor of St. 

Mjchael knd St. George. 
K.O.M.O. Knigbt Caanunifn' of ditto ditto 

C.H.O. Cbnipiiiiiiiii of ditto ditto 

CI.B. nwjiaiiiDii of the Order of the ludinn Empire. 
D.8.0. OtM^wnionoftheDiBtLnftniihedBerviceORler. 
O.C.H. Enight OraiidOiuiot the Royul Hnnovsrian 

Quelphic Order. 
K.O.H. Knight Oommandtr of ditto ditto 

K.H. Knight of ditto ditto 

E.G. Knight of the Crescent. 

V Befon the Kame denotei that the Omeer terred in (ha Ptninala, or the SoxH af Pranct. 

■mt nsuri^ M^.i fOffloerBactuJIv present in either of theaetionBof the i6Cb 17th or iSlli Juna i3ic. Such 

n Waterloo Meoai, J Omcera are a&omid hro yaan' addiUona! sen-ice. 

US Viotoria CroBB. 
' The Figtrres preflied Co the Names denote the BatUllDne to which the Offlcen are actnaUf oHatlird. 

e. htfort the namedenoteHthattheOfficerhasreceiTedacertlilcaUfrDm tho Senior Denartment of the RovalUilitarr 

The Letters p.i.e. are placed Erfor* th« Namea of Offlcen irho have passed the Btaff Cellega. 

The Letter r. is placed after the names of Offlcen of the Boyal Vanoee employed on the Rtcrniting Sefrif. 
'Tha ' brfore the Name or Date of Conunisaion denotes Temporal? RonlE on^. 
' ThoLct^r ' fi^DTfl the Bato indicates chat the Commissioii wtApnrehoMd, 

The t btfiTTe a nam o signiOes Uiat the Officer mentioned is on the Unemplojed Eupemumeraty LiPt 

In the Uilitia BaltalioDa,' 
p. siniiflee CertiScate of Profloieniiy, or othenrlse 

qnalif ed as ProOcient ftir higher roidt. 
J). uertiflcMa of Proacieao;, or othenrlee qoollfled aa 

ip.) Suhaltfim^s Certificate of PrDacienoT. 
vp.a. pasaed Bchool of iDstruMloii for higher lonk. 

SI. passed Bclioolof Inslxnotion. 
j.i Sohool CertlBeata for Yeomanry Bnbaltema. 

tT) paased the eiammatloii in Tactics laid down for 

Oaploins In the Army. 
(T) obt^ned Special Mention at examination in Tnc- 

tioi laid down for Lieuienanta iQ the Army. 
(I) qullflad for appointment aa Inetmctor of Mua- 

(0 passed the euunination in Tsiitlos laid down fiv 

(P] passed fnl] coarse in Bahmarine Mining. 

The words snbscribed to the titles of EegiraentB, as " Penininla," "Waterloo." *c., denote the Honorary Dia- 
lUnettona permitted to be borne by snch Keglmenta on their coloors and appointmeats. in commemoratioa of their 

Foreign Orders. 

IHve Fortign Ordtn mttiMonei, in (fca War Berviea Mom; (0 IKt fvUmiing Cmmtrie*, ani l\e Dates art 
Ihoitof flit Iiuttlufton of the Tetptclive Orders -, — 

Animitlan Dooranfa Empire {] Closaes) iSjg. 
.iwfrte— Maria Theresa {3 Claasea) 18 Jnne 17J7. 
Leopold (3 Claaass) 14 July 1&16. 

2(MiMt— Leopold (3 Clasan) ii July iBii. 
Jl"— (*— MiUtary Merit (3 CLaasee] Mar^ i7jg. 

Legion of Honor (s Classes) 13 May tBoa. 
< ?l ^w> SaTiMir {5 Classes) i Jane 1833. 
JI«sHi — Dnelphs (3 Classee) iS June 1815. 
Safitt St. Jannorlns (i Class) July 1738. 

St, Ferdinand and Merit (3 Claases) i April itaa. 
BL Oeorge and Reunion (3 Olassea) 1 Jan. iSip. 
VaOsrlasdi—WilhehD (4 Clataes) 3a April tBtj. 
f fnlK—Llon and Bon (3 Claasea) iSoi. 
Psriual— Tower and Bword (3 Olaasaa) 17 April 174S. 
31 Bento d'Avls (i Olosses) 17S9. 
OmioeptlDii (3 Classes) 6 Feb. iSiS. 
nwil»— Blnok Bagle~-i3 Jan, 1701. 
MiUtary Merit— 1749. 
Red Eagle (3 Claasea) ti Jane 1791. 

Sooio— St. Andrew— jD Nov. 1698. 

St. Alenuder HeHski- 1711. 
Bt. Ann (■ Closaes) ] Fab. 173;. 
St. (Jeoive (4 Claasea) 16 Nov. i7£g. 
St. Wladlmlr (sClaases) 4 Oct. 1783. Tis;'- 

Sar J I m' a Bt. Maai<oeaDdBt.LasarasliClaBUB) 13 Nor. 

Military Order of Sbtov. 
SuDiqr— St. Haniy I3 Claaee) 7 Oct. 1716. 
XmesOna (T Classes) 15 Dec. 1933, 
Spa i w Oharlea the Third (t GUusw) ig Sept. 1771. 
Sou Fernando (5 Claasea) 31 Aug. rSn. 
St. HonnenlgUde (1 CUssesI to July itij. 
St. Isaballa th* Osthohc (] Classes) iSij. 
J h i J ja O p OK I (3 Claasea) 17 April 1748. 
Taria*— Creaoent (3 Clasaee) 6 July iSiu. 
MedJIdietj Classee). 
Oamanieh (4 Classes) . 
nuHHqr— St. Joaeph (3 Classes) lio}. 
WirltmAur^—llmaxj Merit (3 Classes) 171B. 

Oommimloatloni oonoemliig tbe oontenU of " Hurt's Army List " sbould b« addressed 

•-OMI.T to 


50, Albemu'lB Street, 


A Quutwly Zdltlon of " Hut's Army List " Is published on the 1st of laniiMry, April. 
. JtUji uut Ootober, price lOe. 6d. 

LAiiUm U i^' (J U M T E N T S 






DUlTMBiatf - M9 

CMta«* Of rtBaUBOF* r—^ ■» 

r* I- ft' •---■■■ 

I iriTMrT''illfcl. BaiMtliiirW 1 1 ) 

aSSTBU^ :::; :::::: '.I] 

titfMjrDaliHfi „ ■!( 

H»>n Arm F<wwrr, Ulr- 

MiiBtea. _ 

Gna|M«4*r Fmioi?, WaU- 

bamJUititf - , 


ConmlHeMaaduu^MUoii aiafr 


K«maiuie KtrsMtobnMiiit 

Bajtl BanplMJ*-Cholm>.lal- 
niainTniii .. .„,. .... . 



Pfteeu . „,,. . 

(Me«nwbotuirs n>cMt*d Onufl- 

«aM(M Uw fkaior IVpwuntmt 

sfltH Ron) Uilllw7Con«|[« 
<Mia»« wbo b*n pwMd Ibo 


OBmm i««amiiE fUnni4* lar 


■ i4 

_ JUoal.XvtW , lit vicMcuCroa 

AOrSchMb. . , ,. 

itafl innt FMMrry, BnlMil.. 

CTtH IiBaeniian> .. . .. 

BoaosnMc Corpa of 0«Ml*aMa 

atXiBW ... 

Y««mni«f iboUoan) ., 

UlTEary UnlghU of VlndMf -, 

I C*»mlry .,„ _ _. . 

iij ArtJIloT^ ,....--....».«.... ....,..,, 

Ill I Knff^om . 





litlkiiliT_ _ .._ ..... tn 

Otdoaooo Start I)«paniD«iit . -.. iif 

Aral; Pur D«piiitm«nt u' 

U«lia»l 8i*ir ..._ 3tT 

VMarliury DoputmSDt _..., mi 

L-lttf l&iw^ Dtputaunit -... 

.\Unnn ..._ ...... 

Imlhjui Army .„ _. 

RaHrveofOaLc>ir« — ._ 

OcDBKl OOovr* nUxta muSer 

BeyiilWunnl... .. 

Offlmn lt*Uf*(l on Pull Pty <" 

on a Penitoa .,- -- -, . j^f 

Ofllcan (aUuu tbiia ((initnl uiil 

Fluid OOlan) nn lUt-ixiraT 6«i 

Ontofn on lltlr I'aj joA 

tiaatnl uul Flsid 0<s»n lu. 

Uiol by E«1d, Coismulaliua. 

vUh • (hutflllr, er by Rur- 

mulvriir Kiilf 1^7 

imtnmtau.te _ 

DcMbs _ 


lliiiKiunble AnlUnjr Vantfvtf 

at Landcoi _,,... ,_ _ 

HfliUa - i. 

TMaUAT* OkTiiIrr ... ... 

Pii.UI atacnrt K«Ui*l frutn tha 

Iu<Ii4]iCiVEl Scrvlco... .. .,,,.,.,^ 

U.B.~Br euMXiM of UOa Tabl*, B«SIm*aU can bs found tn this book by Ui«tr new tItlH. 


*Mfc»i. Bi1 M U HMy - uj r fleater Ibdltsl I>«M 

.MhaLW -- — ■ 1 BapMnandK 

Ulutn ... 

■(BBMini hr> 

»llt« tMtnit Suff ....- 

taut at BMk Ulcklanllcn 

— ^ . - — !^HatffV 

— I^IIIWtmoA ■ 


■ J'9 

. iM 

fOMl" . ^. Jl( 

'SUlIln wj 

VtMrlnar; Dapknmuit tx> 

Uonin Kntiiiioot irf 

Baib,Tha<Xutl[*niB«riiD*BX| tn 

CWMSUlMid, ««Mla lar 

OMUbfMct'f IDilki* o() 0"n 

Mianifiel RAKimeDl jai 

CsEnanrn Hixbluidnn... _ jij 

Til t;»aiar«it»ii> _ — *jo 






_1.WMd-^ i 



Cuvd*. fis^ In 

CtuidjwiK. Bujral IPriuM 
W*l««' Lshular RBKimBul] 


OAnca B«ar«« 


■- - ■■ rSuriB ,...Z. 


md WuuhMtd b- 


- AoTflUciD 

. 11} ICuurbiirj. LkTKlnr 

a I OhiUUU on BcUrod Pay ... — 

iV .... 

rUTiv* rwlonr. Wooliridi 

Camry Dtpot, OwMrbmy 

r«Mnd !■:£• II«M 
Chaplamt' UspmoMin 

UOHS - - 



■ ■A 


tiMoniioiu, UlilMiT -. 

DeolW Inwdw FOroe 

Daiwt, CtndiTi u IteiMibniy . 

^^^ kxid Tnining SDhonL, Al' 


DvrijyihiTQ ICetfiutut 


DtVODIHin. 8ut) 
DiiUnKUULod Mtrlot Ordtt 

UontUiIuto BcKlnuDl ..- ^ ^ ilj 

Diivar, Run U .>, _ g3 

Unsoom (rnniilt .,.,„ .. tjfi 

Dnttaont. tiumm.klatietrt ifi-iBSi 

Du!iTliiFii«Uitt»., mI 

»u!) ■> - «<)' 

Darfamn Light Infttnur ]t« 

GMHrn DtiMot Stair ij 


BeclniiuliukI Dd|II. Btaijitl . 

■ ■4 ^ cmmam. ru Mii ■« 

U4 Cliilw. Itoy«l Hmptol 

Milllvy Aijlus 



OMhlBel>nial -. Ill 


CmM Bricul* et AiUUciy. 

ColJiWfr.aingM .._ 

0]|leC^ Koyal UUlSuy .... 

Elnll ...... _. 

'-•lOMl* . 

IWind OB Full wc B*- 

'.rad IVr arPvaalaa ...„. 

4» . " iniiilMtiltT mod Tniiupon D*- 

.1) |M Hin « n t.llmg fttf ■- - 

41'^ rcnmnliMIHt wid Ttaaapott 

loi SUIT. BMkvd on luir r*T 

tji I'.asj^iiiarUI Dept. lUW n; . 
in : rnmmltKni and [oipacUM SM* 
nf CoasmUtMn. Aa., OOton* Ba- 

■11 Undb* - ■ 

M« CanBaBA«Rwiit*f» 

•Ml 0M> on IhU I V (If 

^>T' *'.-** ,m**T hi 

Ti BtfiiAdi^ . 

< iLig ati UnbAtal. 
. . 1' titbt 

-^Mf ta - 

!:■ .-I.' 'a.", Tin) 






„_ iii 

PalklMilUKoiln.nitiiiria^ lor 

F'luld Uunhala , — 1 

l^i Utuulu, SlaS In 105 

fonlfn Ontitu -^ .. »«* ^ulU-fOji, 

tiuWr. Knlclia urihB ,, it;) 

ilflnn oD JkcUira Liit i 
IMi»d tlM iff 

BdJuburiEb'* (DnkDot) Wlli^in 

Bi«tm«iil .„- — 

tat UlaiGtwik, itUO at — 

igA Xdaculooal B■Hl)lt■lla(o>■..■..- 
H<UFlqr 741 tttavttBtaSltiiaTarvtta.. — 
I Bnli*MHaui]l AnD*r»MorT-,,.. 

1 ltacinMni.>IIUtte 

yr ! anal ... - 

lit BoucTleaMlbDQaMK.., .... 

tii Brlniipimb trrcautu' ?arM 

1114 Kwn llaRlni'Dt. 

Oaaani on 

6«n>nbi BMtivd on tun «r B*- 

I Hfcd rarer I'Mulon m 

61; a*oB*(neai>l Am* ...... ^ tja 

lu <MbnlMr. Sum a». — _. >«• 

nioao>>«l*nUn« IU«lm«M 17) 

Oo:d Coaat lAlany. SaaltiD ^.... n< 
Oowl llopcicaptol), BtaSlc... u( 

noaikha awinitnu 4«>. ((1.447 

Uardiiii niirfilaaiJara jii 

OrwUuoouit or 0«nn«l aad 

FteMOOtcn _ _ s 

(■aanli - — .. >»9 

(intnuq' and Aldtrnu Maa ... m 
9alMun>it»*h.naatiL.. — .... »T. 

Oaiaa>.Carpaaf, — — 44$ J 

Oanraeiory ... - - iijJ 

lluastrj, 8d»ul (■ . ntj 

GanmrKatt tix.,KlXUa3ml3iaitf tt* 
H»lff»J - i« 

OOetn UtbnA 1*7 






: a 

Biepihirt Hegi'ncii* 


Table of CoulenU. 

Head Qumiten Btkff > 

H«llgol»nd, SUffin. loo 

Ribemtan UlJiUry Sohool .-. its 

HlgbludUgbl InbnCr?... 317 

Home Dlitriol etair. 9S 

HosOani, BtalTiB to; 

HonKKoDa. Aa.. Sluffia 104 

Honoorabto Ariillery CmDpBay 

of l^bdon i*7 

BonaOoardB— eUttToniuiAnnf 9 

DlMriot 8t*ff. »» 

Bine "BS 

Hotpllal. ChelMS "S 

^^—— KitmftinhftiD,^-' - 117 

Boiun, Lancer*. ADngooiu 143-163 

HydnmbaiA Oi^ntianDt 449 

HyChe, School oC Muketiy ti4 

Indai 791 

Indian Arm; 40' 

CiTilSerrloe B^j 

' Empire, Order of tha ... 13A 

Loonl Forcea ,...„.... 4« 

MtaffCorpi 4"o 

ludiA, QLafTiu 101 

InrtanCTT, BefflmeDtB of b>9 

InDlskiUinu; FosUion rjt 

IiupeciloDBUf ,^-..,^-,. 115 

IreiHiKl, Huff in M 

IrlBli Pnsilitn 333 

Hcirlmsiil. IS* 

EiHee S»9 

Jamaica, Staff la.-..-,...- ^07 

Jersey Difltriflt Staff -..-..-,., 99 

Jndjje Advocate GeHBral'i Offioa 1 1 7 

Kent {EHHtJ Regiment 337 

(W*8t) ftepiuient 394 

KLImainham, Ru^al iloBpital . 117 

King'e (Bhropahirc Lt. lof.) ... 997 

' LiTtarpool BejfimeDt 344 

Own lAsCBitiir Best 13B 

^^'— Own Scottish Bonwera tt^ 

Royal Rifle Corpa 304 

^. — YorlEBhireLifltitlnfknbry 119J 

KDellar Hall, School orifnila .. 114 

lAboratoiT, Rojal iij 

Labnan, Staff in 104 

LafOB, Statfin ico 

Isacsah:re (Beat) RagiOMiBt... 174 

Fuaillere i«i 

ILoTal North) Ran. wi 

. (Sooth) Besrlinent.. 184 

I^ncsster Reglmsnt 138 

LaDeera.DragoooB A Hneaara 143-163 

Leeward lelande. Staff in 107 

Laleeaunhire Begiment aj6 

Lelnater ReKlment 346 

LianUnant Colonele --,--, 45 

i . Retired on 

Fnll or Retired Pay or PanMon 619 
Lientenant Coloneli Retired by 

Bale. Ao 745 

Lientenanl Oenorala 4 

Retired on 

Full or Retired Pay or Peniion tea 
Xiientenant Generals Retired by 

Sale, kc 

Ueaienanta on Retired Pay...... 

— . Hairpay 

Ufo Onaids 

Unenluhire Regiment 

Uverpool Beiiiment 

Local Indian Foroea 

[■ondon, Honourabic Artillery 

Company of 

Lothian RBHiaiont 

Lonifo'B {PnnceHu) Satherland 

aiki] ^gyll Hinblanders 

Loyal North Lancaahiro Regt. 

Madroa Cavalry 

General Ijat ... 

Civil BervioB 

Bccleaiaatical Dept. ... 


- General Liat ... 

-lledicBl Department ... 
' E<appere and Ulnera .. 

-Buff Corpe 


. Ve»noai7 Department 

Betired on Full 

H^or OeneialB 

or Retired Pay or Penaion 
lUor OeueiBle Bet. by Sale, Ao. 


Retired on Foil or 

Setie^tl f^^jrFaaioB 

UaUrmd b^ aaia, Aa. 


liatuillna. Staff lu 

ICedical Department, Bengal . . 
- Bombar 
-Half or 

Retired Pay.. 


Raaerve of O&oen . 

School, Nelley 


Ueywar Bheel Cniva ..-" 

Uhairwarra Battalion 

Uiddlesei Begiment 

Military Dfoorationa 

Snginoerlng, School of 


Knlfihta of Windaor... 


— — — Store Department (late), 

oncers on Hair Fay of 

Militia AitUlerj 

.— — Channel latanda 




IClacellaneouH EaLAbllehraenU . . . 

Uoneter Fuailiere - 

Uoaketry, Sehoot of (Hythe) ... 

Natal, Stiff In 

NeUey Uedisal Sehool 

Newfljundlana. Staff in 

New Ouinea. Staff in 

New South Wales, Blaffin 

New Zealand, Staff in 

Norfolk Reginipnt 

North British Ditlrial Staff 

NoTthamptonahinj Hoffiment ... _,_ 
Norlliern Dibtrict Staff jj 














Northumberland Fnuiliera 

OrtlerB of the Oarter, Ae 

OrdDaiice Factoriea 

Ditio, Half Pay 

Ordnance Store Department 

Ditto, Retired OD Balf Pay 
Oiftonlahire Light Infantry ... 

Pay Department 








— OOloe 117 

i^ymaatera on Ualf Pay ......... 709 

Pandon, ODoen Retired on 599 

Penaionere, Staff Officer* of, 111 

PbyaiciaQe(Honorary)to theQneen t 

Poona Horae .. ..-. 591 

Poitamonth, Staff at 97 

Prince Albert's (SomenelahlTe 

Liglit lefentry) .................... 

PriaonB. Mllilaiy 

Punjanb Cavalry... .............. 

FnJntier Faroe 


Purreyors' Department (late). 

Offleera on Half Pay of 

Quarter Maatera on Retired Pay 
on HalfPay ... 




Queen. The 

Queen'aOwn Cameron Bigbre. 

Own (WeetKent Ren. I 

Boyal (W.Boneyaegt.) 

Qaeenaland, Btaffin 

Regimental District Staff 

Remount Xatabiiehment 

Reserve of OOlo^re 

Medical Officers. 

Retired IdSt araoneral Offlcera 
Retirements, fte., dnring i3fis .. 
Rewarde for liiatinguidhed Ser- 
vices. Officora receiving 

Riding Masters on Retired Fay 
onEalfPay „. 







BiSe Brigade 31 

Depot... Ill 

Boss-shire BuffR 318 

Royal FnatlteiB 143 

aighlandersCBIackWatch) a86 

Mil, Academy, Woolwich 113 

Military Aflylnm, Obelsea 114 

— College, Sandhurst J13 


-«- FaacblB Anaimrr 


■Bheel Corpa 

who baveOertiflcatea from the 

Senior Depanmeut 

Royal Scots (Lotliian Regiment} 

SL Helena, Staff in 

St. Michael and St. George, 

Order of 

^t. Patrick, Knigtata of 

Sale, 4c., Officers HHiredby ... 
SandbniBt, R. Military College 

Staff Collaft* 113 


.. 696 
.. 7*8 

. lis 


«« , 

jog I Hehool of Qaaoory 




Sehool of Military Unirineering 114 

Music, Knollcr Hall 

Mnaketry BI Ilytlic 

Boyal Hiljernian Militorj- 

Sehoota, Amy 


Seattiah Borderera, King's Onu 

ScDte Pnailiers 

Sfaforth Highlanders 

Second Lieutenants on Half l*iiy 

Senior Department. B. M. Col- 
lege. Officers who have re- 
ceived Certiflcates from 

Sherwood ForeslomfDcrbyahin) 

Shropshire Light Indintry . ,. 


Smnit Arms Factory, Knfleli! 







Binainghnni 115 




Somerselshiro Light Iiillintrv 

South Anatrslin. StaiTin 

Eantem District Stuff . .. 

Wales Borderers 

Bonthem DiatrictStaB' 

Staff Abroad 

— at Home 


- ■ ■■- — - Officers pai'ecii .. 
Staff Corps 

Officerwof PonFiirHncr:; ... 


Hegimenlal District 

BtaBbrdshiro INorlh) Rtpimont 

— ' — — — f Sou tl I ) n eL'i 1 1 1 ci: I 

Star orindia. Order of thr . . 

Stmils Settlements. Sliiff in 

Bnflolk Reffimcnt 

Surgonitft(aonorarv> to the QiTrcn 
Bnrrendor of Half Pay, ic. 

Officer* Retired bv 7^4 

SntTBy IKaet) Regiment 97; 

(West) R-gimcnt 936 

anesoi Regiment 979 

Qntherland Highlander* 337 

Tasmania. Staff in 104 

Thistle, Knights or the 119 

Tower of London tii 

Trinidad. Staff In., 107 

Turks A Calcoa blasds, Staff in lor 
Unattsched Offisei, Madras .. joj 
Teterlnary Department 395 

Bengal 456 


-Bombav 539 
HalfPay 749 
Mndraa 500 

7icto7ia Cross, Officers who bare 

received the 

Victoria, Staff in 

flotoria's (Princess) Irish Fus. 
Walee' (Prince of) LeinsterGegi- 


Wales' (Princo ot) North Staf- 
fordshire Regiment..,.. 

Wales' (PriQCB of) Own West 

Yorka hire Regiment 

Wales" (Prince of) Vol no tears 

(South Lanca'^hire Begiment) 

Walea' (Pnncesa Charlotte of) 

Berkshire Regiment 

Wales' < Pi-inceas of) Own "Vurk- 

shire Regiment 

Waltham Ahliey. Gunpowder 

Factory at 

War Office 

Warwick^hirc Regiment 

Wellington's (Dnko of) Woat 

Riding RoEfiment . 

Ufelsb Fusiliers 

— ' — BcginicEit 

West Afrioa Sotllemcnts, Staff in 

— ' IniLia Bi-giment 

Indies, ic, Slaffln 

' Bidmg Regiment 

Western Australia, Staff in 

District Staff. 






Willahire Regiment. 
Windsor. Mihtary Knigbts of.. 
Windward Jslaods, Staff ia . .... 

Wuolwjoh Aracoftl 

E. Military AcailwBv 

District Staff. 

Worcosrerahire Regiment,,,..,... 

Yeomanry Cavalry .. ,,. 

Tsomon of tho Guard 

York and Lancaster Rajriment 

York. Staff St 

Vorkehire Light InfMoKi^ 


— — V.'KaU'l %ai^!i«A 











TiibJ* 0/ CoiUmtt. 
Ohau'jft in Iht: TUU» oj Jt^imemU 0/ Infantry. 
■■B -3j ittMBa of Ox\* Tabia, lUgltnenU can be founl In thti book bj U)«lr old Dumbori.j 


Oucu'* (Runl ff«M Surnr . . 

Tk»lt^(KU>K4AtlUKimBni> lu 

KlK*aO«a(B<ii«IUi'icwurbgUMD[| . iil 

i^Aaaboted Paiillm - »v> 

Sdfa] Wanrlefciliin Rfufaaat 141 

B<9Bl rMflmi iCu; Drl/jnilai) K«cttntnW. 143 

TWKtea'a[UrnTOoin<cUDMI|.- t«4 

NorfUkBMnwiu ^ ti 

Iliiqniiihir* RhwM .„_„...._..,.-..- *^ 
Unoathtra RfcuMOi ,..~^ — «^. h« 

- AatfOOi Bwimmt . >;a 

- P»i>« Alticn'ii lauiaeniiuUn U)[ht tuf.) >i> 
-. PrUOTtrfiraln'OiniiW. YorlahireRcclJ 95) 
... XiM Vorkihin BctfUHDK . ,..,^^ iji 

- BadiwOibln KfUiiMBt _ >jj 

LiioHlBKhlrt lURunnt 



inFuflian . .— ..— lii 


. Iflj^ «CBU raullan 

CkaUnB««MMM ... 

■*9>i WcU ■■wOlan .. .. . 

Hoatk ValH BaidHW* 

Kluc'i On hnUnn 

I Ba. Ths l^uDcmjMM* tlkauiih BItlMI 
. I Bb. Raysl lauMtUBDi FnaiUsnl ._.... 

. 1 BB- niuaoiMUnMr* lagtlnBirt „-.. 

■t Bo. Wtnawpmhm BMaunl,.. 



I Bk Kul LuicaAhm B«j[tiiHlil ..... 

— 1 Bb. But Samy lUciauiut 

, „ I Bo. l>Lk«uf ConiAH'r* td^ghllTifkntrjr 

■ fc.Oiikso(Wc[|lBCtiia'i>W.lUdiiiii[{U|[Uih 

. I Bb. Ilu &M4n BMilaum tjs 

. t Bn. B«al l(H*a RacinwDt .... — . wn 

. • Ba. W«teMt(nbtn lUEisdnt ,- ni 

1 B*. HmuhMm SmIbkuI »... a! 

I Ba. SaolL StBObtdAln lUgfntnt _. id 

I In. DmMitanJUslnvnt ....,.-....»>.. il| 
. I Bb. I'noM cf trwaar TotDaiMn I8«aife 

lABcuUr* BiwItirtTHI 44 

t Bb WaUb HulsHnt . .„..,.. ■>• 

I U>. Ttx l&t^k Wiwh MbvTkl lltKlilBnd«i») <ai 
t BiL OXIbrti^c t.lRbt IiiIulTy ..^ .,.. >!} 

. I Bb. Bxu Knfusaul .— ... . >tl 

I B n. 8b «nni8d Knf un n iDwrliyttaIra 

rilk I BiL DidwarCaniwairii UiiUiuAuir]' ..! qj 

S- iBa.nBliHiralNankLH.euhlrcRa^ , >«■ 
. I Ob. XoftfaMapMnuhlra KMus'nt ... . nt 

^ _ , Bb. PdoMH ObwMu of Wnln' iBcrft- 


W* . I Bb. QBain% Own {Bojal W. Kaui Rwt.) im 
»« _ 1 Bb. KtM** Oint JYotlOllM Lwhl tn£]... hj 

•irt iBB-OIfenliMNUi^Iabtmv ...if* 

at iBn-IUaK^iakuataUgMlMhittQr)-.. *M 
jdB - 1 Bb. DanMMlTC bcMMoL .- . .- li] 

a, 1 Bb- TkB Bmtor Bc«Eu«fU .. ni 
>k.BMaRHin*at ... •*■ 

a* ^im. thtkatfCWnl«^*CNn(lIlddlc 

. uhin BuRliBaDl ...... tft 

I lanfmYrirr BwiioBi..^ — *74 

KiBc*! nor*! lu"* '.'"Tp* > )s« 

" . sijBctMmiun AcsiiDiB* ^ ft 

k. Dofea id RJi±tnnc!i'* ^WaBdili* 
Bt^M' W '~ - - |rt 

■ ^ UUB* CD I.BBD 

au IhIouM) 

« Hb. yawiMMtuniuh 

■ Bb. BiM lansiAin 




UCb . 


JIBt . 









■eiM , 

MMh . 



. Iln. l-rinoo of VTalM' (Konh SEaRbnl. 

thLre RenfiuieiiE t . ., ,,. ... 

I Bd. York unti LuicAHtfr ItttflmpQi 
tu. J-iiactm, Vbwh: 
•bin Koclnuiitl. 

I Bu. I-rlncHa Ularl'jcs of Wnloa' 


. ■ Bo. Itunpiliin) Bwioin'ti 
. , I B». DiubBm LijahtTi.fiHiirr 
.. > Ba. WaUta HaiclmODt . 

, >BB.BMt8lUKTHBKllUDl.. . ^ 

. . I tin. tllKblUulLlgbtliilltril^ ... ... 

„ t Bn. Btataiih II^gl.)iiii<li<rii (ltOH.«blrv 

Quirii.Tliii riukoof ^H)J>nv'«i ,,» 

., iRii.Thig IIIiiiiliWatcL[Rii]-iilH:xui*D<lcn| tM 
. I Ua. Ulifhlaiid Ljfljl Itiinktiiry , . jxf 

... t Bd. OordOTi H L^lij>Lit<lp[> ... j^f, 

.. 1 Bd. Duke ir lVvi:mgti)Ti'tlWsil lUittDIt 

ItHtlEosaU in 

... (Bn. DaliDof Ciunt>riaii«'«0%nilUiiUlg. 

MX BcKimvBll ia|. 

... 9 Bo. Hiiitn>nb HiKhtamlan rllon-iUn 

Uam. Tbs IMKo ot AlbciDi'*) ^ ., ]■■ 

... I Bu. ()ai)«i'i 0<ni CusoTOD HlKhiikuilOn )>} 
.. I Bu. SciutkBtaltanUliiia B*i{luiDDI . .. «(■ 
.. 1 Ba. Idjal Huitli taiuuubirn RiHlniinit . «i 
,. > Bn. Prtnc« Of WftlMT ValuntMn |.-)ouUi 

T*fim**''rft Bof fnacnC) . . - 1S4 

... 1 Bn. Boynl IritbKiIlM . ]>« 

* Bn. York and LMUUuMr HiiiciBiiiut 311 

I Sn. KHue's IBhnpaUn Llffbt loIUntryl igf 

. 1 Bo. RoTftl bUh milM ..... - in 

I Bn. PifiwcuVMortaXRajrallriahFaiU- 

liertl jw 

. 1 Bq- Conuuu£bt Rnniivra ... .. ...., ^44 

.. Bn. PnuiWiii Viclorla'ldUiyiLltrltbFlul- 

llotrj 331 

.. iBn. Camironiani (HiMUKb IUIImI .,,, 17* 
. iBB.PriucauL[>Riic'iiArs)'1landl!aib«c- 

Innil Hi^hljudtirA) . , ■-,.-.- — , 337 

I Bu, GoTdoii lUEblUKloT" jn 

.. ( Bu.PrinHial/JtLUe'ilArm'llMiilSuUuT- 
laml UifibUiidtn) - jff 

. t Bn. CnmiHUFfbL Ranitcr^ . --—..- — , ..... 334 
. I Bn, Sborwood l^dtaawn lt}(irli3i«lilra 

Bn«imucil) ttt 

> Bn. MKiu^bCHWr ftvirimtat ...— ^.... jog 

.. 1 Bn, The i^iioonV Own iKojai W. K«nt 

RsuiuieuU (M 

., J Bii. Ptioce ot Walta" i}i\,nh Buffoid- 

(btrv lUeinani) _ 310 

. > Bd. Duke of Kilinbnigli'n iWUublra 

BacuoentJ ...... j«t 

. . • Bd- Thii Piiuts ot WjlIm' ItlMlar R4«l 

manltKnU Cuiulluuil 54S 

. I Bn. Sun] MuuMor ruiUm ,,....»..... j4 

. I Bn. Haml Dublin ffiulUin _^.. mS 

. I llo. KDjiil DnblUi ^iKlUn , — 148 

. * Ba. Soysl MTUi«*r fu*llier« .... .. . 347 

. iBa-Tbc Kin:.-'t Uira lY^rlctliir* Ugbt 

InOiDtrjrt ,..,. ....... r^ 

• Bd. l>iirbnni l.iKht iDluitiy .,...„ )i4 

, ) Ba. Koyal Sohbi lUftmant - tn 

sBn. Bbitl liULlaUUlai roMUcn . ..... nt 

. ■ Bd. Tb* PrlDM of ffaloa' tiiUuttr 



Bacliaenl 'Itoj^l Canaaiaii*) 


Chau.jtt iu Ih* TilUa of It'-'jimentt of itiUlia. 





nut Briitadt Xonb liiA nivUtea i^ 

»*Miiab DiviitoD,.. .. a. 


SMufa trtab OtiMian tji 

Wltfani DiiMon M 

Botnb Irlth DIrlalan S$» 


VcXctb KrlUan. M 

Kottb tilik DiTlrfon 1» 

VonhanDiTukm ,.. I41 
StottUk DmMoB IM 


ItluldlDKMn to lie nid BiiKDilc ScoUlib IHtM^ln 

titsiii^tt* mil " "■ "' ' 

Kai .ind 

LaaoatbJT* lail 

LtoxHak Oty ,~ 4U1 
IjaadondaFTT ,.. otib 
Hid vutv .- .. eui 
Uaattor... . . . jin 

HorfWli ma 

Hanhambtrlaad jrl 

Pombmka _ 4tb 

8U«o Ml 

BdRik -.... «« 

fluaii ... ltd 

wuarfbrd Mb 

Wlckl«r„ -. jlb 

mJAt {Hit or) jtd 

_. tt* 

SooUHni DlTlaim .- * 
(.lafluoForuDrtiiiOD •». 
t-unablT* DirUlan («? 
Baulk Itf*h OI<rl>iau Sti 
:(ac(b Iilkk DtYlilan Bw 

Soalta Iri'b IH*Uian ■(> 
KaHern IMvxIoa-..,. fir 
XonbiRi DivlituD .. •!. 

nrglab DiTlilcn U9 

XoTth litab DivUlac 8fo 
Butani Dlrtflea .... St8 
Cla(riiaPan>I>i*l<un tifi 
SoaUi Wrti DiTTuroc Fji 
SoiUi Ittab Wiwiw. %vi 

KonlMTnDiv^iAaa ... 


Table of OotUeuU. 


IIBB ?>•■ 

BadfbrdMIUU&tob«)Bn. BedtordriilieBaginisat... 8s6 ' 9 UUiUeHi lobe 7 Bd. Eing'B Roj'al Rifle Cocpa ... B67 

Berks j Bn. PrinEesa OharlottB of WftlM 3 Midfllewx jBn.B.I'nBnierolCitrorLocclonRBgt.l 8sj 

(Bo^ihire Bg|[iinant) G6; 4 MtddleMi sBnJLTmdlieTslC'itjofLonilonReKt.) B33 

Backs 3 Bn. Oiltirdtliin LIhU lohsCrT t6i I5 Uiddleeei 3 Bs. The Dnko of Cunbridge's Own 

Cambridge 4BD. BnSblk Beelmait Bs; | (Middlecci RiKuueDl) S66 

Carnarvon ... .'4 Bn. BotbI Walsh FiuiMers 859 .UoDtKOmeiy .,.4 Bn, Sontb Wales Barderers 8^ 

" ' ' _ — .._.. -t I Norfolk 3 Bn. Norfolk Regiment 854 

I CiiMbira 3 Bn. Otieablrs Bagiment Ss« 

I GheeUn 4Bn. CheihfraBeglmnit 858 

Oi>RimIlBug.3BD.I>DkeorCorann'i£t.In(knti7 S61 

(hunberlaad ...iBn. Border Betiment Ki 

Danblgh 3 Bn. B07BI WelBh FiullJera BjS 

I Darb; 5B11- Sherwood Fomten (Derl^- 

ehire Ragiment) 865 

iDeib; sBn. Ditto ((Uttoj 

I Devon........ ....4 Bd. DarDnefatre Begltaent 

1 Norfblk 4 Bn. Norfiilk Regiment 854 

Northampton ... 3 k 4 Boa. NorthajnptonBhire Begt... 865 

NDrtl>(UBMrl'liid3 Bn. Norfhmnborluid FnailierB 857 

Kottinghun ...4 Ba. ShariTOod Foretters (Derby- 

shira Bogimeni) 36* 

, Oxfnrdihirs 4 Bn. OifCrdaliira Light InfuiU; 864 

. B(i4 Sbropeldre jBn. ShrDpshire Light lof^try EH 

- 855 ' I & 9 &omereet-3 A 4 Bne. Prince Albert's (Somerect- 

I Devon 3 Bn. Devonahire EaBimenl 854 shire Light Infantrj) , tjs 

*or«Bt 3Bn, DorsetihJraBeiinianl B63 a.W»lesBord..,3 Bn. Bonih Wiles Bonlorera 8jj 

I Duihun 3Bn. Dnrhain Light Inhutry ed . 1 Stafford 3 A 4 Bub. Bouih StsfTordahire BaeC. S61 

1 Dnrbvn 4 Bn, Darham Light rnOutUy B69 i & 3 BtBfibrd...3 A4£mi. The I^ncsofWsles'CKortlt 

■uazSlBen. 3 Bn. Essex Regiment B64 BtaffnrdBhire Regiment) 8W 

WestXsaei 4 Bn. Essex Regtment S64 West Bnflblk ...3 Bn. Suffolk Regiment B;; 

Flint 6 Bn. King'B Hoy«l RiHeOoipa 867 i BiSTray 3 Bn. East SBrrey Hegiment 861 

GluDargan 3 Bn. Welsh Beglment 863 3 Bnrre; 3Bii.QueeD'BRo}'nl (W.SuircyRcgt.l 8p 

BaDtha]a'ster..3 Bn. OloaeeMflnhfre Regiment 860 jBoira; 4 Bn. East Snirey Begt. 861 

Horth ato'iteT..4 Bn. OlooeesMnhlra Begunsnc B6ci Bnsaei 3 A 4 Bns. Boyal Snssei BegC Kt 

Hampsbire iBn. Hampshire P""*^™"*^* "'- .T,.^^«.in4.-_ o., oim^^ iSH-i-,^^„r'^^m,^^*ar\mT^\ bm- 

Hereford 4 Bn. Sbropahlre 1 

B«i iToworHaBilfltS7Bn.Bif.Brig.CPrinceConsort'60wD) 8j3 

. .., __. -=-"™* 8** jTotrerHamletasBn. Ditto (ditio) B73 

Hertford 4Bn. Bednrdehire luglnieDt 83d, i Warwick 3 Bn. Royal Warwickihire Regiment Sjj 

BmiUngdon ...j Bn. King's Boral Brae Corps 867 ' a Warwick fBa. RoTnl Warwickshire Begiment 853 

KaetKent j Bn.ThoBnm(S«atKeiitR^) 8;i Weetmorolaod 4 Bn. Border Bfoiment B61 

West Kant 3 A_4 Bns. The Qoeen's Owa Roial i Wiltshire jBn. Ihikeor£dinbnrgh'i'(WilUlure 

(WeMEanlRegbnent)... 8Gs 1 Regimeat) B6; 

ilaneaahlre ...3 A 4 Bns. The King's Own Royal ; Worcester 34 4Ttns. Worcestershire Regiment . ito 

(La n caster Regiment) B59 SaatTork ......3Bn. Cast Ycrkshire Regiment S56 

iLaDcaehlre ...3 ft i Ens. King's (LlvarpoDl RwL).. 854 I Korth Yoik 4 Bn. Prlscess of Wales' Own (York- 

jLancaihire ...344 Bns. LoyalN.lAncashlreRagt. 865 I shite Begiment) 857 

4Lanoaahirs ,,.3 Bn. Prince of Wales' Volnnteere iWestTork .,.3 Bn. King's Own Li^bt Iii&ntry 

(SonCb Idncasbln Regiment) B63 

(Bonth Yorlcshire Regunent) B66 

S Laaesshire ...1 Bn. Xsst Lancs^Ire ^giment B61 ' i West York ...1 Bn. Prince of Wsler Own (West 

Yorkshire Be^ment) 856 

3 West York ...3 Bn. York and Laocaster Regiment B^ 

4 Wast York ..,4 Bn. Prince of Wales' Own (West 
Yorkshire Begiment) 8s* 

GLanisshire ...jft 4Bns. MsnchceterR^lmei^ B6S 

2 Lancashire ...3 En. lAncashlre Fnsitiers 85B 

JieioesteTShlTs...3Bn.t4loealenhlreBaBiment 856 

NorthLinooln...3 Bn. Linoolnihire Hogfinent 834. - — „ 

Boath Lincoln... 4 Bn. Lincolnshire Regiment 814 5 Wast York ,,.3 Bn. Princess of Wales' Own (York- 
London 4Bn.R.VitsUiets(01tvorLandonBeKt) 8J3 shirs Ruimoat) Bj7 

East Hlddlesei.f Bn. The I>nke of Cambridge's Own 6 West York ...3 A 4 Bns. Dolie of Wellington's (Wei^t 

(Middlesex Begiment) 866< Kding Begiment) 8^1 


Aberdeenshire 3 Ba. Gordon Highlanders B69 

AyiA Wigto«n4 Bn. Royal Boots Fnsiliers BsB 

KJlnbnrgli 3 Bn. Bt^sl Scols (Lothian Regt.) ... Bjj 

Highland t3 Bn, PrinocM Lonise's (Argyll and 

Borderers) Salhsrland Highlandeie) 871 

Highland Lt. ) J Bn. The Queen's Own (Cameron 
InJintry J Highlanders) B69 

HigblandRlSeS3Bn. Beafbrth HieblanderB B69 

i^iark 3 Bn. Highland Light Infbntr^'.,,. E^ 

7 Lanark 3A4BnB.Cameronians(9F0ttieh Ritlcn) 85; 

Perth 3 Bn. Blaok Watch (B, High hinders) S6j 

Renfrew 4 Bn. Princesa Lomse'n (Argillend 

Sutherland Highlanders) 871 

BcattishBord...3Bn.BoyBlB«ilBFneiUoiB BjB 

Antrim 4 

Armagh a 

Carlow 8 

Cavan 4 

flare 3 

North Cork 

BonlhCork 3 

Donegal 5 

North Down ...3 
SonthDown ..,5 
DnblinCounlj j 

Dablin Citv 4 

Fermanagh ,..3 
Gftlway ..,.,... 4 

Kerry 4 

Kildarc- .....3 

Kilkenny ; 


Bn. Bc^sl Irinh Rifles 870 

Bn. PrinocuVictoria's(R.IriBhFas.) 870 

Bn. Royal RifleCorpa 667 

Bn. Princess Victoria's (Royal Irish 

Fosiliera} B70 

Bn. Boya] Munster Fnsiliem ([o d 

tonotrttdimloArfm^),. 871 

Bn, King's Royal Bifle Corps 867 

Bn. Boya] Uiui»l«r Fusiliers B73 

Bn. Royal Inniflkilbng Fnsillere ... 86a 

Bn. Boyal Irish Riflca 870 

Bn. Royal Irish Riitea 870 

Bn, Royal Dubiia roailiers B73 

Bn. Bsrsl Dub;in riisiliers 873 

Bn. Royal Innislllirug Fusiliers ... 859 

Bn. Connaught Banzers ,,- ., B71 

Bn. Royal Munslor Fnsilieis B71 

Bn. Royal Dublin FuilllDra 873 

Bn, Royal Irish Begiment Bjj 

King's County 3 Bn, Prince of Wales' Leiustcrllcgt. 

(Boral CanadianB) 

Leitrim 8Bn,Rif,Brlg,(PrinceCon8ort'»0«'nJ B74 

Limerick Co ...s Bn. Royal Si imsier Fuwliers 873 

Londonderry ...4 Bn. Boyal InniBtilliog Fusiliers {I1 

he eonvfrted into Artiliei-s) 8f* 

LonR(ordRiflBB6Bn.Bif,Brig.(PrinceConBon"BOivn) 873 

Louth 6 Bn. Boyal Iridh Eiflas 870 

N. A S. Maro...3Bn. Con nanght Bangers S71 

Meath 5 Bn, Prineeor Wales' LeinBterKoi.i, 

i Boyal Canadians! Ej' 
;n . PrinoBssV Jctoria's(B. Irish Fus.lBji 
Qneen'a Connlj* Ba. Prince of Wales' LeinttcrRcgi. 

iBoyal Canadiimsl 8?J 
n. Connaught Bangerd 8;i 

N. Tipper«iy„,4'Bn. Royal Inst RopnicDt B57 

TfToneFas. ...4 Bn. Royal Inniskilling Fn fibers ... eto 
Weennsath... .9 Bn.Rif.BriK.lPrinceConsorfsOivn) 874 
Wexford 3 Bn. Royal Irish Eoginiem K<7 


PriMjjSMrrfHyldUQHM _...„_ aenuklAirHenrrFTederlckPoiiMDb/, SCA 

Aldei dfl Cunp to tb« Qrwen. 

ndd l£ualiKl BiM Mtfl BItKttm lit JViiH i^ Wkl«, t0. IT. IF. BCB. SCSI. OCMQ. BCIE. 

r-mui M^"-OBM™iif«a»^j»*MMi»»D«t.^coniiMKiu,ra.zT.jrp.c».«cjffl. »(Mf.ffc/». 

A^'iiiCamM ■ ^<^^*^T'*t*iSuJl<ifalStiin4matDaU^0miat>rii»e<>,KB.KT.KF.aCB.&C3I.»CXa.BClB. 
•u.. ■* t.amf Ommaadir Im Chitf. 

Okptaln jKit JCojiaJ ifv***" IVIjih Albett Victor C. I. or Watei, XO. in Hniwn. 

Z-iaeASvU Ma: Ji>hiiWU«n.Ciinl (FiiuiitTleiitb, jrd 
an'] 4(li BUlBliani K. ijjicMliira RaKiBKnU (> 
Ltmcathin Militis). 

— C. riKDBBi KTanlor, filCB. HunpihiTe YeunuuB? 


— F. H. P. ZontXMhoMi, jrd BaU. WnMhira Bact. 


W. k. Maraati af Exeter. ?td and 4th BatU. llortb- 

•mptaubii* EtesV {NorthHinpUm UUItU) . 

— WiUiwa BeU, K<m1 Qagnitey Militia. 

— Jir Hnffb Diras Oiran.Siir*.,tUiBrigMla WalahDiT. 

R. An. (BoyalPsmbrokBArtlltai7J(ili(ia). 
SI. An. rredsHok ArtliDr, Zord Stanler of PT«Mon, 

OCB. OoRTiHr SiHral t^ Cuoda, late Lt. aud 

Captam Qranadiar OnarOii ]nl Bate. I^ancaaier 

RcaliaBat (A^mnafraiy) . 
— G. G. £krJ a^ Wanrick.Wanrickahlni TKunannCav. 

l»sat* GodftBT. Jeran Uilitla. 

Sir Bakw Crawl RoMdl^CB. ECUg. ti.p. i; Hna. 

- — Ao^utua HaniT Cing, Boyal ArtiUsrj. 

— Fnncia, furl i/WemfUi, j liliddleaei Kifls ToIub- 

Uan (au«-BaHT«r). 

Sr JamaaGanlingrBurd,i>ar<. i UMIothlm ArUI- 

larj Yoliiut—i ■■ 
Kffin.WiUlamContta,FlMf.BlU7,XCird. i>U]d- 

ftlau Bin* TolDDloei*. 

— Charlca Stmrnrt, Vital. Raidiage, i TDlanteer Bat- 

talion Wat Kant Boslnuiit. 

— KoA Lopoa, Smkt ^ WsttinluMer, ITS. Cheshlra 

iMaiaDTT CaTal^. and ij JUddleaei Rifls 
Vatnnbeers ^8aprrmn^^trarJf)^ 

— t t.t. William Kidslon EHeB, CB. h.p. 38 Toot. 

— John Wi[hcrBM'Qiieeii,Cfl. flonealSlair Corps. | 

Bqneiries to 

Qrrk Uarilal.—aBBani 
r. r Oenerml Charlea Taylor Do Flat. CB. r.f.p. H. Art. 
■>.■ iral Hanry Lynedooh GardioBr. t;s. B. Artillerj. 
< .ielfiaj<- tlenry Wm- John ityn^, lata Ooldatium 

i>;irili. BsTi. Ci'lamtl^ B*. Xtt.g • Uofal Bi/lii. 
y: Majir General Sir John Caraloirs M'.Solll, £CB. 

;;i. ,r Anhar John BisKe, CO. CifS. Royal AHlllorj-. 
■.'' jI'^cI i/cpfl, Wm. Uenry Pere^iue Carin}{ton, lalQ 


I ; Ucncnl Sir Hear; Poter Emut, XCB. 

CohHulp.i.c.BdnidFranciaChapiaan.CB, B.(Ben.)Ait. 

Bichard Wm. Charles Winsloe. h.p. SootaFnaitiara. 

Robert Gordon Rwen, CB. Benxal BtaJT Corpa. 

Oeiwge BeojamJn Wolaeley, CjB. h-p-TorkandlAn-. 


AirFra.WaUaoe Greaftl], ZCB. h.p. KIng'a B-Biflaa. 

Ar William Prascia Botlei, JTCB. h.p. 69 Foot. 

George GoalaToa Walker, jrd Battalion Eing*! 

Oim Sootbak Boraatera. 
William Thomaa Spencer, Bart Fila«illiam, KO. 

1 WeetTofkYeomanijCavBlTO la^ptnumtrarr). 
Charlea Robert Clanda, Zord Tnail, 3 MhIiIIbm* 

St. Btw. W. J. Vitct. OieabridHe, 3 Bo. Uneoln 

Regiment (North Lincoln Militia). 

lann ffoodvard Sootc. Royal Marines. 

p.».t. Henry Orey MaoQrogor, h.p. WorooaWr Eegt. 

Han. HaUa(aParr.Cirei.h.p.BomenatLt.InEantiy. 

YC Mark Bever Bell, Boyal Sngineen. 

WilheUn Luoklutrdl, CB. Bombay aiaffCorpi. 

Bobert Macgretior Btewart, Rayil Artillery. 

Lard Gland John Hamiltoa, MP. 5 En. InnuklUing 

W. H.J. O.S;ii'l4f Limerick, 5 Bn.UnngterFiull. 

{SupfrnvuTarf) . 
St. Han. 0. A. Earl s/Hoioe, I«nark Yeomas.GaT. 

{Sup^M niHrw^) . 

S(. H'sK. W. H. Borlii/'MaDntRdRsciunbe, iTolnn- 

leer BattftUon Devonihira Beat. {Suptmiiminirf], 

Horatio Herbert Etiohener, CUB, H. Engineers. 

Arlhnr French, Eoyal Marine Artillery. 

Casimir B.Gsoinki.BtaffOfflcer to Engineer Torco 

in Canada {Saturari/). 

tbe Queen. 

Lard Alfred Paget, CB. 

General St. lion. Sir Henry Frederick Fooionbr, 6CB. 

c. General Uon. Sir Arlhnr Bdward Hardinge, ECB, 

CIE. King's Royal Rifles (titra). 
Goaeral SI. Bom. Alex. N. Vurl. Bridport. BCB Irilra). 
Major Siaoier Waller, Royal Engineers {axira). 
General Aug. C. L. ii«i« 0/ Grafton, XB. CB, (hanorarr}. 
Gonerul Horn. Sir Alexander Hamilton Gordon, ECB. 

Leiodter Regiment (koitoraryi. 

Eoaorary Pli;BicianB to tbe QuesD. 

: Ti-t..: General Sir Tbomai Calbraith Logan, MD. 

i^' 8. baUpay. 
" r.-e /:. Gentrv-I Samnel Cnrtie, 3£D. CB. half pny. 

- r.-. n General John Fmscr, UD. CB. hulf pay. 
.-^vjt <icueral Charles Alexander Gordon, i£D. CB, 
-<-. IJaj. 

^ r^'t'n General John Irvine, UD, retired pay. 

- ..*<.>» General Tnoa. Graham Balfonr. UD. ret. Mr. 

: .lor Geneml Sir Wilham Mackcuzio, UD. KCB. 
'- -I. !dte Modroa Kotab. 

Surgeon General Sir Joaoph Fayrer, MD. XCSt. Into 

Bengal Bitab. 
Snrgcon General Fredorlck Freeman Allan. MD. CB. 

late Bengal Katab. 
Depnly Surgeon General Thomaa Edmjndator^eChiirled, 

SD. iBla Bengal Bslab. 
Surgeon General William Robert Cornish, CIE, late 

Madras Kstab, 
Surgeon General Sir William James Moure, HCIK. 

late Bjmbay Eatab. 

HonoKtry SurgsonB to the Queen. 

'■■i>r General John Robert Taylor, CB. hairtay. i Surgeon General Sir John Campboll Brown. BCB. late 
.It- Surgc'jn Guneml John AshlOQ Bostock. CB,' Bengal Eslati. , _ ,, . 

, : i.,v. I loBpeotor General John Henry Orr, UD. CB. late Madrai" 

-- u ir.rnc™; Sir Thoe. Iionjtmora, JTal. CB. halt pay. I Eatab. 

-J : piy. 

:■ ;:./r General Sir Thomas Crawford, UD. SCB. 
r .^ur^toa General James Monat, CB. half pay. 
'..'.' -J Major Alexander Grant, late Indian Army. 

ieoerul Sir John Harrie Ker Innea, ECB.' SargeiuGonoralSir WilUamGayerHunter.affl.itJfo. 

UP. late Bombay Eatab. „ . , , , 

Deputy Bnrgeon General Samuel Bowen PartndKO, late 

Bengal Eatab. . ^ ,. ■ . _ „n 

Surgeon General James Maonabb Cnningliam, UD. 

cm. late Bengal Eslab. 

HonoraiT Ohftplalni to the Queen. 

.1. 1'. KUhill. DD. r*~.V«/V OrMrrar. I Ere. R. H. BuUoct, fiCL. ClojilmaulClittt.Ttl.'pos. 

\: ,- .;..-, J/V. i-Ai,-'ni /'■ 'ir f},rr.r, rcl, pay J 

HulOnm'aBionunoiBuniMWAm »,« Hm. SDWIW) BTIMHOFI, «.P. 

friaatt Stmfart „ G. D. A. n*Btwood Wtlaon. 

JitlilamI Pripoti a-nUrt OhvlW Q. E. Vratb7> 

flunniWiB ^O.B.g. iuniHw™. 

iV<M(* Siw»*arf A. T. UddsU. 

Prinli Bterdart „ A. E. It. Dnlwiks. 

^•.<p^8.c™*^tf«w. {^'SS.SEi;?S^CS^?Sa. 

FJnanoe Dspmrtment 

JfHuU Stn-rioiy „..„ _ JTn. W. Bt. J. P. Brodiiak, KT. 

frintiSimtarr H. D. De U Bite. 

Jtfmmlii l Btntnl „.,„ B. H. Enoi, CB. 

r^^«™(«*,«w^ {i;^ri^witri.. 

•*-«-"*^-«-^"«'— „ {LS;rwrs^"Sa,cfl. 

JHpdtor 4^ Cniratti Srui 0. Hepnu, CB, 

ZHrttlar if Cltninj Georga D. Bunur, 0£. 

lintaot DirKtar <•/ VMUmg O. R. MonliMd. 


n»ld Uuahal Bit Xa/tt mfknuu S»Kftl V. 7, 0. STIZX OF OAKBXmaS, XO. XT. XP. «CS. S Clf ff . 9C8I. 

eOlS. AUi i* Otmr <■ tU Qun, ColoDel ot thfl Qmudier Qiurds, Ao. 
A4M(t SHHtaty U.ColoDsl A. 0. F. FitiGeorge, h.p. ii Htunn, i* Jal; S6. 

Ooloul A. H. Stephana, CB. h.p. Riae Brind«. 

Cohmal XonlA. C. Oordon-Lennoi, Oreiudiar Onanli. 

ColODsl Q. W. A. FJuOeorKe. b.p. so Huuan. 

Colonel W. L. Pomberton, CB, b.p. £a Bias*. 

p.LD. Colonel J, C. Ardagh, CB. (frani Bo;al Esgineere), {iitrt). 

Mtl U iHy Sumtaiy Hajor Genenl Sir George B;Dg Hkrmui, XCB. i Nor. Ss. 

elisor Glenenl O. U. UoncrielT. i Apr. B;. 

jMW«ijrtltlary«Hn<ar{H ] Lieut. Oenerkl Sir C. S. Biawaiow, QCa,Btasii S(bS Carpi (/h 

(. Iii4ia%iffaiFt), 11 illtt.jf. 

AUu di Camp.. 


Adfatmmi 9mnt General G. J. Fiicmil WolHler. XP. OCB. BCUQ. i OM. Bj. 

Btrrtf AiitUiMl QmnA Major General GoJrrey Clerk, CS. i April 87. 

^'^c^!''""' f'!"^\. ,f7,„'f';^^.}M«iorGen™lA. J.Lron-FremanU6,CB..8Nov.8«. 

{]>,•. e.Colonel W. ArbuUmot, CB. b.p. 14 Huaun. 98 Deo. 85. 
J-UamtAifiutaKl Bntrab J p.i.c.ColDna) W. R. LsKelloi. b.p. Rifle Brigade. • April M. 

(.p.fJ. Colonel C. Groie, CB. Bait TorUhire ReRimant, 17 Ko». Bfl. 

. , j^ ,,..., „ , fo.j.B.ColooelH. J.T.HlldTard.HlBblandLl.ln&iitry.flDeo.O). 

JVrfr A«M«nl A^Mlanl Onmh {Lcolopel A. B. Wjnjie [[Wm h.p. ^ortohlre U. Intfciu^), . Ja& B» 

ilt^fCtfltin p,«.e. Capuin K. W. Fleming, Bojal Artillery. 13 JiuieBS. 

DIneltrcfiaiifitrghirllittiui Llent.Gnier«l H. Brackenbai?, CB. Boyal Artiilerr, i Jnne S7. 

p.:e. Colonel C. W. B. Bell (troia h.p. S HnuarB), 1 June 87. 

p.i.e. Captain J. W. llnpray, Royal Artillery, 1 June 87. 

p.t.c. Captain 1. J. Lavonon, Royal Englaeers, 1 June S7. 

pj.e. Captain G. A. K. Wisely, Royal Bnglnean, 1 Feb- 8H. 

pj.i. Captain P. H. N. lake, Eaat Laucublre RagJment, 13 JnneSS. 

fj.e. Major J. C. Daltan, Boyal Artillery, i Bept. BB. 

B.t.e. Major F. W. James, Norfolk ReBimenl. t Oct 87. 

p.ui. Bl.Mijor A. F. Barrow. CifC.floDgal S1»B Corps, I Oct. S;. 

■.I.e. Cftpl«iQ L. Barwln, Royal Engineers, 1 Oct. 87. 

P.I.C. Captain O. E, CaUnll, Royal Artillery, 1 Oct. Bt. 

p.i.g. Captain C B. Bimpaon, Llucoln Bagimant, 1 Feb. BB. 

pj.e. Captain G. WemyH, Woat York Regiment, i Sept. 8B. 

.A^MirfM- ffmrsJ f< ^MnWiy Uejor General J. H. Roeko, CB, ig Apr. 88. 

Uf^ Aaiilinl Aslant OnurmU (Ditte] ... 


Staff o§ tlMB Army. '. M 

JtoTU. Abtolbbt. 

■Mr.MMH< 0«wal «.. - Oalouel 1. IbrkbuB. a Job* If. . 

i^«m^ tf ii l iii (g «— I- Colostl H. 0. LowM, 4 Ju. n. 

tr^^^lli^lmlltA4ial^t9m^^^l .„ U.CDloiiel ArtliiiT WuTT, 39 Ju.U. 

H«iAi >««nnui. 

tJHaiamtatuiral ....- « fiAC. OOloiiel B, Qnut, h.p. 1 Jnlj B«. 

JaiittMt A^wUmt Soiirat » OtAontl Wflllam gafannd, i Oak 84- 


^wKr JMMw 0«immI -„ „ TC HMjoi Oaueml Ar B. H. Bnllar, ZCS. rCMO. ij Oet. Sf. 

M«„( OMrto X«br S«.r^ {°°i^!i?").'^8T;"'" d, Wfaton.XClfS, CB.((to= h.p. Bl>J.l 

I^l,.I..M«<Q,»ri^JKM«0«^ {''^.ii^li""' *■'•*■ •'o'^^^ {!himh.p. MuiutorFudllqn), 

pincto-SH>«l4^inUt.rvBAu«t(ga U-Gcnanl Mr a Blddolpli. OCVe. C9. B^r*! ArUUoT, > Hmr. ». 

*^yi^rirfSl ^i^J^Srt^Sff"'"**' j J"-*- "-O"*™"! ■*- >«■ IW«V07« Iftom h.p. Suax Segt.), if Apr. U. 

I-fK<v SmhwJ efMtft Jitaitrt ~.. fJ-t. M^'or Ooianl W. H. Oooduionsb, CB. 17 Auf. SO. 

JWi it Ca»p „ _ „. OipUlDr. J. Fox, Bofal AiUUcoT, as Aug. S6. 

'"'aSJlllwSilm^..^!!^!^^^!^;..!!^..,?^ Owiana *■ L. mshobon, XOB. Bor»I Eoglnan*. > Inly M- 

4M( ^ Our „ ^ C*pt*iB T. O. BowIm, &07*1 Xngliwcit, 17 Jul »i. 

ar^r/*q>M<« S««J^nnf««ttoH -|a<doiiBlH. Looock (from Eoy.1 fcelDem). T Kor. 8j. 

iiHlnl f iivw(M« 0MtTa( ^Ari4l»(to«.. 

Coloaal 0. J. UDjag;, Cire.Jfrom h.p. Bonl Bnslneen), > Ost. (4. 

Colmul B. H. Vstob, Royal angliiean, n mv. 04. 

K.e. LLOtdond G. E. Orow, l(aja]Xii|iiiiean,it Jul. 87. 
ColonaL ■■ H. Uord, BoyiJ Essineen, 13 Jmn. 87. 

hif ^ tr if IM mm r lm t Offimtm LLGolodal B. T. AimMiong. So7»]B]]S<iieaTf. 11 Joss 84. 

UiiLIm,f.iftt.lwUkrmmlffUti^) Upula B. K. Rook. Bojsl Bnglnmn, i Ju. 8«. 

'^o'ifSf) ■'.^^..!T!!'.-.?T^..^..5!!'"}*'°'<"»' "■ '■ AWBiwn, CB. ll.^ B07«l AitUlnr. > J". 83. 

iaiifiKi DirKlor iffArlllUtg Coloiul B. Le Q, Geur}-, h.p. B. AitiUei?, 1 Jan. G;. 

JiWiitf la tit OirtdoT ^ AriUltrj U-Ootonel C. Morlej (from h.p. Royal ArtUlerj), 7 Sept. Eg. 

^.^S^^J^. .f r!!!!!...™..^™"} •*""*" Con- G*"^ of Ordaanoe H. J. MlUi. . Apr. B6. 

'"t^^ilS) "^ 'T°'*!'.^*^."'^.i.} °''''"'*' *"■ "■ R'^nhill (fram h-p. B. ArtiUnr), . Oct. 8j. 

f Colonel E. A. Woot), h.p. lo Hoaiuus, e April 85. ?iiJ Cavalry Div- 
fu^iH qtittTI mf Ttamatrf Cairairf (n\ Iricf-BtadOtiartirt, AUtrtiol. 

OntlBntai* 1 Colonel C. W. Duunjmiie [from iLp. 1 Life Guarde), 3 April 88. ut 

(, Vavalrt DittrUI—Urad QuoiTfri, Ttri. 

Dniir Smral tfXr^t Xidual DipaHmai Sir Thomu CnnRinl. MD. XCB. 7 Uay Bi. 

Pr^Ainna; Atiittaid Burgean GeaeTsl J. B. C. Beatto, CB, i Apr. 83. 

.__. .^ - .^ ■ f Awistaat CoBUnissary QenBral G. V. Hamillon, I Jan. BB. 

iM^Mil CtnmimoTV Omrtl t A«tatuit CommiBsarj General Charles Henry Bridfte, 4 Deo. «f . 

fmsftl FiltriMmr a»rf»<i G. Fleming, CB. iS Jane Gj. 

'!•/.(•« antral Xn. J. C. EdRWll, OD. 8 Feb. 85, Ciaplain Taxtr of LtntinK. 

Field Manlialt and OeneraU. 

^ i^iril«|es| 

Pofu la - • u^". 



fii i-9S'gLis-3"= ie.'! -£13 ,.j £fc) gg 

OeutraU and Lieuienanl Gcnerah. 

I i 
I ■ 

i ! 

h h.v re V » >: ^ 4 B 


- ; ii J J t J J 


S^^ ^ >• J J ^ ^ >: 

,o r^^ r^ic « "S to <o d 

^£ ^r7 



■ ^■.H'>*«HhMH»'M(a-a 

T t-» Dh &. aa ■^ -?•-»-»->■*• ^ K ■< ^ ^ 

hh ^^ £ Qfa h Gb ^ tL. b D4 b&< tH-^ 1^ >^a 

^V^Uf«4'0«iO >i4 


ra»wrcro»aDrqurQWaa» TF^n rtx »- r^i^r- Ohco conV 00 ?in>H A I 



^ r^ t^-H 

r^'O « t* 


b = o d 




t^ >>!-■ ti 

ffo OS 


p- « n m 

a 1 n tno 3^4 ^ £ " 
Air tfitnininuimmwi 


r '-^'^tH^nH Pin- 

\ ^ y ~ m a — f « J^ 

* * t-fO » ffi C^ ^ 

1 S'ied^i^'-' - 

«--4- ■«■ «■ «■ 4-4 # f -4^ 4- * * ^ In -4- in^f-W * B^VinT ? ift^ ift -I ^«i ifl &» ■* ift -% >o *i?'i) 

^S5•^ ■^00 ZC S t-ip ■< 5t fc ■<'S O ll a Q-^B tM O ^H - 

Q«9*mh fi o " nl-r-m t».m *"0 •nOd &iHt»noi^.i-KJoi t*0&™ r- -wV ^-^ rr~rt n n 

a ^-»■^ ffiZ i^ < — 5 t->o .^ c; T-i 00 "^ a 3 K 

00 o a o a a b o s-* ci. 5^=1 ?^ 5 ■< KiM a 

1 i^m 1 ED ^ I 

ft ^ m m f-: K^. 


fiK iT^nC C 1 fc T &. a-1 -J S. ■< -n P Qti 


■55=^ = 

^^£54^4-;liS^ ■:£ 

'■?cotnrg>c Oi"%'' - ott- wee u 





E i 


:- : -SCI 

. ^/= 

li' i-^ la 
U ■=; ;'^' 

W ;^ ;s 


Lieutenant OemeraU. 


ED B OD H qC DD e 



' *+»^»*-»*'r' 


^ .. - M - 'D 

I ^-a —— —oi^^ I 

« -?S S 3 S ^^^^iS'hS .^S'^^'g'S^^^'^'^ 

o O (» £ b 1 

T^ r-, linn m 7, -I'D DOhOi^OnO DO OO O D O 

Z.0.M9 aS 3 n a^ - 

t - [O P- ■* - M 

h^ ^ " - ?*i: "" Hi — mm-fc i^oD J- ■■ j 

J o 

1^ 4 f^ 1^ v> Ht ih>o ta^4 -0-0 1^-^ -13 

^ -1 3^ K -l■^ < XH M Q -^ -p a. K ^ -* 

' ifl V4 gi li^ in in ij^ art <n ■^'O ^ 'Q 'fJ O 41 

0010 -. r, -'g 

HOui-4 ■* ..-Mh- O,- I 

i-i'-niCd^wa O-' -^ 

-- "Dii ^OC'O^l^l'O'fl ' 

2 2 = "g;?,!: 

— r- H i^^) O, _ 

I »n »ri.a ^ ^ m 

n.C If .^ '^ h£ 4 



1 lA (A .n 1^ «n Ln 
cPC^nqDCOAV^ vi« Cud u^fiiA mnd TA d 2 ^^ •nucD 

#■ ^\ _■ ^1 n 1^ Jl Oh C ^ 

^3 ^ &> '^C>| k CU bb Lb b. k 
OS -^^fyaiinroflocDi^ioio 

■ -'OiHWt-^Cia ^ " m -^ U (?hC 

tr t^ Ca ^ a' -~ ^ 
^O ^ n. r^ » ^^ ■*■ - - — ■* 1^ 

a; K i tt a T 'fl S -% tvrS-i 

0» T^ I^S 


3 tci^H 

' IT Si's '^^ J;&r-i0- T-C I 

'■K - [>5J - i^*»J-hO>''^- 

O D O j 

S ft o D 33 ^^SSS 3 

; I 

u M nii: 

Lieut enauf QeueraU. 

: ■ I 



=1 ■ 

- * : ; 

;S ! ■ 




Lieutenant Qmerah and Major QeneraU. 

1-^ |Vl 


£■=■ E d J &=■ bj a > 

g c a ^ o * o ^a S o 

& 3 S- 


1 b^fr^Kc- 
3 a"3^ 

I c^ OS CQ CD flO ^4 ^^ ^4 ^4 CO 

' i: i: t^ >^4* 

r^ifi nifi r^ ^ ^ tv 
o Q3^ S s a n 3* 

>~q ■"%£ — io~— «* t* n "t 

J C J ij t* ^ijs ri ri (i ^ 
S =-o^ C| e D :] El fl * 

Tg in "1 M M ■- M 


^- 'b^5b 

Major GeneraU. 

HP -5ass<fl*<*ft«««c u>j?'^^^j'J"^^^jjS3 ^—SS^-^S>^SSSS 

I » ^ ^ ■, A I 

'. 1/^ tfi J\ >A ^ >A Jim 4^4 t^O ft wh^ <d "C ft «'« V H^ ^ >£i V 11 ■O D<c fl'^'^'d^ 1^ n« 

" r n — — •■r^~___Fi S M H '^ Hft— M fif — rv c* t< U ■■■■*» m h ■_ _■ _ i^ 

,' J ^^^— > o'-r 7- - - - --n- 'o^j d □ ij i^o J '5~~S~5~M~bi — ^p ■»H-^«.H-^-"f»-^ .4-,— — m>iHX„ — »^i ffiig 

'k t J = s i^o.^^ u d iJ :<!i t*; h ^b; L; oci (^ ;^£j^ ^ ti !s (^ C fl d^.^-^ ^ ^ ^ 3 S.^^9 u O U 9 C &d^^ 

^ -* * ft ' -0 

i^HUfuihnn^MjVd^?* nu^" m^ -ri c- '^x ca i 

'.f .* = :? 3 o 

- t J?— ^ 

I 5 S'* S^ "•<' 'Z^ a> ■0<w>- in-m i>>- ^i 

a * O C d d J^i 

iri m m HI nrvo wi ■O* HO 'O '^ 1 

] i3 iO ^0 n£l Jl Mf 

5^ = =.?S_-^^-° 

(a ? r^ -I --c * - 1 - 

r>ai fo »- -lEO &i »- TWOi^Jg c* 


V) vt m ■'^k 

n in Ui vt nS minm m^« uhohc iq 

I "".^ "■ ff _ " w . " _" -. (1 n ■* fr 

I ^Ok^oa n tnc* A|» J3~m tn n v m 

w- O. moo OS r^T* DO rno 



T -< ■< a -< J3 c -^ -5^^ *.& 

« n (* n rn ■» Pi 

: t 

1; : J n i 1 

J p- : 1 o : * 



Major Oenfralt. 

Sag 0.5X3 ai" a^^S.^sS-jSn 

„-, .^a^oQ^- - 

n TOD t-y r^ - — 'nwr^rm-mr-,- r-i&r^^^— — M_ia — rj ^* " — rr " ""^'S' 

_ ri - - " n p- S ^ - " '* 

ii* 'O h- r^ r^ P' IH. 


SSo.SgJsaOB.sagtiojna'o-tga.aS'an 5s5 S'i ^s." s^jt SCO B"j " So 5 "5.3-1^^ jSs 

■• = " O'S" "1 

1T^ 'n»n*x^&r>r^ff^». ^^-t-n 

t * - rn>&^0 00 El. T r-l" "1 ■" 

4- J^ - « - 

_____ __^_^^ :EJ1 

« <^ .- ,n 

ntfl p o g TD3 "1 m o Ti t 

fi h n ?■ :*_N r' J? i - f^ ?■ - ■^_-_ f*_^ - " ^ f^ - ^ « - " f ._ '^ ■■ - f*i r» - r» ~ p_ - . ci i 

^s-a a E a s s'S's. KX? E s s s-s sa 5.KS i 



D S p a.o 3* o-aap.£5 '^35 ° -.cBja Doe*Q 3 &-a3 a ?n Ja &«jc g^ c « oa^BSj 3* 

sTis-ss^sss-sa %-S.'3S 


oi»..aD &mo-J^«;rti^ "'^BS'£ J™ ^■pmaa J rn r-i^ -^^g^^o^ fi^ 

! ; i 


? ' < : F 

1 i U i 
!? M i i 

111 ^1 

i|^W ill 

Major Oenerab. 


-~ '■ WloSSSSSE&'S «»»«S3aoSmr4cS3rSqSAcSl3cSvrSfOHioE3 

fo *K n to **i 90 to i^ to 


_ ^ _- -n -1 " CT n H *> r»^ P^ F* ^ "1^^ '^ '^ *» ■■ S ■■ c, M F*> " " ^ 

3 aJifffS p S.3 fe S a 5 5* " a a fl ° v.3^ ° o oa ft d S 3 § n o =5 *^ ^"^ 

_ ■ — f Mffii^flB iHM-i — — — nn 1^ rt r- hi — ■■ w H w ^ M _M ™ 



11 N i I N : 

: -5* 


f 5 "Is i- ■-- 

Hi J-? O t 

U ^ 5 -J J 


II Way Services of the General Officers. 

■ For the War BervicFB Df tde Duke of Caniliriilge knil Ccneisl OScen bclne Colonels of Bei;imeiit9,J>c., ntx tho 
Corps to which they rcBpcclisely lielorg. 

• Lnrd WolMtoy HBn-ed with the Bolli UeBimenl In tho BunncBO wnrof .851-53 (Muliil forPejrol. ""a with the 
eipcdilion undtr SLr John CLenpc ngaimt tlic roliljcr chief M}-nttoon,Bna wnHBdvcrtly wfflindo<l«beulcndin[[lho 
AtorioiDFf partv uffninst tho cbii^rs Atroncrholcl on cho 19th March .moutiniitil in ile^patchtfij- L-inikd in LheCrimn 
with tho soih LifLt InfoniiT onsthDec, 1 asf.nna wag employed iu the lrciichu8naAttiiii;Kii;(incpr until Belinsiopol 
iTftB taken; iTRB eninii^edm tho oteaalt and defcncoof tho QnarriFHOii 71I1 JiiDC,iiiidoi><liityiii theTtcncheHaCChe 
sltuek of the iSth JunOi sovorely n-oonilcd in s Bornojolli Aucust. wliQii in chiime iif ilie mivnnced wi |>— potct«I 
timOK mcntioneil in deBpatchea (Brevet of Uajor, Ucdnlwilh cW;i. KnichT of the Loi!i"n"r Honor. 5lh l'ln.»or the 
MedjLdle. auiTurkiKhkodMll. Served in the luilian campBiRUMif ie57-5'i.imd wnt riri'^eiit lit llioielior nrLucJc- 
noiv, defence of ihe Alnmbsgh by Ontrsm, with the Bevcral etjcaecni™"" there, Hii-jrc "iid OHptiiro or l.ucknow, 
■aliBonutnilv r.s D.A.Q.U. rieneml to Grnct's diniion Hml with li nt Ihe niriiJr of Ihireo, iietion ill NiiirnlitrunBer 
»ndlllltheoihcI8follKhtbyt^llltforce(^epeatClllvmcnlioBcdiIlllc^llll»■lws, rii-cvot<.f l,l,l'ol(iiicl. M«ltil ii-JIbn«sp). 
Servpd in the wnr of i36o in Chino u|ion tho Quarter blahtrr (lenei.'il'K ^Inll'. »Iiil uiiK ln-esoiit lit Ihe ilSBnillt Of tht 
Takn Fan?, end in nil ihe ODhiicnULeiitB throuchonr the cbdiihiikii (pnnniilnl Mtij't iiiiiiltiiehcil. Mcdid with two 
ClnsiA). CommiiDdiNl the EipBilliiiin apnt in lija from Cuni.iUi M the Ki'il liiMT TciTil'>iv f»r Ihe ~u|<r're»BloD of 
the Rebel Goronimcnt OBlBbliBbeil nl Futt Gnrrt bkbIdsI the Qneen'B Hiilhnrilv. iirid ivik erenled i> Kiiiiiht of St. 
Mich«eliiiidSt, lieorco nral ('nniimninn of the Bsth for hia -erviccB iipnii thHtuccnsion. «"ji» Ikivemnr mid Com- 
mander of the Forces on tho Gold L'oiit-t duriug the Aabnnli War of 187 1-74 (ivpeivo'l Ilio thniit^'iif tmlli Honfc* 
of Parliament, promoted t., be Hnjor Gciuml for dinUnmiiBhed san'ioc in the fieW. ai'MO. XVII. a^i^^ Mednl wilh 
CInnp). IVoeeentto Soulh Afrlcn in Juno iS7g m Governor and Hiirn Uommiwui.or uf nod liind.i aclJHceilt, 
with local runk uf Gcitonil, Ciimplelcd the Bubjugution of the Zulus nud lirouj-ht Hit /.ubi wnr (o 11 concliuiDD. 
Afterwanie overpowcvccl Sikuk«iii s l.nntilc notion and destroyed their i.tmnchi.1d ; "nil llnnTly siiluliiod (lis di«- 
afTecua Uocra ntid couiplrled tho annoiiitiun of tho Tninsvul {OCB., Mcdiil niih l'his|i>. Wns l.'oiDinnodor in 
Chief of the Briliah >;inMiitioijnrv Arniv Ihronffhout the EKj-ptwn wnr of iSSa, inivhieh cHin|MiK" llml Armj-in 
thcBpHco of 15 dnys eifreied <li>ieml;nrk>iii<jn nt Ismnilis, tnvereed the dcsovi. nud foizeil the cnpitfl of Kit^pt 
totiethcr with its citadel mid the rebel ehiif. haviog iu thnt period fought nud dcfeiileil the ciii-niy live limH— 
fitiully nt Tel-el-Kcblr whero Ihe ouomy's HlmTijrly onlrcnchcd poeition nas tnkeu nl the p.ilut of the bayonet alter 
nn arduQua ni^fht morch. iill hia ^ninseaplured, und hiA aimy ovorwhelnic<l (rcecivi-il tliellienks of troth llonMeof 
Pnrlia.tneut, niiaed In IhD reoniiie, proinuliil General for dtstiuKuiBhcd service iu Ihe Hehl, Mn'nl with L'laBp. »t 
Class of IhoOsmnnieh, nnd Khedive's ^tiir). Commnndod tho furcce in the Buiulun cn)U|>tii)rn in 1S34-S5 Ircceivtd 
the IhanliB of Iwtli Ilousen of Parliament. Kusraiaod loSi Visconnt id the peeroEC- a"d njrcii od two Clnslie). 

- Sir LeiccBter titnvth served in Ihe KntBr war of iSji-sj [Medall ; hIso at the Uuttlo uf Bereii. Served Uie 
EsBtorn cnmpaicn nf i8si-SS nsAaaialnntSfilitarTaeeretaryto LordRanlan, and artcrwnrds Intlcnernl gimpaOBj 
was proBcnl at tho nmiir at BulRaniik and at the batllee or the Alma and Inlcorman and at Ihc ticno nitd flill of 
Sebastopot (Medal with three Clas!>B. Brevets of Haior and Lt.Colonel, Knight of the I^slou of Honor, 
Sardinian nnd Turkish Uedals, nnd ;th ClnaB of the Mcdjidle). 

* Sir Geori^re Willis served unintorrupleilly thronghout the Eastern oampaifTn tcojn April 1354 to July iSsfii-** 
with the 77[h Regt, until May 1S55, alter wliich as I).A.Q.M. General at Hepd tfonrttrs, and ua A.Q.M. llciieral of the 
4th Divuiiani was presonl at theaflhiwon Ihe Bid^uscand at Balakluvu, bnttloaorAlmannd Inkennnn.aKsanltoF 
the Qnarries, attack of tho Redan on iStl> June, battlo of Tchemuyii. Onal asBoult of (he Kcihin un Sth ijept..and 
Hcrvod fcmpwarda ofaovon monlhf in the Trenches, including the rcpnlae of sevemlsonies, nnd was lYe-jnenlly in 
command in the advance Trenches (Sleihil ivitli three CUspB. Hrevetsof Major nnd Ll.Colipiicl, OrniiiJ Offlror of th» 
Leifionof Honor, Sardinian nnd TurkiahMeiliils. nnd 5th Ulnss of tho Medjidic). 3en-ed in the ERyptiiin war of 
1ES1 in comuaud of the mt Division and »ni- iircHCTit nl the ongngcmenla uf El Uacfhr. Tel-el- Ms huts, and 
Kassaain (ijth Sept.), and in tho battle of Tel-el-Kebir— sliglitly wounded (five times meulh.ned in da-paLcho. 
received the thanks of Ixith UonsoB of Parliament, SCB., Medal with Claap, =nd Claas of the Oamanich, Bod 
Kheilive's atari, 

' Sir William Payn served wilh the sjnl ttOKiment in the Sotli^ camimicn of iSj? ^f\ inclnibng the BiBdr 

riliiddival andHCtioasofAliwa! nnd Soliraon (Medal and Clasp). Pnnjau\i campaign of 1849. 

battio of Goojamt (Modal wilh Clasp}. Campnign of 1851-51 against tfce hill Irilieafpu the I'eahawnr rroutlar. Borrwi 
In tho Crimea in command of a Regiment of tho Turkish rontingenl. nnd wiu present with tlml Poreo from June 
i8s5 until iia didhandment in May 1S56 (brevet of Majot, Turkish Mcthil. and ilh Class of Ihe Medj Idle). 
gcivod in tho Indian campaign of 1B57-5S, including the aalloos of tho iMh 17U1 and =3th Nor. at Cawspore, 
under General Windhuin.lialllo of Cawnporo on 6th Deo. and pnrsuil of tho Uwaliur Contingent to BcTBt GhU, 
aolion of Khodagunge and entry into Futtohghur, affliir of Bhnmshabnd. atonn and rapture of Mcangnnge, in 
command of tho loft attack, aicgc nnd capture of Luckuow. and afl^irof Koorsic; commiindcil Ibcsinl throtuA- 
onl thi> hot wanLher campaign and passage of the Goomteo and occupation of Bulliinporo, present wilh tho Regi- 
ment at the passage of the Gogra at Fyr.abad on 35th Nov.. aetlon of Toulaeporc. and minor a0kirs (monlumM 
flva times in deapatches, Hnivet of l.t. Colonel, CS.. Medal with Clasp). 

'" Lord 1'hetm.ifonl served witli the GreiindierGunrda in tho Crimea from the jisl >[ny iSj5. including the slen 
nnd fall of Bebasloiiol (Medal with I'la^p. Ihuvcl of ilnjor, Bardiuian and Turkish Mcdnla, nnd ipth Class of l&l 
Medjidic). SoTveil witli thcgsth Regiment in Ihr Tndiiin campaign (l^edal). Served in the Abyssinian eampalni 

186S as Dciiuty Adintsnt Gcncnil nf ihe Expedilionarj- Force, and «ns present at the oaptnro of MigiUU 

ontioned in despatches for "great jiliilit.v and untinngcuergv," CB., and Meilal). Borveilin commandof the 

British fiircoa in the KvOr wnroT i8;g, and in the Zulu war of 1879. beiaff present nC the eugagement* of GiDgin- 

dhlovu snd Uluiidi |MeihilH-ilh Cliinp. and nC£.l. 

" Sir Arcbibuld AllMm aeried wilh the 72nd Ilighlandon' the Eastern campnign of iS;:, iucludiug the expedition 
to Kench, siege and fall of Sehiiatflpol.nud allaek of the iBth June [Methil with CIiii-p.Hrevi't of JInjor, and Trirklsli 
Mcdsll. Eencdiis Slililnrv Secretory tu Lnnl Clyde in India during the campiilunrrrim Anguat 1857 to Mnrch iGsS, 
and was Hivc-rely woiindiii (lust left iirm) nl the relief of Lucknow (Urcvot ofLLCuloucl, Medal with CInap, nnd CS.). 
Was ilrigndicr Gencrtil nf the European lirigade and Idecoud in Command thnnighonl Ihe Asliauti war ftiuu 
December 1II71; ted llie llrigudc at the Imltle of Amoaful, coplaro of Uectiiin, Imlllo of Onhihau. and caploirof 
CooinosBio (t)innka of i'nrlismcnt, nnd KVB., Medal with ClaBp) Seidell Ihronghaut the Fgypt'iin war of tSSi. 
Commanded Ihclroopaiii R^ypl EVom Iho occupation of Aleiandrin until the arrival of Kir Guru et Wnisc ley, anA 
formed llio eiitrcncheil |>opieiun at Knmleh. thereby sffSatuaily covering Alculndrin and at tlio snise Una 
threatening the eneiny^a iiosition. Ijommanded (he 3rd Brigade (die llighlaudort) from the arrival uf B'r Qamet 
Wolselcy ID tho end uf the war, nr.d was present iu the t<atile of Tel-el-Kobir (inenliooed in doapaiches, receiwd 
Ihe tlinnlii'oflio'.h Tlnusesof Parluimcnt, promoted LleutGenara! for diBlinBiiishod service in Iho field. Medal with 
Clasp, ml ClabB of Ihe DBiusnieh. nud Khedive's Hiar). On the tonal tuition of tho wnr he wfis appointed to the 
commandof the Brilish army t'f uceoiinlioii in £gy|it. 

13 Lieut.Gcncral fi- y>'- A. Kigginson served throughonl Ihe EastAm campaign of 18:4 55, a« Adjutant ird Bal- 
tallou Grouadier Giiarda, Including the baltlasor Alms, Ualuklava, and Iiikerman (horse killed), siege and fall of 
Setwstopol ; after which he setve<l as Brigade Mnjar of the Gnarda Dntil Ihc couclnsion of the wnr lllsilal with 
four ClHspa, Brevets of Major and Li. Colonel, Knight of the Legion of Ifonor, sih Class of tho Medjidie, and 

>• Sir iioljurt Hume sen^cl the Eni-lem campaign of "854, and up to the ijlh Jnii. 1855, nnd (Vom tho igtti 
May 10 the wth Sept. 1855, with the 55! h Regt,, uiclnding tho battles of Alma aud liikermnu (severely wo au.led). 
siege nndfullofSaUastupnl, reiiuNeol tlioaunieof iHh Octolier. and n^sanluof the Kdlan un^lhe iStli June aud 
eih Sept.— i-cvc rely wounded, nnd mentioned iu deapatoho* (Medal with throe ('lasi>B, Urevolof Major, Knight of 
the Legion of Honor, ;tb Claseoribe Meiljidis, and Turkish Medal). Cimmnnded the 55th Reglmeniin ihi.' fthoo- 
tanKipodition.ineludini! Ihc atlncfc nnd recapture of Do"anuirt in 18S; (Mcilnl wilh ChiKi)), fommaurlpl the 
Southern Alghanintan Field Force from h'ovembcr i38o 10 April i38i, inrhidiiiu Iho eraciuitioti of Cnndahitr and 
»nilhem Afghanistan and the withdrawnl of the fores In liid:a (reccivid the Ibanksof Govenimeol). -^r^ 

^ Li cut .Gene m] C. Adams served Ihrougliout the eompsign m the CVinien iu 1854-f «-5t> with the 49th Regimsiit, 
/«e/Hrfji«-fi''lMli;MoflhD Alma nnd Inkermau (wounded!, airgnaml toll uf Selaaiopol. snnle nn nOlh Oct., and 
atmulim or tuc llctLin />„ ,sib June mill Bih Hepletnlier (ineutiouedindespalehc", CB., Medal with three Uhitpi, 


War Sfnien of Ike Ofiieral Qgiefn, I a 

■* »W«t ■»! L..'.4(.t«l. Kaltrl.t of Ok ht^aa <X Hwior. sto Llua o: chs iI..^jial(. »»a TortMti 

Tana* nrrnl in IbtBMUrv cnnHlenu Aldtd*0>aip U ttrinaiR Oi-»t M T'lm--*, irc'ailm^ 

■ in—a»J Id 4» "■ ■' . ^„> -..,-.... . 

II A-Q.U. IlRocnl U Mwl 

I miilii iiiiiilihii fiiiiiaiiliiT. kBihcine (bM iiiiiVcr hitn < ~>i>r1 MrrruF tM>>»>'<'p'>l i 

ith fan (1h- 

- ..,|.y .).^ [I, 

_ ■ lir iMi— m b«Ui »M»ito <m the Bf I 

MKkban LufliEeirtaUaw^Bnkltorihi rcHM-'^r 

<k«^w>n-- ul> tbn. iKtf.dMnUilMaFrDHtlirli 

•■■tf n M. fonvaat Rbnil l^iMMni iliirlnir llic uini..; ..,, . 

Ml — liiwiii Mail tlte<»««i>iMDUoriI>Ucui>p»>i<><i>t»li>> " 
* Mm\ OwnnlJ X. ttuaioK itmiiMiinintilMjiili Ibuimimi''' . 
^■B< ma rntssuuB-ilnJ It llf»cnitBe»m« fcg Uio TnriUjb V 
Stan* *u Um Itasabe, olicn- (pii Tui«u]ul)IicnlDsH«T>lU>«c^ 
lnn*i«i«u U« tlvar kuI MUrk ihn RoaiLuH. II* lerrnl it: 

WbW Atnim fmHaiAtal, oe-^i *yr<iV'^ kimUimr<l 111 tho Onnij^ 

MiMj sM« liMMnc 1^ HEMrt i-ri^rtcliliriiw" of ikDMtli Bnnn«iii »)< 
■■[■■■till ■sUaoailH rSU.iV-iolvr. 1*itle«rUkenii>ii (hIuwii be w'l-olxl i 

iMWm^tltimta'Bn-'" " ' <ili>i(t>u vrbiu nvry tiibioi. ..'v-i .1 n. - 

" \ iwn^ly irfcf- rn inr pnillwabgr Uif K'l 

, hw idninoil t> -vmihvkHI.BitrcBMil fri 

(■.r» ..llii'.nl 

lll<- liri' 

ru:i'i< iBftiniuiii n ■ 

•Ks IE (liliw ■• wKiDil LLCakncl of (lie i : " 
■■MnKinM«n*nU«ieAlB4*pMcbr>l.ukij.v ' i 
';dM(a«nl«U*T>k&FwW^naBUunwl iii iIb<-|»i 
' ■ fmi Willi lur SHr llnhm Niitiiif for 

. . •nil nMviniMtidHi ID ltoi>iinnunarr Lccnicr bt 

'tvwMBMH tUbiiolr II n IMM^Ul ihli O0kB'lo>heniv<«i*bl««ii>riiiiu,ilu'>'-ril 

■Kl ^ 


■ . -T ih» 
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rfABnaUaritav kiul oiotat ctfoot* laUiaiioM. iriui inw In ■ palUxi of iiviai ro; 
UlteiMkisiy •Blii«Ba«Ukc«lw"lf.'Jr^M«lklanth riu|i). 

■UMiGvnnvl L4wtf «w nl i» itw L'rtiiiit* In ihr r^ih it'i.-l. fnnn Mnirli ii: 
■ivlBfi^iaml UlnHMBMVMnlK A.A. Urarnliil )I>ii>l C!iuirut»fi">iii Jiiix i'.-^. r 
HMoptlQlMUi Ki*hCla>phDi«>clotMiil>ir,i'.ir>lin>irri>.iiilTi>rkiaIi!ilD*ilJi.aiiihiri ' 
•■CTlM ■ Itilfli liiji r lul nrinilD id il . - aloDi^fl In e1np«Ici)ii.'< n> ^ttun iim lU.i. ir.:i^u 

oAtrf Ctnbiii lllnmt nf U i.'^nml. MnUI . 

■ U>BL Ucaitnl MiuiAonBlil ■*ri'*<ll)ia Kn.' omof iSi^ u Anlv ilo Camii la Omeral IVnnKM'i 

ikfctltll—IUWHimwAleiaJHH^rily iraifltailtMnl I^Ll.<nnii.lil>i>i'<'nilvK«IBilM). ii.ul>»K*°"^*''*" 
MkAmCtaap*. IMrttef MiOnr. 4ih cluafOcMriljt'lli'. iKil Tnrtii' 

' :l of ; 
uii tilt i; 


• il UnUlt. 

lb'- Niiv. . 

I CWw — Mw art wiUi 111- Mih tUfBmmxi In ik.' iniui-ii r 

WltflW—i..»oHMcdnl with Cto*y.BrB¥«tc<M«ji.r.K..ialn .III ' ii.... 'i . .. . i.iu 

i(ailb4ilibs). Sanwil kba laUw IiMlikB mauny r-iwii'iiiirn . UlIi, 

WHt ■>[ Kns kn acnl. muni hBo molilac (u i1i<.- ■Mfi'i" ' ' - \«ii"i- 

tail U ilvpMab*^ U«ImI irlik l-^«l. 

■Sir Ja*u Bom Mn*d ■» Uw ili«i Bri^il* lu ihc Huins etniiiniu'i. iiicluilliiic iho buiilca of Almn mul 
btaana. aail atom of SAaMoiAl, BKil y*>niui>7 ■■!( |U«lal with Dlcmi ('Ii»ii-. Jlr'ti'i'i i>r M.i|i>r. -ih CliUMoribi 
ftUta. aiHl runldtUediUI, tivrvad Dim In Uie Iiullna cuii(>alirii tif iK;;-!', induiliiiK il-r nrucn. nf i turugiuni 
M#MitM|*»ii«<'l«*kBa*. fonunuidHl U* l^inicl t]tn-iuiitU>eix>:iUin''il' Oliiociin.! iIi>n"ii<>irtuW*iiiieiii 
-mti^aiOtmmil»tl»tmeaiii,a»lm*mifMrhtr,tlwfrttor LtLV-lim^l, (71. }ilinliil mih inu i'lu.|,i-i. j^lfvM 
■Mhaaia«llrtMd«biU>*KankWnirniM>OT*r iDdiHimnpalitiiaiif iHr-i-'-i rMuiiiil itiUiOU-ii , IWhhuiiiIinI 
••M^ ttnnpadanutMofviotMiguln UwHaUiy PViilsaulk Ld iSrj-7^ <iii(^»>I'>''c>I in O^ncnil Onlvn ii( ilia 
i of luUk llMlal HWlt C'IaiiiT. <:u(iun^il*d ilia Indlui Ki|ioi1i[i'>»iiry Fmrcv ithioti wt> rM io ih* 
I In |I)8. B*tvcJ 11. .\z. mu or i>rt-(oj niinu*a.lii<l Tlii iiul liuiniua Culi-ll Fluid F.jn» 

i tlica«i*inr al fllii . lod tbalbankaofllwaavminrf-'ni-nil ii> l.'<itui«ll iiniliiCiuii Com- 

_^litCMBl In tniluoi iuki ' I''idL':li'k liulicru la Uio matrh to L'-ninl&Xar In (ntsmin'l of tlii 

4tfMnr Divulon aad ■• (Sd III I ' ' ^ ituUia haltla eC i.'unIiiliurlmatiilotKil lu ileipaWUei, 

iMimd UaUoBkaiifluUi Hail < '.lc4d intb Clv^. anil Unnu> Dvomiiiioi). 

'UaaliH'iiwrnl WiUh w«* pr,- . i. , t'ioiu riuTqlnlTioiKt^niiA ori>onnni>i>il HiianrnKiiinji* 

■a^AMtf t'wi i^iT^niia J>il (^t ^tl^l e;.".'iiiii-iii hl l|',< jtcclan* pf Du>«t^i'- liLiu^'ir ''<& t^o «ih \ttji., Ikn^ri^mk^ 
OMtMaa uw Anit, ■* Hllboor outlm I'lh Aiu . M llnnmimr tm »ti nri< . nl A'umliaKli "U tplSfpl,, iiuil 
ribf «t lAfkMii an *jUi SatiL (muutiili'l in Irlt Intni aoil nalic UitotiJ i<li<l tin- rJiilil Cutiimn M lb* 
|if Ite llim K h a nn nli no lAib Nov., and waa tbaiikal ui dlvitloii orlcrn l.v iii-.<r>1 lliti«l.vli. Wiu> 

I Uvuam'a t'«n*ai (tio Alniubni^b ftom i«(b Nut. <■)?■« 4tli Mun-b i<''. - 1 n^U'l iV si<i>i ant^K 

_. .^. ...... ._.. .... J tuuiinl'ii lonv. auil jirtwiil ii< Ihe trlitf of'l 


•I ilio lall of Idcknair ; aiii»iin|milii1 (Irnonl Uii(iinl'> t oitv. uul gn 

UIbI^bi prwBKla««bBrMt>lMrUaiwte'*<MiamDiB nanalCtftt«nlw)<bli4KiW3iaff.anit um«ri ntbe 
•cWMot iftbasd ■MliApta<nwiltMicd^>lniMcli**,C>.. MdBnTtM ut Halor uul UOoliinvl, U»U1 wlib 
lao UaapK ami cnnt of • jmr^ Mtna kr tioabtnr^ 

' lAMLOeMnil UoD.Pinv FeMioicaKTMl lb* laiMnii OMBpalnsf iXii ■• Brii.ii'li.' Mujur In Hi* llrlnrfv or 
Onidtaitlui bitUW u( Alnut ItaBBlkiBadlndMpiMktalAnilonlaaSiAO'oC il-t i-t l>iTt.iuii m thalHiLUMOi UiIb- 
"-n tri '-trnm )—• -— fif — ■■ li-ll anil JiifnfflilMMfmnI innn-ti rTMiiJ r. HtV-' niibr..m*Cliii>|M,8iiUbl 
' Ua U«UiB of ilniKnTidli ClaM of Uta MaOiUM, TvAMi VtOit, mnil L'«. > . 

'LttikOaoal IT. c. r^ur •ofT«du(lirdarl]Fl>al<n (oUnodl" '^'■bi^''" *■- '^' *''**' "' ttnnanu mar 
1 ■-■_i-.>^-..i.-,iL 1.- (8)3. and anlitaqDiMl* irtUlUiailkBuaau* In Uw Indian nutiiijr funtKlRn (t«lli nb. U 
fthtti/hmad tnm tivo. >*>i m ManhiSni.Hid n* imHst a* Ibe aOklr of UamiBnngtt, alna and outnraof 
Uitadw.aAM* of Bvrvo a4id Sinn (hcna unwi^Ml), mUod «f XairahninHe laenralir wMniUd irlillat laadlOH 


* •■■dnB tg>iiia« ■ body <-f Oaixia fmailw. uantlaiiDd In BIr llona Urant'a anpaKli [nr " moal «Bn(plaw» 
. '■• .. _ («4iap«i,n,lncludlag[>'>*MhirocwCbanUuid Dnnuit, 

Hi^iia run nf )tM)Mi£U.*U»(kaa]luikBanlkDunaUuiSwltapMe, adruiM IRM Naiwul and aCUr al 
lUftat (nonria CVow. UaJal wUb ClMp) i f«c«l«a3 i^a VC " fur conaiitouou* and rool nltmurr. on Iha }tat 
[ i—tii iiiK, la fcHiny T(ilasM*nil. a( Briu pcnonal riak, and iUHUr«alian>Bra«f anuliMr/, loaauB Utba 
tii^puua. KUiCadwidana*nu«af (k* itb Huavi. wbo mO* Id tmnfiMnt ilugar < ' - - - 

^_ irt Wdff tlTOi*IUMl In 

iHnr Sii*ua. obdt In nMOW «(lk* nfevU. ' ll^r VrMW •neea^M Id tbU Mlaiit'Mnton. aldiaiuU al Ow 
aa yainOr diMUad. BO*knto« nuTcrai fnim ■ aofWB wD»«« r«M(T») vUl* laiidIM ■ 8<iuadr<« IB ■ Bb^ 
k,-HM ana I ^ m i io^. Is lb* ksUm of Vanlwomia. « Ika >jUi JaM i«j>.~ SorMd Ib iha Xbr-tmA MnpalKn 
' .JIlM l^imBaDdant BitltadquatMnaDiTlncliainOfUiaaaluatM, ui-l«a*praaautallboaMl«bat AlBgot 
>^ a»gtCT «/ W M d aU [M WHH iMa in dw wU fcM " ftff imaaa ai nji viwujica." UB .MUl M«dall ^ . . _ 

■tetevard flohnr MxMI tfaa Ruaen eannjan of ilu >l;ta Iba >ir>l PiuUicn. Uiolading Iba kaMla at 
1^ md aitreof Bal>M*ap«t UMkl vtth Mo Uhw, ud TniUih UedaF) . Strrnl u. iba luiltan autlnjraf iMrn. 
-■ V' .■ iW alMasBilnptnt tfLwknoiT.aMdsMntWanaienaa Iba flMiniiv iinilor Outtua. Oo mm a nd atf a 
,r uvotM wHhUwI«aWnuc<tba iinlFudlUnlnlbD lUHawam dliirictif Oiid«hluclualu|llwaMuT« 

.". ef Ba» p era. and Im Mbr inrfaMDil aiim at JfdrowlM u»l Foonab. commandM Un «riat 

'MfodHtbaA^i e( HMla Madbo hj IjaA VXJWi. BuanhM tBnvtt «r U-ColODtLt^ll., UeiUI irMtw* 
iA_aad BVBlwnctI in dHpM(*vl. 



la «ha KaAr mu* of iSil and itji-(i (VfdiUJ. -daring 

•t^te <rte prwmrt al Iht opvaoou lo Ua> Kdi niw. «Bii4lih<af, AaatilM, a*d train-&M TiptrtnMiiaUiQDm' 
•MaftAcIintMOaaipaBr' Be ' 

*rllb Iba «ik lUm 

lo Uu Kali nirar. , __ . 

rd M .latMani QuaiUr fMlfr <i«iivn\ V> tlicOttcmknC'niUivKnAtKnk 



13 IFdi- Services of tlic G'-ncral Officers. 

itB fonsfttion in Mny 1655 to tho close uf the war, far \xt,\c\\ be rcccird Cbc UrL'Vi^t mnk of Major, the tVa Clau of 
tbeMcdjidic. imtl the Turkish Mt'iliil. f crcod ns Aide 'Ic Cnmp to Bir .lulm Midiel duriae Che Indian niDtlny Ib 
1B53 in CDntml Inilla (llciliil, nnd lirrviitor Lt.ColODel). Scn-ccI nitli ihg Chins BxpcditioDBir Force in tB6sH 
Aids Ue Camp to Kir Jnhn Jliclicl IVimd tlu^ iHndiii^ of llic Army Co tbo biirtciiilcr of Pekio (Medal witb Clupa. uiil 
promtiled to ini unBiirnlird Mn'oritj-}. 

" LienLGencnil XuB'itiKa to nerved with tbo ind Batlaliod Rillo Brlipiilo tlyc Kaalcrn CHmpaien of 1854 and op M 
Jn)y liii, includiiiL!' the linttlrv iif Almn iind lukonnaii (n'oundcil),a»d Kici;e "I Stliiulopol (Medal with three Cliiapa, 
Breret uf UiijDi', Kniuht nf Ih>^ LeRioa of Hoaor. ;th TinrB uf the Meiljidii', mid 'I'lirkibli Uedal}. Serred in the 
Zulu n-sr oF iSva in cou.maiiil of the iiid Division, and was preacut 111 tbi eng-HL-etnent at Ulnndl (Medal witli 

" Sir Martin llillnn scrvril wiiU tho oSth Remment in the Pnnjnnl, mrapjiiBn or 1848-9 (Uedi\l(i bImo with 
tbo Flank Cilmp;uiii".et the riirciliK of the Kohat Paen under Sir Colin I'linililii II :llld Sir Uharleg Nhiiict Jn Fclb 
ninry iS5o(Moilal vvithflnMO; nilU tlic RitleMries.le (md iintlRlioii)in tlioCrin"';i "Ubaeiiueui totlie fnll of 8et)a!. 
topul. Ttaxn the iSth .Miircli lii^; uas present with ii uiirini; the whole of its i-t'mt'es in lbs Seld in liidm, Irom 
NoTombcr 1857 to DcccniliiT iSs5. iucliidinc Ihonctinnsnt ('a«nnorp(dan.-or'iii»'v wounrtod, two bayonet and one 
■nurd wonndu), KiCHenwd cnptm-e of LuL:know (llrtvft of MiLJor),Onilc .■jiinpHiirn of 1858 under Sir Hope LlrsPl, 
and with Lord (.'iydo in bin ■l'i;in» (io^ra operations, lis iiriL-ade Unjiir to Hrii;iid:tT Sir Alfred Harafor.!, and aob- 
aei^iicntly HH bin jirinripnl r^rnil olllceron the Nojmnl Fr<mtier, in bii4 Hilvrini-e Nepaul. and dnrin^ the peeond 
Tniin-OuKracauiiJalBiii alwi iw bnitado Major 10 HriBiulier Unldieli diirin[; the i.iiirntiona onlbo Oude Frontier in 
cenjiinctinn with r?.iDi> Ni'[taEilepe troops, wbich re?ultfd in rhe cniitiiro or larr^e bodies of mntineers who harE 
cnwBert the Soi.iml Uiiiiniiur.iiMcdal wiili Claai.). Proceeded to L'hiuu in 1B60 iw AwitUant Adjuiant Geneml of 
Slnj.ii- CScneml Sir It. N;ipiiT',-. llivision, and was present dnrind that caini>oi|;ii at the capture of Iha Talcu Fort*, 
£c. iindtheiulvtinci' M I'ekin iMeiliil witb (Jliupa, and lii-evctof Ll.L'olonell. evened the Abyssinian caTnpaign ii 
Miliuiry Secrctai v l<i I^ird N^ipii^i. nnd was present at Ibe caiiturs of Maiidnlu imontionad in deepatches, CB., 
Aide do Camp totlie Ctucen. L'ol.mel.ond Uedal). 

" Lienl-ttcncnil W,(i, ('aniiron minted intheGrmailicrGnBrdsdiirincthe Eii-tern campaign 0/1854, inclodinj 
the InittluofAlma nnd Kit'iiv nf ^i^bni^opol na AHsi-'tant Enitiueer riebt nttuck. »'hs seierely wounded on the 10th 
OftnbtrwhileinciTOinntidorLhcVobiiitccrSbnrpaboototoofthoial l»ivi*iou CJfdal witb tn-oClnipB, Knight of Iha 
Lc[-i'>u ol' Honor, .ittlii:lrisnoftbe MeiljirliD. anri Tnrkisb Medal). IVminiHTiiled tbe 3rd ReiimiL'tit licrmnn Legion 
with coinmijeiiin of I.t.L'oloncl. from Mny 1855 to November 1856, out nf which lime wtvcTi mnntbs in Turkej 
Commanded the n-l bnttnlion ilh Kiiie'« Own Regt. tbront'bont tho Al'VKsiniim cumpaigu nnd mis present at 
tho ncticm or Ar^ii-ei: nnci caiitnre of Magdsla (mentioned in Lord Nnpier'B dospatciir's kh hnvini - won hia 
Bilminilitin by tho miinucr in ivbicb hcbascomuiUiUded bia excellent Rcniment. iimi ibcaiddierliiie Kpirit which by 
his tenchingnnd example he ba.ti^owell fL>ntereil and maintained." Urevetof (Colonel, VII., and Medal|. 

" Sir John M'Lcod served with tho 4ind Highlanders Ibronghont the Kiietorn csmpftign of 1854-55, loeltidiag 
the battles of Almu imd llaiaklavii. i^ii>editioii to Kertch and Yenikale, niece and fall of ^obastopol (Medal with 
throe ClaspB, Kniplitoftbo l^pion ot lienor, and Turk iah Medal). Bervi' t al^.j Ibi- ciunpaign uf lasj-jS Hgniia« 
tbo mntincL'rs in India. intlndinKlhe actions aC Cawnporo (6th Dec. 1B571. Kernii;li;it (nientioueil in iloaniiichw), 
Khodaouaj, and mmm»u>iad, eic$;e ai»l fall of Lucknow nnd aaiault of Ibn .Mnrtinicre. Kiinks' llungELiiw, and 
Begujo's Rottce |mentioued m despBleli], attack on the Fort ot Rooyab. ndiim nl Ailj-fnince, and capture of 
BareiHy (Medal witli Cloci]), Brevet id Lt. Colonel, nnd CB,]. Embarkeil foi' tlie <li>ld Coiift in eunimnnd of the 
44nd Highlanders, nnd ber\'ed tlironabout tbo second phase of tho Ashauti vv-nr, in 1S74. Commjinded the Regi- 
ment until orderoil up tu the fruut from Mau»u Ui the nnrth eide of Che AditnM llilln 10 uike conimsud nf Uw 
Advanced Guard of the Army, noweompoood of ihe former Advanced Gueii>I -vj£., LoinI liilfonl'a Scouts and 
Buasoll's Regiment— together with Head Qnarters of Wood's Rogimonl, Heu.l tjuurliTS md \Vc»t India Regiment, 
end R^t'a Artiilerj. Coramaude.1 the force si the capture and destruction of Aduliiimaie. and cajiture ot BorNj- 
raaaie; comiuiMidcd Iho Left Attiick nt the battle of Amoaful; commanded Uiu Advanced <iuard at tbs CBpuira 
and destmetion of Kecqunb, tlie Ailvanceil Guard cnKagcmont oF Jarliinii:tb. iin<l the nkirniiahen and ambiiacads 
■Shire between Adwnljin and the river Ordah. Commenced the attack lit tliu battle of Unli^hsu with ponioni a[ 
Wood'a and Rusaeil'B Kcgimenis, three companies Rifle liricade, and n /■pounder (inu i«liglit contiued wound of 
the band). Artorwimlq ivLtb the 4 and, a gun, mid Riickot Dctaebmeut, fjreod the |>OHitiou and preasmg tha 
fugitives with the Hiirblandera entered Co'>mass1e iho Bame evening nnd wait ap|hjintou Ceuimandant t>f IheplAN 
(wveml timCM meiili'.iicl in despal«bc».A'CB., Medal ivitJiClaip). 

" Lieut. Gcnci 111 M. Walker wrvcd the Eastern eampnign iil 1854-5= ii» AdjnUint of Ihe jolb Hegt-.inclndingthe 
battlea oi Alma (ivnundeil) nml Inkermnn, vjEtro of i~elmato]iol. nnd ri>rlii' 011 ifiCli <>cC. Uuthe night of the iist 
Ajiril bo volunteered and livl a pnrty which took and doBtruycd a IlinMiin ilillo-pii, fur which be was mentioned in 
the ilexiiatvbeH, nnd prumoterl into the Kuifii. On the tiialil of the 'iib June be nnit dunKeroiiily wounded in Um 
Trenches— rigid rir.'n o=;puUi-.od|ltrevpi of Major, VictoriiiCrofs.MQ. lnlwilbthreeC|p|K|is,5l.hrln'»or the MedjidiB 
and Tr-rkinii ^leiinl) : received the VC " for having nt Inkerman. 5th Niivoinlrb'r rii54, dialin'.{Uished biius^ in 
Itont of his regiment, by jumping over a wall in the face of two bflttttlioua of Russian luliintry which w«n 
marching towiiidH it. for tho |>arpoue of enoouragmg liis com*Bdesbv hia c.^nmptolfl ndvnnee agniii:ii sToh bearf 
odds, which they did, and Buci-culcd in driving back both bHttjiliena." f^erveil Ibroiiuhout the ciiop^iigs of iBlSa 
inChinaasKrigadc M^ijor of the 4tli Brigade (Meilal with two CIbsiis for tbu Taku Korts and fekin, ncilBnvnot 
" MajiirGeueraUbollrai. R.MimefcsorvBl wilh tbo 43nl Regiment in the Kallir «-ar in i8;i (Medal). 
•> Major lioiicral Hon. W. II. A. Feili ling accompanied tho French ilcud (Jnarterana Militiiry Altaehe doting 
th Fnincoliermaii niiripf 187U-71 (Clievnlierof the Legion of Hnnour). 

"■ Major (ieiicnil I.'. F. T. Duniell aorveil the Eaftom campaign of 1854-55 a:- Brlsidr .Vnjor in tlie jnl Division. 
Including the bettlea of Alma and inkerman. sieRO and fall of Bobastojiol and a;ta':k 'if ib ^ i^'h Juuo (Medal 
witb three CIbsph. Brevet of Mnjor, Knightot tho Ugion of ttonor, sth Cbits of ibeMedjidlc, nnd Turkiab Medal). 
'• Mujur Conerni i. II. Dunne aerved with the siat FnKilierHlbeF.uBterucnTiipaignof iil;4. "'cluiling the lialtJn 
ofAbnn, Holnklavn. nnd Inkerman. siegoof Scbaslonol, andatlBck on ibolli'ihin o 1 the liih June (Meibkl wllh 
four Clasps, 5tb Class ol tlie Meiljidii', and Turkish Medal). Elerveil with the gelli Kegimi'i.t in the onmiiaign of 
iB6oinihenor1h'>i chinn, iiiflndini.' thoaetiiniotKlnho, lakmf; of Tanirku, iisitniiit I'aptnie of the inner Borlh 
Taku Kurt, iicii.oi.oflliel'bungkin-wiin nnd Palialtbow, ni,dfuvreiid,'ekin(.\li'lnl «illi Iwo Claspa). 

" Major Uenenil T. \\ Lyons scrvcil ill the ajlh llot;imciit 111 the liidnin caiii|i.iis.-n i.r i3i;-5S, nnd eoin- 
mandedlbe »clecicil inoiki-iTii'inpf Hie Uegimenl in the aelioiis id Chandn. Uineeripuie, Biillin)|>urc. and Fpirtof 
Dhowraha. whence he a-sisltd in bringing away two funs uiirler n ln:avy lirci was present at the oiego and 
cnplure of Lockniiw, the sulweiiuent operations in Oiuloflnd nlliiir i.f llpibiin. and comnianiled four Comlianiti 
at Horar Mow and liierab. Fort of Biniree. and actinii of lliisiir Glint! serveil aJi Brigade Mwjor to Ibe ind 
Brigaiio Oudo Force, ;ind was prBseiitBlthocaptureofFortOobmraa (throe limes mentioned 111 do ipiiCchee, Medal 
witb Ciiisp, and brevet of Major), 

*> Bir Reginald t;ipps served the Easieru campaign of iSit. ineliiplins the liattlea of Alma (bayonet vtound of 
hand), Bnhikluvn.niid Inkermnn (f^evcrelv wnundcd, ~hot tlin>ngh neck}, i-lego of Selmstoiiol and eonleou llio 
96th Oct. (Medal nith four Cln<^is, Brevet of Mi^or, Knitilit ot the Legion of UenDr, 5th Clans of the Medjidic. and 
Turkish Molnl, 

=" Major Ucncrnl 1!. Uawhinds aerveil the Kastern campaign nf iSi.i-jj with tho 4iat Regiment, including 
tho battles nf Alinn and inkemniu (severely woundedl, aiegu and fall or SebasLopoI, sortie of a6tb Ucluber, 
attack of the Quarries im 7th June and twice en the Rille-inCs, iiltacks of tlie Iteilun on the iSth June and 8th 
Septcmbui^wuuuilcd (Meilnl with three Clasps. VigloriaCrosa. BTefetol' Mnjor, Knight oflhe Legion of Henor, 
5th CbiBS of the Sledjidie, uinl Turkish Jleilali : received tho IX " for rescuing Colonel Huly, of the 47lh Begi- 
ment. from Rusaian soldiers. Colonel Haly having been wonndefl and surroniiLlcd bythoin. nndibr galLatit eKertieas 
in holding the ground oeeopied by his ailraueed pir|UGt against the ciieuiy. nt the ooinmeuceinent of the battle ot 
Inkerman, 5th November 1S54." E^en'Cfl in the Knilr war in 1877 7'> 011 siroeial service at LAincberg, und Dooa- 
manded Ibe troops in th" eiigLigcaicul at Tolako Monntain (ineiitipincpl in derpalchcs, .Meilai with claap). 
" eir Hi-nry Kvciyu Wood eutercil the Xai-y in April iBji. and served in iheKnval Brigade as AiileiloCamplo 
t^pimiii I-cqI from istOct. iSs4 lo iS June iSjj, when he wHSEcveielynouinled carrying up scaling-laildera to th« 

Iff S'frtwf* rf thiOfW^l OPeert. l^ 

-liitr, Bin<lnba(Bi«>iliMiMiDOiatnllIlebarid»piilcli>, Rbotnt.uil UaroiL 



Ik* na ttiirr-i. 

hfciLin w 

.'- ■ ■■'■^i»i«Mi. r*h«|> i-i Dm ^I'twiK* JanKliv^ tlwKkpil In- tks OonnniMot tif Imlla f < .. ib4<1h iiu 

•n^liu ><-4f, tsJ iructMil b> tbo Victura t'Tuta ■'(!)? tunni,' oo li* i/A O*"^ : 
« •■■1 lBmm-::-i-il tTi T7-■^f> iif ihr ;r:t LiiM (TBntrj:,*Maick»l HWh m't-'li .■ 

. : I nil bs ra«c«d. AIm> («v karinc • ' 
vfTn't Hngui. Mul riWf»il fmn' 
irwl of Id lbs ianrto, irbtEv . 
.n Km.. AcwRapwJ«4 l*lr Onm-n Wo!..:.^, ,■ .[i 

■MTTDl (hroBctOM the AitaMi wu ef lirin <'.itm 

11'IrI th« MUektw (Ok* al ib> auUau ui Kil^: . Bi- 

. :nnMiiil*l 111* uvnp> M Ids huftil nf ilin r ■■! i;; iitc .iinnr 

" nrt^val of ih* Knropcmi mop*. IneJrjrLinj ihc m»9uai«ariqi^f iu 

:lia Hiifbi Calamu M Uu> brvJi* uf Ainuriil i •)ii;iiUy vroiii'Iulj i 

>MBi oi^uinnl Ui ilwpMclua. Ilnnt at <;.>luii«t, CH., Utdsl niih C'lup), Svrvcl I'ltumEhn^it tbft 

~ ~ ' -t. rt ill. t Colauiu. Al Pallliusl Aiiwcl nltol ■ eooui^iit ut (,«» fni-*llv 

-Jbiri." Tan day* nftar Iba BHiuh msn* M lautblmmn ba Mirp>4«>l ■■■a< 
. ••■U •><' Iho (nfoiT «a-l Uicn iaklDt^''(il bo »tranM4 psalUan la in« <nmu^ 

p^ **«k« 'i ^^ t. ipL-^Allr a)ifin>*4i>lrri bjr tbc Hlch CoABuAfubEr. KumiTikio'^ JTfA. Dc&uc«luiB, 

•jnbi liawiiiia ,j Kaiuiialb uuisratb Uarcb. AiipuinlM Iininilwi (ttiiHra: in Aptlt, l^d ibu (ulTsua uu 
S™*""** a^^iJwMr*"*™! tBlb»»n»»iMai»«iii»lHf»nnili» (111 Jiily I'lMollnwil In lUifWlcbiW, 
■■w vu L1ai«i|, etrvKllBU-" 'i'<fi«tlktbonDkarU«>9riloiBr4l,nailuui)ii>b.->itiur iiiir()ciri[o 

..... -„ . Ut^Wtfor Uw BrilitbruNw lOCI/H.I. 8c-fru] in Ibr E/ipiian 

. tbaop*nUaUD«Br AlAt^Tirlm int^^iUoff ii^< ^mrtfiiilKf cjf KuiV 
... ,, ,. ., ^ ^f i^HiMoieM. M'Mii, ma 


V" ■M' In mm Ml Hi or Uia i^ 

"''•■^ tawlKtia immUea*'! m <ii^i'iKnf<9.f«os<wl tlntbuki 

(|H> .^ Ike Hs»HltA, aud CtauJtve* 8Mr). Stntd darias tha N'llu 

IM> -roi3 

UinoK (rjc»a'»nn< u> Jaaprtctoi. lai Clua cf liia M" 

iK*-(} lu oonumiBilur iho 

~'^» D. Bamn a mu J u> lb* ]|th llofL In lb* Crunaa r^in. 
■■•«)« nr M»l«ainnfir, nraun oFiba Kliu l^t• an ifUi April, ini 
InaansiliaCUaBalaBaiitbeiiiliJ-iw. wTiBabf rteMrnl km . 

ur-L ,l;/ 


'.«bC«HauI<baUrlJidU.H <~ UxlalLaarndta tl>» in i^ > 

^uMaidpBh K.iraBiiir. B- ' rC.miiiiKnni aiCirnipii 

III Uii'lii lUcdal Mil -i.tot lulba Eiifiitiuii nn: < 

aaurit incviTad Uis ihinli j-. tiMi a'KiiaM of Farliauuiii. .'i 
I IX Ifmn If^wi' vnviti vitji ib« i«4& lMttnv» In Iba tTtinr^, ' 
" ■nalac»*M>lltaM«r^'>v>l'iI>3lIH««a' -tlh Olwp, »n4 T 

«*y a— [at. Da nra UuM U *kw hia IWi tnanir 1 

la Ma bana akvc, and In a (tw BOmnu miut bar« b«D tlllnl ' 



■Iff. inn^iillna 
H <jf tlie jt'-li U^tfL. 

i4uLliii)f aTfj-ir* "f 
<'kn'>w, anil ^iLhrr 

..iiliiiC (be liatUa 
I ixI'anoanipalifD 
■ !hci>u|i rur 
-i»aiul waa 
I It I nailer 
miad of iha 


l^'I'T tWMaa, ami mu pmsi* al Ita tsicafleowuU oT K) Maxlar. lUluaoia. llio ivrnMUnuB ni Kutaaln, 
5*1" baWfc *< Tlil.>l-Ki>tur. iwaHMrty adof irbich ha <>iniai«nc«d a fatrr^ mntrl] trith iho IJamlry b^ 
*» > a rfihi— I pimMloB of LtiiN. iba aananddr of lla tHadal. fidiI nr Uk iDtml thiut Ar.ibl tilit Unea 
pIMai la Aimaittt*. twvivnl iba IbulU of bMb Hoiuiu a! Parliuuviii. XCB., UkUI wi:li CUap. mil Claia 

. *■** OmmI l-Toa rnmanite aeaunaD^til Miba didanot nf Kiinkln Imin JiiJyiSSt tUI I'^hnuir itc^.uid 

* laa ^naMi aAaipalcn Ib t&Sj hoOJAimaMHl thv llrtfadpol OU11ftl^in?lIllllaf (he cugafi..iiicni ai HoAbacnaiid 
v|a*nf«MB a< Tenal inaiBtluDMl la daqiak'hta, CV.. =i>l Cliui or lb I MtdliAlc. Msdat villi CI.L^pi, 

"■'r Jda U'XfOI ^rtti danna Um caiaiiaixB or tSn-Sit lu liiilu a( Aldfihi C)ampui#tt- IMmrd LB|[Snl 
Mjgaa a lip md nfrtanof Lndovir, HuwnaMnl al Jaaapon-. rolltfof AclDMtbar. and iBrloiittnumtlonaat 
^giMM<lLdBli(filiC3Bap,BBdBt«««tar HA>e>), In iKi pTO(«OiJ«d<iiibBirI>iiiUMii>DiDi>JtitaStii' Zc^and 
*|H*JM(dBCBs>|iaiidairrvadili*faBMi]iU}i pruil a* auaaaajtaauiiiU' uu thu KaUkanrtior.lhB B:aan»,a*p- 
MM. Ite (Jhk rak, aM Txrlna Mbw i B«o w4t ci wlta tb« mUvm (llmnl <>' U.Col'wiil, Vi4Urto Cnaa, and 
Maw I tPMnad tha TC " for U* valonr and piaaOBM Of aind vldcb bo dliidatwl In N«9i ^tmland, on tbt >itb 
>MM|,<ibMliMlbiB>di>aml<t4li3' PiliBM Vi»|i*f, or (bs Colonial Drhniw Fum. PriiiiU Vi<a|.or>UMal)iat. 
w**iVM«BiliBiOaT n-:tb I'rivflta '*Li>«an. nf t^ vanm forca. aa an aacort tn l.iriiV'iiimi iv>l'mcil U^NtiU, Alda 
JIBb^W Umwaaiii 'jcKfr*; l-.r Dunnn C'Bisenin. LIgiuaitant l.to1(niDl U'N-'III n-ia pniHslins to T> 
■^HitiaB ibaiy at l^a Um*. Uu ndaruiaic tnm Uut HWo,aiid al«U a uilr >ei ilii>i il'Lii uf ObaupD, tbla 
|^^» bartBjf aawa a t>oJjr uf tb* arinay in friHU. »iil i'riTalo (UUtoii ba^k u* bniitt up irjfa^^iry fripiii Obaiiim, 
y b a Bad RKwe Vofa pnxtadal IMmrdf to tba toD of a hao to anlvh tl>r nioiny KmUtinl; itntj «<«« 
~* ■• itwal SB BaUvoa, aba aaa «OBMalc4 la iha (Bra cbiK ni haiul. Tlicir only cL.inoe of «anpc waa 
'ar Wair uiw>, and aa liayfuiBBd In catlap. PiinUi Vw|)nt'i hun* full nntl ihirw liiiii. Tliu ualiita 

a« tAt 

I bar* 
dnnmaiidEil lb^ TIpperarj Flyiac 
*ni1m Uti' PiailBB dMiitlubRB in tha aialar of lUA tj, u>l tan tbiukcl M Uinl Mratbnaini ia 
tt4vva bir fTTtfVA mdrffrO on ihjii E>naaioii. t^arvad on tbp iriniT of tbo ICfkl ItLiirr Kipnlttlnn fna 
vadw ISkrOanict WtdMlar (a lEtairiflf.). aorrad ai Colonel oo iba Sioff and 8<w4ul luCuiuniBjidofiba 
. B^iwMllBa Vbdiir Bl* UarMt Wotetlsr in lity Oa vor aarvtlr wnuudari uu Ibo iilb tJalobat In ib« 
JM af tta Tdbna af KaM m t n to tloMd Ib .UapaicOaa. CJr . aari «»la1) AM>ntBU<l AUaiiaOwnpM H-R-H. 
ffpaamamtm '•■ '■•■:■■' ■■■ i-n-,^.. .:., ..,,\ Kiiuhtt-ki IbaQnnneiL iba iitli Aniruifi-llox'lnK. A«qn>panl«l 
H-Hfl. tha Haw r wutu c^minaniUnK tbu Brtin^da of <(fAM4 -. t^tytd Virooffboal 

Mb fe(7f(laa ir. .irj> »( T*l.*(-K«hlr (nmUn'mt In diupiKhu. A'CU.. Uadul ailb 

(■•Vi^llBaa ... ... - , - ,- ..kfilar), Borvd lBItaD8oBdau«anipMi:n in il4i In dommuitlof a 

M|Rfc if Inbuwjr. and na vtfiibI lu Uk «ac*ctn»M at tba Toftak anobs in cauiouul ul lbs t»opa (»«*- 
<k«d la <>atBiialm, i>r» i.iaBtBii 

* lb Otitnr» UraariB aarrM ai IVabawar dartna tb* Indian maUnr In ■«»•)*■ Uari-td h Di-puir Aiaiilan* 
a»— inwual In UiB Etmttfa eipaUiMB «r iliS ondn Sir S}4a«]r Ooueo (mont!aH*l la d»nr>'v'i>~, U«UI 
•<*Q*Bp). Saml isUMwula.^aa Xaalaad ai DJL. QoailarMMtar n«MrmI trvnJViaitrf ii'i, i. < J i>uniir>' 
MM iBTTvad Iba WaikaUi Rirnr imdw Wirnaiiwaeai orjpaatdHttanllran'l dantw.aod plluu-qnn aHiPifiiTi- 

•MBIj'batalaaatuliBi'i'lun bla work matli bun oul aa oioinMUtT qDallflid fOt tba ptM ba uKuplBJ. Sa baa 
■•aAmlUwmaiiraluAMaualUaace" (Unlalidib CUap. and CAV Scfred In tha Strnlan aumMt(n In lUjaa 
(kitf M AatMair lo BU- Oondd Unbam tiuBnIiaaad la dtapaltbat. XOB.. and Uedal WUb OwpS. 
* VaMi'd'saRiIIInn.Jama CAmartrMmadinUwCWsxaftDin B4&JiUKit;iajihdi-tUikt uiiUliit.UlWbliilaaWI 
"imjinM ii.^ i.'tf «»ij--aaJJlJj.V;«tJiaiitoco^and bBH/Dofib* Tdwniaya lUtnal ifilb C^i>.«li&'tvAu& 

'S Wi'f Servkei of the General Offmera. 

yityi^il). Atfio }icn-?il In tlu liif^un Tiiiithij. iTu^lucUnc tlie relLef o/'AzLmjiliur nnd cjn^pnii^in (jurmckpore in iSji 
(inDuluinoil in 4c«[B\lelios) i rnii Bflcriianls appoiiitwl Aide do ;;ftiop ti) LorU Olvle, and prowiit ut tho nctioiH 
iliirin)!IbDOude snil Tnms-Ur,i;rti cuuiiiiii^ Dri9;S (mentioued in deepulchei, Ue-loi. und KievH oT Major). Pru- 
i.-ceJed lo ^'hiaa in 1B60 as Asei'^tiiEit A^Quiant Goncral to the Eipcdilionan- t'oi'cw, ond ^viia prcricnl thmiit^hrnit tb« - 
opciMtinnfl at tlint cmniULign. inoliuliTc- tliB canture nf the Takn Forts, adrunco nn nml enliy uSv Vetin (pn.inDlcd 
l-Jna Urmltachad Jlujoritv, ilednl wiih l«o Clasps). Served througlioiit the Kiivptiiin wur uf tSSi m DepTili- 
Ai^utnnt Cenrnil nil tbe Hcsd Qiiiirterx 6W.S. And ivM pretwut nt the recnnuHiBiinnca in furns tV.>iii AlotHnrlrin [stL 
AagiiH). llioi^iTLiKcmcnlaofTel'ei-ltiiliiiuand KnaaaHiii (gth SeplD-abFi'), mid in Ibe baltl< of 1'i-l-f \-KeIiir itwin 
meialonod in dc»ii:itrheB. promgicd JIaj'ir Gsncral for dintiiicuisticd eor^fipo in Ilia flcld. lledal with CUiap, 
iiid ClHeaof tliF Mcdjidie, and Khcdivc'H Star). Scrvod \i'ah tliQ Nile Eiia.'diliau in ifj; iiicanuiiiad of a llr undo 
ni Tani and afterwHrd^ ot ILo Xilo Kiclil IToreo (Ulasp). 

" Bir Charles Knight Pearson «cri-ed OS Adjniant of tho 31st Beaimcni in the Ciimea freio jni Bept. iSss, 
includinit tlio nieao and fall of Belmttopol nnd attack of (lie Sib Bept. (.Medal iritli <^)aep, and TiirliiBli MalHll. 
Served in Ibe Knlu wnr of 1S70 in eoiiioiond of No. 1 Unlumo, aforoB olnllnrrow. n-luuh invailpd Ziilulaud li.v Ibo 
pauuice of lh( Lower To aela. On tbe :inct January be deToated in ttao action of Inyeianen Zulu Tnrra vrhicb ni 
Biponor numbers had taVen ni) position t-i oTerivbolni him at a fonnidalile inss CJdled Majia'a Uill. He lien 
ndvBD«d Mid formed ttu fortilleil po.'-l <if Ekowe and held it while inic~ti^i hj- ili>! enom; for two muuUiit. D:\er 
which the place wnBrtliovedhvI/pnlUbelmsford (ATJ/O,, Medul with (:iasp). 

" Major General John DhyIh served with the 3}th Rt'EimDnt in tho Shalinliad di'trjet [lurinir tlis Indiuli 
.Mutiny campatfcTi in iBs*-;^ (Medi,[). Served in tbe Soudan Kipe<liliun under Sir Gerald Graliiim in 1384 in 
Ciimmnnd nf the ind Infantry Hri;;jidc. and was presnnC in the Dni^cnmenf at El Teh and TeMiHi (>4.'Vvnii1 times 
HieniiOTied in dcspatcheB, CB,, Jlediil with Clasp, aad Khedivo'e StarJ. tiortcd in the Siiudaa eiiuiiMiira lu i£aj 


" Kir RedTCra Henry Biiller »crvf^l wiih Ihemd Battalion GathniHc^thronKhniittbeeampaigii of i£6aitiChJDn 
(Medal with two Clai<|»<). Bervcd n illi the 1st UblUUod on the Ited River cxiiedition of iBto. Ac<mniLinnied tiir 
(iiirnolWolKCleyti) the Gold Coast in ^cplember 1873, and nerved as ». A, Ai«utanlaiid ()inrt"f Jlji-tor Ucnaml 
iiMdHFadof tbBliitellii.'piieD nepaiLiMenl throughout tho Ashnnti war of 1S73-74. iiieliidiiiK Iheticlion of £(M- 
nitin. battle of Anionfnl, advanwd i;"nnl ongBBcroent nt Jarliiiibah. battle ot Onlalisn (KJijjhtl.v wuiiaded) ud 
rnpiorc of Coonin~M!e 'neveml time' inentioncd in daspatchee, itnvci of Mnjor, CB., .Medal with Claap). Benwl 

in the KcHr war of 1S7G-74. and ro nndcd tLe Frontier Licht Home in the cniiaaemcat at Tabn kn Udoda ami 

iniliBopcrntiimsalMolyneiiil'nthiiiid aeninHilBiiyanyohnsstroniiboldfaevPntl times "icntioiiod in i!eipatohei|. 
>ieTved tbrooKhout tlie Zulu warof ]£7>,nnd eotamandod the cavalr.v in tbe on^^'emouta ht Ztobaae Moaataiii 
'ind Kombola; conilnctoil the i-eroiMiiiiaMiiro before Ulunili, and was present in the enfaccmeDl at Dlnndi 
(.~everal tiTnen mentioned iti <lesiial<'hes, thnnl;rd in General Ordori. Brevet of Lt.l'u'.iaicl, Aide da Camp to llw 
i?ucpn, Victoria Ciotr, CMI!.. iledal iiilh Cla*p) : receive<l tbe YC -f-w bis L-allanl conduct nl tbo retreat » 
I rihlohnna, on (he j8th Uareh 1B79, iiiluvinn a^nistcd. whilst hotly pursued by Zulus, inreaeninpl>i|HiimC. D'Arcy, 
4. 1' tbe Frontier Light lEorHe, who wa» retiring on foot, and oarryinfrbLui on bin home until he overtook Uie rear fniaru* 
/.iBo forbavineon the sanjo Jnto. and under ibe.-nir.B circunislnnceB, crmveyoO Lieutenant C. Everjtu ot the Frontier 
I.iRht Uor«e, whose horce had liceii klll«l under him, to a idacc ot ealDly. I^ter on. Colonel Buller, in tlio Huna 
luqnncr. saved a trooper 0/ tho Kronlier Li^lit Horse, whose horse vtaa comolelely eihausted, and wlici otherwiiw 
ivonid have liecnltilledliy the Zulus, who u-erowiiliiueightvvardBof him." Served in the Bocrwar of lESi aa Chief 
of tho Btnir lo Sir Evelyn Wood with the local rank ul Jlnjor Oanornl. Kerved in the Ksyptinn war of itir in 
charite or tho liitclliBencB Dciinrtment, and was present in tho BCIion at KasJBBin (gth Bejilcmlier), nnd at the 
liattle of Ti:l-e1-K:cbir (mcntianecl in dcepalehea. £CiIli.. Medal with Cbup. 3rd Claaa of tbo Oainanieli, and 
Kkedive's RUr). Berved in the Sondan Iilipediticn under Bir tSorald Grabani in iSe4 in conimiiud ot the in 
Infantry BrifEa<ie and aaaacond in command of tha expedition, and was pretent in the enRaMemenla at EITeb 
flud Temat (twice mentioned In de»patehei>, prrmoted Unjor Genera) for ditltDRUithcd service in the Held, two 
Claiipa). Served in the Snudau cnnipaipi in 1SS4-E; ae Chief of the Btsff to Lord Wolseley ; when Bir Uerbcr 
t^tawnrt waa wonnded and Colonel Jjurnaby bad been killed, he took command of tha Desert Colamn and with 
drew it from Gubat to Gakdnl in face of the enemy, defeatinA tham at Abu KIca \Vellfl ou the I'Ah and 17th 
February {mentioned in doBpatcbeB.iirca., andClaspl, 

" llajdr General the Hon. C. W. Thosiger acted as Orderly Officer to liriaaaier Pattio oomDi.indLiip tho Tavnlry 
Dri^ade diirinc the campai^m of i&6ain ChJnrt, and waa praacnt at tho aO^rBOf the utb August, if,th uud ;itt 
rjei.i. and capture of Pekiu (Medal with two Clnepe). 

'■' Major General F. P. lliimilion served with the 4th Bcgimcnt throuchoui tho Eaflsrn eampniau in 1854-55, 'i^- 
otiidinit tbe battles of Alma Iwonndcd) and Inkennan, and the whole of the siene npenitioua lirAirc £L-liafaMi>ii 
:uitil ita fall (Mcdai with three Cliisps, BanliniaE and Turkish Ifedals, and 5th Class ol the Mcdjidii). 

■' Ui(;or General G. T. Biiee served with the i;lh Re/iimenl iniha Crimen from the litJaniuirviBsj, iueludln^ the 
aiesc and fall of Be bastopol, assaults of the tledan od the iSth June nnd eth Bepionilier, also at tho l-nnilnnlmeiit 
and surrender of Kiiiboiim (iledal with Clasp. Brevet of Uajor, 5th Class of the Mc'ljidic, and Tnikir-h Modal). 

» Major Go .rrnl F. Hardv nerved a* Drrlorly OlHeor to Brigadier Hnaeell at the ni:.,iid relief of LitiknoHMit the 
Alombuph, and nt LLe sit^c nnd capture of Luclnow ; also present with tlic S4tli Iteelmcnt nt the ivlief of Aiioighur 
and pnrsnit of Koer ■'inB (nienlloned in despaicbcs. Medal with two Cliups). 

■^ Major Gci. 01") II. in, IV, H, Herbert, nerved with the 46th Iteirimeiit in the Crimea from the jiBl July iBsj, in- 
clu liiiK the fiCL'O ni^d fall of Seliastnpol IMediil with Clasp, nnd Turkish Mednl). 

> Major General Hon, S,MoKlynscri-edwiIh Ibe 13rd Fnsiliera m the Crimea in 1'", inrbidiiijrlbehiek'eef Belas- 
(niiolandailiickoftholledniiontheiSIhJunelMuilalwitbClasp,nndTurkii.hMeibil|, Sen-oliii Ihc Indian mutiny 
caniimifiii of 1(57-50, iuelndinjc tho relief of Liicknow by la^rd Clyde, defeat iif tlic Gwnluir I'untiniiciil alCawn- 
p'.re, siege nnd capture of J.ucknow, nnd oiiai nitons neniss tho lioomlee, Train-Gogra campiiicu when th; roliels 
wiire driven into Ki j'aul (Mcdiil with twoCliiips), Rmbnrkcd for the Gold Coa-t in command of the and Iti.iuiiion, 
^3r,l Kusilicm. a'ld commanded the Head Cuarlcr« Ihniughout the Heciuid plisFO >if the A'^baiili Aar, in 1:74. 
iiitlnding ihe rapture of llorbonissic, batllo of Amoaful, capturo and destmctioD of llecipiii. i.ullle of Orduh-.u, 
und eiiptnre of ConiniiS!''e (>evcrat times mcntionrd in dcspat''hef<, CJI-. Medal with Clnsp}, 

■' Major General Wiseman -Clarko served with the qint Highlanders the Kas tarn carr.)HiiKn of tS-4-^;. inelmiin; 
thehiiltlcsof Almanml Bahikliivn. sicfi:a and Dili of Bcbastopol, captiii'eor Krrteh and Veuiknit (Ucibil with tbR« 
<j:n.-'pi', and Turkish Mwlall. Also tho Indinn enmpoiita nt iBj7-59, includinir relief of I.uckijiiw liy Lord ClydA 
bittlo uf Ca"ii|ioreon>ih Dec, pursuit of the enemy and caplure of their gnus at Bi'mijihat, artiun at Kallei' 
Nudiiie; talcing of Fnuehghur, osticdition to Mhow under UriKailier llupo, sieae and niptursof Luckjiow (loeii- 
li 'iidliuSirK LDgnrd'ndesiiati'hesJ. and subsequent nflhirs ending in tbe caplure of Bareillv<Meiln1withIH-aClai>p<)- 

>" Major GeneriLl B. M, Mann iughaiu- Duller aerved with the Rifle Hrigade in tha Kallir war of 1846.47, and in 
that or il>53-53 IMi'dul). 

" M.tjor General F, K, B. Flood served with the sjnl Hcgimeiitin a force ander Bir Coliu ITiimpl*!! in iS(i-5; 

nmiinstthe hill trilies on the N.W. FronlJarof India. Scned also in tha Indian cuinpaigu of i9c;7-^ii; was witliliio 

AluinlwBh Force durinji the relief of l.ncknow by Lord Clyde; with tlie ijrtl ntihe relief of Ciiini|Mirc on t;*h 

Nov. iBj7, action there on IhcCth Deremlier. and pursuit uf tho Gwaiior Contingent to Semi Ghnt. action of Kiils 

Niirtdi^eaud nrrupMitien of Futtebghur, iifliir of Shnmshabad, storm and csptnre of Mean gunge, siege of I.uekn.iw 

o-Aidedi- 1 amp toilcneral Mnnslie Id (severely woundetl), with the 5 ird during tlichotwcalhercaniiiHign in OniUi 

in 185B, ineVi-iing ihe passage of the Goonilea and occupation uf tinltan pore ; as Aide de Camp (u S^r William 

51an?.Held iliir ig the winter cnmiiaign of 1^56-59, ini'luding that in the Unisimra country and netion at Dhoonden 

Khairii, and theTnms-firjtm camiiaign Kith its several minor afliira and the dual action on the liuiitee lineulionpl 

ill deiiiiatehc- Me-la) with <:lBi-ii. and Brevet of Majorl. 

" Major Oonflral CI ive aerved in the Eastern earn paign in 1B55-J6 oiler Ihe full ol Kebantopol. 

"Majipr Geoeral H. J, Ruchonan served tho Eastern oBtupBlgnof 1854-5; ss Adjutant of the 47th Hegiuitiit, 

incladiui- th.> i?allla- of Alma aud liikerman, enrtinof ;6th Oct,, siege and lall of Bi-bsslopol— aiipriiuted Town 

-y«wj- f-J/-«/n; Hj,i thrco CJ.i.-iis, Snrdinian mid Turkish Medals, 5th CInss of the Mcdjidie). i;oinroBOdeiI a 

tAiiuma of the t-i0l.l Fwce •m-U-i- Br,sa<\\er GeneT»\ Rosa n gainst the A'rccilceH on the North Wast Frontier in 

'Sj-r-^g (meatl',T,aI ,u iUfratti tf, CJI., Mcital wilh clnfiil. 

r S^roi-x^ of the OeiKft! OJiart. 

">•»>» dim * *^ Bone. J. AMuiglonwTWl tinhjjWi Knommi ihplUtcTa Muppaiffiof iBj<."ta ng to i 
Mas MK, laeloitinK IM haulai «f Alimiiail l»fc«niiini,>f«RBorst<»<t<>i>il, tiiack tuiil aocopBUon or Che vasaeuirg i 
ana tbh Jaon— wnnqrwonnUdlmmUDOMtndcapaUlia*. MfiliiJnah Uirva Clupn. g^ Cttnnl Hvt iloiiiau:, 
Mi TlAliIi Unlnl) Snrml (n Um InUftB camfttlco frDm Kerr. ■i(7.uichi'ltniithcn«nuttiuiil «plun ur Mraiu- 
I Lucfaiinr, Bliyt* or Barno sad Nuicn (nicuU^QccI lu <ic4|i4lclic). UeAal wiUi Clrwji, ; 

-..« kcivol Villi •111 s;Ui tUfliawot in Ibi Ctimuii h.m tlir I Sill Juns iK;s- Inclnillnic UM ' 

.II iir)ht*UA;dJ(Mad*tw1lkClMp.iu>ilTiift»li)rwUI1. AltolntliF Indiim oamtiiLiKii ofiSsi-}**''"' 
I Mk Iha J<iiainN« VttU PorantnthovotwiuiofCliaadB, tlucorpricn. luiil SiiIUii|iorv. uml snarontila i 
« Ba •«■• a»4 eaptaa* of lAicksw (M(^*I *itb Cloap'. 
~5lai"rO«o««l <i. H. Waller ■•fvDiitLh Uiii -Ik Kmiltu" miiin Crininn fmm Dii ...jlnillnK th* 

ar Ij MllM^ np«i. »gHi» ot 91k Uajr. Mliurk nn^l Mptnr* 'if Ilif IJiiiiirIn, ;Cli .' ' mill -if Uia 

B. iffl^ Javv fwoaaAMf . nTT<1 'n* iTi tha Trtahaa &n llio aili !^<r[- (Mf^Jul ^ jii. ' . <.i ihn Ll'|j;[OU 

•(■«kidiM<.<1:. ' 

■■ Ma)9r Owfa tKSw.;! .:< Rx;|iiiiui vaiiat itf. In com'ndiil olllia m<1 DaitallOD Crcoadlor Goudl. 

Mi ma i i m i n iu Um l»t tui*r jniniiinMd in ilnpnlohK. C'A, MoIlI nidi C3Up, ui Ctiiaa <il tb* 

MatMW. aM Kba»>g^ Mai ^ 
■■ SitTImsa* Mruul Hai[iiTHTiaI<rtib tbc >fUi Boyal tHaii iu thu rninnafnim i<«li I>rf. iSh, ImittiilliiB thi ' 


M«<iA(iTifa*C»aKMry *i>ila«tn*h>«f B«ba<liMOl od ilic inb •laiir i-s>" iVilnl v, 1 
" ■ -■■---- - .1 .. , . . , j;,.^j^ j,^^^^,^ 

-■' il-t B- U 

..f , 

MiRlaM ewTHi Ilk Iii'lla doriBX the buMbj (iu i3;;l '•iih ili 

■■mdtai Naw ZMlaBd doTie); iho VaOnto aad Wancniiul'-n'iin* 
Cvanl aM antivqwnilj ■« .ImiUaiit AAtMunt Gmcrii- 
iMXat lUltarr BeCTMaiy 10 LLOnanl Sir Daiiean C^i< 
BWiaVMr tolbo Pore* WHla lUiOrOaDtnl Quey at ilii' :i 
Wr-^flaiilii ami uaUnog '■■nW aoA oaA •'rtnci»il'- (llntm 
OhK U KalMatm i>rs aJM an>nl ttionRlMnil Ibe Aahaiiil ' 
Ml iiw q«MTr«J, Inelaillpir Ihe acWna ef Eaaunau. relirr 4f AW' 
F»yim cf <•!■— «aaitB. aWi is aiMIUaa rarfmE*! <ii 1 
»iiw>i'. WMBHMInaaillnilnpMrtM Inr itlrf- 
triWHtaXBTKabVarrtcil mal* BfaDUK aaoii. 
«■»■■»& ef ite iMtewa iku Ia* ■Mniiilnl all '^u- uiicx. 
■ baHla#Oi%f'-r " (wt«raj licntii wdnuiinr*! tn i1i'r< 

I find 

. !,r.i[ 

^■viwikv Af^rteii mr In <tn><am<nininaDl nf iho 
■ la onaiaKAd of uh ms^ iu ilic cDiiaiiriiii' 
a BaiDttiiiia «|imti«iu aiDuixl iJalml In D' 
iMcniKl tndMBlchatJaolihnniiulMxifthr 



AMMMBled sir rr«il(ri«k R-ibf-n* in ItutiiuiKii l'^■ ••.!>. i,,, m r 
hatmUiael l>ii>latat(mcBU'>unl!ndc«inUcIi«iy £!('£,. Mcit.i willi 1: 
r«d nulla Uearwarot iS<> militlig luoUFaater Brl£i-Wri>t<>'r:'i 


I ntiil 


. liioT 

-.!.V I 

' 'lilltlH 


■■.i- ■ HI ui-i .T ■- ,■ I ■! m 

.j>tf tb^ i iiifKitJiutut oil l/*" Aimivl 

r^i-il Uin mpnJiiKiii ifAt/* Mmilau flni 

■ornrnnrirj iiT n t'r rfJil", auj rtHS 

l:i.; - , I,..] llci(JI]f»- 

. I l::i ihii- : dljilLLUOH 

■ )laiarb«ittall>aiilwnilla(arKni»ta*(lui laiurnaiiof iIiobik? of Bobiuu^pal.' u angler CrrntUiii Mttle 
«flt> Tiiiii ■■«■. aiiJ iBimaiidttl U—Oianaitiaiaof lliii i«Ui Iti-tiC- ut Llin :u«iull uf ilm Etednii ontlieStaSuit,. 
ataa-vHIi mfiwrtiijniim fa* wu ilMinnnulyironnilfiin^nliJillwlilali po^oil Uitvnsh Mr Wt thi^Ii,<)ii>lMr!D|i 
HaMna. BUaff left on Ut« ifodml. be SiU fmo (be Mmli of ibofi.Kii; Llie oninluic atxUt. flto. mpiio-iiLu hhata 
>*Bailall; nudai. iliJ cM nBotn tiaa ntth Ihnir frlMman. n'u roi'iiuiniDndu) io aiiiuclul ilcjiinti.'h liyUia 
O^aBaiAB' m tihUr In ilwCnoKii KirbU gkllanmMl th» IM'- t - ' - 'i;<!i-. im'liba pjiilmii. I'Tnliirjinivc ultb 
atMtalniv bi*Boit ivvcrciaSntBfiarliiitaoaiiDDonieutiii ]i< ' ' riitnilj-'litiixiit'i- iiitiiuiotca 

«. MaJal ■lUi iJla.'i'. Kuinli* efiaa Ltgian of Huaor.ii:vi Scni<il 111 i^o .\<.'1i»ii nor in 

t n oaaanurtHl at a il^valrj HHgvit^ aai irait prraamt nt ij<" :.imi ;iiir.4MijLb of* Ltj4>f]tJi Ol^lj^Vof 1^71^ 

naMim ar ibe nikU-tinmt of Btierpen. the cTiCiW[Mim>t in iha ■Jlinr'ici! Vniii?. vi'i iliu op-'roLinua uniond 
_ li In rwmlKT lijit iadadiaf Uto invmnunt of Sbci'iion (l-vii'': lueuiKmcd iu dujuidici, Umlal riLh Iwa 

* Ibfor Orstnl G. K, KIUtl»ir wrml the EuumouDHlSD ot lAtt intlir (i>t tteslmtWit, InWii'l'^ilDio tuiCt'i'i 
tfikiaanil tiihrijaaii riev«<lTireuiiled),>iul uci;aorMhaavi|ialiUediil ivithihrMCIiwpi. und 'I'nr1il>h Ucdol). 

*lfaf*r UmnkI W. ll> BawH]rerrvf<lwltbih''i|ihlta2iRi«nt 1 ■—:rrr, iVamtliD i-cibJiuiunr}- i^tj, laclud- 

Nltta ataKa and fail of IS>lMuun>]'. aiid aamili of Lbr ii^h Jnon ! rlnip. nndTaiklib Miilul). 

*Sllar Oanaral 4. U l^nulbMi-Auuialay aervnl wiib ilii- 1 in ilw Ctlioeu Injio ;vtb July isjj, 

lAihftba«la«>Mti|Ml (Utdiilaud fluip.inil i'.,,;.,.,.. .;,,-l.>l). 

■lta|wOtBCfal I. K. rruer trrrvtl M itnlorty (WHowto Hr BrtmUBa'i" "inb-i Kttiuailiuu fci Klnhoare 
k (hb and ira> prcaent aiau >oniliaii!uiflt)t ami anrtmacr (Medal). Ha* rocsivcJ iiGuliI ilmliil fVt.m iho Pfeal- 
iMtfcka yr*Bch fl<i|tatdlo lu ramRnKloii uf bla dirviitsd wrviirni i« Uw w.iiiuiliiil uulliQ Doldof tialilDia tno 
riaaai-aaiTiuD camwien of ■);:-; i. 

"■ajar Ovoanl O- P. Davica aervcil Ititlui tto^il Mavy Lu thn BaruiHo trar iMdiLtll . AI'd m the Bulls 
lanaRHUD nr (Uadal). ilfnRlisIb* XsId •■ror>J;9n- '' '":'-r:-'<'nica.tCoaG»eiicolimiiailiiR*c*aKU 
Mf^Maiaiiilim if T 11 1 riimilliiilii (iiiiiiilbiiiiil lull iiniiilin It ■-p\, 

-Hayii Tlimul n n t rtaaillitiliiliiiidiiil tii ibi niiiiia mIH -llonRUlekrlGiiilii. hu-I mm pmaot 

a^hHibial Aloui(M*ilal<iriUinwf^auaTurtsbMiiiUI). So ,...1. iriuu'bolndlin aii>i"i-'-Ti •■( i-.^ril. 

MaibV McacUiiii nf PawEpirtv aod m|i»r« of t^i-iknitr, nod •iiiu i( ■•< i%\M'iI doiii.i ' . - .ra ot 

■MlMaadeTieniiaiHiu OBUnltoila IBrnvlaf Ifajor. U«lnl ulth iiT<> rU-iiti. Strifil ii> [i . ir tn 

itji-iBintkUiol^KbawvrVaUur Hrld Korea is uROiBua uf ibn (tb IIjJuU^u if Uw tti3<) Ui.i- . , ^ :i-:iilflil 

II* Laanr Koonini Hi inda tnm A*rt M Aor. >H» [OS., anil Mnlatl. 

■ l^* aaB(3«l Chi3fr*T (Strk urrad with iks HUl* llngwlo bi the Indlwi imuJuy. aud wu jircimt al th« 
llMft^li awa rrflirf at l>xkBair tUmnl oT Uajor, nodal trltk r;...-.: .j... -.! in itioMinnmin uu (hoKortb- 
Tt* rnsuaroT I wbA in itALUKl uih priMniliiilihaaancroni' Modal w<<b CI mi'V 

*«4wOaienl B. C. WdMnacaacrTBlwlIb ttia«tta Saftoii;' i>*i(!'> "f <ei3 a>i<lnMiirt««al 

«MMvsai^ancam>f Airak,slsnaBaaiiUniae*i>nire<irK'n,...'-..-i.>. .. .... <ural,gtucnil h^'Umh "-mlu^ 

attaa u i ta ia nf nWallo. aaMjliawt eaytarml Howa. «ai;e aud caiiitim ui i'uim'v, bouloor tl''.- . <(u>i'' 

«f Ihaifcy iM«*alwltfa <!>»»p>. ScvrAiCnite AWiia<mrln ■rtoln DXQWi.inlM'ibeCatalcrBT .' -)"Ta 

IHWiiii I ti»lt part in ikanarah loOandaliar oiihiho fortqnniiur UaJ'ir liiToanl Pligi.. . . N.iMn 

(i^MidiBa. Uadal with rbuji) tt<nwllnlka Karpilau •mar .Mi in cominiLDil r.f thn I.^irati7 lliun-lo ^f ttta 
UM* IMiUBecal. and wh imviil M Ui« hattlo Df T"! vi-Knbir (Ifrict iUDUli"ui'diuda>|iu«tiaa, CB., Medul nlia 
am. lal inaa. Bt iha MadjlfllP, aa« Kbtdl'tii Blar) ..... .. i 

■"^fUartlmm /. «. Hall .itrfl «1 tka ilcua of HebaaMpol from ^^b Sw. 1 1 jt to iMft J»a. :Eji(Uo.'»l with 
~ ivadTortjak Uad»1|. , . , 1 

rilBBtimlO.O. Barter M»vediirivmie)«IfcHl«hlaiid""",,i„r.r..nn..,,„ ,•.-. ,r,.'i,i.lirr.- '.^i,' „i-ot 

- _ llMHen(KiKiabal>,i»aitenlaiBBl<i(Ueiwi.inraB.Bnd (■ 
IWlill mm UkTebMik'a 0»)i:«a fnv lu IItM tiktna iha Oold in 
nMM5'aUaa,<TiaWDMn,f>H'i. B>u«tnl«inK»Mn«ait>a ate. 

*~~'" [toaMmtliut nithern)i>r.i[ tbalkiddiaKTurl^ickiuii n. 1 ' 

'i^ friih OtifBoi*" >*.*'''\>»i' ^' -.inija^.iucladiaff Ihereiiiii- - 

1 d«llBBlatpum('Lucki')w.«Mrah«oMcnaMcla>IXA u M. t^:iii 1 

\ ifaa WfftfiifmiTd eaHiaiini ^u t^^J. aufl futun of llwlt^j .,n>c»ti^it^ iu dc*(/jtbiibca. Ufvlitl h.Ui 
«Mef l(i^,*idanM'aa«rnc«ftir LucIdovV 

1^ ^> w. JiCbaAtaFmdaaAIdpdni^MaipBnRnHnKiKiiIiiiulbrLRiltuoiil m SvntM. '■v; « %V,a 

ua*>>' 'haaaaannaii'«.itj'«iuv<irjrii'iitAaii.Uodralrgmon DrUlCriTCravichU<a>U&i>nRWia.M 

.^aa.-t'>i-'. '.jft .i,'"iy Cir.j-1 ■■•!»»*, biif iii'i >fn( >[i|ii ibrftfbl). llTlll')pt™^'J)^li^l^^i«^''''>''* 

I? War Services oftltv General Officers, 

ingdays, concludinfi «iih tbe storm of tho Great Shoe DBnon PaRirfn etoekfldei nlao proMnt at tlio c«pture«or 
BaflBeinand Fe^a, tho relief of tho beleaguered GDrriaon at Tc^ta, anil tho opemtioDBOi Uic four folloif Ing oajij. 
daring which the enamj In force vrcm driven out of three cutrincbecl poaitione (Medal with Claip for Peftn, anO 
Brevet of Major) ; received the thankaof the Governor General in Council on aiiaepaiHla oocneiona anring »■ 
irar. Served as a volunteer at the bombnrdment and capture ot Bomar^oad is the BalUo expedition of ibm 
(Medal). Servccl as Staff Captatu at Bmyrna from April to aeptember iSss. and aa Commandant with ^"^ ^ 
Ajsaiatant AcljutfUit Geneml at Smyrna and Ahydoa {CarduiellcB) from lat Beptomber 1S55 to sTtb OctolMT '^^ 

"" Bir Qcoree ivhlte served with tho 17th Reffiment on the North -West Froniier dorina the Indi a n ninUnT 
in 1657-59 (Medal), Served with tho gmd Hij-hlandera in the Afghan war in 1875-80, and wae present in »m 
engagement at dharaajab on the titb October 1679, and in the various oporatinns around Cabal in December ^•jnt 
inclnding the investment of Sherpore; was also present in [he eni^agement at Charaeiabon the apth April looofl 
aecompaiued Sir Frederick Roberia in tho march to Caijdahar, and was present at the recennauaasocor sy 
Angnst and at thobattlo orCandahar (ft-c<iueiitlv montioaod in despatches, Brevet of Lt.Colonal, CD., VUMna 
Cross, Ucda] with three Clasps, nnii Bronze Deeoration) : was awarded the i'C " for ounapicuooa brmvery onriBg 
the engagement at Gharaaiab on the 6th Ootobcr 1S79, when, Bndlng that the ariillery and riSe Dte IBiM 10 
dialodHfl tho enemy from a fortified hill which it was nocoaaaiy to captnre, Major While led an atlAOk qkbi It m 
person- Advancing with two companies of his regiment, and climbing from onestocp ledge to aootJier, he CM© 
npon a hody of the enemy, strongly posted, and outnumboring his force by about S lo 1- Hia men being mnca 
eihaosted, and immediate action heing neec^aary. Major White took a riSe. and, goMta oa lyAuutf^* ahot lue 
leader of tho enemy. This act so intimidated the real that tlioy fled round the aide of the hUl, and toe potiBOO 
waa won. Again, on Che iBt September i8&a, at the battle of Candahar. Major White, in leading the final oharg*! 
under a heavy fire ftom tlioonomv, who held a strong [Kwition and were supported by two guna, rode straight iro 
to within a few yards of them, and, aeeinfl the gunA, dashed Ibrward and aecnred one. immediately aftor whiui 
the enemy TOtinJd," Served with tho Nile Expedition in 1S84-S5, dnring the latter part of the time as Aseiatant 
Adjutant and Quarter Master Gtneml (Medal with Claap, and Ehedive'a Star). Served wit^ the Bnrmeae 
Kipedilion in iBflj-Bj in command of tho and infantry Brigade, (received (he thanka of the Goremicent and 
of the CTommander in Uhief in India, promoted Major General for distinguished aeirice in the Qeld, frequentlj 
loencionedin deapatches, KCB., and Medal uith Clasp), 

"" Unjor General T.L. Bel! aervcd the Eastern campaign of iflsj-ssio the uStli Begimsnt, inllnding tha battlM 01 
Alma and Infcermnn, siege and fall ofBebastopol, and nmiir in the Comctery {Medal with three Clasp*, Bardinian 
and Turkish Medals). Served as M^r.r ofthe 6th Regiment in the Hasara campaign of 1B6S, including the eubaa- 
qnent operations in the Black Mountain (Medal witli Claap). 

I" Major General A, r. Warren ser^-eiiwith the Rifle Brigade in the Eastern eampaimi of 1851-55. including the 
battles or Alma and Inkerman and aiega of Sebastopol (Medal with three Claaps. Brevet of Major, 5th Clan of the 
Madjidie, nrd Turkish Medal). Served with the and Battalion during the whole of its aerviee in iJie suppremion 
of the Indian mutiny, includinK the actiona at Cawn pore and capture of Lncknow (Medal with Claap). Bmbarked 
fBr tho Gold Coast id command of the ind Battalion Rifle Brigade and aetved thronghoul tho second phase of the 
Ashanti war,,in 1874, including the hiittlo ol Amonrhl, battles of Qrdahsnsnd caiiture of Coomassie (aeveral timca 
mentioned in despatches, Cil.. Ueda) with Claapl. 

'« Major General W. Stirling aerved througliont tho Eastern cnmimign of 1854-55, including tho aflbiTS of 
Bulganac and M'Kenzie's Farm, the battlos of Alma, Balaklava aud Inkcrutan, the siege iind fall ol .Sollaslopol, 
and repnlae oflhe sortie on tho i6th Oct. 1854 IMeilal with four Clasps. Knight of the Lcgiun of Honor, and 
Torkiah Medal), Scr\'ed as Brigade Major of Artillery with Hajpootaiia Field Force at tbo capture of Kotah on 
aoCh March 1B58 (Medal, and Brevet of Major). Served with tho eipedition to China in i860, and wns present at 
Slnho, actions near Tan gchow, an<l surrender of Pekm (Modal with (Jlaap). Served in the Afghan war in iSt3-79i 
and was present at the copturo of the Peiwar Kolal ((,'£., and Medal with Clasp). 

"" Major General J. II. Itocke served with the and IJucen's Royals in the Kafllrwarof 1851-53 (Medal), Boivcd 
withtte 18th Eoyal Irish in the New Zealand war of 1863-661 commanded a Wing of the and Battalion at iheallkirs 
at Noknmaru on a5thand?6th Jan. 1S65 (mentioned in despatches) ; undcommaQiiediheandBatt^ionaEthecapturt 
of the Fulabi Pah on the rtb Jan. 1B66 (mentinnecl in general onlera, and Brevet of Lt.ColonelJ. Served in the 
■grpUan war of 1S81 as Deputy Judge Advocate (mentioucd in dcapatchea, CB., Medal, md Glass of tho Modjidie, 
aoa Ebedivo's Star) . 

"■ U«i or General W. B. B.Dickiae served with the soth Regiment in the Crimea from thc)6tli January 1855, including 
the Aiego and %11 of Bebastopol j was also present at the capture of Kinbourn (Medal with Clasp, 5th Clasa of .the 
He4ii^> and Turkish Medal). Served in the Indian campaign of iS;7-;S,andwaB present attbe actions of Chanda 
UmeerpoTe, and Sultanpore, siege and capture of Lucknow, aubsegueut operations in Oude, and aOkir 01 
lfeu]|fluigo (mentioned in despatches. Brevet of Major, Medal with Clasp). 

"■ Major General J. Thompson served throughout the campaign of iE6a in Chins. Including the actiona of the jrd 
T9lh And 14th August, iStb andaist SepL (Medal with two Clasps). 

'"MajorGeneralF.W. Lamblon landed in the Crimea in Sept. 1855, and served with thB7iBlHighlandiiBin the 
Trenches at the siege of Sebastopol, and was present at its fall (Modal with Clasp, and Turkish Medal). Served 
in the Central Ind>a campaigu in 1658-50 aud was present at uie baking of Fort yahargah (mentioned in deS' 
patches. Medal with Claap. and Brevet of Major). 

'"Sir H. I". Ewart commanded tho Household Cavalry in the Egyptian war of iSEj, and was present in the 
•nsagemcnlB at Itl Msgfkrand Mahsama. in the two actions at Kassasin. and at the battle of Tet-ol-Kebir (thm 
imea mentioned in doapatchcs. CB., Medal with Clasp, 3rd Class of the Uedjidie, and Khcdive'a Star). Served in 
the Bondan campaign in 1885 as Brigadier (leneral in command of the Cavalry ^gado — hoisoshot (mentioned in 
dmatchcs. lCCil..andClasii), 

""Major General R, (!. Whitehead sen-ed with the ^jlhRcgimcut in the Crimea from the aoth Nov. 1S54, including 
the siege and nUl of Sebastopo],and wosof the stormingparty at the assault of the Redan on tho 8th fie ptember — 
mentioned in dBsjjaichea for '^dislingiiiahed conduct " (Medal with Clasp, sih Class of the Mejjidio. and Turkith 
Uodal). Commanded the 5Sth Foot in lbs Zulu war of 1879, and was present in tho engagement at Ulundi (maa- 
tioned in despatches. CB..Mednl with Claap), 

•" Major General G. H. Moncriefl" served in tho Crimea from md May 1B55, including the siege and tall of 
Sebastopol (Medal with Clasii, and Turkish Medal). 

"■ Major General Foresiier Walker served as Aesistsnt Military Secretary 10 Lieut, Oensrol Sir Arthur 
Cnnynghame during the Kafir war of 1878 (meutioncc! in despatches. CB.). Wae employed on opecial servioo 
throughout the Zulu war of 1879. flrst aa Prmcipal Sl*iff'Offlcor to No 1 Column, being present at the action of 
luyesane, and during tho occupation of Ekowe.and subsequently on the Ijine of Communicnlioiis, and in com- 
mand of Fort Penraon and the Lower Togela District (mentioned in deapntches, Medal with Clasp). Served 
with the Bechnanaland Bipedition under SirCharlea Warren in 1884-85 as Asaiatant Aijutaul and Quarter 
Master General (fJTO.), 

'1' Major General R. R. Gillespie served thronghont the Persian campaign of 1656-57. including tho storm and 
capture of Reshire, surrendor of Busbire, expedition to Bora^joon, and battle of Koushab (Medal with Clasp). 
Served in the Egyptian war of 188a aa Assistant Adjutant and IJuancr Master General of the lat Division, and 
ma present at the eogagemente of El Magfar, TeUel-Mahnla, and Kassa3in(9th September], and in the battle of 
T«l-«-Kobir (mentioned in despalohos, CB., Medal with Claap, 3rd Class of the Gamanieh, and Khedive's Star), 
Commanded the Field Force during the operations mthe Bikauir Territory in 1833-54 [mentioned in dosliatchesl. 
1X1 Major General Anhur Bllia served witb the 33rd Regiment at the siege of Sebastopol fVom Jan. to a4th May 
1855 ; then aa Aide do Camp to M^or funeral Cum-ngliame at Kertch and claewhero(Medal with Claep, Sardinian 

^>' Major Genera) Simpson Haokett served throughout tho Eastern oampaign of 1854-55 aa A^utant of the 18th 
Regiment, including tho battlea of Alma and Inkerman. aiege and fiiU of Sebaitopol and affair in the Cenuteiy 

i Medal with three Claaps. 5th Class of the Mcdjidie, and Turkish Medal) . Served with the a6th Cameronlans in 
itwisiniain 18M (Medal). Served in the Egyptian war ofifiSj (Meda!, and Khedive's Star) . 
• J/H/or Osaeial Heaiy Cook wae preient with the iind Regiment in the action of Chinhut, julb June 1857, and 
ls*oaC t6o derenceorilie Liieknoa- ItcBidency i commanded tho oni^nM nt \tmiM' Home during the flnt [art 

War Servieet of tie Qeaeral Officert. ijw 

jflb*ii f , and U Baso'i Koaw during tbi Ikttsr ptit aommuided two (ortlei, la ons of irhioh be took > sun ia 
Mmt; M Ifaa luad of twm^ man, fbr whfoli hs mu mentionod In Scneni IngUi* daipatcb u having " Ulghly 
■■•■nWiad UDuair* (Uedal wlih Clup, ■ndrnTHT'i wrrioe). 

■* N^or Qownl HasfBald ClkTfcB wmdlnUBsTth Bestmast irith the Colnam under Colonel Wure on the 
l2V*MiliHlua04pBaUan«l(b thgOentnl India Field Fame in 1B58. Sarred aJw in the New Zealuid war ct 
■lti.«ad wM nraaaut M the opamHonm btrfbra Ta Am. AIm dnrligi the war In iBtk-t6, praasntM AdlnUntefthB 
ntk U (he eedon of KMOan (menUootd in diepMoheil, and u D.l.Q.U.Oeuanl tnim Jnna 1B63 bi Ifuo^ 
■■■nntaai of Tuvaakl, IndndlDg Iha aaCion near FoDloka, OBptoia of the tfoorlpodtloni Bt AhUAbi^ 
wiMiaaa, and Ta Aral, Dpatntloni ■! Waraa and Ta Pniii, and Tarlou minor aSUn (rapeatedlr nunttoned in 
■WMhn Medal). Svrad In the Zola oampaiin of lan I oommaiuled the J7tb KeRlmant In tha eogaeaiaenC 
BOmfiBdUan (laBntlaiied in daapatohea) and raUafof Buiwa: afterwaida oouunandod the and Biigade iit Dirl- 
Dtij wae appcdnled to the oommand of " OtaTka'i Cotiunn "—a Ibroo of all aroLB— (Ormed br 
r ftir the followlnir oUeota : tlie eeoand edTanee loUlondi, the oapture of King Catymro, the 
^^^ 1 of the Zoln tribes near IliB Middle Drill of the Urcs TofBla, and tbe paolflciitLanor Soliuandi theae 
"tWa aaa tncnetafn lly aocoinpllahad— thanked InQaneral Drdan (mentioned lo deBpatctuia as hBTfDK "per. 
nMllhadBtfaa at hla reapiiiudble oomnuud In the moat blghlT eOoLeat manner,'' Brant of Calooel, CB., 
Malwtth Clav). On the eanelaalon of the iraT waa e^jpolDted Commamlant OenanJ of the Colonial Foroai in 

" It^vaeBanil T. T. Uord ■erred with (be rbroe onder Brlndier Oeneral Cliimbarlain attooOad to tbs fth 
Po^ablBABliT aninat tha Haheood VoMersee dnrlng March, April, and Hay iS&i. and waa preeeni at (he 
emaa of Mnaaan. ibmliuF tha Bocranah Paah laklna and bnmbut of their ■Cranihald M-ikin, Bad vurl^u minor 

■Uap^wUhOtaa^. — .—^ u^ -^ 



FiBlaioffAloi. (.■Bm^.boU,' Cel.Om. b.p. i 

Boj-Bl Mnriws . f 

P"S.el Wnllcr L'ButmDOT. Col. imem- ; 

Ployed 'i,ri jnir Td-vnl Antllciy ) 

-f SoOTBaWliccler. t^CV7. BtokiiIB, l'. 

i CUtaiam. Umcam.Li t „l. Miirtni*6.C.'w Deo. 47 
T UonolO.BsrLoji.i'.fW.Bnniliav fl.C. .1 jjan. tS 

BflBimcntal Diiilriel , >.'3-^'™-41' 

I I>uviu i^linw, Mnjlmeatiiiri"....] 8 Jan. 48 

JRowlnnii FniTtr. E(.Cu(, ifiidrne S.r, ... lo Jan. 48 
Rob.S[eveikS(jiiMo!.olQj,i^(W.Bcn.S C.'ty Feb. 4B 
t Air. WiT-Elrj MuuUipn,7.;.ni;. Den.M.C l» Fob. 48 
t Alts. I'lillno'dT, I.i.Vjil. Bengnl hi. (t, ,. '10 Feb. 48 
1 Diragliui rtuiudcii, Li.Col. lliulmaS 1.'. JiFob. 48 
— " illnr-iS 

1 Albert Henry WnnMi-M.Lt.Col.Sea. 8.L'. 

A<]olj)hHs Ha/Kur'ton Slophraa,'' CB. 1 
£f,CD;, h.p, tdlltBr : Ai4,A, Ctpii,la\ 
II.R.H. ,),, D»lf „f CiMbrU^ ... \ 

John I'lmniilre Varc Cilyu,' Ll.ColA 

BUralla^ j 

] Wm. U, C^. lliluicr.Af VI. Jlniirsa 8.C. 
I WiUiuia liuudN.ii.aj^MndninlJintrc 
I BoyrnW. r. Munoii, ZJ.CiiMJeuL-nU 

SlaflTdrtiR ,.. J 

WUIinin Oibopii. JJjCal. Hiuanw 9Liiir( 

Curpa ,.,.„ , J 

1 Tliomo* Trecor Tuttan, Lt.Cul. ISstd- 1 

rm Blnff Corpd J 

Henry ifHishnU." Lt.Col. L.n. Bogi-) 

ttcnul DiBtrict ^ ,. ) 

Sir (Jb[.,i TniJor lloroc,'" A'CS/, CTk 1 

MiJ<ir, b.p, 10 Pqot; Wmili-r of Iki \ 

Cizxiiril 1:/ In^in I 

ArUiur MiilfluiniDn.TiM, if.CliI. Uaii-f 

mf StiiflCnrps J 

Charles T. Ifombrotfl, CB.Lt.Col, Boni-i 

bay StjlfY tlorpH ,..,_ 3 

wniCuin Allim.iJi/ I 

ui»Iript j 

p.I.e. Rich, Blan(iell-HDUIn»b*ad-Biun--( 

lita. Ll.Cal. ll.[), I HussBrs, D. ,i. f 

Orn. Jtfu/fd ) 

WiLliam ifnsBenilcu.i'iJ.CW. b.p. 8Hub. 
arFnia. fi. (W.Ben. S.C 
air Oriel Viccasb Tanner, V 

Bomhsj SlaiTCorps ) 

p.'r. CciilJna. BMl.'ifa. /.^Col. h.n.) , . 

SjFnot „ .. '^ JjioAuB-M 

Wm. Dunn Bond," CB. H.fW. b.p.) w 

9Mur. j; 


I ciniiv. ujoi. 



i7lloy 34 ai Sept 4j, 10 June j4|jil>l>, jj 
19 May 

3 July 
t; Nov. 
15 Not. 

1 5 Not. 
15 Feb. 
r Apr. 
■ 3 Sept. 
3% Feb. 
ii Nov. 
IS Oct. 

51 '-8 
49! B 

^'o". ss 13 Feb. 67 

Fib. 61 ._ 

Feb. 61'™ 
Fob. 6r| 3 

JjLD. ^B'lg Jan. 64: 7 

I ■■■ 

1 Deo. if- IT 
1 Deo. b] -xi 
) Jim. 69' ^ 

eDeo. ra; 
. T> 
■ T» 

Joly 59 ft 
Fsb. eiliu 
Feb. 6i'i7 
Sept. 59' 30 
Feb. £i'ao 
Feb. 61 'jj 
June j7 JO 

17 June ji 14 Feb. 54 13 Mar. jj 


g June 48 
^ June 48 

^ Juae 48 
lit Judo 48 
7<j June i8 

. Hay 55 

13 liny Si 

IS Aug. 48 
7 Sept. 48 
15 July JO 

39 Dec. n't! Uur, ^ 

Jos. fi8i 8 
Jan. 68 ta 
Fsb. 6B 17 
Feb. 68 x, 
Feb. 68 » 
Fob. 68 9; 
Mar. 6S K> 

Jun, 74 

Jan. 74 
Jan. M 
Rib. 74 
Feb. 74 
Feb. 74 
Fab. u 
Mar. 74 

SI Fell. 58 I 3bi 

lOM. 77; 
II Dee. 7*1 
■a Deo. 7S1 
■ J Jan. n\ 

iSOet. 68 I Apr. 74 

1 .-., 

iltn. JJ 17X01 
■ Jan. 79 

■7 Jjb. n< 

mTtb. 79 
a; Feb. 79 
uUar. 79 

I Apr. 79 

S July 7;' 1 .\pr. 74 1 Apr. 79 



ao Dec. 51 18 Feb. 61 9 Jiiite68 9 June 74' 9 Jnne79 

16 Nov. 53 j8 Fob. 61 9 JiLxtoba 9 JUUB74' 9 June 79 

1 Sept. is 18 Fob. 61. 9 Junef.8 9 June 74 9 June 79 

15 Nov. Sj'j8 Fiji). 6r JO Juno OS la Juno 74 10 June 79 

I i 1 I ' 

jkXov.53 14 Feb. 59'26 JuEicCS 36 Ju[ie74 a6 June79l 

17 Sept. J 7 1 July 59 "I Apr. OS ;7 June 74 aj June 79 i Ap; 
10 Apr. jsl 9 Aujr- 154 14 Jiin. 65 ij July f4'a3 Jnlj 79 lille. 

JO Dec. 
Ts Nov. 
J I N"ov. 

7 Mar. 56 19 Feb. 58 

iQ Feb. Oi IS AuH. (8 1; ins. 74 "S Aug;. 79! 
iSFeb. ti 7Seiit.M 7eepl.74 7 Sept. 79 
so Dec. j4iaApr. 63' 70et. 74! 7 Oct. 79I19 Dsi 

4 itnr, 59 aS Oct. 68 4 Kor. 74 

iQ Junes3'i9 Jan. 
EDec. 48 15 Apr, 

ts'ji Jan. 58,11 Mar. 68,14 Nor. 74 
54iaFcb. 6iiDNuv.6il a Dee. 74 

_._ Bond." CB. ZU-ol. b.p.) 
_NunluimpUiiii'liiro Rojrt. (56 Foot) J 

Xa Robert Montreiior Roeo™,'- CB. U. \ \ 

t-'l. lip. Heaimeiital Diotrict, (Vnt. V 1 1 Fel). 
BuniHrninJ biilrlrl. Stu.jjl Jraip ... 1 ; 

(9 Aug, so as Not. 56; "9 Aug. Oa|i9 Aug, 70 19 Ang. 76 
S Juue 

OSS '7 Nov. 63 II Bcpl.7j'i7 May 79 
.5; 10 July S9' s July 7a 9 Sept. 79 


. ?^ ao Nov. 60 

3 Auj{. 

EDeo. 4S| 5 Jnnosj 'S Feb. 61 
9 Deo, 48 10 July jajiS Feb. 61 

9 Dec. 4818 Aug 

I 9 Dec. 48 
9 Dec. 48 

1 8 Apr. 
11 Ann. 

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John Fred. lane Klfhcr, LI. Cal. Ben. S.C. ;oDec. 481 1 Nov 
B. H. W. II Col. Mudnw 9. C. 'joDoc. 48' i Mar. 
1 Joli:j<Nfflrlqi, H.irnc, Ll.Cai. )len. e.C, aoDoc. 48 i Auir. 
I rittT«l B. in Hon liniHt, l.trol. Ben.S C. ;uDeo. 4a JJ Nov. 
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Lord Wfii. V. K 8evniour,"JI'(j'<u-. liji. 1 - „ , 

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Wm.H. «. rir-ru'llftiirl. Ll.Cal. Miul. e.C. 
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51 18 Feb. 6 
Sj'iSFeb. 61 

I Apr. 73 ^ Xo7. 79 

8 Dec. OSj a Dec. 74 

9 Dec. oa 9 Dec. 74 

9 Dec. 68 9 Doc. 74 

9 Dee. 68 

4 Jan. 54 21 Apr. 
isDee, 49117 Feb. 
■10 Dec. 48'isNov 

la Jim. 

9 Dee. 74 
9 Doc. 74 

53 18 Feb, 61' 9 Dec. 68 

57I 4 Jan. 66.15 Aog.6« „ Jnly 77 
S4,'sAuB.s8' 5 Jnly 7a,s,Dee. 74 
53.18 Nut. (jc I Jo Dec. 68 ag Dec. 74 
5o'i8 Feb. 6i 10 Dee. 68 », uec. j^ 


18 Fob. 61 ID Deo. 68 

5318 Fob. Oi 10 Dec, 6S 

4 Not. 79' 

14 Not. 791=8 Dw 
ai Nov. 79 j 

aa Not. }>' 

a9 Nov. 79 17 111 

39 Nov. 79' 1 Ap 

a9 Nov. 79I17 Jul 
a Dee. 79 
9 Doc. 79 
9 Dec. 79 
9 Dec. 73 

9 Dec. 79 
17 Dec. 79 
19 Deo. 79 
ao Dec. 79 
ao Dec. 79 

30 Dec. 74 JD Dec. 79 
ao Dee. 74'm Dec. 79 

I Oct 

56 18 Feb. 61 !io Dec, 65 » Dec. 74';^ Dec. 79 
jfi 18 Fob. 61 aoDec. 68^Q Dec. 74 ao Dec. 79 

Sa'-jMnysi ,i3f>et. 07''9Jaa. 80 

55 21 Jur.e65 la July 65 li Fob. 7^ 6 Feb. So 


Aug. 56 '8 *"'*''■ SS 24 JO". 6j 

3 Miir. 49 15 Apr. 
3 Mar. 49 JO Sept. 

5, 3Mar. Oi 3 
SS jMar.Oi 3 

Mar. 6.1 

Mar. 0., 

John Siniirv, LLCil. VuilnisStntrCiiriii' i: Apr. 49 

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^oyed hill p,.iR. Art j,.9J'"'0SO 

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■Buu,"; J./.Cul.h.p. 1} 

I] Apr. 5:[ij AQg. S) as Mar. s8|a3 Oct. 71 
Apr. >■■. 

.John riiiwlcs Lo Q. 

i.i LfiiKvrv . 

' Tiu. PrpWc Thrfruv'n /' ^i 

ig Apr. S3 la Apr. 61 la 
I Fob. si'" JuneOo 14 

1 Apr. 51 aoApr. 57 5 
3 Aug. 54' ^'o"- S" 
39 Apr. 56, 7 July 57 18 July 61 a. 

■»', Fen. «.'■. 8 Jane 49 iSFcb. :; 8 3iin<;^i 

.Vpr. Ct, 
Jnty 7= 

Apr. 7' 

16 0( 


I Apr. 74'iSFeb. Sj 

3Mnr. 75 , Mar. So 
3 liar. 75 3 Mar. 80 

10 Mar. 75 loMar. io'ioM 

I ' 

t! Apr. 75 la Apr. So 

■ 4 Apr. 7s'i4 Apr. ao| 

J4 Joly 75 a; ilaj- So. 

I Doe. 60 14 May 80' 

S Janc7s' 5 J1UM80! EA 




tKumTlua.Sniiw,Lr.CbI.MiiiIru B.C.I u Juna^g >] Nov, 
inrwiu»rt5jr. i-W, W.Orf. Bom-} ju„o«>8Jau, 
wTHasuaip* ......................... ..J I ' 

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Smrni.'- HonctoO. U.CW.Uonjpil a.U. i<j Ang.ts 
lhk.1l. Wluliock. r.t.Col. MiulruB,C,...liat!cpi.4q 
.Hum* JJakiT. W.(-l(. lleiiBiil8.CJ.,,io8ept.49 
nnwlivrul.'' CB. U.Cil. Besi-(L„D„ .» 

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r LunMun."' OB. U Cat. b.p. \ I 

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noi. Bittc Sintma, LI. IVLBuaiiinj e.c'ii D«- 49 
ia.jiTl»ijiBl';hn;i^./.(.tW.yiirlrasS.U.;rjDeo. 49 

36 SJuiiodi 

H 9JDJMj6t 

3 Feb. 

13 KOT. 


* Aog. 

IS Nov. 

lb Uay 

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BMC.llAsiw.M.r'.f. MndliuSliiiri;. II Doc 49 is Nuv. 
MirT.SMrie. i.'.a.r. .MnilnAKunri;. 1; Dec. 49 4 Aug. 
V.'lm lli^man. LI l:,l. llitiiu^l ^ii.HT. i.ii>fT. 49I ' ^ot- 
'fB.'nBsouMKUiiM.l.f.CW. Uongul tj.C iaUer. 49! 9 Ang. 
Qi» Booth Bntckaabnry , tw. uiirro. i ,. rj.. ',, p-m 

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Join ITdilun Orr, Z.f Orf.MKdmnfi.U, 
HilBXli AiiHler D. OrchJtnl, lA.Col. , 

S3 u JJLQ. 

jiiio Aug. 
ji 31 Oct. 
5^ v> Sept. 

9 lUr. 

IS Feb. 

^j II Deo. 
51. la Dec. 
53 13 Dec. 
53 " Dbo. 
Si IJ Deo. 

53 10 Dec. 

54 3a Doc. 
.5a 17 Xov. 



60 33 


i Juue 69 
} June 69 

1 July ;i 

Aug. 69 


JIqj Of 

Not. 69 

S Jane ji 
g June jj 

14 July 7S 

aa Seflt7s 
ao 8ept.7i 


7 Jan. sslii JItty 15 

.liiii. ^o'a3 Not. 56 

•■ j6 

.]!} Jiiii. so'i^i Not, 
;i JoQ. so, 17 Doc. 

C< l\-li. so 
.'J Feb. 50 



ij Nov. SJ 

Doc jo|iS Not. 53 


jltor. SO 

ao Mnr. 50 

10 Oct. 

tmAUta. CkciKgy, Zl.C^/. Itmlnui 

tHTCoipa ... - . 

riBBaK.A.C1tiDmi(r, Z^.CW.Iteo. 5. 

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KtetBawUkoni. (.W. B. Eniiunrs ... 
■■. Henry K-l.ion." rO, U.Cal. , i . _„ ^, 

Binbe Saarle AnrterioD, CB. LI.Cul. 1 

Bmtay sun CoriM., J 

t'IR»lpli Dniry Keir," CB.Ll.Cal. i 

br'rjSuHiar^ ,. .,,.t 

Heoy Broome Feiideu,'' LI.Col, h.p. > 
Wineuai DiMtici 3 

61 ao 

S7 i 


a7 Apr. &> 14 

ao Jau. 6a 30 
ao J[in, 6? ao 

»r Jan. 63 21 

JI Jnn. 61 II 

Dec. 69 
Dec. 69 
Dec. 69 
Dec. 69 
Dec. 69 
Doc, 69 
Doe. 69 
July 7a 

July 7a 

Oct. 7J 



a JnnBSo 
9 jQoe 80 

34 July So 

10 Aug, So 
JO Sept. Bo 
ao Sepi. 60 

It Sept. 8a 

13 Not. 75 aj Not. 80 

tS Jan. 67 33 Nov. So 

11 Deo. 73 II Dec. So 
la Deo. 73 13 Doc, So 
13 Deo. 7j la Duo. 80 
la Deo. 73 la Deo. Bo 
13 Deo. 7S iJ Doc. So 
joDoo. 7j ao Doo. Bo 
ao Deo. 73 ao Doc, Bo 

rs Jan. 76 15 Jaik. Si 

19 8opt.B6 

IS Jan. 76 

IS Jnn. Si 

9 Jnn. 53 I* Feb. Of 
B Apr. 

|3o liar. Si 

19 June so 

31 Ang. Si 

I Apr, so 

1, Nov. 57 
;i Kfl.t.33 

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nacj.* Ll.C-l. h p. KoKll. Di5lrici. ' 
t'-M.atrhtumal dlcntw4ria,KilX rant ' 

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T^ra.R<imi:itaTC'a.CIS, U.Cul. Mud 8.1' 

17 Feb. 
33 July 

iS Sept. 

rs Juno 

d Juno 

ao Feb. fij 
ti Feb. 6a 

3 Uu. 61 

4 Die. S7 
30 July 39 

7 Not. 63 

I Apr. 74 19 Jnn, 81 
Jim. ToaoJon. 76 3aJAn. Si 
Jrii, 7o3oJiin. 7630 Jan. Si 

Jan. 70 ■■'iin. 76 '^ Jin- 5i 
Jnn. 70 'I ■'"o. 76.31 JiiQ. Si 
Fob. 7<j]iS Feb. 76 16 Feb. Ei 
Fob. 6a'" Jbi. 70]™ Feb. Ei 
Feb. 7o;3o Feu. 76 M Fell, fli 
3 M«r, 76 3 Slur. Bi 
ao liar. 76 10 Uur. 81 
ao Mar, 76 70 Uar. 81 

. 70 
; Aug. 68 
I Uar. 67 
7 Jl«y 69 

SS as Sept. sS ., 
j8 31 Unr. 60 17 


July 7! 
Apr. G7 

Jiiu. 70 

i Apr. 71 

1 Apr. 76 

5 Apr. 76 

6 A]ir. :'! 

.33 '9 ^o-'- 55 ' 

sS !3 Aug. 61 -i Mm-. !j ii M"J' 76 
54 31 An;;, js' 3 


1 Apr. Si 

I Apr. Si 
S Apr, 81 

Apr. Si 

ji May Si 

iS Aiig.54 1: Jan. 53 JiMar. «i as 

14 .luiiL' 3.1 7 Jiioe 

14 Juno sn 31 Mar. 

/", R'm. Ai-buUinol,"" CB U C„t. 1 ,. ,,„^ ,,\ _ ,„„„ 

^V-n Hat^tn, ^ _._. , 

R^baiDaUul'nmpbell. Z.<,<V. Hen.H.i: 

.- •'. WiUmm Kirtfioii Kilia," ra. Li. \ 

U. L.p. fl Fait: Ji-'' '>' l'ai«p I:- Hr '■ 

<f'-'i iilj Gm. ■- /w/iu I 

•i»irc. WillMin* Kimi," CB. I.I.IM. 1 

9».:l.', Duliiot. Bfrmicism-TrifJ > 

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(^rn b p ^aiti> Gn-inl9), lifputy AiU i 

.«-.rii< (Jj.-ni/. ,!oiUt .ifrip.1 ... ); 

[3 June 30 19 Jon. 
iluno54' a Fnjb. 

3.: 19 Juij' 60 33 
;;!i4 JuneCjJM 


55 13 Junerja 13 

jj'ij Jime.'S 7 

■ • .iilitirll.A, Sifflilta," IJ.C'.ifTimil ,1^ I t„„„ 

'19 Jan, is 3sScpt,s7 

I I 1 

33 No\', C4 33 Dec. f'j 

j - '-"i 
34 T Ajir, 60 5 

J line 67 9 Juno 7^ 9 Juno El 

Eo;it,Ci( 14 June 7611 JiincEi 

Fob. 7i> "4 .ru[i0 76 14 Juno £ I 
Juue 701 "4 June 7"' 1 4 Juno El 

Auk. 6; '3 Jano jt 13 JunoSi 
June 7 J Ij J[uie76 13 JimeSi 
Jloy 7o3;.So|i[.77 ;j.rii„.5i 

4 Apr. 65' 1 July Ei 


btLr rir. 

7 Aug. 8s 

I Apr. Bi 

3 Apr, SS 
1 7 Oel, 87 

a4 Nov. Ei 

i; June El 
I- July 7- 

I7e Anliiar Thus. Uuurn, Cll. /.t.tal. I ■ , , o . _ 

ti™f.j-at,(ri.'..rp. ..- j --7.inir50|j3.vuK. 

a.™b.)-:-u.ff.-urp« ,.. 5.29 July 50 33 N"v. 

E4>ar<l ADdrew r«uut," U.Oohmriy I 

k-ti. ^gimcnxjtt Diainct, Qotermar^,- ti ility 5J 11 .\u^. 
•.irltn Ifaifi/al II 

J". PLibp A. A. T-yn»m.« VB.) 

if.rn/. h.p. Bofimentnl Dielncli J. - uDeo. 51 

J, Orttra!, JlJ,rii,:l J 

J ha Sidner H^i.d." C'JI. li.Cii. b.p, • ,,^„ 

Sijiaieiul Di.lnct , ... ... j 'J -"">^ 33 

Jobs Bdiriurhck»io Hil ,'• i< <'^.',h.p, ) ..,,, 

b,t<iat,^.A Gttinit.iynl Iod;4 ..J '.f^U. Sj 
Mdn-,ck I. Edridxo," LI ™. Rotfi. ; ', y^^^ r,„ ^ 

(".wire H, [■wkei.-" <B. Li -fW. h.p, 1 !„ . „ ., ,. ..,,. 

B«tn.™i.aD«lrict i " ■'""■ ='," ■^="^- 

Ck». C Ongrne." Cfl. A/ (W, h.p. t , . ,.„. ,J„j,„,„ 

■«mi«n»l Di.lri«.J.<l. (.-^.Car^j '- ' ■>''■ i^i"^"'": 

'*"*•, ^K!?*';" ■"- "*'■ ''" *"^'.' ■; ""J- '5 ' ■->;"■= 

35 :■) Jiilv '■! 'i 

I I 

S6'J9 Julj- f..'9 

5, jolUr. sE a.• 
54,37NuT, ;3'3'-' 

34 16 Nov, Cu 15 
Si 16 Jnn. 63 " 

■IS July I'j 1 Ju:y 3i 

Ju'y 7a 19 July 7'' I July 2i 

JulV 70 a9 July 7O 1 July Bi 

I I ' 

July 71. a9 July ;''.■ i July Si 

i i I 

Feb. 71 14 AOB. 7'' 1 July 3i 13^"''. '3 

rie|>i.CS 6 Sopt 76 I July *i ; J.i'y 1 1 
-Vug. 68 16 Scpi.76 

7 AUR. 3! 
18 Sept. 37 

.=;' 4 Nut, S9 
■: r,> Jnjicf,- 

Aug, Oj 
Scpl, 67 
Deo. 69 

7 Oct 76 
S Oct. 76 
38 Dec, 76 

SOcl, 6; a4NOV.7G 

7 Roc. (.7 1 fee, ^'l 1 Jvily fiiSi J\i>s 

i July 61 
I July Si 
I July Bi 
I July Si 
1 ]u\j S\ 

I Apr, '} 
17 Map. bi 

I Apr. i; 


Colo II eh. 

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Willinni rtytoii.if.Co(. MmlJll»S.C 

ILnwrcuco 11, Williimi8,X' ^' Beii.B.C . 
TboiQiit Hell, Lt.Cfl. UnQilnj- StaUCiirpr 
Blen-Htc Folium. /.(.CoJ. BoiohKTfcwfl'L' 
GroTgt Riiljili C. 'Wwtroiij., U.Col.'i 

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tiilii.ii.(irs.l'iiii.lcy. JJ.Cal.BeugtSS.O.... 
Uroi.'.iHvnJClii.nilictB.i./.CD/rBeiiifft )' 

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J.inii'* Vere Huoi, CV. i(,Co/.Btu, S.t" 
fijirlpfr Kork;iJ6<JiilShiin>t'i ^t.Cut. Wen- > 

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BenpdlStiiirCon^i J 

P.F.S.T. (.i7rnt,Z(,Ci.fM»dnu!SlBffr. 
L. U, r. Iii'linrbi]incULarpcnt,i(.CD(. j 

!lTOK"t«uiaCijr[.. ,. ... i 

Alfi. IJune llrniiili'j- I.f.niM3cnBBlS.C. ) 

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Arch. Iviludnlii ('UDjibFll, U.Ctl.^ 

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Tbos. -liis. Wiitu H, LI.Col. BcnRBl B.C. 
John IriiT.'* ( H. LlA'al. h.p. ReRi- j 

mtBljll llil-tTil I. .3 

■GeofKB Josti.)i-(^:(iiu-|.<"n'., Royal Art. > 

S^^-Hr*. t.-iM MaJraiDvl i 

WiLiuni Cmt.v, h. (W RovbI ArtiWrj 
p.*. Anlinr 'Hurry Wjivell," MCof.! 

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DrfJ" ..... .. J 

Henry Jss. lieuBcbe-," iCa. iJCo/.S 

h.n. Ef Binii'iil* 1 Pblrict f 

■WillnuElil.v v. eiunlrj- Oarte, lltW.) 

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John Slimiil D. Bolton. Ll.Ctt. llninluiT 1 

SIaB f.-irrt J 

Gpor^ PLiljiis, (\l R. KBeineen 
Kvcb-n SI. Ni'ni-.if.C^Mia'lnif S-l' ... 
limn- 1* O. ntarj,'* r.l. i.ji. R. Arl.1 

Aviti. Dit^'t.-r <J Jrlillrrf un.lSl.w-n j 
Trtd. Tlio*. Bamliriilgc. it.fot Benin] 1 

SaKcorpt ; 

T*CaiM.A.QooiJfolloiT, Cl.r<^.R.EnK 
Gco.FTUictaBct iUf. LI.Col. Bombaj B.C. 
Unaiphrrc M. L. L'fllqnhoon, LlVi,!. 1 

h.p. MiiWlsjei BejTl. I;j F.l > 

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ftolwrt Whi>!liam."i U.Ctl. li.ji. R»(;i. | 

menu] D^tinci _,,.........., i 

Chwlfa Wilmsr llunrmnhc. il.Cc^, 

q Lh'O. 70 g Dec. 76 
LO T>CC. 7D ID D«. 76 

10 Dec. JO 10 Dec jS 
10 Dec. 70^10 Dec. 76 
TO Dtr. 7^ 10 Dm. 76 


I Julj St 
1 July Si 
I July Si 
1 July Bi 
I July Bi 

I July 81 
I July Bi 

9 Dee. 5° 3j Nuv. 36 9 Dec. £a 
ID llci.'. 5D ID Apr. 53 JO l>ec. C? 
10 Ifec so T Jrtn. 56 10 Dec. 6j 
10 Dio. 50 33 Ku\'. 56 ID Dec. 6a 
in Dec. 5c 33 XoT.sft 10 Dec. fis 

20 Dec. so 15 Xov. 53 » Dec. 6y 

JO Dec. 5a 96 Ajjr. 34 » Dec. 63 

so Dee. ;o id llnr. 55 jo Dec. ti 

JO Dec. jc, 6 Sept. 56 so Dec. 6; 

» Dee. so'ij Xuv. 56 so Dec. 61 

'so Dec. so 13 Nov. ;6 lo Dec. iSi 

'JO Jan. ^i. 5 Oct. 55 3D Jnn. 61 30 Jan. 71 30 Jun. 77I 1 July Bi 

30 Jan. sj a8 Feb. 56 ao Jan. 6yti> Jan. 71 30 Jan. 77, i Jnly Bi 

?oJan. SI 33 Nov. 56 20 Jan. 63 ?o Jan. yi'ToJao. 77 

?o Jan. si'=3^"ov. 56 30 Jiin, C3 30 Jan. 71 70 JvL 77 
I I 

6 June 57 » Jon. <^.i aa Jui. 71 30 Jan. 77 

ao Dee. 7D to Dec. 76 

3o Dec. 70 iio Dec. 7* 

» Dec. 70 fo Dee. 76 1 July Be 

30 Dec. 70 »o Dec. 76. 1 July Bi 

30 Dec. JO JO Dee. 7*' 1 July Bi 

30 Dec. 70 ro Deo. 76' i July Bi 

30 Jan. sr 

10 feh. SI 

10 Fell. 51 

'30 Feb. 51 
» Feb. 51 
9 :ilHr. tc 

iB June 51 
iS June SI 
14 Dec. M 

31 Feb. 5s 
3 June 51 

14 Jnne5i 

19 Jan. sj'ioPeb. 63' 'o Feb. 71 loFetk 77 

33 Xov. j6 IS Feb. 63 ID Feb. 71'ioFeb. 7) 

J Oct. 5t 30 Feb. 63 3o Feb. 71 id Feb. 77 
13 Not. 56^0 Feb. 63 *> Feb. ji'io Feb. 77 
18 Feb. 63' J Apr. (t IS Dec. £4 17 Mar. 77 

13 July S3 5 ilay sB S July 71 30 Apr. 77 
» Xov. 53 33 June sB s July }a 30 May 77 

! ; I 

sMar.jj iJuncfe jJunefS ijnne77 

I July 61 
I July Bi 

1 July Bi 

I Jnly Bi 

I Joly Bi 

1 July Bi 
I Jnly Si 
I July Si 

I July Si: 
■ July B1I 

I July SiHDecBa 

< Hay SB 

II Eeptjs 31 Oct ss ' D^' ** 9 J""*" 1 Jolj Bi 

13 Nov. j6 .3 Junc63'i3 June ji 13 JunCTjl i Joly Bi 

3 May =s 14 June 63 14 June 71 14 June 77 i Julj- 81 

I ' I 

14 Jane 51 10 Apr. 50 14 JuiicFj 14 June 71 14 Jane 77 i July )■ 

14 Jane 51 33 Nov. ;6 14 Jnucf; '4 June ji n Jnne?;' , Jujy Bi 

19 Dee. 50 17 Feb. 54 15 Pec. .'S 5 Jiil.v 73 ij Jnne7;, 1 July Si 

;i6 Jnncst'aS Jan. ;4 16 June 1 3 10 June 71-16 June 7; 1 Jaly Br 

18 Feb. ss' ' Ap'- 55 13 Moj- 6: IS Aue. 6B'ii Joly 77 n July 81 


JO Jan. 53 33 Nov. <f ;o Jan. (4 i; Aug, 68 11 July 77:11 July 81 

9 June 55 37 Apr. jS 3 Scpi fr* 15 Auk. ss'ii July 77,11 Jo'.y Bi 

4 Bept.55 iJun. 5J 4Sepl.('r '5 Ang.58 11 July 77^,1 July fli 

18 Aug. 54 J5 Dec. £4 17 July ^7 3 Scpi.tG 11 July 77' n July Bi 

' I ' ( 

ijDec. SI 17 Feb. 54 15 Feb. 59 S July 73,11 July 77 14 Jaty Bi 

6 June S4 S Dee. 54 13 Sept-sS' 5 Jnly 73 11 July 77 

<rw^]Dli.n. 1 Life (lunril*^ Jiuparlini 

Of CI' u.r' J.Il(r..r, InruJfJ, Tori 


inioll, K.i).ir,h,p,L'"ld»t. Gilt. 
II. flarkstiD. a.C~l. Kojt;-) 

OKnr ot 
E. S, I'. B. 

metiUI Lli.lro'l, .y«rllai>rlci 
TboL Keliuu Hullionon. Col. It. An. 
fj.e. Ctaiu U. Kniiwlc»," CB. ll.C-l. 

b.p. Haoilisbmi Rein, (67 F,' ; .irii. 

On. Boti'ii. wlti ra-k f/Afh(. A'n 
FIURoy1^'I^. Fi-eiiiHiiLlc-," CB. i(,(V, 1 

ReiduieiitJii IHMiict, t-'riTT .. .. > 
Fniti.'Lii J.'bii lieivy.I.I I •/ Ileci- ) 

miHtal l>i«trlci 1 

Wni-Ll^s^U Kni*tie.iV r^i/.h.p.t l>aiavni 
IV. CUv" JiuiUnf.*" I Mil. ff.(W. b.|>. 1 

U'i<>clt>i, (W, .-■ Uritqf, .r.v.j.u 1 
Kilwanl ArthunV-n-,''.* ^ U^n/wi 

JfrfmMi/, Zwn^ ' y 

AndT««8BrUi» 11. Hmwne,'" JJ.(\.|, I 

tlei(UDniuJ DttMc*. VmAu ... 1 
.<tfr ninllrooiw, ACN, cur. Lt.Val.i 

ft KitBlnpot> I 

V™.i,-u*ji. U ill.Ti jy .fVl.. ivRueiDrKl. > 

li.'f.i; CcmM R.iliiwm.11 U, J<**..J, t 
AleniUali! 11 i:ucr-..n.^ l.f.lVI. Ite^l. 1 

menu! Dislrel, ixmin- .. . i 
TtaauH. BuIIb, IjiW, Hrulmrulnl) 

THlUiti^Otf.^ t 

Jtt.r, TlianiH KnAfns Anbiir IIhII.) 

jif.rii/, lin „ FaM, iMimrl •« M.J 

■"^ff JfiMrtlVW , I 

33 July s6 16 Aug. 59 3 Apr. (j | 

II Joly 7J 



11 July Bi lu KoT.S; 
II July Si I 

eAng.Bi'>6M>r. I4 
1} Aug. Si ' 

I 13 Feb. 55 30 Dec. <9 i>J*a. 6B 

'31 Sept. SI >4 Aug. j4 B Apr. s<i i 13 Aog. 77 

. u Junes' '7 Apr. ^ 19 Dee. to s Jaly 72 94 Anff. 77:24 Aug. Bit 

jD Feb. 55 30 Apr. 55 13 Feb. tj 31 Oct. 71 39 Ang. 77 19 Aug. Si ag 

14 July J, IjDec. MJ4N0V.S7 '« M"- 70,39 SeptBi 

I I 

1* tV-l. •,; IT Oct 51 9 Xov. j5 ID May 71 19 SepL?? 19 Sept 81 ai Oct B7 

ijXov.fs I May jS 11 MaT.63 iiOct 6S i Oct 77. lOct. Bi'i; Har.Bt 

10 Dec. |i 10 July 5-l h Apr. 50 i Apr. 69 i Oct 77I 1 Oct. Si' 1 Apr. 69 

35 AuB. tf iiJui-.e<v li Apr. r, i^'ilxy f^ i Oct 77' 1 Oo». Si 13 Jait. Sj 

1* Snv, s_; !(■ Mar. ,15 .-4 liec. ,<S 3.1 Jane 69 i Oct 77 

■ 1 IVt. .-.r ': .<<.\e. 5,' 1 Jal.v ^. 5 Xov. ;o 1 Oct 77 

Ji on. 5,1 1$ Anil. 54 If Mar. (« 15 Jan. ;i i Oct 77 

ij AoR. 54 « Mnr. is 15 Ma.v ft. ij Apr. ji 1 Oct. 77 

tg Julj' Pi iJHnof> ,1 Juliet:' i.<JuD«7i i Oct. 77 

I 1 ^|>t .>! • June t( n May h .~! Jiim;i i Oct 77 

I Oct Bi 

lOct 3i 

I Oat Bi 

I Cot Bi 

lOM, Bi 

lOM. Si 


■J Hay 74 


DuBU B. Slerooson.'' CB. ZI.C'J.l 
Bmrnnt*! DiiUrict, //aaiffan ....... 3 

Mm.HtBTTVtmeltp CU. Lt.Ciil.B»gi- > 

antaJ Di^iriet, flommel ) 

lliicolm J. El. WBCtSregor," Id.Ca, ) 

b-p. R«irimeiitn] District ...........J 

Fn^.^:i D Wh Iters, "£t. Cot. RegimcaUil > 

I>,«r!rl, Kjry'ji J 

HrarrlM, AWerBon,:" C'fl. i(.Col.h.p. 
1t..lrl.; D-rteltir r,f Artilttri 4' Sldm, 

■ill riwtufUajpr Qrmmxl 

FTpI. Ii*i. Rjivrnha],^ (from h.p, H.i 
^Tti.ljuprrloratHmMj.Utmoiisit EHah-\ 
Ijlm^vl, ritk rank of ilaji/r Genfrat... \ ' 
Filikml Ceo. EiLitoirorlli WaiTeii,>" ) I 
fUa. U.Cil, h.p, Roysl Artillerj- . ) 
Ho^Kn K. DiKiHiii-acotc. LI.Col. (rro'ii ) 
Ln. Ron] ETi4fiiki<«rH). Commandaitt - 

SAm^I^ UiJitarif JimyiMrrrima ) 

WilMT Wm. WooifiTaril, Ll.Cbl. R. Art. 
Jutpli Bmuj, «.C0(. Roy»l KojrinMni 



4 Jah, 6i i6 Jan- 63 
3] May 5s jNOT-ss 
» J una ^7 73 Apr. 5% 

1^ Jiia0 54 g Fell, ss 

33 Jitnos? 17 Fel>. S4 
j^ Janfl 51 tT Feb. 54 
jj Doc. 57 17 Ftb. 54 
i| .^115. SI 30 Aug. 5J 

5 noc. Ji 17 Apr. 38 

9 Dec. s' 21 Jjtn- 56 

6 Jiuie57 

9 Don. sj 

A JUDC t4 

B June 54 

a^rml Enitinwra ,. j "Juiieji 

iWuibiuTTha*. Trcvor.W.Cp/.K.Eu.- 1 g pec 5J 
J-ltnai»rl™T«yler.ZI,CW. RojalArr,. ' 
Vis- Henry M'Caoslaiid, LI.Col. R. An. 
fnderick Edw, lladow. i(.Coi. B Ait. 

rj.r.Bam.a.p.a.\uiicm,^<ir, . 

Gtttinlier Guards j 

) JuhD Uiloae BoiCcn. Zf.Cnl. Bom. n.ii. 
Mw.Oibome llencU. CJfO, U.Ct.f. 
L.)), B. Kng. i CoItnuJ on Ot Sl^, 


U»l LjirdliKzii Brett." I4.C0I. h.p. 

■■runnUal Diitrict ) 

Tinatt PhiUnn. U.Cbt. Baglmaatnl 1 

Omia. Tori , . j 

WObimHDllL'une. £<.CM, B.An..,. .. 

■ikslm C- Famrnrion.** CB. U.Ccl, j 

Ip. TOf kmhire Liaht lnfcllUT j A?/, f 

OmiTat, MairoM Irmf .J 

■tibj W. BoddAln. Li.Cal. BangaJ S. L' 
lord! SnnKon. £t.Cti'. Madras S.tlr. „ 
QhiIs F. Banllan. LI.Col. Bombay t). IT 
JuHGibema Bell. Zl.CbJ. UaOru l^.d. 
HsFT A. Jottiee. XI. Cot. Hadiu B. U. . 
Mmltboucy Slrau. JU. Col. Bombay S.I :. 
Jcta W. M'Qaoen, tit. tl.Cbf. Ben. ri.r 
f'.rEdw F, t-' .\rt, 
lit(i-c P Clnrdon, Ll.ful. BbukbI S. 1' 
ffiJiiun 11. ilftckCT.v. L/.C„I. BcuKaL S U. 
SicLaTil W. l\ ^VlIl^■* If.CoJ. h.p I 
ScW< Fua, ; .*(.(- Jt Cj«;i (o lt> Q«», h ( 
rnm:» Ktlllcnc]!, Lt.Cvl. ltoDll>ay S. L', 
'jQiii. Ord Ma-wil. Ll.Cot, Roval Knt-. 
Ch»r'.etK. ILWalwr, t'.Coi. UenRHl S.U 
Wai.Tireedi«. CS/. if.Cul. Beopt^il 8.1;... 
f J.r. Henry A. Lilly, Lt.CoL Bcima,\^.c 
Dai-.UU.H. L'rTfhtoa, Jf jij'or, Qrcii. Ciia 
tCeor.-e Sewm:inli. LI.Col. Royal Ehb- 
HfCfrSi. M. Wviu-h, L'.Col. UadnnH.i; 
htr:rJi \Vil«>rL lE^iTincrmlm, Lt.Cnl. 1 

BomlriiT SulffCrjrfi* . ... } 

Erarr l[.U.Wortloy,*U./.( , 

i!i»tf i:(prpt ) 

Richarl UnlB:)i. Ll.Cai. iludms A. ii. 
fit. Hiljcrtlitaul. ii'. (.'of. h.p. R. Gnu. j 
U-y Ail- (riM Bif'it K^giwrri . ... ] 
Wa, JliiipKr Hunt, /-' !'•'. SlFUlnn S f 
niirlfi J Ktusn. /.i.i""/. Madras B. L' 
FwliT.'.' rjckliii;;!!.!..- LI.Cul. 

S Nt)V. s< 

14 Ang. 54 

15 Jan. 58 

16 Bcpl. 56 
8 June 55 

ro Jiiiio s:i 

it Doc- 51 
13 Den. 51 

13 t>EO. 5T 
.3 Doo 51 
13 Dec. 51 
Jo Dpc. 51 
4 Apr. u 
n jLjiie^S 
fu.laii. ^1 

1 1 Am. 54 

I J J LETIC ^ 3 

» Fab. 5? 
g Doc. S3 

(j June 57 
]i Ms.v s!l 
J1 Anir. ii 
17 Auk. 5' 
6M»r, 67 
9 liar, 55 

JO Oct. 54 

17 Jan, 60 

if, Mar, 5EL 
37 Aug. 56 

1 Not. 51 

ijHar. «6 
J 9ept.6> 
1 7 Nov. 63 
II Hay n 

1 Apr. 59 

1 Apr. S9 

14 Not. jS 
I Feb, 60 

1 3 Feb. 61 
J 5 Sepb.&i 

1 J Jy 6j! 

15 July 62 
ig Fob. 64 
10 Juno 64 
17 Juno 64 
ig Feb. 70 

I3 3Bpt.£l 

s Feb. 60 


J4 May 61 

6 Fob. 6i 

33 Jnne jS 


78 Jane 71 
It July 7 1 
33 July 71 
y Sept 1 
J July 73 

S July 7' 
5 July 72 
5 July ji 

IS Ocl. ;< 

38 Oct. J3 
n Sept. 54 
jqApr. s6 
33 Nut. 56 

4 Juno 57 

n iug. 5B 

a Due. ji 

6 Ocl. S4 

1 3 Nov. ;i5 
17 Apr. 58 

b.i>. I J " 

NVrlbualjerland Kuwliera i li9Ui.1. 

IL)«;a;..l Smith. LI.C.A. Bcnjral atafT I 
Ki:LLl::.i;UT:in- IValcrflcld.Ci"/, Ll.CiS, 
Uca--:ii rt-iir L'.jrps / 

^o ilar 53 36 Feb. j** 
JO J;in. 57 JO Apr, 5S 
j6 Mar. 5,13^ May 57 
jr ^Iny ^.jjio Junel^i 
g Due. sj'i? Jnna57 
I] Jljuq 5?!33 \uv. 56 

rj Juno 53 13 May 54 
fj June j3J3 Nov. 56 
'J Junoi^'aj Not-, 56 
>i Oct. 54'l3 Dec. 54 

'i JlllV 53 Jo June 54 
.'O Julj' 53 J3 XuV- ^fi 

I Oct. JJ 

I Oct. J7 

1 0,1. ,7 

lOjt. 7J 

I Oct. 77 

I Ojt. 7T 

I Oat, ;; 

I Oct. 77 

5 Jnly 73, I Oct. 77 

5 July 7»^ E Oct. 77 

5 July 71' I Oct. r; 

5 July Ti, I Oct. 77 
5 July 731 t Oct- 

lOot. 811 

I Oct. 81 j 

1 Oct. gi'33 0ct. 

r Oct. Si 

5 July 73, 
5 July 73 

33 May J ( 
5 July 73 

■ Apr. 74 

1 1 July J4 
S July 73 

11 Deo, JI 

13 Dec. jr 

1 Uei. ,-; 
I Oct. 7;, 

IS Sept 7 ^ ' 

lOct, 77 


31 Oct 77 

31 Oct 77 

31 Oct. 77' 
I Nov. 77 

13 Dec. J7 

iiDei^ 77 

13 Deo, 77| 

I Oct. it 

I Oct. Si 
I Oct, Si 

I Oi\. 81 

I Oct. Si 
L Oji, Si 
; act. Si 

I Ocl. Si 

r Oct Si 

: Ojt. Si 

1 Ool. 81 

11, Oct Si 

11 Oct 81 

;i Dot Si 

ji Oct. 81 

r Oct. 3i 
.1 Nov, 81 

3 Dae. 81 

1 3 Deo. Bi 
I Dec. Si 

I Oct. Si 

I 0.;r. 83 

13 Dae. 63 

I Jan. 63 13 Dec. 71 

13 Doc. 63 13 Uoo. ji 13 Dec. 77 l > Deo. 81 
13 Deo. 63 13 Dec, 71 13 Dec, 77 '3 Dec. Si 
13 Dec. 6j 13 Dec, jijisDec, 77 15 t>«ii. 81 
30 Doc, 63 30 Dec. 71 30 Dec. 77 ::'j Dec. Si 

4 Apr. 66 4 Apr. 74'33 Nov 7'i|3' Dec. Bi 
JI Jan. 73 31 Doe. j3 13 Nov. 7, n Dec, 
loJan, 64'iaJan. 733oJan, 7:'-.-! Jan. 

fi Dec. ;q' 4 Jnn. jol i Oct, 77I ■ fob. 83 

35 June 6e 31 Aug. 74 jc^Nov. 7 

30 Fob. 64 3o Fell. 73'™ Fo') " 

33MBr.6j' J July Ji:i8 Mar. 7!] 

To Mar. 64' 30 Mar. 73 30 Mar. -r 

31 Oct. Bi 

J Apr. f 

8 Fob. 87 

.. Fob, 33 

.-, Fell. Si 
Mar. 33 
Mar. 33 

33 Jan. 87 

14 Oct. 6B jiMar. 6g' 1 Oct, 77 "" 

sMay 67! I36 Feb ,-. 

31 Doc. 63 5 July 731 I Juub.' 7 
13 Juno 64' 13 June 73 1 3 Jun>: 7 

13 Juno 64 13 Juno 73! 1} June ;'; 


^J.^.Jvb^^^,nl.C^y.llocll,*'C■B.,• AJ., 
*inerat, Att/rt^o! . ..,. ■ 

BdirarJ »ii|>t m," CB. LI.Col. Ro^i- , 
meaTa] Djjlricl, Armaffk Ihimiaf," CB. i'.Cs/. h.p. it. ' 
Art ;• ■mm.ii:la»l ■!■ Ste..S.3I.AmUiiiii ,' 

Sr (*li:ir!E- Wurrcn, GCifS. KCII.' 
LI C.f!. K'^yul ?:Tii;iiicorft '. 

Of-.riiv tten;amin vVolsoley," CB. Ll.', 
('.: li.p, York t LancuLcr Eo^. I 
r- .tilr di Omji (0 lt> Qixn, 
I '*. 1 in Il»rm'tk 

' I- Ftanciit Kallaco Grenfoll," Area. 
L'.r..i. h.\i. Kiii^'a Royal RiHei (Oi 
y f'Ai: Ati^ li* Ciiap to eht tjv«n, ,f 
.*v.^rr of Ik* Ejyptian Army, wilk 
rt»i •tfU'ijor Oem-rat , 

' ' Wtu. Fm. Butler," MCB. Lt.Col. 
i p. irj F. i Aidt lU Camp la Hr Qurm 

S3 E Dee. 54 i3 Jan. 5'' 
Auit. S3 33 Not. yi^C Aug,&4 

1 Clot. 5^33 Nov. 56 J Ocl. 64 
13001. 51 6May5t> 
i; Oct. 51 1 Fob. 55 n Sov. 6j 

;i8 Sept. 57 

33 June 
3 J Dee. 

34 Aug. 59 

; A lie. ;<■ 

35 Ocl. 63 

ij June64 13 JunoTi ijlutoji 

3 Juno 64 13 Juno J!, 1 3 Jum' 

S Aug. 60 5 July 7! I J"l:- 

17 Nov. 63I e.liilj- J3 6Jul. 

30 July 64 30 July T ■•■o ''u',^' 

13 Apr. Jj.ij Ail-^ 

lO Au!X- J3 36 All'- 7 

3 Oct. 73 3 Ool. ; 

S July 7' " ^'''■' '"■ 

iSUcl. 73'il Nqi. :■ 

■S Jilliu 7;j-i No-.- - . 

I Nov. 7^ 

1 July S3 

Mi.y ii 
1 May - 
I June t^a 

June ^3 

3 JiiudSj 

1 1 June 3. 

I 3 Juuc 3 

1 Jaly 3^ 

6 July 53 
■o July Bj 

l; Aug. 83:3 Feb. ; 

:i Aug. 33 

3 Oct 

I I Nov. 3 J 
, I Not. Si 

3o0ot. 69 

31 Mar, 65 

16 July fij 

38 Oct. 7 

10 Apr. 7i 

I Feb, 7* 

33 Nov- 7'? 

I N'H-. 7^ '/ N"\ 7 

1 Nov. 3.- 
I Nov. r ■ 

; Nov. 8: 

: Nut, E. 

17 S.-iit.i'i'ip Nj/. Cj I] .(;>r. 7.- i ■\\'\: 74 'i -^w. 

13 Miy 85 

• G F^'l). S3 

7 JaiL Sij 

;n'j."..\ 1 (i(.t, n 




//f< HinksHt FninciB P. O. L. A. /*?"< 

DrifrfD/TsPkiUCJ i 

Ubotv Oiaitit I'acWc, 1.1. Col. XiaAriis KX'. 
Aloi.Toraclg C'lii.CB. Ll.Citl. MadrBBS C- 
WilliuiQ H. Rose, Lt.Col. Bombaj- St:, 
ji-.r. Wileone Bliick," CB. (from h.p 

B. WmIcs BwdLTarai A. A. Gi™ 

^' Edi'-hurtk , -.- -- - - 

t'hnrlM HEnry Brumne.™ CU.LI.Cal. i 

RflgiuLOCIUl] Di«tti-ct, WresiaiK } 

TUomnfi fgrter UerthOE, LKViJ. fl. Ait. 
Judca Ijuvin Lindflov, Lt.Col. R, Eni^-... 
Wniism ncBTT BnrtoD, i(.(W. H. EnK. . 
Hobarti:. B. Pemlierioii.K.roi, R.Kiin,... 
Itoliert Homo, CIE, Lt.Col Riija) Euj-. 
Bitcn H. D. Mjio)ihorBciD.'" i.;,(i/. t 

HBfEllBeilUlt District, Gftilcortr . . J 
Georgo E. Ftjit, /.(.Clil, Madra* S. L',. 
Trtilwny G, Clarke, Lt.Col. Uudnjs ti. L' 
p.i.p. Cnlvillf Franklttnd."^ LI.Col. , 

RpLiiuicrttnl Dihtrict. JVieoj ,,.i 

Fredtrick P. FuTleaUi, Zl.Cat. Boni- 1 

Imy mnji' Corps....- -..,-,-,..,> 

ArcUibiitd Acheaan JohnAon, Lt.Vol. > 

llDili-nB SuitCorns ,„ J 

John DQugljiA JubthatHjne,''^ Lt.Col. ^ 

RoilinicutoT DlKIrict, Traffr t 

SrV ChnrloB Williani Wilsoii, XCiia, i 

iTC'i. Ll.Cal. h.ti. Roj-rI Sngincers J 
Ceo. Luck.™ CB. LI.CDl.\,.f>. 15 Hub, ) 

Inrpeclor Oenrral af Cti^n'.ry in Jiidki J 
Edward Clitiatian Griffin, U.Col. R, An, 
Isoao Ketrheu, Li.Cnl. Ro;b1 ^tillety .. 
Chnrlcs J. Anderson, lA.Ccl. Bom-) 

hny Staff Gnrpn )" 

jt.i.p. John DiiLCftii"'' Jfromb.n, Dablln) 

f LliilicrB). D. A, O-rvernI, Irrittnd ... j 
Peter Edwaril llill. "'i'. To;, h.p. Royal I 

Artillcrj. Culontl trn Ihr Sfn^, iiml ■ 

Com1iamiUn9 Hoyal Arfilffrji. Ca^itda I 
EJvrord D. Ualccilra, CB.L/.Col. h.p, 1 

RojttI Kn^iEieerti -,- J 

FhiliuC. Rynd, ll.Cal. Becail S. C 

Jm. OullowBy. CB. Zi.Col. JJnmlwj- S. C. 
ciiiirleaJoliiiPiiarhO. /.f.fcMUHdnu S.C, 
ChnrlPfl John ML<irF.<im."»if.Ce/,lteEi-) 

nuiiiHil Di^fritt, H'l'iclicgfi^ ... ...,, ..J 

IlBBinnld T. Ttljune, CB. Jfiyur-.Gr. GllB. 
□ImrlaB Tucfcor,'" C£. Lt.Cal. Bugi-) 

msnuik DLaltiol, HaMiulov j 

WiUiimi Walker Petnbertgn, Lt.Cul. > 

Mndvss Htaa Corps J 

re WUlLBm GeofHe Cublll, DSO.I 

Ll.Cal, BenenI StftIF Corps ,, J 

Henry U. El. Stinrry,Wiij'iir,Scola Guards 
WUliuu Ril), U.'.'tiX UHdrns tilnfrCoruii 
I James C. Sliuto, Lt.Col. Bengal S. C .. 
OiTgory C. Grunt, LI. Col. Bonfful 8. C.,„ 
Donn1dMBcrtonatd,i(,tii;, BongKlS.C... 
Wj- Bdwunl Ridley C. Bradford, XCai. 1 

XI. tvl, Madras a.t' J 

Francia (J, S. Cnrlia,"' CUW. LI.Col. 

h-p. 6 DraEOOnn, Cotanrl on Ihr Staffs 

Bonn Afrita 

Geo.B.E, a aanrord,C'B,h.p./,I.CW. K-Eug 
Charles ri. Maeloan. CB. CIE. LI.Col. I 

BcLignl Staff Corps - ) 

Charles E, Klonari, CIE. (JTS. CB, , 

Lr. Col. limnal dlBH" Curps J 

Frederick , I. Km n, CB.Li.Col.Bcax.B.V, 
BOAJ am in \V ll I la^n- , CiJ , K. C jl , UeilKal a, C, 
Henry C'jilett. CB. Lt.Col. Itmigai 8. C... 
Bolil. B, p. p. Campbell, CB. Ll.Cal. \ 

Bengal Staff Corps ,,, } 

^CUeorgoN'.ChnunHr.Xr.Cb'. Bengal 1 

Staff Corps ) 

EdKMni Alci.lVood,!" CB.Lt.l>l. h.p. 1 

leUuhfaBTS; Ii'ijirtfivgqffiefrofAtixil- } 

iiii-g Arhllrrj tii Omit Brittiin | 

Urunilton CliapDian. Lf Col. Bengal S.C. 
Frc<l0Ticl£ T. Slmnfroy, LI.Col. Boin-I 

bftv BUiff Oirjis ., ., f 

jp.i.r, GmniO Haltbeli,!" Col. Kiflo) 

Depot, Witicltfltr - J 

Arthur Power Palmer. CS. Lt.Col. Den- 1 

Sil Stall' Con* — ' 
liamlliill>rnilli,'"tf.rof,h.n.Sbnir>. I 
Li- InT. IB^K.l; (.'ummniifinff S'erltxdAo '■ 

Dittriff', Btiigflt Arms ' 

Alet OuD. Boss, CB. JJ Cnf, Benaal S.C. 
Tbgmiiii .Uuynard Hazlerf^jr, Major, i 

Royal Artllior.v ,, .....i 

TTilhl'lni Lliekliiinll.Cll. J^H/ciP, Hum.a.C. 
Hcralbnl Lirolt, CSf, ll.l\ii. «, Bii« , 


g Dec. 51 
ID Deo. 53 

10 Dec. s' 

ri All!'. 54 

11 Ang, SI 

1 Dec. s j 
' AllJC. J5 
7 Aug. SJ 

u Jiiiie53 

11 June ^3 

.1 Nov, M 

JO Jan. 5 J 
36 Jan. 53 

1 6cpt,s6 
JO Feb. j.i 
mUht. s.1 
17 Oct. s< 

ifiApr. jS 

<j Dec. SJ 

I a JuaQ ^7 

;o May 53 

30 Doc. 56 

II June J3 

JjOct. 54 

1 1 June 53 
11 Jnog J] 

30 JuilB SJ 

31 July 5< 

:3 Jolj SJ 

15 Jul? SJ 

isAng. SJ 
") Ang. S3 
4 Oct. 53 
JO Out. 5j 

13 Dee. 54 

14 Deo. 5j 
14 Apr. 54 

4 S4 

37 8»pt.S4 
8 June 55 

4 Bc[jl,55 
4 ScjiLsq 

16 July 5S 

isJoly 3* 
36 Bopt.s6 

1 Nov. 5S 

J3 Oct. 56 

iSDcc. S4 
9 Feb. js 

8 Dee. S4 

37 Apr. s8 
^^ Apr. 50 
11 May 5B 
11 Aug. 57 
JO Abg, J7 

9 Feb. 5j 
JO Aug. 53 
33 Nov. 5« 
18 Aug. 58 

jj Knv. 56 

33 Nov.j6 

9 Feb. jj 

■4 Hept.Js 
JO Dec. jg 
e Jaa, s8 
'1 Aug. 58 

'9 Bee. 35 

10 Bopt.s7 

17 Jiino S4 

16 Dec. S4 

J3 Nov. 56 
ij Not. j6 
"J Oct Si 

8 Kov, S4 

3 Oct. 6a 
33 Oct. SJ 

11 July 54 

33 Not. 56 

98 Not. s6 
aj Nov. 56 

9 Sept. 5 5 
6 Dec sfi 

18 Jul s« 
JB KoT, ss 

iBOct. 56 
»j Not. s* 

' May ss 

4 Juuesj 
9 May 57 

37 Jiuie57 

3 Bepl,57 

;5May Ci 

IS June 63 s July 7" 
I Bcpt-63' s July 7J 

13 Oct. 63' 5 July 71 
39 Feb. 64. 5 July j3 

■ 3MBy J9' s July 7J 
30 Jan. fisJjojBD. 73 
36 Jan. 65:26 Jan. 73 

I Feb. 63 33 Maj' 75 
?o Feb. fig vt Feb- 73 

14 Mar. 65 14 Mar, 73 

9 Dec. 64 9 Dec. 7a 
10 Dec. 64 lo Dec. 7a 
zo Dec- 64 aa Dec. 79 

9 Jon- S7 ; 'uly ra 

5 May s? 
34 Dee. 61 

5 Jnly 71 
S July 7J 

u Jan. 6a 

ZD Junefij 

9 Not. 67 
15 July «4 
34 Mat. 6s 

ao May tfs 
ja Jan. 68 

1 Apr. 6d 

1 Apr- 61 

11 June is 
E 1 Juno 65 
ao Jitno Cis 

4 Deo. ST 

K> Nov. ri7 

GMay 6a 

3 July 63 

36 July «5 

IS June 60 

5 Aug. 6s 
19 Aug. 65 

4 Oct. 6s 
I Jan. 63 

13 Nov. 63 

5 Uor. 58 

8 Fell. 65 

14 Doc. 65 

14 Apr, 60 

4 Aug. 66 

37 Supl.'e 
8 Juno 67 

4 Bejil.67 

30 Sept. 5.,! ij July '7 

I] Nov. 5'. 
33 Mar, 64 
37 Bopt,j7 
?oFeb. 37 30 Ai)r- 58 

1 .liinoijljt' Nov. 5 
4 Nov. ^7 la INJO- J9 

a8 Apr. 7S 



\ Vbks 

'18 \ov.8a. 

9 Dec. 78 9 Dec Bi 
lo Dec- 78 ID Dec. Be 
aoDec. 78 ao Dec. 81 

3t Deo. 78'ji Dee. 81 

31 Dec- 78 31 Dec. li 

31 Deo. 7s!3i Dec. Bi 
31 Dec. 78' ji Deo, Bi 
ji Dec. 78 31 Deo. Bi 
ji Dec. 78 31 Dec. 81 
31 Dec. 7B 31 Deo. fl» 
: Jan. 79 1 Jan. Sj 

JO Jan. 79ioJad. B3 
16 Juu. 79 96 Jan. i% 

39 Jan. 7j39Jim. 83 
10 Feb- ;9'aoFcb. 8] 
4 Mar- 79 14 Uu. Bj 
15 Mar. 79 isMar.Sj 

33 May 73I19 A]T, 79 19 Apr. 83 


a Mar, j8 aij Apr, 79]a9 Apr. 83 aj ipr. 

1 Aug. 7a'ii Uh.t 79<>i Uaj S3 
1 Aug. 73 It May 79 17 May 83 

re May 73 
34 Feb. 77 

s July ja 

5 July 73 
SI June 73 
II June 73 
K June 73 

J July 7a 

9 Dec. 79 
13 July 73 
36 Jnly 73 

™ May 79 90 May 8j 

7 JusB 83 

1 JnnOTg 
B June 79 

1 1 June 79 

IX Juno 79 
II June 79 
ao June 79 

37 June 79 

IS Mei-. 73 

9 July 79 

<■ July 68 

■3 July 79 

16 JuJy 79 

4 Feb. 71 
IS Aug. 73 IS Ang. 79 
'9 Ang-73'i9Auir.79 

4 Oct. 73I 4 Oct, 79 
10 Oct. 73aDOCl. 7} 

13 Sot- 73 13 Not. 79 

5 July 7a 17 Not. 79 

10 Dec. 73 93 Not. 73 

14 Doc. 73 3a Not. 79 

>4 Apr, 74 aa Nov. 79 
4 Aug- 74 ai Kov- 79 

37 3i;Dt-74;i9 Hot. 79 
8 June 75 13 Nov. 79 

Sept. 75'33 Nov. 79 
la Apr, 76 33 Nov. 79 


31 Maj' 76 j9 Nov. 79 

15 July 76 39 Nov. 79 

8 JunaBj 

1 1 Jaoe B3 

11 Jun*B3 
11 June 81 
ao June 83 

17 Juno 83 

S Jnly 83 

9 July 83 

13 July 8j 

36 Iiily 83 
9 Aug. 83 

■S Ang- Bj 

■ 9 Aug. 83 
4 Oct. 83 

aaOcl. 83 

13 Nov. 83 

17 Nov. 83 

3-j Kov, 83 
31 Not. 83 

aa Nov. S3 

33 Not. 83 
99 Nor. 83 
?a Nov. 83 

la NOV.Bj 
Tj Not, 83 

a I Not. 83 

aa Nov. 8j 

n Jincl 

a6Apr. I 

16 fiept.dS 96 3opt.76 aa K0T.79 ij Nov. 83 
J4 Jan. fiijao Nov. 7* 33 Nov. 79"a9 NoT 8^ 


10 Feb. f 9.30 Feb. 77 -a Not. 79 aj Nov, 83 

j; Apr. (s 1 Oct. 77 aa Not. 79 

4 Nov. W 4 Not. 77 aa Nov. 79 

I33 Hit. y; 'A Sept. 71 10 Apr. 78 la Nov. 79 

...... JO J<ily izl|.. !-'lT'I,7i^^7 Sept-78 99 Nov. 79 

.! Junes'- -1 A"t-. =" - ■!"■ 71 JI I'M. 7a II KOT. 79 

M For. 83 

» Nov. B3 
91 Nov. B3 
91 Not, Ss 




■el Botilderjon.'-i LI.Cnl. i ■ .. 

u.»ni i»N0T.5« 

tw»illf Lc 
'wtuityniiui,'»> CB. Lt.Cal > 
<ai Dmript, H'^r,..^i„„ ... ( = 

cndQtdl Di«trLCl. TiiMitut . ) 
norl M. Uenitoili;!!,"' CB. 

Iran a. Uenitoiii;!!,"' CB.i 

MojMT, CMU. tl.O./, I].(i. 
leof* .. ....,._ .. . ... ,,, 

ker Onca.'*' IJ.fal. R, Jit. 
I L. Wilker."! LI.Oil. Btgl- 

lisUlCl. Oirim 

m GUTDcIl Tuninie.'"' LI. 

- - - ■ ^T,, 

,. Dec. Si 

8011O1 WuIm liorilfreni (■ 

Bee. ti.Clii, Houiiil ataifc. .1 
i Mullock, «.C(j<. KcTunilS C 
iim Dickon. I>Sa. LI, Col. ) 

H«(r Corps J 

•IdoD.CiS.LI.Cal. MftilmBS.O. 

iS Dec. SJ 

,, Feb. 57 

9 Dec SJ 
9 Dec. SJ 

9 Dm. SJ 

flDec. 53 
ID Deo. s] 

I Oct. S7 1 Dec. ng 
14 Fab. So m Oct. 6j 

1$ Apr. ;S 19 Aug. £<i 
>3 Bepts?] 3 Apr. 63 

Slnet. Lt.Oil. Msdru 8.O.... 

Holmyd, Zf . fv'. llpngDlS-C. 10 Dec. S3 
uin WuU, i.1. t'u'. IkunliBj ) 

pe S 

>ii««a. LI.Col. Mjulnu S.ll, ., 
HCtuhley.Z/. Cd/. M«lr>i8,C. 
-lUttlMid. (if. Lr.tM. Ii.p. > 
OaL»matSlaJ.Pi.rl,aoi,li J 
■ AaMl C*>vpn (.'hirliF. '« 

I* ajt. k.atPriiirf,/,, 

Mdl Strrwlarytla ll.S.II. Hi 


a^IriiMll Ciinlii», Ciipt, U.p. 

analioa) 9. O. of PeiuloDerH 

Imaua HiKsag, Li.fM. Bom- 

r toTps i 

. D. Hcime, LI.Vol. ana. thlt 

■Bd. CB. U.CbI. R-nml a. C. 
dnitmnKUin,JrC'a(G.Sf:y'ui-, I 
'•lot BonlBR-r> (34 Fir^aj ... T 
lOOJa 8. CIvkc, LI.C^I. 1 

■kiffCOrpa ... ) 

ibettKni HBnaessj-, IB. LI. > 

jkl SlatT CorpH j 

Cbarlea Pcircuu, Ll,l„l.\ 

Jl«ff Corp* . .,1 

B.C.St. Jaha.^OSr.Ll.Col. ( 

ncineer* f 

l*mch.i" fH. I.I.C'il. li.N, 
"il Bri;t. (io f I. .1. .1. 0,u., 

.BoirtL''" tf "cw 'i^ p. i'^ila' nc. 

JaMOuatrg Dt-ot 

CB. Li.<:.,l, Beiura] a. c. 

ttajPtanMa, Ll.Col.Haiiau 

.lallinilklryiuiilc.'^ Lt.C^I. 1 
iiBsirlii Itiii^m: I>fp. AJj. ■ 

.Inland ,, .) 


t^ .- ..J 

e OuojH)all,'n J.'.l<.l. ilegi-i 

Diecrirt. 'Breoon ., J 

.ll(r«tOT,'"I4.CV.IlD>:iaiBDtal 1 

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VmMD SiBntnn.i*'! LtCil. \ 

italKMTioi, tl-'l-fii.. / 

B^l7l>uni)ii Umire. Ll.Cal, ; 

Bl»irCar|i, j 

i&«ry Aui^h[ii[ect,"' Ll.Col,) 

TFOeiiUl J.>i<Lrtct ] 

bitLild Cirrti. Li.V-'l. iungat ) 

ViLTiI L'liicbfllej riDivdnij > 

iei«Bl atsff Curpa... 1 

.Walker lUibiiuon.K^CB. LI, 
Bide Bni^uile. A. A, Otuimr, 

10 Dee. J3 
T4l>eo. S3 
'I Deo- 53 

3 aqb- ss 

1 July S3 
4 J«n- S4 

14 Jen. s« 


4 Fob. s« 
4 Fob. S4 
4 Feb. 5< 
17 Dec. s^ 
J Xoi-. 54 

id Sept. 60 

* Jun. 57 
14 Fob. 54 

< 7 Julj- 63 


COMBIL.l '">tO»II.. rtlCIDOlT 

J3 Jan. S7 ijNov. 6j' 8 Slur. 76 19 Kov. 7^'ig Vot, Sj'a; Apr. »6 
lOot. i7|'3JBn- 69'.-;Aiis.,jMKov,79'!J»or.33: 
■sJonesS, uOol. 6j 1 Ooi. 7; '9 Nov.79'^ Noi.Bji 

7Apr. s& BJMn. 6( 1 Oct. 77 »9Not.79 19 .Vov. Sjj 

jOot, sS3oDeo. 64 ■ Oct. 7? »9 Nor. 79 •) No/. 8339 Apr. 81 

1 Oct. 57^ aSopt.(i;| 1 Oct. 77 19 Nov. 7j' J9 Xur.Bj 10 July gg 
1 Oot. 77 J9N0', 7/3J Xov.gj' 
S Feb. 7B 19 Nov. 79'i9 Kov. 8j 

13 Nor. %6 

13 Not. sS 

13 Not. 56 

Juno 57 

17 Aog. 5? 

ij JatL sfi 
< Apr. J7 

»Apr, is 

34 Jaoe £j 
9 Dec 6i 
9 Dee. 6i 

IJ Jan. 7* 19 KoT. 7)5) Nov. S3 

9 Dec. 73 9 Do;. -9I 9 Deo- 83 
9 Doc. 71 9 Doc. 79I 9 Dec. 83 

9 Dec. 7j| 9 Doc. 7(1 9 Deo. 83 

9 Doc. 73[ 9 Dec rt! 9 »«. B3 

31 Jm. 85 

15 Jan. sfi 

»3 8^ S4 

a Doo. 58 

33 Not. 36 

ij Feb. 67 
J Oct. JJ 
11 Deo. J7 
30 Apr. sB 
17 Aug. j8 

9 Feb. ss 

16 Aug. 64 

» Jan. jB 
7 Oct. i7 

9 Jol J 68 

joFoi). 54|i3Noy.s6 
30 Aug-. s3J 9 Not, s5 
JD Feb, ssjaj J»a. jo 

■ {.'adiill. LI Cel. Bentml a. IT 
■ ' CB. 

30 June SJ 
14 Mar. 54 
"9 000.37 
1 ipr- S4 

26 Ang. s9 
13 Not. s6 
30 Doo. 59 
Ji Kfty S7 

4 Apr. S4J1JN0T.S6 
|^ Not. 57\3j U&t . 60 
17 Apr. s4|i3NoT.s« 

■uciu litt'hiiuui,"' CB. LI. \ 

t LancerB ........... .. i 

urarti Nninio, i-'B, LI. Col t 

tllrrv 1 

orJun, Lt.Col BonRal 3.C.... 
Uuiit^oniflr;, Afojor, Beota 1 

■■ItVrtU-Winfm.i'-rcJi-'n^ 1 
a h.]!. lloysl Artillerj-). f- n Apr. 54 17 JnlF J4 
il-olrr QtH.. Warnflea }> / 

KOT. 58 

7 Doc. SJ 

30 Jiui«63 

37 Apr, si 
ij Not. s' 
a; Juh66 

10 Deo. 6s] 10 Doe. 73 10 Doo. 79 10 Dec. Bj 
:oDoo. 65 10 Dec. 73!'oDec. 79 id Doc. Sj 

10 Doe. 6510 Doc. 73JioDec. 79',oD..'c. Bj 

14 Dec. 65 14 Dec. 73;i4 Doc. 70 ■• Deo. 81 

14 Deo. «5'T4Dee. 73 

I Apr. 61 

14 Juno 39 

37 June 36 

4 Jan. M 

33 June 63 
14 Jan. « 

ifi Feb. 7B 
4F*b. « 

4 Feb. 66 
^ Fob. 66 

Jo Not. 69 
I a Apr. 6^ 

jB May 70 

6 Jan. 69 
14 Feb. 66 

iBOot. 71 

ni Feb. 66 

JO July 6j 

I July 64 

5 Aug. 64 
14 Mar, 66 
It July 64 

4 Apr, 66 
ti31ay 65 

7 May 70 

17 Apr. 66 
9 Mai. 7:: 

a* Mar. 63 
GUay 66 

5 Uar. 70 

( Ajir, 60 

5 July 73 
4 Fob. 71 

3 July 71 

4 J«n- 74 

14 Jan. 74 
11 (Jot. 7« 

4 Feb. 74 

4 Feb. 74 

4 Fob. 74 

19 Aug, 76 

31 Aug. 66 

1 Apr. 74 

6 Jftu, 77 
14 Fell. 74 

14 Dec. 79 14 Doo, 83 
30 Doc. 79 lo Doc. 8,1 

I Oct. 77 

31 Deo. 7B 
4 Jan. &; 

IS Fob. 71 
14 Jan. 8a 

ng^T. 79 
4 Feb. Eo 
4 Feb. Su 
4 Feb. Su 
4 Feb. Bo 

a Feb. ^f■ 

J9 Not. 79 

II Fob. 8a 
14 Feb. Bo 

I Apr. 74139 Nov. 79 

3oFob. 74'joFcb.aj 
J3 Fob. 75 as Fob. 80 
1 Oct. 77 35 Feb. 8u 
9 AuR. 73J 6 Mar, So 
■ 4 Mar. 74|i4 Mur. So 
I Oct. 77 i3 Mar, So 

S Apr. 66 
4 Apr. 74 

I Apr. 74 

73 June 75 
4 Apr. Bo 

a9 Nov, 79 

19 Dec. 83 

31 Dee. »3 

4 Jan. 84 
ra Jan. 84 
14 Jail- 84 
a6J.Ul. 84 

4 Feb. 84 

4 Feb. 84 

4 Feb. 84 

4 Feb. 64 

5 Fab. 84 

7 Feb. 84 

It Fob. 84 
14 Foil, B4 

1 3 Feb. 84 

=S t'ob, 84 
3S Fell. B4 
33 Fab. 84 
6 Mot. St 

14 Mar. 84 
iS Mar. 84 

4 Apr. S4 
4 Apr. 84 

15 Apr. 84 

ai Jau. t6 

17 Apr. 74 17 Apr. 80 17 Apr. 84 
II Apr. Zo 31 Apr, 84 

37 Jane 79 

a Not, 7a 
6 May 74 

I May 80, I Mny 84 
6 May 80 6 yiny £4 
a Apr. 78 II Mny 84 

>3 Dee. 85 

JO Not. 8s 
I Jll]7S 

3 Not. 38 
7 Aug. Bs 

IS Dec. 84 

3 July 75 II ILiy 80 ii ilaj %, 



jv.j.c. CompUOB Francin Clery,"' CB. i 
Ll.Cal, Ifrom h.p. .wFniH), C'OBiJi, o/ 
Siujf Cnli'fft, ititii rimlc rtf Briff- (?nv. , 

KBnnEtt GrpBB Henili'rHfjii."" £'*. Lr. ■ 
Co', ifrom h.p, Kidk's Eoj'al Hiflea), 
A. A. Qtn. tor EferaWing, Lomdet ... 

.d. id. Uffn- ffr Jim ui'irrjri **■— «iv>" ... 

Honry C. B. Tannpr, i(.C0l.Boin1»y S.C. 
WilliMi Jolin Bell. il.Cal. WBdras a. U. 
Joha C. GunniiiK, LI.Col. Mmlni* 8. C. 
H. MiUM RcLitoB, LI.Cul. BeiigBl Sma 0. 
GeorKf IVjvrlHiiilBou, LI.Col, SIiidniB S.C. 
■Willinni Li-ycp!WrN. 

UudnlB HUilT l."i!qie ., J i 

Bnniarii H. PrcHon.I'.CW. MnOnuiB. O. lo-Inml 54 
John l.'iiiJOrloTi, CB. i^CiJ. Bengiil S. C.]io Juno ji 
V€ HftiiHin l^honibeni T. Jnrretli, > 1 , 

U.Ci-i. BtiiKsJ fS^JTCjJP^— ■-■ -■■> """"^ 51 

ID Juno 54 

S Mhp. s9 


jj Apr. 55 

8 June 54 
G June 54 
q JuTlG ^4 
g Jtmo 54 

9 Jmi0 54 

10 Jqiu}54 

CoorBeMamkT.Xf.CW.MiiilraBa.C. .. 
Btnr.v Wport,™ RohI"""'!''' Di»lrlct, j 

.Vor.ic* , i 

WiDuim Envnirma Lluellju,'^' LI.GA. I 

li.o. licvii^ Artillery, C<il. -n lkrSh]fl 

Ciuimiiuili«Q Ra-i\il Arltllcn, Malta ., I 
Wm. wilder Hliulu. Ll.Cat. Biniiiil 8. C , Ann. 54 
0«»cftia Moniii'6, LI Col. BcnKUl 8. C. .. ',6 Aua. m 
Cbwits M, Bl.Ji-li«el1,i" CB. £'. CoJ. 1 I „ 

hji, !lc[(i menial DiBLridt f '' ""'■ H 

J. wiuvley Wuitdn, Li.Cal. BoTnljoy 8,0. . Sont.S4 
B. DftnlolH. V.lmrl, LI.C-A.H.}i,nal B.C. , 861)1.54 
Wni,PiiBLtIjiTinicU[',tf.r.jMioio, a,C. fi 8(p[,j4 


3 Jnnejq 

6MB7 56 

»T Aug. sG 
.J Apr. 57 
13 Not. 56 
7 June 57 

jj Not. 54 
9) Not. s6 
aJnly 57 
17 Aug. 57 
30 June sS 

■6 Jul. M jD Uu. 78 
JO Jnne 63 a? Usr. 74 



tg Not. 7g 

3JBII. $3 
B Juno 66 

S Jnne 74 
8 Jane 74 





II Ub7 l^ 

5 Jane 8a 5 J[inoS4 

aiNoT,79 SJaneS^r 

8 Janetal B Jane 84' 

9 Jana Bo g June 84 

9 June 66, g Jano 74 9 jane oo, g june tt4 
9 Jane66, 9 jQ]ie74| 9 JonoSo' 9 June 84 
gJunet* 9 Juao74 jJuniBo' 9JaDe84 
10 June£6 Eo Jane74 

iiMny 53 aj Bept.S4 5 July 71 
11 Apr. 14 iB Sept.54 4 Uay 6ai 5 Jul; 71 

I Jul 

6 June 54 

4Ja]r 69 

Jna. Whi. O'Doiiila.t'.tli'. HfneiiJ a.r, 
Gpnrgo Wnlta Slwklcy. Ll.Cal, li.^ \ 

llojal F^ninneijrB. Culvarl on thr St<^, . 

Twlr - ) 

District, hnftol ...J 

John AsLitin yapUUm.^" Ll.Cnl.b.p.) 

Roynl Enipntpr?. tliJujiiJ on '*f Slajr, 1 

Oiirollar ) 

p.i.c.Goorgo Upton Prior,™ i/.(W. h.p. i 

HojuI Bcotefi Fao'l , J 

Honrj' -^otii Thornton, Ll.Cfil. R. Art....'ia June57 

HciuTTrolU^r, /.I.Cuf.GroniitlierOajinlsi 

CtuUL John CnuoLT Kui-cnu.'^iJ.Co/. V , 

h.p. Niivl-ilk OmI. ly t'li'it) i,'"""- ^3 

Murtbi l'.BliiltB,.uojiir,li.[>.nlniiHooii<J(ls, ijUar. 6a 

Wm.JivliuRGasEoluuii:, /.', t'l.l. Scols Ocl», 

Bobdtt Eli.LbiTiBL/.ro Buyle, LI.Col. 1 I _^ 

Benpil C'oni» — -t 'o""' 54 

Bichiuil Ahmhiun MaiinerH"' if.Cbf. ) 

BcBimcnlBl [JiBlricl. U-iidtlonc J 

lamoui) Fiiunco, LI.Col. KnUrat 8. C..,. 

o. aiuo CriHBiriiiiiB-, CIS. li.oa. - 

I Fab. 57 
17 June 57 

13 Jane 55 

31 Oct. 55 

a6 Not. 56 

-— ....j.asNoT.sfi 

10 8ept.54 11 Aaff. 57 

16 Apr, 55 

'"May 53 

ta'Dte. 54 
»■, cm. Lt.CBl.\i 

Bombay Stair UOHH I »3I»0. 5* 

JomeB BrLHTiiB,'" Lf.Cal. BcBimanul { 1 , ._ 

Diatrifl, OiilM. J JO"'' 59 

WllUani Green. '»" CB. LI.Col. Huifl-j , 

menial Distnci. -ilwJ.M j isjan. 55 

J. Freil. <.irnnfu, f^B, Col. Oi", H. M. Ait. joDeo. 54 

BwiuWn John Browne, Xf.Co/. Bengali I , 

. Stairrorpi J,aoJ«n.Si 

T philuiGrnbAm.^f* J/o^nf.h,p.8ooWGile, 
Wm. II. 11. Kii.RslP^."* CB. LI.Col.) 

UPUinn-'Uliil Blaintl, llirhj J 

Willinni Boben Cmater, l.i.Col, R An.... 

A. Lo UBHorlor. C/B- Ll.Cal. It. Hug 

p.i.e. llm*. John BumcU. Lt.Vtl. Irlih I 

Henri' Do Grpy Wantr. LI.Col. R. Art.... 
Hneh I'eaice Peare^u.^"" CB. LI.Vol, } 
KBKinitNinlUliitrict, Bur/SI.Eaaniiirf.) 
Alei J OolTin Biroh. Li.h:l. Ben. 8, 0. 
Btt, OhftrtBlA.Gorhjan,!^' h.p. > 

B.ArtllloiT ■"■ ■■■■) 

pl^ncliW. UoilQuu. Ll.Cal. ilQii^nlS. O. 
Hols ~ ■ - - ' - ■- 

1 Jano;5 
kj June 36 

a July 61 
rs Jane j7 

] Jnly Bo' I July 84 

jAuB.66. 5AaB.74i sAng.Bo s Aug. B4 
a« Ang.66[j6AaK. 74 16 Ang.Bo >6 AiiB.e4 
II Apr. 64 15 Aug. 77I a3cpt,8o a aept.84'ai8«l 

4Ang.66 4SOPC.74' 4aepL8a 4Bept.B4 
4 Se|A.66 4 SopC74 4 aapt.So 4 aep(.84 
6aopt,6«| 6acpt.74! fiSeptSa 6BepC.S4 
ri8apt.66 13Bept.74.t9Scpt.8c i9Sapt.S4 

10 June 66 :o June 74 
10 June 66 10 June 74 
10 Jane 66 ■□ Juno 74 
10 June 66 10 June 74 

10 Juno 3o TO June 8t| 

iQ Juno 80 ID JaneB4J 
10 June Sa 10 juae E4I 

ro Jane Go' ia June 84 

10 June Bo ID Jiuifl84 

14 June Bo 14 ^00084 

1 Apr. 63 

1 Jana 65 
3 Apr. 6j 

31 Ang. 64 

34 Jane 6s 
16 Oct. 66 
6Maj 59 

I Feb. 6S 
6 Feb. 66 

S July 7a 
17 Jane 74 
sJuty 7» 

lOot. 77 

a Nov. 73 

5 July 73 
31 Oct. 71 

10 Deo. 66 10 Deo. 74 

8 Juu 55 
90 Apr. 55 

19 Aug. 61 

>j Aug. 5B 

4 Oct. 69 

9 Mm. 5S 
[7 May 61 

31 Mot, 63 

14 JulJ 57 

iB Aug. 34 
10 Pall. 57 
33 Nov, 56 

3S Dec. 6a 

13 Apr. 55 

13 Dec. 56 
33 Nov. 56 
31 Mar. 58 

8 Sept. 57 
33 Nov. 56 

4 8«pt.J7 
19 Ang.6i _ , ,_ 

joOet. sj,"**»r *3." Ang,79] jMar.Bi 

17 Apr, 58 94 Mar, 6593 Not. 73 3 Mar. 81 
.. . ni,.(w *....,„_ jjiar.B, 

9 Mar. 81 
9 Mar. 8 1 

99 Sept. Son B«pt.S4 

19 Bept.Go 19 Bept.S4 


34 Sept. So >4 B«pt.S4 



33 Nov. 79 I Oct. 84 14 A« 
9j Oct. Bo 37 Oct. >4 
31 Oct. 71, 4 Not. B4 

S Not. Bo 5 Nor. 84 i Ml 

I Oct 77' 7Nov,fl4. I JoJ 
15 June 73 I Dec. 84 
10 Dee, 80 10 Deo. 84 

3* Jooas9 5 July 73 19 Dec. Bo 19 Doc. 84 
30 Dec. 66 90 Deo. 7490 Dec. Bo, 30 Doe. S4 
93 Doc. 66 ,3 Dec. 74^5 Dec. Bo'33 Doc. 84 

I Oct. 66 ,s Dm. 79 

37 Deo. Bo 97 Dec. B4 

9 Aug. 59, 5 July 73 ,3 Jan. 81 13 Jan. 85 
jAaB,67 I Apr. J4'i3 Jan. Bi'13 Jao.Bs 
90 Jan. 67 30 Jan. 75'3oJBn. Bi|9oJan.8s 

dl W . IMflJi:!!". H<L.^.^'r. ■■ur.KHiif . >.J,.«u .uai. ^3 

Thomnion, iJ.(^' Boyai Ba(tiiicor«|ii JiinosI 

John t'lanaiu" Aupbinlcek, 1.1. Col. It. Art 

atr Robert Urn vffl SnnJcniun, S.C3I.\ 

tl CbI. Benaal J^UiirCorfu J 

Frederick Lance. t/.''ul,JjBiiif»l B.C. ... 
Jo»EI>b Bsmanl Bmith, LI.Col. Bon. B.V. 
OWle* Boyter, ( B. Ll.Cal. M-drM H. C, ___„. ^_ 
FrBiIerick Hanininmi,CB. LI.Col.aKB.B.C. k 8epc.s6 

Joh^AOhur TiHanl, Cfl, i'.Cto/. Royall I y^_ _,^ 

Hnhiert Cecil iti l.-lilror-l, /(.Coi.'itan, B.C. liDeo. 56 

Hentj- Miirsii I'raii, /.'.Col. Bcnmi S.C. 13 Deo. 56 

MBurr lliithami, BuaDtnU.Cuh Bengal 1 1 ,^^ /^ 

37Aag.5B|3'Oot- «lrjMBr.74 

8 Jan. 64 I Doc. 69 i Apr, 74 

37 Apr sS 91 Doc. 65 36 Jan. 75 

.3»'eb.56ijAug.57isOol. «fUFob.7s 

3Mar.53 ^ Not. 56 9 Mar. 67 3MBr,75 

7 Apr. 56. 8 Aug. 66 10 Mar. 75 

KiMar- 53 33 Not. 56 ao Mar. 67130 Mar. 75 

17 Aug. jB 6 Dec. OS 9D Nov. 7; 

loAo^, 56 loOct- 67. I Jan. 76 

6 Aug. 57' B Feb. 68 g Feb. j6 

8 Fab. 5^ 

. Juno 56 

I Jone^^ 

39 Ang. 515 

1 Mnr, 8( 
1 Mar. 83 

3 Mar. 85 

a. Mar. Si' 3 Mor. B5 
9 Mar. El 3 Mar. 85 
1 Mar. Bi 3 Mar. 85 
9 Star. Bi a Mar. B5 
a Mnr. 3i 3 Mar B5 
a Mur, Si a Mar. 85 
3 Mat. Bi 3 Mnr. 85 
a Mar. Bi 3 Mnr. 85 

33 Ml 

17 A] 

97Aag.5B 1 June67 ax Oct. 76 a ^(j^r, 

6Janej7!i3Dac. 6a:i3D«!. 76' 1 Mar Si 
Apr, sS'ijOcc. 68 13D00. rfi a.Mar. Bi; 

Mar. Bs 

3 Mar. 8j 
3 Mnr, 85 
: Mar. 85! 

I Jftp, 63. t JaD. 71 11 May 77 ? Mar, Si a Mar. B5 


tilsr Slcirut. U.Cal. BeugKl i 

T» f, Bsn-B-C 
UBpboh.<^ 14 -Cat. ftantmental ) 

il-"^ ) 

>Dle Ethob. Lt.Cal. Beoml a. c 

m. CuElij. LI.Cnl. BoPifiil B. L', 
roSj-m, LI.Col. BcnRil SI?... 
(S Bandcupk. LI.CwI. ll^ng.S.l' 

rrnhmn, Lt.CoL Royal Arulli:pj' 
oww, Ll.Cvl. ilojal Artilloiy . 
11 Gn«D. J^r.CoI. UingKl S C. . 
^HuboikD Bejuolilfl, LI.Col. [ 

SlaCri'orp* I 

fiv Airlie KiQlofb, Lt.Cal. t 

toyaJ Rifles f6o Fool) j 

lien Combe,'"" Ll.Cal. h.p.i 
bTB, Bri^- Qrnrrat Com. Smd ' 

£0mih^ Arm^ t 

aiilwrt UmlL-ufk, CO.U.Col.i 

^uffL^orps - „,- i 

'i:itb<>n C.erBTil, CB. ItaJoT, ) 

JtMH O Ti.f . .. ...) 

itTXh. M-ijor, Etrijal En^finepni... 
»et WuHltlilir])e. CB. Majar, , 

QKlueen 5 

ird PnnbBrwa Unrli. CJ. ( 

Ip^l Rnifbeem j 

,8. C^Jocoit, Lt.C^I. Hoya] An. 
frkn NDi^encOainaetiB,!'' Cbr \ 
b- p, Stvbrth HlgbULDderaj 

laAiun. €JI Xr.Oil. BenjnU I 

r^- . - .. - J 

■IBS. Ll.Cal. Bsnyi.) gMffC. 

i^otftiu Wav, Lt.Col. !{«□. 8. C. 
, B«i. CSf. iMW. Bom. B. C, 
US Vunro. Lf.Cot. BoDgal S. C. 
■7 GaUine. Lf.tW. Uaii. S. ('. 
■Idtot. i<.tW. ilarlma 3. (■. 
r. K Gus»t. CS. Lt.Cul. Dor- 1 

Begt. U, 1'.) ... J 

. HkUhew*. i/.fW. Ban. a. r. 
iwarrt fi-iicp. /.f (V. Bom.S.r. 
ibbeit, i^.CW. Ms.lnis S. (.'.. 
'■Iter Trevor. 1.1. Col. Itoni. S.t'. 
irlp- Wriiilil, Ja.CuI. Mud. S.C 
. It, Hr.>pKe, W f:l. KikI, S.C 
ID Hutioj^ LI.Cvl. b. ]i. J ]>ra^ 
K.Wntil, f ;i:. /.(.tW. Ben. ri.V, 
LVnuitrt riiHiilL./,f. '„;. llail.S.iJ. 
le VicTu[j[»r,l-° l.lCal. L,|i,i 
i CttntloHlktXI^ff. Ifouleir* j 

lirt, LI CiL UcKuoonUil ris-1 

■■«>'■ )" 

en!»w F'.rbe^, i C'u/ It. Eiic 
'lenij Lnaril, ir.ti.i n. Eni;. 
lenn- Kmtfit KuuntzD, Li.Ci^l. i 

SuiffOitj-a i 

^-^r^fT-iie UiniiiFiL."' J.i.Cfit. t 
-inie&u] i>j HtTiLE, ......... J 

ilic. Ll.Cal. El p, ir Elu<<«arB 
rfencii PiiUuclt Hmeoun. i'. i 

■(Tfe] Staff <_'orp4 , ) 

MKnhsll I'billipi, Cf.Cuf. , 

■ saacurfit „ j 

I Pl»nl.i.( Col. Jtadnio Mtiiii r. 
■QOmmADut.v Zr fa/, ben. S C. 
it^t^Trai^' BirvjEi llurlcun, Lt. , 

jvl fjLaH' -:rn* J 

^ha^jil.CB. U. 'ut DntgoODf 

■UH Nichulfon. h.p j 
<V»u J.J■(.Sc^n(,(^l/'0^n■^IJJ 
Tiuuirl Turse. ^V'J/. J/a/[>r,b.p. ) 

j,j e. , Puft.™,;* „ j 

■1. Af' (rnjTaTt.Ens.) f 

luUll-Sr-rt Bt'oiuI, f 

L pTSMf. CWO. U.ijir, R. Enc 

enie. Mofor. l^ij-al Anillor.v ... 
1 Fred, iiauncv. ^"Jir. RoyaL * 

y 1 

rlilire k>r»:NFe. CB Uo-jor, EasI > 

HBSRI. fT5 V.) )■ 

»L«or Sivaiiio, CB, Cilli. > 

3>11b Brieada f 

^rling, Z'.or (.''jlrUlrtuni Gdd 
. l'orkr»n Ll.Cal. {ivKa.G^. .. 
Ulie,'" £f CiJ. b.p. 6 llr lidi. j i 

wj waiuini*,'" JJ.CW. R»ffi-J 
Dmnct, But , 




4 Oct. s; 

<i Deo. 56 

» Jnaa 58 

10 Dec. ;8 

11 Deo. se 
It Deo, i» 
S3 Juna 5? 


■ July s» 
17 Oct, 59 

II Sov. is 
J7 Aug. 60 
I Oct, 61 


i7JiiDa58 4Bept.69 tSapLjj'. 

18 Uoy 58 4 Oct. 6g t Oi.'t. 77I 
iS BepL }9 ig Bept. 65 » Oct. 77, 
a> Jap. )9 I ] Jtm. £7 30 June 78 
79 Uar, 59 10 Dec. 70 TO Deo. 7S 
15 July 59 ti Deo. 70 n Deo. 7B 
» Abjf. ^ 11 Deo. 7a ti Deo. 7S 
37 Aug. ;g I Aug. 73 ji Dec. 7S 
37 ApfT. iS E Aug. 73 ifi Jan. 79 
37 Apr. 66 I July 71 I Jnlj 79 

T Jftti. 61 37 Oct. 71 J7 0ct. 79 
14 Sept. 58 6 May 70 

«M»y «s "Feb. 7j 

1 Oot. 61 I Oct 73 

19 Apr, 6i 19 Apr. 76 
9 Fob. «4 I Oct. 77 

13 Jane 65 31 May 78 

17 Apr. 66 31 Dec. 78 
8 Jaae 6a 1 s May 71 

1 June 60 ,0 Ang. 6s 14 July 89 
j I 

' I19 Dec, 60 19 Deo, 73 19 

I 4 Hiif. iyii Nov. 56 4 Mar. 67 
. 4 Mnr. 5S 31 Apr. 57 4 Mar. 67 
4 Mar. 55b 14 Mar. 58 4 Mar, 67 
7Mttr. J5;36 Jnly 57 7 Mm. 67 
17 Mur. 55 33 Not, 56 17 Mar. 67 
17 Mar. 55^33 No?. 56 17 Mar. 67 -, 
17 Mar. js;j3 JqdosS 17 Mar. 67 17 
I 8 July j6 31 Aug. s8 ij Apr. «7 11 

30 liar, ss'jo Apr. 58 » Mar. 67 » 
28 Mar. 5S'3oNov. s5 a^ Mar. 67.98 
! JO Mar. 5 J 14 Dec. j; ijNov. 66'3o 
4 Apr. 55 iB May 58 30 July fta] 4 
4 A]ir. s5 I Mar. J7 16 JuLy 64I 4 
4 .V|n-. ss 36 July j7 4 Apr, 67 4 
6 Slay 6; !g Dec. 6^ a Dao, 66 
30 Mar. 60 13 Sepu6j 8 May 67 lo 
30 Apr. 55 3j Nov, 56 ao Apr. fi7]3o 
IQ Api'. 551 s Apr. 60 30 Apr, 67^30 

'i Oot. S4 16 Dec. S4 

lUv. B 


3 Uar. 8 

3 Mar. 8 

3 Mar, 8 
3 Mar. 8 
3 Mar. 8 
3 Mar, a 
lUar. 8 
> Mar. i 
3 Uar. 

23 Hot. 79 3 Mar. 8 
33 Nov. 79 I Mar, 8 

»3 Nov, 79 a Uar. S 

13 Nov, 79 9 Mar. G 
II Nov. 79 I Mar. E 
13 Nov. 79 3 Mar. E 

ji Nov. 79 s Mar. 8 
1 Apr. Bo' 9 M«r. 8 

8 Apr. 8o| 3 Mar. 8 


II Sopt.s7 j6 0ct. 58 

38 June 6] s 

9 Dec. S4 '7 Apr. 58 34 Mar, 65 5 
, a Juno ;i'37 Apr. 59 30 JuHe66, j 

II Slay 55 39 Feb. 56:11 May 67 it 

1; Apr. 56,31 May 58,18 Nov, S9 5 
J7 Jan. 57,19 Feb. 58 16 Oct. 60 J9 
8 Juno ss'ij Nov. j6 8June6j'8 

3,lniie53, 7 Doc. 56 3 Juno 67 S 

7 June55'33 Nov, 36! 9 June 67 q 
. J Juiifl 55 31 Aug. 57 9 Juoe 67 y 

13 June 55 33 N'ov. 56 la June 67 13 

Jj June 6s 37 July 66 29 May 69 30 

■31 July 35 3 Oot, 63' s 

25 Slur. 33 9 Oct, 55 1 Soiit.65 I 

Deo. Bq 1 Mar. 8 

Mar. 75 4 MHr. B 
Mar. 75' 4 Mar. 8 
Mar. 75l 4 Mar. 8 
Mar, 75' 7 Mar. 8 
Mar. 7J 17 Mtr 8 
Mar, 75 17 Mar. 8 
Mar, 7£ 17 Mar. 8 

N'ov, 78 39 Nov. 
Mar. 75 ao Mnr. 8 
Mar. 75,38 Mar. 8 
Mar. 75 3a Mar. 8 
Apr. 75. 4 Apr. 8 
Apr. 75 4 A|!r. 8 
Apr, 75 4 Ajir. 8 

6 Apr. 8 

Apr. 76 10 A|ir, S 
Apr. 75 so Apr, 
Apr. 75 =0 A|»r. 8 

July 73 33 Apr. 8 

Oct. 77 3 May S 

ID MJiy S 

11 May a 

II Miiy 3 

.'uly 73 
July 73 I 
May 7j 

July 73 
Aug. 73 
Ji:ne 75 

June 75 

June 75 
Juuo 75 

Sov. 78 
July 73 
Apr. 74 

18 May 3 
1 8 Slay 3 
3 Juno 3 

8 June 8 

9 Juno 8 
9 Jmie 8 

I a Juno 8 

34 July So 15 
1 July 81 15 
I July 81 IJ 


aUar, 8] 

a Mar. 8s 

I Mar. Bs 
I Mar. 85 
aMar. Sj 
3 Mar. 8j 
aMar, 85 
3 Mar, 85 
1 Mar. 85 
aUar. Bs 

a Mar. Bj 

I Mar. 8s 

3 Mar. Bs 
3 Mar. Bi 
9 Mar. Sj 

aMar. Bj 
aSlar, Bs 
aMar. Ss 

3 Mar. 8j 


4 Mar. 3j 
7 Mbt. 8j 

17 Mar, 85 
17 Mar. 8s 
IJ Mar. Bs 

i3 Mar. 85 

» Mar, Bs 
a8 Mar. 85 
30 Uar. 8s 
4 Apr, 8s 
4 Apr. 85 
4 Apr. 85 
6 Apr. 8s 

10 Apr, 85 
30 Apr. 85 
30 Apr. 8 s 

33 Apr. 85 

3 May 8; 

ID May 85 

11 May 85 

■ 1 May Bs 


May 8s 
May 85 

June 85 

Juno 85 
June 85 
Jane 8s 

June 8s 
June Bs 

I 1 Apr. 59 3 AufT- 71 r>Nni. 78 iS Nov. 8a|ij Jane 85 

IS June (11 la Aug. 74 30 Nov. 78 18 Nov.Ba'is June 8s 
35 Juuo 61 i4Apr. 7539*'"" '--° ^ — ■* — ■ — "- 

18 Dec. 61 10 Mar. 75 =1 

1; Star. 63 I J June 66 30 Aug. 71 1 

34 July 59 16 Aag.64 31 Sept.73- I 

. 5 Nov, 61 31 Deo, 61 '10 Jnly 66 
35Jan. 65 i3Juuo68 

14 July ;i'is Jan. 56 II Fab, 6a ] 

Nov, 79 18 Nov, 83,15 June 85 
Apr. Sa iS Nov, 83 IS JaneSs 

July 81 ]8 Nov, 81 15 JuaoBs 

Jaly Bi 18 Nov, 81 

J July J3 

...... i9Jan. 76 

Jnly 7a I Jnly 81 

i>/u(y j«99yoi'. j7JiF:ab. 6» J Jnly 71 1 July Si 

15 June 85 

1 Jnly 85 
I July 85 

I Inlj S; 
I inly ftj^ 

sit-r HT. 

1 Jnly 87 

I July 87 
ao May Sj 

33 Apr. 86 

37 Bepi.83 
iSMay 8« 

IT Jan. By 
I Dm, Bo 





mil unci. 

ttoorga Bailejr.i" if.CuI. RcBliuanlan -. Auo u 
Diiltiot, ITriij.foK ' '(""H'M 

». CouUhont RlWn.T" C«.i(.Co/.li,ii, t 
_H. An.iColi-nrS an lliiSlaff. Doarr ... J 

1% Oet, M 

Ch«rlo» Edidiiiid annlboiiM fl«)tl,™S 
lA.Col. h.n. Royal Artilliay, Colmsf [■ ao Dec. S4 
UtiliraitJ; Tori .J I 

R.An..) CorkJi/. R.d-rl., Ij^/mrr IHi>i,-on ' " 

Johu Eonlli KlthiurrtBon.'" ti.Co/, h.ii. 

R. An. CaUml iia 14" Slaf, Dnoniiift. 
Tnmup Vnn Klmnbciiil'e,''" CB./.f.cyrl, 

, h.p. Koj- 

S. Art,, hiivtt'ilve ZJifTuiaTi 
AlfToilThiniuiailnndi'i-. Lt OiL R. 
WolKr Miirdiju Ducnl. U.Col, Roy, Eiiy. 
Biohiiivl N(urLviLriD).*F. Stuulford^f.f.Cb/. > 

h.p. Royal ?:nifintpr* J 

pj.e.Heiitj- Huliliiiru J lines ./.(.Cu/ (from! 

h.p R^vnl Eu^iiievm), Colonrl o* the 

Mpjf, }f.Mi I 

ArlhnrTillnrdBtorci, I(.(W, h.p. it Bug. 
Hetiry Wnttt. tflnekley, /.(.'W. Roy. Art, 
Kclwutil Trevor Hump, W. Col. Hiiy. Art, 

3 Sept. S5 

5 Dec. is 
19 D«. s6 

Bonier Rcfl, (ssFo-.l) J ■''■'">». S5 

tOharliM.liihii Emith. /.'.Coi. Boyal Enjt- 
tAJhtoD Millies BroJidrelh.LI.Co/.n. Sup:. 
Ralph Grpiliitni Smvth, Lf.Cflf. Rfiyal Enp. 
Johu Phlhp Siiwl,/,(.(.vMtoTii.l KnaliiHire 
Daniol Cnrrip Wnlter, LI. r nl .)i,ji, R. Kns. 
Herbert Lo<Hfpkfrr.mi3i.p.H. Bug.}, JJ^. [ 

Ilirj'. 0#n. |^J'^ yoi-tiflt^tfitmi ^ ) 

Otioipj Lane Cackhnni Mutewnllipr, XJ. t 

Col. Ettivii] Kn^ji'ieor*- ......* 

Arthur fTi-oi^'i- Dnmf-jr<l irrom b.p. li.V 

ElJH I. Drf. I'tp. rt". o/ P.irtMcaHBiM i 
Thmtdous Richsrl Rvii.ii, L'.Co/.BujiilArt. 
Alei.MiicduMell Llni»liiis,L*.Co(,HQyBl Art. 
HoiiTy !l<il«>rt MpihI, Ll.Cal. Boynl End, ■ ■ 
Henry I5iimlli>v, U Col, Boyul EnghiEeni 
VRlfiinrioDJiMnor Clftjlon, i'.tV. h.p. . 

Huviil R/iirinoiira i 

ITfaiiiiiaBKreuaiHiiIlowdoa, Ll.Cal, Royal ) 

Enifinoor* — ,,- i 

Artliiir Collett NiifhUngalo,"' tl.CoI. > 

Rt'VlllieubAl nistrict. Stirling V 

AlexiuictEir Wjiiker, Lt. Cat. Roynl Artillery 
EiliSBnl Hertllyks.i^.Cii;, Royal Artilletj 
Anftin^ffimrin. J./ r<j^. Royni Artillory .. 
WiJIiriin Ruiloii Ilntlow, LIXol. li.p. i 

K. \t\ .: Stjr^'^it'f'tdfnt Boyal Laboratory i 
Sniniicl Pu.rr Lyne^^rpoiu hj> R, Art,). { 

Afut. Intftfiof, Retviunt Ailitlffitkatmt i 
Willinm Morriraan. LrXol. Et. Bfittirieorb' .. 
p.t.r, Vrsurm Shirley IlusHoll,"', it. Cu(. l^niifiiniii ....,,-,..... 

Parry Ijimlfert. if , Co?. Boyil Bnpinflan... 
John Mu^ee U'Neile, LI. Cot. Roynl Eng, .. 
Koilh Ale»aini('r Jofiii.i'.Q./. R.Eui-lneorB 
JamoHWrn. Hnj^hell,™' LI.CoL'a.y, R. Seol* 
Herl«.rt Chnrlui I'Ml'in. U.Cnl, Hegi- j 

Iji«pi1]i1 Difiirict, Chrtttr .., J 

Char li"^ Trench. Lii'at. b.p. Koral Art. [ 

Cli"/ lnitTnj}tgr,X,-kool ofQvwfry ...... f 

JaliQd Dyaon DyHoij.LailllQ**" Lt.CoL i 

RcUiTTienliit DlHLrint, Cartiilt... > 

Abel MtrauhBU,™ Cil. tl.^^o/.b.p.Hlftb. i 

lun'i Li, IbfaDtty lit l^'ooO ) 

Chnrles OearuB IJlaile,^'' £4X^1. h.p.) 

Rill Brittle ... . . ! 

jl.».c.\ViilltT flichuni iJiBcnlloB."" /.(.Col. 

]l,p,Ri1lk; hr}i:i\U'-. Atriit.Adj. Gm.,,,, 
£iiAliti:D l^velHLc Heivv, Lt.Cvl, Reiri- 

mcatikl IliBtTLiit. Guitit/itrd . 
Siiiiliy CrmiiT."! Li.Vni. li.p. Oifonl- 1 

ahiruLt, liilruiiry l*j Knot) } 

Froii. Johiia.viruB ilnrmy, i(.CoMi.p, i 

1 DntKOHin l-iunrtJh' ....-,.. ( 

ThoKuiall. SUiiw-lioIllcr,'i"I(.Col.(rrani i 

h p. 4 Druicnon OuerUB), ComJff, H- i 

Mthlart Sfoolof U'tif ) 

RolierL May Wr-lhorell, il.ttil. , 

itOguneuljll liir-r.noL, BrdforJ ,.. J 

ji...t. ai.stiiLK»l)'nyl)-Fiirniigt<in,'iii(, j 

Gif, RuKim^'nli'l nisl.T^ot, Warwick ...J 
WiUmiDiiyini,>i'fW,I,(,CW.Re|(iniontiil ) 

I>iHlripL, Puitt'f'iii-t -. -- ..J 

Gcursu Philipi-, I.l.';-I. h.p. 4 Husoars. ) 

A. A. (icnfml , IlnMf j 

DkiikkJuhii BJokaau BatFi>rd/i> U.Cal. i 

h.p. WcBi Ki'iLi HtfL-t, (7) Fool) J 

_iK« Gciiift, S«lis.».^liw»bo,™ ii.fJsL I 
b./>. ji*i*Bi«™. ».j.,_ ..„/ 

7 Dec- 55 
7 Dee. sj 
7 nee- SS 
7 Dec. S5 

I ^ Juno 56 

n Doc- s6 
ij Dec. 57 
7 U™. S5 
1 J JnDO s6 

13 Jane 56 

If Not. 54 
II D«. j6 
I'j Jano 57 
i i Jnno J7 

1 3 Deo. 56 
fi Fob. fii 

7 Deo. 55 
1 J Dec. 56 

gjniy sO 

16 Foil. 55 
lujQlj i4 
iG Fob. s; 
wFeh. ss 

5 fCl). 5? 

itMsT 6 

17 Scpt.Ci 

IS Apr. 5h 
BJuly il 
15 Jnti. 51J 

6 Apr. S5 
=3 Mar. 55 
tj Sept.Aj 

15 JuDc 55 93 Unr- Go: 3 Jutj ji 
■ Jnu, j.t; iJ Xov- 61 j Jnly ;: 

gifar. 55 I Apr. 61 5 July;! 

S Mar. js' 1 Apr. 6a 5Jnlyji 
10 Apr. 5j 17 Dec. 63| ; Jnly ~i 

an Apr. 55'ia Fob. 6j! J Jnlj- ;j 

ajApr.58| I Mar. S7' sJiilv;-;; 
27 Auk. 58 n* Fob. fiS 5 July 7^. 

ji July 55 * Fob. 63' J Aug. ji' 

I Aiig.jsjij July 63! 4Aug.Ta 

I ' 

I Aug J5 3 Ana.eji); A«g.7: 

Li r-iT. 

33 Not. 73 1 
11 Deo. 7a 

6 May 7i! 

57 Aug. 5ft. yj Fell. 65 
a7 Apr. jS J4 MRT. 6s 

7 Ang.55 11 Aug. 60 

37 Aug. sS =5 KdT. 64114 Ang. 73 
17 Apr, sS; 4 Mar, 6B 24 Aug. 73 
J7 Apr. jf')i Oct. 68 54A0B,Jj 
IT AUR. 59 31 Oct. 68-34 Aug, 7i 
4 Nav.64^a5 Aug. 7_j 
7 Jan. 6j as Aug. 73 

7 Apr. s6 
7 Apr. 56 

J7 Aug. 53 

3] June sfi 

iiMay 68a5AHR.73 

a Jul 66|i6 Ang. 73 

17 Apr. sS'i, Mar. 65' 1 Bopt.7.1 
J7 Aug. 56 6 May 6719 Oct. 73 
"7 Aug. 58 IT Dec. 64 II Deo. 73 
ij Aug. 56 51 Deo. 65 11 Doc. jj 

30 Deo. 56 
1} Aug. 58 

9 Mar. 55 

'J Apr. 58 
37 Apr, 58 
57 Apr. 58 

34 Sept. 55 

1 Oct. 5= 

17 Aog. 58 


17 Ang. jS 
j; Aug. 58 
J7 Aug- j8 
a Doc. 54 

11 Dec- 73 

11 Doc. 73 

14 Dec. 73 
4 Fob. 74 
4 Feb- 74 
* Teh. 74 

6 July 66 
31 Oct. 68 

J3 Nov, 60 

24 Mor. 65 
34 Mar. 65 

ao Sept. 65 

15 Dec. 64 ij Mar. 74 

10 Uay 65 El Mar. 74 

31 Dec. 68|i3irar. 74 

13 Juae6a 1 Apr. 74 

31 Oct. G8 1 Apr. 74 
31 Oct. 6S| 1 Apr. 74 
loNov.Sg, J Apr. 74 
15 Miir. 61 14 Apr. 74 

a6Mar. 56 6 May 6-j 10 June 74 
19 Dec. 35 ™Sept.C5 1 July 74 
13 July 55 I i June Cn 1 .\ug. 74 
B July ;li 18 JIllioCi 13 AU|,-. 74 

'' July 55 E Oct. 61 1 Dee, 74 
6 July 55 15 Kov. 61 10 Miir. 75 
II l\.|i. 5.> 14 Mar- 65 asOct. 75 
8 -Tun. 5f. iHi Apr. 64 E Dec. 7: 
17 Apr. 69 31 iliiy j6 

17 Nnv.6i 

7 Apr. O3 
rj iliir, 60 
10 Jiil.v 58 

8 S.Tit.ftj 

7 Apr. '.7 ; Junujf. 

3 2\uf. rvi jj June ji" 
J^ July 63 14 June 71"" 
33 Apr. f.S 9 Dee. 7'. 

i^Yiiy 5; 7X..V.'..- 16 Dee- 71^ 
9Bcp-..;i 8>h-y ". 17J1::, 77' 
J June 65 ag Uny 67 ij V.i~. -7 

July 8 

Jnly S 

July a 
July a 

Jnly 8 

JnU- 8 
July a 

July 8 

July 8 

Jnlv 8 
.lulv 3 
.Inly B 
July C 

Jnlv a 
Jnly a 
Jnly 8 
July a 
.Inly a 

July a 

Jnly a 

Jnli- 8 
Jnlv 8 
July a 
July a 

July 8 
July 8 


.Inly 8 
July 8 
July a 

July 8 

July a 
Jnly 8 
July 8 

Jul.v 8 
Jnlv a 
,lulv 8 
July 8 
July E 

July i 

July a 

July o 

J'l:;,- -■ 
J uiy i 
,lu!y = 

Jul.v 1 

J.r.v f 

.l,i;y ; 
J'lly t; 

Jlli.V V 

.luiy r. 


RiLr riT. 
1 July 85' 

I July 85 IJ Julj M 

I Jnly 8j jdJbIjM 

1 July 85 

(July 8j flbr.d 

E July Ej 

1 July 8 J 
E July 8 s 

1 July SsEilag-H 
E July 85 

1 July es' E Oel B 

I July 85I 
1 Jnly 8;! 

1 July 8}. I Jrif I7 

1 Jut aj 

1 .luly Ss 
1 'ul.v 85 
1 .luK 85 
1 July 8s 




1 Jnly 85 
1 July Ss 
1 Jul? Ss 

1 July 8] 
I July 85 
I July S] 
. July Si 

1 July S3 
I JuJy B) 

I July Ss 

1 July Bj 

1 July 85 
1 July Ss 
I July 85 

1 Jnly 85 
1 July Sj 
I July 8s 
E Julj- Sj 
t Jnly 85 
1 July 85 
1 July 8i 

I July 3s 

1 Jnly Bj 

1 July £5 

1 July 8; ) Aja.M 

1 July E.t, 1 JolyE; 

1 July 83I I Ajv. t} 

1 July Bs 

lOet, h 

■ Jolyl) 

E July li 

I Apr. *• 

1 July 8j 
1 July 85 

I Jnly Ej 

1 July as 
E July [>5 
T July 85 
■ ,ruly r.i 

1 July 8} 

14 Sov. » 

1 tici. a 

I July Is I July 87 

1 July E; ,-- Jan. M 



w»rd King. U.Col. ReRi-: 

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e^eur, Lt.Col. h-p. 5 Idnoorg -. 
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lOjBihiro Rest. ('8 Foot) ... J 
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^nib.p.KiDg'b Royal Rides), 
l^v'air' Qpn9raJ, Inland .,. 
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len Wftlker. Lt.Vol.h.]!. 3 Biib- 
Absdic,™ Ll.Cat. b.p. 5 Laii=. 
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14 Sept. 58 
ID Sept. 58 
3 June 59 
?9 JuuesS 

la i'ol). 58 

6 Apr. Si 
a; Aug. 51 
iSOct. 59 
31 Deo. 58 

13 July s8 
a6 Apr. 5B 
13 Apr. s8 
laDso. J7 

30 Oct. 57 
19 Aoff- s* 

31 May S9 

eB June 57 
joOot. 57 

19 Juna 57 
16 Ang. 61 
18 Sepl.6a 

10 May 61 

6 Aug, jS 

9 Deo. 6a 
i6 Nov. 60 
3 Deo. 61 

3 July 60 
1 1 Ooi. 6e 

iS July 65 
13 Jitn. 63 
10 ifab. 63 

7 Apr- 63 

a^Joly 6* 

ji Apr. ;ji 1 July Si 
J May 77; 1 Jnl.r Bi 
1 Ju^ G 

1! JaaesS 5 U«J «3 

36 July 5j 17 Not. 63 
iB Deo. 6a' T Mbt. 64 
33 Nov. 6d 39 Uor- 64 

ejkily 77 
a9 Sept, JJ 

as Sept- J? 
1 Oct. n 

■4 Feb. £0 

16 Apr. 61 

7 Oct. 59 

13 Deo. S9 

JO Sept. 59 
ai Sept. 6a 
aaFeb. 61 

IS Juoe sS 

iS May 53 

15 Nov. 61 

isOot. 58 
34 Jul. 6} 
ai July 6 J 
a6 Feb. 64 
iB Dec. 60 

II June 64 

I, Oct. 64 

3 Jon. 63 

a Sept. 6; 

29 June 66 

10 Nov. 65 
17 Apr. 6| 

11 Dec 66 
li May 66 

30 Oct. 66 
1 5 Jane 66 

3 Apf ■ 69 
13 July 67 
21 June 67 

I July Bi 
iJuIy Bi 
I July Bi 

I Oct. 77 t Jnly Bi 
I Jnly Si 
1 Jaly 81 


iriricl, CkU-kfiftfr 
mas Ainicw Walltico 


ii-.un[£ l^^c.ZI.Coi, h.p, J Dra-I 
irdA; Ai^t. A-ij. lien, Jietteif > 
Llkioar Mn^rtoD (Er-jinb.p. 14! 
, Atntt. Itup.. Rfmaitiif htl<i*t. \ 
bn Svut'in. U.Cfl. .UiidrnsS.C, 
nab'>c. /.'.Co/. Hombiiy S. C .. 
ilbm Siewurt. IJ.fM. b.p. 

i.p. i 

■ Reffiment r rcq Font) , 

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Ttsbjrt R«i£Lmc]jti Dutriri; 

■~r,3Ikar I 

ioi.Tn.-' .ipr,=" DSO. Lt.Ci:!. I 
■b-*m LiuUt iTjr*T)tr\' (106 P.) f 
. F.Cranrurd././.CoA Mad. B.C. 
ciicvr Liddcll."' LI.Col. h.p, > 

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la Maifurru, Ll.C-A. h.p. BsdOX > 

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l.-»inpb«ll."*CB, t).r-(. hp. I 
.:: Ii.ia.rib>; .J. .<. (Jrii, Dublin \ 

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T. .Se|i«iii. LLC:'. MjiilntiiS.C'. 
■J-K:.'id. /.(.(■.,(, h.p. isHii:.. .. 
Jvlinil, I.'.C-J. Hoiolmj- SlaffC. 
hi.rit". li jrrfti."'J.f.(W.hii.> 

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1 lJ.,i.'b.-.-. il.Ci.!, h.p. Wilt- i 

'JI. :'..' t>j''Ci 5 

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i.lie-l--r ItiU'l (j6 Fnol) j 

..'IiT.^'jk Luivi'.i. LI.Col. (from") 

in. I J. A. 0,ii./„r B. Jrl.,[ 

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:, hI I'i'.-tvnmn. Hitiof, R. Art 
■riili. /.'-''-'/. Miidnn Suilf C. 
'.I. h; ^r^Wiirl. f,l Col (from"' 

oFob. 58 II Fell- 63 

58 Apr. Sj' 

ai'ai Oct. 67 

a Feb. Sj II July ej 
aoJiily 55'3ajun0 58 
a7 July .ssl 8 Sept.59 

ao Fob. SS 
II May 55 

3 Juns 61 

I Sopt.^5 
j8 Mar. ;8 

as J"". 59 
14 Jnno 55 

I'l Hcpl.55 
jG Sept.js 
17 May 61 

! Oct. 55 
1:1 Oct. s3 

aoOct. 5^ 

3 Jnly 6a 

;i AaB.S4 

L-r.I' !•: ^r^Wiin. /.I Col (from) 

/",-.' ) 

■ .. I.r • -I. IMiL,-Ml.Si4iU{'.,i7w. jUec. ssl-rOct. j6 
1.'. L'. •■■■'. V -!';'"'l.iltr,jr/i3 I J U.:i: 5^jil>J<lly 37 

14 Feb. 72 
iB Dec. 67 

lo May 71 

S Nov. 70 

13 Juno 65 

?o July 67 
27 July 67 

S May 6f 

1 3 Fob. 6a 

30 May 74 
I Scot .67 
a Itay (,'i 

1 Sept. 69 

?5 JuncO^ 

!'■ Sept. 67 
II Fell. 5tj,i-, Si'lJt.iPT 
laJuly tifti 7.hit3' 69 
I Dec- 63 i6SlluC'A 

I Oct 77 

1 Oct. 77 

lOot. 77 
■ Out. 77 
I Oct. 77 
1 Oct. 7J 
10 Mar. 78 
I May 78 
13 June 7B 

li Ang. 7B 
3 1 Dec- 73 
S Fob. 79 

17 Apr- 79 

a9 Apr. 79 
23 July 79 

4 Not- 79 
a a NflT. 79 
JI Juno 


II aBpt.i7 

3o00l. 66 
10 Apr. s& 
jj July 59 

3 July 6c 

16 Oct. 55 

13 Nov. sO 

I Jnly 3i 
I Jaly Bi 
I Jnly Si 
I Jnly Si 
1 July Bi 
I July Si 
I July Si 

I July Si 

I Jnly Bi 

I July 81 

I Jnly Si 

I July 81 

1 July 3i 

1 July 3i 
I Jolj- S I 

1 July Si 
1 July 3i 
1 July Bi 
1 July 3 

ailt FIT. 

ai June So 

1 Dee. So 

10 Apr. 3i 

ao July 75 ao July 

'7 July 75!a7 July 81 

J 6 Nov. 55 
r4 (let, (>3 

S Apr. j9 
7 Deo- 6; 
21 Juu. S7 
7 riov.65 
I Apr. s* 

19 Da:. 5s 

11 Mar, 6^ 
S Oct. :ii 

., Oct. <i 

a Oct, &7 
a; Oct. 

M Oet, 6j 

3 Fob- 6g 

[8 Oet. 51, 

I Suv.d; 

1 Oct. ;; 
16 .\"uv- 67 

3 Oct. 7j 

7 Roc. It; 
7 Dee, 6; 

31 Dee. 73 

29 May 75 

i-i Feb. 61 
I Sopt,75 
1 July Si 

16 Sept, 7 6 
June 79 

j6 Scpt,75 

Sept. 7 5 

1 July 81 

a Oet, 73 

j; June So 

10 Oct. 7S 
t July Si 

5 July 7a 

11 Oct, J, 
:2 Nov- 79 

6 Nov. 7.' 

1 July Si 

7 nec. 7: 
7 i>i:i:. 75 

14 Aug. Bi 

5 Aug, 3i 

14 AUE, 3i 
1 Sept.Si 
I J Scpt.Si 

16 Scpt.Si 
3 Apr, Si 

;6 Sept. Si 
j6 Sc|iL-8i 

■9 Sept. Si 
luOcr. 74 

:; Oct. El 

7 Oct. C 
lO Oct. St 
iS Oct. Si 
10 May Si 

Ji Oct. Si 

I Jnly Bs 
I July Bs 
1 July 8; 

1 July 8; 
I July Ss 

I July Bs 

I July 
1 July 85 
I July 8s 

I July 3s 

1 July 8; 

I July 3; 

I July Bs 

I July B5 

I Jnly Bs 

I Jnly 85 

1 July Sj 

I July 8j 

I Joly Sj 

I Jnly 8; 

I Jnly B5 

I July 35 

1 July Bs 
I July 85 

T July 6j 

I July 85 

I July Bs 

I July 55 
?o July S3 
27 July Es 

14 AUS. S; 

15 Aug. B; 

14 AUE, Sj 
I Sopt,Si 
3 Sept. 8 J 

16 Sept. 85 


rt Sept. 65 
lO Sept. 6_ 
a J Sept. Ss 
1 OilP. is 
! Uet. 85 

7 Oct. S; 
.^oOct. Si 

iSOCt. S; 

19 Oct. Ss 
]i Oct. Ss 

a a Jul J 

29 Sept.8G 

I July 

7 July 

I July 

1 July 81 
I July 


2 Mar. 3i 

16 Nov, a 

I July 87 

1 July B7 
I July B7 

S July B6 
31 Jnly BG 

14 Aug. 87 
JO Juno 34 
)4 Aug. B7 

13 Sept. 87 
t6 Scpt,87 

a Deo. 33 

I July 87 
7 Oet. 87 

aSOct. 87 
July Si 

16 .Nov. Ss 


7 Dec. % \ ^ ftcc. &-A 
7 Doc. ai\ 1 Occ. " 



V€ Kniiiuia Itavlil Milletl BrowD, 14. 


I coutws, 

rad met, 

lor IH MBIT. 

Vfl. Jii'liuKl MUil't^oriM. 
UiiiiLiiii M'lfuill, U.cJ. MadruSCafru 

SDto. S5 

B Dee. i; 
WtlliKtli ilenry' Thnmimon,*'' I'.Cof.l I., »,._ ,, 

h.ii. . UriKu-.! liu»rd« ... : j |'° "■' *^ 

Fn-il. I'. KfymT,-" CH.I.t.l-ol. from li,p. ] I,. ,,o_ ,. 

It. [■■lis., fiui,. :./ SiiinnlUng, AlitrAot ( , ""' ' 
Itoiirv Moiiuu, IJ.i'at. Iluiriiiil Swtruonw » Dae. jj 
Huiirj- KiLw. Colvilo, CH.ilaJar, Or.Qiit.' 

Will. S. Hvlilierl. LI.Cul. R. Artilloi')' 

Arlliiir1le>liarC<:liii|imHii./,'.Csl.liaiwB.C.I t Jan. $£ 
Jiilcn i\viiv1inLELl. /-'.tW, Homlmy ^-C. ...I ^Jaii- ^fi 
I^Hiiriivtm KnuK'iH ^auru. Cot. Cam.] L.^ »„, , 

li.inil Mi.i-m« J ;'» *'"^- '* 

Williuiii tlsiiry Nol>k'.>»Zl.ail.h.|i.K.Art.! 

Kitviinl nniuur KllioU. £l.Cil,lt(irB)AR.;ii Cue. J7 
Knuii'ih WiiLiiim Vlan\,Li.Cal. Royal Art.. ii Dec. 97 
frill. rlisrliM Ml. Jiplm /,(.(?oI,Miii[m»8.C,>oJa". i6 
Si'liBBiiim IVhid^ llHuliin, Ll.Val, Rtgi-1 ■ , iv.v - 

uil rilwrii'i. l■.,.^l^ff■ J I sroD. jB 

Aiil.iir limillv Hill Wnl.b, Oil. tin.. 1 .„ ,„_ 

H.iy,ilMi.riri™ jl'S-ipr. s* 

J<tliit I >i inicnni*, Tb'. (Vn. R. MnrinflH ...'19 Apr. 54 
Kl>iur*tiikili M. Wiiufleock.lJ.f'aJ, Bombay ) 

Suiiri'i>ri>« j 

l-'mliTu'lt Auuii»iUKU>Mii'uri»r.i(,(V:I, \ 

li.|i. ]<-ivuL KiiKiiioi^rp i 

H illiiim Vmp.v Uro-Kuloir, f VU. U.Cel. i 

h.L>, 1 LiruM'iuia Liuiirdu ... , i 


lUuiP'ra . 1 

i*|if*in'¥r Kirlil. J.'.<'ip.'^\'nnvivkiihire t 

Hi'irininii (n !■'.) 

7 June 57 
S Not. }B 
w Feb. 67 

J3 Aag.fi4 
BDeo. 6] 
la Feb. 73 


I cDunu. 



8 Dm. j3 B Dec. Si 8 Deo. 8s 

8 Dec. 75 B Dec. 81 8 Dec. 8] 

I Jaly Bi 9 Dec. 81 1 g Deo. ia ^Dctl) 

I i I 

■tj Aug.So^ia Dec. 8e 17 Deo. ty 

,!!■-, S)|i8 Apr. ffl 
^t> Apr, sS'30 Dec. i57'?a Dee. 75 » Dec. Bi » F>ec. flj' 

L Oct. 7o'i5Mar.73J I iN'ov.!]! J Jen. Bfi' 

10 June 59I s Julj 7a' i Jnly 79 iB ttijT. B» a Jsa. 8J{ 
" ' ■ ■ ' ' "4 Jan. 86, 

t Jbd. 86; 
3 Jan. 86^ 
16 JeiL 96 

i Feb. i6 

itSept.;;! 4 Jan. 6s 4 J on. 76: 4 Jnn. Ba 
34 Mar. 38 4 Jan. 6s' 4 Jod. 76 4 Jan, 83 

3j Jane^j ag Sept,65l 1 Oct. 77 13 Apr. Sj 

6 Uar. j6 jn Mar. 66 16 Jan. 75 16 Jan. 8a 
17 Apr, j8ja9 May 66 16 Jan. js!i6 Jan. Bi '6 Jan. K' 
ai May jBJ 2 Oct. 66 16 Jan. 75,16 Jan. 83^16 Jan. 16' 
17 Aug. 59 ao Jan. 6B ao Jan. 76 ao Jan. 87 70 Jan Bfi 

IB Ua; 6131 Fab. 6;' i Oct. 77|zj Jan. Baiis Jub 16 

' I 

7a Jiine55 icKoT.6s' t OcL 77 19 Apr. Ba' 1 Feb. 86 

19 Apr. Bi' I Feb. 16 

4 Fob. 8a 4 Fell. e6 

18 Feb. ea iB Kub. 86 


3 July 55, »i >'ov. 65' 1 Dec. 77 
ij May 57! 4 Feb. 68' 4 Feb. 76 

I Oct. sT It Jnly 67' I Oct. 77 


■J9 Apr. sBij Stay 61 'iB Mnj- joifl Sov. 79 iBFeb. 8a i3 Fi^h. B6 ■ Jaa. U 
7Aiii!.66'..;Jnn. 71 3"ec.7S 1 July 3i.i3 Feb. tj'i8F..l.,S6 
: IVb. ;i 4 Ftli. ;6 :; May 64 i Oel. 77 14 Feb. 3a :4 Fob. Si m Fdi. 13 

'''«-;wiwt',^.rI.';'.Vl''"'- "■"■ '*""■" ! -Si""- ^"- 5 'i'l"'^' "0«' 69 'SilW 6- =i Feb. 3.,as Feb. 86 a, F*. It 

"r";,.!^r;!i;;;,^v,:!;jr":":"::.':^^:i' ■ ■ '>^-i..iy.iv""-^' ■«Feb.,i;a7Feb.86 

7 Uar. 8] ; Uar. 86, 7 Har.ll 

7 Var. 8i| 7 Mar. 8s' 

;Uar. Baj ; Uar. B6 7llBt.ll 

iSMar, ia iBUar.B6! 

"■Ci:^„!;iiS ,';'.l>!- '::'::..™: 1 -^^ ^. - ^-' -- ^3'.. ■>- ^. » Feb. 74 

\invd llSinHiiOrlil. ;.(.iuf, Iteunul S.ll ; ilur. fo ;j Aug. 59 7 Mar. 68 7 Uar. 76 

';:n,rnii;r.i;':':i:*;;;:..':'::::':''ri '^•■— ■.j-.=3.ji>«-^: .■"■<.». 

(Mirar'U'iimiiKiiliHui, /.r.<'uMk<mlnvS.C. -'o Unr. j'' :: Nor. (6 »Mar. 61 as Mur. 76'aaUar. Ba aaUar. 86- 

Fml. I<i>iii. I'tifv White. LI.IW. (iViiin) - ~ 1 i < I 

li.p. I W,l. ItrKI.). <i>n>iii.pJ>a.i HV(( . iillrc.6i 4 .\iir. 6] >6 Feb. 61 14 Uar. 77 a4 Uar. 8> =4 Slar. 86' 

ln.rJLi l>,,-,t I ■. I i I 

l>nviil Henry Trad. K.Ci.f. Royal Kut. ... u l>ec. jt .7 Aufc'. 56 )■ Oct. *S ji Mar. 7s 31 Mar. ti it Jiar, 86 
.Vli>\anitiTji>r->inp Fdpili-. I.I.I'.', H.Kni:. !-• June ;- .-7 Aui;. 18 ji Oct, 68 31 Star, rj )i Mar. !i 11 Mar. 86 
Houry Jlen^liih Vikiri. U.l'.l. H. Kiln.. 11 IVt. 57 .■; Autf. js ji Oct. 08 ji Mar. 75 ji liar. Si 31 Mar. 86. 
ll,.imiii; II li,i'iiui|dH'il,.Uii',i*i-.t]*^«K to Muv ej ri [>cc. tp 1- May -(' 1 Apr, 86 

"■«'"! AnX";'' '■"'''"■'■'■''■■ ■■■''■! ■■ ■-^'"■5* ^'^'P'" ■Ap..,=; .Apr.S, iApr.B6'B0«.II 

''\±:.^rZ^^!^::^^^\ -^^^^^ ,Ji..y.5-^''-?r. .Julyf. .Apr.S, . Apr. S^.jJ.^S 

IMnarl W. IM.lif.f-.' ■• I'.,_l'... 1:.|.. ! ,, j,„ ,.,,..«„„.,, ja„ -, , j„i,. ;. .Apr. £a lApr. 8« iA|».» 

4 Apr. 81 4 Apr. 16' 

A,.\.Tu;i.vbKv:Ur..i. I.M-:. Ua.'.RuS.l- 


(■(if-' /..!-«.-?.■•■. Jt.;. 

. ml.'l .lo i'.".iroy Mif 
* LOhitV.iro Ho»rt. ^."' V.\^.^ 
Jli.-v !!;.■:•!■..■:■..■■"- ( f l- 

,nK. Wh-.n--^-,'- .■■.I- 

-;.i» ll*<i, ,1-Fi . 

; ■.MPi!! li-.:.:. u- - <•■ 

K, An, ) 

■,' If .. 

\^%<t ... 1 

«.:.-. War. I 

, . ,, » 

1 F. Kii[t I 

;: llilili- ! 

TVs:'.: \lvll^ 

■ «;,l.'.-,r; : 

if Jnn. 
4 Apr. 

.1 .'an. 
;.- M»r. 

yi JS Mar. ej -^ Jan. 71 1 July 
S5;rjBn. j7 4 -*i'r. tl t Apr. 

- Apr. «: '■■ O.-l. ;: :* A;r. 75 :, Ajr. !a 14 Apr. 16 

f,; 11 Ju'.y 1" .- Mar -- .-; K.-v. -i j Mar. 5; 16 Apr. 86' 

Z^i>. . 


,' \-. M.iii>vli-Am ' ',; 
« ■ ,'. 11. ■:■ ■ I ;< 

'.■ ■...■;ii'-y K.Mli.vv . 

IJ *\a". U*r-"** 
>' --.Ki-ie V-\'.--r .■. 

■; rr: ^^^^■.;■.■=^ "- 

; >v,: ;':vb.-. D.*. 

i'^lB ^^ • *-■-■ 
'. Krc: : 1'- ; 

III- ^^Tlii'T>l.-..V,-i"; 

'" . »nl I" i:.ur»; v. . 
A' -.■= \>j.V»- .'.! i',' 
. •.T-, B till" »r. .-' ■ 

^ .-17.1 J. «»:»■■-■ :,■ ."..■ 

_'»■, .* V-,m\'-^: '^ fc " . . 
V. ,•; .i.itH ;;.■■»■■ :-■< 
';-i- ,-k S*=~t7».T:, ;m.".." : 
■ . A:eiaidi7T: IV, .vX^ 

-■.,■* /■*.-.i-« 1 J .J.- i-.v . 
I .r /H.¥l-= Aii.-i-»*. JTr^-. 5 ai An 


:■■.:■: wv,hF-ijL 
.1.:. i;- — vi>; 

.■..». S 1- : 
r: w Saps'.' r,-# 1 
1-. iiiv,-^-. S-L : 

.;i.',t. j; .-: Mar, ., n"j-„ •- 1; Ap;. i.- 1= Apr, Br.'"9if-S 
4S<i':,.-- SI.V: .i! ;;tfi-:'l.7^j;,:i.\-: - .! .Vrt- '-- ;i Apr. i* --1 Apt-M 
11 May o- ;; M;'y c; iJ r- - .^=r •; ;1 Apr, n' 

l-'^V^, r; ...IW. .-, -IVi-. -.-ijMar. St aj Arr, J: ;j Apr. S6.i7l>«-* 
i,i;-,;v.*>.-,- A,l<, ,,*..• Nvr- .iV.jy-: .- M»- f; ; May It 
.wiiy J- iji\*, ... i ScpMj 11 Ji-;. -; :M»ys; i Mtiy M iJIajll 
J tV*. ;,= .-- May » ;- Kf.: •• :. .;;( i: 1 May 16 

•'»-,-.■ 4.aa, -! t ."»=.;. i ■ May ic 
#(;•:---• •■ .'iT ;■ .- :■»•>.• =: - May =: 
iVi, - ;: N.-i -; ;Ji:-f; ;.-i=«i* 

V»T- ,- :- V.y i,- :.. ."i-! ■; :; J==«fc ;j JuwH 

:4<^:£e i 
.Jai: .' 

:: S.-t . 

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t. M*7 


.- Sty; 
.■-. S.-v 
». Av- 
--^ .W, 
t.- .\r- 



4 .'i7rf ,',; 
1 .';i* .-,; 

.' ;■ { •; 

,* » .'i-.-.e r^ .-.- ," i7f -7 !7 :■-:■.! 
.V ;. Ma.% - :;i7 -T 
,■ i.-Mar :* iiV:. -■ 

.4 i{.'a;e-t m >.« -; 
:■ -Ytf 1 •.: -J S-. 

;rii: :4 ;■!-;« »• 

5 ."ily S: J ."iy •? 

J Jnly « 

,-. .'iy iv 1: .*i;y i; 

J Sot. S3 

:; :»«.': i; Jl'y *r 

■.-. riT !; r: J-i'.y JS 


mwii»iii. r*: z(.cw. B. Att 

tmtM Uoodr. U.0>1. lad I 

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till. JTiur. KotilI Artlllan' 
ro^titarwiai.''*CB,LI Col, 1 
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« Apr. ss 
» July ss 

L£ 3£ar. Ai 
!{ Jons to 

» Sept. .t7 

( Dm. jj 37 4ag,j> 


igJwn. » 

6 Not. fio 

»S Sov. 57 

II Dec. S7 

HJnly Sg 

I Oat. fit 

11 j Juno 65 

7Apr. jC 

jApr. jfi 

16 Ang. j6 » Feb. 57 
16AQJ.56I jMay Ad 
•oAiig. }« jAog.jB 

11 Judo 56 

18 Dae. sj 


30 Nov. Cp 
loJotj 6^ 
■I JnnetO 

II Jonejf 

iSD». ij 

la Ang. 61 

^ BcpLj6.i7MAy 5. 
ij Sept. s6|JH Apr. j. 

J ABg. 6j 
3 Aug. 6; 

iajbs. n 

gJui. 63 

30 Ang. 64 

36 Not. «a 

13 Jan- 09 

» Sept. 64 

11 Not. M 

E Jim. £7 

16 Adit. '^ 
1 6 Aug. fie 
3a Aug, 6B 

30 Mar- fi? 

19 May 67 
iS Aug. e« 
CJoly 67 

«Jalr <7 

■4 Apr. }t 
ao Sept- AG 

ifi tCar. a 
7 Aag- s j 

"Out. H 
14 Apr. S9 

30 Oct. 36 4 Ang. (So 
...... '11 jKnu^fi 

Ii70ct, 66 

4 Not. jfi 7 tiept. 5A 
1 Sapt.te 4 Sepl.C] 

4 JunDdl tS JAD, 63 
1 Oct. 57 
& Jane 6a 

lo ScpL^S 
: E Jime 59 
4 Valt. sB 

6 Not. sB 

3 Dot. 63 
33 Dec. 64 

II Nov, fig 
■ Fob. 67 


i» July 7j 
4 Jooan 
vv Nov. 70 

I J Apr. 77 
lOot. 77 

14 July *o 

1 Jnly Bi 

I Jaly Bi 

»8^. 77 

14 July 7] 

>4Joly 7! 

6 Aog. 76 
16 Aog. j6 
» Aag. 76 

II Ang. 75 
31 Jul; So 

8 Sept. 71 

10 SepC, 7* 



14 July Bi 
1 Uar.8i 

»i JuJt 81 

>t July Bi 
01 July Bi 
■1 July Bi 
■1 Jnly S> 
iUbt, Bi 
>4 Jnly Ba 

>4 Jnly Si 

iS Ang, Bi 

16 Aug, Bi 
K Ang. Bi 

31 Ans- S3 


97 Sept. jS 
B S«p(.S3 

B B«pt.89 
» SopuBi 
I Out. ti 

■ •» PAI. 

■I July )« 
■I Jnly 16 

31 July Btjii Jttly a 
ij Jnly n 

t6 KOT. SB 


14 JDly K 
iB July M 
11 July B6 

31 July B« II Jnly (■ 

II July SB 

■I Jul/ n 

TO Sept, 7& 30 Sop t. Si 
13 8ppl.6B'33 Sept, J6! 13 acpt.Bi 

II Bspt. Ba 36 Uay jtlii Stpt-Si 

iJnJy «s 

3 Ang, 67 
loOot. 6B 

6 Jaly 67 
ig Uvc. 69 

4 Sow. 6e 
4 Sepl- 71 
B Aug. 65 

lo Nor,6£ 
9 Aug. 7' 

16 Jan. 63 14 Mar. 6B 

I Apr. 74 ig SopkBi 

4 Uat, 8a iB Not. Bi 

30 Got. 76 3D Oot. Si 
iBOot, 7j;3BOct. 81 

I 9 Dm. 76 

4 Nov- 76. 4 Nov. Si 
13 Aug, 77 18 Ndt-Si 
I Oct. 77 iS Not. Bi 
18 Nor. S3 
18 Not. Bi 

18 Not- 81 

iB Not. 81 

31 Dot. 7 
■ 7 Apr. 7; 

BI July 78 

tgOct. 6a II Juno;! li JDiie79 
B DH. j9^i9Sept.67!iDOct- ?gjBN0V-89 

31 Dm. si ' 
II Fob. 6s 

19 Deo- 60 
14 Feb. 6j 

19 Hay 67 

10 Oct, 6( 

4 Oct, 71 
17 Aug. jB 

19 July sB 30 Apr- 60 

3 Aug-73,Ji OL-t- 7918N0V.81 
31 Ang. 66 3D Nov. jt tS Nov. Bi 

3$ Ang. 73'tgNov. 79 jB Not. Bi 
1 Apr, 74 'iq Nut. 79 18 Nov. 8a 
13 June 74 |3g Not, 79' tS Nov- 81 

3iOet. 7; 39 Not- 79 18 Nov, B3 

J Oct. 7619 Nov. 79'iB Nov. Bi 
1 Aug. 73 B Dm. 79 i3 Nov, S3 

II July W 

33 July 86 
■4 July 86 

34 July B6 

t6 Ang. B6 
16 Aug, 116 

» Ang. 86 

ai Ang, 86 

3» Aog. 86 


10 B(Vt.B6 

11 Sept. 86 

30 SapL8( 
'J aeptSB 
ig Bepi.S6 

39 Sept. 86 

I Oct. S« 

■oOct. 88 
38 Oct. 8S 
1 Nov. 36 
4 Nov- 86 
iB Ncv. B6 
IB Nov. 86 
iB Nov. 86 

I a Nov, 86 

iB Nov. 86 
IB Nov. 86 

iB Nov- 86 

IB Not, 86 
iB Nov, 86 

18 Nov. 86 

1 8 Nov. 116 

18 Not. 86 
18 Nov. B6 

•9 Aug. 81 
16 Fall, is 

iSJaiL. W 

30 July 68' j Apr. Bo .8 Nov. Hi iH Nov, B6 

Dkwaa."* U.cgl, h.p. 1 

. jr-jii^laigManii' ijghi] 
Toot) // 

4 May 6o| 1 Jiin- 63! 4 May 71, 4 Mny Bo iB ."(ot- 8i'i8 Nov. 86 
I _ I . .. ...... jj j^ii, jj 

iB Nov, 86 

syeb. 61! II Apr. 6t'33July 70 i Bapt.Sa 18 Xov. 81 

4 Jin. 61I13 July 64 II June 67 

igOcl. 6i,iB Jwi- 67 tt on. 68 

B Jnly 6i'i8 Jnly 6]!>ieept.74 

JO Fob. S5 * July SJ '9 Oct. 68 
7 Nov. 6j ir Jas- 67 

4Sept.6ii'36Peb- 64 

14 Ang.s8 II Apr. 6) 

18 Jul. 6g 

I Jnly 63 
] Jan. 66 
34 July 6r 

1 Mir- 64 



3a June 6g 

>BUm' 70 

6 Jaly 7e 
14 jAn. 71 
3 Jnly 71 

13 Mar. 66 ,» Feb. 73 


S Nov. Bo 18 Not. Bi 
lE Doo. Ba.iB Not, 9i 

I Mar. Bi iS Nov. 81 

I July 8i{i8 Nov-Bi 
1 Jnly Bi'iB Kov. 8> 
1 Jnly Bi iB Nov-Bi 

iB Nov. BA 
18 Not. 86 
iB Not. BB 

I Joly Bi 

1 July 81 
I July 81 
I Jnlv Bi 

I Jnly St' 

iB Nov. Bi 


iBNdT, Bl 
iB Not. Si 

IB Not. 86 

18 Nov. 86 
iB Nov, 88 
S Not. 86 

iB Nov. 86 

iB Hot. Si 
18 Hot. B6 
iB Nor, 86 


18 Not. 88 

1 r Apr. 87 




H'lir. AilliiiiJiiK. WsJInn:, r.l.lM. lI.Enjr. 

Hi' Aiiliiii U'lii, Mu^kwi.rtli, U-irl.i 

ilHiuy, U'p.yul KnifiiiisrH i 

\tiy.iiai i.i 'jB K.J i 

ft.r- t^jHiiirl J. Ijij^iiril, Unjur, \au-} 

I'li^i'T \t'-iiiiii'ii-^ i^ V\} - -, y 

JhI'jj^iI I'. l'<ijr,>, i/tf/'"-, \L \tlA\\Kry 

jj V. I', V^ Itfviriiilil l^iiiru llfLJl, M'ljtr. i 

M'ljiil Kiik"*''*'!'" - i 

y/un. .Ml' villi- 1 ;. J. V 111! It'll!, if'u'. IlillnKriK. 
|i.i.r,Hi-iii'> J, 'I'. Hiti\_\nrilr Ml"j»f, iiinh^ t 

liLinl ljlj/ht lnnbiiLrv i 

■jtiil^iinunli- I'.M, A. A, I'lirU.-lli, C'Jfi', I 

l.l.l\J. MulLii I'ltlirililn ArUIIury J 

ll'i l.jii.v l{ K. Wiiiil'IriilKC, LI.Oil. I 

Jli|/Tikiiiy Stitfri'iii'lJn ... -,,.. -..J 

>i,i.f. JliMiry llj'hv M»i:^in'Kiir,'"' ^dAr, , 

li,)i. WiinvKirr Kiitfl. (nv KiKilJj J<i1f[ 

.!• ClIMjl ^1 Mr y«ff« ( 

Jiiliri IfjLV^HiiM. I.t.l'al. \ liiiLinx^ii{iiuintH.,. 
■ [•iirj llnlliim I'lirr.*-' f'Ma. U.i-ol.i 

li.|i. Ho FM-t I.I.. JiilmiLry; .lUr <If 

I\IIII1' *•' llir tfurrtt , J 

1 Til rill' 111 in I'.Jutiii'H. I./.CnI. Hijiiiliiiy H. C. 

llu'iivR .Niii'iiU, Ar.fW.lii'iiiniiH. (1 


IliilHiilll, .liiiiliiiih. LUU. MiiiIninH. ('.... 

Kiliii'iiiil H>ti<l<>iiliiLiii. I.l.l\,l. Ki'iiiniltl.l'. 

Wurillawr. Aiiilvmm.CJt. M.IViJ, IMu- 1 
Kill HIMirrririiK J 

ITIiirlr-M ll.l'nIiKir, l.l.fil. lh'Minil.1. I- 

lliHirKi' A, JiiimIi. IJiiil, a<mlmy H, i:,... 

■Iiuii™u, TiillMr, I.I.IU. MnilninH, ('. 

TliiiK. II. lUiili'inixxi, U.IU. Mmlm H. r. 

Jiiliii A lllrliiiiMiiil, l.rt\.l. Minima M,(\... 

inmrli'-i A, I'lii-li'iiiiF, U.ful, Mmlraii H, 1-. 

Kilw, Kiiili'M I'lilliiiKliim. U.IU. II. An, 

Ilpiii'.Y l< HiniiliTi-iiii. Ii.iw. Ki'imul U. I'. 

lIlHiTKl' Alkitm. J.'.IW. lU'iiciilD. I', ,., ..... 

rnul, J.H, Ailiilii. ).l l\-l. IliiiiilMiv if.i'. ... 

(Uuin. J, 1> I'linlllli'iA. I'.lW. Miii'ln* H.r. 

WlHilliu II. Hil-m, (/ (,■(, ll,iUililj«.C. 

UnliHilin l-'ni'l«h|f. /.M\.r Muilifm s, r. .. 

llvii. Nii'Ik'Ihh l(-vvrii. I '.I '.if.lliillilsir H.C. 
.llituhT.J,in..i.-ViiilMlimi,--"),J l'"l.}, 
II. Kh>i Vi<i'k^;1iii'i>)ti'MI.^ .I.A. tirm- '^ 

(, !>»».■ «I'.'i-I ), 

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ll.tW lii.,li liiil.- iSi. fVmll i 

H.!*. V\u^ I'lvirU'-' Ifi'Klfiviiiiiii. !U-{t,T^ \ 

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tl*.'rKii Aut- I'lr 'i.T, ('.I'..;. Mnilnm 8.1", 
VTiUiKni V%-riu<\ ': I'v.'. MnOniM f. k\ 
Willi;.m 4V lU.I |i.-iii^^:. I mW, ^ Ijnuvrs 

(!,■» v:tv!i n ill' \i.'!-!iii.'i.'irt-j. JMV; 

Hh'^m" Vi[i'*tr\ V 

I'lwiVi. 11.11V,' Cmii!, Jf (.■.' U'lmil ti k" 
Wxu Kifc^niixl'lljilHlv:"*. V ' I'...' H^'iii; Si' 
Kitvilli l!,'.l,l>. (-!■.■ Uii.calWlalVi-.'r;-. 
l'li;»v\>\'r."-:r-rrtiiiti'. I ' \ ' U -^1'^ 
Jav lli'ii rix-n.[. I :iut. ;r I'-'.. .M:t.LrAj>Si'. 
V.rt*.li''-N.i;i;. I ■ <■-'.'. li.'iiin'. MmiVi'.-rj* 

l'h»» I'.'I'T Ni'W I'.TT. / f I','-'. ll.':f.l':*V- S .'- 

l'luir;o- IV .■.',■■.'.. i:-.'. '■(*'. .'-.»■ ■. li, -.'.'.- 
\vt,» Stjifi" ■:■■■■' I 

riiniVs .' 1' ^■.■- im'..'., i'? .■(.!".■ . 
M».lra»S;.i^ i'. ' » • 

ISA':"!;!? Il*'.:v\ i*j\.'». J. -.'■.■.■- Mi.Lr:!^ :^ ^* 

l^rti Wv. ■'.-"- v'".4» k^.-'.'.-t:.! L":'.'.'\. ' 
it-; lik-: I ■. ,-- li ;1HU 1 

6<,-'\' \i.:i J.,..,'.. ;^.: .« .. .K K: ; 
«;rv V 11 >.»,.,;.'»■*- li«.i™.. S »■ 
K.>!x'rt W, H,-»l.i-,>. : ■ iV.', Vminu S 
t'.i .-!■■«. 



r, line, 'a.i; AiiK.7] i July ii it Xi.v. oi ie>'ov.3d 

1 Jul)' ti'ii Dec. jjl I JoJr ei[iS Sot. Gj'iaSov.Ee 

17 Jan. C; I >''cl>. U M -lane 7^1 1 July £■ le Kor. Gi^i Nov. E« 

16 Juii. F.i M Jmi. *j iSOct. 71! 1 July 3i iBXo».Bj;i! Sot.W 
18 Dee. 61 lAJuii, 7518 Dec. Bi 

13 Jbii. 69 

ij Jiiii. fii n July 69 

i^Miir. s* 15 Not. 60 

II Niiv.s''. SOct. 61 

V) May jS I } JaiiE do 

II Unr. £1 ji Fall. 6; 

I Jul)' Ci iG Jan. 9t 
11 OCT. 77 i» Fell. Bi 
18 Oct. 761 May Si 

?9 Jan. 70 II Not. 83 

II Not. *a ax Kov. jtr' 

10 ^ov. 6g ?9 Nov. 79' 
25 JiLII. 71 I Julj 81 
ij JiiD. 78 lEHov. 3i 

iB Not. Ba'rS Nor. 84 
18 NoT.Si iB K0T.86 
iS Xov.Sj'iB N0Y.S6 
iBNOT.Bi i8:>uv.36 

iG N0T.B1I18 Nor. 8i! 

I J Doc. 5fi' 5 July 57 u Dec liB'ii Dec. 76 
1.1 JNjc. jo II July S7''J "•«• ''8113 Dec. 76 

J Dec, jO 15 Bept.i; 
IjDoC. St ijOrt. 57 
I.) Doc. jO' 7 Nov. 57 

13 Deo. sfi ir Not. j; 

13 Doc. 08 
I J Dec. 68 

13 DoD. 6a 

13 Deo. 76 
13 Dec. 76 
13 Dec. j6 

13 Dec. 76 

13 Doc. 76 
13 Dec. 76 
13 Doc. 76 
1 3 Dec. 76 
13 Dec. 76 
13 Deo. jf 
I.i Doe. 75 



13 Doc. 6i 

3 Doe. 56J311 A]ir. jB 13 Dec. 6B 
3 Dec 3610 Uiiy 38 13 Doc. 68 
IJ Dec. <0 IV Alny 39 ij Dec. 68 
3 Drc. 16 1 Oct. J9 13 !>oo. 68 

3 Dee. j6 Hi Xeti. 60 li Deo. 68 
13 Ui'o. 56 37 JuiiB 61 13 Dl'C. 63 

u> Aiiir..s6 II Aut;. 67 

HI Dec. ^fi li JiiiiejT'-v J^e. 68 ->d Dec. 76 

!.■ Dl'C SI j..Ai>r js:.'.' IX-e. 6S|io Itec. 76 

ji»lVc,56 J t"e|H. s^ljo l>ce. fiS.joDee. 76 

>t Dec. 36 a.) i^ejiL 59 ju IK'c, ris -'O Deo. 76 

ji> IH'i', Jill -' May vi -v^lX'c. i^s ^ Dec. 76 

t .Inn. s7 14 Vi'li. 5a; * Jiiii. f^ 4 Jno. 7; 

4 Jnii. 57 .'4 Mov Ml 4 Juii. i>j 4 Jun, 77 

i I ' 

^.>>'i.»Y. s7 n .\u>:.59 ii.*Oci. 17 S liny t^j; 

i; Jnly r.i 1,. Nov.i'j'io 4ept.l'S| 1 July £ 

I i 

II Not. 81 II Not. 86' 

' I 

1 G Not. 8; :<4 Not. 86 ij Fob. I 

14 Nut, 81 J4 Not, 86' 

11 May El 

11 Dec, 
13 Dec. 
13 Dec. 
13 Due. 

13 Deo. 
13 Dec. 
13 Doe. 
13 Dee, 
ij Dec. 
13 Dec. 
13 Dec, 
18 Not. 
JO Dec, 
ID Dec. 
30 Dee, 
. 4 jHn, 

r 4 JuQ. 

14 Not. G6,J9 D*e. : 

B: i: Dec. 86 
Bi 13 Uuc. 86, 
Bi .3 Dec. 86 
8f,i3 DliC- 86 
8i 13 Dee, fo. 

Si 13 Doc. BO' 
81 13 Dec. 86. 
81 I.; Deo. G6 
Si 13 Dec. S6 
81 13 Doc. Bo' 
BjIijDcc. 86' 
Bi 13 Doc. a6i 
,Bi[iaDec. 86' 
Si'io Dve, B6> 
Silio Dec. 36 
81 ™ Doc. 86 
81 loDoc. B6' 
8: Ml Dec. B6 
S3 4 Jan. 87 

E} t Jan- B;' 


1 July 65'^? Juao69' ...,,, 

14 N,'v. ;S 1,! tVl". f,; 1; Ei-jil.ri. 1 Jol)' ii 

^ Mnr. Si 10 Jna. 87 ij Apr- 

ioJad. f.i 10 J.Ln. G7 


I Au^. 77 13 Jiiii. '' 

17 J:Mi. ^3 17 JuD. ;7 

.\.J;m. fT oJuly j-.-.-Jmi, 

6> .-o Jan. 

77 ^ J:i::. 

8: M Jill. 


_\-J]iu. ^- 7 Ju;i. :,._',> Jiiii. 

<v '".^ Ja'i, 

■7 -,,' J:.::, 

ii Jv. .!ai,- 


V Jiiii. *' c Mill', i*' ,-0 jilii. 

f^J ;o Jtl'J. 

■■' J-' .'a^:. 

:", ;,' Ja!.- 

J .\Ui 1,.. 1: !=,•;■(/ , f IV.' 

.■• iJ:;ly 

a- ;;J,i:i, 

!;, ;_: .':!■. . 


I.' J«v-e *? .'- .\:ii;. p# 13 Jn'y 

..-^ J Fell. 

: <>".■'■ 



-v l-V- -■ :.■ Ait, -■-•l".'.' 

r; .--• r.-i 

— ," V\!i 

;.• ."I'l. 


,vVV. .......v.:.'. „ ,--K. 

, ;,- {■.'■' 

-- .. c.' 


.'.'f.-. ,■ ■: M .■ -; :.-i\-.' 

.. .'.•»■.■■ 


: ^j r'l' . 


...,1;,-,'i - .VV 

-, 1- Mliv 

-; :'■ S.v 

■'. - Mur. 

: - 

I Mar .- .1 f.:;: > 1 

7-j jMiir 

-- ^ Mnr 

!-. : 1! .r. 


VM*7. ;■ : \;.i- i; i 

V. 4M,ir 

-- ;)!..r 

;'. t j;i,r. 


t Mar. I- i: s. V. iJ 4 Miir 

. 4 ll..r 

-- 4Ma.- 

■\ i y. -r 


iX:iT r - •■'■"■■ 7' 'Msr 

f-: J. >L\: 

-- 4M« 

:; .S--.T. 


iMar J- :- N ■.', <; 4Mar.c. 1 M..r -- 
1 Mar. 17 .■S.-',';,:v 4, ^. i Msr ■■ 

. V.T-i. 

!,*".■ ;.■* » '.* 
K.,. ;;,-...■■. 

.Lit .;;l.■^l. 
*l.\'t^^' I \V" 
Jaii'.'H ^J.'. 'li'.' v'-'Ct 

v.vl ■ 'V S.' - ■ > 
V"!l»r'^'. ■."'.' '■ .4 »* 

. S.'a.r!- Kii. 

s .« 


'I' ar- 

il rfa:-.. 

.V Mar i- 
K Mar .■ 


;. M.i> ;- :,! Mir. -.■ 

■j;.'v . :;A-^. -.;;.■ ;-t;: 

i :■■.:- 1? .-,- Ma- :t:.->'>;jr -- 

jv.' s,' .V Mar r. ii- Mir. -. 

, M-ir 


•1 .Vat 
r; 4 M47 
~ : \1±7 
:, :S M .T 

A .; .5 

: e'. .' 

:-5Ur ■; :-;.. 

j>U,- -.- .'. l-i 
; A;'r ;' . .1.- 

I>^ U.-J ^ * ' '.tf-U* 

>Lk-t;.- V :( ; A.- .'- 

»»:'>.-.> W -■- -■ 'I.'.-.'-. ■ 
IV4* X M V 1. 

I.-.. .. tij'i- 
r'.v< I 

,. )*t:-»* # !.•- 

,.l .- .,. S.i..r- 

-,'« ;.- .'.'.. '.^I'.'^'j. S. -■ 
.',; ;.' . .. ■-■«■,;'. S..' 

:f\i: .i i.-A-i,- ..' '■ >.'. 

4 A-'f 1- :i\.'.- i- . V;" 

- A.r .- :; i,; v, - A - 

:■ \-l^ :: -. Ar- ;; ; A:; 

*.' X;^ .- :.- ^i?- -7 --. A • 

n' l'..- -■ :.• :--t- I' r.' .1.-- 

. l"7. -■ 
- I 

K- AV 

:■- A r :? .'; A;; r. =. a.-r — V 

\\ - 



A'. ' 

A- r. 

1-.-^ I - 


-■nl.'i. D*>, If.Col.Mml. B.C 
Trmavn. H.Cal. Ln, 7 l>r. GUb 

■Kt, l/.ivr. R. AnitlBT/ 

rTj-,t(.iV.J^„rfull.Kcst-<g F.l 
ungAJtfinr. LC.fT'af. ituiDCrset 

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D'K.lBiTB apoltlawoode,"" 

10 Apr. 57H Junas9 
e Auu. 6> 8 Dae. 6; 
5 Jims 58 37 Ang.jB 

'TO Apr. *5^,ao Apr. 77 
n July jii t JulJ 61 
ij Nov.ea iB Apr. j6 
SlDiy 66 }i D«o. jS 

19 July s«|i6 4pr. ss'ji AuB-66>B8aot.79 

j[]li L1KUT. . 

Ill CI. I ciFTinr. 

KiUox. sSii Jane js' 9 Apr. n 

ID Sept. 56 II Dee. n\ 4 Bopi.67 

.Fob. 61 '"Dm. 6^! 4 Fab. j 3 
1'SM*7S7J 6JuLy67 

I Jul J Bi 

31 Deo. So 

1 Feb. Bi 
6 June 77 

20 Apr, B3 ao Apr. 

ST Apr. S] f J Apr. 

-a Apr. Bslaa Apt-. 
■ Mbj 83' 1 May 
I May S3' 1 May 

IS JonoBs' jMsy 



rg Doc, B7 


S;' 7 Mmy B/ 

9 Msy B3 9 Miky B7 
ilUr. Bi'iS Jljiy Sj' 
ai May S3 " Ma/ Uj »i Mny ( 

10 Aug. s6 Si Jan. 68 9 ^o^- 7* =4 Js". Sj 3i May B7 
n'ljApr. 58'ii Junefa " Jnnoj7 13 Juno 83 11 JUI1087 

Inl Wcihuntll. Lt.CcL Innla 

UALier4 li&i f\} - - ,, 

LaiTpnuB. tl.CDI.BmiK*! B.C. 
re. Zr/.'Cb/. b.p. IL Bikgiucors .. 
an I.. M.icheli. Lr.Col. R, Art 
( OM'lingKju.J.' (kil. HfUK. a.O. 
oAiiti^'yjii, U Col, H.tmbay 8.C 
«3apuaiki. Z,i, Col. BoDHalS.l!. 
Kkeu, ri>. U.rol ftongul S. C. 
■if. Scott. Z', Col EiuDgnl S. 0, 
riirUtn, U.fJol. MudriU SulHT 
:taii Mill J.-ii.i(.('ol. Bum, s.t:. 
T», (.li /,r lit Uuml.iiy a, 0„. 
I. Barnolt. ti.C^J, il»dTM S C. 

^PltU.ct.Lt.Cul. .Undrax g. C. 
Irei^nr ^leffUft. JfiifiJr, EL Art. 

ivii U"s*. I' cai tworaLa,*;. 

ry LijdcT i-'inTlLben, L/.Cal. ) 
m rir<>LlE3U ttjriKTi^rii (aj P.) j 
>ce.|t,i>url/,J,^.t"g/.ArjiTll ( 
frlaJi'l Uj^liiHTKUrH i[g] F.^ f 
Wlfo Waco, L(,fo(. Benni B.C. 
itamannoe riiokeo, Lf.fol, 1 

^miliura (104 K-l , j 

Skmriuft.ZI Cuf.UumbiiyS.U. 
lory Kyrv. tJ.<.'ol. Mo<lrji-i8,L', 

■fcin. /,i.L'i,;,il:ulni=HHiITt;. ^,. . . 

loylSE'l. t/.'-W. UumlulJ fl.C.'ji Dbc. sB b M«r. 61 
rupf. U.Cai. HjuJraH Staff (.'. 6 Jan. 39 4Aog.6i 
LODi.Jf.ijoi-.S.WiilujBurtlurer!, 6 Mar. 6j!3o Oct. 66 
Jltp.ur. /J.tbl, Jlnilm* d. r. '11 July jj>S May 6a 

. . . ,'• .. I..I.. t. _xx l«ilw -- in .liilu fl^'m .llIK' K4 

ifljimes?.- - - 
Not. i7 '3 -f""' ^ 

ijJnly iSUDoo- 57 
I July 57 iS May jB 
8 June6i 30 JnnoSj 

. Oct. 57 

4 Mar. sBl ' 'an. 6a 
ioOW. 5B|"F''b-*t 

j6 Aug. 64 

sOet. 67 
I July 69 

1 OeL 77 =7 Juna 83 17 J""""? 
iB May Bi 17 Jane 33 17 Juiie 87 

I July 77 I July B3 
jeept.7o'M Deo. 8oi6B«pt,8j 
I Oct 69! ' Oet. 77I ' 9^- ?i 

1 Mar. 701 4 Mar, 7SI 4 Uar. 84 
loOct. 7010 Oci. 78 » "fll 8* 
31 Deo. JO 31 Dec 7813' Dae. S4 

6 Jan. 71] 6JBO. 79] 6 Jau. 8s 
16 Fub. 7Bj 1 Jniy 81 "7 May Bfi 
11 July 69 II July J71" JQ'y 8j 

BJan.ta! lOn, 77.'4JuiyB3 

I July B7 
I July 87 

I July 8f 
1 July B7 
I July ii 
I July B7 
I Ju.y 8; 
iJulv 87 
I July 87 
14 July ij 14 Jot; gS 

41, L'-Coi. Bomiwy Suitr C.-lio JBly 57 
»oo,fljrt.i( (Vi/. B>inli«.yS.C,!!oJuly 57 
KaiiyfNU-rilnnijy,"* it'ijur, I I 


ao Xov. 67 10 July 70 

Wo-xMr t'f,i.iioiig"lri.lJ.'i6July 57''^*^" S^ '6 July 69 
If •I..I'. I ;n'H. i:il« , 1,1 JimooS ij ttb. 71 

16 Pa 

J Jon«6o[» July69 jo July 7720 July 83 ao July S} 

W l.-slcy 

f^rlci LI ■' ti Hil'iiin .. 
ri ■ 'liL'nuai'lL'. L'll. ciliJ. , 

Kii/inL-cr^ j 

Hil... I.' ■■ l!i:r.iil S, U. .. 
.U.-ni;! 1. /.' •''!. ll'-rj.Mi ri. 1;. 

t-.L'iUU ,,' ■■■'.M,i lrj« , 

16IJCI. 67 1 ' ^ M»)' 69 1 1 Apr. 76 
a3July 7o23Jiily 8j 

4 Ailtr- ST '^ ^"1' 58 4Alii;.69 
4 Aug, 57 ■» May iS. 4 Aiii;. 69 

4 Auk. 57 " ■foHO j9 ■'*''H-'^ 

t Auk. 57' '' -"'w- 59. * *'"-'■ *? 

4AUK.S7 "'"■ "'' 'i""-^ 
jj Mur. i>n,;j Miir. 68 

laj Ul.iir, /,'. 1 ■■.',. S.r. 
Itt.-:...:;. J '.'■.,'. M.ili-.i.srfC. 
!.T. [ij,-).,.-. .l/'i-,i'.i-.M^.iiiJs 

-vJfr^i'ic I'^IVJIVI-.. ^ /.f ^.'j/. I I 1 .. , I ,^ 

■« I!".-. ■. ^r,'■urg■<■■■.■l.lry^ jjApr. 6;! 9 liar. 6f U Deu. 74 
iu':ilS. i;. rgNOT. S3 JI Aii!,-.6o r.j Nov. 70 

B 3ept,7B>t July 8; i3H'ot.B7 

i« July 77' a6 July 8j's6 July Uj 
'5 Apr, 79 I Aui;. s; 
iJulyBi I Aug. 8] iAii<, 8; 

37 aiipt.Bi'15 J™u^= 3 .^ii.J 87 

4 Aug. 77' 4 *"g-8j 4A"^'B; 

4 Aug, 77 4 A^K-^J * *"- =' 

4 Aug. 77' 4 AllK- Sj^ 4 Au,' ^7 

4 Aug. 77! 4Aug. Bj 4 yii; 87 

4Aug,77 4Aut-. Sj 4 A.^. o, 

I 5 tiKpl 77 15 A.iK-or 

I July 81 IS Aug.Bj 15 Aug 0.- '4 Diic. B6 

9 Sot. 78 16 Aug. 8j 16 A.ik; B; 

Vt'-,1' /• r,' :: i-ilS .■ ,<,Not sB ji Aug.60 r,j Nov. 70 19 -not- 78 '" ""K- =i ■" "'■« ;' 
...!.M,W./.'.<.,Mi.,„^.,vS,C, .oAng.5,^ a.„i,. bi •" 4"t f'.== *"»f- " " 5^,? *J H J 'r^l 


',„'.';','■ mJ '- -oMiv(„ .jNuv,66 3oApr. ,3' . July 8.' 4P6I). 83.6Hb,...8, J July 84 

^' ' ill' 

' 61 '8 Doc. 6} 9 Apr, 7<^ 1 July 8i jOct. Bi 10 A-i-i.S; ; ■ .luncSj 


I ii i, .y init-i-hj' ) ill. 

Ilrutua-^iul ■Unirriu, LI (.'d ' ^ ^^^^ ,^ ,j d^c, 64 7 Dgo. 70, I July Bi Ji Sopt.83 >3 di-, 1 c, 1 


V? l.i'f.',!!™ til, 4"«. s;J;"". 59 40=t. 69 40=L. 77 * ««- »3 ' ' ' ^ 

.rnlL^r. >-r C„l R.K ^mecr-i .. Jut^o 57 "'>"■' s' ro Si,v. o, 7 Wc - j6 7 Uw- ^i J Lk./- w 

I- i'rflriar ■^' "*"' [L l^fii:- 
r. JiiBfiiton Lt CA ^IdiLni^ 

i;ju™58';AiK-55:-N"v;6i io^t. ;6 /Oct- 8i 70.-, B, 

.oOcl. 57.7l'oll. 6oioOm. 69 10 Oct 77ioOct B310O1. <>7 

I .■.!..;.T.t',t,.I.M»Ut:L-.ri.(.\)olJrt. 57 1 Juu. 6iiio(Jcl. 6.) JO Oct, 77301^01. Bjiou.i. 

rf-.,['T.,--v"il,:^«tlii.T,(.W, 1. ,5,>ct. 5,' 4 Msy 59 3 Aug. 67' i July 7916001, S3 3^ Ui;! 8; 

. Apr. E4 





II Deo. ;7 
II Deo. 37 
13 Deo. 57 

i» Don. jj 
4 Jan. ;g 
4JBU. j3 
4 Jan. 5B 

luJUI. 3^ 

31 Apr- 6j 

pj.i. BpeDoecXdwBrd Oir, Li. Col. (ftt>m J 

b.p. 04 Foot>» .^«iufaii^ Comatandaut \ 

and Secrtlarj. S. l£\Mar/ Cotliai I 

Theodore Wm. Hogg, Lt.Cal. Bengsl B.C. 
John Penoycuiok, ld,Col. R, Engineen --. 
ChuieBAiraiiB&ylSf,Zl.C>l. Bimgal B.C. 
TbOBuiB B. T&fauteBU, Ll.Col. Madras B.O 
HDTlack G. Pritohud, Lt.Col. Madng B.(! 
Wm. Henry Wilkins, Lt.Col. Bengal 8,0,' 
Boben Henry Palmer, £t. Col, BenKBlB,C, la Deo. J7 
jDha Gnereon, Lt.Col. Bombv; SUO'C.,,, 13 Deo. ;; 
XlphiiuUine BhaiT, Lt.Ctil. Uodras B. C.„ » Deo. 57 
Alei.FaiTlie Dobba, Lt.Col. Miidiu S, C, 11 Dec ^7 
George (Jhryaue, Lt.Col. Miulru Staff 0. n Deo. i; 
AlbertFra&Orahard.£<,C[>I.UadrBaS.C. laDeo. 37 
m.i.e. Arthur L'E. H, Holme*, Lt.Col. I _ ,,-. 

Bengal BtaffCorpa.,,. J '= ^^^ ■" 

Eonuw B- Bpemmui, Xl.Csl. I]eiiHal8,C, la Deo. 57 
jai, D. Mscpberaon. Cf.Cbl. Bengal 8. 0. lo Dec- 57 

ArtbnrPeelj U.Oot. 7 Uuaaare z Jane 6 

HerbertBruce Jaeob.ZI-Cal.BambayS-C. laDeo, n 

HeniT Fludjer, Mt^n-, BooLa Qoarda 

Wm,BliDttLDcUisrt.XI,Caf. B-AltUlery 
George Bean Uaodonell, Lt.Col. B. Arl.— 
Philip HeniT Oreig.Xt.CDi. B. Artillery... 
WillODgbb; Hunond Bandbam. Ll.Col. 1 

Bojal Artillery... t 

Thomu Jae. Cotlon, Cl.Cgl. MadraeB. C. 
FnoouiUiddlBiwai. Irl.CuJ. Uadras B. C. 
Bdvard MaoDonald BterenBOQ, Zt.CU.I 

lUdrM Staff CorpB J 

Obarlea J. B. Cahilf, Ll.Cil. Bombay S.U 
Hinwje Bicardo, Jfuj'dr, Qronadier Gnarda 
Jamea AnLhony Corballia, Lt.Ott. h.p.) 

Dublin Fiuiliers i 

Ohiu. JocDe Lndae Bill, Lt.Col. West) 

India ttegt. i 

JohnQrBhunU-Bae.ZJ.Col. Bombay 8.C. 
Bobert Atkins. Lt.Cal. Betiual Scaff Corps 
Jaa. Bicbard Harett, LI. C6i. Bonfial S. C, 
Cdmnnd Austin, Lt.Col. Madras A. Q.... 
Obarlea Jamea T. WMtlock, Ll.Ctl. 

Madras Staff Corps 

JohnBiddulph.Zrf.LliI, bengal Staff Corpc 
Henry Uarab Sept. Mognitb, Lt.Cel. 

Madras Staff Corps 

Goa.Braae Bimpson.^^.CoI. Bombay B.C. 
XdvinQlaasFena, £4.0)1. West Biding) 

Bogt. (76 F.). J 

Haplei George Stmt, £(.0>l. B. Eng 

BobertW.W. Follow, Uajor, Coldetream I 

Ouarda , J 

Obarlea Kyrle Chalfleld, Ll.Col. York- 1 

ehire Ligbtlnlantry (ji Fool) J 

p.1.0. Henry Manvers Moorsom, Lt.CoL I 

B. Artillery f 

Wm. Reeves Bnnbnry, Af. Clil. Bengal S.U. 

Ki.e, Bdw. Vloars Boyle, tf.Co/. R.Art.... 
maid George Anderson, K.Coi. North- ' 

amptoEisblre BeHt. (58 Foot) 

Arob, D. Campbell, Lt.Cot. Bengal B. C... 
Jas. W. A. Micbell,^',!:^. BengBlS.C... 
Horatio B. Kitchener, CJ:(i7. Curt. R.Rni(. 
Honiy C, O, DuBdalc,i(.t'ol. ItBuBriK-. 

William White. £i.CuJ. 1; lliiesars 

Tbomas Turner. Ll.Cil. Bcollish RiUaa ) 

(afiFooll ,. ..j 

Tbomaa Pilkirioion White, Lt.Col. B.Eng. 

Obarlea D.A, Strakcr, Ll.fol. &. Ait 

Chas, J. O'H. t'ergnson, Ll.Col. R. Bog... 
BdmojidADtrohuB. J%V,l'reiuvlicrUds, 

Thoa. J. I!, A. Stnddy. Ll.Col. E. An 

George Herbert Bollaud. Ll.Col. R. Eng... 

Francla T, Lloyd, t'B. Ll.Col. R. Art 

Bdm. L. Fraeer, Major, King's B, Ridca... 
Edmund Hunt Holley, Ll.Col. R. an 

«Apr. jsiioDea 5* 
4 Dec 57 

CATT^lC. MA JO a. 



00 tout. ■rLXcmaa* 
[MLLr rsT, 

3 Uar. 66 31 De<k tsIeS Not, 83 >e TSov. 87 

iS Mny 38 4 Dec. 60 4 Dec, 77. 4 Dec. it i Dec. 87 

10 Dec. se 13 Oct, JO a Deo. 7^1 8 Deo, c, B Dec. Ej 

'7 Apr, jSauDeo, 6511 Dec. 77 11 Deo. B3 11 Dec. 87 

I Jan. 6311 Dec. 64lit Deo. 77 11 Dec. 83 11 Dec. Sj 

37 Aug. jB, =7 Apr, 67 13 Deo. ^^ n Dee, 83 !■-■ Dec. 87 

19 Deo. tj aj Aog. jB 13 Deo. 69' 13 Deo, 77 
jj Aug, 58, 13 Dec, 6^]i3Deo. 77 

James FitiEnatate Foniter,™ Jfujor. > 

a June 6j 

h.p. Duke orCarnnall'H Light Inf, 
Geo, U. T, Col well. CB. LI.CA. R. Marlaee 
Alex. Farriei Kidstuu, Lt.Col. Black) 

Watch (71 Foot) i 

Beginald Wm. Dalgety, Min'iir, York ; 

iBneaster Esgt, {65 Fool) J 

Hngh Sutlei Guugh, CMG. Mo)0T, id Hob. 
Elliott Wood, Ch. Un)0T, R. Bngineera . 
KUllngwurtb a. Todd, Ma/or, K, Bni. ... 
Wm. liYeeman Kelly. M^jor, Snsaox Regt. 
Andrew Gilbert Waochope, CJf S.ifcyor, ( 

Blank WalobUi Foot) f 

Wm,D, Welch, CsJ. Btt. C«.B, Uar. Art. a4 June ;? 

John B, BiBokley, Lt. Col. R. Artillery 

Xobt. a Trtidale, Li-CoL B. Andlleiy ... 
.^^W- tKmutoa, CS. Mqior, SCOU)j 

13 Doc. B3 13 Deo. ajl 

Deo. 33 13 Dec. 87 
.iDoc. Bl ijDcc. B71 
13 Deo. S3 13 Deo. Bj, 
13 Deo. gj 1 jDec. 87 
II Deo. S3113 Dec. *7 

37Aug. sS'^S?'' ^■"'•™- 7' 
II July 59 J J Dec. 69' i? Deo, 77 

iiOcL, 5j ijDeo, 69 laDeo. 77 

iFob, to wDoo, 69,13 Dec. 77 _.,. 

I Oa.. 61 13 Deo. 69 13 Deo. 77:13 Dee. 63 13 Dec. Bj 

6N0V. 6oj IS Dec. 69 IS Dec. 77! 15 Dec, 83 ij Deo, 8; i8Deo. 69 18 Dee. 7,|ij Deo. Bj 18 Deo. G7 

II Aug. laliijDBO. 6g jg Dec. 77, 1^ Deo, Sj "9 Dec, B7, 

la JnnejS 17 Aug, 58 
19 Jime 58 137 Ang. 58 
19 Deo. 57 37 Ang. 58 

15 Nov, ^3^31 Aog. 69 
ijDeo. 58 30 Dec. 69 
30 May tt) 1 1 Ang. 69 
- iSapt.69 
J Sept. 69 

37 Ang. s8 

9 Bept, 59 
3 July bo 

1 3 BepL 60 

31 Feb, s9 
17 Apr. 69 

3 1 Mar. 65 

34 Mot. 66 
6 Doc. « 
4 JarL 70 
4 Jan. 70 

4 Jan. 70 

Aj Jan. 70 
17 May 71 

14 Jan. 71 

13 Ang. 6* B Apr. 74 

3 Feb. ^s'joApr. 60 3 Feb. jo 

4 Feb. ;B. 7 JuDBsS, 4 Fell. 70 
4 Feb. 56,35 Dee. jS, 4 Feb. 70 

19 Feb. 5H| fJnly 6dio Jan. 69 
JO Fob. j8' ,MBr. 60*3 Feb. 70 

3oJan. jB: 
1 1 Mar, ;9 
16 Sept, 5 9 

3 NOS, 55 

31 Mar. 5fl 

3D Jan. 70 
4 Mar, ja 
II Mar, JO 
17 Mar. 69 
13 Jan, 68 
17 Feb. 69 

ijOct. 64 

7 Sept. 71 

iSMay s« 

• Feb. 59 
35 Ang, j8 
1 1 Feb, 63 

lOoU S7 
31 July 66 

15 JnnejG 

lOct. SJ 

i7Mar.63 31 Mar. 70 
i80ct, JO 9 Feb. 63 
16 Oct. 66 

4 Apr. 70 
4 Apr. JO 
4 Jan. 83 
10 Nov, 65 

iq Dec. 61: 34 July 63 

4 A]ir. 38 31 Oot. 60 

4 Ayr. 5^.15 Jan. 61 
, Jan. ji 

5 Juil^«5 1 Sept.57 

11 Jan, (J7 i Apr. 68' 13 May 74 
jS Dec. 55'3S Jun, 59 3 Jan. 63 

I I Oct. J7 i3Feii.<.8' . _ 

12 June 58, lo Dcl;. 5b I Jan. 70 34 May 77 
I Oct. 57 4 Mar, 6K , (.tct !7 

iS Fob. 69 17 Uuy 71 

1 July Si i,) Dec. 83 19 Dec. 87; 
30 Deo. 77 ^o Deo. B3 30 Deo. Sj 
9 Deo. 77 )i Dec. 67 

39 Jan. 77 
jg Jan. jj 
38 Feb. 77 
34 Ang. 77 

1 Jan. 84; 1 Jan. 
1 Jan, 84I I Jan. 88 
1 Jan. S4I I Jan, S8 

1 Jan. 84I I Jan, 88 

4 Jan. 78 4 Jan. 84' 
4Jaji, 78 4 Jan. 84' 

4 Jan. 7S 
30 Jan. 75 

8 June 8 1 
1 July Bl 

3 Feb. 75 

4 Feb. 7« 

4 Feb. 78 
13 Feb. jb 

30 Feb. ;B 

5 Dec. 7; 
4 Mar. ;8 

1 1 Mar. ji 
I July Sj 
1 Ocu 77 

4 Jan, I 
4 Jan. I 

4 Jail. 84 4 Jan. 88 

30 Jan. 84130 Jan. 88 
34 May 79 3Q Jan. 

'^q Jan. 84 

39 Jan. B4 
- Feb, 84 
1 Feb. 84 
4 Feb. i, 

li Feb. B4 

10 Fob. 84' 
^4 Feb. 84 

iMai. B4 

1 1 Mar. 84 
IS Mar. 84 
19 Mat. 84 

Ill] Sept. 77 

I Oct. jj.i6MBr, 84 

» Feb. 7B -.') Feb. 86 
31 Mar. 75 

■ Apr. 7; 

4 Mar, 8j 

4 Apr, 78 
4 Apr, 78 

8 Oot. ^4 

1 May 7a 
1 July ^1 

I Oct, 77 

39 Jan. BE 

39 Jan. BH 

3 Feb. SB 

4 Feb, 88 
4Peb. aa 

II Feb, Be 

33 Feb, GE 

34 Feb. 8i 
4 Mar 

II Mar. K 
ij Max. sa 
19 Mar. &a 
16 Mar ea 

96 Mar. I 

30 Mar. 8B 

31 Mar aa 
1 Apr. 88 

I Apr, 

4 Apr. 88 
4 Apr, aa 


)i Mar, 84 
1 Apr. 84 

I Apr. 84 

4 Apr. 84 

4 Apr. 84 . , 
i; JuueBs 11 Apr. 88 
12 Apr, St [3 Apr, 88 
3y Apr. B4<3<> Apr 

3 May 84 

1 Oct. 77' sM'i.v 84 

7 ll.iY 84 

13 Deo. J7 

13 Juno 63 

19 Dec. 6 J 
II Aug, s8 
9 No>. sB 

37 Aug. j8 3 Jail. 68 37 Not. 78 

1 Oct. sj! 4 Mar. 68 1 Oct. 77 

1 Oct. 51)38 Muy JO 14 Not. 77 |3i May 8, 31 Mny as 
31 Aog.66; 1 Apr. 74 '31 Apr. Si. .31 May 84 31 May B8 

3 May B3 

7 1U.T 8fl 

ID May 84 1 m May B8 
34 Muy 7j|iiUay 88 
II May 84 11 May ES 
31 Mny B4I31 -Hay "" 

19 June 60.33 Nov. 73 

30 Apr. 60 
3 Deo. 63 
8 Ang. 68 

14 Not. 73 
13 Feb. J3 

15 July 74 

3 May 08 38 Oct. 7i'33Jiine75 

Ts Jan 64'3oaBpt,7; 

34June63j 6June7j 

J Mar. 67 38 Oot. ji'34Jan. 811 

31 Not. 6s 73 June 67 14 Sfl[it. 78 

J3 Jnne 67 
3o Bepc 39 
'5 May S7 
15 May 57 

3 Aug. 66 

3 Aug. 67 
13 Aug. 68 
99 Aug, 68 

3 Belli. 7ol 

ijMar.St 31 May 84 
1 July Er Jt Hay B4 

I July 81 
1 July Bl 

1 July G I 

It Bept.Si 
iS Nov. 3; 
34 JuneE. 
5 Mar. 84 

14 Mar. 34 

■1 Oct. 7., 
30 May 7, 
30 May 77 

31 May 84 

31 May 84 

II May SB 
31 May 
31 May SB 
31 May 88 

3iMay BhUi Ma; 88 
iiUay Ei'giUay 88 
91 May 84I31 May 
31 May 84 31 May 
31 May 84N1 May SB 

II Uaj Si'ot itaj 

=4 JuneS^ 'JI May 
io May S,,\ ;oMay SB 
May 8, io May " 

14 Dec. 78 I Jnne 

30 Hot. 8! 



Wm. LiTeHT.n iJ.CV.1. h.p. Oirotd. Lt, ) ! " "■ ' 

InraoU-T (43 F.) J Omiu'diiill o/' Dv- > 16 Out. jj 3 Apr. 57 

Wn.f. Vetch. i<.Ci.l.I}ublinKiis.(ioiF.) G Wer. 64' i Jaly 65 

cinttx. uuai. 


I C(l1f03Et-:FLACBtll>ir 

\akt.v piv. 

J»p,:^in.vLh, Zf.CiMADcaAbiTeFu. 1» F.) 
Hull. Wuren Sunnrt. LI.Ccl. R, Biik- -. 
Kcimcth J.L.Mmclniiiie, U.CoL. Uidl.C. 
Ju. Wu. MacdiHiKHlL Ll.Cal, Miirlr. 8. C. 
yoQIa^u ClemeoU, Lt.Vol.B&ri^\ S. C... 
Jolin LsDnoj TwoeiliB. BSO. Lt.CalA 

W»i Kent Ben. (sot'oCFi) ( 

Gdii. KuliL. L'oaidLy. M.Cal. BtdkbI B. C. 
CUnnce Hy. falnur, Lt.Col. Baagti B.O 
Gf.1. Herbart TreTOr. Lt. Col. MKdrtu S.C. 
UitbeiT Mnrton Bu\Tie,i.l.Ciil. llHdr. B.C. 
Mii::kij:(u M.CKTpendalB.U.CU.Buinb. S.C 
Htnrv CbiM. Uune. LI.Col. Bamb'.j B. U. 
D»vid T, Hucbell. LI Oil. lUdiM S. C... 
Cbu.UeiiT7 Col**. U.CoI. Bombii' S. U. 
Vin.Girv-DTie Unffbcfl, Ll.Oti- Undnu S.C. 
Anhar T. Wnudbouao. Ll.Col.lla&neS.f.'. 
Aiex. Suielair lirove, DSO. Zt.COL I 

JUdru BUITCorpa ) 

Chu. Jnhn Wauou, LI.CbL Undiud.C. 

FniL Wm. M. ^priu)!, ^.CM. S. An. 

CtatA-OininBham, tf.t'ol. BomUay S.C. 
RicbvdU. Clidanl, cr.Col. BeiigHl ». C. 
G(D. BtTiicIl Uibbs, Z^CCiif. Benual B.O... 
ThM. Ht. B. Yomin, tf.Cii'. iladiMS.C. 
Albtn Eilir. II. Smytti. jU.CoI, &W1 > 

Vuikihin Re)tt. l.s Kopt) j 

Bnu; da B. iBaJUiun, Lt.Col. B. An. 

Be&i- WauoD BLakc, Lt.Cot. ia Hauara.., 
Hcnrr U. H. Hnlletc, Xf.Csl. Modna B. C. 
Wm.HeiuT Soakim, LI.Col, Uadru S.C, 
BabL AlH. Cmrford,'*' £<.CtoJ, b.p.l 

Dorhua Lt. Infvilry „...| 

WoL BrcretoD Birch. Ll.Cal.Hcaml 8,C. 
Jatn HadJeitoD. Lt.Cai. MAdrsa B. C....... 

G»t^ Voong, Zf.Cbl. Bengal Suiirc. ... 

MichHl A. BotFlmDOiioti, Lt.Clil. liadnM ) 

auffCorp* S 

• 'hai.M. Biockley, LI.Col. Norfolk BhkI. 
Fwt, G«. J»ck»on, Z-t.CS(. Boob. Khh. . . 
■r^'Tve Arthur Ijpf, LI.Col. Durbam li'. 1 

I'ltiiLIry [I'^J Ku'ltf ,- j" 

.l»aii.Tl>ni IJoldie, LI.Col. Madras iJ. C.... 
Jihn Ar:b. il.irrar, if.C'oI. Wopl Kcril 1 

lU-in. i^7Fjoij , r 

b.i'iicy ^i^jTtb. Ll.Val. >~DTtbLa:ic]Li4bira > 

K(in. ■ j 1 l>ji> ; 

RoUrt HamdMD Vetch, LI.Lol. R.' 
'Jtiirk'i Hi)>eri B'>*^"ley, Major, Un-na- 1 I 

a July sa 13 Itec. 59 

I I Oct. 57 

II JnnBi8!7 AuB.sB 
II JasBjB >7 Aug. jB 
II Jons jB 87 AOB. s8 
II June iB II Oct. jS 

j Jul; 60 4 Not. <h ' Jui. 69 

11 Jons 58 37 Auft. js'" ■''"18 70 
11 June ^8 3j Aug. 3fl 11 Jane 70 
la Junfl j^ 3j Ailff.sB'ia June 70 
I? June .-, j-j A\ig. ^3;ia Jaua7o 
13 Juno .-^ 1 Juue 5.; 1? JuueTO 

uJUUBii, I Oct. 59il3jan07O 

tz iTxtx-jA I Q July ciu 1 1 Jauejo 
11 June jS'30 Aug. 60 
ij Junej^iijUce. «k 

I Oct. 61 

30 Apr. 64 19 June 76 19 June 83 i JuiieB8'ig JitiicSj 

ai May Tj'iB Jnnaeij 7Jane84 7J>itie9;' 
a4Uar. 69 gJoneBs' gJunaSj ^JuiieBS 
17 M«r. 68 I Oct. 77 u JuEe84 " JuHeSa 
II June 70 11 June 78 11 June 84 n June 88, 
11 June 70 II Juiie78'ti June 84 11 Juue8E 
II JimeTD II June 78 11 Jnue 84 it JuueBiJ 
II June 70 11 Jiiiie7G 11 JuneBt n JuneBSI 

1 Juiie ^ri 
I? jLine 5B 
[2 June 38 

I Jnn. 6» 
II DbC. 5B 
20 June ^& 70 jL^ly bi 
i; June 5a]ji Oct. sB 
as Jniie;8 iB Mar. 00 
as Janets 34 liar. 61 
13 June 6a ^ Oct. frr 
...... J3 Juiia57 

i6 0cL 66:17 J*n. 70 
4 July ;S! a Jan. 60 
ao July 53:31 July 5o 

ao Feb. 58 
joJuly j8 
4 Aug. sB 
6 Jan. 6a 
10 Ang, si 

JO Ang. jS 
4 Jan. 6- 

I a June 60 

13 Dec. s8 

I July S9 

v-j Feb. 6 J 

a3 Apr. 6a 

17 June 60 


juMiT. 58! 6 Muy 59 
I'i ^fiiy 6j.a6 Jai 
4 Sopt.jS I Jnn. 60 
II Fall. 6^ 3 Jtmo6b 

loStpt.sS'isoct. 61 

g Sept 19I11 June 84 i> JaDoSBj 

11 June 78! la Juna84 ia June SB; 

11 Jnne7B'>a June84 la JaneSS 

II June7S'ia JnneB4 " JuncB8 

la June 78! la Jane 84 la Jano 88 

la June 78' la June 84 ia June 88 

la Jnae78lia june84 » June 38 

, |ia Jnne7aiu JuTio84'ia JuneBB 

la June 70,11 June 78, la June 84 la June 38 

,3 June7o|ij June7B la June 84 " Juue 88 

13 June 7D| 11 June 78 i^ June 84 la June 38 

r 3 June 70 ra Jnue 73 la June 84 la JutJoB8 

la Jane 70 u June 78 la June 84 la Juno 68 
1 Jnly 70 31 Dec. 78 i8 Juno 84 18 Juno BS 
JO June 70 ao June 78 m Juu=84 ao Juup 88 
J3 June 70 35 June 7873 Jane 84195 Juue 68 
J3 June 70 35 June /Sias June 84125 Jun;SS 
a3Jime70'a5 June 78123 JuEie84'95 June 

a Juno 59 17 Uay 71) 30 Juno 84 

oNoT. fiS I Jnly 77 I July 84 

J 8epl.)4 
4 July 70 
10 July 70 

10 May 71 

•\a July 70 
■ 4 Aug. 70 
^jOot. 7S 
ao Aug*. 70 

30 Juno 38 

I July 68 
a Jnly SB 

1 July 81 1 a July B4 
4 July 78] 4 July Si' * Jnly ^ 
ao July 78 10 July 94'ao July '" 

I Jnly 8iji3 July 84 j8 July 88 

^oJuly 7B3oJnly 34130 July 
4 Aug. 78] 4 Aug. 84! 4 Aug-. 
I Jnly 81! 6AUB.B4J 6AUL(, 

ao Aog.TBlaoAng. 84 ' " " 

igOgl, BB 

aoAug.70n,Aog. jS'ao Aug. 84 
jaJoly 71 J Mar. Si ao Ang. 84; 

ao Aug. 8 
ao Aag. 8 
ao Ang. 8 

7i8e|ii.6s'ij Oct, jjjisAng e4!:5Ang. 

66 i; Mar. 71 1 Jnly 81 27 Aug. 84|a7 Aug. 83 

48CIH.70 4SC|,l.78! 4Sepl.84 4 Sopt.8S 

.1 Se|>l.;.i I July 81 9 acpl.B4 9 Bcpl.BB 

5 Juiii.' ■'■ 1 Apr. 74 10 Sept 84 10 Sepi.BS 
'v[6 Fob. 7S 14 Bepl.84Ji4 8opt-3S 

J July fs. 

Ui Doc, sr 

.lierGa»rd.i j[ lisMiiy ftj 9 Si^pr,?! ' 7 Juno 79'" "«f"-'^ 

\A iU.hj« Vailing*. £f .Col, BcriKiil a.<\ ,\m Sepl s5 34 Jlni- ij jj .-' «> 30111.78 ,^0 acpl,84 ^o SL>pi,3i 

Sl::piu:n f.. Alluni jn, £/.f 'u/, .\liidru S,L', .'o Su^it ^* 13 AuJ: t;i '■* :^<'p[ 7, -. - - '.r 

'■ irci" I>unc*n WdUali. Lt.Col. Liincn. > ~ r ,, " ^- 

ji .Ian. 5'> JO Not. ft. 

1^ Jail 

3^ IKC 63 3 Kco, ft:. !■> Jiiu. ; , 

' , ■ 1 Oil 37 I'lni-i, 1-, 

1 Oct. 57 IS Nuv,-)ii 

^o Sopl. 78 iu SCPI.J4 10 dilPl.Bi 
1 July 81 a, aop-..84 i4 3o])t.iS 

14 Hcpt.34 a4''0P',3S 

1 Ojt, 37 '4 Nov, 

4 (Vl, 
9 0-:t. 

4 On. ;.. 
.,Oc[, 7.. 

1 Jlll.V 
HlJi, 77 
1 Oc:. 7; 

1 (lot. 77 
4 UCL 7S 

I Oct, 84 I Col. 
I Oct, 84 

[ Ocl, 

^bifi- Krj<j,ii.-n lao Kootf 
I' '-*. Hvbrv- Fana ijrunt, ('if. Lr.c'ul. 7 ■ 

I'r:iL'>>^n IJuariij ........', 

ivTn.j'jd K, Lfl M'rttco. Lt.Cal. R. An. .. 
I'itnci Fitlliemlii Uallvi-cy.'*' Lt.Col. I 

b.p Hiival AmUiTv 1 

' .ar:.- H._'nry Fair!B,i Blln. L'.C-I.^ 

::r .-.i II. Art, I, J/'mltr (,/■ (li-if. - 

~: ■■ f t ..'mmillt! t 

' ■!-, djint-'.u S'>lfle. Lt Col. Uan^jiE rf, c. 
-'»Ul:,l t IC.II iui;y.i.'.t'o'. Bcniiul tl.l.' 

'f. KeL'iual:! l^iureoje li. Uurtaia, 1 

IJ.< ol. IK-lf ,nl,biro Ui.\-t, (16 Font),,, 
■ Si: I'haln idk i>.iveti,>", /.'.C'o(. Hart. S.C. io Oct, 
"■ ." i.h'iil I'l/ip-Carew, Cli. Major, Cold' i 

-Lr-iuj Ij0.-krd4 -.,, f 

'-i>4rlSic<llii I'ttvrn, H,Eug. ...I 13 Doc. 57 It> Oct. 61, i-j \-\ir . ^i 3Niiv.B4 3 Nov, 83 

■-1^. J«k.-)n Park.T. LI. Cat. Bangui B, 0,: 4 Nov. 58 ao Au^. oo 4 Nov. 70 4 S^ii-. 7B 4 Suv. 84 4 Nov. 33 
■•.'ntfe V. C. Sapitr, Lt.Col. , Drag. llda.iia aept63 9 Aug. 64 17 Nov. <«i i Jul.v 81 4 Xu". 3+ 4 Nov. 8s, 
•4U._. L. N. WiUin. LI.Col. Bengal a. O. .. ij Nftv, 5a n June 61 ij Nov, ju r.i .Nov, 7B 13 Nov. 84 u Nov. 33 

19 Mar. 35 13 Unr. 581 15 May 6j i Oct, 71 15 Nov, 34 ^5 .''ov, S3. 
joNos.sB J 5 Apr, 61 10 Nov, 70' 10 Nov, 78 ao Nov. B4 'o Nov, B8j 

jfl 6 ill! 
3.1 a; Uoc. 
; Jan. 60 ji Mar. 64 14 Bi'jit.t? 10 Ocl, 79 to Ocl. i, 

53 1 Oct. 6r jo Oct. 5.. ;o Oct 73aoOi:t, 3. Jo Oct, 8^ 
la May 69 14 Auii. 7;' . ,„ 4 July 83 '5 Ocl, 83 

. -- . 4 Oct- -. - , 

r, Ucl. j8 9 Oft, 84 K Oul. ta 

oOcL, 83 

I Oct, BSijAuf,-, S 
1 O t. SJ ,7 Auj. 85 
4 Ocl. 

ifiaicl Braiilrurnc, LI.Col, LbiceBtcT / 
Jlf/1. iij F'l.I) > 

■•-. H":i., :?, butler, Ll.C<:l. MadrB« S H... 

.^'rcl lieiiry I'orinifk L.vnch, Lt.Col-\ 
H-zhbind Lichl luraiilry (74 Fiioli ... J 


I •'. Hugll I. K. Funi. Ll.Cnl. K, Alt 

• ■\.a ilaney Annalld, LI.Col. H. Art 

t^!lici Vincent BborLlalid. J^.Col. R. Art, 
VaJtfr tment Forbes, LI.Col. Llongnl B-I-, 
fta-itl ri Jacob. Lt.Col. Bombay a. C... 
Itu. Ward Major. Lt.Cel. Boniliey S. U. 
»,Ji«ja Birrun. Lt.Col. Ifcngal Stiff C. 
*B, Jain&> Vi. Muir. LI.Col. fJenipil S, C, 

•SMoy 6a 4 Uec, 66 ai Aug. 69 t July Ei ja Nov. 3," Nov. 38 

4 Dec. 58 1 Oct. Si 4 Dec. 70 4 Doc, jS' 4 Doc, 81 4 Deo. 8i 
11 Dec, 57 a7 AUK, 56 jj May 08 T, Doc, 78 3 Dpc. 84 3 D.-o. 83 
!ia Dec. S7 "J^'iB-S^iijOci.. 68 30 Dec, 73 8 Doc, 34 8 Lice 

II Dec. s8|:o Juae7i 1 Oct, 77 m Doc. 84 '" Doc. 8j 
10 Dec. 38 10 Dec. 70' lo Dec. 78 10 Dec, 84 1° Doc, 33 
'10 Dec, sS loDeo. 70 n. DfC. T< 10 Dec. 84 10 Doc, 33 

10 Dec, 58 10 Doe, 70 10 Deo. 78 10 Doc, 84 10 Doc. 38 

11 Deo. jbIii Dec. ;o 11 Deo, jS 11 Dec. fit n l>(:e. ai 
,11 Doc. jS II Deo, 70' u Doc, 78 ii Dec, S, " 'loK S,S 
.1 Dec jS'ii Dec, 70 '1 Dec, 76 11 Dec, 8, v Ueo. ai 


ClBTton Turner lane. LI. Col. Benfnl S.C. 
Wm. SftDrin Brwke, Lt.Cnl. Bcnxal S.C. 
Robert itu1lack,i.l.(^r. Uiulms SLaffU,... 
Bdm. S. Lurllow.C/i;, trCoi.ManrasS.C. 
Henry L. Kuil, LI. Oil. Bomhav Staff C..., 
Albert W. I'ourd, tl.CVi/. Madras Staff C. 
Hex^ i.. EBmntond, JA.Vol. M&dmA S.C. 
Clurles J. U. Hams, Xf.Cul. Uulns S.C. 


Thomu AmoU DHvig. V.Csl. R. Art. 
GeOTse Juhu UajnilUiii, Lt.Col. ecottiih ) 

Rittes ISB Foot) f 

Sn. HciifAgu Lugge, Ll.Col, ^liancen... 
Tboe. U. L'Tunley, lA.Col. Liverpool RegC 

John Honry Urowdj, Ll.Cal. R. Kng 

HonoriUB SiMiuu Sitifell, Lt.Col. R. £ns- 
p.M.e. (Jbarlaa Lacon Harvey, Zl-Cot. 1 

WaiHhu-e KBKH99 PoOtl ,. I 

Tbomu Bmldell, i-l.^ol-Leiceatershin) 



<i Dec. jB 
II Dec. 58, 
II Dec. sB 
II Dec. s8 
IT Dec. ;e| 
II Dec. jS| 
11 Dec. 581 
Dec. s8 
13 Dec. 57I 

II Sept. St 
5 July 60, 

Regl. (ijFoot) 

5 Mar. 56 
31 Mar. si 

Dec. 70 
Dec. 70 
Daa JO 
Deo. 70 
Dec jD 
Dec JO 
Dec 7c 
Deo. JO 

Dec. to 

Deo. M 
Jan. J I 
Jan. ji 

Oct. 67 
6 Uay 59'3^ Jan. 69 

39 Mar. 59 II 

.1? June J9 I] 
] « Apt. 60,11 

1^ July 6jjii 
II Jnneti II 
1 Oct. 6r (I 
I I Jan. 6r.i3 
1=7 Aug. 53 18 

15 June ss »9 

.11 8ept.6},ii 
, 9 Jan. ij'n 

,'} D«. 5J!H 
lij Dec. S7JI4 

'10 July to J J 


GOLtiJIlfL. !n»ICMl>0>* 

II Dec. 76111 Dec. 84 11 Dec. 8B 
ti Deo. jB'ii Dec. 8( ii Dec, SB 
II Dec. jB 11 Dec. 84 11 Dlc. 88 
II Dec. 78 II Dec. 84 It Dec SB 
II Dec, 7811 Dec. B4 II Dec. S8 
II Dec. jB'ii DcB. B4 11 Dec. SB 
11 Dec. 78 II Deo. 8411 Dec. 88 
ia Dec- 7B.13 Deo. 84 13 Dee. 88 
]i Dec. 78 13 Dec. S4 ij Dec. SS 

6 Jan. 74 IS Doc. it is Dec. 88 

ig Apr. 80'ts Dec. 84 15 Dee. 88 
11 Dec. Bo:i7 Deo. 84 17 Dec. SB 
13 Uay 7S 10 Dec. 84^1 Dec. 88 
II Mar j8|io Dec. 84.1a Dec. 88 

19 Not, 79I14 Dec. 84'i4 Dec. SB 
I July Si 34 Dec. 84 14 Dec. B8 

War Service* of (he ColoneU. 

■ Colonel F. A. Campbell eened with the R.M. Baltalion on the north osut at Spain. Serred Kith UieeonUned 
force before the town oT Sebaetopol durinj^ the eiege in 1854-55 ; waa on the expedilinn to and occupation of Kerteh, 
and advance 10 Yenitali^ ooinnuindod the 1st Battalion of the R.M, Brigiulo pfirTinK in the Crimea . until the tall 
of Sebaatopol.alflo^itheipedition toand tturrenderof Kinboum (Uedal with ClAfip, 4th Claaaof the Medjictie, anil 

^ Colonel It. W. Hiniman served with the 6otb RiQoB in the campaign of 1857 ag^nat the rnutineen in India 
from jth June, isclnding the battle of Badlee ke Serai and taking the Heigbta before Delhi, the subeeqiieiit alen 
operatiuuB. BHAaiilt and capture of the city, with the flnal attack on and occupation Df the palace fMed^lwithCLaap). 

^ Coionci A. H.SLephena eerved with the Rifle Brigade in the Crimea ft^m 33rd Jan. to 13th April 185^, inclndUijr 
the elCKe and fallof SebaBtupul (Medal nilhClaep, and Turkish Medal). Served also during the Indian campaign 
of 1B57-5B. including the eieao and capture of Lncknow, battle of Nawabgunge, action of Sundella. and taking of 
Fort l!irivah(Mediil with Clasp). Embarked for the Gold Coast with the md Haltalinn Hiflo Bri«ado, and »er»»d 
throughout the socoud pb,tBe of the Aybanti war in 1874. includmg the battle of Amoaful ("lightly wounded^, 
battle of Orilnhriu oiid capture of Cooniaasie (mentii^ned in deapatchoa, Brevet of Lt-Colonol, Medal with Clasp), 

' Colonel J. P. C.Ulrn porved with the Rillo Urijfiirle m the Crimea IVnm tbe i/tb June 1855. including the aieffa 
and fall of Sclmatupol' (Medal with (;ia>tp, and TDrkiib Modal). Rmbarkeil for the Gold Coaet with the and Batta- 
lion Rifle Bi-jgndc, And Rerved throughout the aecunil phase of the Anhanti war in 1874, including the battle of 
Amoaruk. battle of Ordibsn, und capture of Coomnsale { Brevet of Lt. Colon (!L, McdAi with Clasp'. 

" Colonel K, Marshall tcrveii in the Crimen with tbe ijlh Lvicen*, eiilieetiueut to the fiillof SeluiBtpO]toI,fW>mth» 
15th Sept. 1B5; unld April [8sS, Also in (he Indian mutiny campaign in iBsj-^q, includmgthe pursuit of Tantia 

'"* Sir Owen Tudor Bumo served in the Crimea wlih the zoth Regt, snb>«cqiieTit to the fall of Sebaitopol, from tho 
14th March i3j6. Also in the Indian mutiny campaign of 18^7-58 as Adjutant of the 30th Regiment and also Bri- 
gade M»^jorou the Sinlfol IlrigfldierEvclL.i;h,ai]d was present at the Actions of Clmnda, Dmeerpore, and Suit tn pore, 
siege and c.iptureor Liiclcnow, actions r»f Mohan, Meesngunge, Poorwab, HuBsungunge, Morar Muir, Fort of 
Simrea, Fort L'hurila and Fort Muajeoilia, Uuchleegaon, I^ber Jungles, Fort Dooraha, and fln^ operHtioiis In 
Oude in 185^ (seveml times mentioned iu despatches, promoted to an Unattached Company, and Brevet of Major 
for services in the held, Modal with CUsji). Appointed in 1861 Military Secretary to LonI Htrathnaim, (Joinmanik-r 
In Chief in India- Aceompftnioii EjOni Strathnairn to Ensland in 1865, and remained on his Staff wliou Cnni- 
mander of the Forces in Ireland. Prn^ent during the Fenian distarbaoces in 1866-67 (received the thnukn of fb* 
authoriticH in Ireland). Proceeilcd t.> India in 1868 with the late EarLof Mayo, Viceroy and Governor l^neml, and 
served with him as Private Secretary until his assassination in 1B73 (reoeiTed the thanks elOovemmoDt fur hie 
Krvices, prom.iteil 10 an Unattached Majurltv, and app.iintt'd a CSl.)- 

•' Colonel W. Alljtn served the Kaslcrn campaign ot 1654-55 ftb the 41st Regiment, inclading the battles of 
Alma and Inkorman, siege and full oT .Sebn^topol, assault of the Redan on the 8Lb September, and repulae of (be 
sortie H.n i6tb October iMeiUl wnb livo, Knight of the Legion of Honor, and Turl^isb Medal), 

I' Colonel V/. Mu8;onden served the Kasu'in campaign of 1854-55 with the Bib Husoar*, inclndingthe baltlesiif 
Alma, balnklava (horse ishol) , f npierman, arid Tcliomaya, affhirs of BnEganak and U'KeuEie's FiirTEi. and aiegi? of 
Hebaslopol (Medal with lour Clomps. 5th Close of the Medjidie, and Turkish Medal). Served Id Ki^pootaiia in 
185B-59. and was proseutat thocapiuro of Kotah and battle of Kotaria (Meilal with Chisp). 

" Colonel C J. East servcl with the 8in4l Regiment in tbe Crimea l^om the and oeptember 1855, and was 
present at thcaiegeand fall of SebJisinpol (Ifadal with Claep and Turkish MeihU). Also in tlie Indian caminigii 
m 1857, and was severely woundcil at Cawnpiire 1111 the 36th November (Medal). When belonging to the 41'.*. 
Begt. served ae Assistant Quarter Master lieneral with the Cbitlagong column of the Luabal Bxpo4liti<}uury Fore* 
in 1871-73 [tneatloned in despjitches, received ihe thanks of the Govemor-Genoral inCooncil, Medal with Ulssp, aw\ 
Brevet of Major). Served in the latter part of the Zulu war of 1870 ae Depiity Adjutant and (Quarter Master Ucne' 
ibI, and was prascnt in the engagement at Uluudi (maaCioned in despatches. Brevet of Colonel, Uodal wltli 

>' Colonel W. D. Bond Berved in the Zulu war of iBn, and waa preaenl in the eogsigement at ninnd|.-seTeTe1,r 
rrannded imeatioBed ia deBpAicht», Brevets ciT Lt. Colonel and Colonel. Medal with (^tasp). flenred in the Bucr 


Wair Serrifiv of the CohneU. 

m MCVc4wlili<tir4|ihBaciciei>linilin(;ninnfrD>ntIieirUiADg'.iEE5, iiwruiliireiboaio 

. (M*lali>rllh(:iiw|i(:»f l<«h*moM>t.iili'lTuikliJiMnaiilJ, 8Brvriio.l4iiinlLi;'V . .ijni 

: uin ■Etson of dlnho. ■»! «*■ •matlj ««aiiili»l st thn Mnmunc^'f ihoTuku 1 . ,,.i 

. . ttaatni OkuUIii luaiuobad, Tlolnris Cniu. will UMnl -ulili Cluu) : ttiiruihir . . . .lui 

. M FBat.mdUmL S. H. L*non. *7 fnpt, h" mw »-T«r<Ir(l ibo VlT ■' fnrdl«unit"l((i(>l mi- u .wli _ 

Uiebt aa* ww rt ng Mi» Korth Tufcn Puit (Chiiu. ntli Aukh.l .iv.t i-run mujiHtU 
(M> th» OfK 4f llM bwIMb tMkbliibiiil un Ibe niilli d ilut r<-<rt. nhk')i tht? obUred taibr imliri In uLioh' 
i_«io fc«re teeontoil. ••ch oM l*ijig hwimkI hy Uie olhoit to uiduiii tUn »niiminon\ - fr,)nim;imlL"! itiaJ 

Ml iBhnUT Uirnartwu tko Znln mu- of (Bh^ and waa pnuunl la th* taRuvnumU it ZiiuKl.i Nukl ] 
iWuid Uluwli ftmOBBCDUauHlinflaapaiatiaLBrVTBiaof Lt.Cnlnni>lanili>i1(niBrM(i>l«J vlUi (iinVn), ' 

Mil liOnl Wbl F. E. R*]ra°iir iwn'iKl u h UirlnhlpiBaa with tti» Baltic Fleet In 1(54 1 Mmlul) , enrvt-l wilh 
I I m afc)* Po til a t r wiiB <>*M.I>ln Uia Barptliii wnr o( ■««>. uul in. |>iminl ipi ihi. oniTi^mtiji ^i Ttl^il. 
t. ana at tliD iMUi-of Tttl-*l-Ecblr (Medsl with ClB»p, -nd Claim of Ihrllunnnw-li. swl Kliivlivf* nurl 
"M U. L. FonUr aored M Aids Oe Oainji 111 Ifctjor itonfral I'trntdttfineUio Now Zi-alnad «iirori86»-(l,. 
MdiadamMcbM. Snv)*«f HWor, an-l Mdilnl). "| 

r Btter Qtvad Bauall ma at liMiat wlUi Uc C&rnliiiioin nl tbn uutlinak nr Ui« Snny nuutuv, niiil all 
H vhM Oalmd 0*mu4 wm kUM; v™* aflorirardi. nniMtit nitli fiwKin'a MuvoaWo Polumn 01 ilu: battltfl 
IMM, i rt i tr i h l» thn* aoler oneioK tniBB kUlM— Iio omnnuuiiM ibc Si(u>iilr<ifi of hi> li-v-i., 
IMinl or llw;Ui Lanaori : anla.tmibt iftti Die. iSii.lioeomiMiidoaUi* Cittiitr/milip iirtiiii I'l-uuoaH, ' 
■far jua Mpsj* were Ullol,— IV) Lmiii. Biuwll, irrtua Bcr TlmmM BihUjib in hli JmihI"!.. "wbo 
Bd*ltteCan>lr)'.aaw*I)aalohiibnrr*aaiB|>aalt>iulDarRii.iBrtliiinfciansipBiilaIIr>lDL'. rurilici-umilmlnr 
laaaATloiMiUi ponott." Ha cammuiiUd ill* O&VBI17 ulaa aL MrnixwrDD. ■faun i^n <irihi' roiJiia itm 
tad w inih hu lic«uDtnl vhoDScDor^ Penny *»* killBd and Brirtillv tnlion. iirTiwm, hi (h<i i«iioror 

tnllar or Whahjihanton^ capiur* of lh< Rirt of Banal auJ iiumiu »ii,)i <l«trui-tlau if 1)10 Fort of 
e. >miin df Ba n ka gawi, <a>»faaoTi« In UuHo anit amlons of Unhr|.|i[Hiri> and Riuaouliutu, niUti'k ami 
lOl Ton MUoalM, aMlmorAIUfniiEoanfl Biiwai altoaorvod wlllitbu Aunt TWM Ftin'n umirr llnsiullpr 
• MUasOml IndjBla punuUor Tantla Tiii»a'IUa>l>I iriih msuv). Aiini>inp>iiiii>ii Hir c;.ir[L(ic WijItoW u, 
oOoaat la SapUmbsr i»rj on apMtal wrnm OjBinlHyt ihu n»iivp» fomjiue " lla»np|l> SBKlmBui,''i»od 
Mad throaA>L( Uia Aihaail war of tBrf-74. Durrni; tbe tvpaluofiho -lilijuiij Anuy at AdmknLmpii 
llh aKldOi Sormber ho oemmanilwt Uit dufiimlmif ([.rooa, Hm rejflmiiui witli LuM Oifl.irrl'" .icaiita 
(to AdTaaced Ooard of Ihli Armyflmi lh» Kliiir i'tnli ui [ha north ntiln nrilig A.litnM llitti i.'o'iiiriiurlail 
laaaC daw ftjmuA^ pact of iho aai^mimlod A JvaDood Guard nndor Ci^luncl M'Lcuii, fii EZie uUEk<:k iliilB 
I af AdalUMale. haMtc Of AnoaTiil. atlack and wptars of Becijuah. Aiii«iiued liiiuii tii^tnurimnnt of 
'**, ^inniaba wid aabuiaada affklra twtorwin Admbin ami thn Kmt OriUh. tiuuir if Onlntiin and 
laHte laavunl una* mraCiontd In ilxgpMsnaB, Bmrot of Lt. (.'nlond. CS.. 'sVt-Ui with Cbupl. 
rOaniVt WoIhIbf to Sontli AfnOh in lA?^. and comroamlod thu rufCl» In lint irLrurihtiuii* rl'cilLfjil 
UU l(t IW MOiming (If tliH fLrMiritfliitld iind aubJoipUluu of Ihn tnltn (lELriiii'Jci^u] ju iiir4^Mi<'hri« 
^^ Bp b> lbs QnMb, UMa^ "Uli Clwii). Kxni^l In th> Sc^iltui nai uf >.ii., Jlril ni AuiaUut ' 
t0rm\ fnr DtralrFt *'''' anonT»rd> In oonuaajid of a hr^jfadp of Cavalf^^ jii:il nat i>r«»uit ac tbo 
■ or n Kacfarand T«]-tl-Ualiuta, the IwD ot^Uiinn >t Kanuuin, tlin ImiUb of Tiil'i;l>Kii)>ir iiiid Ibo 
Iro u nHrt tnapd ia dMiiudim. XC^r., MprfiU mllb I'lup. mil Ctaaa of Ui> MoiIjuIk. uml Kliotiiu'* 

I Jt. L' l^nailiaftoa atrrol vUb ibe foth Kitlca In India dnrlnff the mutinyi and woa lovcnlir voandoda. 1 
r iwo flaxen «n *a buiil. al Cannjurti oil Uxi^ Not. tEj; (Uulnl). Siirvtd in Ibo Zulu nut uf iS;6 1 
ndAl ^M or tb« two dntaluni oflbv ooliimn ralwl for thortliaf of Kkawv. a»<l wii* nnnrol at thn astioD . 
IwlUvia wit rcU«f ttf Xkom tC»., Unlal mth Claii'). 
'~'" ~ '«QaMBa>arr«4wfth UwiilbLaootnluIjiaiailarlu^UitiimUi^lHiiilal), 

BlBiid atmd altb tha id Ila]raln In ibn Otium* Itoat Ibu >9ih Aui^ iRjj. ond ivu iirvuint *I ilio 

r Mtoauwl, iBelodlng Hi* tiuali n( tha lUdan nn thn sih Mrpumtwr iMMlnl mili I'lnip.niid 

%tfi»t m (b* Ucban wai o( li-yl-Sfi In wmmandol iho ol Balullon of tbt jih ['ch.i'. tod was 

itaBtaodaod vltb tho EAinn CiriiDdliioiiimcntionDdlu dcaputchtt. CB .uud bK-ditli. 

IMrrad Bltbatl(f*and Mlof biibuKii>Dl(TOiu iiUi Dor. itiii*'«'t>''' "*■"''"■' >lii' 'Lib 

atari B*Btl«i*d to daijAMbm. Mfilal with <Uiuii. jlli (Huinf Ui« M*]l(tlr. unil I'Tiiknb .Mniltill. 

I OaibalMan roldclrram Gaaidaln iboKgymlan ^aroT t^j. lunl vmf pKHnt in th" ^nri^cnfint 

I aodM Ikr baltkef TcI-<l'BaUr lUadd mh Cloip. ^th Cluu nl Ilir OiitEiiiii< b. Mvl Kbi^liic'i 

• cjijifiJlUsn lu IV BODdan )n itltlnconuaaudaf tlia iNi B)Liialii>nCii1cliiiiTi.m (Jtincli. ^nd nak 

_,M^rtuljtt If ri\jwi al Tlliflniiin imrTnfr'lr nn th# 14th Mariih, vh"n hn mu in ciimnULLid, and 

■ twwM o ii J IVaagl ; «u animtod Oanmandam at Olao|nientloDHltnd«putfni><, rn,..ind n>-pi, 

..B. KlcboUtarvw wilb ttaa Kjrln BFii;fhlt i^to Aii'i^i] L.f T^E^itiu'.'ijjuT jn i:-.- (UeilnE wiThL'iaftp.aud 
Al»i with (b« }iad tUUallDTi ' ' ... '.iirBjuiiEii <if tbn Indian 

til^ncUnnaat Cawn^re.r II ' 'iih- if'iOin^ n<miiaign 

9'. Kuitiirkicti CQrtboG^l ■ ' i 1 ' 1 ' 1 nrid Mfvcl tliroiij^bout 

aoftW AnliatiU w&r. In ii;i, iniLi^iJlum tJ» biutlki ui A:ni>mul, u4-(uuiEjd ii<i--hM tkircLVdboa aud 
tVcinvs AduniMn and IhtrtTcr Otdah. tiaitlBOfO(4*<naanlca)i(iir<otU9nmUHir lllcnrHof 

1, BlntuM) uunnl ^ Uu Eoilrru camimlcii in ie-i'sf'*nrrihc lallot atboiiloipol. Sitvtd wlUi 
lb tlf4-lt aa latowtMatOmrMtni Iht LtntAuf I in»fnririiciiliuri 4ud aflcrwajdi u Cuuviuundaiii 


BtniuM) uunnl ^ Uu Eoilrru camimlcii in ie-i'sf'*nr 
■ tK4-lf aa In>p«cUnf <>fna<r nt Ih* LtntAuf I in»fnririic 
Jla Jn Ta la Khi>dli<»> Sui). 

B. fUlwop wi I II J wiUi ita rolh SciiiiuHit iu Ihu Snw Zpiil4nd war of i9«j '■!, ninl '»n[re»«nt 
BBmawl B«n^»lii«, aod oenaiaDitad ItiH iti|iBliiii>u Inodwl >i Wbiict'uiri ;miii-.ii>iitbi.- (imnki ot tlio 
■■ral Uatnmwidna. UaitaQ. li«Tr*4 irlUi lUg rMii lIM'mcatio Oi! AfgluiTi m in,-.i-'ii<mimiloiii>l In 
>MkX(4a[). Bprroil In ibBaendan «amp>lgn in iWi (miiiMluuediadai|ii>tcbeB, Cff.andUcrlHl wiUiC1»7». 
t ft. D. Ktfrr *4rr^ in tto AfJfbaB mtra (V^-7iLnm1 wiu (ir«Aanla£ Dht unj^it^iii'fU 4I Fii^t^bamd ut 
ilaf tfea K*ti llnnMn (maolMnBl tn dBapaUdiM. CH.. and Ugdal). 

pMU. IL FalblgBMnred wMitb* dih Kaelnuiiii lu the BaaUrn oiniiiatEii Of ■S)t"oiI npi-i Jal; itfs 
ribtlniUIvof A]aaaa>l>i*R(6t aabMlnpol— minndud lUedal with two Olanw and Turkiab Uedal). 

t Ilea. K. B. ds HaaMnmiKij' MTtfil wiih ilm jjrd Rgginwiit la tliii CrImiM In ■■(;, Iniilndinir tlic 

•UMOpol aad BltM^ of the BMan on ths till l5opt, iMcdll with Ctaip. SanllnUn snil TiirkMli. 

\ • IMMfftaMM nl Ihi) nn* •■O'l"! Ki« rfbeln. and aftia iJu duuh ^ thn •nuiar Dllnir 

d Fkald FOm n anpprwtnjr the in^nrcvnt Itb^l* in thf Il4wa K4nT;i, rlii«iu^«i. i^nrwd 

r (Ik Bemouart M tlia Kstf and (mniiatlini oT Uwiinni. (ikikmonilol. g«viJ In t)ia Abjruininn 

i«^-«S iModa)). 

IT. ArbnilBHit aarvadwU^ tb« ttlA* Brindo in thn Indian mmnaign in il[7-tl. InRladliiE Ibe ('Mrc 

^XwAhow aad irMii of iba minor dUra of tbo cwmpiilia (Mi'tal wlib '.'Iii<t». ISrovud in too 

■a Aldad* Ownpaod Aaiiatanl UlUiary SoDreMiTto IiOrd N.i|iiur, uml was [.rvapiilat 

ia<aWilloi»ii»Jnpa«chii».BPw»tQf3i«)nr. andMtdalj. Barnjil in lb:- iluarvoror iRti Ok ' 

I r^lk Unaan, Stned In tb* timidaD campalsaln Ms u OammtDduDi if iiiri KgivKud «i1>m- 

A>UuMMO*amlM(be8aak!nFl«ld Forte, and iHM pitocDl ia Ibi.- auKo/enicmti ■< IIa>hHn 

Hvaad IB di^MebM, CA.. Sladal wiUi dup). 

C Bllaa HTHd wlib lh« >llli Baci. tn thotTrtmoa In i<st-s$. laoIadlBg tha >diiH« and (hUof 
Biwnli wKloaeafaitMarUioCaouiUiyaaihD itUi Jma tUedal with CUap. Kmghi nf th* ifSKlou 

ITttikteh Madalt. Smvl In tbo Indian eani[Mdi[ufm<nNiiv.iB;r.iu<^'tiHnjiUiabuilB of Oanpora 
■ OmHorOMlu<ntou«cb Dk i«<;. oapiiirc 'if Utniinin." 1 LU|>i>ir9 at Liif-Ennw, 

I ABil Mn«n (MMal irllk Cl»ii). Sorwd m thn Raiam m^ii .i^vl a<iiin">i«n>td ih* 


I BSicr lla#3r (icneral Wild* at Diijiut/ Ahiki 

'<t OdnUMl (Uldal wtCh 

r. KiMSoaaaakMcbffutMmtMnSMUauantii iatb* Bfirptian wu ot iSti.ut&nM vnMaX. 

44 M'tti' SiM'Viccit ofiJie O'^nn-h. 

At the liiiltic of IVI-el'Kcbir (mcuUouod la OMpatotofl, CB., Modal trjUi CUup, jrcl CLua of IbD Mc4il(Ut\ uuiL 
Khedlve'a SLAr). 

" Colonel Hod. P. S. Mothaen rcrreil ui the seooiid pbaae of the Aslunti var fnira th? ijth Dec, J&74, rtiuX mi 
present UL tbc bmtle of Amopl^l (UeeIuI vitb CIhbp). 3erved in the Rg3-ptjAn war of iSBa as ApsT?iaiit Adjatant 
Hid Qhiartur Uiutor General and CoiJimandant at Head Quartera, and was nre&ent Al tlte eu^agL^inenEtt ut Tcl-cl- 
Mahuta mid Kafeaftain rgth Bopt,), am] in the battla of Tel-el-Kebir (mentioned In de&piitcliea. CH . Medal with 
Cla«p, 3rd OIdhh i/f iIld OfeiDflmDh, and Khedive'ri StAr), Ssnod nith the Btchuanilnnd RxpediLion under Hir 
Charlen Waireo in 18^4-8^ in commHiid of Metbuen's Horoe (mentioned in de»|]atches, CilG }. 

** Colonel O, H, A. Nicolla eerwed iu the Crirnoaq campaiirn nf 1PS4 till Octifh^r of thii ycir. Se'va I "l»o ihe 
<jampaign of 1S35 Trom September iQ^Luding the aie^e and fall nf SebiL^tapol lUe'Ul with Chup, urt 1 Tarliieh 
Modal)- Wa* in oommand of tbi ft>.val Attillery thronghoaL tho o[iorjtliin' iu Parik iu iS?;-?? mi lor ^ijur 
General the Hoq. Sir F. Colborae* indndinff the atWaaco on aid C*ptaro yf Kiula La Dacamhcr rBj. ^Urevc". o^ 
Lt. Colonel, Mad&l with Claap], 

** Colonel E. A. Stuart aerved at the sie^o of aebaatopol frnm a:iid April until sevorcly wsunTM m 7U1 J. me 
ti^S (Medal with Cluap, 5th Claua uf the Medjldie, and Turkieh Modal). Borved the cFimpaiifnuf iSJo m Cliiiin, 
facladin^ Lho Laklngof SinhoandTan^rlEU^accapatLOUof Tientsin^aud surrenderor PekintMejlul wit'i lvv.> daaia^. 

** Colonel P. A. A. Twynam aervetJ intha E^tianwai of iSE? as AaaJatant Adjutant and l^rter MasU-r tieni'ral 
and DiviBlon, and wsh prcaent al the battle oT Tol-el-Kehir (mentioned in de»pBtchea, CB., Medal niih Clasi), 3rd 
Clau of the Osinonleh. and Khedive's Httu). 

•7 ColoQol J, B. Hand aerped with tho fliud Regiment La tho Crimea from the and Sept. 1G55, iuclu Utij the alej^o 
and fall of Bcboatopol (Medal with Clasp, and Tnrkidh Medpil), Served also in the NAV- PiMuiiice4 in Lnrlia in 
su])[nv4BLnB tlio mutiny in 1B57-5B, inoluding the relief of Luelcco^ by Lord Clyde, dcfi^nre of C*.vViipon' nnil 
defeat of the iJivalior Contingent, action of KaU Nndclee. and occupation of Pnttehjjhnr 1 served with tho Royal 
Artillery at the nction ofKhanbor dbrinff the l^jhilccnd compuiRn (mentioned in despatches), defence of the Jail 
of SlialijchrtEpoii?, afihira of Mah^milee anil Shahabad^ and action of Bankagaon (Modal wif.hflaapjr Served wiih 
the ttl Sikh L^rtvolry in command of a Squadron throughout Ujo campaign in China In iB6r), including' the action 
of Smho, capture of Tan^kit, capturu of The Takoo Forla. uctioua at Chunleiavhsu and Ton;rchow, de-^tructioa of 
tho Emperors Palace, and eurrender ofrckin <Mcdnl with two Clasiis). Served throni;i.ftot ihe Ahynpinjau cam- 
paign in iB&S on the Head Qnartera Staff oa Director lo the Hijfhland Trana^tt TruLn, and waa jircheipt at the 
storming and Buptorc of Magdala (twice thanked by Lord Kapier, mentiocod in despatch^ t^, Ilrertt of 3IrtJLiri ind 

* Colonel J. ti. D. HJII aerved with the 97lh Rogt. In the CKmea ffom the 29th >fuly iS^^ iuelnilin? tlio Bieg* 
ftndfhll of Sebastopol, and waaono of tho Ueutonanta of the ladder party at tho attacTi of the Riilan on Stb Sept, on 
which oceaaien he waa wounded in the left hip, and mentioned in ileBpatohe« for " diatinguidUed Condnct " (Modal 
with Clasp, and Turkish Medal). 

*v Colonel F. L. Bdndge aerved with the aoth Bw^meut ia the Crimea in 1853, including tbc niegC of Seba^toptd 
and capture of KiD>>ouru (Medal with CLaap, ana Turklah Medal). Also in the Indian campai|^ from Angult 
1858, inelndJogthB Trfina (Jogra operations under Lord Ciydo (Medal). 

^ Colonel G. H. Parker served in the AFRban war in ES79-SU in eonueand of the ^and llikchlander.*, and wi* 
present in the engagement at Cbarasiab on the 6th October 1879 (mentioned in deapRtche^) and Hubaognent pnrault 
of the AfghanH, in Cheoperations round Cabul in December 1879 ineluding the atonniupj: oTtbeAamni Heights (uen- 
tioned in despatches^ and the mvestEnent of tiherpore, and in the cni^ngemi'Ut at Cbumsinlj on the 25Lh April jBBq 
(mentioned iu dcapatehea) ; accompanied Sir Freilerick Itoberbi in tho ntjirch t^> (^andiihrir, and was prct^entat tha 
battle of Candohar (mentioned indcapatchea, CJJ.,Mtdal with tbi-ee Ctaapa, nLd Broaao Dccorutiou^ Al^o aerrvd 
in the Boer warof iSGi in command of the Regiment 

*' Colonel C. F. (iregorie nerveil with the ajrd Fusiliera In the Indian mnLiny cninpai^'n m 1857-58 Hs Actjntanl 
of the 7jrd FuaiUen*, a'nd wa« present nt tho relief of fiackoow and also at its rii|]>sci|uent Otiptore (Medal with tw« 
Clfmpa), Served in the l-Jf-ypttan war of iS&i (mcutioued in dcapatehea, I'B., Meiliil, jrJ i;U:<a of tbe Medjidie, 
and Khedive's Bturl. 

" Colonel y. Jlorlcy pervcd wttli the BaflV in the campaign of ifl6o In China, and was prcficnl at Ihe action of 
Sinho, And tnkin^^ ef Tungkn and tho inner Taku Fort (Medal with Clunp), Also throughout thi^ oiierationl in 
Ferak in 1S75-76, mcbtding the attack on the eamp at Qualla Kangaa, and tho expedition Againar the village of 
Kunpor. CODiff nnded au mdepandent force of the iiuffs ard lat (5oorhaa on the left bank of the Perak river OH 
?Dth January i^jfi which captured n aLockade, twoguna, and two war gonga (Medal with Clasp), 

" Colonel John Fryer commanded the Carabinicrs throughout tho Afghan war of 1S79-80. On the 13th JannarT 
iBSof in command of a force of Eoyal llorao Artillery ondCavaln-, he repulsed with heavy loas a largo bodjof 
Molununds at Ali Uo^han, Commanded the Cavalry in Uie expoditiona under Lt.C^cneral Bright to the Lughmu 
Valley and against the Wuzeoree Kbegianis. Cn tbe ^tb July iBBo. he commanded a force of Camhiniera aod 4th 
Uon^ l^avaEry at the attack and dealructiunofthoGhiliaivillagee of Kargozi, Arab Kbeyl, and Joknu (Cif.,MedalX 

>^ColonelA, H- WavcU aerve with the ^lalRegiinent in the Crimea from nth July 1853, including the aieg* 
Find ftll of BebaBto|jfil (Medal with Cloap, and Turkish Medal)^ Served in the Uocr *v-ar of 1B81 aa Aaullant 
A'ljutant General nt the hum of ojieretiene, 

^'Colonel H. J, Degachcr served in the Kafir war of JB77-78, and tuek part in the operaliona againat bh« 
Galekaaand in the attack on the Tabaka Udoda; also Bflrvo-i in the Zulu war of iB7a {CB.f Medal with Claep). 

" Colonel 11. Le G. Geary aerved in the Crimean campaign from May i8;j, 111 ibe Trenchea with the Biagfl 
train at thesiogBand fall of Sebaetopol, and bombardmentu of tbe fith and 17th Jnnn and i-th Aui^ist (MecMl 
with Claap, 3th Uiasa of the Medjidie, and Turkish Medal), Served in the Aetd durlug tbe Imliau mutiny frtm 
October iB^B to i85giu tbe Jugdeuporodkattict.andwithdir Hope Grant'a and Corruckpore Field Forccjf, Sarred 
throughout the Abyssinian campaign from iBt January 1B6B aa BHtcAde Major of Artillery uud waa preaent at 
the action of Aropiree and caplura of Magdala (mentioned in deauatcbea, i^rovet of Major, and Medal), 

'1 Colonel \i- Wbi^ham eervod with tbe4iud Highlanders lutlie Crimea from vnd Dec, 1^34, including tho «^a- 
illtiou to Kertcb, aiegeand fallof Behaetopol, and AA»ault of tbe outworks on 18th June '.Medal with Clasp, and 
Tnrkish Medal). 

^ Crolonol I', fi. Knonles aervod with the 77th Eegiment in the Crimen fro-n the irth July 1S35. liiclndlnff 111* 
Aiegeand fall of Bebaatopol, and wau wounded at the assault of the Redan on the Bthdoptemhtr (Medal witnCuip, 
andTurkiah Medal). Commanded the G7lb Regiment throuflhout the Afgliao war of 1B7B So. arid was preoenlla 
the I'UgagcmeEits nt ChnroaiAb on 6th October ]B79 (mmtloned in deapalehes) and in the operiiciona nronnd Cabal 
in Decemlier 1B79, including the engagement At the Aomai HAigbte on 14th. DL-cember— mentiouud in despatchN 
{('B.. Meilal with two ClABr»<)- 

^ Colonel F. W, Fromanlla eervod with tbe RlJSe Brigade in the Crimea from .^nl Dec. iB^ to 9th July iflu, 
inchid^nif the siege of Sebostopol l alao commanded t&^ men at the laat aortic of the Russians agaiusJ^ the Qtunteft 
on 7rh-Bth June, and comamanded tho Woolaaok partj of the Light Division at the aJtaault cf Lhe Redan on iBUl 
June— severely wounded (Medal with Cloap. Sardinian and Turki»dl Medals). Served also in the Indian campai|pit 
including the siege and oaptun of LuclEnaw, ITraaa-CJogra oompAlgn, with expedition into fJcpaol— 'mentioned in 
despatches (MedaF with Clasp), 

" Colonel W. C. Justice aerved with the 75U1 Reglvkcnt diuiog tho Indian cajnpaiini of JB37, and was proaent 
nt the siege of Delhi from 33rd June {In oommond oftho Light Company from i^th Sept.), storm and capture of thA 
city (Medal with Claap]. 

'' Colonel Gore oommanded the loniakilling Dragoons in tho Boer war in jSSe, 

■^ Colonel A, 8, M, Browne served with tbe Soots Greya in the Crimea fWjm 30th July to ist Sopt, and fromOoLto 
Dec- 18 1^5, including Lhe battle of the Tehernaya, aod siege of Sehastopol (Medal with Clasp, and Turkish Medal)* 

'* Colonel F. U. UilL landed with the s6th Regiment in the Crimea on the =5tb Aug, 1853* aerved in the tronobot 
nt the siOKe of Sebaetopol, and was present at the final assault (Medal with Clasp, and Turkiab Uadal). Serrttd 
aloo iu Tndia during tbe mutiny in 1B5B, 

^ CeJi?ne/A. H. UtterRon served with the ijtb Regiment in the Crimea from the nth July iB^^, inoIacUng llM 
"f^ff^aad/kJJitf Sebagtapoi, and AAMolC Of the Redan on tbe Bth Beptember; was alio at the bombHdment an4 
*>"rTen^rofjaabciini{JScdiUwlth CJaep, and Turkish Medai). Served wittiiht ii^liRos^mant In the AitfiM wiT 

B*(i(- &.-rticf*ofHi« Ciilondd. 

I t'^ii rw-'Ail w«*piiiHiii M iJi''-i|<luirur JUi Mii>i><l ujiel ill iiir eini-.ltiloiia Inltf tile BuoE Toltei. inrlDdiiu: 

Wioiuit at Dlh 4uitk tmnlloaid III <1ni|U>li'llHv MidlJ with I'Uip . 

'• i'j^oimI T. H. Rlimii-ia uujI is ilm Kfj^viim mt nl ■«. In oooiDiml «( il.u im BntMllon R-ji-il IrU 

^UUbn. an.l ■»» p M iii •! Uii UWUi' nf Tri-d-K-^blr rniMiiijnpa lii dt.[a»chM, CB. McJ&l niih C!«n nn 

™ ii>l,.. 

■■•■D-l : 

■mWI. S*r> 

>M4urU^^. , ,.._ 

I1»«<M Intipa*!!. i^;;:!! ■nil Ml uf Sfli»i'i|ii>). in ili« TrHiiclin wtlh lUo lioKr mvn, and bamVitntiuvuLu of iiih 
r. alh Jkvrtl. u.d ub and ijil> Jonn (MkIkI Ttlih ihrn Cliupx. Knlxlit vr rtio LcKiiiu orUiiQur. anrlTarklili 

iimnd inlMniiMint to tlie nill or iteliHMnal. Cgu 
• J. aivl f«in nnaaoliu tht ainncciBaiit of 1 

: ■.. t'-B . MtUlwllhlTlMJl). 

1 ii wir (a iSSiiiMrKUlt. 

irili Jan. iSji, inot«>lrii;i tha iiiaj^J 

i .'i'"" (ll"-l»l wlt1i<."li4i>, iiudTiirldtHl 

.imul^ Of i»4> lallw UJr:li -: I'jiii.i, uiB^uiia* uiii notion uf Sailii^ ii-.vialt nacrl 

' ' VbUI >)Ui I 'lup) . I 

iltTAin 4fTT&t (liTiiUjfh™]! tho Eui[«ni caTii[)al:;n of tin- %%,ijvQ\ti\iiis ifio bAtlZ«H tif 

•MT«1 ■rltbllii << 



C0«fwr>l F. a, Bsiniliill •rmi] lu r 

,*ni1 MUla 'ifTcluiiiiin lUnlnI ^ 

F, O. IL Wattrn 'KtTpl 1TI tliv 1 1' 

. , . rorC^«ut>6iiaMiCUil>gC.,aiuIiu < 

miatf M iW MarnUSc af ltna(iiiigiii. Kwnr . 

■■irfBli^ lnl''>e'>i I' 

rid t^ "Uiiii/niiB 

I liisiiioluillnuiliolaeouuil lUI of 

'il jil Ltju ^.iillriilitf't Tiifik : oiiiiinnnrlr-l Ihe Ilfnvy 

. kTinw; •■.Hi-iiiT M'llinlirn I" ('rirle, luirl iIcUi.ik 

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I. !■ ■■ - ■:IljlOl "Ith ["I OIUHIM). 

I ■ ■! ■ ' ■ Tii'li'j ill il^jt, iirul wvt 
'■<\ &:■<! i.t E'l imlu fiiiftiilloaod ^ 

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r in t8ri-;i. IncluilisK tlw ncliunur RauTDUa (Bmai >if Uiijiir. UnlalJ.J 
. . ■■■■-■ .[■- nl.] 
iini^L 'U jir.v. t vifit'i Ibe 1}[iriati« Kip^il^l'^ii Iti li^ti-K* tn «i>mTaiui4j af ■ Brlcarle^ ADd 
■^.e »• TCuiiiIii' rrt'Ts iliK laulh (rociilrud Utu tliruik* uf Ibn Qottrnmtotaf ladia. m<mti<'ti«il 

! «r.;l.,l ■.-.-. |!l|-|i.p(, 

: ' 'ih tll^ frit ni^ili'TK In \ii*i iViiii''--\ ffmn Iha fllh AiiffnKt rPljj. tn'OriLUnE 

< Lilun to KtubKUFii (Mciliil wiih r),»p. tnil Turklnh Mr^lM). •ionrd wiUi 

r r.ii1 -. hl ' I'r^'tciit in 111? tiOKOi^-m-nL At Uluadl — lur^rcl^ woandi^d i lErwat 

■iUiC^V'- At-i'». I I •■-•at <^nt fi r.iii.iiid ^joit pttirt in tlitf bk^fj^nLHTuI PoLcliflfiimnm 

I kn d*vp«AciiM; ■■ I" 1'1 UiM cjii'-jiEii, s^nrr.' I ivLrh ttir lliif-]nr>«c IIipo'lili^'Ti in 

rihfl rvl HaUaNii - iil'uiilicrt lUfdiil wilb Hrup). 

'•• --d wfh tiiu i^iii Itirjt- Elimiitihtmt tlui VlA>l4<rrj ifacntinijm <]f iB^t'lI'^UGludluy 
' I. finil Uif hfygt una ralT or.-<4l>wUi>nl(MrrliLl irlih lhr» <T1r.>p>. jUi OldHofCbJ) 

I.I', ■■ il in l!.i' liiil.n iiQliilBU iniSiS.inoludiuit lllO 

lulrilr, ami -' '!> r^tnlttnic in thi> iiupLim> of 

' rf-'-}V\ finiii . I Vl^dAl Tltll L'l»l*l>. ftlld twice 

«rAr of li;? 4ij'l tn'T Zulu vtiir vj i^^iiut AxiiM^ijIt 

.i.iiiiUiiK til" li»n"*)^ lunl **IM prvdnt n\ i.Kn nrjimii nf 

. . - iTd ilic CTjipi^piii^Tit nt irinnftl l*!vci'iil tiinr«iuintfoaoil 

biB, llrr-VJl'-if L^ i/'iI'h:--:!^ t7.",, >|yilnl * jlli I'lii^lfl. 8er%'Cii ffitli tlif< rud^lIl^likUar] Drrbynliiffi IblL'ilucut 
_^ili^q tt&rof ilfir. anilciifbiuaniliTil Ibo lr<>:ii» iu -Vli:L;L]ulrm fnim lUn jjlU Aitifiii^t to thi* i4tli^Ei|ii"iiliflr 

* 1Unb»L E- il:T|iHjl» *^l'. '- ■.- 'I. 1.. I 'i ir. '. f lij tlinlV.Tnwirrmn i;tTi -■ ■ i' .■ tb«hiO|fCilildrik1T 

)(ltll«il.l(r--1. KTXI allni-k- ■. i ( iuic lii.d 8lk Sc|it.'mlKr ■.(mini "irilll Clmj). 

iMTvHti*!' VkSl fc]i F^'L..i- - .pjH -■ ,:. ..I lIui liiiLipiiiiiiLjLiu.v lib ii , ■.j*jfrf>f LiirlEdoflr 

■1 )tanb I 'ifoof C*lp*o "HflnJ'^'.tTii.'io^prari.'nTii.rui ImlJal, J^orvi^'i 'v.iii tlji.' !:]T)i iicufuiaiTot Uinmeb* 

■aiW V< .-.}7'jS(<nttiti3aol(n<t«*|M(e)iiK>. IIi-cwi "I l.t,C>il^Tid),miiI '.bruiucliimt Iba 2ulawuurii;g. 

I"' f I' 1 of Ui« klur aa Dlmctnt oF mnaiitirt (Mrdiii ntili c.i%.y'\ 

llafi^raB Htfrv^ la IhoKJlArwaT In iI'Jh-t,). utiiI u>4 piv^aL in ttio eoifiinfQniL nt llioTaba k^ 

i^tn <lni|H««tiul; ftlKi aorvtd ia Lbu Zulu uriii in iJm, n>iii vtm iiKaiui laUui ouxnuaKMiil M 

1^ ln,l»PBUrfiM.Br»™ii|, i:B,,iiml ll.«lal niili ria.pj. 

"^•'•ti r^'i" S.IFiilADlt^y kcnrnl vhili ibi l^tli lUj^jiiii^nt Hluruii: tii^^ Ijicirr liari t>r UiP Iniliiui mutiny, and iT»"liCim'''1 

BvU Uiw ■"**—" lAain in the siiaIiaI^'I ilihtnni iindnr Hir ^lohn l>niLi:iiv>i i MrtliiK Af<rw>1 in <ti^ Afghan war in 

Irt Jaa* ^i^iJ>nt Adjuluil G<!ui?r4j 4itb tbi>Cnndahar 1\e;1l1 J'ij".ii'iUri.'(k>l aI Ift^Goljjiiol) Modal), Survod iii IhO 

UMumr of i<i> an A^tatmt AJjuUmi QKiinml ■ tUi iIh' ili'ul ijuarunol itu \riny. iiid »iu Dnuool al lb* 

Mir ■( I>rt4i>Xaiilt •inrnUmud tn dfPinUihu. Aldo ibi (Wuii> if> tin: Quhoi, Modal Willi ('Iiu|i, )M l^iu of Lh* 

MM^ ati'l mitr*"'- ".""'I »V" ii-T-il Willi 111.- Ml" Kip'rtitlon in iHr^iu Ai.uunt .iiUuUul Goiunla* 

[b^^^i'- .. . . - 1 .- - ' ,,.. iiUoFioi) ill d»pftkuv4i rS, and Clupl. 

■ iBi ' I' Aiiliiif CiuiyjiKliJkiuu in Ui<i opMMlnn ol iEtM la 

iiLLtiiia iluMfDrvu in thir Tmi>lila,iuidwiupE«4Milln bha 

iin M'lnnialn nn U» ith »)k iBH i mniUaiwd In doipaubot, 

>< t>epnlT AHlilaol JLiUataDl aad Qnanw HMIa fhauiiti ax 

4 . Uviiiiiy AuiiiABl Adlatuiit Utosnl at Band tjaatttn. and 

.'.^l;uttii XL I. jiiiiLiiiui^'iiL^in,.! iii diMpHlcbi«s Unrtt Lif LM>j]ni)al, Mddal with Cliupl. Iturvnd 

'I (ji 1^ Itwr wir til tKi a* AMlntaat ^aartur MA«fe#r^)paf<rA]- ItnTri^ In thi>Kcni^aii witrof 

.i»n>aiid gnirUT MaMrrUcanal im ili( Krad Oiiorvn SUIT, andni prnonl al ibc coeafv- 

3^:^r* I , .->'! kiuiuia aud Fn Iti 1 1 Iti I^ SepM. and bi Ibv battle ol TvJ'et-iEoMf 1 lOuntlunod in (1ci(iat«hm, Aidn du 

^4MaiB(»IM<i.Mi>^l''iaiCIU|i, mlCkuaulMvdiiaia.audKhBjIva^Slu). »:nrt)il«lililhi' Silu Kiimdlliun In 

• r^ kf ^ tbp ljfFi'>« of <-'immuiiio«Ubn i munlliinrj lo Jutiiatrhvai, VH-. and Cllacpl, Kflrvtnl wiiFi Elip liCTiitlnn 

I- -' " '- ' '^!-K<,*n>< va> |ima«i(lnllii7 *n|[>«mi<vi aiOinlmnFomniandat a DIclilEiuiini'ntrnnii'l 

I It CtiH ot llw Madlldla an J itd iTlutof ibe Otmaniolik 

-«od 34 Ilia £^ tUnuiwot Willi thii FinJd Yvtcv irUii^ rapvllfU an liidu-ntimi of 

vis-it 111 ..1./ i*r). HtnrtHMwiKhOTlit* *ih»n(lTarfrnmili» ■ '■:■■■ -.<-t'lwMtunplnj-wl 

.mttalnnar to tlte Woicn Aklin* (aiautu »iiod ii) doninteboa, lu ' k -A Uiijif- ^'^'- Modal 

Bcirrad IB the Eiurptian wu^r lUi an A-'i>Unl Adjulaolsud i. ir r Onaaral im lb* Band 

•ad wiM pnaam at tlii> vnfafrnmla of Kl Haafar. Vtl-«i-)tab>iM,. . ... .^uvaia [gth Hf iitciiitiarl . 

tf nt TW-«I-KcMr .Buaiuaad In dcaiwichea. iildg da (kmp M Uw ijiiiiiiu. Mcjiil irlih Clwip, jrd 

JlcdiMM, lukd Kbtdlra'a Star). Bomd wiUi tb* MiURvptdUion in itoi-itiu AaaUlaalAdjaliint and 
HraaBtnl. anl «u |a«Hat al iboacUioi at Ktrbvfcui (Mrle* moRtlonol in dicpalcboa. two Claipa). 
tBKEHiMaB CnMMt Fluid Fonotn iMt M In oimlntndot atlrtEidi: and iiai nisanl lnlhe(nea«- 
nSmtUnmi !■ aaapMthi. JCCAl. 

■«f7^Mka>rT«4ta*hg Itcntlan "M of itti.aiidviw pi*Hn( in Ihu cnimtrmifiil at T*l-al'Mahiiia imd 
im4d-K'Wi|api»tMfidColinM*tnili*ArDiT-U>^'^thaiuti.and Khvdiic-i SMd. 
iVItooBS Black annttl siUnhft ««ul Hi^Uacdon In the Oimta rrwn laibJuiui iJti. mi'H'l.^ tbi> t-waii 
rHilMaliiilii ' lUMal vxh flup and Tcrkili UMal). Stavdl In tba KaAr kut m il;&. -.ncVu&iiug Uib 
t Tkln-ka-l^dula. .Kniisf ■!•» u lAo ;;ulii wmt'if it;.^. and canuonnael Ibc MtlT 'BUMhtteaTtmA 
I Bfihe ■(" 1''^ '^-■■••i'<\fi ID drtvuKfAo. ca.. MKbtl wiih. Utup). 



44& War Services oftlie Colonels, 

J*^ Colanol C. TI. ttivivtiD Bcrred with the 97tb RcfirlTaflDt Id thfl Crimea from 4th Ufty i^SSi incladinff the aie^o 
vid fall of 8ebaetonii], nail was on tbe nlormmj; pFirty at tli« ftsei^ult on the Rcitaa an the Eih Septomber— 
wonncled, and mcnuoncd in deap^tchea For '^diettnifuiHhcd coiuluct" (Uedat with ClaAp, SardLmannDd TurkUfa 
Sfedalft, and stii riiiss of tLc UedjLdio), Served a|pi> in HcniTHl in BRppreBsinj? tho mutiny la iB^p^S, with tlie 
Joiinpcro Field Forco in theaclionaof NuBrntpore.CTinndiiH UnimcorpDre,aad Siill4Lnpure,an«rvramB utthesioga 
nadoaptnro of Liickuow aii<l fttarming of the EAiBorbDRh— Aaundcl (Medid with Clup). Served in the Boer Wftr 
of eSSi with the Nniai Field Furce. 

J" Unloncl G' H^ D- Mncphcraon Aflrv^l with tba qjrd HigbliiudcrH in tbo Crimea from the nth Joly 1855^ 
indndm^ tha eiajfo nrjd fall of Sebasiopol TMedal witli Cluap, iind Turlcish Mcdul]. Serve<l aUq the Indian 
campsi^fQ of 1857-55, includinif the rolief of LncknOw by Lonl (Uydo, bnttlo Of Cawnpora on 6tb Dec. JflsT, and 

Sareuit Uj acraikrbiic, acLiou of KbudnciiDge, eie^ aud tiill of LucI^tiovt, atutclr on the Furb of R'juyj^h^ a«ionfl at 
iLyenD^o and KjiroiHy, campnij^i in Ondo, nv.d attack on Fort Motbonlie (Medai with two ^'lii^Pr^)- Served in 
the KUfiafzie campuLfru of iB6j-tn. and at the Umbeyta PaHn iindfr ijiT- John Garvook {Medal cvith Clasp). 

^'^ Colonel C Frankland bcrvcd In the Indian mntiny campaign in jBjv-^E, including tho mege and capture ef 
AwahandofKotah (Me-bil with Clasp), 

^"T Colonel J. D. Johnstone sorveil with the ;i3rd Rogimentin the Crimea in 1B55. InclndlmcthosLe^ro af3ebmAljq>ol 
4nd aasauJt or the Hdl&non tbe iBlh JunolMedjJ villi Cluap. and Turkiah Aledak), Served m tbe A >iy simian cam- 
paign in TS67 6S, ajjd wax prflHent at the atonnin([ and capture of Magdala (meuiiciaed in de^piiti^bca ** Tor hbte 
irjana^mciii cjf native cumage," MedalJ. 

1^ Cot'^Ticl (>, LuL-k nau prcz^it at the operationH a^inet the Jowaki Al^'ocdoca in January 137B (Uedal witb 
Olasp). Served with the Ciindahar Column in the Afghan war of ifi/E-Bo. including iho advance i-i Kholot-i- 
QhilzaE; commanded a *4tLuadron nf tbe istb Kosearx and a troop of tbo tut Pnnjaab Cavalry in eri^rq^msnU 
with the Afghan cuvalry at Tukht-i-Pul un the ^bb Jankinry 18/9 {flb^btly woiiDded» mentioned in deapatcbti, 
Modal). Served I'Vi ill tbe Thult-CLotiall li'ield Force under Hrigiidler GunerMl Biddulpb. and accompanied ^fajor 
Oenei-al PbHyre. in Command of hia ragimunt, in the march to tbe ri'li»f ef CandabHr iu August i&So;mcntteDea in 
deartacchop, Moilul). Bervjd in the Ikior war of iSSi in ci>[nmand uf tbe 15th Hueaars, 

"* ColmuJi J, Uuncon served in the Iiidi'in mutiny campaifm ()f 1857-53, mdndiug the action of Soorajponi 
defence of tbo ALuinlj.i^h under Colonel JLl^fntyrft, Ht^nnLa>c of the f^ccunilraliagh and Shab Nt^ilT and rtiuafei 
Lacknow by J#i>nl Clyilo, occupation of tbe Ahimbagh under Outram. capture of Luckoow, caiapai,vn of eB$I 
In Ondo, with iiriKSiii^eof tUcUoocntcc, action at Shab[iL/ri\ and other mmar aCTairji (UedaE with two Ulaapaf Ittl 
A yejir'ri pcrvice for Lncknow). Aon-ed with tbe B«chiEau:ilartd Expedition in 1S84-G5 as AHBlBtanl A<tjutant vid 
Quartei' Uni^irr G^Ticral nt tbe finae and Lines of UemuiLiitiCHtion, 

■'^ CrjEoiter 1'. E. Iliil tferveil thruaKbout tbe EaFitorn cninpaiKn of 1854-55, including tbebattloaoF Qrilak!ava and 
Tnkerman. n'tciio and fall of ScbaKtopel Illegal with thn:e cWns, 5th CUua Of tbe McAi>dia, and Turkish MBdai). 
Serroiin tH.W. India mider Sir John M]c7idI Ln [£58-59 IM^^dnf). 

"' Colonel r. J. Mnoranm aervpd with the 3i>tb RccEimont in thoCrimeafyom the lat to tbe ^8tb Septcmher 1855, 
incbidm^ tJie Hipire and fall of Qebaatopoland n^Hault of tbu Rudiiii en the 8th iSeirtembtir— suvoreiy wuuudedin 
tfaeU'rtaE'm (M^^dal witbCEaap, and Tarkioh Afcdal). 

■■^ Colonel I'- Timkcr Her veil wiib ihe 8ath Rcuimunt with the left attack during the llhouEnn ExrieiJition of t>6) 
(Medal wifli Cln-^p]. Si-TVL-d in the Porak operational in ib-j6, part oF the time ad llrigarlo Mnjor ; commanded^ 
left attack m the opi-rauoiL-^ against Sekuhuni in 1S7B ; comman^ied thc&oth Regiment in tbe Cuiumn under {yt^LoDri 
Rowland)* nn Lbc Sw^r^i berdcnu tbe Zuiuwar of iSt^^ andanbeequently thetroopa at Lunvborff ; uL^ocimmandfld 
the regiment in ^Vooii'd Cr>lumn daring tbe march tnronjfh Zulnlandandintheen^aj^mentat L'luudi (f'S.,McdlU 
vrith t'lar^pi. 

"** Colonel !■'. G. S. Cartiii aervpd with tbe 6tbDrnfinnn Guardn in the Crimen, from tlie ^oth July 1855, inclndlnc 
(he battle of the Tchoraaya, glegc and f all of Beba-<<to]iol (Medal with Clapip. and Turkish Medal k Sorvedaluj inlbf 
campaign of 1857-58 ngain«it the mutineers of India, including the aetionH en the Kiuduji uf tbe ^^nih and ^iit MmT, 
battle of Itudk'el^esorni, niegc and fall of Delhi, and nnbHequent op^Tationa under Itngju3iv-r ^howore; ulaatheaflw 
of Mynpo'jrii' and Kerhrowlic, capture of BareiHy, relief of fibnhjehjvnpore, and Kiih:iei|ueiil affairB at Malmndjee and 
Shababad iMeiJIid nith Clanp). Served with the Inniukillin^ Draguone in thcBourwar of iSfii. Served with tbs 
BechuAnahuid t^^itrElitinn under Sir Charles Warren in 18^4-85 [mentioned in deBpatcbes, CMd.). 

^*> Coloni'l K. A. Wood commanded the loth HnaflarAin the Afghan varof iB78-7g, and was present at th« attack 
and capture of Ali .Mii'^jid [mentioned in despatches, BrevE:t ef LLColunel, Miida] KitlL Claiip}. Served in the Bondan 
Expedition under sir l.>crald Graham in 1^84 In command ol thoioth Hu6BarH,and waspresont in the ongogemenll at 
El Teh and Teimii imenlicmed in despnlehes, CB.. Mudul with Clasp, and Khedive's Star], 

"^ Colonel <i- llalchellHervedin the Afghan war In 1873 ■7g> and took part in the second expedition Into thcBoiir 
, alley under Ijii'uL llentml Maude (mentioned in de^palcbt!>i, Brevet of Lt-Colonul^ Meda)>. 

■■> Colonel W. irrUl-niiTh aerffcd In tbe Afghan svrir of i87S-SD,HrjtaB Asj^isiaTiL AiijutantCieneTal In the Koonitt 
Division, ixriUL' prv^tTit at tbe capture of the Peiwnr Kotal [meniiened in deapatcheb), in the epcrationain the 
Hariah and XLunt Vnlleyif, in the enga^^mcnt at Chnraaiab on the 6th October 7879 (mentioned in deapatcha), 
and In th?aubser|neiit oc<^npation of Cabul ; aftcnvardn Eorvcd with the 83bb Regiment in the Koomm DiriBiOD, 
including the ZninmHbt Kxpcihti'in (Urevet of Lt.CulQnel, Medal with tpro Claaps). 

"» Colonel H,UouldoTw>n sen'od during tho Indi^n mutiny with the Artillery at Pesbawur in 1857, and in JB5G-54 
with Lind'H Moullnute Ilurse ; Ibis Regiment was part of tlie furce under ilricadier General Troup which advanead 
Into Ondi' from Sluihjthanpore, Horved with tbe [7tb Lancers in the Zulu war of 1S79, and was pteacnt iatbe 
on^^emeiii iib Ulunili |rneutioncd in dcbputeheo. Brevet of Lt.Colenel, Medal with Clanpl. 

"» Colonel A, C, Twentyman wrved throughint the AbypHinian cajupaign in the TranHpott Train (Medall. Borved 
In tiie Zo^D wiir in 187,^4 Brevet of LiLCoionel, Medal with Clasp k. 

^"J Coiniu-I \-'.. L. EniiUiM'i bOTvcd in the Indian mutiny campaign in 185S, and wns prct^nt nt the actJona at 
Amornb nn the 17:11 iiudfjLb April (Medal). Bervcd in tbe operationH againat Seknknni lii the TranaraaC in 
i&;B» Inditdln;; tbe :<lnnniiig of Tolyana'a Stadt; also throughout the Zulu war of 1B79, taking part in tho 
engagcmcnir* a:.Zungin Nek and Kambula Hill, and, in command of tbe lUE Battalien» in tbe action at TTIandi 
(mentioned in dcHiriiieluvi. Itrevet ofLt.Colonel, Medal with ClaspJ. 

"* Colnni'l EL. M. Hi'ugough commanded a BatialiDa of the N'atul Nntivo Contingent during lbc ^LibiwaroriSr^, 
And wn:< pfrMTit in the viigaiiCmcnt at DIundi (meniioncii in deapatcbes, Brovet of H.Colonol, Mcdnl with Claap]. 
Berved witbilie Hnrme^ Kxpadition in r8B5-fi£ aHAartLr^mnt Adjutant and Quarter Muatcr l-eueral E^iuenliened in 
deipatc-hop, (7;., a^d Medal wiih Clasp). 

'•^ Colonil .1. I'\ Owen dcrved with wood's Colnmu in the Zulu war of 1S79 in command of n Monnti'd (Jathug 
Battery, and wild |ire,->er.l Lii the engagement at Ulundi (mcniiuucd in ileapnlcbcB, Rre vet of Lt. Colonel, Medal wi(£ 

■" Celeiiel A, lj, \\alkeT nerved with tbe ^gtb Regiment throughout the campaign of j8i^o fn China, inchiding the 
actions uT Cbimkinwim and I'aliatehovr and uuirender of Pekin (Medal with Clasp). Surved throusliont (be Zulu war 
of 1870- Wiis pre^^ent In itie iietion of Oingindhlovu ; afterwards served as Assistant Adjutant Ct-nt'ral of the lat 
Divi,4on (Medal with C|A-pf, 

i4a Colonel Tongni' served in llie Kadi war in 1B77-78, and wan present in Ihe engagements in the Peri*- Ruih and 
at the Tnlm ka Ldoda: alrt<» served In tho Zulnwarin i87g, and wafl ptcflcnt In tho engaffement at L'lflndi;Ure\clOf 
IitColonel, Mi' with Cla^pk. 

*» Celnin I S-de A. C. flarke st rved witli the Nile Expeditinn in 1884-85 in coimnandof the Liirht Camel Regiment, 
and took pnrt in llii' op^'ratinns ol Ihe Dcbvrt Column, including tho engagement at Abu Klea Welliiun the lolli and 
17th Febraary|m<-nliiniT'd in despatches, CMG., and Medal with Clasp), 

^* <'ol"nol K. Lrnrli M^rved in ihe jolh Hogimontm the Crimea, pubscflucnt te the fbllof acba&lopnl, from (he i^th 
Seiitemlur 1K55 iiuld iho evacuation on mb July 1856, Served ako in iheNew Zealand wnrof 18^3-61^ us Orderly 
OlUcer In I'oUinel Waddy wbiii commanding a Field Fnrce inthe Waiknln in 1S64; present at Wularl i aji|>oiiiU"d 
Aidedi' <'iini|i te lirii^idier General Waddy 7th Jan. 16^%; and present iittheatlack and reimlse of the enemy at 
>'ukumaru (mentlnnE'-l in denpntehefi] ; aiipoinlejl IJepniy Aswiprnnt Adjninnt General ttth Jan, if (15, and present 
im Uit: n.'/-i//<^cr of £bo eaeiay ul Kakararaea (mentioned), nnd served throughout the cainpJiign Wangmmi dinlrlct 
tijiiicr ^tr a, t'utncron. Accvmpanied lliijor General CUutc us I). A. Adjutant Ceneral dunnnhiu camjiuign on 

War Servktt of tlm ColomU. 

I Wot Co«rt la •»•(-«, »*4 v»*n* nl tbit uoalt uni) auitui« of OkkUkit. f ntahi, Olnpairn, Keunbri. uid ■ 
VMkakn 1*^ luMBttannl la itMpoUlM*, Uranlof Major. aii'I Ucdull. gvned niUi tbB lat Huulion tr^t Kail 
#«mABt IJtmuj^aQt (be Kmit^ii frar of i^Jt, fiurl wiui pr**AUL ht tlj^ aruonm K/bA^A^lQ (hd tiiOaiiLOf90pl«Dl»T 
(£to[.4ik<-'liwi>.r ihx'Mnikutafa.uidKhntiiVtMuri. SfirT-.>i1 In (lie Nrif KirH'ditiu.i iu lUf-Ss la onniniatil ot 
M( at BaUaUini of Ilia U'nn Kfin ttacImtBi (nHnUanciI Id dupuU'liih CB.. una i'ia>|iL 

•■OotaiwlJ-C REuwllcrriol ihroaetioiit ilw unl pbua aEllwAilmtii ir,iriiL ii;. u Aiilr>lv(.1>mptoSirArsht> 
liM AUi<'B.u>d wj# prci4a& ai ibcbMtJtQf Amoit/IU. thvftUAdk *t,a («ii(iLTn of iw<o-]i\aliH tho TiaUJu ot OnlabAii 
witapiMnof CooDUiaUa ( l-ner mroilinntid »■ ilntimMhos. Unrrt or lUjoi. MnJuI uiLh Cliu|)i, KiiTdl iu Uio 
t,tlMrtt<iti^-nm Itae opomiilW V*Iiin Sfknincl untkr i'uIduhI !!»«■] luulu, HmM in tbi> '\a ytttottiji), 

«ii«M III 1 IB IW enKUcmsDiB of Zlolwiui Ui^uuiniii miiI Kamlnila luircnl ukkl* sQiitiuncd in >leniiit(ih«. 

KMIof U.(Mon(l.lliJ>ri<rlUiClMpt. '^ ^ 

•" fti>mil W. li U*lnnn|>la Mcnd En Uin Aihwtl imT id li;,, u SncFlul Cummlii loner (a tlw Wmbch* iii4 
Bi^tfai^«n (ti* kfi Ouik of iho ll^n Unoot AdiAncr. aiul luliHTjurnuy um ihu Ti&iihifi>rt fiuri'ic* QBvntt<iiu4 la 
^■■Mte^Rnnt at UWr. UnUI Bilb aup). BcrrDdio ttin UII*rr«l iil tho Knur ivuot iKt). Al» ion«iI 
H S*Salv wof ilj^, RrAl h* ^tAlT Offlncr lo (xilnnnldvoVOilnmn. nuil aru>rv>mU a* llrlR>^V Major lo Ihii mt 
btofc, uul [MTiMeu I *H Brn^int In Ui« onninnirnt tX Ulaiidl (mcnilDnoil ia <loipauh<4, Urcicl of I.i.Uuliinc>J. 

' C«(^m1 J. a. CuafteU MUT<4 in Uie lodiui MiiUhj cuD|Hi|n in tifr^- iBcluiUns iliii ilDlriue or Siajtor 

■ CMmd J, M. AQ«i4»«.-8m CntI Ufonatinna tni UsUaalir. P' ■>«- 

■■ Ck*i— t T. t. IBinpMB acmd vlib tbn I'aahawnF DivUiaii iLuHuit"!'' ^"p'ly "■■■t'lT ia iStt- BarrodBtUi 

U* ■^frt« sn4a' BriftmiUw Qtamnl CbuntxrliJn In lt)f-^Q tiiriin>t ihr ('atxn.! Kbull Wnaatnta, ukd ma 

^■tMMiWtsptsrvUil horBintrif UkldiBN IMo'li'I »ltb CUip), eorvol mili ih* Xfaob Vmllor FloMFbCM 

oilar BHtf^<kcr Gfiuml SlrO. V, Thudct ft^m UiO tod ScjiLcibbiir to tliQ mil Dri^ijuilwr iM(. 

<■ Oodwel W. I. AuobialMfe KrTOl with Sta i\ri OtirlmvM wiOi ibn Ondo Piald yurvs in iljt-u. biuI wm 

1 M ihvtimaaal TUobapora. uid minor aRblri (Mnliill. I.V>mm«n<lvil Itm bird Hrj{><n*nl (n Hoatlitni 

' MO In iStv-t-IMwIiil' IfrTffl m Uio K|Cr|iUUi waro1t9ii ia catuaajiil oc ^o lalBattAlIiiaUaDetiMtar 

t(M*lal. ami Kbo-livc'< Slur). 

al IJ. tf. lb<*k>tiHiii mnraj wuli th« mil ftuution Klfla BrlnLU ia Iba to^llan muliigr lUtiUI). 

ictiiwiUM aiMMsd pbuM oC tb* AabMitl *Br, from iilb Drofmliqr il;;. u BMitwIc Maji>r u Uio 

..^drkA*. hi0ludiii]f tbf baiU^ Of AfnfitAi], iMUlotpf Ordahau iLud oaptnre^if Cooouaala [cictitiEirwd in 

UrwM of Mtiiar. Xolal >iib Claap). SnrraJ In ihit 7.iilii witr uf i^jv- "ud iviu pnawit lu tha 

■MMHtf at t'lnnih (b*iuIoiu4 tn ilnfiawbm, Itrtvsi of LLCqlnni!!. Modul irtlhi'iiuii'). 

AIWoBal O. A. Bsnunan atrvtd •rlib ibi gUi tAoMra iutbe Af^biu war Ul lR^}->'^ imil luoimpanled Sir 

fliiMtlt Bobnta In ibaBnrTktaCBiulab*r,ii<idiru (irtMiilatthaluiUIaofl'Viailiauii luenUmeil Lu tkiiwlebaa, 

K(W Willi C1^I>. lu^ Uman DaBnalwn). 

•• to Ptn&nla ilo WHiteB •mvl tbaCilmMn oamiwifrTi from Janoa'T iSis, inalMiUnit ilm aliim nn<l fall of 

•MMnpnLai itaaTmHbaa vkb the atscc train, and liutDtiariliuuuUurf III April Middib und i;Ui Jduo— mandcO 


^ . I L1H|^ Ksiibt c( Iba L*|fii» of Hannr, luui Tntkinh H»U1|. 

i<* Unniacr tieneml U, r. Cltrj •errwl In tba Zuiu nir or i!,-), ami mi pn>nnt in ihu onv«i*ni<Hita nt 

mad niBBill (DKUtaaM IB 4laiCkl?V>. RriTi.'i iiM.[.>'uT<iuiil. Mvdnl wllh Ouu). SerrKl in Iho 

._rnf iUti u BtI||iid«M)u»TftC Ah" 'Utk'h Himl Burrfil i ta Ihc Bimduu K)|ip 

. rSr GeniM i-nduai la in^ a* A' ' unil Miia |irf aiiLT, iu this MiLfHE^uivQU nt 

ttVi^aniTamii: I'a irf rTiDiillanBl 1b ilcapa^, , ... , cS.. nnd Iho Ulaapaj ; ulani tc<m>l wl^ 

IMSIteKipkl ' lj(Cta«p). 

"Oiliaiil r I natrcvd witb Uwroita Rli)«(n ihr aupprtminn nrftliomuiinylnlb* Sliahabiul dlurial 

^k^KlOi it- ^Ict ttvonilinnl UiD «mr»ii:ii uf i ?^ m riiiniifUcaii iriti](wn:>*i>< fur Tnkn l^>^ta 

■IMM. eVri'O itlUi llio NH« Klpnlllli'B tu If. I i-tut AilJiiMutand (Juuri - ' '-'ii-nili WM 

OMVBAibI ■< Hti**l^ a&4*t Atanuhn (toniili^n^'l ^. Ut'liit with <'lii*i». nii4 . ' iHr 

kg^sM H. W<hh1 ixrirdl mtktlif j/iOt Iicuirn--' iifs frumilic h<t1i Unr > ' ibv<l«irs 

talUar SoMBbijiol (31 edal wttli CUap, auil Tuikiah llciluii. ImvtwIIu ibiuuuiialio uu.lW ^uiiii>Vcat firaj. 
ikMiMa-BWl »■■ nnawit alUw aelaan at ill»ib£ii^!il*r (Vlnilsl with Ularpl. rlnrrul wilU ths 41b BuUcUoii 
BkBMtar tDtbeArcbaainrtD i*Tl-i4(U(ilan Ktrvisl iDiIioeipi>illliona«iiln«t(liff >lati*»Hl W■llDrrT«tlnI«(I■ 
■■4iMll■l W. tt- UanllJUMvTtilthrDBfbiraiilig Ibitainiui eaiuialga from ttteijfb Dec. 1I47 and oiuunaoilul 
fn B*>* Ml bi pml*«> alAildlenllUsdiili. 
— ' C S. sii»elr"*ll •■^••il «uh tbp 71ml lllirtilBiiaer«liithi! CfimM (Tom iiuli July W ifth Sept, i*jj, 
litiiri ,1 I |--"-"-'-i---f - ■ will, ciup, aoil Tvrkiati Medal). Sened %ntbtbe find Ulsb' , 




ittlM AfKfaau •■ri' il;£-Jd<rith Iha Kmnim, Canal, aail Cit>iiil-Haudi>lMr Field Foreca, Inelud- j 
tMUtant inu preatnt in thn trntHRrnicma at nitooim rati Cbaransb, i>nd In IhaoperMloiu aroond 
WT <4m itiriCD mnUoHil In •Icipaulieal ; (Kmunnndf d the rou trutd DfUie IHTltun U. ISalildabwl 
. sUaek o( 4th OM.-Asr 1 1;« ^ necoinpumtd Hlr F^oJiiriok Rdbem la (be mtroh to Oandahftr. and 
RtciinBatat ibe balite of r^nd^haj aAer tlip ■liwili of (''{}!nna1 Brow&Iow, imd tironxbt It onA of 
~ Is tliiHiKiUbt^ Mt-UI wiih ttim Ctaipi. and tlronin UeisoiBtlon). Hirrrta In Hie 80701)011 mir of 

of tbo IK BMuJinn BMfuRIi HljiliUiidtira. and hw preaent ■! IM bilile (ir Talel-Koblr 

lMMMibWIW*»lwliIi— MUi\ uriUiCtarn. inlOUvof the Xnliidlv, and Kbedivg'* Start- BeeciTOd ■ Roirard 
milMMtiiUniiriii" If iE«>. 

Ouhiual V- UruUoran atrrcd In tlio Eutcni ouspaijcn of 1^5; with tbe Otlb Bcfflmanti tnoludliiKtbn Bleifo of 

Dlaad aSlur m tfae OtiotMrr- laTcrelj irousdeil wbllti awlatiOK M laeoue a monilGd aoldier HbaUy iu 

1 to a Iwxrr Or" ••! mn-kttrj (Medal villi «laqi, and Tarktah » eiUU- Swrrad witli tbe Olnunondal 

MA navTla iSio. uul na preaenl al the aioruuca and capiore Ot B«fl (KOondeU, TMOnnaUanoo bofoi*, UtgA. 1 
Ml«efna«ua«f Dinrba. .._... . . _ . 

]. A. l*aplUDa MiTtd in Cbina duHnK iljV-^ aoooaiwiled Ibe wipailitlaa M the Morlliln ittlaoil'l 
■be oainvalini ol (ba lau>« mc ecRiRiandttl •« a I^nawnuil tbe tlb llknnpaajr llonl Kiicnie*r>, 
I'lr and MMote M Ibe TaJin l'nri< r\iuE, nit and undl uid anoiaid al tbo aSali* of Slnlio, 
,^a PaUlikaoi (Utdal nrllfe I ■ 
__^ _. 0. l*i*or««r*ffd uitbn AlitMii -oa» DnpiityAiiiilauKJautsr Mailer OeoaaJCWndiUitt'l 

tSvoa* to^ part in tbr ad>ai>rA to Kb*di . ■-ih\ in tUn tiparaLloun in tbn AntbjHan Vatle^uidon tbo 

rhidlall II HI anil -■•• pmnit Hi IhoenE^^'mrmni UtghMi In OBmmuidoI baUottheoolmnaimantloiiFd In 
.HW^ Bn>*>d a< l-U^kael. Utdkll. 

tlatmal C. J. v. BabotaKntd wltb llx i«Ui Iti-iimuni In the Cttmaa trom nt AprU lii^. inuludinit Ibe airce ' 
al tiD ■< nilieauiiad, iml ■— iiti 1 uf Uiv ItidanniihK ilitijmw and lih ^t. (Mniliil wiili CUsp.aad Tucktili 

. ttiDT^ ■riA tiw «ih Veal U> the Afihrin irar Ui i3;7te, look pan 11 Die lulnno' i<i i.'-ihnt ondor Brlxadlar 

I Ckuta* Oough, an* *« pruKiit la Ibe <nca«<aDiila al JUEdoIlaok and gnldiluJ, and al ibe mUoI at 
I iBaMlnsed b Atfpatctaea. MmUI wiib CUrp). 
" TTHiiM ^ B. A. Unaaaa HTved ieih" KHiom oinipaignof itsru, taelndlue tbij atrniuid tiUof RabaMopnJ, 
^vADk. i3m f M#lal «1I4 Qup. Jib CUai nf tha UBdildio, and Tirkitta fieOal). BarvtdtbeoaiDpelsii or 
Ws to □tana, WHdnifcsfllbeait^ofSiiibo aodTan^kii, oooaiiatioaufTientiiin, and •urraudar of Fekin (Uedat' 

■> Siiiiwl *ini~ OraTM anrnl with Uar j^ih Rrglmenl In t)w Zsln war ol i In, and «H pmont In tbn eHRniie- 
^H al tnoMdt aMd lBUi«nibaf«*>>ntopmilon>ncaUulB«kukiud,liMludlnciliettanniiicaf lb* (Donthnld IHcd&l 
1^ TliiMi Stv^vd la Ibe Sou >ar in ati.puiot Uiu liino a* Canrniandint at NeHcaallD. 

«Cm^Hl W ^T'**^ ^-rTf d ^Ttl^ Ibe 11 nd lli>;^^ittdipra In Ibe Cnmoaa cvmrnti^ fmn tbo i^tb Jalj iG^f^ 
MMtafi^" -'>w(c«il lUolalwltliClaap.aad Turtlab Medal), A>rTpI nlKi tbe ntntpaitcn cj' 

a~j|uatB>'. -xlla. inctedlaK tbn actlona ef Kod jroniia and Stuuuiabiid, (ttire and lUI of [.tcli*_ 

Mv.inll amf ■ ^reand l>a&ka* Bnugalow, allaok on the fqrl of Ruoyak. icuim at AtTnangng^ 

Wfe «MI ntiiKie o' i^ivi'iilT. Slatoaxhat {mtallouel in deanulia, Modal witb Cluspi . £iLVAA«a •aWb, MM 
BH fl^^H^glaia far tlie Oefd €uirl wf Iras fAer« fTlAMd id coaboiabd of ido mi^Lx av 1£utiymaSLa4ft V^oxV 

44'i TF(ir Sfi'Ki'cee rtf the Colfntch. 

(ARbiiTili Unlai>. Served vriibthe ii iBntUtiim ULBck Waub io tbc Egrgitlnn witror i8Si, and ma pmuiBt at 
Uio luLttle oT Tel el-Kflljir [meutiunfld jii uvfpal<?hcs, Modal with GUfip, 4th UlaaB nf the OAmauleb^ Euid Kb«dlTa'a 
I^tar). Berred in tbe SniiiUn Exp«ditiUD in iSS^ in cDmniftiiil of tlio let Baiulian Black Watch, uiil irai pnMnt 
in tht BngBKemontB at El Tel> and Temai— BliKbtlj- wounded (menlionod in dcspalches, CB., aid Iwu riaijui). 
Srn'til tbi^Q^hoat tbc XJe Kxpodition in 13^4-^5 in comumud of tho rut Buttalioa at the tiLack Wolch, mid ira« 
lireHont at the actiou at Kirbekan (mcntlatioil iD deHpatchcB. tn'o Clanpa). 

■■^ <'4>]0Del T. t', Grabam nerved with tbc irit ItattaLion Scota Guards in the Egyptian war of iBSi. andiru 
lirrteiii nl the Imttlo of Tel-ol-Kebir (Medal icitb Claicp. and Khcrlive's titar). 

I'" l.ilnnel W. H. K. Kingdey served with thu 67th RpBiment thioughoiit the canipalRnot i860 in China. Inclodlni 
till' iiciion of ainho, lakmB of Tangku, and Meverelj nounded in the loR at the stonninn of Ibe inner Taku Fort ! aha 
]in-^i'Mt lit the surrender of Pckin IMcdiil with two ClaspwK Senod with the 67th KeRinicnc thronjiihoEit the Afi^kan 
war r:< idTB-So, and uaK preunl in the i:nf»i;eiiient at CbaiBEinb un thettb Outohet 1879, and in Ibu uperationn unnnd 
Cabii] inl>ecember 1S79, including the iiivpHtmonL uf Sbernore (twice inejiUonod in dcapatc-hex^ Brevel of I.i,ColoDal. 
Meiliil iviih two ClBHpB). eerved with the Bumicne Eipcdltion in 1881-86, and connnanded the md Uiittalion o( Ue 
Hainirithiru HcRimenl after the Dccupatioii of Mandaluy (menljoned Ln despalcbeb, Medal with Claafi. 

'™ L'rjlonel H. 1*. I'earflon nerved in tbc 84th Re^nientthTOLighout tbe operatioim of tbc Column niidur linvi-loek. 
Lncliidjni; the autionn of FutCeliiwre, Aonng, Pandoo Nuddce, Cflwnjioreiwoimdedl, Oonao. Busecrut GntiKeinr-<t and 
niH-on>iL ll.iorl>eal!Q Uhowkec, llitboor, MunKaKar.and Alum BaKh, relief of Iiiicknow, i-ommanil.'d a l-'oninani ol 
the .'.|lh Uegiininl in tbe ionic of 261b Hi'iiU>!nljcr ig^j, and at the htorming of the Him Kliana; ni-rwd vilh 
Oatrptiii'x force at tlio Alain Bagb, alHo at Ihe a<i^ull and eapturu of [melcnow, relief nf AzlmE;tiiir. and purHuit nl 
Koer siri^U (Medal and two Clasps, and o >enr'«»iT.-iteJ. Senrd in the Afghan war of 1878-80, lirn atll.A,lj,M. 
Oeiii'ru! In cflmTiiand of the SJEimllcrs u-jth Mir Hamucl Browne'H DiviHion, with wliieh hf- wai preifeitt nt the captw* 
nl \\\ .Mimjid; altorwar.lii ai^ liiigade Major to Brigadier Ceneral Uonui'H Brigade, licins present at the allain at 
KiiiiL 11,1 kii and Bcsnd IMedal with Clasp, Brtvet ol I.tColonell. 

'■" C-.liincl tV Ar ISorbam served in ilio Afeban vat in iB7g-So, and took part in the operations roqnd t'alni) 
ill liieemlier 1679 ( mentioned in dasjuitches) ; accmopatied Hir Fredcrielt Bobertii in Che march lu I'auilahir, 
iiikI whs present at the battle of Can dab ar (iiicntionci I In der'iiatolLcs, Brevet of Lt.Coloael.Uodalnith twu t.'lasi>», 
iinrl limusc Deeornticjii). 

''■■■ ( tilonel W, J. F'ranipcoQ served in the Afghan war of iS7S-Sain the Qiietla. afltrwards the Chiiince FieU 
l-'ori'i' under bir Donald Htonarl, and wan prehent in thu encngeuients at Ahmci] Khejl and at Unoo near (ihnisnaa 
iBn'iri of I.t.O.lonel, Medal with Claspl. 

"- r^limel II. A. 1' ■ n'la ^'erveil ivnJi the trJ Sin 1 Uirso in the Abyssinian oampaign, and was present ai 
OiihTh' OrUcer toi-iiji.jiHl ¥f^9^t at the action ol Arogce, and cnptureof ^ragdalii 1 Medal). Si-rved tliroagbon 
the Aljshim wnrof iBjB So, Bmt as Bngnilc Major of I'avalrj- leC Division I'oBliawiir Valley field I'orce, includmir 
the nttiii'k and OMiiturc uf Ali Musjiil nnil the engauenient at Futtehabail ; afterwards ns Deputy Axislanl 
ijui.rter Musttr Genenil. and was present in tbe engagement at Cnar«aiali on the 6tb October 1^7^. in the open- 
ii(,n.-h around Cabal in December 18 791 nchiding I hcf investment nrshorpore, und in tbe cngagenii'iii at Hbelcaisid j 

acei^mpanied Sir Frederick Kuborts in the nb to Ciinilnbar. and was [ircscnc at the baule of Candahar 

(Iriwineiitly maniioned in despatches, Brevetii nf Major and LLColnnel, Medal with four Claaps, and Bribsc 

'■'- (^oloneE C. W. K. Guinness served with the ^jimI nighlnnUers Ihrougbont tbe Afghan war of 1S78-80 vith ths 
Ki-jniin, i;nhu1, and Cahul-t'andahar Field I'Virces, part of ths limo as Brigudo Major 10 Brigiidirr licnsnl 
.\lnc[iher*on ; wan presenlat the attack and ea], lore of UioPeiwar Kotjil,aiidiii thocngsgemeniatciiunisiali.undlll 
tlie I ipcrations around Cabul in Deoeniber 1^79 1 mentioned in despatches) ; aceompaiilcd i^l^ Freilenek Rnhezts 
n the march In Canilahar, and present lit th' attlo of I'andabar (meutioiiuil in (lespiiLcheB. Brcvaof 
Ijt.Colonol. Medal with tour Claeps, and Uninze Doconi;iunl, Bervwl with the ist linttaliou Kqafurth Hlghlaadeff 
in the Egyptian war nf iaSi,aud was iinj.>eiit at llie battle of Tel-ol-Kebir (mentioned in deaputfbc'<, Meilal with 
Ulnsp, 4dj Cla*6 of the Osmanieb, and Kbcilive's Star), 

':■■ Colonel D. M. Home served with Iho Itnyal Hursc Guards in the Egyptian war of iBSi, and was present in Ihe 
engagemenlH at Kl Magtac and Mahuima. and in Ibo aelion at Kassasin un the iGth August iMedal, tth (.'lass ol Iks 
llsinanlnli. and Kbedivc'r Btar). 

i"i (Lionel .*;. de Vie Tupper served in the Crimean eampawn from September iSjj, inclnding the i.icge and till s( 
s.,b,i>lop'>l (Mi-dnl with Clahp, ninl Turkish Miilnl). 

1*- I'liliiiii-) W. f). Barnard euininanded Ibe ?nd Battalion Manchester Itegiment thmoghout the Kirvntian waritf 
1 ■:;, I M.-ibil. iT'X fla*s oi the Miiljidii. and Kh.divfs Miarl, "*' 

■ -< I'ljlimel S.J- Nicholson berved bi the t<ondan cumpaign in 1885- and was present in the engagements at iTasb««l 
mill ilie Totnk lereliaand at the dcfltnetiiinot Temai (nieiilioned in despaleliei., Brevotol Coloiwl, Medal withtm 
fla-p.,, and Khedive's filar), 

!•■ Ciilonel (1. A, FuruB served with the4jiid nigh lander* in the campaign nf 1857-58 auainsttho mutineers In 
[mini, including the uelions at Kudygmme und Shnuisulwd. siege and lull i>r Liuiknow, and iiaMiiilt uf th* 
llaTtiiiicre and llauks' Biiniralow, nlljiek on the Fun of ItiBjyab, action at AU.V).nin-e, nttick ami i-ajilnni of 
llBi-eilly (Meibil with Clni.p). Aocompanicl Mir Gurnet Wulselev to the Uold Cnaat 111 Septeudier i,-!7i im special 
^rvieo, and served Ihronuhoiit ihe Asbanti war nf 1S7J-T4. Kmployed at lli'^t on a recruitiiiL' iniuam in the 
settlciiients nf the liamhia. Altorwards in eluirgo of tbu adviinceil |mrty of Wood's Beginient in the roeonnals- 
Kinie ill foree lit Ibe iitb November, and suhseiinenl a.lvauee to the I'rali. Cuminanded the Uejid Quarters aC 
Wiind'' Itegiment at the liattle of Aiaoaful, and was present at llie battle of Ordabsn and canture of Conmnasir 
linciilinnfd in despal^bes. Brevet of Mnjm-, MciUil witli Lliis|i|. Served with the Nile K»pe.lition in 1884-8: a* 
nireeliiriirTrnnsikjit rnitiitinned in desiiateliM, linvct of Colonel, Medal Willi ilnsp). 

'•' Colonel .James Ooldic served with the 1,1b I. aiieers through 1 ml Ibe hUppriB.n.n d ilm Indian nintiiiv tn iS;i ig, 
jinlinlinK Ibe Isitllgof Budle)[ei,erai. siege o|ii,ration'<, n-i>aiill and eaptnrv ul Hillii. aetinns ol Itol 111 idshahnr soil 
MliKlinr.battleof Agra, eflnir of Kanouge, relief of l.iieknoiv lij l,sjrd Clyde. IjiiiiI, ,.l I^awnporeon olb l>i,i, , aetion 
SI SiTiii Jiat. miion at hhu!n~htibLiil (in vuiniiiand ol a BiLuadronl, siege and eaptuir 'il l.uekiiow. the ^uman-r csin- 
paigii ill Oudeand Kohitcund and actions of Itliodaniow and .Mlvghnr, capture of hsEi itlv, aulion nt Shall jeban pure 
:.ni1 pni-uil In M aboil idee, puKMige ol tbe (ingraat I'yialaid anil affair at KunidaLoii i.Mcilal with three t'laspn. 

'-' clonel Montgomery 1\'illinins servid with tbe B,th llegiiiieiit in tlie Hhubabiid ili~lriet until tbe llnal suppres- 
sion of ilu- Indian mulinyin iasa-s9'^'eilali. Keni'd with the ist Battalion lylh (iejti nt in the liararii eaii'micD 

of 1 ■■.;. inelllding the eiixdilion against the trtlason tbe Blnek Moil H til in iMedal uitii flasp). 

i:>i I itlonel lieurge Huylej served with the ii-t liigimint in tbe Crimea Ironi .-.inil .May i33i. inohiding ilic siin 
iiinl I.' II of Sel>a-.lop(>! and allueksof tbe i£lh .lime aiid.'^Ib Sepleni lien mentioned in di n[iatche's. Medal with Claui. 
anil 'liir).ish lledidl. HiTved during the oj S' tat ions agaim-t the Taepings in the viiinilj of Mliarigliai in .\iirtl snil 
Ma* I :".', resulting in the taking of the ylih'kade nf Niinlisiang, capture by eseslade *ti The walled eitles of Kadhi, 
T.iiiiHi.i, nnd Ti-olin. the lortilled town of Najow, theaHair at Nanbslang and rvlid i,l Kinlin and Tsiniwoi mentioned 
iilih'-liirihes.. Willi ti. Siiulli Arrieannhia-eialservieein May i^joiMniali. 

■■'-■^ Lolulii-l r. I . KII.'liMTH.I llilll.>|-rilni'"iiv:iiii|isi:;nlri.i,i .lliiiih M^l.inelndiiigllie-iegeandlntlof HnlMiBlnpol 
in the Trenche* with the sin-e train, and at Ihe Inniilinidnieiiis i.r ,,tli April, olli and 171)1 June (.Meibil with Llasn, 
Knight of the I.eglon ol Honor, and Turkish .Medal'. HiTvnl in Ihe Hgjjilian war of iBfij in command uf tbe Hoyai 
Artillery ol the rnJ Division, and was present at Ibe battle of Telel- Kohir (mentioned in despatcbi's, CU.. Medal 
with Clasp, 3rd Cla's of the Medjidic, and Khedlvfi^s Hlar). 

I" Coloni:! C. K- f. Heoll served served in the Crimean campaign from May iSj;, in the Tmnohes with the sieen 
trsJn at the siege and fall ol Kebasiopol (woundedJ, and lionibardmenu of 6lh and 17th June and 17th August 1 Medal 
with Clo-p. 5th Class of the Medjidie. and Turkish Mi-dal). 

'» I'oliniei J. 11. Kiehanlson was present with three Batteries of Roj'al Artillery under Colonel MTnn in the 

nivnlutioii whieb upset the Kin|>cror Fausti In Uuyti In Jan. 1859 1 lundnl unit protected the Eoroneani at Port an 

iViace, and carried oU* the Giapenr hie I^mil; and ministers; rceeivad the thajilu of the Knglisb and Krcnch 


'I* rVilDiiel T. Van Stmobcnicc served In tbe Kgyptian war of iSSi in cosunand at Royal ArtlllBr; Indian Cnn' 

■,::Lfiii. unit min pretent nl Che hslUaof Tel-el-KcDlr (msntioncd In deapslches, CS., Msdal with Clasp, ird I'lai:^ 

.''/A. .1/, '/ii'Ii'\iiir'l Kh'-'fy'-i filftry. 

-II' t ziv i! . 

L-ur mift I* ■ I'l i-jm] ■'•■I- 

'I -oni at 

I .lulibo 

■ ■ ■LiJi.rur 

I .■!■■ ■"■•r ■!■ il] ■ Nii'i'i iV..: fr .;r,..'r iif InillB 
illl Clup). ^rvuil Willi thn M)if Kciw^llJ.iQ ru 

ksilq. Oaikmatla Iks t»n*a Xdi1>t (■■Dl^Un !» ilirtB. IooIu^Uds IIu aiUion* M Bitbio, Doolo- 
IPimJuiMaUL AImIdUmKv* Ea4liuiil«*r iiii^t-4)(UviUli, 

IraiJ r. B. ^ha'T-ITclHn'HmJirtlhlha (th DmceooOiiutlM In IliD T' - f iTf 1 llliT mi llliliiilil 

■nvnii •» l-l-ri-HsteiUMrl KauMtnon Ui* ifili Aiijuc iUhUj. i'iBUiI. 

EI, iro.r#rnnttMiMtn<ltallioIiuUuiDnillDT»inpi^ln lE- 
km* W. Bf*A •■Kn4 ■liklhoAiUi Bcffinwt Id ihe Xoa 2c«luiil 1-: m i:^j «>ii'Mu1aIl. ftnwd In ih* 
ta 1*> aondiB mntn Mi Ocnlil Ontuui la lai) wilh iha iii Bittoliuii Tutli luil r.i.ii<'ul>r Hi^naat. 

D^ J. ti. fiAA«Til HnoJ «-nh tlH <n^n Tl*(im>-nl in Boi^ In fappi^wdUE llic iciiiUn;r <■■ itti3-)3-niUt 
FWd Patau la ik« ■Piiiini "f ■'l»ni1fl. L'mmwrtKue. wad nlianpotn. KltorouiU U ths ikn and 
LadkOBB iMxM vtlh CU>: ' ". ilic Br»r ■» iif ie»t witli Ibt XiMl Raid Pnnw. 

tl O. lt*ll*-Soh»<ib* (Bnnl I:. , .1:1 of ttif /.iiMi nuiif il^ In DamDiUKl ol Iho ItUlTaCuilcr 

■ Msngt. vhMli br oriMiii 1 1> <.'iu[i|, 

ti V. KHly-EcniiT Hv^m i^- h.-hirjippiii.ri vi lAin in Ktirtb China u Orderly OR] i^cr tu Br^irblliir Jfr|phhfln, 

Iba UOOO n( MllW tomUllMd In dUpUICllcll. UldW ol TuUkU WllI Tulu fnrlo iklerUI iTtlht'llUph 

r eABpwiA «f I06T-4I Id Abjwjnln In oonuouid ef a DIvIbIou cif the 'Vmupipon 'I'miii 1 caooiioacil in 

Ito -mL cMTCr. and ■MWjr," M»1>K 

■I K. T. B»iBt*uce MTTMI irilk Uw iial l^ull<■n In Uir Itula Mmpafgn ol 1874. ind om mmti'il In tHa 

MilBii iMkokuDl. laeludlnc Ike >*aruiiiu{ ol Ilie ilrnnrliaM, vltcH hu niiiimiinel-iit ilin AUrmlDs narlv 

«Ia«MBUlMt. M*4al •rlOiCliwpi. 
1C. G. HoBnwnwl ■rlU>llM;lhl'iHllla«ln>lwCtloHi<t tram 7th .liilr iS". InFlomnKlhc ■[onand (all 
da^M^ltt4UieB«lM«iUHMlSnt.lM*dKlw)Uiaa<p,ai1>l TnrUafi Mulsl}. 
I C. B. r»brr MTtd In Ik* Zulu inr la ■«» IM«dU rllh ClaipK 
ir. T- MalM WYil !■ lbJ»«inp«<i(ll «J iWo In Chim lUcJal ■lUi CU»p tor Uw Takn r<irMI. 


«*• ■arr*) allk lb* Xbob Vallaji Ki^lUim In 1R4. 

d Mb Uw 7j(li IM(lRiml In uir Ninr l^aland nt of iMj-f-^ In the urorliiata at 

WaOMo (MnUl). StrTcdvlih Uu nib R*(ln«ni In Uie Alchtn w%r In 1(19 IMadat). UnnAta 

ikmUit D> i^t villi (Iw mil BatiaUnn oC Uic Esai Bune; RiclinanI, anfl aiu prMmt tai tba 

ivm at tba iUlaiik cia ibn eenvoy on Ibfl actb Uaich, and In ibA ■abataarnt advance tu TVmial 

In nnnati 1 1 1 MeAal ■iu>Cbup|. 

riir.t>tflKilvyaor>al(nUic Znla war of iBn (Medal). Serrod wUb (Ii* |Til BaUaUim Cob Rm» fn 
iBroTiMi. Ksmdwitb Ibt jnl llaUaUeu Klna> HutvI BiHd Coiijii Iu Ibn Kt^ptun vkt of lESi. uiil «aa 
ihi I ail ■■■mall in 10 ftsn* IKn Alnaadttaon |Ui Augnu, in thv (UKacBmenc al Tgl<e]-MabuM, Iba 
Ka^MlB (tUi SwHanborl, and In eonimwul ol Ui* Bau^llon ac tac baKlaof Td'Ol-KalilrlMada) wiih 
k I^IMB ■> Uw OannMiih, aad KliaillTe'a Sear). Sonvd Ui Ifci- Ruudan ltt]i*dlij(m nnilnr HIr Gerald 
I li&i wiUi u^m irtf UiMUiUan KlnR'i llonl RlfloOirpa, waa aiipeininl CamDwDdant of tlia Butnut Trln- 
m* priaai 1 Ui (IM (ntcacctnisl ai Tauoi (n>»iiUoDtd in dupaiFbci. jnl CUaa or ttto Mutji.lii^, two 

^ O. CL HvlitfT vsTT*il Ib tb* Indian XdUnf oampalpi In i>:)^ villi 1ii« jlli llu">an and ■iaprcaoBl 
- Mav »ltafaliai* m (Irf. irt;. 

IJ.r, CaMatllaVTVdliiibrKa^iaubiiliT-T^aBd vHtnseni in ihiuHH:ilani acalsit Ihe Oaiku 
a nuBNIww* la ibr PnlcBuk; aUo aund ia tha lulu »u <tf iln'Hajiaalthn>ud>i. 
I (I. IL MtMliduii aon-id In Uu' y.nlu nu ol ■*;« aa HIall oaon to 

Iba NDTtliitn I>liUlj)n iiSeiti Hilh 

44f TTflr Services of the Colonels. 

ttngDfemcntB fit FA Tcb ui<] Tcual fmontiODOd in dfrip«(chOB) MAdal yriih ClB«p, ^rd Clan of Vm UedJUia. ud 
KJieoive'B Stan. 

>** Oolonfll CoILn ChmpVtelE Hrrvd ^th the jtii Dracooa Qunr^In in the EflypGlfin vnr of lAai. and imi pramt 
in tb« OD^niTcmeiita of Rl Miii-f)«r anr] ^[nliriniiiii. In tbo acticiD at Kae^asin on thu z^th Aii?a«t, nt the hattTc of 
Tel'Hl-Kebir nml the cnpture of Cairo (mCntinnoil in [lci*i)atcliDB, Cfl., Modnl with t'la^ip. jrcl ClflM of th« 
Mortjulip, nnd Khc(HvD'§ Star). 

"** Galonel H. C. Borrttt Borvfd througbout the Ali^niDian c^mpaij:^, nnd wns pTCwnt at tho action of Arofce acd 
capture of MagrTala 4 McdnU. 

"^ Colrincl R. J, Maxwell BCn'wl with the Both Reniraciit in Iho Indian inntin.v nnd cHxopriiim in Ondc fa 
1 8^3-39, iucluE Lin u the capLnrc i>f the Port nf Bimree, net Jona of Ttorn :iii'l D'lOn'lfiiktm iMo'lnlj. 

as* C'Oloni-l W, H. ThomptMjn nerved with the King's Drn^oon GnnrilH in Iho Xnhi war of iSj-i in the ^qUmdiDq 
under Major Marter, including the cavalry affair at ErzDngayan rMedal with ('lAfipi. 

'« Colonel \V. K. N'ohle ecrveit in the Afj/hjin war in iSyS 7^ "1* ^J-'iff OtHcor of the Sii^'.' Trnn with tb< 
Cnndahnr Fioh! Pnrcc (llpiUi]). 

'*' Colonel \V. V. Hrownlow b*cr7eil with the Klnt'^'i Dnitrooii C;nnr<li* In llieZuIn wiimf 137U, nud waa Onln^ 
Officer to rotouel Dniry Lowe, oommHmliiiK the cnv-ih-j in thu cnirimeTni^iit nt Vhni'li |nienliniie<l In dc^pawboi 
AftflrwanU coninmnElud a vnanilron of h^n Re^mtnt in linker Ru^^^pII'i^ Flviiii.' ColnmTi I HrfVL-t of Mnjor. UeU 
with Clnap). Served ill tlie Boer nnr of iSBi in commnud oftho ^fOUJlt^M (^jn'milnni or the Nm-'il Fii?hl t'oicff, 1** 
wap profcent in the action at Lani^'t^ 'Sfk (twipc wonndcd and horse xhiit) ami in the i>iiH.']iui':iiL-nt nt lu^i^ kinr 
(tnice ratutioneil in deBpntehO*, IJrCvel of Ll Colonel). 

*° Colonel Li. l*ntnn ■er\-el in the nj^ratione in the Malay Peninnoln in i?j$ jfilHe'lnl with I'ln^pl. Sorrcdla 
the Kafir war in tSyj^jS. inohidiiifr thu oiicmtiona nL-aJnat Uie GuIcEirH] »1s'j BRrvc^J in ihc Zulu war in iln 
{CMS., nod Mcduf xriili Cln^p). 

*° ColoiLC-1 ^e^'L)mhl Whittinf^ Kcrron in the Indian campai^^ from Maroh iS^S. And aetM as StulT Adjntaat to 
a DctarbmeiiL at ^a><t<^;nim, and ivrh cngaj^erl in the oporationa atfiiLni^t tlic rcl>elH in tiui juni^'eA of JLiKdHnn 
nndor Sir B. Ln^urd ; nl'-o Mrvod tJiC earapaign of 1858-59 in Or^dt-, inclmliiiff the nttnck and eaptnre ijf the Tnl 
and town of 8,nn<1cr [Mfilnl). 

"* Colonel P. Kr Tfiiw served witli thii4th 1>Tn[^on GuardA in the EK,Vptiiiu war r>f i£S>, anil wn* preanitlt 
the eni;jj];cmcntfLat VA Mnirrar, Tcl-cl-UuhntH, andKaBaBfiin on the 9thSeittcmher{Med:il and Khedive 'a Mv^. 

"J Colonel A. Q, II. CLurch wervod with the jud Battalion Manchester Rosimeut ihrouLjh'fnt the EnjptiaanW 
of 18S7 (MedahnndKbedivr'sStnr). 

^' Colonel T. A. Cooke Mrved with the iiih l.aneerB throuphoui the Zulu war of 1879, mid wim present in lit 
enccaffcmenla nt Zninmiin Monutainand Uhindi {>ieda1 with Claep), 

'^ Uohinel B. W, CiD^dine Hor¥e<l irilh the ind Battalion Derhyshirc Regiment in ihf Kiij'ptlaii. war of ilb, 
and commnnded tho Battalion from thesjlh Ancuntto Bcptomhpr (Modal, and KhisUvcV SuirV 

''^ Colonel PrtEroy Stephen aervcd an Adjutant of Iho 3rd llattalion Ride Brigade duri lit: Ihc Indian eonuala 
011857-53, inclndinjc the action of Ciiwnpnrr, eiej^e nnd capture of Luckaow, and ^atLlc nf XairfiJ)K'in[;p (MbS 
with Clasp), Bervcrl in the North Went ProuiierCflDipaiioi of 1863-64 as fltaff Officer of rhe Kield Force ona^ 
Colonel MncdonjLld '.^Tednl with Claap). t^erved in the Afpihan war in 1878-9 with the Pi^r^hjiwiir Valley Htll 
Force and wnA iirsnent at the attack nnd c^pEnro of Ali Mnsjid and with the e^pcditinn:^ into the Ifaiar wtA 
Liiuhmiiii VftlleTe iMedal with Clniip), 

*^ CffLoucI J^ >:. \^'hittin^ aerved at an Enai^n in tho Indian Army, nnd wna attached to the ij^rtl FmUfatt 
during the Indian mntiny from Nov- jH^^ to Ort. i3s8. AIho served an a Uentenant with tho Sih Rcgitoiit 
durinif the Oiido cam poign till Peh, 1859 Oledat with Tlanp for Lnrknowk. 

^* Colonel W. J. Holt waft thanked in Genen'T Ordera djitCil nl i'oona isth July iZ66 Inrhirt "noble eflOTU''it 
Aiivini:; lifoon the occasion oftho wreck of the n'-Krim ship Duimonif, and hiac<)ndQet wn** deemed by tha CiA* 
maiider in Chief at Bombay na^' dcAcrvin^ of tho warmcai admimtion.*' Served m the Ahyssinian ciimpaiga h 
1S6S. fiP ProTOift Marahai at Zonln, and BuhBCIjUtntly In the Transport Train ; wa« att.'^ekeil hy a lar;;B fbm tl 
BcLn^o I'aaa whilst in chnr;!e of Ccinvoy, and hiri conduct on the occnGion met with the entire approTal of LOft 
KoiJier (Medal, aTidpromoted to Captain unattachadl. 

3^ Colonel A. II. TuLloch nerved in the KoHtcrn CHmpniiirii with the \et Royals from December 1^55 till Jqat 
185(1. Wtta present with the Spaniah Nfltional troopfl diirinjr the Carbnt war in the campaien in the E^rviML 
which Tf'Anlted in tho relief of Billmo. Bor\-td ns D. A. Q. M. General tn the expeditionary foree in the «nlh af 
China under Sir Chorlen StrittthenjEoe ; and hi tho jst Royala the canipnii.'n of iSi'^i in the north of ChtUi 
incluibnjT IhotokinffofSiiiho and Tanpkn, occupotion Of Tientsin, ftnd ftnrrendcr of I'ekin (Meilnl with t« 
Cln*<ps). Qervrd in the Etryptian war of 1887, nnd wnaprestrnt at the homhardmcnt uf the Alexandrin FortiU 
Military ^uilf llfficer Eo the Admiral Commandinj^ iii Chief (mentioned in doMi'ntchea, Brevet of Lt.'ColmuI), 
was one of f. lit*' en vnluntcom who landed f*om H.M.S. /uriBrifi/f dnring the action, Bwam through the anrtiad 
spikoil the i^uns in the Moi Battery when its flarrison had retired to the oitidel in rearj hfterwiirda aemdia 
the lutelliircnce Beimrtmcnt. an<l wn« present at the action nt KHPsuein on the 9th Bejit. (ua Acting; AiT'Ttrr* 
Afljnuint (ienornl to Graham*** Foreetand at the Imttlc uf Tehel-Kohir 1 mentioiieil in deapatchCB, C3., HiiW 
with two ClaHpn^ jrd ClaMaftho Moi^idie, nnd KhciUve's Stir). 

^^ Colonel A^ B, M'>rgii n urveil in tholLaznra cnnipaiini in 18&E, inehidlnfr the ejtjiedition a^^inxt ths aStm 
on the Bkiek Mounliiin (Medal wilh Claenl- Sen-ed in the Alfehiin wnr In 1S71J-30, and ^ms pTem.-nt in thecoma 
mpnt nt Jn^dcilhick, in the ^iiEvnncC to the nibef of f^lu-rpuri.', nnd in the em^aL'omi'nt at i^iihib>id (UetUT*^ 
CJnsp), Served in the E^'^-ptinn war of lEA? hh Absi«LnnL Ail,inti]iit IrChernl, Indinn Cnntinirt'nt, and wae pitMBt 
at the buttle i>rTohel'Kchir (t'Jf. Mi-dnl with Cla?p. 3rd ClB^HoriLc Mwljidie. and Khuiive's StJirJ. 

■" Colonel the Hon. H, TallK>t Hcrved in tho latter jiiirt of the Zulu wnr of 1S7? on the tftalT of Colonel Bakar 
RuBhellV i'ikluion Liledjilxvith Clu^p). Rervwl with the i-i Life iiuanla in the Eiryptin.:: wnr of lU&i, and wu 

6 resent in tho e'Lcriiremcntq at Kl Mai^'fVtT ;ntd M»rriama, in ihe twri ueLionn at KnMiitfhi. at ihe battle of Tal-flU 
ebir, nnd i^t the caiilurf' of IniroOnentimtd in dertpntche^. Medal ivith Clnpp. ^th Class of iht (himnnieh, VuL 
KhedixVn Stnr). Si-rved with the Xile KKpe<litiLtn in i&^4 C5 in er>mmnnil of the Heavy Cjimel Itei«irncDl, aod 
WQH prirxent in tbi- eiit^BKemcntn at Ahn KIca. KIGulNit, ikod MetJimineh ; nlHorommandojl the Column eoHToyuif 
idek nnd w^iLndeil when utiackifl ncuT Shabacat WelU on Che 14th I'ebraar^' 1^85 imenti'incd in dciipat^iMi 

^=B Col4>nel B^ 1'. Maillard sened in the Boer war of iBSi under Sir EvHjni Wood as BriiTocU- Major nf the Cvnirj 

3'V ^'iiloiivl G. B. It. Hubarl Eorved with the cxpeililioit to China in i860, and wax present ft Sltiho, ^Ufll 
and cavtuTeiffTiiku Foiia (^ledfll with Ula^rO- Served with thu Ik-etLnanahincl K:i]ieditiou uikder Sir Charts 
Wnrr*n in i^.l'iHi in eonmiand cf Royal Arlillery. 

>" Coknifl Ui'or;:e Baker nerved with the e7th Ttejrlnicnt throughout Ihv eampniRu of 1860 In China, and ciirivd 
the reRiini^ntnl i^nlinLr ai the action of tfiTiho. taking of Tanghu. and Willi ihe slurming parly at 1\ik: Tnku Kor1> Lbt 
diteh id which heerosAiil and planted the Colour on tlic cavahcn also prt>sent at the surrender of l\-kin iMritl 
with two Cla^p>Hk. Herved with the 67th UeKiment Ihroiighont the Afghan war of L37S-8o,nnd wa^ present ia dM 
engnRenn-nl at Charahiah on theOlh Oelolier 187^. and in the oppration" arnnnd Cubnl in iH-eeniher i5;5 iRcln'Uiif 
the Invf-NEmeTit of Ulwrpore LiiLeiiliuned In despalf In-x- ATcdnl witluwo C'la^^i'st. i^ervi-dwirh lite Burnn-Fie KxppditiOO 
in 18^^ iif- in eoniniand of the znd Battalion of the llampKtiire 1Ce>{iineni nnlil after tho xurr<nidi-T nf MAniliiif 
imentJoned in desitnteheT-, Vlt.. Medal with Cla^p], 

I'-' t'idenel M, C, Morris hiTved with Ihe 73th KnirinKTit in tho Indian Cmiipaign of iS>7'5**, inelmiiix;: the ocrfl- 
pallen^ aftiT ihe rrlli-f of liiieknow, oE the ffirlldLd outpeftri and ramp widi 47uirain*H Potcc. and roputne of tbt 
enemy's atimk'n: also nni^eid at the battle of Cawnpore on ihr^th Deevmher jMedall. 

"* (_v>loi]el It. K. Ba>ly nerved in the Grin M'a from the i^tli OetoWr e^^^ till ihc ij^nl Jnly 1836. tl^Tvetl with the 
4!nd Hi^hlandi^rrt in Ihp i"ain|tai«ii of i3^7"i8 aBnini't Ihc loutinpiTu in India iiicludinfi the octioiiH at Cnwnporu 'Hi 
Dee, 18^71. S4TaiKh»t. Kudyf^ungp, and Hhumnahad, hiege and full of J,nekni>w nnd aNsault of thr Mariimere uid 
Banks' BiinjMlnw, ntiaek on the Port of Itooyah. action of AHvKniTKc, ntiat'k and capture of Bnrvill> ii]id (U'lion it 
Sf^^^/v^h^ir -w»nnded iMedal with Clni*pl, Kinharkeil for the Gold C^na^L i^ illi the ^ainl KlghlandcrA. F^rved in th« 
/^I't'iitf fihnsi' fif thp .\Hl\niiii n-Af in 1974, anil wa^ pr'^nerit at the hutih' of <lrdAh>iii and eJipture of Cooniarisie i^vrH 
ofMHjiir, MvdHl with Clnr^iii Hcried wJIh the isi UaltaUim HUi:k \Vateh in tlw EgypH'm war of iSBj, and ww 

War Servient of lh« CoUlneU. ^^ 

■ liwIlaalTxJ^I-Kahlr'MHt^vIthrUiKiiIiCluxitUicOHiiiuiieh.iind Kbedire^ SUrl Hcn»« in 

iMjti liMJlt>M.C<,«aJt»»t.'lT» I. 

prSarna t>RiHtl> •«r"d •rttliDie iM BitM1.-.n Sr.iiiti Stuftml.h-r. ni.irimoi.1 lii ihr y.sit,tl»a imr of %t> 
■MrhM IIMDDltKMU iluriDE Iho K*iluiuL*Min'i. In !.;rv-(i ii.iiBi Alcuuilttn iii>.l,cili Auatiil ru*>li>t 
"""'•■■tert. Sm*d«*ktha Snndaii KmnniT fiolil Kuwi; fr^im .lani i.ifii.j U.iifli ifcie lnrt:mioBnii 
mRHJiUiaor th>fi«MbaunnUlui«lU|:iIUCHl. »Uil "Uv l-iL.nmnmHir.l '.t il'ii 111 Wuli- Usllkkii.l-, 
l^-f C^mBnOcaUatKVB DmsnbfT iSJi (.1 Jki.hsit- iJ.'.f.JiiH..;.' tlioi,j.uj»ti™i ™ il.tri.ii.T.NJ.. I 
Wnnn) K. n. Sutano* mtim wlUi Ut* n^ UDSUn-nl In Iho AT^liiui nar in n'-i ■-> !i>i>l iii ,,r<-Hiit In 
it b4 IUbIiJiU (■oaUanta ui4cspa(0llMk Ur0.1t if lUjur.Viol-.riB Cr— 1. >i>a U> Ml] : iv- iA-aMi't 
T>il«ca»aata»nry doiiuiitlio Miles ikt Shilijul. nn thg i,thOeutb„i ,!;ii, rn liti.un; u ii-iitv <>r 
^' IbtK" IU«lB«nl icuoM » fcodfof thofinomy. <if nnVtiuivu »"i'ii«[h,.irniiu,ii,..„n „!,„„. 
Hii.'p-MtHmMiUieMnrifaprtolptUuihlll. Tho nuloreoi lUn wr'mml mn.;? n.iv «<jrHirr chIhi rnriot' 
fsnthlB. kiHl t3*iMklM tUnoiliu ba4 (0 (inr (he niat lirunt 01 thr nttack from t)ic wlini.. ii"ir of tbi- 
iVbulHI upAa bloikiid tiu iD>iiiu>b*T (niiia;! llin top "fttin prwljiiiou* imWiwii)-, bi» sTio iti'liiiiiinii 
nM laanaa If (fc"* oMOH-. cDulaUd ■• it ith hj bla m';ii. Ii>.l tu 1)1* iinwl ppt'i-pr. «iPfi>i. n^^l thr 
MtDOrBVanMortkclillKup. Mi«n in nambcr. acfo nil kiilu '. In Ikm gncs-niTifr I'VtiilMiii Kirtonria iru 
l4kiTCv.>M pqU fa lKillih«i>44, ■ticlnrio oT !*ui muri w-ii^ liittriil-" [^orvt^il in Ihc R^yiJtbuii Mnr '>f t&Si 1 
AilJinaAi - -"- - -- 

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iniia 'or (i*11uiir>. ji »1.| 

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>iw4a u BrinilnUiHrarih* ialllriR>iiI*i*i t>.\: iirjiiinmul m rliuiBi^tm Brvv<Jt<i(ilaJar 

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lU D«i"ily AuM«ut -ld;iit--«iiL vut Q^miuir M.-k^im fJoi^iTrxE 'hl ihpt Uiui' jitkI l,lr><* of CiitmruijttiititlnTi 
Ivl B> .U»)i m «li— , llivtftQ' I.U.'«kT)al. Mo-Ul, <i>i o1m<i( tlic>t>>iniinirl].iuir1 Klii^ilive'a Sim). KiiivhI lit 
l>«a cviBiniirii la tt^tiu luIaMni AiUuuni lOil Ouurbr Unucr livQEril, Ituu itiiil Unt* at CammuuiaaL- 
•tt» Kxp«IUai>a«7 ITum I BaiiliuuBl induipauiim.i'luii). 

iMd iL H. Pur Miml dutne th« Kiiflrmrt<riR:<iu<:"limiiil3itilltnr7fliicntaTy tnihcCiipdlorerummii, 
l«nifXa]r«dinltMp«o(aiidr«<iunau iktC-ilouin! t'jroo*. On ibn nutlirHk of ibo iiila wnrlu lif-, hoiifml 
tau i(uirO(llnr la CcionHaiyu'a CoIhtuai AnurwunU u IliliLarr Srenuir}' Vi tlin l[iii>< ''nivunminur 
lUnaa iiicuii..acd In IktAopkiitoaorhia >:i.->'ll''i>ii]r Itir Snrili- Fr-rv. Il*<lii.l nith (Tlvfp, cifi ), Sucv.d 
Mrnrnr>U> •• OmuiikMbiie of Uie Kani'jaoc biCaMM 
I iHltatr?. Oaamuitnl Ika Uonsua luhnuy lu Uio 
KKiM Tri-cJ -Wall inn — r^raW wti-mdiv! 'iwiMimiwrllpm' ■ 
I. Xsdal. ud Kli(dlT«'i -' ' ': 

Mf iaAilmlnlBw WUltuTn n.-mLii i.oj^ni' 
■[*a(«t-*}M0ci^^ui-luit<<rSbBUa1[CIii ' 
■H H. T. JmMxVUfkan aniM tat Btnt.i 

PrtwdlWC Ibe ■£(!«• «C UuUldll. UlDIIWB»I>.iri ,k,m .-'iL.ii, . 

Wt SftcTOd (4 Uw A4Uuk var of rfl/1-Co bi BrtMidu Mijur. I^'AiiATEir FiuM Furcr. unil it^a pir^^ni ai 
a* at Ml MaulAj loci ^tt In thu *x|wdl<Ion inuthr lliwu VnJI'i' s> iitilvrlyoniorr lo Rdintillvr a<iniml 
Vdln Uw •naolHMi Mo the liUghmMi VaUs; « Brlitdo UUnr tmrniioned indrMimiolicBi: »u nfvirnnrili 
Ihtor triiU the Eoonm PHM ratet,»ail Hn«a «lni Uie Zaimuilit EipcdltlDnuy Furoi. iiKiliiiltnc ibo 
l»««'ni illMifll«dtaB»tit»».Brgr<«iil[.UC<ilunal.M*d*l wiUiCln.iiL 

<r of i^i,aikil wut jjritaanL IE* iLe 
ir'fc Bruvut <if Uivjor, •tLlii:tu4«Hpf iTev 
I'.Ljltin In lAJi h> ri/iiimkiniliLrii »f 
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rt«:iiL tfj [hij uci(riL«pni[ji»nt ft; Tcnuii 
l,t".i ijttrpt). SiTiod inlkcXila 
I Ln autiproiii^in ul iha muUnj fn 

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linn «ut in illj9 (Mniliili. Son ol 111 
I. .Int «rtlh rliup, LE^i] Khvdiw'«riU'i. 

rivrl In ibopmniinlvn nitihe 

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Ibb cuitpaJcn ta iniliMnuan'd lii dMpnKhiii. riviKi Mi. 
Hfefl] Kniyuu'SJumy HrvM « iUi iba eikI l;n[idUij]i (irv 

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-al eif OsRiK WulKlsy, and <■■> iimciii nl Uiu In i.^-^tl-Kobir. ^liii n'MvY. ho tank 

lunllRuod In dvipaWUM, IMnrai ut^ui.i'nl^nnl, ilutil niili I'luii, ,th Uiui ut iho 


iJJiriBTVtA luUta Keytuiaainrol sf-. ■— 1 •• — ■■■r.i.r.r 1., rh^ '™"'i'nla»*peclii flwnj (mk, 

. Ii Att^utL, in Uja PTin^amviil la BL Uj u irri lU* >tEh 4ii^-uat — 

iailal. mil KlM4lr«'>eMrt. eorradnk' i-rm Sr,iiii„i, Kiiii-ailion 

diMflghw. Bnvot af_t>i.CV)kaiDl. i.L.i I :.-|i. ' Kipoilitimt in lUfl) 

■^' ._.-_- iWouaof til* Advauco 

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aim Umiar G«Bcnl l*r> ICIup). 
mtt WUlIua Unaajr a* rvnl iu Ibi nnpMuiou uf lbs ladln 
f acUnn* ki ititli»>BEd ruuni lUmbil), Aim nemd la ibi; 
Win Uia invTIiwaiifTanuxIri and Is command of oglfiiMt*. dt 

L u™. ilif ta J«n. ilii*, 
'111 vav En iSd4-M. ui^^lmliiji; 
II'' Plibaanil tonillcd vilIiiHt4 

■■IR. A.OnwtMdacfTMliilthUieiDdQliMS'aRDvriaibroubiiatUiDi'arQp^inior 1860 la Nonh Chlntu 
tbr avMao* <il HInha. Hkius <d Taof ICB, •illMu of iho iMh and iiit SupMmliLi, and auinimba at tilEln 

Ilk t>o Clup*V 

Mai p. F. Galliavv *f rrt^ Ici Uip ATifhan var in iS-S-nEn thtirffa of tbo rWEd piukb of Eba iae afiil tnd 
of Uia I^MluitrBr Valley rioEa Fiirco. nri<l luok irnrt in tea uiigraiXi'Ja aKniEiKt tlin /sku Kb«yE AtTto- 

i« Buw V«ll«y BUdv I.LG«ntnl MaudaiJloilal). 


Lieutenant ColoneU. 

Andrew Ajliiiiii.' Ll.Cnlmiil, li.p. RojTil Artillery 
Thou- Bdw, KeiinJfiD.' LtX'iiL b.p. Hoynl AnillBTj.,. 
Idjko KiohmuTid Joild». Jf-j/fl"-. Scots OuiuiIr ,.,-... 
Sir Wm- Gdrilnii Crardon-Cuiitmltl^;, Si^rt, Jfnyur, > 

SdrrtH Guurdi^ , - - -,, J 

TlaJph Lceke, tfttjiir, Qrvniuller GnarilB ..,—...-,-—,, 
ThuiuoeWin. lurn«i.( fokc, llujor, SfOta 0^ll^(ll... 
Kicl^ll^.l G. amrllun. Cuploiii. li.p, 8iF. i a.O. of) 

rynjiionPrB. .. . -. - -.-..- S 

WilLLnm lieori' MnckioDOOi M'ljor, Grunadlbr Gda. 
Arthar BrDniCvrODIl, Ciyl, tj- tt.Cal, 9colA Gnnrilfl 
John Wm. Hiiidlo. U.C,,!, Miulnia ^InffCnrps .... 
Francis A. Gnivea-SiLwlo, .Ifip/oi-H L'<[iin fldss.. 
Antat Henrj I'liirot. C"/i'. J- Li.C\,l, Scots Ouarfli 
.//nn. GvBmrUC, iJi^bj, Jfi^tr, Grenadier Guardfl. . 

Villierr HAtton, .If-ijor, Gremidipr Gnnrilfl 

Ilijlj|..H.MurT«j-,f'iij.l, Peiirmrh HlHli!iiuiii^r6{73 F.) 
c.F,!-. IvLir Johii L'. Herl)ert, Cnjil i Ll.Ciit.Oivu.Oit 
Ja»i.G.l3.G,Mi>n1uf"uo"r- Xf-'jof, <Jo][lEt. Guards.... , 
Pra3ici»l'apal UHulty, Jf'i;a', I'olUiiCrtiauj Gnurdfl. 
■Georte WntliLnpti.u SniUti.^ Ll.Cil.^.n. atrop-l 

Hhiri] T>i^ht Iitl'Linlr;^' i A. A. Ofri. i'lirt .} 

JohH P^lIeult IIriiL»iy^"n, (Vj/pf.ii-i, id HoABArs ., ,.,, 
Wullcr Vmtt Mrtrkiuui'U.* itajiT, h-ii. 3 Foot, I 

Viii/Iiii'riKlor, Hrl<-^l '•flUiUhlrs, Ilfllr j 

John Guatuvns CcQobip.'l/.CoMi.p. Kini^'a It<.j-»1 I 

BiaBB((o FhuI) ) 

Fnmcirf Jumna MurtUDCr. Le.f'uL Royal Artilllory .. 

BlLmird Smitlh Gordon, Lt.Cal, RiiyilJ Artillhry 

Mstboiv Hy, F[lrnTiliarB<lli, Lt.Cet. [Irjyiil MarillfH... 
Hflnrj St. JijLn Vnuffkini Lo Marchaiit ThoDiaB- > 

La Mnrcbnut, Umar, Riiysl Anllltry J 

Alox, James roundly lljkwen. IJ-Cal. Uongal S. 0. 
Robfrt Mosely llryca Tbrmias. LI.Col. Bcnizsl S, C. 
WlllisJiL .Inhn Pii'Kiinoe, U.Cnt, MudriLA s^tiiU" Corps 

Harry M.ilss Dnriicss, LtXW. RoyiU Anillery 

ThotnaH C'liullonec M^rtebi, Lr.i'eL U. Arnllflry... .. 
Cbos. Dnimmon-I T'lLBOiorortiyup, Lt.Cl. Bom-S.C 
6lf Borjjanim Pamall Bromiieud, Burt. H.Otl. ) 

HaiiKal SlatrtJiitps J 

ChiirlcsAlbort Lyon-C^umpbell, Xf.rc/, Hajal Bng... 

Jotn Dsffscin, UXol. LWerpool Bogt. (S Pont) 

Cli&rle^ Jii^. Brumbi^TLd, Lt.Col. SL>iith Witlea h 

Bordoryffc ^J4 FodlJ .. , I 

Antbojiv Hepburn Murray, Lt.Cal. R, AniHory ... 
€bar1(i» Ilurluy UHilKQa. Lt.Ciil. Boaoal SlalT Corps 

JobnCliBrlcB IJ'L'rbiuiMnmiy, J^f.tiil.H, Art 

John llcTrUm Pirik-.toiLO Kii'ucli, tt.Cul. 19 Hiuasrs 
Jorass WcUir ijoiitli, LlCal. S. StnlTordBhiro I 

Ttcat. (BoFuKil) , ..,, i 

Ellk').iYwRi'Cliia1il B, IVodoliDUH.Zt.ail. HighO 

land Lt. Inliinirj I71 Fooi) .J 

George Jnlin Pur^'mrLEin. Lf.L'ft. Royal Artillery .. 
llm\ty Joimtbau WoDdoiu'd. l^LCnl. Uiuiater) 

Fuiittsrs I104 F.) ^1 1,^,,.^,.. J 

Fcnlinaiid James Tidmorsb, /,'.Cc>f, WeetRkcting) 

KiW.(j3F,) i 

Henry Boniprset CUve, LLCe', RoyAl fiuginsers ... 
Jiinicd Ludlow Forrls. Ll.C'il. bcii^i') BUiH'(L'or]»s.. 
Honry WilliJlm Juhu Senior. LI Cat. It^TijjiLl 3. C. , 
Wffi. aemiBli. lino, Ll.C'al. Vofkabiro Reel, (ij F.) 
Allan llrmmo Rupcr, tf .Co'. N. Staff. He>:t, IjB F,l 

AleifioEler Urdiii.J.t-Cof- MndnLe BlflirC'-rptf 

Hanrj Ma:cwoll BJibcrU">a.Ll,Cof. RnyiL] Artillery,,, 
WdlmtnCrof^by BidiloTLd Mftir, LtXnl. York iijid> 

LiincaHtcr Rpk't, \<ii Foot) . .J 

p,a.c. lluory llnn:i.i[irt. GriCtltliB, Lt.Citl. Kiut Lun-) 

mmbiiii liout. ^^ijFoot) ....... ,..,,..,,.,.. .....J 

Amolil DKVId Siiporuifl, Lf-CifK AfAucbsntar Htff^t. 
Ricbrvrd ^VcvLinnroLt, Lt.Col. Ri>inbny StiiirCurpB . 

TUts9 Fondull Luwin, LijUvl. !Lii>ii] Arulltrj . 

John Henry Aleininler. LI.C1.I, Rrjyiil Anillery... 
WillldiQ Artbiir Kiiliijini, i,/.CorBofTibiivSt«n'<.'orpr 
Jolin UwUie ttnlliiityui' l)ick«on, Ll.Cal. ; rir. Gila. 
HflTiry FyCTs Turner. Li.t^l. Royal Knifinoers ... 
WiLlihin L'ni, Ll.Ctit. atjmerset Lt. lof. {13 foot) I 
Clim. John Cal. Middlesfi Rem. IJ7F.) 
rhnrlta WilliuniBrL>iL'Uiii,i,I.Ciil, Itoyi.l Artiltory...' 

John Gmbarn Mollook. LI.L'til. Roysl Artillory 

Bilwonl Let BlretL, £!.(.'«;. lleFoiwhlraRi'gt.{ii F.) 
Honrj' Donijlus itoukt, HlirnpalurB Lishtll 

Infiintry (siFmil) . ,, J 

Ilowurd K]ijgBOfjit\ Lt.Cal. [>7trorddhlro Ll^bb ) 

Infiinliy (57 Foot) j 

Allan Mnrlfau, LtCol, t Dni^toua 

Fraiidia Motira. Lf.Col. Mnn»b.'r FlIsllisTB (104 P.) 

Hu^h Lnthum, Lt.Ci-t. lloynl Artillery 

Jkline.h Watf^rbndt^, Ll.Cah Bengal SutirOorpa 

GHori;a tjdwaril ll:inoD<'k. ht.Voi. tlombity Staff C . 
Boyee Rdwiird Goivtin. Lt.Cil. Bengal StsfflTorpii . 

JflmoaiJjiT. LtVvL Bengal StftIT Corps 

jame" Ljiwi'ie hieiin, Ll-Cnh Bombay StrLffConii 
jr/i,iiaBi niehmnl Byag. Lf.Col. Ma fi ran Stuff Coria 

jnd LIIDT. 

or M^ If a 71, 

9 Jiinfl4^ 
II Juno 43 

iA Jan. 51 

JO Aug. 55 
JO Jaafl6S 

iS Dec, 67 

1 Feb. 56 

14 Aug. s» 

13 Apr. 58 

74 I>co. 56 

1^ Jon. 
6 Jon. 
C Jan. 

i> Jap, 
iB Jan. 

11 Sept. 

JO Aug. 

n I5pc. 
4 Feb. 

7 Nov. 

ioOdI^ 6t 

3 Jnly 4i J; 

3 July 45 In 
iS Sec. 66 1 4 
J5 Dae. 67 i; 

33 Mar. 70 1 7 
IS Feb. 68 JO 
17 Uay S3 1 

as June 70 3 
5 Mny 69 aB 
sS Oct. i'l 10 
as Nov. 63 7 
IV June 69 tt 

34 June 70 19 
J 7 Anjj. 7g 4 
iB Oct. 71, B 

S Not. 70 15 
13 May 6g 35 
id ^iRr. 70 19 

S3 Apr. sB ■! 

13 June 74 13 

ij July S7''S 

iS SepC. 

;i Got 
II Deo. 
1 Oct. 


9 Nov. 
g yoF. 
1 Jan. 
I Get. 
I Oct. 
I Jnly 



Apr, 58 
June 57 
Fob. 71 
May 71 

Feb. 75 
Aug. 71 

Aug. 5 J 

Auk. 7? 
OeL 71 
Aug. fJ7 
Oci~ 71 
June 7= 
OcIl 73 
Bee, 73 
Apr. 80 
Nor, 71 
June 73 
Nov. 73 


Nov. 79 

Ueo. «j 

19 Jan. sB 

S Joly ji 
JO Aug. 7s 

3 Mai. Bi 

tB Not, Bj 

»a Not. 79 

68 ID Mar. Bo 



59 7 


.60 13 


57 'J - 


63 13 Nov 

^ 17 Dee 

I Oct. 
17 Nov. 

3 F»b. 
7 W. 
5 July 


t4 JUPQ €4 

4 Mar. 59 
4 Mar. it 
f. Mar. 58 
18 Feb. 61 
-,i Mar. 59 

jS Mar. sS 

fi Jan. 60 

37 May 61 
ig Mnr, 511 
J I JuuojG 
I r J una 58 
i; Apr. 55 
™ Jlin, 60 

I July 55 
9 Aug. 64 

,ba joilnj- 

57 J' July 

5S JO July 
57 10 Jon. 
5g 19 June 

57 7 ■Ian- 
Go <i Jiin. 

60, ^ <IUIlr 

A), fi ,lriu, 

57 ID July 
57 3D July 
6d I? ,lau, 

63 iS Jan. 
57'i4 Jim. 
63 I Aug. 

jB 14 rice, 
59 4 Feb. 
57 30 July 
74 16 Oct. 

'16 37 Apr. 

65 14 July 69 I Jnly 

57 8Sc]ll.7l io Feb, 

fij 6 Mot. ji I July 

j: Beo. 
34 Nov. 
:6 Aug, 

1 Jnn. 
71 tiJun. 
7j fj JaiL. 
J.' 6 Jon. 
71 id Jan. 
71 .10 Jan. 
71' u J'lU, 

71 iS Jan. 

71,33 Miiy 
6B| I July 

7:^' 1 Apr. 

6S 31 Dee, 
71 =4 Feb. 

6 Feb. 

3 Apr. 

70 I Jnly 



79 1 

J9 June M 

33 Dec, 57 
a Ftb. to 
g Nov, fo 

3D Dee, 59 

31 Mar. 6 J 
5 Fob, 60 

33Det 57 

iC Ang, sg 

34 Bcpt,73 

14 Jan, 71 
4 Uar, 71 
4 Mar. 71 

35 Aug. 71 
33 Nov, 70 
II yar. 71 
'jB Scpl, 7> 

I 8 Aug, 65 

14 July 

4 \bU', 

4 Mar, 

I z Jan. 
6 :tlur. 

I I Mur, 
13 Mar. 



ig May 63 
39 Mar, 6j 
IS Mar. ;g 

38 July So 

7 Aug, Bo 
I Doc. Bn 

i<D«i. So 

I Jan. B 
To Mar. 3i 
JO AnR, Si 

10 Deo. 81 
I Apr. Bi 
1 Apr, Sj 
S July Bd 

18 Not. Bi 
3 May Bi 

iq Sept. 83 
7 Nm. S3 

11 May 84 

II Uity 84 
33 May 84 

9 Bapt. 

I Oat. 

4 ?^ov, 
34 Nov. 
34 Dec. 

1 Jan. 

6 Jnn, 
6 Jan, 
6 Jan, 

LO Jan. 

to Jau. 

13 Jan. 

iS Jau. 

79 1 

78 S4 

71 1 

79 4 

-a 6 

«J 7 
Bi II 








II Ml 

• J8«J 

II Fnb. Sd 
31 Doo. jg 

4 Mar. bi 

5 Sept. f I 
39 Mny 6j 
I J Juno 53 

iB Sept 

10 Nov. 
;d Feb, 
=7 A UR. 
37 Anu. 
14 ^Tay 

T Jim. 
3] Dec. 
f Jnn, 
7 Ncjv, 

11 Dec. 
la .lune 

B Jilli 

, 6j3i Ang. 

0,[ 5 Apr. 
til ig Mnr, 
jd 17 Mur. 
je 17 Mnr. 
fii ij Apr, 
^3 31 Due, 

57,13 Aug. 
<8, 9 Mar. 
eejii Mar, 
jS J3 Doc 
59 19 Mar, 
^4] 1 Bcpt 

iBFslj, 85' 
30 Feb. 8s 
55 Fob, 8j 

— IS Fth, 8j 

78 I Mar. 8s 

79 4 Mar, 85 
79 4 Mar. Ss 
81 4 Mnr. 85 
So. t, Mar. Sj 
7y'ii Mar. 8s 
7ii 13 Mjir. S5 

I Oct. 77 iB Mar. 85 

30 June A.1.14 Sept 
6 Apr. t-i 

39 Mar. Si] 
37 Nov.W; 
37 Aun. -^S' 

67 36 Dec. 

71 4 Fob. 
7] I J .Mnr. 
6v 1< "«• 
6g 31 Dee. 
71 13 Apr. 
7j I July 
71 31 Dee. 

[.7 jg Nov. 

731 ' July 

71 1 I Oat. 
73 iS Wept. 
69 1 1 July 

ID June sg 
1 1 June 59 
1 1 June 59 
II June 59 

ri Oct. py 

^ q July fi I 
1 Jmt. rij 

7 Pept 

8 JunD 
I J liny 
yt Btipl. 
lo June 
10 Juiiu 
10 June 
ill Jane 
1 1 1 Jimc 
fii June 

1 JuTj 8" 
743' I July £1 
7j' 1 Julv Si! 
6g[ji Dec. 78 

71 10 JUUD 74 

7i'io JuikeT9, 
^i^io June 79 
7i|ii June 79, 
71,11 JiinA79 
71 11 June 79, 

■ 3 Mar. as 
.S Mdr. as 

I Aiu-. 8^ 
I Apr. Ss 
I a Apr. B5 
»j Apr. 85 
6 Mav 8^ 
B Mny 83 
SUn; 85 
13 Uay Bj 

I j May as 
:a May 85 
ao May is 
■20 Mny S5 

JO May 8& 
ja May 85 
30 May 35 
1(1 Jane S3 
^za JniiflB^ 
JO JmieSs 

II JuneB^ 
II Jane 8s 
II June 8 J 

irtUiMimCojF.i , 

tdM 8miih. M„jur. Kins'* Bojnl Riflei . 

llcjw Wnrrtrop, il.C). II l.HjicerK .. . 

GtKTeo lluffh fir^iigh^ Vd/or, r* Kutiiiiii-H 
lirf- Sundsinh. Major, Rnvul Marines 
-pt-PD HaiiloriJ'KUKxI. Mijiir, 19 Ho'JJflrfl . 
lloMjiilct aeon, D.VO. Major, IlornI Eriii. 
oaliluji SrayUi, lf»>r. Wel.h Reul di F.i 
mm l.'m.i.-li, I'ufrfuiJi, Roynl Arlillorv 
kWigrr ll«ITijw,b.V').lfq,or.Scottiali Rillyp 
VaHcurr KjnuKbt, J(a/or. Bovsl Eouiiieer. 
tB Beorx El«jur CoUeo, Moiar, Boncal t 

iW« .....1" 

WAOraT?e. Zr.t7sJ. 10 Hgewm 
.CTta\f.T^ DSO. Uajor. S. Slntfiiril Re«l. 
^nmt. Mtt/irA, EnAti Rpir-modl (56 Toot) 

■ Hunter. Jffwi-. Boml Anillorj 

iG«n^e«liiJi.. Mir,!,,., KiivhI Aitillpry .. 

rl rfenranl. If.ijnr, Roj-nl KTifijieors 

M«ekiTmon liaillis liiimilUiu. Karl qf) 

Aid. Jf-i/er. I Lilf OonnlB ) 

Suale Bupen FomhertioubauKli, UajBi; 1 

Bojal Rilki' {■k> fn.ii) J 

ka t'okr, tt.Lof. King', Own 8cottlih j 

'ffllui TboiopsQii, Li.cij, R. &iuu (1 F.) 
toniwin, i(.fW, Shropshire 1,1. Inf. (jj F.) 
auWUmer. i^Col. Ilpiisal Biiiir(;m|ps . 
I—Mley Koi>i,£(.(?'i'.LaiPFiii.Hirlt>iel. (>!''.< 
lotGarheu. Li.CoL Ileum) SuiHCorj)., , 

TiwK}-. Lt.Val. Rtijiil Kin-inturi 

Ikorpe, ti.Col. RoymE IJ^nifinQerv .,-,,- 

Dijaa, U.Cil. RihhI Enifinnjt* ,, 

CBBdaiveiunD. Jf9>t>r.Iiliu.-liWatrhUiP.i 
Basil 7eMs.i(. (■.,'. riironll.t, Inf. (43 F.I 
itemBuike, U.C,!. Derl>r Refft. (45 P.) 
k«rJd»ini.C/, ftpl.Oir.ini U, Inf. (jjF.) 

DO^X, iJ.Cnl. 6 Dm^DqDtt 

I^MictT. £*.t"oi, lierbtfhTre Real. '45 P.J 

'P«*v»"iiicfc.£'.''oi. iwnmistafr('on>s 

nMtautl, LI. Col. Bviiinil f^mirLVirpa 
rt^BlIu Jorvoiae. /.* ('«/. j HuMAr? . . . 

fit* JOBM, £/.(^l. R.IVUI AtlllkTV -- 

u r. B. Car?, LI.Oil. RiSi! Bninide . 
WtLud Pnn, if.Cof. Bomtiriy BinirUorri. 
KmiioChaa. Rfwfco. £( Co/. R. Scot*! I F.J 
'■il*rf«ri. Li.Cal. B. VorkKJsfi. (15 P.) 
KM CoiiiBffitij ilaoiiam ClBrke, CM<i, | 

ifj-al Arttllerj I 

'■i«M. LI.Col. Royal Artillery 

aa J.Ityui,J.( Col, UancbFstcr BeBt.(t) P.) 
anlm LOIinuiicoii. /ii-Cot Ben^ S. U, .„ 
w*»aABr.LI Vol. Royal Artillery. 

1 B urb. 04 

. Deo. 6;l 3 

3d June 69 10 

jSOcl 71' aB 

j7Juue64l 3 


5 Not. 61 

Feb. 69' 
Auif. 70 
Oil, 71 
Au«, 67 
Mar. 74 
Jul- 70 
Feb. 74 
Jnly 71 
June 63 

July 6j 

Oct. )i 
May JO 
Fob. 7i 
Mar, 6s 
Dec. J I 
Jnly 64 

fi Jnly To'iBOct, 71 
aj Sept.O? tB Ool. 7J 

j3 Jan. fip ?B 
i8ept.6a J 



^4 June 59 

lb Feb. ij 
34 JaDe tia 

7 Dec. 58 
J7 Juno 30 

14 Apr. s8 

ijAug, j9 
1 J Jane f} 
^3 Jan. 67 
10 July €8 
.; Aog, 59 
5 Aug. J9 

3 J Feb. S9 
I J Ang. J9 
,c Mar. sj 

S Feb. 61 

aSOct. 64 
30 Aug. 39 

Z3 Aaj7.6i 

17 Juno 55 
J Apr. 65 
33 June 39 
6 Mar. 6] 
4 Feb. S. 
aa J [ins 3B 
23 Jaoe 5S 
33 Jnno i& 
aS Oct. 71 
It Dec, jR 
17 Sept. 61 
a6 Jan. 66 
11 Apr, 68 
37 Jnly JO 
17 Mar. 63 
3B Aqg. 6] 
3 June 6l 
aa June 5G 
13 Not. 60 
1 Jan. 63 
a Mar. 6a 
39 May 63 

9 Deo. 59 

m Jane 39 
aSJuly 67 
17 Not. 63 
9 Deo. S9 

10 tHW. JO 

19 Dec. 77 
I May 78 
ij July 79 
s Oct. 79 
I Jnly Bi 
3 Jan. Ba 
14 Dec. 78 
■4 Apr. 83 
ta Feb. Bi 

6 Jooe 77 
I July 75 

7 June 79 
51 Jan. 77 

5 Not. 81 

1 Oct 71 

13 Jnly 81 
I Out. 77 

10 Apr. 78 

7 May Sn 

11 Aug. 66 

S 8epL67 
35 Mar, 71 
aa June 71 

3 Not. 70 

37 June 71 
ao SopL 71 
a7 Jan. 7a 
17 Feb, 73 
19 June 79 

8 May 66 
31 Oct 67 
3D Sepl. 58 
:□ Jan, Ta 

4 Aug. 73 

5 Aug, 71 

5 Aug, 71 
ai June 71 

38 Sept. 71 
3 Peb, 73 

la Aug, 71 


34 July 69 

t June 71 

>a Uar, 71 

6 Deo, 73 
30 Aug. 71 

I Aug. 7a 


iB Not. 81 

18 Not, Si 
iB Nov, 8a 
iS Nov. Si' 
iB Not, 8ji 
iB Not, 8a 

S Dei, Bi 

15 Apr, 83 
■3 Auy 83 
34 June 83 

1 July 83 

' 3 Oct, Sj 
31 Oct. 83 

16 Dec, Bj 
1 Jan, 84 

II May E4 

19 July 84 

3 Jan, Bs 
18 Apr, Bj 

14 Not. 

31 June 
T July 

aa June 
S Dec. 

37 June 

3i Dec, 

J ] June 
8 8epl, 
I July 

3; Dec. 
1 July 
I Joly 
I July 
I Jnly 
5 Aug, 
I Jaly 
7 Aug. 
I July 

13 Aug. 
I July 
1 July 

■ S uuuH aj 

15 JaneBs 
IS JnoaBs 
13 JuneBj 
Tj June 9s 
15 JuneB; 
I! Jane 8} 
jj June 63 
15 Jqoe 8^ 
13 June 85 
15 Jans 8) 

13 June 8s 
15 June S3 
15 JutieBs 
IS June 83 
t3 JuaeBs 
15 JuneEs 
13 June S3 

i£ June 85 

IS JuucBs 

31 June 83 
80 31 JuneBs 


at June 8 J 
j^ 33 JiLueSj 
80 33 June 83 
79 37 JuneSs 

78 3 July 83 

79 a July 85 
79I a July flj 
Ss 3 July 85 
7a] B.TulyBs 
81I31 July Sj 

37 Jnly 83 
39 July 85 

4 Aug. Sj 

5 Ang.Bj 
5 Auir.85 
7 Auk, B5 
7 Aog. Bj 

13 Ang.Bj 

14 Aqb-Bs 

30 Not. 7B 17 Aug. B5 
iB June 79. 17 Aug. 8j 
I Jnly 81 lE Aug.Bi 
30 Aug, 79 30 Aug. 8s 
34 Jan, Ss, 1 aepL,Bs 


LleitltiuMt Oolonelt. 

•I'r&lerioltGMt, Xf.Cof. K. UallaFancihle Artillorj 

A»hMm John Bhaltlovtgrlh, U.Cal. B. Artillutr 

UeorKP W«lt«rChsrloi.Rolho, I.IXtl. R. ArLlllery ... 
Caarlt* Fn^itricli I.n Coato, K.Cu/. Ituvn! Miirine« 

tt.e. GoruUI lUdaiuiid Boylv. U.Col- ftiui Briifiuia .. 

('ofK.) "..i 

LnchtiLD Foat^^r JftmiesoQ, Lt,CoL Beni^l Statf (.'. ... 
biuiii do DoauviJirTnfjper. iJ.fW. RdybI AiTillory... 
^1Amllal HuTiwrCowiiu, Lf.Col. ilr-n^a{ Staff Corti*.. 
Henry SlepLen Hulthinsoii. Ll.Cil, Upnuiil Slaffti. 
Ocfriifl FruBpr EnoSraitli Keill^ Lf.Cit. MadrMB»C. 

Diiviil Cowie, I.I, Cat, Mnrtr«B3uiiri;oni» 

Aui^uatiiH Derkelt\v PortmflTi, 2.f.<W^Bi'NTn^ny B.C.. 
Theu-lnre Molbnpn Ward, Li.Cul, Uoiiilisv Hmff C ., 
IlAVid {'liiphom Andrew, Lf.CuL \iaas<tl fiCnO'CDrpA 
jh,*.^. Edlfjli Rdword ALlDD, ilaior, Kii^l YurkAhtre l 

Kt'^'inmnHis PJ .-.. --.. -. J 

Clui"- KrlmoDd Kdos, llojor. gliruuhlilra Lie ht i 

iTifiinttylSsP,) ...„J 

KirlnLrrJ U, Jcir, Major, Ri^yal EnRlin?crH- 

Joliri KdnMTl CaiDi.lioll, /,*CW, Unriinl SuirCorpj 
i^cijih'e brrtoke MeiirePn Ll.C^. R. FiiKiliors (7 F.) .. 
ArLliur ijinir!. lliitdlci(i« Regt. (7; F.) 
HN*^iiii.rde.ljemon,/,^rr>^ W. YorkaliircRcfft ti*F 1 
Viui. HEBit UnjI.v, Ll.CoI.Wea Ki-M Rcgl. (soK,)... 
j/.'.c. Cecil UuEimBr Buahury, i^ LV*/. ijounan^ht > 

{Uni^ni (94 F.) . j 

TIjiiiima Olii-ur Winjjale. LI.Col. Ili-nmil Staff Corpi 
ljeni>:e AU'xuadiT, Ll-Vol. Beiip^nl .'^lud'l.'urpa . ... 

Ifcul.l' HillH GuwloTQ, LI.Col. Rjiviil ArtillOTy.. 

.li^sculiiif HeuBasu WodelioQw. 'jl,:Jar, Tt. Artillcry 
Ki-(.'lyid dwioloE* 8ftmneT, LI. Cut, Mjvdrtfi StatTCoTp* 
Hdlium FrunciB Priiionui.Lf.tW (lombny aiiff lA. 

JumBa^Jnnk, Zf.Co/. Beu^rHl SlaEI^Ourpn.. , 

I). (IrBKory BraunlBh, iJ.CVil.Ni.rll.umli Pm. (1 F ) 

BdwiirU Lfe Rom, IJ.Val. HutuI Miu-lnes 

KiliEiUuiL ripJjT] Ouimiiuftey. Lt.C',l. Bt-n^l StiilTC. 

CliHrles BniUh Hiin-=v. LI.Cnl. Rnyjil ArtilliTy 

Thomas Fupthmo Tu^jI, Lt.Cti}. Will* Ro^t. (03 F,). 
I'.-.c. Win. Aiv^heb^ij Enrflley U''L]tDoi, Mujur, h.p. > 

Northurub.Fu?^.(i V .)-, Lf^ut^ JuJ'ie Adc LrntJ^n f 
J. Louu VuiooBt, H.tW, NotihumWrlauii K) 
ihorlo W, H. Wilnjn, U.Ccl. Wiirwlsk Bcirt. 16 F. 
.InnHM FilEGemld. i(.(""iJ.Warn-k'ltshltoRej?l. |6 F.i 
LucJUB .1. Coliiini. Ll.Cal. Lejimtcr ILegt. (mo Foot) 
Frtd. W. HannifUin, J,/. CV(. Wpst York Roirilii r I 
^^"llltcf Sf.;lt, t( f..;. Hnnibn;' UlairCorps... , ..... 
Htnry Bliifkburtie UamiLInD, U.l.^1. 14 HuBBarv.. 
ll^bfrt WriKlii SlLirlilj, U.CuL Maiichoslor Reirt ') 

(96>"oot| , ,...i 

Mark H. Qillien, Li.Col. Border UcBt. (14 FiKiti 

TLotoBa A. tIt.Quinlio. LKCU. 8 HnMn™ ... ," 

Jiim(» KilwAnJ l-lEirrLp, Lt.Col. BuETuUEHegt fiiF ) 
Jolin Geuriie BtTcsriinl StopruTtl. irai.TJiia of 1 

L'orniviill'B Liubl liiliintry (4* F.) ., j 

lleorj Urn^Wo Wilsoo, ZI.Csl, Norlhiunpton 1 

Rujjiiupnl (48 Fool] I; J 

Jlnnilii Jli)iii Kiiimmo, Lr.Cal. Ko.tbI ArtiilVrv 

and LtlUt 

J J Juuo ^B 

J Miir. M 
9 Jonij 50 

77 Jfll.v 61 

Dbc, $1) 



7 Apr. SJ 

jo Joufi C5 


f JUk, Ol 14 

I Oat. jB 
J Jnlj- 60' iS 
SOct. 6i| B 
I Uu. G4 fi 
Oct. Gil 
Oct. 58' 
Dec. j9' 9 

Dec. i!i. 
Dec. ss: 
Dk. j9 
Deo, 59! 
Dec. 55' 

loDee. 50 
3 June ^o 
5 Ann. oi 
79 DBA. 57 
a6 Feb- 67 
S Jan. 6, 

30 Dec. 59 IJ 

30 Dec 50 

Feb. 73 
OcL 71 
Oct. 71 
June 73 

Dec. 73 
Deo. 71 
Oct. 7' 
llec. 71 
Dec. 71 
Deo 71 
Dec. 71 
Dec. 71 
Dec. 71 
Doc. 71 
Oct. 76 

Jane 69 3j 

Aug. 67111 Jime 76 

16 Apr. B4 

16 Nor. 7B 

it No*. 78 

I July 81 

I July 81 

1 July 81 

7 Dec. 70 
16 Nov. 7S 
S Dec. 70 
9 Deo. )!, 
9 Deo. 79 
9 Dec. 79 
9 Dec. 79 
g Dec. 79 
9 Dee. 79 
16 July Bi 


4 Jan. Co 

13 Jlkn. to 

5 JuTiefi 
'3 Anp. S9 

14 Apr. 55 

6 J411. 51J 

kfUay £4 
^9 Mpr. £1 

I July 61 
jqDec. 5; 
31 Apr 

9 Feb. Q, 
i3 May 5^ 
T» Mur. *w 
II Ju!j t, 

13 ilaly 6 J 

15 Jane 55 
JO Deo. 59 

6 J»0. Ad 

'3 Aug. S« 

-llfreii Edimril t;„riiiinll, Ll.dl. lioyoi Artillcrr. 
Wni. Pjitiick HLnlnutl. I.I. Col. I)orpi>t ReifC. fin F. 


Jane 6; 17 

Nov, fij 3 
July 67 37 
Cot. jS 

Dec. 6; 
Not. 63 30 
Doc. 63' 30 
Oct. 58 1 
May 77 1 
May 61I 4 
Mar. 69,1V 
July 61. 8 
Bept. 63 19 
Deo. 611 14 
Apr. 61 
Apr, 59' I 
Aug. 67 iB 


1 Aug. 64 
I lu. 65 
1 Not. 59 
! Feb. fii 
tOct, 66 
1 Oct. 6a' a 
lllky 6a'Ii 
i Mftf M >t 

1 June 69 13 
:>Apr. 5S|vD 
3 Jac, 63' 17 
tOct 6> 

Apr, 78 
Dm:. 7T 
July 73 
Sept. 71 
J una 70 
Dec. 77 

Juno 73 

Dec. 71 
Dec. 7 
Oct. 71 
Oct. Bi 
Jan. 72 
Jtai. 7a 
June 7 
Apr. 7 











3a Jalj 6c' 7 Oct. 66 

Aug. 70 
"-- 6B 


34 Aug. 5E 

17 Jane si 
ta June 58 >7 

- Real. (39 F.l.'aSOct. (Bill 

IliirncliNi'iUiTi'iiM! AnJev.7,tr"/.Weli-hRi.i:t.|(>)F ) 14 Jan. fa'ai 
(..i.r. FrnnciB L-VicbniTj. LI.Col. HnnB Rest. (17 P.) 8 July 61 11 
Win. Urouka Buibu. Lr.Cal. Chu»liir(i Rugt. I^i F,l,.'3j Jnnoto 7 
Almenc Oei). BpoBocr. t/,CW, Kiwi Beiii. (36 P.) so Jan. ti ag 
Geu, TL.ia. Whiuiker.i.f.CDi. Ktnu'i" R. Riilai (to F.) ji Dec, 6014 
SlurLmir Mean Benson, i(.Co;. 17 Laiirora joOqt, 65'i7 

Henry Uuy CurlrWn, LI.CoL Llipoiilu RpRt, (.0 P ),. B Pell. «i 
ReBiiiHld lleavan, il.tW. Bei.iraisiiiircor]*. .. ' 4 May 60 
Robert Hlcaib.i, LI.C0I. WerliSEirrav ReBt, (i Font) 9 Feb, 61 

Uoorn" MievouJj Nath. Ll.Cal. a.n-uf Marines 14 Apr. 50 

VinCDiit IL'ariie FiBhor, M<iior. Iti.viil Artillery 

JiHiali Kiskini- Q.llinji, .Uu,«■,^^llTnp^hi^o Rogiment'tS Aair. 61 

i;t«racSim;.B,:|i, /./('of, SlBrtrnaSWff Coras '37 Nov, 61 

AiiHuhiiiBt bnrJcK PrtilericV yumSeopjte, llaior,-, 1 

)i ].. 11 llilBWirs; A'jumTj in tl'attitig lo B.S.U. !■ Ji DOC 64 

t>,t Ilvlctff Viiabridsr .,„ J I 1 

(i.i.p. Kdwani Ebmj, If.Ci.i. Oordoii iliBhlnndtri .'10 Feb. 67 37 
Artliiit'l'i)«tr.i.l.(.ol. Suffolk RfiHiinent .... '10 Joly 66 j 

jij.f, Kdivnnl M. CrMk, If (W w.'l.b Fin, (,, PofrtI is JnneSi 9 
HcDiT (■■'lliu,rwood, W.Cbl.„Hcirv((.i r.ia6Jalj j? tj 
I'hntloi Kdivar.lMHlkiOd, J.».r^(.[)eniml BloffCuniH- ..... I B 

Ang. 58 
Dec. 61 
Feb, &<. 
May 64 
Not, 6a 
July 63 
Jan. 65 
Feb. 67 
Jan. 6j 
Feb, 61 
Dec. j8 
Jane 67 
Occ 64 

junefia 16 Sept. 68 

T6 0ct, 69 

BDec. 60 

» Sept. 68 

13 Slay 77 

, 13 Mar. 66 

r]l9 Fob. 7D 

, la Nov. 70 

16 Feb. 73 

a 7 July 70 

19 Slay 67 

4 May Tt 

31 Oct, 71 

aS Bept. 74 

as Sept. 71 

a7 Apr. 70 

a? Nor. 73 


la June 

10 Deo. 

■ Joly 

■ Julj 
I July 
1 jBly 

1 July 

JO Dec. 

30 Deo. 
1 Jan, 

11 May 
4 Jan. 

ia Jan. 

aa Nov. 


■ Jul;- 
7 Feb. 

19 Fob, 
1 July 

I July 

1 July 
[3 Feb. 
1 July 
I July 
I July 
IB Mar. 
1 July 

I July 
1 Oct. 
aa Nor. 
I July 

I Jan. 

I July 

31 Dec. 
ji Dec. 

I July 
I July 
31 Hvc. 

■ July 
i J Illy 
I July 
I July 
4 llay 
I July 
1 July 

■ July 
a7 Nov- 



10 Nor. ii 
16 Nov. 8^ 
afi Nov. 8} 
30 Nov. 3j 
I Dee. 8j 

I Dec. Gj 
a Dec, E; 
sDeo. 8j 
9 Dec. 8s 
9 Dec. B5 
9 Dee. 85 
9 Doc. 8s 
9 Dec. 84 
9 Dec, Bt 
9 Dec. Es 

9 Dec. Ss 

Fucn O! 

B3 9 Dec. 

185 9 Dec. 
79 10 Dec 
a, II lice. 

81 IT 
81 a3 
81 "3 
!i a7 
79 30 Dec. 
79 30 Dec, 



14 July 69 ai Nov. 77 

John R'.rjiild CiLmpbi^l 

--niml BLafTCcrpB' 
- ■'■',- C'"'- Hoiiiful staff Co rp»..[ 8 Jnno6ii' 

Nov, 67 
Apr. ji 
May j8 

June 60 
Jan, 6f 
June 60 
Juno 60 
June 6a 

31 May 71 
» Apr. 78 
3 May 71 

16 Sept. 68 
B June 7a 
B Juno 7a 
8 June 71 
8 Jane 7a 
8 June 7a 

Kdmilil llurriB Bite], Lr.Vol. Bpnijai tiUlff CorpB I .., 8 

Frt'loiitk Alenaudar Wilson, /.'.i.lil Ik'uiml 8.L". 1 8 

ViDcei.i (livM, LI. Co:, Bengal i-lafl" f'jrps, I g 

Jhiem Moart Fruttr Msckenii?. Lt.cJ. Uadni* > I . t , „ , 

atnit L'oni" (i 8Jnne«D BJune7a 

Shelley I, Bijitb Hum, Ll.Cal. MailraB SiirfT Corpa" ' ' ojonefcso 
Pi(r<iuhiirlJ)eMue, K.roi. 8. W»leiiB„rilere™(i4P ) 31 July 60 a6 
jp.i.c Arcb. (ileii. tf.Cu/. Lincoln ileul. {ia Foot) ,. 4 Feb. 6j 19 
-James Murray MuiTay, Ll.Cal. Itnval Artillery 'aa 

/*i-,rf/tonrf, z/. £W. fiuke DrtV.ri,,t„|J> Lijjlil Inf .. 7 Sciit.sB as 

79 I Jan. 
84 a Jan. 
4 .Ian. 

I a Jan. 

37 Jan. 

17 Jan. 
I Feb. 
,- 7 Feb. 
79 19 Fob. 
Si aa Fell, 


St ai Feb. 
grlif Feb, 
81 3 Mar. 

3 Mar. 

7 Mar. 
81,17 ll'"' 
81 iS Mur. 
77' ag Mar. 
79I31 Jli.r 
Br I A|ir. 

Bo' s A]ir, 

Bij 7 Apr. EC, 

78I 9 Apr. B6 
781 9 Ajir. 86' 
8i'i4 Ajir. 66' 
81 14 Apr. ?4 
j8 ai Apr. tS 
Bi'ai Apr. B( 
Bi'ai Apr. as 

Bi :i Apr. ee 

81 'a7 Apr. B6 
Bo 3 llav 86 
80 4 Mkt 86 
81I 6 MHy S61 
Bi 9 Mav 86 

80 17 Mar &'■ 

81 IT Mnv B6 
El 17 Miiy 86' 





86 1 


ta'st Ttlt. I 


Jnlj 63 9 June 7a 
Feb. 64 36 Mar. 73 
July 64 aa star, 76 
Jun«S9 11 Nov. 71 
Jan. 64 16 l*ept.6B 
Dec, s*, jKnB.iJ 

I July Bi 18 May E6 14 Jal; 

I I 

a9Nov, 79'i9 May 66 
17 Dec. Si'19 Mav e6 

i July 81 a6 Mii.v B6' 

1 July Bi'si May 86' 

8 June 60' 8 JuiieS^' 

B JunoEu! B June 86, 

BJuneBo' EJuneEti' 

3 JiineBc, S June 86 

8 JuneBoj 8 June 86 

B June Bo 8 J uiic 86 

9 JuneSo 9 JuneS6 
I Jul.v 81 9 June 86; 
1 Jn^ 81 18 June 86 

37 June 79la7 June 86 
I Julv 8i'a9 JuneS« 
qOct, 79' I July 86. 

Li^enaiti OtJottela. 


unn. ttntm. 

t Jnljr K > Jul; K. 

;.»>:> SS?"t* *'' .''v^''- *i^,3£i' } I'T Jity «)[" JaU- Mjn j™ j,.! < Jvy s> 

Otnrfc.Xi I - .itrt'onn..' | Jnly &i! i Jio. (u| 4 July )»' 1 July C«| 4 Jiilr it' 

Fv^Dhsr. ^ . . [>r*pwu»ii Jimnfj'-, 8»tii.»,-- 1 Auk. jil 1 July 81 jJiily H li Joly I 

n. Zi.'^. in n-i»i3r»,. " "l ■ r ■■' "^T'ls' ;:l 1 July Sf J Julr flAl 

. iAfW. BiHfk K-MCb I; Lii ^; • liny to 11 lUiJ M 

wammlDorae, era. LI. t ... 71 »; V')v. JSin Jb& tt. 

lU, t>«O.U.CW. Iltrtn ■(>«[ U'f '.II.. M ^lajr ;i 1 JnJv 9i ■« July M 

Vn«l«. £i, Oil. 1 1 IKaun. '-" ' 1 .lt>i', ;i i Jiily Gilu Jiilji S6 

llonc>.l'.C<rf. Iiett«18MircaiT«'i' . It, Jnlj ji It Ja^r ^ii't Jaty a 

Il.Ott. IUpTiU UATHIMI-,.-, t ^ji^ ;ii -J'} niipL.rjT » Jn^. fj I Jiily ItUfi jtil^ M 

July M 

Jiindla. 1 Aox. 71 I »iiu.»ai» July t6 
, , , Oep. fl^lifiJiuuij; » July ij jSJhIj- lb 

,(U. BanKHt B'MirUiTv'' 4 Anx.^o^ij Xov.a4] t J-ia. jj • Adli. do 1 Aub, ir, 

"T. WoPp«»tara«Bt. (pjF.l., 7 "] t Niiv.64! iiCliit. r-, ' July ii 11 Adb.M 
13 JoDi? i.r.'j All;, (II I Ju,. lu I Oi'i. Tiii> Auu. £fr, 



f^i^SSffiSS^^'IJ^"} I • '"■■ **!■' '■"">*' '^ «-•- " ■ '»'" «■ 

•v«rty. lJ.<\i ftoya] 'trtinnTT — '- 1 £ JiinffOa. t Aa2.7< 1 £^l^pt 
kMCU- Tijrnlilt' Rr^Bioit itj FoolJ >■ Jnnol!il»s Om>. e{|i« Jliuu;; • July Si'iSJiily' 

|]*<r UuWvttty 

= : 

1 1 Dh. ._ 

:i June 
1 1 JtlEiii 


iMo, ZiCWL Saynl Kns. 
, ^CXX.A.Crf.eUa'^Gns 

■. tiisl«b)r HuTUKD, U.l\t. ItoTW KiiR.'ii Jann 
-'-■ CnaNklDK. £r.(U. Kon) hnir, 
I aoow, U.Qil. RoyaJ lUi{ti>i«» 
1 flMpinii. I1.C0L Ibnk) KnKlnnn 

,r ■ - f.f.CU. lt»Bl Kdz. 

I kMI. ttc£(. B. bix. 

il Rurlutcn. ., .. 

' ■n>|»liln ILjin. I'lj ("J 

i^onl ArtlUwy 

, ...^. r .,^.<fc, JLf.CW. IM;*! AK. 

ui, M.<V- H.-jT»l KiiKlBeon ... 

. ICuUs. t'Vd. M.Oil. « Dnunnuii 

" , IXOJ. hml tttriofn 

' . U.C0I. l^ntmUn Ktg^ U l^i .. 
. U.OJ. W. Sdirey R«Kt. |i V.). 
rmou, M.OJ.Yort iluBl.{.a P.) 

k, £<:CW. R.>yKtAl«ltoiT — 

' wau MuOiy, Xf.<W. Rnykl EuB 

] «Im^, U.rsl. R<inl BnsliiMnt, 
> KlniMUinun, U.0,1. Vonsd SMITC. 
I Wtlwr. Zf.tvj. BhicoI Sl^CtariH.. .. 

"^lUni lynniMiul. I'.t^I. Idinf An. 
B,.,.,,,. V ., .,_ ij.a,. Boji ^n. ... 

'~->Tii KumMrK,.... 

.-'. Bay! RnjcltiMra. 

tiJuly «7 

I i Au4£. 6j 

leJtn. Oi 
I (July X.J 

It jDl)fr5^ 

t JuiiBaaa-U.Calt. Blmu. I^bl Inf. 
n, tr- ■ ■• "^ ■■ 

Lt.CU. Itonl AialtrT7 ... 
I Cnifi^Uliiuli. LI.Col. KOTul Kag... 
r Clt-4<riek. U.<W. E*M auit«y j 

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.U.OttVp. Bonl Artnitix ... 
I lacfciiall. R. ArWkn 
iBliUcU. i.'.CW. B. Itulnnn 
. . Jt Kbt. U.Cal. Tto BiiA (i VUM 
W-noockl, J>.(U tl. Uncwbln 

kjurBoc) _... 

t KW.i' Z/.eW. h. i^ K lAnc. R«ki , id Oo(. 64 

k.»aB«U.U.CW. UndtuglBircirH..; 

lebtpbacd, U,r«7. BciiK»lfli«irO- i^ Dec. &a 

~- pirn, It.Oii. BfORai nuaCfnii 1; nm. (to 

mdOT-. /.(.r>f. BomliiyB. i. i> V<k. <-.■ 

J, tAJM. Bomlity 81a(rCw|s 1, Ore. in 

,i4.ehl U'.itrr.i^ It..-, I ■ y.| ,j jMiiy rt 

lOot. &> 
4 July Oo 

19 AD(.«1 

II 7*1). ti 

■4 Jan. 61 

■lOot. «° 
19 Knr. 6a 

.1 M»r. jS 

a*";, -■ .-.:.-,:..., ...... 

b-Bniiru, i'-i .". II<,y&) ArULiary 

rwlKr. /A<U. IionlArUnccT ... 

bptnll. AID. /y.OI. Ukdm S. 0. n Dtc 6> 
,U.CU. KwhIAmTOhp*.. .... 19 Dm. te 

Ktak, /Amihwiku BMCOrvi n 0*0. ta 
1 l>Bek. U.C><. R^SKnctnaan ^ 

i>. U.CW. Bnvftl btanwni 

■lab ttiwM. Ucl. Boyvl Km. .. 

r.JU.CW.IIorBlKasiiwn ..- . 

jmmnmaih. U.C>7 K^l lCnc>n*«* 

\ COanBlofhan. ^'-(Vt.K. SasUkMM 

I Lovan HinM, b.CW. B. ArUtlcn ... 

•,U.CW. BoralAntllcn 

1 L* K. Quvr, U.tU. Bto^al fl.C... ij Jiu. «< 
LflMlMnaal GUIqabeoa. U.tM.-l 
• r»fOt*tm<ta OiJulHW ...J 

T July Jo r CJDtv 7? I:: AtUf. te^ 
.QjLity ;; lSUeu-. fi la Ati;.S6i 
iiDfc. }" ■ Ji">a 7> ", 

i A11/.7J ;■' I He jl irf Auv- J^i 
n Don. fo ji Oec. j3 la Aiitf. tni 

J Jmi. ji .11 Dn^. »i I'Auti. Wj 
>< Jan. 71 fi l><«. fl'ii Aqk. B& 

jAUa-yj .|Nr)V.7('i(AllM,t4i 

( Anij. T> J Nov. n 1 1 AtiK. KJ 

• I- ■-.-. ■; .Vui;.!)]jj Ah«.)M 

I July *i'ri Au^. J6j 

... ii..,.. T, .,- Auu.M J StipC,l6 

5a 14 Jrin. 71 1^ U*y Jl r ?^cpt.£6 

^1 b Doc. 7^ ( Jnl.v 3r iiS<]1Jt.t« 

H-. ji'ii M»y ?J :■- ■'■■r' f.'i 

I I, 7r J Jijh 

■I., r; . Jiity . 

". ;> ' Jil,' -I -- .iM>-.'''' 

*4 vc. '., if yi.1), )«. 1 Julj- ai 19 »»pt (6 
41 Der. ^'17 Jiui. jy.yi Atijf. ^g f (lot. £^ 
11 Fiii',, jjl J Ana- 71 » Nov. N. ■ Out. IR 
11 Dec. iSl J Alia. T' " ""*• T> • ""'■ i'' 
tOrt. 6o| jOfl. ;i jOM- ».i 11 Oot. t* 

I Jill, til .Oiii. ,j jOm. i,] I oti- it 
II Jail (n'ri Apr. ;, 1 July Si^ cOiM. .^t-i 
*i Uoc. IV' Jl Ji*fi. ?i 9 P*opV?ii i^Oci. "ftl 
3f Hec. u 14 F>:^j. ^t'luHopt.Tg II Oc^b. if, 
" ' "■ 1 July Bi'ijOnt, "" 

:ji iwt. -,i 

11 ,1 ' 

91 1 1.... 

IS Dm 

>9 Jnii 
10 1 >!■ :■ 
t '■ 

. M 

1* Apr. (.11 9 Xnv.(.J 
" <!'»■ )*| iAuK-ji 
>< Doc. ii| ) Aiii;. }i 
13 Jiibrt f'j ii' K'iT Ji 
II l>aF. yt] I MaF. 71 ■ } H< 
»DiiD. }j|i4 Jau. )i 

iiB«t>t.&t lyAng. rj 

t Sot.I*liliOpt 

g .Voi'. ... ..; n..i 




>e l)»o. d', 
1] Duo. jj 

I July «i 
1 July Ai 
tQ Juucu 
.( I'nh, fti 

tij Jan. pj 

4 July 1, i. .--. 
iJirty Eijii Sot.V. 

■n ■'.. N'OT.W 

.J..... .1 -. --:.!. . ., N.)»,»A 

6 July Ji lOUot. A3 j= S*v. 86 
loOoI. 74- ■ July 3i y> Xu>. St w Na*. M 
laOpl. 74 I July li JQ Ni)I-.<'i|jqt>OT.16 

w Jmi- 7) 

) Jiini^i 6 Om. Si' 
I Jnly 3t|iaDso. it 

I Doc. g^t 

1} FctLji I July Bill 

M July tl If frh. f6 I July ti'it Dm. W 
Jl A»K',) .1 Jiitioj^isDul. CiIm Dec. A^lii U>c. M 
III Deo. (•! lu Duo. 7^ ID Dm. t^!iy U««. W* 
1 JiLU. <<: I J lyatt. 71' CO DoO. So ly Doo- E6 

1 JiiD. (.j'l.j Hm ji'19 Don. Boi) n»e. Bl 
j> JTity {.,■,. J Doo. j.'w Ifw. ^>.l4 IW. 3r. 
»j July ^'"'I'j Dol-'- ji'ift Doo. p.. 1^ D*>t. t^j 
ij May 17.10 Kji'. ^ i July bi'iy Duu. r.^ 
11 Oct. i«Ui Dee. iJisDiHi. ^ » Uiki. c. 
»j Doo. » 1; Jolr jr'tTOp'' ^' ' " 
n Dar. »|j( *«(it. Jill 1 
ttiaivKt tl VoT. jria Dun. So ; 
nJunofvi 1 Kur.j* I* Do*. »* r 

II iJflr, jji» OK. 8s 

■y D'>& f*'.I!> Dl'^l, ij 

Deo, fcf> 

tl Dtc. iA 

1 Daa. Ml 

.Dm »&' 

nOte. VS 

i»D<>a W 

>V Deo, 7: >, IHV. «4'l9 Ptci. H 

l»AlR. Ai . 
laJao. &j I 

»Ool. «j i 

I ADr. 19 

1 Apr, S5 

■ Apr, >« 
■1 Juud >^ 
>i Juaa u 

S jDntia 
19 Juia^a 1, - . ..... 

i9Jaii«<%> t; Nav.yiijINiti. Biiii Jao. E;l 

4 D«.S« 1} Jan, 711J Jan. Ui i( Jan. »t\ 

■o Dm. 5I I Aug. yijrt }*D. n,i6 ]w>. %7 i( ]«.til1 

} Aut- 71 
J Am;.)' 
J Auif. JI 
I Auif, ;j 
) Aiiur. Jl 

It'n Deo, W 

II Jon. Ii )■ D*ft U 
I July tl )i Deo. M 
t July ii )i Dee. (6 

t Auk- It 1 July tit g Jan. t) 
ijKuy. jj-[>9Jaii. till Jan. ij 

^i JnuBjj J Aiig.jj I -TuJt Si ,j jnSi- Sji 


Lieutenant CtHow^. 


Hmrr Wllhcrfiirco t'l«rkc, IJTal. Hnrnl EnniiiMr? 

Wililoni acnltn Pi.LCl.PH, LI Col. i Wl'SI LnJlH KcHt, iB OCT. 71 

Banl(B Hol.ine™ ijreis, Lt.Cai. Koj'nl AniUerv 

ThoiiiB* MllTiBcrfi.rrt FloWiPli, MVi/or, Boynl EnK- . . 
Pplhiim Jnrot'ft !Ffrii[llll?l!,lfJf;0r,llom■Jn^^ SmCt'orjifl 
ThomiU' duwunl, Lt.Cfl. Rojal Ki];[iri-'!!ni 
John TLillDfh Whidh. Btniinl i^mlTL'orp* ... 
Jobii t'nr'jul>urf*on, LLCot. Roviil EnL'iiiecrH ., , , 

JftmuK <.'hiLrledH LIX'oi. Ttoyul ArtiUnry 

Jtilin llrpher Onnsliy. Lt.Ocl. (from li.p. Hoyol") 
An:\U-ryi, Firil .Urillant Dirrclor. Onlnonw > 

^U^'f<lH>» .. J 

RoKlmirl Wslfcej, LtCcl. RoynJ Artillery ...!!. 

Francm Hru-iToiid PooK. lA.Oil. B. MimnB Art. 

Ri.luiiil U'WiB Aftiiixti, U.Col, Royal UarlniH 

Hl"'Iil)™ Hu 111 UK 11,11, LI.CoL Bombay Staff Corp4 ... 
Edwiir.l Henry llimre, Li.d,'. H, Uarioa Artillery.,. 
FmiitiB H. E Uvr.a. Mu/or, R, Mnnno ArlLllflry .. 

lilwiirtl W. O, llTsm,;. Royal Murinps 

Johij l^cDiitiii^ MorrlH, Major, Itoyr] Mnhnpq 

GvraEd Althiim HcBcUine, flfdju^, Hovnl MariTJCH 
Henry BfV.n Bonrchipr, Major, Ruyiil Marines .... 
RoiiortWLlliam V. Hull, h.p. Riiynl Mll^illF^; Bar-\ y.., ,„ 

AuuiiehjB Ilpnry Tiimtr, Ll.Cal, Benanl BtBtf Cnrpi i* May *i 
Ulo'iiwl HuMFy Bnw«ni,7.(,rD(, hp. Boynl ArtillBry 
Bli'iliij Eiliiiijiniunc PBDibortrju, Li.Cul, h.p. II, Art 

Krlwdril Moll.jy, Xl.Oif Bcnpil Slatl Corps 

OIiuiIdh I'Vclfriek HiiiilipB. lA.Ctil. Bombiiy R, C!. 
JT^Anlbiir OonrKe llununoail, LI Cal. Uennnl 8, C. 
Jobii Kilwarii SsniieiDBii, Ll.Ciil, BougBl S. 0. . 
Hniiry Hymn AblwiU, LI Cal, Bomluij BUifr Corps. 
Jameii Turner mminina, nsij, /.'.OiMliulmiia.C. 
Cplii(ii>nCbarlp»Bron-nlon-, i^.rol.Buniml S C. .. 
Alflwt HcroDJUB liiivhcw, LI.Ocl. [t.>inliiiy R. C, .. 
*^rl. HtrciTHrinlcr, fSf. CB. LI.Ci-l. HdcoIiov S.C 
FrertiTipk WllllMn N'iculHy, tl Cil. HtnuBl S. C 

8 JuneSo 3 Aug. 7a 
38 Oct- 71 jOoU ;t 


I ] jone 58 

1* Ap"-- 59 
jMa7 S9 

77 Apr, fti 

J May S9 
uMay 59 
13 Hay s9 
T.Maj s9 
LjMay J9 

7 June 6t 
7 Jane 61 
1 June 61 
7 Juno 61 

7 June 61 

8 June 6 J 
8 June Si 
s Jtmc 61 


19 Joae 60 
17 Dec. (a 
s Feb. 70 
33 June 39 

30 Jnly 61 
33 Jmie 51 
37 Aug. jl 

19 Jane te 

19 June 60 

13 Not, 61 
11 Dee. 61 

31 Feb. 61 
31 Apr, 61 
36 Dec. 61 
15 Jan. Aa 
t^ Jan. 63 

T Har. 63 
33 Mar. 61 
4 Jnly 6j 

aj Not, 7a 
4 June 76 
3 Hay 7B 
J Aug. 73 

13 Mar. 73 
3 Aug, 73 

iS Fsb, 70 

33 Not. 7a 

33 Not, 73 
1 Mar. 70 

19 Apr. If 
"7 Apr. 7} 
Uar. 70 
Sept. 10 
30 Not, 75 
t Dec, 75 
IS Apr. j6 
aoMay 76 
3 June 76 

34 May 73 

4 11 ujj U5 ^4 dui/ /J 

g Dec. 59 11 Dee. 71 
9 Dec. ;9 i> Deo. 7a 

9 June 
31 Jan, ^3 
T4 May (ia 
19 May Ga 
30 July 6a 
34 Jn^ 63 
30 July 63 
33 Uiiy 65 

7 June 73 
7 June 73 
7 Jane 73 
7 June 73 
J June 73 
a Jans 73 
a Jnne 73 
a June 73 

f^JuoeCi J5july65 BJTine73 





I Jnly Bi; I Feb. 87 
6 May Ga! a Feb. 87 
13 Feb. Bi'isFeb, B7, 
3 May M 16 Feb. Sj 
I Jnly 81^37 Fab. B7 
a Mar. Bi 11 Mar. 87 

1 July 81 
31 Deo. 7B 

10 Fab. Bi 

tgFeb. Si 

) Apr. 87 

B Apr. B7 

8 Apr, B7 
■ July Bi uApr. 87 
1 July 81 15 Apr. 87 
37 Apr. Si 37 Apr. 87 
1 Jnly 81 3 May By 
1 July 81 a May B7I 
1 July Si 13 May B7 
I July Si 13 May ij 
1 Jnly 81 la May B7 
1 July 81 II Hay Bi 
I Jnly Si'iaMay B7 


34 Hay 81 34 May 87 

16 May 811 a6 May 87'i6 Maj I 
3« Uay So a6 May 87 3« May I 

a Mar. Si 7 June B7 
3 Mar. 81 7 JnneB7 
7 JnnaSi] 7 June!? 
T JunoSi' 7 Jnne87 
7 JnneSi 7 JuneB? 
a Mar. B I EjDneS? 
S JuneSi a June 87! 
SJnneBi SJanpB7' 
G June 81 S June 87 

Hi'nrj' S[nit11ini Teiirty, LI.Cu:, BomhiivSwn'L'urps i.- Juneti 

Mnrint Artillery; if«rr«rHr,i.(,r , ..,J ■*''""*9 

Willmm AllKTt llrlilsc, Zf,(V. Seou Put (at Foot), 3 Jtineso 
Henry M'Locid Huicbtjon,'" Ll.ful. !i,p. West, „„ = 

yoAhluru Reaiment, . J,13»ot,58 

Heoiy W, D. Rilcy, Jtf^or.Bonlor Reift. (55 P.) ,. 
Jobn J, tl. lILIlcr, Jfufor, T,Ufi,l Surrey Regiment .. 
Geo. H, A. Kinlocb, Mnjar. Ci.ihoriu't 1.1. JnCdj F I 
Honry Robert, Yuniitt, Unlm-. Ilon'pt lli-nt. Is4 P.) 
Ilmri- p, L'K. at, Qoorffo.'Kcuw, Warwick Bom. > 

{<• P'.l ,. J 

William (.ilencrOH.Jfu/oi'. lAticaiblre Fu>. Iio P.) 
rj.e. Air St, Vinomt Alot. Hammlok," Burl. 

mnjor (r>om b-p. Oiroitl Light Inikniry) ; 

1>.A,A. i'tn. yi/rle 

Charles Eilnanl Hnsai-r. Mitinr. l^ucuhlte Fu), 1 

(".CI j 

James Wbltlon, W^V, Scots t'unlUon (ji P.) , . 

Chiirl™ R, llijerton, DSO, Ifjmr, W wit Surrey Rcgt ! iSepLfia 

WiUiiun DiiK-. Jfii/or, Royal PiidiliPrs hV.) it Oct. «i 

r,!.'. BonlriiiJ Hill, J/.i/.ir, DiiiMlnhiri' Reel. Ijfl F.) i.s Feb. 61 
B.K.H. iV.Hi7. Henry Menriceot Bottnitiofii, ICO 

a June6i|i4 July M S Jniio 73 SJuiieEi 8 JiineB7' 

S Mar. jB 
17 July Si 

(. Not, 60 
■!ir Jan. 59 

31 May 64 

16 Apr. s8 

liUar. 61 

K3 Mar. 59 

14 Ang.Cci 

4 Oct. 63 la June 73'ia JuneSi ia JuncB7 

Oharles DoniMolie Swcle, LI.Cul. Bi^mriil tf tnlf I'otjii :; Jnne Si 
Lothian Kprr Scott, Zf.Oj/, b 11. Ro\al Eutrineprs- ) I 

FrqfH^ B. X. C^rUa, i! 

Arthur Jaujdt PoolB,3liiiiir,HainpJiiro rte«i (I'l F.) •• Jan. 59 
KdivnrU Hurry BlNlrup, /,f. W. Bcuaiil Still! Ciirpii i DOC. 61 
WlUtiim (JiLsiftvu* ^]choUE^n,ir4i/or, B. Kntfinepr,^ 
FtT'ii-rifk SVilmii iit.mTiiiii^:, -tfiiit"-, ^ l>m^,',<ii CkI., j^ Apr. ta 
KilKiint A Urind, £'.09/. CoufiHU^'bt ftuwriilUI^ P.i oFeb. £4 
WilliHTii W Kgonon, Ifajc-f, l.ivtrpoi>r Ri'tt. fs P ^ i Feb. *i 
Alfw-ir, 11. Hall, U.tV/.S ljnc»alilreRegt,|4|P.i .iSepLoo 
Fpulorick llallcy, LI Cat. Riiyal Kngmeera 
Kilwunl Viiicont Siaoe, Lf.CI. Bombay aia(ri'orp« 
J... r. rniriekDouglae Jen^rii, Jljiw.Oonnaujrhl | 1 v „ 

Ranterfl (tS P J ., . ... J s^ct.M 

WiiiianirlMili, u^^i-r. Ofir,>n1 UkM lirflintry (43 F.linFeb, ti 
Robert Hpnry P. R«iLiiitk, iJ-i'"l Bciii^l SulTtlorpa 

OlWriic Tennani C'arr*, M«jtir. Kola) Artillorv ' 

'Willlain llrnry Fml*rii>k Soirll, Maitr. tt. ArlUluyl 

IVaher Hnile», Mjfu', Rtntrnl stjiiri oipa lisOct. *i 

Albert ilir L'lniicy B^nnu]!c. V,\,er. Bdui^al B. O. 

WiUiau Aitken. Mvor, RoynJ AniUery 

V€ Ltri Wm, L Dela Poet Btirttot^.C'tS. M^t, \ 


Robert A Iwiander Smlonbaai. ttMar, Iloneal S C, i^May 6s 

WiUinm CiHka. Ktf«r. Madnt Swir ('"rgw 7 Not. 65 

tan ». M. Hamlllon. (Al^lta, Ounlun UiabUuilrni 

NeTillv P. p. ChnrnWrlmn. (Mnia, Bnur'l ,'' '' 

Ralph A P. Olenwni*. W4,w, 8, Wmlo npnlMrrm . 

Stoart Knkiue KliIUdJ, IfwHr. Madnu BlattCurM 4 Kor-M 

Boben l'. DiBiBe. U.CM. Tocfeihfn IJshl Inr, > 1 . .„ k. 

(>ojK.) „. ),>»PT-" 

f(,i.f.y»iicia T. C DnVarnaL lr««-. <ttoai b.p. i , , v„_ ., 
'^Xuim.linrt-)D.JLA.6trh>UiSlit\, „„j.'"'""*J 

35 Oct. 64 34 Mar. 74 
4 June6i'i3 Feb. 67 
4 Ang. 63 '9 Not. 73 
39 July S9I 4 Jan, 68 
Tj May 57 ij Jnne«8 

3 Oct. Si i3 NoT.SS 

4 June 6d la June 69 

iSOct, 6430 Oct. 69 

5 May 59 30 Jan. 70 

39 May 63 16 Feb. 70 

ID June Ga 14 Sept. 70 
1 Jnly fii'a4 Dec 70 
an May eis'Oct. JI 

6 Bept.73 

7 Aug. 75 

a J June 73 
10 Mar. -fi 
a Jan. 69 

-a Apr, C4 

15 Mar. St 

16 Aug. 64 
35 June 63 
ID Not- Ga' 

I Doc, 6i 
ai Mar. «s 

lS(tel, 71 

I July Si iB June 87 as Jan.) 

31 May Seal Jnne87| 

a Mar. Si ai Junes?. 1 Jnly I 

1 Jaly Si 31 Juno 87 
I July Bi ai JonoSj 
I July Bi ai JubeS?! 
1 July Si'ai JnneSj' 

I July Bi 31 JuneB7 

I July Bi 31 JunoSy! 

I I 

1 July Si ai June 87 

1 July 81 31 JuneBr 

I July Gi 31 JaneB7 
1 July Gi 31 June 87 
1 July Si 31 Junes? 
1 Jnly 81 ai Jnne 87 
31 June B7 
IS June B;. 35 Jnne a? 
as June Ba'as Jnne S7 
1 July B7 

ij Jum 

, aMar.Si . . 

a Dec 74 3MBr. Bi 1 Jnly 67 

ifi Mar. 78 a Mar. Bi i July S; 

31 on, 7B 3 Mar Si ■ Jnly 87 

31 Au)r.6£ iS Dec. 7S 33 June Si i July 87 

30 Juno 63' ID Xor. 69 I July Si i Jnly S7 

31 June 64 17 May 71 ■ July Ci 1 Jnly 87: 
ja Junes9' J Ann. 71 i JuIt 81 i Jnly B;. 

I Jnly Gi^ I Jal.r 73 i Jul.v 81 1 Jnly 87 

9 Fet>. TD I) Mar. 7S i July i, 1 July 87: 

j*> Apr. G4 aoBept. 7T lo Nor. Bi i Jnly 87] 

iB Dec, *i 18 Dec. 73 i3 Dw. 81 ■ July 87I 

35 June 63 9 June 75 ?i Feb. S? 1 July 87I 

14 Jnui«3 1 Jan, 7« 34 Jan. 83 1 Jnly 87I 

. 10 Feb. fcj iSOrt. 71; ifiOrl. Sj ■ Jnly S;l 

tjulj- 64'iS July 63 GJulyT* SJulyS, i July S7! 

MS Jan. *7 31 D«. jS aoS«pi,34 I Jnly 8 J 

IJunebj 6 July 70 --7 Pep. 7615 Dec. 84 i Jaly 87. 

13 Jone «S ;P May -7 i«MBy 85 1 Jnly S7. 

7 Nur. *7 7 Nov, 77 7 XoT. S; 1 July 87 

■4 Apr. 71 tj Feb. Sa 7 Sor.Bs i July 87' 

9 AuK- 74 » Auk. Si 7 Not. 65 i Jnly B7' 

■ Dec 74 4 Dtc. 3s ^4 Feb, 8« i Jnly 87! 

« Dec, 68, 9 Not. 73 9 Not, 86 i Jtily B7 

i.t May 67 » ^"- 7i' ■ Jaly !■ 4 Jaly 8y' 

I I ' 

H'F^ rs; S F«b ni 5 Jaty 8> 5 July I7 

Lifiitmani Ct^onrU. 

ntUlUa riUBtnl'l, Uaitr, b.p. Euai ) 

•fflltOiiirfAifUm .. ) 

. » ca. ifiiW, h,!!. Kjyil An : ( 

^Btmr _ i 

Thtam, Vi|i<«.li,p. Odhyihltg ) 
r. itUtj ta; U. (i'..i)0«t. (-i^> 

tH) ... ..- 1 

ax Aitmrkli. It-CU. IL Arutlfir 

jWOnt Bninl )IU«Car» 

.rs. ftani EuiiiMn . . . 

' .urM.WwIIiidlBlUvt. .... 

n. /.f.r</. •■ itoiun 

1 G*hM. £r.(W. R BnEtnctn . 

¥, U.<M. BnoMr Blaff f^rm •• 

nk Mhtb. 1:j.I.W. lUi.nil KuKUHra 

' >nR«. MCVL Rof ^ ArUUnry 

I Klkturaotfe, Va/BT. Ru]«1 Butm (]iur<U 
' L«a La ilmritr TkVlor (ftms h.n. ) 
j, P>V>w ib'T'lMiM.i-y li,li^i S 

PUMm, £>. ObL Ronl KovLuMm 

'. lUO. UXli). B. KainuvMK ... 

liur. UCar. nan,! Aruilfrr .... 

jmlknr. U.CW. Oonl Anlilary . . 

1 Bt«rM. zr.oii. Bora) Aniiicrr 

:iu Fitseb. CJra. Ifrnui R. Artillirj), 1 

__U £WmM Mn», thMBibU ..J 

i K. LtHkhkrv U.OO. Korkl AtUllaty 

Fuul. U.CU Rojrol AnlHenr 

iiW. »onl Bn«in»M»„_ _. 

1, UXI1. Ban) £tfiiuan. 

>, iMM. Bonl KuifaMn . 

I Hbtom, liJM, Banfal Mtairuorp* 
Hroatii* r,(.OaL Ikncol Stall Oonw 
r. £r.rt/, Soi*! AtuTIh'* 


in<l unr. 

9 Aoff-Ao 
iSDm, «i 

i| One. M >7 Aoa- 7' 

Lt JsDt 6S 


■6 Jul ri iMar. >i 



ft JmiB j€ it Julj- St I) Jvij Br 

rj JunstJB'lT Aiur. s^ I Allir. 7t.r6 Jhh. j9 it pTbly M? 
■«Jal7 ei'jnJuIy Ci ,c Jnh- 7] »n Jnlj d lO .Inly t; 
5 Jiuwfo I Xaa-j' JO Hur- ySlti J<i]y Hj 

:« AitK-tJ '5 Mj*r ^ I Apr. To'i [ Jui^r li 

» llM, (.j! J Nur. nil lO Aug. j6' 1 JuLt ^( 

'11 t)», )v 1 Aujf. 7t' I Julj 3] 

ijXnK.ti'itOal, bt i; Auii. ? ) u -Viiv, Ji 

— . |i> livs. w J NnT. 7> I ln\y 1r 

7 Jalf 69't9 Aiiu, ji It Sept-ii ■ July 3i 

H Apr. ft r4 Vaib- no 19 Jana ^ t July Ri 

4T J>cc. W^ AujT, r»| > Jii^y Si 

« Doo. v)>iR"l't.n' I July 61 

19 JuilDOo')! ViVV. 7v' I JuJy til 

19 .toiifr Oj 1 1 Ddc. ji 1 Jn'T ■■■ 

1)1 Jans 60 It DitB. 71' I JiiQ" ii 

IQ JawB 60 M Dm. 71 I July Bi 

i.CW. Rc9«]1tiiBiaean . 

niw *^'*r^ Li-Cai^ nnv&l KivgLimn 

>» Deo. At 
laDtCv Ai 

1 8. n. \Mii. lJ^-«t. Bcitoaiiio Stiti. 1 

~ Mrs KKinUa,£i.CW. kovkl ArtlQuy 
_ _ Bom. U-Oa. (ftom ts. Koymll 

■r«M. Zf^tW. Rn>fl*l«iirOciTM 

I JoKilb, U.dl,B«nl»rSlairCarRii 
_Ba lAirnsn. U.CM. BiHnbay H. I.'. 
kraonPtngsllcy. Hqic, 11 Miir An... 
~lWa. Ball*D«JU tfaJtr.B,. MiHua... 
IWalk, 3M>'. itayil Uuisa 

~*ll Mmiiy, O.tO. Jfo;.", J 

rtolthi £J.6>(. Itb^iil Ciiu'Luo.n .!.., 
I lUUi, JLACdI. AricylUTiil Muthiir- 1 

"fc «w »i, cararxi.oi. Ksi. vmI; 

I ftrnfmrn W au aiafCoIUH f 

' HH.U.fki.DtvMiUniUsviiir.i 

, Xf.CuI M. SulHinl Bwi. (b« F.) 

[ Wmn. Lt.Crl ttoyul ArUllHT 

__ jtr l-mU." U.fol. (tram 11,0, (LI 

Pnfritrr B. Mil-It^ ieiit^. ) 

1 UnliIiY. /.I.O' Unllnaisaagl. .. 

, U Cal ttrcta It, AiUlloiTi, n>nif(i 

UJ^ Gnrrtt frr t. ArrMtry. H'lir 0«m | 

' KwlLn. U.Ctl. Hcjtl ikiUn-y 

rtwrr. U.Cal. BanTAmlliirr 
■ ITaunuWiniBa KIIM. U.(H tfrooii 
am ami «iilhwi««il Hiirtkmim) -, Dn. [ 

fM/tt^Omiral .. jl 

■»«■ TM» Dwiiw. t'.ft(^li™»iOllln« i^j^^^j 

rAnaii^.*X<.'o>rM<i>lru»i>'riv>r*i»' lUv.ti 

ijOst. 61 
KiUn. 6 

«i Deo. » 
>) Dm. s} 

• Feb. M 

t) Jan. 6j 

4 July da 

■dOci. 6» 

>• jDoefi? 

J Autf. «, 
1; ArI,[,»J 

■ tAuk.S; 

II Aii«.»7 
t Hi>]n.A7 
(> SopI.Bf 

ij SepLt? 

' Out, 87 
1 001. Bj 
I (Jut. It 
1 Urt, (j 
1 (Ml. I3 

1 oob. If 
I i)w. »? 

1 IKjl, 8; 

I Oct Sr 
1 om. tj 


tblCUll OH 

4Lr PIT. 

)0M. |i 
tJsty >r 

It Jul; I 

• 9 laiit it 11 XteB- }• > July «i 
■•I June 6a II Ora, 7, ■ July Ei 
»j Dec. jjin J»n n iJulyJd 
II l)w. i» -J Aiir. ;)' ■ JuVj '■ 
ti Doo. ji) -.-1 lUy ;3 ' M'lr Si 

) May Si iitlol, 71 >iOfL. tilijOci. B; 
1 7 July Mm Oct. 71 loOrv. >• uOot. (; 
•4 JnoeiSuii [trr. 71 • >■>"' S> ' -''<"' Sr 
iuJuim-3 iiJuly7j, I Juif 8. 
■ 9 I>#(i. ^ « May 77{ t July fii 

* Nov 6c- a Auif. 73 t Jtity Ci 
i4 July 64 jft NtiT. ji »0 Xoir, Bi 

I Not i>> m Aox.T) ' July it 

ij S'ur, 8) 

rf Not. 87 
3 Doc. S7 

4 July «)' 7Apr. yt 1 Jtily (1 

i( Jonft^t'tt Dm, 7]'|' 1m- !> 

isJuimeu 1, Apt. 7j t July ti 

■(d«i *i « w bi». K.f.t. uwnn auir o. 

^ll.CW. BtBjnl Sttir corpa ... 

( llMi.61 
■■ SetJt 6( 

nMAi, i< CW. BmbH SUD Curp* >■ Mur. {,> 
aft» BinL Wiuir, Buyal !r(ahs« 19 Mac. M 
imUtt. U-Oa. Iloynl Anltlory .- 

, U.Oil. UoTti Kufiiunn _ - 

I Taylor, tJ.C»l. Bcnal ArtilluTT ..... ii Jnuetl 
^ EWknyo. U-CtL h.n. 8mm> 

_«b, Xf. CW. UbaJilr* B«Kl. (» r.| . 
1 U.CM Bwifil HMTOoro 

1^ thanwn. U.CW- Bonl ArtdliuT- 


17 U«o. 6> t Juno f(. 17 D«0. !> 

B Deo. ^i|ia Vco. 71' 'Uur.Si 
i<l lino, ti iSDdc. 7,,i4D.c. «i 
■ I Use. 6.', ill.™. 7j|'<l>W. <i 

18 May 6S|i-i Nov, 7il ■ July Bi 
irMAr.nj jMuy 77 

I Jnnctj'u July 77 
•BOot. 7i'i» AnK.Bo 

t Koif . tojn AoR. Ti 
■oApr. « >i8c>pt.7i 

itJan. A7 flBepi.jt iJnlyl 

I July fi 
I July a, 
t4JuiMSj 1 Jib. 7«'3tJan. (j 
I* On- fi tf KoT. 77 *< Mar- 1> 
1 »<j». 60 rn Apr. 71 1 July 8 
t Unv. (w>',6 Apr. 731 1 July Hi 
■ XoT. 69 i4 Apr, 7j' I July ti 

7 Ddd. I7 

i> Dao. B7 
It Dud. t7 
17 Dse. 8; 

i> D«-. »i 
■B Due. S7 
iB Duo. (7 
»j IJoo sj 
I July t>iij Dbc 87 

• Jiilj-B<^>in«c (j 
1 Pol., e.' I Jsn, gg 
I July Jij B Jan. 

• Jul; Bi ti Jna. it 

» Aus.64 ■> Jnty 71 
vooi. 6»;,t Sapi tbI 
S JnnoCo. I Aug- 71' 

4 Jut. 71 I,) Om. 7I 

H Jad, t) 

It Jan. n 
it Jan. It! 
<l Jan. SS' 

19 Jail. B8 

It Jun. II 

n JuB, 88 

>4 Jan, tl 

rj Jkn, 8i 
n Jnn, Si 

»i Jan, 88 

■ I Jan. 

t Pol). U >4 Mb>. 7j I July Bi 1 Fell. 8S 

•(Mu.At' iMar. 7t' 1 Mar b 1 Mar. U 

iDcL «,| 4U»r.7,' t Mor (. « Mar Bt 

• Aug. (,B I Mar. 14 , Unr, ii t Mar. B8 

S fob. 71'ii July to 1(1 Ni>.,»i i( Mar. it 

IS July 0; tS Mar. 71 in M«r «> ■) Mar 18 

t May (9 it Unr, 7, i« Mar. j> il Mar. 88 

la I>ec. 6j 17 Bopt.77 1 July Bi IV Mar, 81 

8 Jutiu Oi. t N^TV. 7> 13 Dnc iL>^i Mar. tl 

iS Div frii ot AiiK. 7) ■ July 81 1 4 A(ff. SB 

») Ang. jB I Aor. 71 II Uuy 79 11 Apr. 88 

tl Kb. St^n Dm. tt 11SU111.7S t Jan. tr'tf Apr. 18 17 Apr. N 

jJuly &>! f Jan. fii' I July 71 t JuIt Bi!>i Apr, 88 
Kov. (<& sMay 7( 8 May S9| « May (t 

s Mar (>' 

I ' Niir.fc' 4 Au^.7j 
iMar.«t'>8DM. $7 18 Dm. ;s 

I Jity li iiUay it. 
July 8i •! Mm* 88 

Huos, £t.CU. X. ltDgiD*«r> . . .' .... iB D*e. teif AoK.7;ii Nav.TB.nMiy 81 

' Hutlaos, MCW. Tbo BolTk |] p.) ; Aun.fe >« Uar. 6, ivJudkto ■ Juli- Hi 11 Ua> m 

t4JM.itDtthmalbuUtai F-t 9 Xvg. Hl'f OPt. «t i^Jud. 7) 14 July B| m Uikj U 

TMtktDii. U.tMl Kayal RoiriiMm ) tJoiie&i ]Aiiz-7i ■ Inly li >^ U»j K 

' J I I • 


Lieut^iant ColoneU. 

WilUnm Veroar Ellis, I.1.C0I. BborhI aiaff Corps ... zq June 61' q Doe. 64 10 Juno 7. 
if.j-f. Jobn Siiqiicflt Lt.i'ot. h-p, Yurk.^liJreLiifht Inlr.i? Jan- 63>9Ma.v 67 i J Apr. 79 


1 June 6 J 

Charles K runs iliilltlt. LI.Col. BeiiHiil r^uitr Corps, 
Frcdetick IliiiierU"™ Tivvimin, Ll.Cal R. Artillery 
Obarlos Flemiut; Uiui^i, I.I.OoL L.p, Chmhlie Kcffl. 
Herbsn Wj-iinu Ai)iJorlcv.'' Li.Val. b.p. <> Jjineers 
Bdw. Ralph UromliiBid," £(. CoJ. L.p. Ym'lt and I 

LajiCTBtor Iloirt ; 

p.f.f. Edward U iiiiwr,'^ I./. Cijl, i^p. EoAt Lanoa- \ 

«Mre Reel , j 

Balph S. K. DTHke-Brockniui, £f.rof. R. Eo^neen 
Msttliew Toivnufiiid aale, CJfo. i(.ciil. (jl-aoi L.p j 

Hoya] Enjjinccrs) .,,. ..,.,,,..,,..,> 

Rlwaid MaahiWr Diuis^, i(.O01. h.p. 1 Life Uuards 
Geor(fo Coope Helme, Lt.Cot li.p. IVilLflbirfl Re^. - 
Walter CbryaCie Undtrwood, J.I.Ccl. h.p. ^ HosBara 

Ricbard Kqqi, Lt,C<it- b.p. 13 UuA&ars 

Thomaa Adam A. UarBlovr," Zf, Col. h.p. aesforthl 

Hl|{hlandi!rs f 

James Chtirtus Muhorly, Lf.Co/. 3 DrAi;i»:is .-, 

Proderick Laivttjice Hiitsuinn. LI.Vol. Uadras S.C, 

■James t>i>re lti">t!i. Ll.VoL Hoval fcui-'iopcrs ., 

Qeorao Sliiloijim Fnx.* t'.Cor li.p, IMuek Watcli .„ 
Alex. Clark- Kennedy, Lt.Col, Mailr^s ^talT Corps... 
pj.c. Emilius ClayLun, Lf-Coi. (fnun h.p- Rirydi> 

Artillery), ProfEi^r a' the Ufa ff VvIUf/e i 

HonxT Georao Villeiiu, LLCol Bjjvril Eiijfmeera 

Charlea Rbj(ieb1lI Mscgrettor, if.(/or, Ui^nual 8. 0... 
Joba James Harvey, Mtyor, Sijutb VVal«s Jlor- 1 

dorera(i4F.) ....J 

Henry Towuloy Scott Yates. iCni^r, Ruyal Artillery 
Jacob Pictorl).'u^ BpiibhI Staff C... 

Walter Cave, Lt.Col. b.n. Irish FU!.]liur* 

Poster Canljffe L. Kay^ Lt-Cof. 3 Dcagiion Guards 
Frederigk William Carey. LI. Col. ELnjal AnJllBrj 
p-t-f. Albert BJw. Wilhamiion Gold^iaid, Lt.Coi. 

<rmm h.p. Mnnstor Fun.), D, A. Q. it. Orn., War 


Georito Walters Itomrs. Id,(XI. lieuRal SUIT CarnB 
Clarvaui Hurley, LI.Col, (from h.p. K. Artillerj), ) 

aiiulunf Dirnrlor if ArliUery J 

FredericliR,J.jL-rrard,*>i/.Oil h.p. W.lUillnKRojrt. 
Henry t'atfrtton, Lt.Col. Bengnl Sutff Corps............ 

Hanj William Rooke, Ll.Cat. h.p, Huyal ArUllery 
William il'l'lmlook, LI.Col. (from h.p. H. Art), 1 

Supdt- SiMi^ll Armf FiKtory, Birmingham ,., I 

Bdmond Bainbrirtae, Lt.Col. ((rom h.p, H. An,), ) 

Mrmbtr of Ordiiatief CowmUler | 

John Lloyd Price, £*. Co/. Bedford Ragt 

AJex. Chalmers M^Kean, MajiT, 6 Dmffonns 

£dw, Graham f'onnel'iither, l/iFror.o Lruuooua ..... 
Arthnr Najiier Poiir«, LIX'ol. b'.ip, llLjyil Artillery 
Charles lieury E4prrt^u:e, LI.Col. h p. R'lysl Artillery 

Samuel Pym, Li.Vol. h.j), Rojui Anillcry 

Jamea Wall, LI.C.:l. b.p. Ro.i-al .\rullcry 

Joshua Rowley Wauon, Lt.Cal. Uh-Muiiiiy Slaff Corps 
Oeo, AtiBOQ HiUyard. LI.Col. U\A(r llncudo 
Allan SaUDdurs. Lt.Col, a. Shiiriml Kent.... 
WUlouKhby Hathursl Hcmsns. b.p. R. Art. 

Thomas Cijiskpll, /.f.Cei. h.p. Jloynl Artillery 

AluEandt^rCumpbcl),'! Lt.Cut.h.ii. Huyu I Artillery'... 

Alfred Glynn lio^bio, iftf/*fr, ^tuyal tlLiifmeeia 

Frederick Firebrtioi'. LI.Col. b.p. Rrtyu-l l^njincers 
Ualcolm Win. Roxerv. U.Cul . li.i>. Ekj^al Cii^'iiicera 
Jeromy Taylor Mur»li. t' Royal Knjimeurs 
William ()Hb4im. IJ.t'i^l. b.p. Kov>il IJlnb^hieer.^ .. 
Tbonia» B. b. Sav'i. L/.Col. b.p."BipyBl Kniiinccrs 
William Sod^wLck, L/-V0I- h.p. Ruynl Eik^iucers 
Andrew WiEsud llaird, Lt.Coi- b.p. Ro.val Kugincem 
Uenry Tlipjitiov Thompson ^uudea. LHW. b.p. / 

Royal Arlillen- i 

Alfred Lm.i.ii,'" /,(.(V. h p. Koyal Attillery 

p.f.e. 11erljHi-i ticoU tjonld uit«#, ±r.Col, b.p. J 

JJu^ister I'^UAilier* -....-,,. ) 

u 8ept.S7 
jH Jan. 63 
TjJuly 69 
fiOot. 67 

r, Apr. £4 

15 SepL 6t 
lOMoy jB 

Doc. 63 
39 July 61 




Hib* riT. 

^4 Juiie6s 7 June 67 34 June 74 

[ B Jnae6o 12 Apr. 73 

S Juno 60 30 July 6a 15 Mar. 73 
J! Sopt.63 17 July 60 9 Sept. 74 
H Uu. 63I1B Apr. Bs'i; Apr. 63 

I Deo. 5B 13 BeptSi ij Mar. 73 

'19 Dec WiS Aug, )3 

1 July 6i|»6 An(f. 73 
S May 69 iS Mar. 74 
14 Juuoi^4 22 Uar. 76 
3 Aug. 71 J Mar. 7; 
iB Oct. 71 17 Mar. 77 

iBDdC. 67isAng.77 
II Juno 70 J4 Jnne 76 

2 Uar. Si(ia Jane S8 
I Jnly S1131 jDjieBSTi June £3 
?4 June 8a a4 Jmie B6 
1 July 81 16 June as 
I Jan. Bi T Jnly BS i Joly it 
aUar. Bt' 1 July SG i Jnljr SB 

1 July Bi 1 Jnly BB 1 Joly SB 
1 JnlyM 

I JulT B9 
■ Jnly SB 
I Jnl.v 83 
I July BB 

. July 3t 

16 Apr. 60 16 May 70 26 May 78 10 July BB 

Dec. 60 a6 Aut'.73 
9 Juuefij 10 June 7] 
"i Xo\'. 64 ag Jul;- 74 

J Joly 61 10 Oct. 

T4 Mar. 6B 

iB Dec. 60 36 Aui^, 73 
;SOot. 71 14 Mar. 80 

ai Mar. 6j'3o Sept. 68^14 July 78 

Jiin. 6B 1 July 79 

a7 Apr. 69' 8 Auk. 74 

aS Doe- 65 ao Auj;. 71 

30 Dec. 71 7 Juue7B 

1 Nov. 60 8 Oct. 73 

3 Aug. 62 
S June 61 

!g June 66 

Oct. 64 
33 Bept.6a 

18 Nav.«8' I May 7B 

I S«pl.63| I Sept. 74 

iB Dec. 60 17 Dec, 73 

14 Oct. 67 35 June 75 
(J May 66,33 Sept. 74 
18 Dec. fiojiB fob, 74 

i3 Dec. 6d 

18 Dec. 60 

I Jiue6al o Au|i,64 
aSOct. 71 

I Mar. 74 
I Mar, 74 

I Oct. 70 

as Oct. 71 13 Nov. 78 
13 Apr. 73 18 JuseBi 
jg Dec. 6a| T July 74 
19 Deo. 60I I July 74 
I Apr. 61] 1 July 74 
T Apr. £1 aS Bept.74 
7 Not, 63 36 Jan. 66[ 7 Nov. 74 
ir> Juue59 a6 Apr. 64 11 Sept. 73 

33 Aug. 61 

9Mar, 67( sMay 7; 
1 Joly Si.ioOct. 74 
1 July 6j'id Oct. 74 
1 July 61 17 Oct. 74 

I Jnly Si 

1 July BB 

1 July Bi 

1 Jnlj as 

1 July Si 

I Joly BS 

1 Jnly 81 
1 July 81 
1 July Bi 
1 July Bi 

■ July SB 
1 July SB 
1 Jnly SB 
1 Jnly 88 

I July Bi 

1 July BS 

5 July 81 

5 July 83 

t July 81 14 July 
35 Jul.vB) 35 July 
39 Jnly 33 as July 

1 July Bi 31 July as 

T July B I 1 AuR. a^ 
3 Mar. 81 a Aug. 38 

9 JuDsBa' 3 Aug, 

6 rcb, Bj. 3 Aug. 

8 Auk. Bal 8 Aug-, 

13 Auif, Br 13 Aug. 
10 Jnly 84 15 Auk. e8 

I July 81J17 Aug. " 

39 AuB.83a9 Aug, BS 

33 ?sov. 79 1 Sept.SB 
1 Jnly Bi 7 Sopt.BB 

14 SepC.Si 14 Sept-SB 
iMar. Bi:33 BepLBB 
1 July Sil 1 Oct. SB 

. July Sii 1 Oct. as 

35 July ffl 

11 Anf[,G 

lOet U 

I Jnly Bij I Oct. 
I Joly 81 isOet. BB 
a> Jan. 83 i3 Oct. 88 
3j July BB iSOct. 88 
I July 8139 Oct. 
I Joly Bi jgOot. 881 
I July 81,39 Oct. ^^ < 
I Jutj- 3i39 0ct. BSi 
7N0T. Bi 7 Soy. 88 
I Joly Bi 9 Nov. as 
1 July Bi IB Not. e- 
1 July Si 39 Kov, i 
1 July 3i 30 Nov, f 
1 Jnlr Si! 5 Doc. i 
1 July 6: '36 Aug. 73I I Jul'v BribDcf. BS 

IE Doo. 6iiii Dee. 73 IB Dec. Bi 18 Doc. 

iS Dec- 6i'ii Dec. 73 3 Uar. 3i 18 1>ec. 

18 Deo. 61 11 Dec. 73 18 Dec, 81 iB Dec. 
|iS Deo, 61 11 Mar. 74 iB Dec. Bt iB Dec. SaiiS Dec. 

i3 Dec, 6i I Apr. 74 18 Dec. 81 18 Uco. 88'i3 Dec 88 

agOct, Bt 
39 Oct. M 
igOsC « 
39 Got. St 

39 Not. sa 

JO N0T.8> 

;Dec tt 

BDw. SI 
iB Dee. U 

18 Dee. ei' 1 Apr. ^4 iB Deo. 8> t8 Deo, 
||8 Dee. 6] 4 Apr, 74 iS Deo. Bi iB Dec. 

.33 Dec, J9 3sNov-74 1 July Siai Dec 

I I July 61 35 Nov. 74 1 Jul-V 5i 31 Doc. 

1 18 Dec 81 


I'ai Dec. 83 
I'aiDeo. Bt 

4 FoU, e* J7 Apr. }•> »i Aug. 76 1 Jnly 61 ,3 Dec. Bi =9 Dec. K 

War Sereitxt of the L!<suteiiaiil ColoneU. 



Kna aail cbtM on Hh .\ 

*1 O. W.SnMUiNjrt"; 

l«r t(lr Sbfn07 Catiim 1^ Aixii i.>t 

fas i^ltaiiH-MlliiitUiKir tUhlil 

aoral oritb Ui* l>aliio<ir VslJcji > 

rl^ Srra'.hiT-, MnlLniin rimimirii of I'li-*?. iwtmlina Uio >iCjiB nnJ tsprarei 

■■I'ltunTiJ'il]. '■I'l vv"] ir* lUi'iffi'r'iijii urthu liuEiiui mutiny iti iS%i-^t 

irduDt^iSiU July. Hiul •sfcnly wiiuiuloil 


I ■rnr Kiprilifmnry FOroo on Ibf Kiiiofile 

4 In tTiO AfifllJiu wuf II] ir;l-7.9 HI. AH*i*tjutt 
*> pr^pnt Ht tho mr^tiin; 'jt AU Miiijulimon' 

W. C. UackliiDOii Mnwl wlUi Ibe Ijib Fuillipn In BchkivI tbiouvb&Qi ilio Imliixii uiuliiur (Muibili. 
n J.O.CKvUc (arTcd iriUi Ibt »ul BftlUlioa icUi Rifli'i In Ilii' A(i;luii wur from .luuu t<iHi>|>Ivnil»rr 
IMAlvdftlr F m JffidE nobdrlw In i>id loxrah lo c'iij]'lEiiLir» nnil wu irratmt ni iZi.i tuiLiinof (^ttahKr 
Clup- *■' IttOM DMoWt'ini. Knnst ttl Ih- lii-i^ln-n Kiv>."lltlon m iBn, Willi Ili<- jnl Itailallnn 
Hlfle Coin'^v oM wu pivtukl Ln Ihc vngB^f-rDCDli nl 1:' Tct> rLn<! Tom&l bMi>^^ witb CIil^, bnil Kbo- 

A JL. 8. Wjr'iia'i MTVcil »Ji 8fi[;DTiDt<<uU«nt vt Amir Sl;rii tilling ni ihr .Thiirihkl crmimi^Ti kn iC^r 
■a (IvBpMdho. llolal wlihClupi ^trrT'il In iik- Atghttn var In :;;l-ii> u KupcilDUn.'linit or Field 
I Bail na pvt»«M •< Uw oaptuTo cf Lho pFtiv&r ICoTnT imccilLoacil [ii ilcupaif^lie*. Umvci of ^^or. 

tinrvpi nf Lt.ColoMl. Uc4iiliril1i i.:iiu>i\ iU> ClnuonhD MnUiilio, n»il KhMlvo'iKtnri. 

a1 Q. L' l>aD^t tttn4 In thp Af^Tir^n v&r in it--^ n Url^n-li Mnjoi jthI InfaDlry HrlgniJe d^'lahaj' 

Imv UiD jjrJ AU£«dlUf>l*l^ l&fi >Th) nm IKiL«jialiuii» loi Gnlluilfy. p. ir^l.] 

EHd 1L lUlHt MTTnt witb 111* (4'^ Itirjrimnitl m tlur AT^biui wiirvf i^;l-^,itbU woh pranciiliu Ui* 

MU >h»iil KlKjlHnil tIr>-4 nnr i-Imnini IMcilal mllh Clupi. 

»*t J. A. S. Coliiulibn HnnI iti Uiu Afxbbn war In tJift'Tv. ■"") v* pKKRit at Cb« oaptun or (be 

B«l ^- ' 'III riprrulociKnf ihcvipcilttloa '>f iHFj^ luihtTiiit ttj« Irl1>f9 ou 

VTcit .1 iiL llio tUinn of lAloo uuil capture vt TJmb?yInh iMciltlf 

A.- . . -WV-.'-.t- 

>l II Mtl. ll';ut_iiiTi -^ri' I ■ I ■ I 71 til llir TmuiiHirl Corfm 

l« AUhu Hkr 111 iBSa u Uric i ' <i''iilI nt Cnlml >l4iumiy 

aaooapiiil'-l '^ii riiilffl'.-i l ■■ . i (.■llloi.r tj llnskli-t limnnil 

Md Wfth I lull (.:ii iiUH.jirr) iri 'k'«t*'i'<-'^i^"^. Bfiivel pf Mnjor, Modal vtlti 

■rsBni tie. I (l<ii(»l ikIUi Uiu fuive luidi-'i ttt C MacKmiiui tbnrattiaat 

noMlidti I' ' " ' < -I 

Vnmat Ifouii.vV .t:v<ril 111 III' '-■-■" /-^Innrl wai in iS64-6<,(tfiil«ni mmtloni-ri In ilfipilnheii iw 
iitoOMd Ua iliilTu AMbu .lOJuuui wnb crcai cooluru niia pounite uiidn a hacr Ok" in iho 
' naoptjUi'litl. 

Wi*hAn wnf nf iRr^-f'>> i^i^d tJ>Pk pBH In Ihv ftnni' Vallff^ fSl- 

:<(i}LilAFiillci'i'>nifaiJie Peiliiiwnr Vnlivy Flsld Korranndar 

■ "tTTinrOB .I'lTnl irtUi llir rntiilnluir FiulJ Farcp.Aoil WM 

■■Fi'M^ In '■!. ' .il Mnlu^LIll [vthtfru hn cpm- 

', i.t tbo nc.' <r, aiirl nt tbo ImUlc of Cut' 

_. . _ ...... ■ iji.r. ra.. . ■Ill, 

... (I.4-. fnttn-rt^ ibtonRhuDl Uici HtiiininiinB auajpattn <>i i "'<-<'';- "i<b tlm Lcit BriKHtd DootX 
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. affair c*n Ihf? Ilr1ici-,r.3 iriEli i:,i ' 
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rdbdal aiiA CIl^L 

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ot tfe* AlKb*a wtr In i3:l till Amu ■ ^^1*1 K<Jc-ftit[i t'i"kil F«r\:i\ iit^'Ludln^ tbo Rhofb 

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te Lo«ar Vniltj iHnf^J. 
A. I<i^aii Hrvttl la ib« ivdiluu cvntpaiini in iSij tUidBl wltb Cta>t>. aiid Khcdlvo's Slnr)' 



6JitiieM I? Apr. 57 ^ OcL iSi 

30 Dec. 51 14 Fob. ;,'i7 Mar. fa 
ip Doc. 5" a* Fell. SI " Msy 63 
afijunesfi 1 Feb. ^9 76 JuaB6B 

»4 0ct 56 13 Aug. jS 36 Jnn. 66 

18 Dec. 6;l 7 Feh. 75 11 Nov. 78 

IS Julj- 68 31 Jan. 79:13 Jim. 79' 

ao Apr. 67 38 Oct. 7r''3jKn. 79J3JJAD.79 

& Dec. 59- 4 Feb. jj'a^ Not. 7g 

S Jixno6o 11 ^Inr. 74 
34Uar. 63 34 MiLr. 66 ^4 JIar. 7. 

laJftD. 64 9 AtL^. 7I 

n Jaly 65 14 Ju]y 6S js Jnly 77 
] Oct. 66 16 Feb. 70, 2 Ocl. 78 

4 Jaly 60 a3 Deo- 64113 May 77 

8 Sept. 63 9 31«ySj3iOM, 77 
iS No7. 77 

.. Mar. 6S 3D Au([.7i 
'an July 67 !7 Oct. 71 

7 Apr. 65 7 July 69 

98 Dec. 64 3 AaE. ^ 

o Jub" 67 

9 Dec. S9 

3MBr. 6s'i3 Dec. 68 
3sJaa' 69'3oSept.7i 

I 9 Dee, S9 

aSJanaoji jAu^.67 
aBJnIy 63)16 Oct. 6j 
11 Mar. &i 96 Jiilj- 64 

I 8 JuDe6o 

3D Apr. 61 EoNoT. 6s 
i7Miir. 63 31 Feb, 65 
30 Jan. 6j|36May 65 

31141 r-ivi'r. 

■ irk^Mi..^. 

Heclor Tulloph, Mn/op, h.ji. Ttoynl Kuaineore i '9 Dec. 53 3 Oct. 57 'G Jane 63 

EoDertP.H. Mttrpn>nr.r.CD;J.h.p.Mil,Tr>iin.9.0.rifPeiiiiioiieri .7 Dec. 51 iB Aur. 54 6 8ept.6i 

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OITli^Drof Ft'Eiatonerii J 

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OIQCN^r rjf l'<;jikionerft , „.. ) 

Jol.ii i":(.riitinc Holiiiison, Jfo/w. K. AiiDlBry 

Fit .liihri Utinjio MermitnianU lliij'f, Roynl Bniineers 

1 (E Ooiiriile Bpilnheinl, Jfo,nr. S. H alOH Mi.riUTen. (34 Foul) 

KoluTt Gmrm' Sivn.vue Mfltshnll, U.iior, llciyal Arliliurj- 

KilivHrilJiisopli 'Je Laiilonr. Mnior, riojal Artillery 

JuhiL liHvi.Udi.. Ifujor, Bengiil StiifTCuriJii,,,... .,,., 

Bifliard Wiice. Ku/or, RijyalArtillBrj- ....„, 

ThiminK Fninrin Hobday, Mojar, BrBtnil SmirCorpi 

IC O'Uourc (.'rcaith, Jfiyor, Bombay Staff (ii,rp« 

V.'.r Hrmaril Mnlytieni Kdwarfl Bmiker, J/njcir, Scotliali) 
RillcH (1^ Fijotl j 

Hoiiffhani (TbiirlppHuuilnv. Jlf.i/Vr-. I.iii colli otiire Rent. (10 F. | 

Jnbii Kclnanl H»le I'riur. Jf"«i-. 8. Btaffbnl^birp IW-1. BoF.) 

JoMph Hriirv Layc. V^jnr, Bculiifh RiBea (00 Fco:) 

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Rent uFr.nii *.,. ; '.,' j 

A'lnlriliu» Brett l.^nii'liic, Mi./iir, Royal Marinm... 

Willi, Lii, liiifirfe Ki."x. it~i~r, flovai Artillery 

ll"biTt William Kire, Mnjor, Huynl ArtlDerv 

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Arthur SwIlltlPl^ iliiior. Ro.vnl Artilltry 

Towolcy Ward DumlinH, W".i,v,-, Rovk! SIsriniH ,',..,!'. '.'"'.!! 

Hujth Ggiifb Grjint, itajin-, Senmrth HiilhlauderBlfB F.l 

Hoi.. Chii» Dmiiiri, M^K', fibropBhiro I.t. Inf. (85 F.) .' 

t'harlei i-tnibiiTi. Kujur, Uoyiil teriuineera.,, 

!P.i,r. Henry Sliiillii>lmB Brownrifir. Jf.rjnr, IUIIb Brimdo 

ReiltnatiiChnlrarr. J/ii/"r, KInB'ii Rnvil Rifle* {6<i F.) ,. 

iU-ijinalil tiiimctl. M.i;.fr, Seiiforth Ili^hlaadoiB (73 r.) 

Alli-orl daacl.'p, .Vn)or, Binital 30117 Carpi 

Mi'nry Wjinji, Jf.i/V, Riiyal Artillery 

Goorae >[ Abtiott, Jlirioi-, riciig-al Staff Ooriu 

Henry Vcre Hani. J/.yop. Bencpil Sniff Cnrnn 

VC Kilbniu Jobn VmiBdun. Uu/op, HbdeuI Staff Corpi , 

Kdward Merry Ijirminie, Uajur, Royal Knulneen 

Harriaon Rose Le.viu Murcn", i("i'-, Royal Artillury 

Richard C[.rl>ill. Afn/or. Rnynl Ariiilery ,..!!! 

Jitnies Alex. Friia. 11. SLeii-an-]ll»'.:kciijiie, Wiyor. 9 Lancet 
BtannnB Vernir aoniim, Uiiier, H™ml HUff l'or]-e 
Jnlin Henry rinrnard, CMf). Mo.or.iliinMcr F»i.ibrT»(ioif i 
Wdliain Siijuliiir Siniib Hipn:!, ClE, U-\ji>r, Royai KiiKinBerB 
Francis I 'biirl.ii Burt.n, JKujor, Ui-nanl Blaff Corps ., 
Archllmlil Broudroot, Jf.yor, Hival Artiilcrj- 
UharleBFr.'ik'nr.Wm.Jbiir. Jfojur.Leiccsturshiro Kefl.i'iVF.") 
David Siaiiiey i.^uniiiebnine. Maji.r. noncal StaD Ourpi 

William Hill. MajaF. Uoniia) StiilT Corp- .. „ 

Lwlle Tri'vnr Bisbop. W.kib-, BvTiKnl aiaH" Ciirpi 

John Jatncs Sonit (.■Li»holin.i, Jff\j"r, a Lanoera ,,,. '. 

Qeorire Llnjd Redly UicliHrd*i>n. Sl-i'ur. Bengal Btiiiir Coriii |53MBr. 6S 
Bloomfldld fjonirh. ifsjr.r. u Laiinr. ... . l37Apr 70 

Alei. Tboren. Seifin A Rjnii, l'.Ui;..W,,„:r. BrnL-niatafriJmw' :> Oct. 66 
Joaliib rhiiiiiCrninptiiN Neville, ita,,:r. BcnHal SlaffOirpe. Iti Dec, 6« 
Alexander John Forsylb Rcid. J/.rjV.r, llnniial Slat! OurjB 
piinean l''i)rl'OB<.liird,iii, Muiar, lli'inlnu lliuhlandors loi P,)" 
JohJi Dclalj-ndu Man-el. ir.\jor. Hide Brigade 
Oeuroe llnizibley KIKott. C^hiio. Banml SUUTOorpa 

Henry Traveru Lnaord. lf<v"e,r, Ki.yal Artillery .... 

LiniiH Fnulfcnir lirown. tlajor, Rmal EuBineein .., 

^.i.r Mallhew Nuliett OorJon. Kane. Cuj*ria Uoiilbrih) 

_HlB_blandB»(7j F.l ,,,.,. , } 




s Jqlj 73' II 

7 Oct. J4 

jDec 74, 

IS Bant, 75 16 Nor.H 
97 Fab. 7< 36 Mar. 78 
36 JaDe76 36 Jul 77- 

I Oct, ;Bi 

9 Jan. 63 1 1 Oct 

18 Doe 

jt Mar. «3 
II Sept. 63 
a Jan, 64 

1 May £7 

4 Oct. 66 
I Mar. 68 
4 Oct. 67 
3S Jane 63 

>3 Jan. 78 
1 Mar. 78 

3 Dec, 78 
31 Jan. 79 
II Dec. 71 
31 AUR. 78 
10 Mar. 8a 

4 Feb, 74 
IS Not. 79 

5 Not. 70 
7 Oct. 71 

30 Aug. 73 
JO Apr. 73 
3 Apr. 74 

6 July 74 
66 9 Jan. 7S 

10 Feb. 75 
31 Mar. 7; 

11 Bep;.7s 
B Jim. 76 

13 Feb. 76 

1 Sept.ej'ii Mar. 76 
I Bc|it.63'i4 Mar. 76 
8 June7olis Jul.v 76 
SAag. 76 

9 Aup. 64 11 May 63 
8 May 66138 Jiilj' 69 

39 Juiie<3 

II July 6j'i9.'uly 67 

^-, jijDec. £4ioAn(r.7f 
3DCC. 6r.ii Oct, O4IJO tSept.77 

7 Mar. 7; 
15 Juno 77 
'11 July jf 

t Dec. 
sJan. 66 
1 Mar. 66 

18 Jan. 67 
8Uay 67 
fiMu. 6g 

13 July 67 

6s I Oct, 69 

14 Dee. 69 
■ Mar. 69 

loJan. 79 

iMar. 69 
Oct. 71 
18 Jan. 70 
4 Dec. 69 
6 May 71 

15 Dec. 6g 
3B Oct. 7 

ai Auk. 67 

ffM.Jnlm Scolt Napier iir»;.r.OcrfloB'Hi(i*iiilMd«™ 

Henry Kdaoiir, U,ti«r. Norllmmberland FnHllentls F.l .1 " 

Kdwurrl llnici-, «ri7or,'BenBir Slaffiiwiw""""" 
riiarle. WbiliiiiirbHm Horalay DouRlaa. 2£iijtr, Ogrdoo i 
HinhlandT*. |.j) F.) i 

rh«» lloin'- ■ '■-■ ... - - - ' 

3 Feb. 66 
In July 68 

16 Dec. 69 

1 Dec. 77 
5 Jan. 78 
lUar. 7S 
a Mir, 73 
ai Miir 78 
IV July 78 
lOci. 78 
11 Dec. 78 
18 Jan. 79 
J a Feb- 79 
17 May 79 

i,P",' il"'"""" t^fHT-r;'". '"C'' S">r'«"> iHahlftfiden (71T.}, • Sept. 69 18 

ttallT rrt.(l,,vti KlIiB J/,,inr, Sortbamiitninblre Bb)[1, (48 P.i .1 S0V.63I 6 
U.t.i,nplir.tTr.aM.., ««,«-, Bnr.lorReK..(jj p.) , ,.'.' ,6Mar.6o| 3 

lleiiry iticliard frcPTi.; Jf^V, Border li.-«l. (,, F.l '.'." 
Fmiii.M Henry A. Dianey.lloyburk, Jkfui»r, IKiIib of I'l 

«Hlrn LidUl liifMnlry (4ft F.l 
.loliTi I,.™ii«n1 Hunt, iluntr. 7 Hinjiam 
' liarVs Jiilin Wviidhani,".l/^Dr, Innh llltieaiMFI 
J d.ii l.loyd DiPkln, W.i,„r-, ijloucwileinbire Rofft (61 F 1 

Heniy Kvan rt.ieHtiall TIilhiuh. M„,„r, K. Vnrk Heel I'ttV > 

' baniiilon J. men. »f...or. lVar.% ipk-tiliu lU>(ft {'< F.| 

Fr»» Kdnard I'arlelon, M,j;w, KlTljt'nOn-n lli.olcnir* (ij V 

17 Jan. 7o|E3July 79 
13 Jan. 69|»Sept.79 
8 Jan. 63|3o Dec. 79 

4 May 71 I Apr. So 

"7 May 71 17 Apr. 80 
8 Jqne7D 4 May 8d 
jS Oct 71 ID July So 

17 Oct. 71 ig July 80 

Oct 71. 3 Sepl.Sti 

Har. 67 1 Dec. 69 

8ept.6j] 5 Jan. 70 

. Auff. s7| 3 Mar. 60 i Apr. 70 

f if^ Fab. 64'i7 Apr. 67 9 Apr. 70 

. 10 Anff.fij 33 Xov, 64 37 June 70 
3 May 65 a 1 Apr. 67 34 June 70 
3 Aua. 70 
J7 Aua- 70 
3 Bept.70 
3 Sept. 7a 

. 10 May 6, 30 July 67 

. 9 Jnl.V 63 31 AlljE. 64 

, *sJ'^nc53' 3l>et, 6j 

.„. , _ ,, , ,-,-.". ' ■";,■ f* "'■ "'i'luivi-n 1*5 F, J iq Jan. 6g I Mar. 64 

Artlmr I. ampl.,!! M.,iipy, jf„„ Oif.inl.hlre Liuhl IntltntTy 17 Mar (,1 ' ,j N,.t. 6, 

j^hiri,v;'''~;?fT/- ''■'•'■''''■''"'" *,*"'■■> ■■ ■■■ i acr.t-f.3 3a 8ept.6s 

J»ml 1*^ 'w '«'""■ ¥"■"";■ ""'"rl^'" K'H'- l»J r.l ,6 Jan 6, „ Apr. 6? 

Ja.iP.i„„l,e, «j.op,K,«l.,n™,|„„,Hoa,,(,„^, ,An(.6;- oOcl. 6, 

I«-.rire « onnor, M:iMr, ( l,>ui-e.u-r.birr. KeKl. i,a F.) i June*.*. , JunB6S .5 ""■ 7' 

,*"/-™;wr?^'*'^i'"'j.'''^"'Ti **""""■''•' '"'■ (Mf,).„ ,»D«1. fti wJunaSsaiApr. 71 

1 3 Oct. )D 
jaOct. 70 
13 Nor. 7> 
>4 l>ec. 70 
>5 Mar. 71 

33 Not. 79I 
31 Not. 79 
a3 Not. 79 
33 Not. 79 

33 Not. 79 

39 Not. 79 

>9 Not. 79 
39 Nov, 79 
39 Not. 79 

T9 Nov. 79 

17 Dec. 79 
31 Ajpr. 80 
36 May 80 
14 July Bo 

34 July Sd 
aB July 8a 

I Sept So 
a Mar. 8 
iMar. B 
iMar. B 
3 Mar. B: 
3 Mar 
iMar, B 
>Mar. B 
3 Mar. 8 
a Mar. e 
iMar. B 
>Har. 8 
iMar. 8 
1 Mar. 8. 
I Mar. 8 
3 Mar. 8 
I Mar. 8 

1 Mar. B 
3 Mar. 8 
3 Mar. 8 
3 Mar. e 
3 Mar. 8 

2 Mar. 8 
3Mar. B 

3 Mar. 8 
1 Mar, 8 
I Mar. B 
jMar, B 
1 Mar. 8 
3 Mar. B 
iMar. B 
3 Mar. 8 
a Mar. 3 
3 Mar. B 
3 Mar. 8: 
3 Mar, 8. 
a Mar. B 

a Uar. 3 
3 Mar. 8 
3 Mar. 8 

3 Uar. 8 

iHar. 1 

1 July 8 
T July B 
1 July fl 

I July B 

1 July 8 
1 July 8 
1 July B 
I JnLy 3 
I JqIt 8 
I July B 
I July 8 
I July 8 
I July 8 
I July 8 
> JnlT 8 
I July 8 
I JdI} I 



lUn^. Vvm Til' «ul& if V.i 

> WMKn. Utfur, L*ta<>ur<ihire 11*^:1, lirl',} 

SuuvlOt IMU3HII. jtffTir. Locfalmi Rea^ (i P.). 

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I, K^fv. Vorit u4 I'M»Ut> I ...,_.,.. 

Kobirt RoMnmlw l^ntai. »>. • ^.... 

Pmlantk Wbii*, Jfv*r. TuiL.— . ^i.^i InBuuy) 

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ilfrrjT^imM, VVf. UaortiMWr ICmtrnvni 

ncBMHInnPanMT, J(«. luau'a K^l'^ BtQH I^oFI 
*, JtdwiL Owdwyu, ilifj^r, &vit J«uiraj<hini ftp;;t. ( 
»»)-— -■-. i 

ptatim lUil P»rll.y, .W.A-, Ito; .I lrui;rx7 „ 
Tmioi,- >r -.1 , .. 
MUnithwn L( M ' ' i 
UnnM LIVM, . 

mttt iii(7>**. I/./'.' 

HiMwpnir UJiKli*^". ' 
mbupo^ Sbani. Itvi-r. i.-.. . l . 

11 m. 


MruM. luiDi. 

<t July t''\ 

.. ii'eyz 

^lit. l.FO 

I B. AiwUMMRa, Mmftr. lie ironlihin Rgst. (i6 r.) 
»MHilirtt«T«. **/". Kint-t !ti./rU Riflci (5, P.) . 
rmloncli Lnjoaiur Uantmll, Jf>i/nr. R. Ruyiuevn 

laHsMon KtnluiKe, )tv«r, RiivilI AiiilT«r« 

Snun, iiitH'. a*Ain aiiii. i;:> v.) _ 

Nalnll. Jtqwr. WtM II ' iF) . 

I Ci»»i'.™ BJinmc, Mja- - - :pr. (n P.l 

tl.MHttn I'alaivui.JU^^ ..: i.irr llMl. (i6 >,) 

^ HwdUud. llw*'. Urvrpool nteu (i F.) . 
Er^l>Bl>K^.ir<t&r ee<lin4>liir-^ — ' "■ 

,in Rati. (lA F.t 

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H M«)r 6i ij Jnii. «■ ;'^ ll^'i, ;,] 
o Ain[-S( ^ X.u-.w i^O«. ;ii 
IJalySa sMJir.MiiOcL ;i| 
J J»ii. *o J AW(, ^> iiOot. 7il 

jaJnnotJ raMitjr ei)' i Jnlf ;■ 

IlSOcL 69 •¥»/ 6)|it Sur, jjl 
iSJiui.ii J Ana. 6) >f Apr, 7,' 
.11 Dud i« J Jnu. 6; Ji 4|>r. ;) 

# Jill J <U !« JutLflfj^ fl Ul^' 7^ 
^') JUEUlil t< ?^*pt^44 14 Jljmi73 

b^^H. (.ii I Milt. (■5, i Jiiij- -i 

■t BtpLM ij Dec. C> H 3it|>t,;) 
I 1 MUY.6^ «Oot, ji' 
ttJnIfdit Oat, Ml J Nor. jji 
n J*o. S4 I J»n, itj .« Xoi.ji, 
,... i I JiHy '^i 10 Use. )j 
^Xuf^diiOcb. ^i)Jiui. ji 

. I ft !>»*■ w; ■ feh. „ 

,-_, $Jiino^»' 4 fuij, J4 

16 Ang.Ai.ii Jul; ^t, J Mar. ;• 

... . ,1^1)110. ^ ri Uiir, 74 

16 j>uit.t4, It Ang.Cj.ivltM. 74 

13 JiubAj 14 Aa^>M f7 MJir. 74 

A JariHbi 'j Uuy <4 
4 Uiir.tE' I Jnn. b> i| Muy 71 
iQ Dflft &? jjM4>' J 4 
•jMnr. *i 1 Xui-M io,tni>n7t 
jj JuuDf4 4 Jungfjj'fj AriiE. 74 
■ HiTiicej I) ia\y Ct lu 8iipt,;( 
•jSopLAi 7 Jul/ 66'i( Om. 71 
ibO«1. 6) »Ool. (^jvOol. 74 
I« aitpt.Oj n Xor. (.J JI Oct. 74 
6 Auj{,«i |4 Dott. frj. ) Xilv. 74 
^ Dt*, 6) J 1>«. 67 ■* I'™. 71 
» .1111). «j J ilij- ^■ ji Udc, 74 
[jCK't. 61 i| Jnii. 7j 

A9 Jiin, J" If Vih. 7^ 


■ At.* FIT* 

>r Kill. 61 

I) July ^4 
it July 04 

beO. ITv^- Kor*! AiUllcTi' _ 

ic Uvnnr Bm^. ifilisr, ij Eluu4n „ ^. 

Ilwitf. l^". ttiutHriaoJ Kitialwiilcni (;■ P.) -, 

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H) _ j'«^'JV,6j 

Ucknui'l lUci'MI. V'l/iv, Kids'* Ko^al ILIflu (bi p.f ir) Tnl]. fif 

nurli, ir.i^r, 7 DrSKiuu Oau^ ....! 4 Uoi. 44 >i CWi. di 

LaVukuaOD. Jfaxr, S-mDi Lwtcuhlr* IUbL [»> r.|[ g Uu «j 
EOBBlulum. ifVv. K»7>l KOiiU li P | 'kUkt <, 


17 Nuv,Qj 
• Kor.M 
ig Peb. 67 

Mni^Stoliroril SaokiiUr. If«jw. Rlrln !M|{*'Id 
MH Jobn Thly, VfrV. Kul I^iu'uUn IId.-l ,„.„ 
Btailn S; n. ■i". JiiV"- TniMbi™ Mghi ljin>n[t7 j 

'&*«.: if»>.-/ll/iy»LFiiwi*i«rt'(Vy.)'!"""... 

Mi»' "oilti, Jfiytii-, I«uiauililr» Ton. (» F.) 

|^HM3 t^ii-±l 'JinVnilK il^l-*', 4 1fu>4llt« 

iMrOsniin HwM. JV.t/w. Bcou Friulivn (91 P.| .. 

TV ni J^iliti. Vitjiir.b.ti. Ruy*t Manni*, Adnoiii') 

I ..'i JJtnattu ^_._,.,.._ J 

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■n, JU"..>jr. r,iUii«ii R<ei (iP.)., -.„ 

li-flr'-C" >->IMn. W^iV^r, tlmnilUi lIlRtllWilrrs I71F.) 
iiiWlLk Louinku-Jobntm. Ujjar, Yorli aBil tim. | 

l|MI.<»jP.t _ - - ...J 

BfikmBy ll<irua,JIw,itcuiU4liBiflHli«F,) 

bHM Talks. U^. AuoMMr ft(«>. (4 P )... 

iMh (FBriau BUfct, tf'{M> Unoi>lB*I>I» tUat. do P,) 

irWn Waiu, lfwr.&i4bef«i.C>3P.] 

Tajlir M<l>*i, M'ivr. R* Uuuw*, J'liyHiliir. ^ 

OaUZMnnr* , 

Ibibm Kerr. ITV- OibUa pMllltr* (loa P.) 

atdimra V-riiia. VtiV. LlnorilaAtr* kiib. (» P ) 

jteUom. Mjtt^, i 'oniu«(bt lUusi* (W P.) 

^llilarTiijW. V.->w,DahIlaFu.(i<n r.) fi Jitlj </. ». Juuufci] (JiuiBjr 


• Ayr. ;j 
■ Apr. 75 

I *l>r. 71 
' Ai>r. 7( 
9U0t. fv ' Apr, 7) 
ij July 67 II Xi>t. 7) 
IJ Jnnssj p Usr. A7 1 1 SUy 71 
sOtl, 6j < Apr, (.j.j* Muy 75 

J Jiin<ia4 IJ July 6fi 7 July 79 

■ 1 Uu.ti iji July tt IT July 7(. 

II Full. 6i M jLiEy ftS'tJ July }i 
^ Jiiwi^ 1 Apr. t^.ii July 7j 
4 Aug, 1.^ K A|.r. <ij^i4 e«|il.7), 

u »Uy M '• "««■ ''I ■ "J"' J! 
11 Auif,63 lE Jan. 67:10 Doc. 73 
•) Dm. C> 11 lUy «^ i^Jui. jb 
« Dec. fij »j Shv. 6) 7 Jdir. ;(■ 

inOd. A5 7 Xoj.eS 10 Apr. 7t 
1 July «c t A|ir. 64 J itiiy ]<■ 

1 Ute- 61 i;Jiin«M 14 JHiia7(; 
11 Feb, »i iiO?!. &4 11 3tur-7<> 
a Jiijy (t i»JtiIy M:i4 Koi.fC 

sa Jnly tfii A11S.61 (Feb. 7)' 
JI Jib, S* 'SOcl. 71,1) Miir. jj! 
J-, Jriu, 4) .jUtr.Cp^'ti Apr. 77 

>lJami"i4i 7 Oct 0) (jJuiiOTj 

linta, Mu^T. lan^-MHiT Ktsf. (4 P,) .. 

fttU^tr.Ot*! :...._ .} 

ftVBB, Mtj^, Oxinaiubl Riiuiten [a P t 

TalMt r*yuni. V^. Dvlam l.ii^iittir»nl»T(io«rj 

ITiiMB ttatn, Vutr, IKutan- 1 ' ' 4 P.l 

•nnJoliHlao. Ai|f«r lIuiLi; lat P.) .. . 

|WlinawIbit.J<«.Vi^. I .1 latkairy,.. 

|t« Albert Ab H. Iaiv*G>, '><'' -Vi^o'. i.'ooiuiiiiiii} 

HtMnBiieos, jr>i^.X. iAnoubkraRcirL (4) r I ...jiJan*', 
LMftgmofw WrctfwiL if*>. K Ijuioaiibn* Rtvv tt; F.) u Mu. 
fryOaonar, J(««, Hcnb I«D(ubinKr,r. :« P.) ..'1- Si.\ 
I^M^ M-C^iuUbil, J(v«. ir«b>b Bet* u' Pi ~ -i>s tvc 
^KlinaiiB3fwila,V:^^.M(iniuuaiX4n Rtr-. I]3r.)' sJaTlfi, 

1, Jiui. ^4 17 lUr ftj 
J Peb, 44 

jDct, « 

iJu. 6i 
11 Jnly U 

!l>ll. tr 

4t XoT. Af 

I It-it- }} 
lOol. >y 

i^Aui{.ei])tOct. ?;, 
ji ooi. j> 

tBOcL 71 
jJOcl- Ii 


[i Ool. 7 J 
jiOcl, 77 
14 Sin. 77 

f Dm. 7j 

' .rt. JO 

[1. ;S 

I July Ji 
I Jui.v ai 
I July fi 
I July fli 

■ July 81 
'July Si 
1 July 1 1 
I July Si 

I July it 
I JitJy (1 

■ July ti 
I July Si 
I July ti 
I July Bi 

1 Jnly fti 

> July Si 
1 July t: 
I July ti 
I .Inly «i 
I July Bi 
1 July ti 
1 July Hi 
1 July »i 
I July £t 
I July li 
t July li 
1 July It 

< July 3i 
I July 81 
I July it 
• July ti 
1 Jul; Si 
1 July }i 
I July t> 

■ JuJyIi 
1 July ai 
I July Si 

■ J'lly t> 
I July !i 
I July 81 
I July Bi 

> July Si 
1 July Bt 
I July Bi 

■ July tl 

I July Bt 
I July It 
1 July Si 
I J Lily Si 

■ July tl 
1 July Si 
1 July St 
I July Si 

1 July Sf 
I July Si 
I July 4i 
1 July 3i 

I July tl 

I July ti 
I JuJ]- S> 
I Jul}- S> 

I July Si 

I July Si 
I July Si 
1 JuJy Si 
I Jti^ di 

I July Si'1711117 

t July ti 

< Jul)- Si 
1 July it 
I July i! 
I July ii 

I July Si 

t JoXy Si 

■ July «i 
1 July Si 
I Jul.1 Si 

> Ju^* li 

I July Si 

1 Jujj' 81 
I jLily Si 
I .lull- ii 
I July 81 
1 Juij »»\ 


II Jia. 




75 Septrfi^-ji Oct, 77 
30 Mftt. 67^35 J*n. 7?^, 

oOct. 671 I Apr. 7^ 
27 Apr. 7o't4 Sept. 7.^ 

jH Oct, 71 IS Apr, 79 I j.iij: a, 
17 Feb. 69 15 Oct, 7y 1 .I^^v 81 
jj Juno 63 7 July 74 It Juip 8j 

4 Aaff. 6s I Apr. 7^ tn Jy]y Bi 
at Aqc- 67 7 Mir. 73 ru.Tiily £1 


- , .43ept,3i 

ji Auff-&5! I Apr. 7^]3oSapC.. El 

5 Jan. 70 17 Juiie7J 'Oct. Si 
7 Jnly 64 I Oct. 77 II Oct. Bi 

, 1 Dec, fi^l^'Oet. /iijOcE. Si 
, -3 Dec. 6i| 3 July 73 'S rSct. Bt 
I Fek 6j\ 1 Apr, 75:15 Oct. Si 
I i3Jaii- 69 37 Feb. 77 "S OcL Si 
t jJnn. 6910^07.77150^1, Si 
?oDeo. 71MOCL 79isUot. Hi 

,._ ^ . _ ._. ,, , . )i Sept -^.127 Feb, 67117 Ji"'e 74 =i Oct. St 

Patrick FriLDCialtubertHon, Major. QoriXcti H.i>fhliiiiiler^ (92 F.) 14 Mar. fri jg Mn.v 67 »5 Jhd. 75 '3 Oct, Si 

ji,*.f. Alox. Henry FrftBcr, if >yf^, HamnBliJrc Eloet u -^i^n- 6j n Sept. 65 31 .Tan. 78 ig Oct, Si 

p.*.o. Ttomiu Prickett, Jfa/or. Ehhgx Kcjrt. ($fiPj ...1 a Jime-f'Sj i Ji»q. 6o'i4 July 75 5 N'jt. 8t 

(i,j.e. Hcnrj' Diippn A, Ciitbill, MnjitT, Irish Rifles iSd FJ -■ '^ ^-^- ^o|" r^"v.6j' i Apr. 75! 15 Kov.Si 
VDham Phibbs, ifn/or, DnrHptabire Hofft^ (35 P.).- - '33 Mar. t^ « AiiUr'-H. 6 Jim. 75-19 Xov, Bi 

Fretlerick Williani Birch, Majitr, lAQcashire Fuflilicra (ki Fjiio Not. fij 14 Oct, fii'io FuIk 7?^'g Nov. 81 
Frederio John Curtin, Mn/or, Gliuceflterahire Regt. (6i F,^ .. 15 Jan. 6* '16 Oct. 66| 9 Jjin. 73 rg NoVrSi 

RobBTt Wm. P. Phillipa, iTaJor, B. Surrey Re^. I31 F.) ^..\iB Dec. 66' jj Dec. 67 73 Jan. 7B.19 Nov. S 

JCdwrtnlU,^j', Lunrji^l^r itirLJt. U 3^ > . .- - 

Lionel Godolphin Brooke, llojoi; CoiniflUKht nnnpem (o* FJ 
Orr lloiwell OorfloD, ITaJor, Cumaron HisblamtflTB (79 F,).,.,.. 

Howel Guntor. Major, nlnck Ws-tch {73 P,) 

Ohulea B. B. Parker, Sfofor, Black Watch f73 F.) 

RoTJertKofiJi flrorctoo.Wujor. Irish Hci^t. (i8r.| 

William aanderH Darley, JuWjV, a. BtaflYirdehiro Re?t.- 

"Willittm Henry Mobcrly, Major. S, Lanmshirfl Rect. I40 F.J ... 

Howe JameH iiknoi, Major. Webih Fiif^iliere (aj V.) ,.„. 

WaldroiiK. R. Kolly.M^V. Tho Ruffs (3 P.) 

Alex, Ward Simp ftrtn, Maior^ Iriab Regt. (iB F.) 

Neil HannatiTio, Major, R. Lflucaahire Reel. f3oP,) .,„„ 

(Jharlcs Honry Currey^ Jffl/or, 4 DrngoOri tiuarda 

Henry J. L. NorcQOk,' If^^oi-, h.p, RojTil ^JurliLOai Sarratk t 

Miafff, Plymoufh Dipiaiai---.- J 

Charlca Wm. H. Helyar, ^fa/or, 3 Hu*aiit*( 

Gerard Scptiraua Burton, Major. Norfdk Regt. [9 F.J ,...,..., 

p,i.f. Q&iTuG PcigDandf M^ijor, Irnmiiter Rcgt..- — 

Cecil Harley Ht. Paul, Major^ Hitte Bneade -.. 

p.*.c, Jamea WnJton P, BuitoD. J/ffj'or, laniskillingFuA. [27 F.J 

ttoiirj- Hare, Major, MunKtcr Fnniiie™ |ioi P.) 

lliarlea H. S. Kennedy, Major, Wlltahira Rctft, \f/^ P.) 

LIIUT. ' ClPTllV. 

PLicn 1 

HALF ».k 

Nuruiait G. Clmlmcr^, .Vryor, tVimeron Hij^hlindcrs (79 F-J- 

Barrett LoiiniiTtlTuUni?r, affjyVir, Rival .Vrlillpry 

RCEinftJd C. Singletun, }I\'ji'r. Hiphlfln-t Lt. Infantry I71 K 

Freilerm Lloyii HiirftjniH Major, womcj^ter Hcjrt- ,-.r,... 

AJured dc Vere Bn>r>k(.'i Mai'-tr, Riwnl Knc:ini,'GrH -r ., , 

James Robert SpPCuliJiHti* Mtijor. lLj3-fll EuL'inoera 

Hichnnl Arthur Siirni'Bnni, Mujar. Uoya! Fuginecrt 

Robert J. H. Parki'r, J/.i/tir, Uoyul Bnffitietre .,,. 

HcDry ".'hump PIT] n IV HP, M*iji"-, Roytil Exjj^lTicfra 

I.e^ack FrBTicis RuiltJiu, M-ijor, Royal Rn^neera -.., 

Jsmea Artnir Liiwm,'. Majuf, Rnyal Arlillcry - ._ 

Demnond D. T. 0'C'albit;lmu, Moiur, Royal Artillery .- 

Edmund S. B-Lnckycv. Mnloi^. Roynl Artillery ,, 

Edmund Webb Nu^h, J/'y-Dj", Roya] ArliUi'n" 

George W, M,Tmii]jiiU, Jfuyor, Udyal Artilleiy...... 

St, AuhsTi Molwworth. Mahr. BoyjU AitiUpry , 

George Henry ilar^hiill. ifujor. Roynl Artillery ..,. ... .. ,., 

Thomn* Uubcrt llinncy. iTaJwr, Eloyal Artillery 

JampH Keilh, Mojur, Royal Arlillen- ... ....-,..,-..„....,. .,. 

GoorKt' KmcM Harlfv. Mri-Jtr. Th*- hnfl'r* ... ..,. 

fVllll|jt''n ^'■.TTRlLll, yf.iJiM, Wi-IhIi p ( I .■- 1 1 ILT? 

William Gaire Armauonp, Major. Royal 3IaTJne« ..... 

William Frederick Campbell, Maior, Royal MariiHifl 

'II Jnly fi^l g Feb. jn'ii Anjf. 78 19 Not. Si 
'ti Dec, 66]b8 Oct. 7i[ii July Sojai \qv. Bt 

|i3 Dec. 6: [16 .bin. 75 J5 Nov. Bi 

8 Aug. 65i» Jane rtfl'?? Nuv. 75 30 Nov_ Bi 
17 foe. Sl 
l3 Dec. Br 
I a Dee- fli 
j8 l>ec 

9Dec- 6431 Mar. 68 19 Dee. 77 

|i8 Dec, 61 1 u Dec. 73 
iS Dec. I'l »i Doc. 7J 

[iS Doc. fii.ii Dee. 73 

||8 Det^. 6j it Dec. 7;^ 

iS Dec- f^i 10 FLb, 74iiB Deo. 81 

1 18 Dec, 'iijij Mar, 74 18 Dui:. Si 

t8 I>eu. L,[:i' Jan. 75] 18 Dec. Bi 

iB Doc. AMir, Jan. 75 rS Dec. 81 

ItS Dec. «i ji^ Jim. 75 i3 Lieo. &r 

iB Dee. *i ui Jan, 7jIi8 Dtu. Bi 

iB Dec. -fiij 7 Fob. 75ji3 Dec Bi 

iB Doc. -fiilioMjir 75 iS Dec. Bi 

iB Dec. ti! roltar. 75 iB Dec. Bi 

iB Dec. ^-1 I Apr. 75*18 Diic, Bi 

1 3 Deo. Oil I Apr, 75I1S Dec "- 

t Oct. 64 7 Dec. 
9 Sept-6j 13 Jim. ■ -"■] 
a Jan. 6i| 5 Nuv./i^ 
3 J:iu, 6r 13 Nov-C* 

'a? Jnlv 66'34 Apr. .1.^ t 
iai>ct. 64'M Sept,7 

p.f.r. Henry T. Hn(rhesHallett,Jlfiiy{ir, &uddleaoxRei(t.r37F,);i3 .hia. 69' ^7 Oct, 71 

Bmost AuRufitiifl Beirord, J/'^^nr, i/LnTicci-s 

Rol>ei-t Benjamin Cotton. J/-i^i/r. WiU.fthiro Tlcw^iiJienl 199 F.J- 
Fhilip Henry Smith, Miijt^r. Devnn^biTO Rci^t. (ri P,l........... 

Robert G. F. Piftott, if^or. W. VorksLiro Rei;t. (14 F.J 

Wm. R- D. 8. Glondonw-j-!.!, M-tj>-r. Welfib Elest. 

Henn" Stanbope Holmea, Ma/"r. Welsh Rert, (69 T.} -.-^ 

SlAnley Napier RobcrtA, Major. IjvenKM>l Rc|H- (A F.J ...... . 

Thomas Blnke Hnmfroy. M--/or. Liverpool RcLrt. (3 F.J 

Hetiry P- D. Willan, Mnjor. i Dragoon (Juardi .. ., 

Wm G- W'nnuliM'ClmtociL, 3Iaior. Yorkehiro Regt, (19 F.J.. 

William Wood, Major, Enaoi Rofft ., 

Herbert Charlea Marryat. Motor. Mancbceter Regt. (9^ F.J ., 
Herbert Prancia Hill, Major, "Emkx Regt- (44 F.J 

7 ^[oy 75 t3 Dtr. Bt 

] June 74 ^4 1^'. Bi 

■J DeCr 77j 3 JajL 8i 

-- Doc. 77 J, Tun. 82 

Apr. 75 4.T4in. Bt 

Au;i. 74 7-l4in. a? 

Oct. 77 7 Jiin. 8a 

16 Jan. 63 10 July <.'i^ 7 Miir, 77 lE Jan. Si 
4 Any. fi^ 39 Mpy'.7q S Dee. 77j<Jjit]. 8? 

31 July 67'3i July W'3 Nfjv.73'js Jun. Sa 
I Autf. 6?| B Juno?. ;_-4 Nov. 77';s Jan, Ba 

17 July 63,11 .bin. fi7 -J Ful». 75! 1 Feb, Sa 
?i Apr. 63 ao Feb, '•" 1 Apr, 75I 1 Feb. Sa 
13 Oct, 6714 July '>y|j7 Dec, ^J^ i Fi;b. 33 

4 AUL'< fis 33 JhH' -C'-i j 1 ! Mar. 7s ; 4 Fob. flj 
31 Mar, 63| a Jan. i.i] 1 Apr. 75 3 Feb. 8j 
30 Ifay 6y. 1 ApT.t\i.:i Jan. 77! 3 Feb. 8^ 

. . a7 Fob. 69 31 Junoji-,^ Auff.7S B Feb flfl 

Tbomoa Mercer Max'^ell. l/u.^vr, Derbyshire HeffimeiiL. 118 Dee 60 u Au^. ^; '- Mar. 74 14 Ptb. Ba 

William P. D. Cochnine^ Cautaim, Dako of ComwaU'aLt, luF.'si Aa^- 66. a Dec. <-l u JunoSijiS Ftb. Ba 

Waller Cotton, JfajV, Royal Artillery ] 33 Dec. n't Apr. 78' 19 Feb. Ba 

p.t.e. Herbert B. :£otta.l, Major. South Waloa Borderers (i* Fj 6 Jiil:^ 64 ^o Feb. ^ 7' 4 Mav 78135 Feb. fia 
p.t.r. Archer A, Mi>rahcad, Major, S. Walee Bonlerore {24 V\) 13 Feb. 6-> 30 l>et. 6g'j3 Mn'v 79135 Feb. %a 
fi,a.t. Wm. Heur^' Daniel. Xfiijor. E. Yorkshire Rogt. 1 15 P.) aS June 64 B Feb. CBj 7 JulV 75'36 fob, Ba 

William Louis, Jl/tyor^ Liveriiwl Regt. 18 F.J 
Arthur Walter Nnyea. Major. W. Yorkab-r^ Ropt. (14 F,J ,.,. 
MctCtUre 3. Bro^piiriffB. Maj^, h.p. Yorkshire Rpgimpni .., 
Hwit7 M- B. Douclnft. M'tjor, Oifonlohiro Lt, Inr. (51 F.| ... 

William Carre Huldell, Jfiuor, Dublin FuailierB lioj F.) 

John LoTCll, Ma/or. 31 HusiiarH - 

Archibald Graham Wavoll, Maji-r. Norfolk Itefft. (9 P.J 

Charles J, B. Stewart. Majof, aeafOrth lliflhlandCrt (78 F.) . 
George Sydney Carr. Mi\}or, S. LHUCUfihiro Rc^. ^Sa F.) ,., 

Hojt. John Pleyitpll-JlouvftrleH Mq/or. 17 Lnncera .- 

Thomaa Baker, Jlnfor, SnlTnlk Heffl. |i» T.j 

UiuuerB Charles Wo&l, Ma^or, 10 llu^aara , 

Mon. Momagii Cunim. Sfinor, RiHe Brignde 

William Patrick Ijkwlor, Major, R. LnnrwhiEV Regt. (59 F.) 

Si,r. John Adam Fert^ssou. Major. Rifle trimtdc 
rancia Howard, Major, Rifle Brigiide .., 

Witter Jam™ Lmilsay. i/*^Vr. Ritle Brigade 

Thomaa D. W, Dunn. Maiar. HBnii#hire Regl, | n F.> 

HiUlvell Haney Stuan, Mair-r. Inub Riflpn 13,["F.J 

Cockboni Forte* Jf*i>(-, Midille^es R^Kt,(77 F.j 

Jm«prrSaJirjna Sapper, Jf-^r, W. Surrey Regt. tj F.J 

19 .Ian, 64 ] ; Feb. 67 n Jul^ 
9 Mar. f* 14 Auu,( -116 Feb. 
I lice ''■; q A^fr, 'L-j'io Nov. 

.►jAutf.""', Sept. t^ 31 Oct. 

13 Jjin. c-^ JsMar. ^S 15 Aiij; 
.s^Feb,64 yNor.f'Cl i Mnv 

j8July<'i j June fir I i MaV 

.1 9Autf.'t4 0Mar.f7,^S M«v 

4 July ^s -^4 Mar. ^,11 On. 

..?7 Feb. <jj [fi Aug,'-:;>'jS MriT. 

1 13 .\pT. >t^ I Aug. 6i io.\]ir. --- 
.1 I Sepi.69_7 0eL 71 J Frl>, '-.^ 
. ro N"*", ^5 19 Jan. 70 -* M-ir. 7; 
,,1 , ,Tuiie<n ;i .\ug.67 14 .-iojJt 7i 
3 IKt. e; ; May j-i -:o Mar. 7 ' 
.. 3 Ajir. eJ- jS May 70 ^u.lpr. 7 
/it July ff* t, NoVr 7u I May r 
. i,% Nuv.fs IT Pcb. ($ i Jhii. :'' 
. If tVb. ^4 I May 6r' 7 .\ug. :5' 
. 11 \lnr, i.j jft Dec. 64 u Feb. ?>' 
. ."9 J^ily 6.' '4 (.Jit, e* ^' Apr. 74 



71 .\bir. B] 

77 IS liar. Sa 

7 a , ? Mar. Ba 

:-'.'! Mju-. Sa 

: 1' J5 Mar 

1 Apr, Sr 

1 A]ir_ ^ 

^Apr. aa 

b Apr- &i 

g Apr. fta 

I T Apr, Ea 

ijjApr. 8a 

ijApr. Si 

19 Apr Ba 

:[ Apr. 8 J 

^•6 Apr- Ba 

J9 Apr. Sa 

6 May 3j 

60ct. B 

7 Mar- Bj 
7 Mar. Bi 
I Mur. Sj II Jan. t 

ilcfjon . 

R. S. CMIuW, Uoi>'. ni-.-LUnd Light Inninlrir 

kU i iip>|l|rrtrh 

v. O. PuoWw. If 

lijrtintfy 'lii F-^ 

■ !-.■ I.t. Inf. (•■, F.). , . 
., Ji.i ,.- n .ititTBj E«i(l., C' F.) 

tmrr. mrttix. 


A Jul>' 6± I? Neil'. 691 t UAfr rft 


Wunu Bradnnik Wu,~. W, Wotrt» Itoiil. I»F.I 

■W, D*«i«fcJf..>T-. Uii.J-rlM'Wfr, ., 

|«™>.»f«r, Wi^* . ■ V.I _.. 

[L^-n^i-flii".-. If- 

Sp' ■.-.tjiciy.!! 

IWL- - 

r fnn, Jfuir. B>>;al lEuiiiicer* 

Atuu^, Jr«V, nnyal Eni[inre» 

IbMI nnikiM. IfHffr. ' i'»en _. 

!«. Uonftgr, UVw, R^ 

^'ttMl Otttn Hiil. Jf'.- as Anill«7 

oi>«ti^ir<>H-. R^*i V T-j- 

JVOTvAflan- If^r. ^Dm^-ituu -lUfc^dH... . .-„«- — 

tan UKOMnm. itait*. >• nrtgcw-n (itumlii , — 


iMfrfo* DnecMlei. ITv". ItUfV Watoh C7J V.) -. 
.CcuBliliell. U'Jvr. llo7>t Mntiui- Anilliiry ..._.... 

br All™. .<C-i—', B"ii>! Mrnlin AtllllMT ,. 

i|5«l'i- ;■■-'' n ' '■'TrintB-... 

fBL. •' -. Ita;itl UnriUM ... 

I A t^ 'i-,L^hin UimrilJi .. .. 

^rrjinL II ;jL-jE<4,.-l<-ri-^, iM<»«^'<«tOnllird Rcfft-fCl Kp) 

III, IL r.\mti.tlai<^.sHMaev*.,. 

KOnrJ I^itrtimi, UmAr. Wb* K»ol a«(it. Im F.J... 
ginlaa Siulth. JV<>/c. vi«t KoM Hest ('» P.l 

IMter rr«ni»t, Kri.i, Eu.c 8urT*y Sntt.<}e F.I... 

~ Uo)^ «V*, »ny»l ArUIlMT _.,. 

nip. Mtfur. DrAnl Aiilltfi7 _u... 

K^HT. ilonl Arllllety... 

■ P I 


■■- r.^ 

;..-iiL inr.(-4F.) 

I \A- Infuilfjr . 

■ niiillpri 


... ntd.)!'. 


■ muut {jj f .f , — 


, , ..... 6M.ty li 

t J»1>- M 'Jl.IlL M19M11I ;fl aMHvIt 

.^_,itiOfi- ^ .-.tub' Jii I Oct, ;t uMav 8> 

n JuTi. 67 1^ Uji,v fyq 14 jiinr ?C ID }EjlV St 

nOcl. «; It Keb. ■>v ti Fcl.. ;'• j^Mai-ailupMi, 

1 (■ tslii 64 1 e Ajir. 6j I Dwt- 7t I JiiuflSi 
iSOiji, (lai, Nd.r.41 ,*Ofit, fiiuJaMBj 
\ i\i\-j t'i.w Noiif^ IT May ^j rn Jauofo 
■3 Aai.6i. > Itay M n Jii:;r ;i io.IiiiloSi 
I] Fab. Mi ; U>y 6i • Mnr. jj 10 Jiiuiita 
ij StHCCf » F»li. >=ln lilnj^ TS.ioJunBfci 
(lJunelM[iiFeli. ?j*(Jmoo»i' 

i»Juno(j I Apr. j5,j jr.uati 
IS JnDO'" 1 Arr. u II .ruiind 
ijjiinoir, . Ajir- ;i i).'im»6»l 
ijJimats i( Ape. TI:<'.JutiD£> 
■J Juiif (iji; iI'iIt >! 1^ Juunti 
li Jujl0(rJ|i> Auk- Ti iijTlTiot* 
ij Juiuifei i> iia|)l.ii ,j JunoBi 
jl J111H6J HI NViv. Ti II Junuti 

...... 'JJ |TU1I04'J ^ Dl'C ' :ii.. p/ 

I Joly 6i t Aiijt.ftj . All: 

I Mm. t* 18 lite. (^ n JiiiiL-.., .iii.v «i 

13 July juiillot. J. iiJttl.v ■;| ;.rrj|j at 
J July ("■) ;j Dul. ji ^ llct ri iJrit.vSj 
• A.Ug.M, vXo''.M- rUll.-i i.J(il.i'»» 

tyJujoAt 1 Auif-f'? '>^i^. 7; ti July 9t 
■ jDm. Gj j ALiii. f>i 1 Miiv- ri II JiJy gi 
jiMM.ejlDOcl « gUM. 7(i>Julyti 

14 JuTio^'i.ij Foil. ^ ij A[)r. 75 II Jnlj tt 
M Fdb. ^jjicOut, if t'^ Amu- 7^ i^Julv 3t 

JjJulj' tj|<I Ju»0fJijlSpnl.7.jia Joly |] 

13 July 7111 t tfeb: ji ■( Fell. 76 ,1 ,ln>f t, 
J JnneM a Jwi. 69 1 Kov. jj i< Jnlv St 
uSIu.&Sj 3Aog.;i ( lioF. ij >n July ^ 
slid- S]|H »»lil.jn 7Aai(.j4 lAllg.Ji 
1* 8«p[,M jj JuiiOTO.ij Otl, T'- 

i lBupl.61 tB«pt.<5 

■■...- i I jivpkte 8Se|it.7t 

.-.-^ I I Apr. £j I Joa. 7> 

9 Hair. 4; 19 Joo. 7& 7, Inn »j 

iiti iTiui, 7; A Bfpt.S. 

i«All«.(i4 J Ainf. 681 1 May :i ,„,,..,. 

10 Mnr, G; ijXov.if 57 KopLjii ,4 Bii|il ii 

I Xuv. 6i It fnU. 01 I Apr. -! m Stpt.ij 

^^.Tiin. f'3 t7 Jnly (*'' 15 Fob. 70 n &-111. jt 

ijApr. fi) :6 Olit. II 14 ritw. •[ la Scjil.ii 

1^ Full, (n Ti July (7 >j l.lrt. 7« j^M^iit t, 

ijjHn. riT, ,(l1(it. 71 1 Mar. TV jij »?pt. s- 

aj Apr. 6j 30 July 6- ig.Titu. tp loBcpt.^ 

{July 64|i« Out. i^iijoa. r> )stU|>t.ii; 

iD!lDV.f>5|i7 Apr. A)i 7 Ang-raiiMW. t> 

\ltOlx.6i leOoL Jjifdct, B. 

II Bapt-t)!^ oei. tt,ftjiim rill, Oct. u 

II D«. ti >9 0«L 7)1 1 Niff, (J 

l)l)M. (a l7>'llV.7t iNov.B* 

)7 Jad. *i >t Xov. ;i . Nuv. S» 

1 Uiir. Cj: I Dca. ;> , Suv, ti 

« Mnr. f.jii, Dm. 7; , Xnv. »i 

I Mar. 6| I Jmi. ;*■ a Xov. Sj 

J) Ool. ji II Kay 7., 1 S.iv b 

ttllni. 'I ti 11>) ;B 1 


] Auif . fir 

I finpl-lj 

I S«pl.Bi 

I. «ijpl. " 
7 SC|>1 Si 

()» F.). 

.. . -i..;:'»u.laf. 

rn«tr« ,,.. 
>iuiDt AitUtory ..... 

-.1 it*«b jit r j"r 

9 Fab. TO 
» Ao)t. »j 
I) Mb; «7 

>90ct. tT 



m.» ItfriiK. .«i 

ImimIiI TInrt ■"' nliluy _ 

birti* Hoort Wii', ''.-". a«;*l Bnitiuan 

EFUUp KteftMi. il^r". IiurxUtiii* HHriswut . 

^]a Mmid Bw±cU. ITa/sr. ] lliiu»r* ^ 

KO. W. Mafbsy, <~>ffa><. lloinliaT guirc»rpa . 
kfiaiaaTuAn. Kmv, It.)til Uhrine ArUlEnjr . 

Sownillay. Jfit^.Ilojiil Artitlorj- , „ 

Jaa(|>hDan1anT. ITn/iT. Imli il'^i.i- (iB F.j _ 

ItMrdT H Hnwd. J/tv^.Kiuf-aRiijalBUIaiftaF.I 
iBimiril ^■•(alic, JfTijc, :i ff Liunr* , _, 

. . i Vi». r=- jD Apr. 19 ,. NoT.ij 

June 61 J) JIny 67. ij Mnr, j) ,t Nov. is 

Jui. f^ itl Vlir, 7<il I July tMi^ s'ijt. It 

,ij Deo. 60 sjOei, ;i>ii6So».(j 

I Deo. ** J A«l(.*J|i" JniiP»7 iB SnY-»» 

^JosaA^jiUHr, t9VJan>77 if Nni, (» 

»M»f Sim llnr. W II lli;t, jilii Suf.e, 

9D00.64 n KpIi, 7t i»Nnr.«, 

■ iDsn, Ot idFtb. 7i 

■y July Ml! Uay ;[ 

ij Jau. 6;i , Dan. ,s 

ly Apr. *6 tt Dot. js 

jltlT. Cl tlJill.v Jnii. 7,^ 
i; Apr.Sif'u Apt. ;i'ij Jan. Ti/ 
ij liar. ^ 1] July 7^\ m Mat. t-, 

^4 Vmt 79 

a ft B. I*irf»nca, Utf^, I UniB'wIi (iaanl* 

7 Udllwrli. kaftr. Klnir* Bajal aiHu (6:> F.) 

fSomD.Mva'.&oyMMwtoea... _... 

1 duittaplMr J*aia. Capluii, t DnKOOna 

B mmw I Wooda. Jf^HT.Ltlmcw Itcgt. Noa r.) ._ 

:, XmDixmM. (Vaia, lUnblaiid LlniiC Inf. (y^ r.)... 
ilaad Itasi. Kaiw, Ouuer"" IliirliTan-lerelMr) . 1 
. A. W. 0. Qrort*, Vit,*! r, hTcm Kcm Bcsi. (t<> F-) J 

II Oct. ^ 
(I Auk- 6; 

••Dao. «4 

iDca. U 

,11 JanaM 
tvJuly 67 
J Aug. yi 

•J J'lir 70 

i» Fob. rt 
.»<>(*■ )■ 
9« Fab. ,t 
■«0M. yi 
i« Uv. 7) 

1 .Ipr. -s 
rj .1 nor 79 

iS Nor. Bj 
i3 Nar. ei 

I J Nov. g) 
1 3 >'ov.»i 

is X(jv. it 
It Not. Ii 

14 jQly M 1 
1 Jmi. W iS Kor.() 
I JnnrV^iB Ni<r.b' 

^ JllTICiolit ."^ni-.l, 

11 JuuDii. If Knr.Ei 

Dan. k, 

• Frb. Ci 

. i> Fab. Bi 

11 ft*. yVu F«b. 9i 

i3 Kay. B> 
18 Niiv, B, 
iS Niv- Si 



OcoFAO BftTksr, ITujor, Royal KoirlnMn - - r., 

SirlDCv Smith, 3/a/ or, Riiyitl Rii^clUMr* ...-..-,-,„ 

Wm. Johnitou Kirkpnttlck, Cap/. York A IdDCaHier Befft. ) 

(fl4t'oot) / 

ChftrlBBAnAr Bcichrurt-Boycl, Captain, Royal RagiuaerB -,,-■- 

Ilanry Vman Coffiiti, Captain. Rojal Artillery 

BniloKaiT AmyiLU iJiimey, Major , 3 Dratfoon Ou&rdH _ , _ ... 

Henry Ho ratio Newman. Jtfty or, N. StAfforcIiihir© Regt 33 Aug. 64 16 Oct. 67 5 Jimc7s 11 Doc, Sa 

Williimi PrevuHt, Maior. kras'^l and amherland HiBhlaQilern 9 Mar. 67 iS May 70 3 Mai-. 78 li Dw. B? 
Wm. Reftd. H. Craufunl, Maj. ArayJI Sl Suthld. Highlantlert. ^ Mar. 69 14 Sept. 70 7^1 i[ftr. ;r9 15 iJoc. Sj 
llnCkoDzie Churdiill, Mnjor^ NorthamptonBhire Regimsnt . f t Keb. 68. iSJuEy 7^15 Seiit.7S 16 Dt«, S3 
CkorjEfl Alhflii I.ewpH. Jfn/ffr, Korthamptonshiro Regt, (sSF-i 33 I>ec. 64. i* ilur. ftfi ? teb. 80 16 l>ec. Si 

nid LlBVt. : 


J nur 


rs Jfto^ tig zi Jauc 81 18 Not, Bi 
13 Jan. 69 T July Bi 18 Nov. 09 

aB Feb. 74 I July Bi 18 Not. B3 
73 July To'aj Jnl;r Sj iS Nov. Si 
' 1 1 BepL 73 I Nop. 8a iB Xqt- Sa 
»B Oct 68 30 June t^ 3x Ucl. 74 34 Nuv. a» 

Thoman Knfflinb, Afijor. Iloypl Enpnept* 

Thomim Grncey, Mujor. lloyal Bn^Lneen 

DonalUB O'Bnen. if'ijor, ftoval KnpinflorB 

William Hann Rnth^Htrne, faajBr, Roral KncflneerH — 

William JamcB lialwoy^ jVa/pt, Royal Enpincera 

WilHain llcniy Hnyiloii, Mahr. Rnyal KiijrinoOTB ............ 

Henry ILarcly I'oie. MifJ-'F. Itnyal KDifineera ... 

Jobn LcwiH R'i-p. Miij"r, WorcPBterahire Bei^Lrnent I36 TA 
Arthur WilliRTTi dliFi-in^lLajii, jlTq/br, Chephiro Rojft. Tii F.) 
(Sanliucr Frclerlc <riivi>U4 Mnjur, Royal FiiaitieT4 (7 F.) ... 

Jamea E. W. Hmytli CaiiLreiM, Major, a W.l. Re^maat 

ThomaH Harrow, M\\}Qr, MiiliLleaex Rogiment (77 F.) „ 

John Htuyle. Jf-ijoi: Kant lAucaAhlrt fUj^immiL ^59 F.) ...... 

OrtOTpm Tomkyiip MnrriA. Muior. Danf^l BlaD^Corpa 

John Majiwoll L<iw, Mtijar. WcBt RLdiitp RDtnment (76F,) 
p.t,e. Frffl. IVornlhtniHC Jamo^^ Major, Norfolk RpgL (9P.I 
(HurlcH Hnrhcrl Bhcphent, -Wj/or, Norfolk Reffimenl (9 F.J 
P.j.o, ArIhiirl3ri'nii"i"<J'jdWA]ker, JLTtf/or, R-kyal Artilloi? .. .. 
Had. Markoiifle Miird'mnid Wood, JfHi/cf, Ilcniral SlanCoTpa 
FnuiciB WiTiffHpkd Drjii^liLiv. .Vujor, Scots FuBiLjen (ai T.) ...< 

John Hart, ilnior^ L^in^ter Regiment (100 F.) .,..,] 1 Mjfr. 64 

John HiiMU'll Mcf^mm, Miliar. rirottiBh Riflg* ., I19 July 64 

Bernar<l Artlnir lltnlc, i^LiJnr, Went Buirey ReRiment (a F.),.^7^ Mar, 64 

StOpfOnl I'nuby llii^kiujin. Captain, Koyitl ArliUery I 

v.t.r. Jntnen lintni.iT rruw^hay SL <Jlair, Major, Araj\l\' a._. . 

and Hichlanderw >»3Mpi.7i 

Sydney PrADeie FosttT. U-rjor, a West India Regiment I 

(Jnarlec HnriTipt<ni Scafi^ J/d/tr^ Rnyal Morines J 4 Feb. 6a 

AlQxnniler WalWr hVrripr, Major, Roj-al Artillery........,.,., 

John Artlmr Hiirlow^ Major. MnncheBtcr Ilrffimcnt (96 P,) 

T7 Dec. 6a 30 Slur. 76 17 [Ice. __ 

17 Ueo. 63 I ttot. 76 17 Dtc- 8) 

17 l>ec. Sa 7 i>ct. ft 17 r>(!t. 8a 

...... I17 Dec. fi^ aj Jim. 77 17 I\'c. Bj 

17 Dm. 63 f Apr. 77 T7 Dec. Ba 

|T7 Don. 6a i Apr. 77 17 Dtc. Bi 
...... '17 Dec. 6i 6 June 77 J7 Dec, 82 

a JiiQc6s'ja Juni?<9 3 Apr. 7B 19 l>ec. Ba 

99 Jeiiiu 66 ^ Oct. 70 ry Jnly 77'aa Dec. S2I 

31 Jan, 65 ifi Mjxy ftS 7 Ano. 78 ao Dec, 8a| 

14 May 71 1 Feb. 78' 1 Jan. Bjl 

18 Di'C. 6i{ 7 Jhu. '''B id Oct. 74 8 Jan. 8) 
igflopt.fts'a^ Dec^ 67 j July 79 B Jiin. 81 

9 Jan. oj 14 8e|>tr66 a Jan. 75 9 ,1an. Sj 

19 Dec- ^a'ag 8i-|jt,6s ad .^fl»^. 74 10 Jan. 8? 
ji Dec. 64'ajJaii. 69 £ Mjiy Go 10 Jjin. 83 

1 3klay 6; 13 Fclf. 71 j Sopt.So 10 Jim. Bj 

i3i liar. 65, I Oct. 77 1: Jan. 83 

ij Jiin. 63117 Jao. 66 17 J^d. 7^ 17 Jan. Bj 

4 Dw. t-i'-r^ t>et. 67 74 Mar. 7^ jj Jan. S3 

9 JuDC«5 II Kept. 75 f 4 Jan. Bi 

33 Juoetigi 4 Mar. 78 a4 Jan, Bj 

5 Nov.6j,fl3 Jan. 7B'a5 Jan. 83 

ji S«pt73 14 Jan. 81 35 Jaa. S3 


8 Jau. 68 
William Wylly Iawk'HCO, Jfj^vM"p InnlJ RcqirnciiE, (18 F,} ..... ?7 June 68 
<3eoi-^o W. V. Cluremoiitv Major, Worceatcrrlii™ Ho^. (39 FJ 14 Uar. rij 

?8 Oct. 71 r Oct. 80 31 Jan 

9 AuR. 73 ai Juno 7y a Fob. 83 
T9Sept.65'3o llitr. 781 4 Feb. B3 
14 JnnD63 t Jan. 76 14 Feb, Bj 
iB AuH- 69 T3 Jan. 79' 14 Fob. 83 
a8 l)cT. 71 iS ae])t.79l iSlar.B3 
aa Auk. 65 i' Oct. 71: a Mar, B3 
*g l>ec. 69 /6 Feb. 76' '4 Mar. Bj 
a a Oft. 71 I Apv. 7U14 Mar. 8^ 
J3 Oct. ofi rfi Mar, 75'iB Mur. S3 
aB Oct. 7E 74 Jan, Sc'to Mar. 8^ 

a Jnly 6S 11 .Tal.v 77|a7 Mar. Bg 

, 9 Slar. 67'a4 July 6y ^7 Mar. 1817 SUr. 83 
!i6 Jan. 6o'itiDcC. 6B ^1 .^up. 73.97 Mar. 83 

Robert Albert Kickfun, Major, Tba Buffs (3 F.) .;a6 Jnnc67 

Cbarli'H Knijcrl l^idcnux-bnitiD, ISiijoT, Ritic Uri^adc J9 May 67 

William Oliver Tbrrnkpnon, Mt\ior, llcn^l StntT Corps '18 Mar, 63 

i^haSr r^tc^ard (Soribm, Major. Weat YorkPhirB Hc^ (14 F.J. .'37 June 68 

Kdwanl Mayno Aleiunder, Major, tSearorth HiAhLandcr« '13 Fob. 66 

Henry John Knijcht> M^jor, Boamrtb Hiffhlandem (78 F.) . 

Jobn Rolrtrt Hectett, Major, Royal Fusilion* (7 F.)....,.. 

Fimcifl William JiimpB Liarkor, Major, Royal Artillery 

Charlefl AnRlei4<t KnioBon^ -If n /it. Royal AttlLLery 

Wnx- Froderict do Hiiblwnet I'urtls, Majof, Royal Artillery. 
AJftvdNimmn SrindilandH, Mtiior, hengal Staff CorpSr. ........ 

ThomaB T(H>i). Major, U'linbay Staff Corps ,..,, 

Oeorpo Lyct'it Kn^'lfluc ilay. Major, IdncBthirB Fuailiora . 
ISdVrarrl Arthur llall. Mojor, Watwiokahirfl Hegimcnt (6 T.Y 

Bdwia Poole, Major. Ibiyal ^lariuCB 

Wm. Anpu'<tur( Dqiiii'1 MaokiiLfuni. M^or. DorkBhire Regt. . 
Alfr^ilAllan (iarntin. ilaji-r. MiddWex Repimont (37 F.J .... 

Francii^ FnikTiCk Diliiiaf, .l/n/ir, Uoyfll Artillery 

Ibiunpi'll Buwcn*. M-ij-t, ^ Ditn^ion timmls ., . , 

Biyan UricUtw Twyne, Mmor, thiiiicrnoiiihirr Lt. Inf. (13 F.). J5 July 65 14 July <V^ j; .^ . 
John 0laii4 f 'bampion Mollor. Majar, Vorkdlkim Rori. [19 F.) 3j Nov. 6^ 1 Dec, t"3 1 1 Nuv 

Bdvranl Henry I'lndi' Urmldnu, M'ifl>r, IIanip?iblre Beirt 17 Mar. 63 8 May oc .j N<iv 

Hpdtv OrawrnriL. M-'i"'. litninkilliTttr Piisilier* \t^ F.) ,.,.,, jd Mar. 6i' ^3 O^-t- t? n ,':ii: 

Henrj- VVnlliek Mafl»"ar, M.ij>ir.Thv Unffrf (,j F.> 5 July (n 14 SJepl.r7 ^4 N-v 

Kdwank Stanley Newtmi Diekc'nt^onH Majur, YoTkBhiTC Itcpl,, 8 May ^7 13 Jane 7h.' .-o .\|ir, 

Kitvrar*) Oinn, Maj--i\ Madnui Slaffl'i>rp:« 

Arthur Au^u^.tu^ ^^nimdiTu, Majfr, UoynJ Arlillery.....,., 

Arthur JauuiH IVar- ^t^lj^'r, ]ii>y:i\ Artillpr^' 

Cbarlen Kj;i'i-i"n Di vi. il-iu>r. IriflU Re^moTii n&F.^ .. 

Janlc:^ Btun* I'larke, .^I'i '\ Si>»fiiflb Riniw . 

p.r.e. iVrOy Ji-bn lluii'^rs -l/iip'^i-, SeiUtlsh Rinrt 

Henrv ile i'ouri'y ilawliu:*, M-n'i'r, ^^klimh KiltcH l*' F.) 

Bobcn I'nt^'b, .V \--r. IVni^al Stuff Uir|»fl...., 

ThiiniBt' Ji^k-><>n ^^]<niiiir^. J/. nur, Vi^rkAluw 14. Inf. |; 

0*-ir^ AUfU, .ViM.T. Mimstor KusiIktu ^joi F.^ * Juui*^^ .'!^1^'W 71 .0 M. 

William Villeneiixi' ilri'ji^ry. J/.m'i-p. Koyal Ani1li?TV 

VhM, Sinrionl sii'i'h*n ttiiuthill, Jlji,'r, YorkubiW l.t. Iiic" 

Fi^dori^' I'luiTi'v TuniTT, M^ij-^, Nortliiuniiloiijihire He>H 

Georpe ll-iN'rl Ididj^nn, ilai'^r, }i.>n\\my AiAiri\ir\* ... .. . . 

Harry Mnnt.-»^»uTH" (.UTiivnt*, M.^i.-r. R»\viil Marin^n 

Herbert I'rt*;*'' KiKK'ki'f. ,U'j'orJliY"»l Kncmr*™ 

Hcurv Fmeki Uh', M-itt-^r. K^'val Kuiiiuivn* , 

Francis ijuiiki 1 11 l-Mm-'mios, Uj-LHr,Rtvyft| Kni!mi«fr« , 

Cnlhbcrt '.ii'", l'H'[biii:H*-inl, Jf jp.r, Ijniennhire Vv*. tjs, V,) , 
PhiLi]! K*'iih l-'nip'bilr lU'avcr, JldMr. Rf\y:\\ Artdlery,., .. 

William lli-nry t irtltor, J/<m^"-, Knyal Kutcinpvni ' 

A^^F]l'vr^^'^'<l li^ham Kd\tarO«. Vi^H^ lf>i'^r,Kiiya| Ku|^»e«n 

OtH-'Tef Wi'l. M*ii.t, RnviiL AmlVry , „ . I 

^.f.-'.JAA. n^aZtarjihiivint JTic/er, DvTDiuhiJ^Hei^Lvii F.) 

a4 Juiie63 15 JfiD, ;6!38 11hr.83 

,57 JuQofij 15 -Fan. 76'jB Mar. 83 

6 July 63 15 Jan. 7^ j8 Mar. 83 

131 Mar. 63= »AuK.67 ji >L»r. 7; u M«t 83 
,131 Mar, ^% 15 Dec. 69 31 Mar. 7; ji Mar. S3 
1 13 JuneSS I) Aufl. 71 3.: Nov. ;d 4 Apr. 83 
.14 Sept. O7 j8 Oct. 71' E Apr. ^ 10 Apr 83 
, f j June fi2 10 Nov. 65 1 A|ir. 7B 14 .\pr. 83 
^19 May 67 29 Hay ^i 13 -^pr. 79 UApr. 83 
.=3Seirt.7i j8tVt, 71 laAnc. £" tj .\pr. 83 

' 1 ^'p<-63 -' ^V1^. 7'-' "7 Apr. 83 

13 Apr. 7a 71 .\Mrf. 7S ^1 Apr. Sj 

7S 1 May S3 

7^ -■ May Si 

:t .i May 83 

7^1 9 May B3 

77h'' Mav 83 

_ .. ^ ... 78 11 Mnv e^ 

It May 01 8 ^^Jv-f* ij May 7j'i3 May Sj 

P .... J I Sept.63 II .Mnr 764jMay S3 

* 'it evpl^r: .■.> .\pr. 76'TJ May B3I 

J S July f-f .-$ IVt. ;i 1 .hin. So'j- .Mav ^t^ 

i Jan. 1 1 7 Nov.i^ . Mar. 7? ^3 MpV flil 

fi JuLv tS ;S ^Vt, ;i 1: Mar. -.x =3 Mj»y £[' 

.-.* Apr. 74 I" IVI. 7" 10 Mav T\\ 

I J Junof i J? July r^ j.- Jii-.o -i j.« Juho!^;' 

July !>8 w June 71 11 .\ut', 7- 1^ JmieC^ 

1.; Jni,*2i 

,v -lui.efir 

JI June t^; 

21 June 83 

;i J-meii 

7 ;. J'ineEi 
■j Ji:.v .-3 
4 Juut'S* 
: J:me^3 
f Juue 8 1 
-- Jiice*3' 

I .lUTLf £1 

: J-iiy S3 
1 , ii.y £3 

,il>.-l. r,! 

..■M..V - 

1 AlU'. tf 

h Nov. -.' 

;l A IT. - 

^ Ahi^^^y 

;,- hVl>. ;,. 

.■■■ N.'»'. r 

.M Juiivr: 

2* Apr. f-- 

.-; .'v.Tit^- 

,-\ JUU.'pj 

vr Mar.;.' 

T M ly - 

it J Lii:o r- 1 

f .'-::.,'- 


;i .Imif' 

.!:;i' ' 


. .' :i.i- - 

14 iiei'I.r- 

! SPI'I. N- 

:: >!.iv - 


^1 Mar :■: 

1 IVi - 


io Jim.' ' . 

1 ^ii ■ 

1.. .a;..- . , 

, .l.,:_v - 


.■ N.'i . 

1 ^ /'IM- - 

1 Soil : . 

1 , ,l:llj . 

■ V<^ - 


Mn Tsl*, VoHT, Dnoalfain HccHDnit (II r.) .-. 
iritDS, K>|«-,lllBWX BHjiMin (>41 F.) 

d Onnn In pop. JTw^.SoMn lUgioicnt _ 

citckSUinKa, J'VH'.Va]Ar<ulllor*(93l^<) -- 

1 Bmuu< It^v. TeAiiblra Liiibt lolksltT. 

William IMmoUIi. JUdt, Ruyil EnKlDun . 

_.._-- AbdmIoi. Mo)!'. Hoiml Artlllnrr ... 



6niTtO<V'> UocilVwirOfirp*. 

a HMtMimin. M^tr, lHanai BtUTOorm 

BBSS BMtM. JfvH-. K. BMtbnbMra hsn. le^ r.) 
Il-I.(aai:ilint«liiiul.* jrafw.b.a. Bbck Wotcit. .. 
,Huak Lamta** UHl^biAb. MW". BUink Wklcb 
Man, Ibitr, a. UuuMm BmUuM («<: P.} 

mabh War. ttiijtr. NonbumMiUod i^. (5 r.i 

r/HM* WMioB, jr«*r. II Hnaun .. 

kMCkffn,JV<tbr,X<>ntaBilHrliin<l Fo.. |. Foul) 
M Md, JT^. X^MtliiUBlWikiM Km {< foot) ... 
iMl1iMlarWMkla,li<Mr. Bar>lAnlllBi7 ... 

MUUnW. a*)-. BonI AititlBT 
,^ I aMW. Va^w. Hoiv] Xnil)ct7 ... 

DtawUv tUaau. Ibw, il Uiuun 

4 f— — ■— , «'!>». UuuibwMi fUdiiiiost (g6 P.) 

■BBanwbt^WjIlie.^Hr. II«u<^fil>irUor|H 

H'CWbr, J(«<W'U*anu8uir<'<irtu 

Mil Mm*. M^h'. Kmc YarlKhlTB li»nnaD( .... 
tBCbarUr, jr^tpsr. KDnhuiinuiHtaln AMt. («! F 
miiiltr Dnofilii* Kmtamj, Miurr. Sojml Jiarliiga 
ttaiUMd OwptHd, Muitr, iiiBdcllUnir Piuilicn . 
iniain, JMc, h.p. 8. L«MMlilrvK*i(t. IStFuol) 
all>7 OX*UT. K'.!". K. LuKMliln llciK (I> F.) . 
kftnoor. Vanr, Ctb«'iavri3 JIiAih («» F.J 
iitnH ITwir.lCHix IKslmnni {4, F.) 

19 July ti] 
■ton. a 

18 July 61 
VI Nnv. f'* 

itOlTI, 6i 

lUar TO 
ij July 6} 

7 S«T.«} 

Baekitb »tt>»r, B«nl AniDay 

. BaoTlHckCluA*!!. JTnV. BouoBlSEairCorpt 
y Anhnr e*irn SwiitmI, JTit'i'. K- 1<0"« 00) 

r* [, JTiAr, «o™j AnillBfj- -- 

jUuu. ICv«r. B»T*I AiUlluy .. 

IU> Wiekhui, Kmt. Badbrdobite Bofl. !•« FJ 

kuotcia, M^^r, ■mlArtillKT . 

bill/. '•tr*'. B^ ARiUny 

■■ CWamt Wnii*. J(v*r. Koyil Atliner7 

nMo'l'nnri Jrarir,I«gMr BigimsDl (iddF.) ... 
KM. JV<v^. K^ lUnsM 

« AOK' *) 
4 Auit. 6i 

liJaiv te 
AMm. 67 

ii Oca. fa 
a Jsly U 
1; Apr. Ct 
■7 Apr, S, 

■u Foil. M-i 
>0M. «Ai 
17 Niw. «s 

ti Auir. «)' 

}i July 69' 


bow Priotk JfiuH-. WiK VotkifuTa Kfpmmt . 
pi* Bonn BHulllan. lA^r, Xorftik IUkI. (t F.).. 

irn* WnDM.Jfa|sr,ItQy«I MuitiM ,- 

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u^Nath. Jfcwr, lb«Mt RectmiHit rT^ VoM) 

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hid JaBoa Osanmay, Mafv. Buwi Rcsimiiat 

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■iaMlMaiwy.U<v>Kinirti<hrn S^oulih Unrdvnrn 

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Oani. llW. » ■■ " r 

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KtffmiMii Iji Fool) 

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I I>eB>Tll«, «««. Boral AnlUn}'... _ . 

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Efbwi Bmek, l£a>>r, «Ht KoDt IMsbnent .. 
itBnltuti-BcwNU, Ar<uar. BaanaiaiaffODrp*-. .. 
ISdmrd BMpfaaaHs, AfaiV, Eaa» KMoumi 
r. Kvlly, jr^lH, Kmw lb«)mtM (m Fool) .. 

»F»1«7. Jrv*.* UMatM _ 

.«;/■ Laaifccio. tr>uV, K. Sumy Rvit. <)i F.) 
iCIavananlhlfv*'- '•■■™<'i> Kisbtanitun ... 
Mr""" Uajitr. OatHaa UljihlBDilan (;; F.) 
It Bowartk, ir*iVi< *^*** lad''^ BtRltoauf 

■ iWT} 
9 Jan, Au 
eJan. M 

|a JuuvAi 
4 Feb. <9 


1 ii«i «4 

}■ I)aa, C9 
)i Doc. 4« 

ijJaa. ta 
kDm. «i 
ijDso. <S 

|i Dm. 61 
II Mpt.S) 
it 8epl.6j 
It Nuv. 70 

1 1 Sopt.*) 
J Dm. 61 

30 Oct. 6j 
-FbI), 7a 

July M 


lOcC. fij 

iiJan. 66 
9} 8«)]t.7I 

.)9 Juiib6j 
fa Aiu{, ^ 
( Juljr At 
■ F«li. 71 

t KOT. Ifi 

■o Sot. to 
•tool, n 


lAJas'. M' 

M So*- A) 

I jao. &i 

■7 Not. *7 
1; Apr. 6) 
■J Jan- « 

rj Fub. ;i 
6 Miii>t,eg 
ti Jad 4; 

j»Ort. 7' 

.1 Doc. Di 
iS I>M. Al 
•I Uay 6v 

10 Ftli. 7« 

lijo^J f,| 

If July M 
■7 Oct. ;i 
■^IMd. of 
iiJna. ^ 
»4 ^pL;o 
t( Auk. °^ 
tg OdL t> 
T7 F*b. «t 
■gJaa. rs 

I Ma/, 04 

■3 UMr. ^4 

11 Apt. &I 
iSOal, 7' 
17 July jj 

J Auk. 6i 

I I Jan . «; 
1 Fob. tj 

leJau. M 

iiO«t. ]i 
li Due. 17 

I » ticpI.M 
I 9 Feb. 7=. 

July fit 
n Jan, «e 

ijAug. 71 

It Apr, &! 
I J Ma; *« 
I J Feb. 7B 
1 10 July Ot 
,10 Aaii.Ci 
M Jtuici bfi 
•J AllK.M 

I lO Atitf . 64 
,>i Au^. <9 
,91 JoIt 71 
ttOct. ;i 

j Api. 6; 
30 \aii . f'7 

ISOol. 71 

19 May 7J 

II JuriD&T 
VI Jan. t.S 

jSO«. 7. 

ii On. »i 

jjSOiM. 71 
9 Aug. TJ 

9 Feb. 6t| 
17 AiU(, 74' 
I j6 Aojf . 64 
1 sJao. JO 
'gllOn. }i 
No Jan. M 
16 Mar. 70 
' « Aug. 71 

|»7 Opt )i 
34 Mar. 61 




Oel. 7' 
|»B«^ 74 
i> Apr. 71 


itOm. 71 

II a»pi.j4 

> DTO. 7* 
19 Feb. TD 
1 1 Apt. (£ 
■4 Aw. 19 
J. May 7' 
ti July ji 
■ I Oct. 64 

1^ Kvb. 7t : JiiJy J(] 
■ J Mar. 14 I July tj 
^ Apr, 79 I Jnjy gj 

I Apr. 7J "JW 
rg Jan. 7? 4 July hj 
fl Apr. JT 4 Ju^ »j 

1! Jnly 7P J July Si 
t tiopi.;t M Jufy *j 
JJ Jimtjo 14 July Ij 
■ 6 July 3} l4 July I3 
»7 Jaly J* f- July fl; 
iifl JmuiTS -.1 July Si 
1) Siipt;i >( July Ij 
»9^ept. 7J ^jJuly 3) 
I Mm ri I) July g) 
-! 11-1/ ;J II July »i 
[Q KrtTt, T., i% Juty Bj 

ijnn. ^< jWuly BJ 
Jbu. So is July Sj 
16 July »j 
>( July 8j 
I Aa«. ti 
1 AuK.Bi 
I Aug. B) 
r Anjj.Bj 
J Autf !j 
4 Aug, »J 
t Aug Bj 
6 Auk. Bj 
A AoK. Sj 
■u AoS.B] 

-Jan. St 

1 Sept- 7" 
1 1 Doc. jf 

(1 DfC- 7' 
1^ JUTIf* jl 

" Ana. 7; 

4 Auij. :i 

4 Aug, 7; 

16 Apr. 71 
II Jau, 81 

BDco. J! 

10 Juri»;i n AUit.&J 
» Wiif, ;S 13 Ang.tJ 
■4 Fib. 7i It AB(,tj 
jrjOfl. r-- laAaK.B) 

6 0<il, 3o IJ Auk. ») 

7 Niiv, -J 1} Ang, tj 
<«Anif,7i iSAiig.Bj 

8 Dgo. ;; rj Aug. S| 
■SJaa. 71 


JI Aog.Bl 
ji AUK.B] 
I Sopi. 3} 

I BipLBi 
I ai([it,(] 
I tiopl, B] 
I aopt.B) 
I seiit.i) 
I Bupt.B] 
■ Scpc.B) 
4 Sopt. Bj 
8 Sopl. B] 

iFoh. JI 

jjaii. 7^ 
14 F»l.. n 

I Apr. 77 
iLp Ajip. 77 
■4 Ni'V, 77 

1 July rB 

J July i! 
)»Apr. Tj 

9 July 79 
4 Mnr. h 
14 Apr. Bi 

9 tlu|i[. 78 ,_. _, 

11 Kuiit- 71 tl al^pt.^| 
II SciiE Tl M ^ept.B] 
I liny tl ID E«pC,S] 
1 Jnlj ei i^aepLt) 
1 July jfi II StipLB) 

10 Ati^ fi n flQpt.Bj 
I?^ >"(iY, 70 t6 SopCBj 

^ Aug ;9 voScpLBj 

I ^4V- 79 «& E^HpL^B] 

e Mar. Bi ■« Sapl.8) 

, I OM. 7) » Oat. B] 

'l)0(!t. Bj 14001. Bj 

)n Apr. :; itOtt, Bi 

17 Feb. a. »Oet. 8] 

iiDea. in idOM. 8] 

iiMay r* ajOii, 8j 

(Feb. TB>4 0tS. «j 

7 Jau. ic n Oak 81 

I Apr. 71 JI Got. tj 

11 Ucc 7A ii Ool. •] 
1 Out. y; )■ OM. «J 
> May 7J 4 1»0T. 8> 
eNoT. Ji aKoT. »] 
eXOT. ]j CKor 8] 
I Apr. n 7 Nov. Bi 

10 Fab. ft) laNuT.Uj 
1} Apr. Bi 14 Knr.Bj 

J Fob 7v 1} Not B) 
isMay 77 10 Xw. 81 

t, Mar. 8a 17 !<ot. 8j 
n Mar, Bu 1 7 VoT. •] 
14 Sot. I) >4 Mor. Bj 

I July Bi n 3fOT. ^ 

lO«l. 81 17N0T.8J 
iSDoO, 7* ilSoT.Bj 


uDto, 7^>t !<or-t] 
f Mar. K it KOT. 8) 
it Mar. ]• )s KoT. S] 

J Sot. 8. 




fTHLIl I'T. 


sECiL't. 64 1 July 71^9 Due, fj 
IS Iter. 71 1; iVi:. i-i|i9Dec. £i| 

aSOcL I..| I Jii'.y 7J|JI Dte. 6j 
II Nov. (4 I July 7JIJI Dec Ei! 
ll>'oV.f4 I July y'gi Dec. t^\ 



1 Jiia. ,-4 

1 JllU. ft 

1 Jim. E4 

I 'hiu, ^'4 

1 Jim. S| 

I JllTl. f,t 

I Jni*. :4 

E .l:ilL. -4 
: .^iin 
I J:llt 
1 -1,111. 

. 7- 

TtpCiDmlc] Hclici"Thi:rlnw. Jtfftjur^ ^i^rt^iiml*fl<iii'l Ku».(^ 1-'-) B Juin.'C7 74 Dec, -■:,:: I't.-, u j,; Dec, Ei 

Hurrio Ari-bil,ulil Rdd, iUnrjor. 7 HiisHuw,,. .-.- . -. .- — .-- n— — i— n— o- 

Wm. Alraindpr KflpD. Ifu/ur-. RojhI Artillery 

Kpury WliiKller SmUli, nijpfoin, Itoj'iil Entpmerif... 

Jolin MinTiilt Ttilinr, Major, Ruyul Ariillcry „ 

Hcuiy Ucjrci; V, FuIcIciub. iCnJi-r. Bi.jol Artillery 

EiiwHrrl Ijike. Uu/w. Rojnl Arlilleiy 

KoducyEilwnrd Mnrdy, Major, Ilo.vfll Artillery 

ALigustun llriiniit. ^dfijif, Royal Ai'Ciller.v -,..-... 

Eiln-aril lllJlk^-l^,v. ilojar, Riijal Arlillcry 

Jolm roiipnijliy t'uiumi, M'lj"', Hojiil Artillery 

Alfroil Koiilirtr FlftcLpr, Mu/or, R.-yril Arllllrry 

Cbnrlea l[ii('liL-[] StniiJi, XfnUf. llnyul Artillery ....... 

Arthur HVlk~le\ WhiW, if^jor. lli.jal Anillei.v 

Chiirlc" Wni. Kenniiwny, JTim-, lloy"! Artilluty 

JtJlm lluri^oi] Atvp-'^, iiAjor, RcjtiiI Anillrt-y .,..-.,.-,... 

Jnnio* Ciirneniu' Gtllfsiiie, itiij'.'i-. llo.vnl Artillery 

Frtileric Hiwaiil, Zfijor. Bnyul Artillery.,,- - 

p.i.r. Ceori:!- IIiThen Palmer, lt.ii-r, Koyiil Anillery 

i>.i.c. Johu I'lujniiis bury, -ISifor, IWyal Artillcrj- 

Norton Vo^rlotl , .V<i_/«r, QuvhI Artillery ..,,....-,,. -,.,,., 

Cborlei^ Edwjinl Hrown. ^•li^ir, Uovnl Arlillei-%' 

,.,r. Neville LI. WallV.rj; Miiji,r, Kiij-nl Arllllcry 

gbn DoiiirbK Iloii^lap, _"l/.y.rr, lt..ynl Artillery ... 

Jnmev Kilvfiinl JotL^^rLvii, J/.»/ir, Uuyiil AitiUery ..,-,,,,-,.. 

Cte:iri;e Uuulpr O'JlalU'v, ilaj"r. H.\v;il Artillery JmnenCr'Ui^lou, if-iji.*', iti.yK I Artillery .,,.- 

HolicM ilo llsrylslfi. lfu(..r, Artillery 

Ormelie Cainji'.ell iliiiiDn.v, Jll'tj'ri; Ar>ryll nnrl Sulberlitail 'f_ 

Hii:hbmderp (..; K...'t) - - - -,,,,>. 

Cbprlci' Hnwlre.v 11- N(.reult. Jf-./.-r. Rifle llri^ude -. 

Wm. Leii&f.ti. GTonow, 3/djer, MiiiielieMer UPiEiment {6_i F.) 
Bmnni.v W. ]lainArLml-lliii.Nriy. yinji't, lEoyol Artillery ......... I 

Jobn (.Te..r^ I'pi'.lehy. Jlrijof. Hi".ynl Artillery 

Antifir Hiiiirunl. jru.ji.r, .\rrillir>- 

Juliet PK.uier Freetb, W.ri'.r. liuy;il Artillery ...,- - ' 

Sniimel li;mtiiiiT Siuylb, Jf<F.'.,r, ltii,v-iil Anifleiy 

AnburKi.'be, -If.ij.^r, Itoimnl f^ialf <'.>rp.i - - 

FnLiK-i..U.i^e]i]l. i/a/rtr, liiiynl K[jK>"fiersi ' 

Henry Kltdrilei Jfirji.r, Hn^Mil E^u^iocDrH ..-...—...- 

JobDHiii \Vm. tiitvd^. J/-.7iir, It'.yiil BunirieL'rB -..- 

Uendlev Tnul KirkwcMid- lfuj'"t-, Rnyiil Enffiiieer* - 

Friiuk Vincent Corbett, Maj^r. Hayal ETiiiineert -,..„„ , 

Artbur tJrmivftle ClHVton^ 3/uior, Mi-tyul Ei.^ueera ...I 

Jolin IVnlier Oitley, ifijcr, RoyHl Krisioeers - j 

SvdcnhHir John Lmulv n. Major, li^yiil Knciiirern 

Henry Iu'ot^ Newroaie, Major, H^iyai Aniilen' ,,,,- f 

I,*,^.Heiiry l[Huii.hTey.i r"r.>-il(i'iii3ti,. M.^joe, Royal -Artillery, ., . 

nmesK. tilv.'r t». llcwin, J/^y.T. R.wjil .\rtillery ..............I ij Jni;. C'l^ Mnr, 7; i£ Jnu. ?4| 

Ijirrenrv fbrirlfii r. liotninoii. .Kuioi-, Uierpwl Uejn. (SF.i 5 Nov. tp-.-S Oct. 71 '7 July ; ■ iii.lun. £4 

Fred. Uei.ryWbiibJ-. Kuior. l*iirbaui l.iKhl lrii;iii:iy ii.-'. F.i| ! 9 Aup. 7; j^ Jiiiy 7,..;oJaD. f4 

Korninn roi-bm. Major, Rnyul F:;&lliH,^^ l7 Ko..[| -.. ^jMar. C; ;; Oei. 7: 1 Jun, Jv ,^c Jim- E| 

John Roben H. \S'i]t.iii. Muttir. 1 West liidin Uej,'iir.e:.t " " - , ■, - . », ... 

lliirtio J.'bn HLCkley. MaJ.''r. HuNiii Fiisiliern 'ic- Fi.,.I) 
Jobn Tbi.niM t'ftmitb.*"., ,lf -;/-r. It ^mbny Staff i '.':!'?■ ,. 
ed>Tftrd ThoiAipsi'a Dlek^o!1. ir..>r. Ilerk^biro ReLitticiit 

Ro"rl«nd Hill ilartin, JdF.i-i-, :i lliiHnrs 

ji-a.f JuAiii.inni). l'oD»^.iiby. Jfj^'or. Bcrkfbirc Re^iir.etii 

Aupii'lu* Unry Linrilii- .If'i'or. Kninl Murine^ 

GeoTije ^ar,irib K->J..ii, lfi._;..r, lEoynl Sc^lg ^i h\'..i> ..-.-. 

ij^isl Har.lo:! >"ii^, Mjjor. i West ludin Hejrime!.: 

Fieileriek r'!i:;shanl- Jfij<". Bi'inltiy Si«iri-.T;.e 
Aleinnd.<r IK.naM >!'.\r<bur. M'l^ior, H.,.yiil Kntfi^ii!,„ ... 

I .a c. &-iv>kr\\ Vvvviin Hnv^lie. Ilor r, K^'t-h 111':: 
i.-li:n*i'eii g;;its,'li-«0. *.>;. 
John Fra:..'l< ,1. >Vii;er, Ma 1 I 
J.'hii l.nn r.'ii.v Viii-i.^.Ki.a, 
Juinw A::r-a F. S-.i;:- il t_- ', 
lI.-< Jirarf 1'. N;i;'!iT. Jl^*.- 
Cliarles llui.;,.'i IV . i 'u :"e- .W 

19 July fij'ioApr, .7! 1 .Tan. 
i 9 Dee. ^4 I July 77 i Jun. 
! 16 [>ec. >'4 D J [i[y .. 1 Jab. 
,iODce, i'i4 ftiliBly 7I T J*a. 
' r6 Dec. 6] 14 July 7 1 I Jan. 

i^lJeo. ^4.14 July 7;, I Jan. 

13 Dec. 64 14 July 1 Jail. 

;3 IK'C. (.4 14 All!!-"? 1 Juu. 

73 Dee. i'.4' isit'i't 77 i Jan 

at Felj u^ *. Fej.l-77 
! J, Cs lo^ei'i 77 
. jMar-f.;. lOti. 77 

jiUnr, f< ide:. 77 

J4 Jlnr, i^s 1 Oct. 77 

:4M8r, 6i I <M, 77 

iS July ft 4 On, 

16 July 6i 4 Oe'- 

iS July (,■ 4 tK- 
liE Jillv fj 7 >■■ ■. 
'16 July '.; .'4 N.v 
Jii July I'.' -4 ^'ov 


T A1.V 
ly Al.l- 

I -1:1:1. 


(■ 9 Jiin. 

( JO yt I J. 

C. .,5 M:ir 

" 111. 

5 Oct, C?'i5 0el, 

ij Au|{, 67 78 OcL, 

■ 4 Auu-C; QFtli 

...... 'le Jul.i 

|ij Jim 


Ic Jdll. 

!ij Jan, 

15 Jan. C-i'ic Nov. 6l'i5 
• ; Jnii- (t 
ij Jun. £, 
15 Jnti t'4 
rs Jan. :'4 
15 Jan. f-i 
15 Jan. 64 

■ S JiLII. 64 

ijJnn. 64' ,, . 

rj Jiiii- iC ij Uar. 7-- 16 Jun 
13 Jan. 6^''i3 Unr. 7^ 16 Jim. 

1 Sei't.rr "5 Jan. 
iV-i. 77,15 Jan, 
77'!.^ Jan. 
77 15 Jan. 
77 Ii Jan. 
7;li.^ Jnii- 
77 1 j Jan. 
77 15 Jail. 

1 (h'l 
I O.I, 
1 Oft, 
1 Oct. 
I liet, 
1 thi 





,jij June tj ;^ Oe:. 71' 1 May 7c'|;j Jan. ! 
. 14 Jan. t'j'a^Dec. --; 3 An 5. 7; "j^ Jan. ^4 
,' i: I'eb, ^4 igA:m. ei j Feb, 7^, j Feb, c'4 

jj Jan. (-,14 Ayi. 71 loOel. 7;, 1 Feb, I4 
. 14 J.Tii. 6,'--; i>c:. -I 11^ Dec. -i, z t\'h, ' 

.•]Sv|it.7l'j:lVl. 71 6 Apr. c I : Fell, fi 
. .■4 JuiieovioNjv. tt i;tV:. 7E 11 Fell. $4 
■i7.M'r.t-7 7 Pee, 7. .-iJ;i!y 77':3Feb.E4 
I .^ Nor. 7; ? .lui.v 7.'i^l-''eb. ?< 

Wel-b Ue-:ir..' 
. IteTical E'lallW.r ■ 
M, -. K.^ml K: ,-,■ 
Ii '.lal Artll^■^.^ 

, !-■ Hu-Mir* 

iu>j-e\ K< 

miHfL.ra U.-v.l (■...■ke. M...'- -, M,^dra^ sniff i-,.r!.. 
Gf-iflf Fre.l. r.i- I'burehill. ii-l--''. HeiiK,'! Sw:ti' :: 
Win. Hut.:.- b. Lifle, J(.i-. r. ¥r>: l.-,--i;.:re K,-: i;,> .i.rie Jii.'n- 'r.!- .If -■ -, 1: ; i' Xr: .\7v 
F«ni-.s 11 r.i.T Fr.iirfc, V ' '-- l: t-i- Arii'.'.et.v ,. 
Ant^T- .';,■:.. * l^annaize. M-: '■, R,'>al .\r:a',t7v 
E.lm-,;::.! i,.- \'<:\,: ■ . Jt.-.-. >■- >'.■ jal Sin'"'!' ,• 1 " W...iaTul- l(.l-,-, |iii:!.:mil.!, 1 , , 
E.i»-.'i ."'.■ ..* F*'',l, .11,1',^-. S Hai.-Hi.< 
S.-^-.;t',^, .'-liiii'v Hn!",,r. If.. .'.. ts^'i **V..:i' Ki-^.. 
Ha,:h .; 'a M.'iie lletiey. If - - i:.v -a: S.. ■ . , • , 
John Mn-.r Hiinl.-r. ,W..',-, ll.-nl>Ti> Su.■t■^ ■ : , • 
R;cl;:i: i li. 1' I', 11. 11- U,: . ■■, 1-1. 1. -.i... ;, 
iiov^-tfL^ \:V.''<'v w Fh-rn'-i. l:-i ■•-. Hor.'.i**^, 
K;;;;av.-, b -■-f.r.l. ».'.. -- ll.iiu;-l-.iiv liei'ivii , 
Ar!U'.-.rt"V,;ir'.. .'a.-k-, a. If: , Vbv l.a:".. : r 
J«m.T.*;t -,. I'-.-, ■': ,'. >' , V:i 11— i*., : ■ 
Je'.,v, II !ii.TV,i-,ll '.v,!*.. ',,.lhl— ;.1>. 
Wl--.:ai;i 11. :.■■ !'■.- "v.i'. U,: '. IVncl Srit! 1 ., 
Pe;vi» ltr,-;;.:;i! 1., '.' ■ -. fa-i \,il,,.l; it K.-t 
Je»ri !-, Hj!:,t'.i i, H, .!i«,>n. If,', , 1 iii.'..;v,.liav ;,. 
i;eorie Miiek, ■,;!«!, K.i-,'.-. Ii.'. .1 ^rlTlb'i,! 
rhar'.e* Ariiii.le'. Ii .iV.t, Jf.i-. ■. lvi»!i r.i!.i;i.'-. ,: 

./>«aiV* IfUlA"^.''"'' h\"billfc*ll.if-l',-", M-,I\*|**T,,A' I : 


1, Ftli- 


I - 

:7 F^.l 

i'c I'Vb. Zt 

1, FlI. 


1 IM 

.li *■>■!.. <4 

ii Julv 

i, ..■<V:, 


-- ,1-l'v 

:■ 1 t*., ,'4 

. lie,'. 

i .:(•.■:- 


1 W: 

tI l\ . , 

1 Mar, 

; 1 -■ :-■, i 

I M:,- 

1 .■li.r, 1 

I J!,r 

'- \ 

: fo: 


1 -'l:il, ,. 


i A- 


i M..r. . 

■- 11'.: 

; >■ 


: y.:-V. :4 

> \'<', 

-, .: <'.-. 

- .»: .7, 1 

! iU.T 

: . i A- : 

- '..: .r i 

- ^la- 

^1 7 >:;.;■■ 

: ^- L 


' "- i" 1 

■7 N.-v^ 



" \- . 

;: JlMV, .4 

:; J: ".. 

, '. ■ * 



; Jlj." 

1 ., \::. 



..Mar. .4 
:. -Mur. -4 
.; Mar. i4 

i It'. 

- l.-O,-: 


' .V.i -' 

^:. Mar, '.4 

.-- N , , 


>. ■■ 


> -Vpr- .-4 


- ii 1\ : 



; Apr, ;, 

• A: r. 

- .iA:7 

' '1 ' r 

.= Aj.r. ;4 

;. \- 


. \ 


■ .Apr. ,.4 

- Aa.; 

. :. s'- : 

^ "■ : - 


:.: A)jr. ^4 

) y.::T. 

-. 1-f-: 

■ ."i" : 

IjAlT. i4 


■ ..- 1'.: 

- \' ^ 

= AJT. -'4 

■ \:".- 

. .■ - ■ ■ -- 


.* '' 

' ' 

;; A..r. ;4 


' r 


-"- .\iir. 4 

- \\ ,\ 

- . , 



.1 Apr. 4 

■ V.i', 

. i>-:' 


;.M-.. 4 

A ' ' - - 


■ - '■ y , 4 


^;r:{ t 



.. Ib.y 1 


enrnder Ramfay, ITufor^f UussarA ...-, - 

ir OctATiuB GreeD, Mayor, Hoyul BaRiuefm ...^^.... 
Q B- MeD£ifti. (Vi>>/flin. GnrUoQ HiyhlmnJorfl i75 r.J 

t-'^vilte Jiiiue^, 31'tjor, Narfolk Rc>[C. (9 F<]Dt) 

■arorl U. JculririB, Unjor. lo Hns^arH ...... 

'hn LehBajnefi , t'VjifuiH , Came nm U [ Ltlilanderit ( 7 9F , | 
171- ll«rl>trt. Offt/4fiH, Kiiig'^ UnvaL HirloHlikj Kont} 
ce Sparked, If-j/nr, Uprttj-nLin? llcpJiac^t (95 KuotJ 
il rether3i<jiihruik;h. M'ijor, Argyll aud Toucher- 1 

blBcdcre (gj F(i''ft) -.- -...- - J 

er, Stajor, Mun-iler Fiiailii>ra 

indLLRL'r. l-EEL'T. ' CkVIXt^. 

t t^,it..6tt n Jnn. 7] 1 Mrir. 7<] 7j Mivy 

fjiiLr PIT. 

17 Apr. 69'ft]Oct. 

15 Jii'.i. Dj I J Sept. 79 JE Mny f^ 

iimu K. IMttp^q, Mnior, Suffotk Ref^JEUCiit (i3 F-) 

vni?li Un-cii:i, ^a/ivr, Loinster Rei;im?nt(io9 FuDtj- & July 70' 2B Uct 

int I'^jvAbf ittior. Dulitin KueilJcrs (loa Fcxit) iis N'jv, 70 28 Ocf 

ir^tslilc I'iiiiIIh JUtijar. Lnncasbiro Fn^^ilii^rt (fi^ Fr) 
St. L. Toncnhnni, Jftyur, RojbE FiiaLlieTii I7 Foot) 

lasfrarilo Joncn, ilnjor. Royal Artillery,-.-,- 

I'^lrcma Peakc, Jfq^or^ Ro.val JlnriTjefl , 

in« Mimlizimen'p i/ojor, Royal Uarinet 

tni, Ciflaim, Roypl uqriiics -,.- 

V Doiuild iJunlop, M'ljor, Roy&l Artillery 

Wm. AriMruiLcr. Muja'; Uoyal .Artillery 

■'treuen tSawjcr, ilojor, Bombny JJtiifi'Curpe 

-ichBlPy Trl0^u^Jl>, Jut^or, MulUlescx Hc^ft. (77 F.) 

Ihimiiore* il'ijtir. Went Elding' Rvjcimciit ,.,.-., 

'Iiifl C'jUiTJfii', Jfryor, Itorkabire RcKitncnt (49 P.) 
htoii RjljeTti">n, -U'lJ"^. Norfolk I^ojimcnt {g F.) 

.11 i'rc^l^iM, Major, U't'st Kidhiff lEp^Jmcut 

Alcxa^'Lcr O^rrip, ll'tjor, Norlulfc UcKiuiont (i> V.) 

13 JUUO74 

- 'it ycitt-74 

-,.., jio 8opt.76 

' J Deo, 74 

6 Fob- 70'aa Oct. 71 
I ^ppt.6928 Oct. 71. 

3 Oct- 61 »j J11DD6T 

I Auc-GB iflUay ji 



;* jy Uur. 3i| 
I Apr, 

lO Sci>L68 14 Bopt.7D 
j-j Mny 6928 Oct- 71 
.... [i7.'uly 66 
14 JUI1C63 I Jan. 67 
34 Jani'Oj! 4 Jmi. 67 
34 Juikcfij'is Jnn. 67 

JTjrflllV 6f 

lijJuly 66 

38 June 64 Jo May 6j 
73 Oct, 67 ?2 illlT, 71 
24 Apr. 6(^ iS Oct. 71 

'ifiMnr- fx 

if> SL'pl.6^ jS Oct 71 
31 0<"l. 6& jHOct- 71 
3 July 7= 

t"i JHmcH Lacy, Ifiyor-, E. Yorkdbire RQ*{t, (15 F.| 1; Am)^,66' 
kmvH M- UocDaiialtl, Jfijor, Argyll anil rJutUcT-) 
KlEm<JcrT« n>i Fuot> , - -.} 

:4i4i>lc&m, Jtfyitr, aoHuiBarfl 

-c M. T, Ifl Murchnnt, J/wjar, DoTMtahirc Reift... 
ir-U'n A. ih?:iriy. Mnjnr, Dorsct^bire Heal. <39 F.)... 

[Aijcy Rcrm^ii'k. Wd/y. Uenxu] 8ULff(.'L>rptt 

Iwyn Campb^l], At^ij^r, Awst^cT^ Rp^mCnt (35 F.)... 

?ii, Jfin'or, Uord^r IU%'[mcnt I55 Foot) - 

il IJ. f jhrruur, Major. S. LJincoHbLrO Re^. fflj F,) 
i> J. Cbaml'TrJnlii. JTir/Ni-, S. i^iAlTardBbLra Rt-h't. ... 
ly Ifttllicoto T<iiien)i:iiii, Major, Arpyll nud > 

D'l HiirhLajiilerA I'ji Fo-ni i 

Urolc WymlbHRi. ilujor, _>i JUi^uin .,, -... 

^ Uacituniild, Mtj^'r, jKnysil Knpirioom 

, UawcH J'kiit-s- Mnjor, Bjinbsiy tetitTl-urps 

ry Hi;iijirjJ, M.'i-r. Jjmbftm }tl. luliiTttry (6S FJ 
'l-erlH^ Miit^r. Aruy'A iiiiil SutlierlUTi'L i[uh1uiirkT^ 

r,.'i"> AlltTi. M.ii..r, \ly\\\\ .VrtTlltry .„-.., 

:;.»'■' J'li'ey, M>ir"-. l[_'rii.'iit Siair'^ J^^■^ 

:fip:L M-n'.r, S.iiuh LiTi'-iiMiire Kc^'.iiiunt ■■: ^ |■^^Jl^ 

rltfM, Maitr, J^iir^ti Ripjiintut 1 1^ Kuijii 

-Icnok llurmsm. -\t-ij--'', Itnvnl Arlilltry 

hMwiinl lurby, Jf'i/or, H'jj-:il Anilkry 

hrlni'iFL' \i ![i -uil. M-j-tr, Uilli? Urfi.';i(li; . 

*nl F'lrt'vr, Miliar. Nijitltauip'^/uijUirc lU'^t, l^S F. t 15 A|ii' 

,rk'>. Diiii- tliii'r, I.,!iwicr Reji . |i..j Foot) y iliiy 

!. U, If'. Mijoi\ Uiiyal Artillery 

ii'ii-l Wilt-* in^ Alajor, R'j.val ArlLlkTy | 

. Wm, .^ .^}|iHH-. Jf-ir-r )forjil Artillery 

! JprviH. M <j-.-, H'-\:i\ .Vrlilltrv 
Jw.:rl M rr --•:, M-.'u 

Doc. 6g 

.'SCln- 71 

5 Miiy 69 
'5 Nnv.66 

I Miiy 

I July El ji Miiy pj 
SUar-S^'j. Mny ^4 

18 Miir. fij II Mny t, 

19 Aug;. b'3^[ Mny 3^ 
J Fab- 7g[.!S May 34 

r? May 79 

5 Jail- 7? 

I? Fcl>. 

9 Oct, fiyi 

t8 Apr. t.i' 

joJaa dt XI Apr, 70 
fi July 64 iB Juh' 6S 
6.1iiiy 7^- '8<»**i- 7> 
S r^^xy t'l 5 Mnr. 70 
4 rii'ftr67!js Uuf. 71 

jD JiiuctiU^jd Oct. 71 

1 Ftb, 73 

II Fvb. 75 
1} July 04 

-■J Juii. 

5 NUV. 7 , 
1 IJcl, vil 

6 Mar. ii.. 
lB Junoyi, 

i Jiiu. 7i> 

6 Jan. 7^ 
I a A|)r, -ju 

7 Aug,7P 
'4 Auk. jt: 

iS Jijiie 76 
1 *'ebr 79 
j IJcc. ;u 
lOcl. C, 

!;( JunCEi 

1 JulJ El 
iSXov, £, 
M Julj 77 
;; Xuv. 75 

J Aug. 7= 
ilf Jilli. 79 

2 SOV- 75 

5 July ;B 
ij.Nov. 75 
J J r'tlj. do 

ij Mur. £3 
ra Jan. Bi 

1 Joly E I 
1) May ta 
.-i Ocl. 71 
16 July 7ri 
.■>Oi:l. J./ 
li Ji.ii. f. 

I M^ir. 7 

;8 Mny ;, 

J J lino 8. 
J June 3 1 
4 Juno ^4 

I June ^4 
.-, June Bj 

r I J aim Sj 
L d J UDD ^ 1 
jf June ^'j 
..J Juno i!i 
J, June ^4 
ij Jun<iC4 
47 JuaeE4 
j^ Jnna 84 
;; Janoe. 
•a Juues, 
j& Jiinc'jf 
■:: Juno;, 
. ; Juno [ 4 
. i Jnna i^ , 
^o J uno 1;^ 

1 Jnly 6t 

3 July 
1 Jnl J . 
; Jull e4 

6 July 94 

7 July E4 
(J July 
.>JUy 1!, 
a JiiJy E4 

II July Bt 
i5July l.f 
15 July l\ 
.■6 July oi 
,5 July .1^ 
.g Julv ^4 
yjJuly " 

j6 July 64'?! Aui;. 67 

jn Dec. 71 

i.f N'ln'.'.^ JI Amr. '-? 
. . ., 'ij .^;i:i. O 

ilil'ii.'j! .s .-\ll'-^. 7''' j .VUf. 

t_ ^ .\||^-. 7^ 5 S^'eiL-tS] .\uif. 

;o iJ..*:. 71 i'> Tk^li. ^i '^ Alii-'. 

17 JiiJy C- Ja Mny 7^,-3 Au*;. 

17 July f'{ 7 .\u.;. 7? j'j Aiiir 

Jul.v 6s ji! Oi't. 7iiii Apr. /'j'.o All J. 

'■-, .,7 Oi't. 7]|jjA|.r. £1 .0 ,\ul: 

7l'.^(:(*Jt. 71' I JiLIL. CL -'I AllL^ 

17 .lutv '-'^1 7 A'i:J- 7« 15 Au;; 
,7 .iLlI- I.'. ir.Oj;. 7S jO Aul- 
IS .l^l'i. <-7 I''. II-.L. 7c jO AUJ. 

lAnillerv , ' I 1.1,(11. 1, (,7'|.il>cl. 7t..-C Auh. 

il, -V.yV. 7 liriiji'i'in Uuaiila 13 61:111,71 .-t) n.'i. ;i _4 M^ir. j;l.6 Au-j. 

_ J uUkc, .W.^.-r-. Uiyiil Anllk-rj- ..,..■, ' 

^..iij'iiv Sjuiih, ittijir. U'lval .\rtilliiry 

c::* K^LTfiiTi. Mil/Of, \V'ir[.cettr&hJrv' UouiiDCnt 

jI'..- li. I ri....r:J...*, Jliii'ir, K'l.vnl KumncviB .„i 

r. .kTVI*. Mof^r, llurhnru Li|;ht liirimtry 

.i;4 fliMili, it-iinr, iliini>.uy Stuff i.'orp.'i I 

; -T^-j Ct^v^..:, -Ifci/or, bcu^-al SUiffCurps 1 

■ -'lu, M-iii"-. I!i ii:-'iil Si.iiri.'.)i.|>* ■ 

u!\'V. Jl/hj'^i-, \Vi.-r. K..'it Ui'^'irnciit 1^7 Ku-jl* .... ' 
:!i-- j|i.>T.|..ii, .«■.((„■. KiuL-.. ll.ijMl Uir\e* ((-) f.) ... 

y H, (iiiiii f.T, JJiiivr, II -rr+iil^ijirL' Uoct -. 

i-ey ]l:iltirii-I, .l/n.,j', K.tlB IJru-iiilv 

:,-Xii:.'l. r l"r,i-.r, J/.(,..r. JlLi'lnia Sl:i[ri'i>:.p« 

.■aiJ. K- lliirr. J/«/"j.. JL.jiiil/iiy ;^[uil"L'..r[>4 ,. 

■Jccv hriTnell, Mitj-,.\ ^^l>yJ I Artillery - .- 

li T". II:iv..riii;M. J/.;ii.r, ll'.ynl .VK:lliTy 

Ll "lt. ^' jr. .l/'ij"'fr. k .vhI ArliiK-ty 

„'!>.. ■!:■:. ... it-ir-i-y l^■u^v^'lck,.'hi^^.■ Itpj^iniE-nl <t Kciu'.J 

■?-i....:.r.>. lU-li'T-l'crry. .W.i;of. Hilk- HriLMilu 

; Ms.r-iM.I. M'li'-r, JriiriCn-liiro FilaihiTn l:o F,>jl 1 
oikr <-k J/.'.fvj'. .Miiiii.ln.^n.r ][4'l.-.iiigtiL ... 
irkcr I: .lli'.v, M''i-r. .M-inrhi-irr l[i?[Tiiii..'Ul (.'il-'.i 

: n' .\ir 'lii-'iii. .1/.I7U.., H.fyiil Arrilltry ..,,,..,...- ■ 

r «■, .11. .-ill. nil. Miliar. Uuynl Arljlli-ry 

■> .:i, .I/"/-... U-i.vnl Ai-liUcry ... . 1 

■..:i. .i/.ii'"'. Aniilvry ! - . 1 

.■ .. V' ■,;.■■ .»■:, I', li..viiHrrill-|.i- ... I 

■ : I. I ..::■..,.'(■'( •!.. .:..i-.ii All..;, r.- ... ■ 

;;:, ....;i. '/ r,,r, l;..!.i; \ii:ili..|--- I 

x<'.-. " ■ r-, ;: .i.ii Ar:i'>ry 

.--. - i':ii:. .'.V. V.ii -J.. K:i-lS;iir-'i' 1.'. !,'£. '- J .. .■; >'ojit-''7 
.-.■. ■-<■...-■■■.:-. M ■-.; i!.-::'-i-: .,.:.■'!: .-; .'" ;i .^j.r. i-: 

15 Jmti. 17 
13 .Iriu, -.7 
•J >t!i. ;■, 
11 Aiic,'.4 
■IL ll,.l. ;i 

IT .lll'l. C? 
il. .\\tT. ti 
i: Jim. 1^, 

.-1 \<ss. <• 

13 Nl'V. 6, 
., rirlil.C, 
., S,-I,l...| 

.., J,.... ; . 
1 Vfh. '.i 
4, \.M. I,: 
J .S>«|.I.'..i 

.... i\ .iJiii. 

.■7 Julv fJ J. M;iv 
iiN..l-.l -.UJl-i. 
11 Hit f .- '1 Kuli 
July &7 .^^' ^liir. 71 

'I .'ul;. 7.i 

.3 .^- . 

, 7 An;; 
791^7 An^'. 
79 I ■ f-oi" . 

9 tppUjS. i)(-t.|H.i4 

■I ^':["-7 -1 4 rJL-iv 
9-ii.I.r. :■:, .jHoji; 
.... .1. [lie 7:1. ^ l'L..|f. 7- ■? ..^OH- 
IO \iiv.7oiij .\li.r. ttij rj Sr]!' 
:ii I.Ji;l. 71I [E; .Si'i.L- 7j i-j ?:-t^|r 
'U (let 71 la Apr. 7 !|.j .So|t^ 
■■-, .M-iy 6713 di.[.l.;6 ijBi'l. 
'J -lilly Qi .'.I -i.'iil.7. 'j'j S-'i. 
I3 .1.111 6; 14 ll'-i... 7 ■'.- S , 1 
3 Jim. '.7 jo ll.'C. 7,-.-j S..':iLLi 
67 11 I) i:. 7. .-,. S'-'iiT,*. 
7.- 1 Ji|.|. 7 . -J .Sf|>;. 6a 
71 ! Miiy 7 , ;>Seill.84 
71 I .Mar. 7.^,44 S' 
' An!;.i..,liiSi>pt.!-4 
... 3 ..^i|il.7.l'i'' '''-■ 
iljiu. liTit l*cc. 7<\, I Oct. L.4 
J.ily [>7 ji llf.:. 7i 1 O.rl. 
July- (7' 1 Jill 


L J;ll>. 
I Jmii 

1 ,^m, 

13 .[JLII. 

13 Jim, 
I J'.ili. 

ily 0- 

■ '>• 7 
■I. ;i.. j; An.;, t'l i.j OtV. 

I Del. 
1 Oi-~ 
I <>t; 
1 lit:. 
: li..| 


J i 





3; 8«pt. 71 
11 OM. £4 



Itaniy Uoredith Wmlc, Haior, Llrorpool It9ffliuDDt{fi Foot) 

Norlmi f'harlos il>iru>ni. Majar, Bongal BuffCoiJis 

Win. Jnha Lte Ell I'oer llorcefnrtl- Peine t J^q/ori BflrkBhirfi} 

BtgLnioDt (flC F<m() J 

Woi. iri'Os fircpnSlrert, Majuf, Roynl Kuyinftzrfl ^^ 

GoJllYi-y Hililt'liniuiL. Mi'Jor, Hoj-rtl Knuineern - -, 

FmuciH liHT^'C A Wifhc. M'ljjir. Dnrbam LlRtat iDfimt^ ... 
Ctmrlcn WiiriiL^' Liurwiii, ifa/"r. Diirbam Ll^Lt Inf. (63 F.}.„ 

Wulipr Riildtll. 3/oyur, Rdj-tiI ArtiUeij ,. 

KdwiNd B«nJ[imiR EvuiiA. itnjor, Royal Artillerj 

Gflorpi* MoTtuii RlpvpiiH, Stajirr, Roynl ArtUlcry .- -.„-.— 

Fmiii'lB M. E, Vibnrt. Ifu/cir, HijJTll ArtiLlei-J- ... . , . _ 

ArLlmrL'hfTard Ltoycl, uajor, Di<rl>y»hira ^c^imeDt (4s F-) .94 Uar. 6998 Oct. 71 15 Adr. £Id lalfor. 
ip^.E.Coli^yn WJIlininHVulliumy^ Jfqjor. LaiceEUt Regi(i7F.) a9Bept.65'iG Auff. 6g 33 Jbji. 79 ts Not 
Ttioiiiafl FriLueiTi 1[. di' Hur^jh^ Mojuf, Lcicentcr Eegl. (17 F.) ^Uar. 66^ F6b. 70 ij July 79 15 N'ov 

iS Oct. 71 » U>r. 81 inOot. 
lOoL 70 11 Oct T6'iiOet. 
14 Aug. 73 31 U^ Ba leOoL 

iBOct. ul 'Oct. 771BOM. 

iSOcC 64' s Des. 7} i< Oct. 

aStlcl. 71 iSOcL 711 7 J»n. Bai^Oct. 

I 9 Aug. 74 II Joly 8a 19 Oct 

I15 Jan. 67 31 Doc. 78 j Nov. 

...... ' ro July 67 iG /UL 79 7 Nov, 

TO July 67:]^ Jul. 79 7 KoT. 

10 July lS7!i9 Feb. 79 7 Not, 

FrccLerick Bl|^);, J/ajor. Royul Artiltory .,, 

FnilETlfk L*yrjt Mi'VffKii. Mn}or. Royal Anllltny . 

Willmia OKdm emith, Itujor, Riiyal Arlilltry 

Mimaf^l Ariii'-(ronjj. M'ljrn; Uonipil StaQfCorpA ..,.., 

t.*.r. ATlhnr Grpy Tulj-, Jf«_/cji-. S'. LHncBpihire Rcgt,- .-. 

KiLnlti Dct Hrmdvi^, y/'tjar. NortJiamptoDabire K^igt. .- -. 

Jobll Wilhnni Thriny Kumn, 3taJor, DcrbyBhiro Regiment.-. 
Ud":iT<L Aii^Hliu L'flrlor. it'tjor, DerbyBhlM Re^. (55 P.) .., 

Hpnry FfRiicifl Gonlon Furben, JJujdi'. Riflo Rrtgailo 

Hpiirj Cnt-jr Ru^i'loa. ii'ijoi', RiflG Brifjaile . 

JoUri Tboiniktf Wripbtf Major, Uoyiil Fnffui^n - 

WiUmiu limcip] Hiinit, ilnijor. Royal EuffEncer* -.-....-...-...- 

AI:;i<i-boii Hyiliity Grifllthi-, M'ljor, Koyal Anillen' ....- 

Fninci--^ Wm. BpfiHi^ld GraiLL^ jl/^^bf, O^ranlLiRht InbDtry 

^Apr. 61 

Fft'ilerick JlflDwIl Tiiniffr. M-ijar, Boyul Aniliory 

Jol^l] WiUiiim YiTljurj\ J/rfjrfr. Ho^Til Artillery 

Gvori^D RiilH'il Siijjic, Maiof. Livcr[KN>l JlugmLcnc(S F.J ...... 

UoDrv TniEltiiiBiinH Ititjar, 1 Dniguc-ii* ......— ..,„, 

Wm, Jnijli? Ll- Rratoii, Jfiyrir, Bombay Staff Corps. ..... 4^...... 

Atlbnr UlilTorLl AliuiinrtPr, Slirjar, Royal KBglneOrt 

JoLn Matliijmm, M^tjor, RDjal KtkKlneera 

JdIui Bar'ior Lnjdnpll. ifaiar, Ruj'ul Kn^iiii'en —...-...- ........ 

GbarltB BLlreunl LaiitEp Vnjvr, JJovoDBhirc ittai. (rj Foot) ,., 
Jobu Grant ATub'rfiou. Major, I^Lcefiu:r!bire Begt I17 Foot) 

B4»BTboiii|iBiiii, ilajor, DcvoT^Bbtrti RoL't. {m Foot) 

Gccrgn llUkfb v. UycP, ittijor, llaiigal StHfT Corpa . 
Aug-n^tn^i KfJll: Abbott. Major, boiitiuL ^tiklTI.-orpA 

OhtirlCS Rolpprl fnisEC, llajar. Wtal Kcijt Ilfgt 

AJuauck'r Wm. Dur.v, I/iyW. We&l Kont Kcf^. . ., 

Frailfrick Buldwvn, Major, R^ijul MAriuee .,.-,,. 

VTilliam J^InnrLird Daldock. Hr^fr, Koyixl AptlUfliy, ,,.,-.. ..-,... 
Adolpbua EdwrlMl SpiirHliuttH Major, Royri! MarlUH ..,.....,...' 

Jotm AndiTBOu Rjii> Nl'Kvolmtti, itityir, Royal UnrlQea 

mdurlck Morten Edpn^ Major, Roi-ivl MiinooB ,,,.......,., 

FTf<lDrick Wtii. VdiiB LLflcifr. ilytir, Uombuy Buifl' Corps..... . 

Sydney rniiniinnid 'runiljullH Mnior, E^ii^nl auiH'CoTB 

Etlmund rfj'plicrr Eardk-j Ctijirlctft. C'a/JfinM,Rti3'il Kbgiuuen 
Klcliol4B Puri'Lll'-VGoruiHH, Wiij'af , LincolDflliire Eiei^fiaF.kl 7MBT-, 65 
Ajmstrobi^ William Klliritlj J/'ijw, LilLCDtiijiblrq Rtpl, ("> F.)l|i July 6' 
JolinGoyBC Spiirke, M-^i^r, Yt'-rkHlnre J>i^lbt lofiuitry isi F. 
George Herbcrl Mlchiipl'^ii, Maior, IimiB killing I'ua. (27 F. 
AogTulun Cunipbell SjK^nocr, Uajur^ 1 DivigooDGuanlfi. ...... 

Thomna AllTLsl ISckIls Major, N. i^iAffbrdBbiro Rcgt. (64 F.) 

Oftrbery K>;aii, Mni^r, litngiil towlTCoriis 

John Adyi?, Cat-iaii, Royal Artillery , .,,..,..,.... 

Artbur Wulkeloy lliut. Miliar. 8. Slaffbrdahiro Reel, (go F.) 
William Llovd brtroioii, Mi^i"-, MaiiHior Fuaihem (104 F.),.. 

Cfc«rloa Wfirreii Wiilker, Mi)"'-. Uadnis Stuff Corjifl 

Fteilcrn'V Ciinieiili'". M,'Jar, Couuau^ht Ruo^fcrb (EB F.) 
Albert PhiUji woiklii>UM-H Motor, IniaQkillLiig Fun. (i-^BF'-) 

10 July 67 1 Apr. 79 19 Not 
G JoD. ts a AjiT. 79 ^6 Not 
S Jan. 6a u Uif 79 16 Kot. 
33 Not. 64 30 Ufty 66 31 Not. 7fi bi Not. 
S Jan. 6s 34 Apr. 69 30 ittj -7 n Nor, 

Ill Feb- 76 30 Jul Si is Nov, 

S July 69 at Oct. 71 iB Deo. So: 1 Dec, 
gTtb. 7038 Oct 71 (9 Fell. Bt i Dec. 

3 Jnly 7o!38 Oct. 71 ij Jnly fol j Dec. 

4 Feb. 71 ai Oct. 71 38 Jnly So, ; Dec. 
9 Dec. ^4 13 Jan. 7B 9 Dec. 
gDtc. C4 6 Fab. 79 9 Dec. 
8 Jan. 6S 37 June 79 10 Dec. 

4 July 6s 9 Nov. 66 16 Mar. 73 13 Doc. 
E Jan. 6Bl I July 79.13 Dec. 

.oMay 64 
»3 Deo- 64 
33 Deo. 64 

13 Dec. 64 

33 Deo, 64 

3D Mar. 66 zo May 6q 

II Not. 65 '14 Apr. 70 
6 Nov, 67 35 Sept. 

G Jan. 68] 1 Jnly 79' 15 i>!c. 

ilj Feb. 74'iaMa; 81:17 Dec. 

' B Joly 6B,ajDee 

JO Deo. 64 

30 Dec. 64 
'15 Feb. 71 

30 June 6s 
I I Jan, 64 

' T Jan. 64 
1 Jan. 64 

I I Jan. 64 
5 July 64 
3 Jan. 65 

3 Bent 70 
7 July 69 

, 74 Jan. 6j 

- 3] Jan. 65 

33 Doc. 76 
6 Feb. 73 
16 Feb. 7B 
Ij Mar. 78 
13 Feb. 79 
(1 Aug. 79 

13 Deo, 
13 Dec. 
jj Doo- 

34 Dec. 
74 Dec, 

14 Dec 
30 Deo. 

30 Dec, 

31 Dec. 
I Jan, 
I Jan. 
1 Jbd. 
I Jan. 
1 Jan. 
3 Jan, 
3 Jan. 
9 Jan- 

10 Jan. 
TO Jan. 

Robert Frijd. Willou^liUy. IfiyT Sijtt Fuflilicra (ji F,^ql) . 
f.t-e, Jiimce Mdlcr Gordon, Ji<«J[t. ^ciitu FEi»iliBrB(;T Fool) 
^ Arlbnr,l,'hii Ual>oriie I'ollock, M^tfi/r, f^eou ^^la.(3l F.) 
^.f.e, ICnicBl Edfrnrd ^^tnino. Jt^ijuf-, laiti>ia\UTii( FavUion... 
■■f.e. WUl/nm Andrew Yuli), ,V-'jr'r, acolB Fcuiliers (11 Foot) 

HATrey Hanidiun Kelly. M^or, UudniB Swrt'Corpa,.... 

Senry Edward rrecioTi, -Wtior, Kojal Artillery 

GharkeB Ilcnry Si.-'^U. Mitjor, lUtyhl Artillery . 

(Jeflr>,-e Rowiev Hudaivny, Mtror, Royal Artillery ............... 

Henry Tbooia.^ Curl 11141. Major, R^^iU Artillery ...... ........ 

Honrj- llirriiy Ashlvy Wunlt-, M^pr, ij HuHHara 

J5 Feb. Bo 

7 May 68 30 Deo, 76 

8 Bep(.6S 3D Dec, 76 
aS Oct. JI 17 Aag, 80 

9 Feb, 70 1 Jan. 7B 
Ang. 67 31 May 79 
Jan. 68 t July 79 

3 Aog. 67 J Jn^ 79 
3Ang.67 s July 79 
3 Ang. 67 7 July 79 

13 June 68 14 Mu. 74 
8 3 Jan. 77 

19 Apr. 73 S Jan. 85 
31 Am. 69 11 Aug. 7a 
19 Feb. 70.13 Not- 78 
18 Oct 71)4 Feb. Si 10 Jan. 
. - 38 Oct 71 13 Feb. 79 13 Jan. 
SFeb, 70i80ct JI isMar. 79'i8 Jan. 

14 Aog. 731s Aog. fe-lai Jun. 
5 Oct 67 14 Jan. 77^34 Jan, 
I Feb. 70 33 Jan. 85 14 Jan, 

38 Fob. 74: I Apr. Bi.aj Jan. 
31 Sept. 74 33 Jane 81 30 Jna, 
_ 10 May 71 "31 Jan- 77'ii Jan. 
3AHg.jO38 0ct ji:3oMBr.8i; i Feb. 
4 Aug. 65 3 May 6913 Feb. js a Feb 
l^Oct 63 15 Feb. 68 19 May 771 i Fob 
jJuly6430Oct 6; 33 Jan. 78 i Fob. 
(. Feb, 66 1 Jan- 69 i Mar. ja' 3 Feb 

15 July 58|j7 0ct. 71 3 Apr, 78 I Feb 
J Oct, 66 10 Fob. 69 I Ang. j8. 3 Feb. 

16 Feb. 64 

1 18 Oct 6631 M»r 71 6 Feb. 

B Jan- Ca 1 July 79 6 Feb. 

a Jan. 68 33 July 79! 6 Fob. 

8 Jan. 68 33 July 79 6 Feb, 

1; Julj- 68 16 Ang. 79> 6 Foil. 

Wmi-m Ua^n'iii :<oi[tli, J/j-;..r, liniervln lliKhlanilac."(79 FO 9 Fei' 70 iB oSf' " 19 Sew.fc| l Feb! 

hirC! Rem ijE fi""!- , i .aB Feb. 74 s Apr. 81 11 Feb. 

Eobcnueuv^) lnJpy.Miyur ll<iiilonaigliluiderai7iFoaD... vMar. 67'is Dec. 69' 38 Oct, 76:1 Feb 

Boliurl runly, Mujur, Knyul Aitiilery I ■ • -< - ■ ' 1 ? - . 

WUbiim Jain>B FoivJir, liojar. Koyil Artillery, „ 

ftler lilnetbuni, i(m"r- Ruyiil Anillery ., I 

m.t.c. Jobn CBmies Duke, l/ii,«-, U'ctl Rjdmg Regtfjj f, ),.... ;8cpl.ji 

John llenrr Edi-u. Mij,.r. YuitsblnJ Hesi, (19 Foot) > 

Pnd. Edwiinl Wnlttt, Maiir, lii.jal Arullery 

Frmnoia JnbnBurrnite, Major. Hoyul Artillery 

Bonr Charles Eilward Noitli, Af^or, Hoial .^rullory 1 

(ai«-leaTilUerstiuninierviUeliov..iM, Jf^jL-, K.Lanc. Kogi. >o Jun«6;'ii i)tc. N ^ AiigiJJ il Mar 

yj.e. Peter Henry Uaiihiiionil, M^iir. Rojai Artillery 'nJub- 6i J7 Aog 70 iBMar 

Charlea Fmrfai Huuon HnMell, Myor, Sudolk llm, UJ »'-) il>ec. 6SiSllrt. 71 1 Apr So' 18 Mar' 

»,jlr. Boberl Anliur Ui,nlwi>inory,A(.ij^, R..yal ArtUlaij , 15 Jnly 68 :; Ang. 70 19 Mar 

.imndrJJaiuft. ,\ji<.d, Mnjur, Hoviil .Artillery 'n July 6i iiSew to'ioMbt 

i/iiBu-ean'irtMiim}-Unil,fn.Mv'r,B<v»^iruntTi- li Julj tS 17 Bepi.Ts'tJ Mar 

15 July 6S 16 Aug. 79' 16 Feb. 
ti Jnly 68 16 Aug, 79 14 Feb, 
IS July- 68 j; Aug, 79 34 Feb. 
til Oct. 71 34 Aug. Si 35 Feb, 
3 July 71 11 Feb. 8a 4 Mar. 
15 Joly 63 J^ Aug. 79 IJ Mar. 
ij July 6i =7 Auk. 79 13 Mar. 
15 Jnlif 61 .-7 Aug, 79 13 Mar. 


































>'■ Uar. 0} 

httllUgl WWf»«, ttajtr. WwwICtoiilff tt<MV {6 f.) JJ Xlrt- tj illhiL ;! i| Ai 

OkbOdIU^ jr^ir,W«t8an«7 Xv<>-<' ''B^' i) t)M. t^i ■ July ;i 

DlMB Cwoaratt. IfW. Baafutili HiiiUiuulcn (18 F.I. i Ju. U j Nuv. 7<.' 

utlT. Clrtin. I UUOK. 


■ irji UK J 

Nnr. (>i9i Miu. 7riii Unr. i^ 
>l Unr. f'<^'< U(LT. *3!t| Mnr. £^ 


MMt:iM«l MKon, iroMr.llaTBl Aninrrr — ...— 

Hums i.'uafilKU. lf«sr. Ks.i-U Arullcr? ...^ 

hrrur- iV-Mr, UnuUr PoiUHn .. -^ 

nujrrs, j2>J<r,YaHct>ilt«U*«|t.<iyKDgl).,.. . ...., 

Janw* lluUfrKiHnH!)', ll^Xr, IluiMr IMm. (■«« K) 

ARbor (^IiMiuui, Mahr. Horkl Attfllu*.- 

Tick 911k. Mitr.amlXnMnr. iiiJaii. (9 

klchnnlTvinilBjr, JUir,Ham>lkS*BVti>r(»().,.... ttJ«i. <i»>luc(. »i 

JuncBPIko. Jt^W, BuIRilkBesl. (tiPiKil) isJu. (g iSOct. 71 

iK^wIlb BlTlh,If^r>r.*'*l^nW1i*»<iiFDM) ... t DM, 6) )B Uar. TO 

- - ■- I) Jan. (q 

ijjao. Cu 

13 Jan. &-, 
I J Jan. f'} 
Jt Jnu. 6^ 
iSOct. ;■ 
» Ana.ri 
6 Uar. 7> 
I) Jan. 6« 


taborac dmUb, VW, tiUh ra'illitn («« Foot) 
|T Bruw Omtoa. Vjait. IMii)ti>t stiarCorp* 

Idwwd BeM*Br< . ilHuaun...- 

Kriibaa, CtftaL^ >I f(iIU» (U F.) 

dw Kan*, Jr«v. ..LaerOnrjn ,. 

^liotRMKito, Jf'jt'. Mri>:-'IiiMUnB(i:L Cur.) 

WBUkw CcT OImm, JC«»r,UnoaliuhlnBgi|t.(iaP.) 
IUtlli^ J6|fv. Oaat HnnXtof Aiilirarr 

RiiW*. JTaicr, Oonnabir* lt(«i. 

ivell Tliiirlmr, Mtftr, tamrtu U. iDTauDy lii F.) 

iWaMlllU.,^!*'-. U^'UlMsKnli. [i7r) 

jBalDW BuiiBKlnti Foiile. Jir>y#r, aojil Anuiarr ... 
I ClMRM ttaaj BWithani. Umar, Bj/fii Aitlllary 
'icEtaW^Vvv, 6>iui£liaseulilnRMi.((3 v.) ...... 

p. Wamr AtWiiBsU. J'vv, KanTArtiUmy . 

fBafcnr HfcJIiH^t*. Jf%w, aojal AitlllBry ..^ 

"" iWsUur.Jfvv.aondAnllkn 

iInTB>.Vur.BMa>IS«i<rOanw .-. 

Ih i^tair^l, Jtvlw, Dvtoiuhm IttBI. (ri F.I 

..111 July b| It Doc. W 
..liSApr. 6} 

. > Apr. , f JnlT (i 
rtOtl. 7i.SOei. 71 

— .... 10 ftejii.jfi' 
tj Apr. 6j j ^njil, (« 
9 FeU.A7 11 Kob. ri 
" ^ OfiL 71 
1 Apr. 7> 

■ Uuixkiou, JTicffr, Hauiiiililr* RckI. I.j; F.)... >t Fob. 6« 

■Id I'egliUiiiitM. iTivw. OtCiinUhiro Ught > 

*» F.J t 

NsBnKcne.Mdi/v, UrenKulBul. I«r.) 

illlwi WbUTS. Xv^-. Ruwl ArtOtUY 

FfMBdiHavr. ^«>r. llniirxMUfl'C^orpa.. iSlliiy 61 

* ~, JKaiW, Uarbnklra Rivmnt .. >aApT.C( 

^ OHtarf BowlaiP. Uwn-. Buyal AcUltaiy 

iobn UoMla, JTaiV, Kut lAonalilra lUot. ..^Jiucbt 

n AOflr. &v 1 

■ '. >Itr. it 

Mar. *j 

■ >Ur.l( 
I- r. ,,■ ■ , J ,»j,r, Bji 
■: S"in-7»| I Ai.r. Sk 
4 OL't. j^i I Afi'. *i 
H OcL ;j . A117. Ill 
10 Uar. .b.. ■ 4jrt'. ^ 
7 Julj- 4> I iy,r W 
xt Nov, 74] J Apr. (^ 
ijN'or.7» 7 Apr. ji 
10 Apr. ^r, ■} A|ir. i^ 

ttUin. in g AJIt. i%l 

IS Not. 7« 10 Apr. S) 
•7 KoT.Tdio Apr M 

aUu.tati Apt. till 
it Apr. TVin Apr. lif 
•1 Apr. ;i .B Apr. ti 
It Did. tk la Apr. tj 
•J Apr, Kii Apr (5 
'■i Apr. ;j r, Apr. 8j 
17 May JH»3 Apr. •> 

7 Aug. i^i J Apr. 4ji^ 

, Jan»3Kt6Ajir _. 
( [)0«. {+.10 NuT.fv 1. \laf. ;i; t. iUjr Jli 

II Jaa. ^ 


■ Majr ti 

ft \ui - Cv fi» Apr. -^ f. )[af F^ 


T) Dvc. ry 

Jan. J) 
It Jan. (q 
Ej Jail. 6g 
i| July t^ij Us 
MJaii. £i iJau 

7 July 69 J 7 Jan 

J JuJy 09 

17 Jaik. io 

■ U90. Mii« Uay 77 

• Uar 6; 

4 ailpl.71 

) Foil. C14 

It Juna n 

f JnlyCs 
M Anc. «> 
t« Sgui.«i 

7 July <a 

iiUay 1} 

y> Dav. 7y » Uajr I1 
Mar, jb ij "" 
Jan. io 

. May «j 
ij K«y It 

B rtfvtan XTsna, Xo/er. K Lanaublia Rwt. 
y. Ut/tr. UoBliay iiaffmnia 
I AuUK, M^f^Tj t DvaKDma 

17 AoiT- T» 

» jDIUKtf 

n4au . ^^fVj « i^aiit^ni^ I...... .1...-.^.., 

UmU UavlilMa, KW^ li^TM ArtiUarr . 

lanHelMai UBtaiT, JWm-, Bay al An&iery ... 
^ HaWhuuuD Fd^cW, Ifvtr. bomtiar SUIT CUrn 

AMOIL XV- Klnn^ llayal RUIm <«>>.) 

» Oai^ Pmtry UKnlm. X^v, KlnR-a Soyalt 

OS Fl f 

nUy. XiyiY. Kloit'a Bo^al Itidaa ttoF.) 

riuitnralil TbaBaon, lla^at, f HiUMr* 

19 Jimo ii 
I ) Juan <4 

iiOct. 6i!]t Aun. 

liMay ?t 
i^Uay «t^'« Ma; ri 
laFbli. ii|i7 Uay &.s 

i; Jail. 7r,»May Fi 

•J Juna (fJm Uay ii 
u Jan. 9si); May ft) 
■A Kay fi tAUay «} 
ft Um. »7li» May «j 
It Jan. M)6kUy B} 

■son. 71 

4 Nor. el 

•a Jam 7> 

7 July Aj 
7 July 69 

H «aXJ., 
-J Jauo 77, 

>t .Tun, h- 
^1 .tnu. 


ij Jan. e>) tROcL 

l4>Uar, }4E(iJ<lna77 
i) Del. 71 ift iiUy to 

it Out. 71 )Jnn«fri 


H>arJ Sp^'inr. Va>r. UwolieuUrCMna 

lt«Mlla>ri.'t<»)iii.]fj><' RTUarteeAiiainy—, 

U«iK. "',*'. 7 tiauan 
n aainilun l!«Ul>. X , 
Wana AblB«, U*,-^, I- 

: ijfiBtm^... 
I .liuatry „,., 

i Ian* 

■aaay ju'iBOiiL (I oOetSo 

17 July W ri Jiinarn m Juniri 

13 July 6» f, Mar. 70 I July ti 

8 Deo. ttj J Aug. 6j II Belli, 77 

_[•) Jau. 6)',j Coll. »i If July jg 

■ 10 July ij\ g J(o», n 

b. Bg 

PWor*,Civ'wa,4lltiHara _ 

raiT'Ti'- rrir r(.fr "-r-ii'iiiiriT- , 

J*a IkitcUnlinm. Jtitiar, B«al agn* Kuaida....... 

auun MawiBB iln niii —. tWua, [rldi llvgl. <il P.) 

Ui1hiB7«ke,Xi|>ar, BiralkiuiuMin.. 

■L t>«nr Banvma, JiuV, Rojal Xarinaa 
W«H%iH«on. OgMa, k«ral MmIsh ... 


ry«ua ByVw, Xltv. SkniMbiK U. Int (ji F., 
Laa, Cif<'<la. '■(< 1 Omjun i Jny ftrc<« 

|pii»euiiiLc . 

June «} 
I Juno ^i 

I Juog j) 
1 Jung At 
i J lino .1} 

A J(1D0 45 

la Jnuvdf 
la J uaa Ij 

te Jons 85 


lo Jiuu Ig 

i( Jillia0| 

It Jiinalj 

El JunoBj 


.. .. , . ....JitJiiDalt 

ij Feb, « la .Nov. K 15 Fab. ie)t} JaM>5 

aJao, 7< 9 Mar. till) Joiu^ 

I Feb. ri 17 Aiff. »i If Jra«4 

■(Janet6 t AukC-S;! «May ii'itJUMCj 

• Dae. «« 

I Uro. iiiitUay >i 

4 Aaii.7],[>iUay K< 
I) Jail, t^l 5JaaoBi 

>Au« Crj I Jul)- Si 
14 Juonia ■ July Hi 

I Fob. 7|l I July « 

tHar. 7t'i] Sejii.Ji 


I .iiautruf. Xiuc, W. Ktut l^mt Cjo F.) 

I vrilkiaasa. Ofpfaia, Kayal RaKEiiana 

_ misr. DSO. O^rMM. L«iKantr Hagl. it rom) 

> WalltM Diawi. Otftmm. Rayal KnalnHra 

jMay llaroU, JMO, Oipia^, n Houan — _ 19 Fab. 79 

1 Owno IJMIa. Ov<Wa. s Unim ,...._ .-*»».. 

SntfMi CaiMr. Clwtete, Kaaai B*i(iniDni ItA FO ... 
-—7 OwMo. CmtiU, l>abt ur t>im«raU'a La. In£, ... 

1 UoyiL M0. Ov'M'. »ialli Yatmhlm BMkI. 

bH'taa LMMll.CI|f<ai(, BovalBnRtn«n ...,^_ 
■ Chafviaa. OirlaJa, SMtb Laaaaabin Scgl. — 

■uCk^lai^TOikaUnlUratvoifig t'-l . 

J Wakk. Cn^alH, naamtl tx. InfUQU? iii F.) 
I Tmffml. Cajtaia gamx Begimeot I jj F 1 — 
BStf BHaratl Oabb^ nt^'ni, (Icwuuher lidf. 

i( JuneBi 
1} JungB} 
15 Jane If 
ij jDiieSi 
j( Jaaaftf 
II JoiiaC) 

61lac.7) tHar. 7t'i]Se|ii.Ji 1} JuugE) 

)« Fab. i4ii N"V. liiit Junali 
I) July Tvli) July tijij Janol] 

I) Juno 7*1 rj Anir.£A|ii Juoa^ 

9 Fni). Ii (1 Jan, >j '5 JanaBf 
I Mv. 7v' 7 Uar. Bi is JunaSg 
ia!i«|il.7t 14 >lar. 3i II Junotj 
I) Juaayt, ■ Uay B| W Juoalj 
If Xor. 7«» Jnnaiyi; Jaoatj 
>AiiS.7< • Aug. Ijlis Janets 
>e Uar. 7*1] AsK-tTit Jan*!} 
•«r*li. 7J>6t(]it JnnaBt 
■SFvb. 7*K0el. BiisJaoctt 
»NoT.)s). 7 Xot. tVt^ InnaV . 
•lOcL 7Iu!4q*.BJi^Ibiiib%^' 



Riilpci 1 licoiKC KtkenliL, Caplaia, Tho Bofft (3 F.} 
Hfii^yC'richlon HcLntiT, (.opfDJn, BoyBl Artillcrir,.... 
(rjUrcit t'rod. Allan No rbjii, Cajj^ain, Royal Artillery 
Arthur GI.^Ti Leonnrd. Cuptain^ Knat Lfliicii*liire Hcpl. fs9f-) 
Havlil BtiLiilej William, Earl r/Acrlie. Vtjpiauii id llueeara. 

Richurd n.F. W. WilHon^ Co]itviii,io Husaara ,.,. 

Hou. Kri'florick AViLliuio StopConl, Cautain, Grenadier GdB. 
Willmin II. Capper. Caj^ajs, Shropsliiro Lt, Inf. (85 F.> .... 
Henry l^aiilct ^t. JdIiq Uildmny. Capfain^ Grcnadipr Gnnrda 

Henry f^inne Fleming. Cupiain, K^tcx ReuLnicnt 

Rawiloii KdHord llonnya IteillT. fti;p/aiii, Bomlinj StoffCorps 

Charlcfi Reginald Ui-de, Captain^ Ride Brigade 

Arthur llL'hty Uaunuld, Cuptaii, Ho™l Kn^'ijicera - 

Lord AlexHnder Keunedj, Captain, ItiHClE Waleli {43 F.) , 
i'Ycdcrick ilaniir.eraler. Captain. LaticnB]iLr& Fub. f 30 F.) ... 
Henry M;ielcod I.eElio BDndic, VSO. Captain, Royal Artillerj- 
Iivd Frederjtk I'^itzGi^rald, Captaiu, Kin^'u Royal Ridea... 
Bon. FmEfinI.. L.^'dJ■tonCollrt>rne,C^Tpf£li*,I^i^ Riflea (SsF.) 
Mon. Henry CliarlCH I*c(!Be. Captain. iJoldBLTPiiui (^uarilB 
William t'liristinn Andprmjn. Vaj'tain^ Royal Artillery... 
Heni-y David (ViUliuun, 3/njor, ^. Staifordsliire liogt. (g8 1',] 

Artiiur <'oteB, Jfnjor. Soffolk Rcwiment (iiF.) 

p.'.e, Willmni RniLdoliili liouih, if ly or, Suffulli BtKl. (11 F.l 
JumcB B. Tidyer-liluut, JIaJor. Snflolk Rej;itttnC (11 F.). 

William Henry M'Laren. Jfa/<-r, i l>rapoan6 

TbomiB Frendi Hi'fb, ilaj'^r, Royal Seote (i Fooi; 

Maurice Niu-ent O'foiinor, Major, frieh FiiBiliorfl ,. 

Henry WooiKnr GriffllLh, J/.yor, WelBli Fiuilicrs (13 Foot) 
Arthur T. BudiLLini-U'liotliBni, Itaicr, Welsh Fnniliirfl (aj F.) 
Pnlteney Henry Miirmy, Jfnjiir, Shropahire Lt. InronLry ...... 

Edirarii Cliii:l>r?icr Hort, ifiiiar, Rojiil EnpincerB 

Manic '.'amiiljeH Uraekcnbary, llaifr, Royal Fnf(ineer& ..-,,. 

Ftatjcifl Palmer ^yaihiaa^ou, Major, Royal En ciueera 

Gordon Manners Sljipliy llonirlaB, Uajor, It. Marino ATI 

JamCB ("irant. Jf-j/ur, Romliuy t^tAff Uerpi 

Gficr^ Frt'derick Vouii^, Major, Beii^nl Slaff Corps 

Bebert Henry SlifiBton iSnter, Jf fl/w, Roj-bI Ai-tiUery .,...,,,, 
Lionel ArRprnon Wliiio, ilojor, Bbroptbiro Lt. Inf. (53 F.) ... 

Nugent .Ion a tban Knt'ciit, Major, Eto.val Axiirlery 

JoEcpb Henry J^cwill, J/i^or, Madraa BlaffCorpB 

Xtjrif Charlei* Robert Pratt, J/'a|ur,OxrordBbirflt.t. Inf. ijflF.) 

Robert TomkyDH il^wkea, Major, IleiLg&l 8tad'CDr|>B 

JnincB Ali\vr.iuB AI[lc3', ifii/ur, lleng[iL&uid'Cor]>B 

Francifi Edward Trower, Muior, Derbjuhire Regt....... 

Edward Crcil Dowxe. Uaior, Derbyshire Begt. U; F.) 

Philip William Herbert .Vllcs, Major. Eoyal Artillerj 

Bon. Rannlph AllEJOpp, Major, Rriyal ArtlUery 

William Rose Wvnier, Major, i DraRoona 

Bdward Hjle- Wil.^on, Mqior, Bengal Staff Corps 

p.i.e. Henry Fllri>rt ChevaUier Kilrbcner, Mifjor, Soka of) 

Conni-nlfp LI. I:if|inlry ,., J 

Charles Cforu.' I^nvig Win/Bold, afirjor, lJo«otRegt. (54F.) 

Samuel ticrr:ird i'nrtlonjrli. Major, fioyal Artillery 

Atthnr John llri:>r':. (Jt. CMO. Major, Boyal ArtiJeiy 

Waller ^cvillr' Luckjor, Major, Rojsl Anillcry ., 

Arthur Him- iir. I IVkitehnmr, -l/qyop, Royal Anillcry 

Andre*!" (Ircen 'riiomj>fon. Major, L Dragoons .. ................. 

Robort Aies:i:.d.>r (lilrhrict. Major. Ueugfll BluH Corps 

Herbert Hdwrnd HudtOn, Major. BorliyBhirc Real 

Robert (:ri>^Mo Tio<ls.'<a. Majoi-. \ llOfHiir'' 

Thomas Hiipivo.Nl reekhiioi, Major, 1 UiiBBiir:' 

Robert fionlnii Webb llepbarae. Major, Rojal Anillery 

Alfred Georg,' W^d.Ban, M'rjor, Eiisl LuncaBbirc KOKf. iju F.l 

Cbartes l>HviB fiberftt.n. Major. Rifle brigade 

Donald K' pile ttui in, J/ii/'.r, Mndraa Stnff Corps 

a ilee. 7430 Nov. 83,1 
iS Jan. 75 J- 1 Dec. 8j'' 

iS Sept. 78 

30 Jan. 7S 




15 Jniieaj 

, _^is JnilBBs 

iS.lan. 7s; 1 J«n. 84:1s JanoS? 
II Nor. 73 13 Feb. S. isJonoS; 
i3Jnue7j iSFeb, S<,is JnneEs 
jSJulyjt 1 M!ir.i4'i-, JnnoSs 
iBOct. 71 yMny B,'l5 JBnBfis 
iiFib. 74i5MiirS4'is JuneSj 
=4 Joly 74 .6 July B< 1; Jnncaj 
JJ Aug, Bo'jo July B4I15 Jnn0 35 
31 AnjT. 7131 Aon, R4'm June 35 
a8 Apr. j6 loSepi.:- 1 I June 
nScpt.7a TiSopi.-.i I -. Jane 
u N'ov. 73 13 Dec. . < 1 ■ June 
iiSept,7(i 1 Feb, Ss'ii JniwSi 

14 Ann. 7S 13 Mar. 35 13 JaneSj 
u Felj. Tf JO Mar. as'15 JuneB; 
jOOct. 78 15 A;,r.S5T3 JnnCEi 
31 Ann. 73(18 Apr, Ej 13 JnneSj 
asJsji, 7j]iaMo3'E3 r^JuncSj 

9 AUL-, 73! 6 Star, 3o' t? JuneBj 
iSOti, 71 fi Nov.Su iS JoneSj 
jBuer. 71 iJiiD. eiiiSJuneej 
=aOct. 71 i7l)ec. 81.18 JuneSj 

15 lliir. 74 30 Sept, So 19 JnneSs 
27 Vpt- 71 34 Nov. 77 ji Jnnefi^ 
J70et. 71 3 Mar. jS'ai JunaS; 
■o June 71 I] 8c|.t, jgii JnnuSj 
i70et. 71'^' ■'"hCSs 
=ao«. 71 3 Apr. fc 11 JuneSs 
23 June 65 10 A|jr. 7BJV2 JuocEj 
13 June 63,17 Apr, 78 Ja Jane 85 
aa Janets 11 May 79^33 Juue 65 

j7Jiino64 3 Auif. 67 9 Aiig.76 37 JnileBj 
3D June 65 4 Ana. 6830 Juno j? 30 June 85 

30 June «s joMrir. 69 30 Juno77 30 Jmiee; 
7Jnly6j 1 Feb. 60 1 Jnly 8? 

3oOct. SsrfOti. JI jjSepi.So iJulyBi 

jjJulyes jJulyBj 

4 July 651 7N0V.6S 4 July jj (Jnlj-Sj 

31 Aui(. 67 34 Apr. £910 Jan. 79 8 July 83 
18 July' 55 =4 Sepl,«9 iS July 77 i8 July 8 
i£ July fi^'ioMay 6d!iS July 57 >8Jaly 8. 

30 Dec, 71 35 ji July Bi 
3D Dec, 7i'ijMRr.8i II July 8s 
7 July «9[ I Feb. Bo 31 July 85 
7 Jalv S9 J I Feb. 80 a; July 85 

17 Apr. C9 
7 Jul ' 

7 JuK- 6) 
fb. 70 

S July 68 
18 Not. 68 

3 Uar. «6 
IS May 67 
17 Feb, £9 

a Feb. 64 
?sJuly 65 

10 July 6t 


It Aoff. 69 8 Jon. 77 
■ 3 July 6«as July 77 

10 Feb. 65 

68 iB Juno 71 
7 July 69 
7 July 69 
7 July fig 
B Jon. 7D 
30 Tec. 71 
4 Aug. 65^1^ July 69 
II Nuv. 73 


joOol. 78 

39 Feb, Bo 

31 Feb. En 

I Mar. 80 

3 Mar. Bo 
I Uar. 7g 
1 *US. 77 

4 May S 

14 July Ej 

15 July Ej 

36 Jnlj Bs 

37 July Bs 
17 July Si 
=7 July Bi 
J 7 Jul.v 3^ 

!7 J'liy 3j 

79 JlI.v 83 
4 Ani;, 8-, 
4 Allft, 8i 



t; July f;' 7 »liiy 7d'i6 I>ro. ;'■ 5 AuK. S; 
i7Nuv.<:L);5(ir. ;i 4 ^ov.7. 5Ai'«>8; 

I 8 Jan, 70 ^4 Mnr, .".-. 

3 Scpt.7o ;8tk-l. 71 .13 June .'u 

..... iiT ^lur. 33 7 Aug.8u 

8 Auij. es] B Ang. 67; a Aug. ;; 

William i;eori:r Currie JuhiiKinnc, J/njor.Madnia SlafTCorptl 8 Aog. 6; iS Slay 69 8 AitK-7; 

Harry G.irtlncr, Major. U-iyiil Scots |i Fool! .. . 

F[1>dorick Wiii.NichnliisA]cCrnckcn,f.'ri^aiu, Berkshire Ifeftt. 
Qeorpe Blnnhoiie Uamfltr, Major, S. Wales lionlererB (14 F.) 
Robert Henry Ar^lice. Major, h-p, HordoT Regiment . . ..,.,, 

Joseph ileiir'y Uankv, Mator.j Uraitoon Gaard>t 

Cecil Henry Collelw, Ma/or. EliropBhije Lt. Inlintry (53 F,) 
Herbert 111 iwl-y Cook, Jfiijnr. MBnchcBter Brei. (63 Fnotl .. 
James N'ichn'.^un Rodon KnkH-iitid, Major, Ui>mljriy ^laU'C, 

Arthur Reginnld Frnwr, Major. Koval Artillciy 

Robert II. II. lIuntilTii'sr. Seaforlh HightNiidCM (7a F.) ... 

William Jtilm Irwin, Major, eo IlUj<iiaTS 

f.i.e. John IVjTiaton Tliomnd SiicTicer, Major, Royal Artillery 

Goorgc Ihilr.;'m|i!c Fun^-liiiwe, Miiji,i\ Boysl Artiljcrv 

Arthur Herbert Nonrsc, Major, WcKt Biimy Robi, li F.l ... 

Milford CUfi, Wujor, WCFt Surrey Reirimeiit |i F.l 

Tbouiua Siock, Major, Ksaex Regitnont 

Roiir.T Bftyl.v. Major. Gortlun Ui^lilnnderB {3a F.) ..' 

James Ednard Porleons. Major, lludras Staff Corps ' 

John B. F. Jacson, Major, GlauceBlersbiro BCEt. (?8 F.l .... 
Allen KeAFoQ Adnms, Major, KiPkC's Own ScottiBb Uonleren 

SmoBt Ricfanrd HopeTorin, Major, 13 HuBflan 

Pelcr l«gli Clowea, Major, 8 HusBaia 

Rjcliard Edward Kol8«Tl, Major, Devonshire Hefll. (11 F.) „ 
Horntio Rci^ald Mends. Major. King B Royal Ridei (6s F.) 
Uontaiin C. R. F. Walker, Major, King's Royal Biflei 16a P. 

Edward Law Dnmnd, CB. Major, Bengal 8»ff Corps 

Folliolt Slngrt Fumeaax Stoker, Major, Irish Rinea (86 F,) 
Jctia Verm XFflc*. Ifujar, Setritiih if lfle« loo F.) 

13 Juno 68 37 Oct. 7i'3S Scpt.?^ 
13 Aug, 79 38 July 8d 15 Bee. 04 

E July 68 380ct. 
38 Doc. 66 33 Dec 
36 Juno ^7 38 Oct. 

8 Jan. 68 38 Oct. 

a Apr. 70 37 Oct. 

1 Stpl.65 J I Jun 

S Auk. 8; 

Aug. 8s: 
7 Auk, Bs 





Aoic.Bs 17 Aug.S 


Sep' .f 5 1 


71' s Feb. 7^ 
69' 3 T Jan. Tg 
ji[ 4 8ept.Sa 
71 30 Bopt.83 
71 4 Dec. 79 
67 I 8ept.77 

8 Jan. 7c JI Ajir. 3cp 
JO June 65 r4 July 69' 8 Mar. 7^ 

33 Jan. £9 38 Oct. 71301^107.79 gt^L<|rl ^ 

8 .Tan. 7o'i3Mnyan y-p^ej>l.3j 

8 Jiin. 70 13 May .Sc gj^e|it.3^ 

7 Dee. 67 13 July ji 36 Feb. Si mSeiiUBs 
71 Nov. 6s IT Oct. 71! 8 Mbi. loSeptS; 
II Feb. 7s 8 Feb. Bi ij Sept.s^ 
jD DCS. 71I 9 SeptJjo 19 Sept.S) 

9 Mny68 i-a Sopt.j; j; Sapt.Bs 
a8 Oct. ;i' 5 Oct. Eo 33 Helil.Sj 

IS Mar. 67 
31 Aug.M 
IS Feb. 71 

ji July 6; 

10 Oct. 6; 

9 Apr. 701 

11 Mar. 71 13: 

36 star, 70 a Mar, 78 aj Sept-Bsl 
18 Oct. 7i|j4Dec. 79'=9 Sopl,8s[ 
30 Nov. IS I' ^f^' B3] I Oct. 8s 
18 Oct. 71 " " ■ " ' 
10 Deo. JI 

«Uiu-, 7> 

4 Oct. Sj 
17 Oct. 71 
at Oct. JI 

8 Feb. Si' jOct, 


19 Jan. Bi 9 Oct. 


inFeb. Si 9 Oct. 


loOct. 7710 Oct. 


19 Oct, 78 10 Oct. 


isOet. 7S loOct. 




tIAri- I CAfTAIX- 


■- J' 

Unirmniu:. Jlfii^r. Wtlali Kim. Ill F.r , , 

1 M .._! . nizlilu.iinn >;; t"'! . »oCe!, S» 31 »Ur I' 

i.aiiAUndtr.(ii_P), ij Ko». rl 

II Jail. (« it (Kit. 71 

^ S Jhn , tv' 
ri Jubu r« 

' l(Ju> }a 
I ■ J«ll ?(■ 

, .n<.K:i. fi-' ; Dro. :i- 

I - ,,. '*! Jfi>v ;i' 
i .^ II IV. 7" tS 0«[. ;i 

: F.J-. . JO on. (.1 1*1". ra 
.,.,ijFb1>.(.»'*<"i'1- 7> 

rtluF.yijSai.t,). ftOPl n 

- i-.-»(nr.jl i.8..[.t.T) 

, gMv «"!J''"- J' 

u<n« |<D F.) ...I -- .'(^-'y I', 

niiM rf Ilni. A, ; A-1.- f.- 

qrUcil rnt. 11 1*. I 

irlHlarv - .... 

u>l> Rin«* (>« F.) 

,'VXIIIB - ... 

■ ■- ", F.>, 

1] Juucio. 
» Jnly kJ 
10 Oct. •si 
' 1 Jllfl. 8i' 
: Foil, ii 

r5 Mnv !i.j 
..J M.J E.. 

I \\,T. J'. 

I .Illlt. .><z 
B Jiu.-J:' 

ijjiiir :■ 

c<t Uax ^ 
J Jniy ft*' 

IS Mat. Jill 
1 Ott 61, 


u*iaa , . ptACEik ON 

Ihku fat. 

KiOlt. •} 

nOtt. t5 

■0 Oct. (1. 

It (VI. 1^ 

■ tOBL »).• 

iiOol. 1) 

1<.<WI. Sf 

I '-'Jul, »)' 

r*OCC *! 

jz Oa. ii< 

• IK*. *• 

n IJrt. «, 

.-lOrt. *j 

5.1 0(L Jl 

V \i> 

■ Kov. s, 

< SuV. Bi 

J NjT, It* 

J XOT. f J 

,X:„ tj 


iMn Jljnii, il- 

nur AnIuUic. 
uaea Algnt'lcr 
ipMKeBj.-i-. ? 

MUriiCi . 

■ :ivtj ..-,, ir6ci>L»i'| .... 

■w ..lultor (sJ J*«ll.(«-> 


... -.'n liog.ii 
,.. >t Dec. >(( 


Tier. 6 J 

ii N.iv. i( 

g .Tin, 70 ly May 80 

SJav. 70 j] Juun So "j .->"*. o} 

1j.F.» ._J .. -, »»F»I>.7( 4 fl>pt.*t, 

17O11I. ;i, I Not?) inMov.Sj 

}Anit-7> "N'Ni'.Tt ?>Noir.«j 
liUot -1 " 1 . S-rt.ii 

J Aqi;,*7 I ■ ' ■ -Sn*, Aj 

HAlJJT.Tl' ^ J ^[ly i, ;j Ntn-. Sj 

-, <>Cl. 7' rt Jaa^fa 
_ I I>ct. 71 1 May ti 

„. »< julT (.>' 1 H 1< 1 H llJllUOJV 

■ <I)m. f' ■ ■ '-Ore. 



;0F.) ...!;:;:[« N 

R.pi • , .■-. i>'i.. 

t Dtc. _. 
'Auk. s, 

7J ?l JuDllls 

. r.i ..„.,-...., _, 

f^ Mji> Cj'i^ <Hln 7* 

Li, 7j'i7 Auc.Se II Vm. If 

I K>^. St 
t I>Ml M 

• Dm. *s 

fOmi. If 
II Hue. 1} 

.:.,■'> Onii Btoitulil 


fOot. »7 
t Ju. «t 

<i4l>tr. «) 

' it-d 

■Tii ij7 n 


P.1 siFtl>.;i 

rs'MP.)! ^- , 


■ ■■ n . t» Dm. f< 
14. Illf.. ]0 UOU ( 

Julf ll 
it Jium 71 

•1 roll. Ji 

) Jut7 7« 

I Ogt. )«t; Doc. Si 

JFtk 7, 
14 Dor. tf 1; Dbo. 71 
14 Oct 71; « Au«. 7i 
, jlUci. 7> 15 Xm, 7a 
tiD«. (.{ ijHajr }( 
11 Dae. £): I Jiu)« 7I 
1, 6j H Saly }t 

;j Deo. fts 
11 [rie. 6; 

.aOcL 7>, 

jaofi, 71 
n jMi. ^> 

SJlD. >> 

14 July 7« 

■ 4 JIII7 It 

I J Uur. 7^ 
PI t>iw. k 
«JllJ]' Sri 
cJul)' la 
11 July ». 
■ Otc. f) 
1 DpB- t. 
Jull 7* 


- Jlj ., 

in Juno :t,ii July g« 

..... t.iFtb, 7)^6 Fell si 

tib'll I : 

1 AuM. A/r 

. ii'^-". fM iiiin» ij iM _ 

1 . ■ Oiferd LlHtu t=£iau7 , ' .. 
VVthlhirg KtiliB«ll t«> F.| 
. Wwi K»t H»«l. fjiF.l... 

■ .-, It..>.l .»rW&ry 

'. >!'. fl-AJruilMir 
■. >' •■'■Jmi/rriiMirai'Uiin (jjF.j^ 

!iia(^ F.) ...., ...._ In rtb. }i\t6rtb. Si 
.1.1. y Ut F.(,.. I] Oct. »7;ij.Vhv. 7sinJi|injJ 

tiBol .._ , i»i An«. 7) 13 *l>r. St. 

1 .__ a Jul. 7t-i9Juy t- 

' kiif-.».» ...M. |» N**v. 75 I J*". St 

i«F.),.. J :««■. r* •« om. 7>jiKflf,!i 

J Oct ii'iiSkie. Si 

• .......^ ... 'i*J*n. bt^iJnu. ;l 

-,...-_ .^— ill J*n. f* II Jm. ;fili».i 
-. .,„.. ■■ Jul. (A ]> Mkr. )> 19 Jui. 7^. 11 J 

14 Dca !] 

•t Vbc. tj 

91 Dk. It 
II Dee. li 
uDcc. I9 
aOto. ()' 
'I L>vr. St' 
» Dm. 8j> 
ji Uw. !) 
>i Dto. (1 
•J fMV 8) 
r; l>r« Vf 
ij I fft B) 
•7IV1. 8) 
le Otr. ft 
:S Dtr. «f 
I Jiin. 6/1 
I Jim. IM 
I J*u. M 

sJlUl S) 

r inn. M 

aJnli. it 
7 Jk. . 16 
7J»D. *< 


I r, I > Jail. H 

iSliiJjin. I* 

9 *««. JI 
>l SOV, 7} 
llOM. 71 
l)Ot«. 7' 
■lOcl. 7 1 

, to; 

>4 IVU b. I| 3»u. W' 
j.ian. «.,i< Jm. W 

n.Atw.Sii-, Jkb. M 


• JuLie 

IJOD. Ti , 

8 ]■». 7*f 10 Aa 
lainntii ' "" 
iSOm. 7 

.-..-.,. ,. 7Ali.T*'i7JM 6» 
IJui.Td'iSJiU)' Miu J.n. U 

■ AOd. >g|H Jail- )( 
1 Aiv. Ae(» J41L U 

10 Aaa. ((((t Jan. tt 

I) Apt. 81 lllHL W 



3a6 LIHUT-' 

iorngai otc. 

. u Feb. 66 

Alfli»iiderCb«ECOllor, Ifajar, NorthnroberlandFos. (5^.). 
Bfli^ainin Cbamuey Graves, iiajoT, Dbdj^qI St^ Corps •-- 
WilURDi AlBiBnder Wctlmmll. il^Jar. Bumbay Staff Corps. 

p.f,(T. Jameu Ke[tti Trotler, Major, Royal Artillery - 

f^wlerlok Anlinr Ajlmor, Major, Royal Artillery ,,.. 

Philip Edmund. Uuacktou, Major, Royal Artillery 

BdwWrd Honry Binjrham, ttaior, Boogal Staff Corps 

HsnryfiTBy Diion. Major, Kind's Own Scottisb Bordersra^ , , n-. 

(aj Foot! J , -^ 

KiohardH.Wm. Henry HftrciB.ifiiior, K. Sumy aegt. (toF.) loApr. 70 

OharlflB James LoDf^, Major, Royal Artillery .. ....-...-.■ | 

James Butler, Major, Bengal staff CorpB — IjoFeb. 66 

George Lake Talbot Denuiss, MaJ'r, Wiltshire Bs« (61 JM 'n-j Apr. jo 
Perov Fmnoifl Lambart, Major, Kortfaumberluid Fob. (5 p.)' g Feb. 70 
Chsrles John Wbilakor, Major, York and Lanoaater Regt.,.. 3 July 65 
Biohard ]>. Bockloy BulhBrford. Major, Highland Lt. Inf. ...! g Oct. 61, 

iflOcL Ti 
.30 Jin. 6e 
JO Jan. 66| B Deo. 6g 
S Jan. JO 
B Jan. 70 
13 July 70 

> Aog. 71 


I Jaly Sr.iJ Jan. Bfi, 

TO JaD- 7S 30 Jaa. fl6; 

;j(>Jan. 7^30 Jan. Bfi. 

II Aug. Bs I Fob. a6' 
I Sept. 80 5 Cob. Bi 
gSBPt.goiiFob. a« 

isFeb, 78uFeb. 86 

i>Teb. 79 L7 Fob. B6 

iB Oct- ;i 11 JoDeSo'i; Feb. U 
33 July 70I11 SepLS^ 19 Foil. B6 

9 July OB 10 Fob, j8 K) Feb, B« 
a8 Oct. 71I J Jan. go M Feb. 86 
38 Oct. 71; I OoL Bi M Pell. B6 

4 Jnn, ;i 14 Dec. jB m Fob. W 
38 Oct. ji'jo Apr, 79 14 Feb. g& 

Hichard John Duyno» Mi^or, Warwiokfih ire Regiment (6F.) ■ joBept.63 ^aOct. 71114 Mny 80 -14 Feb, K 

William Looh. Major, Bombay Slaff Corpe ', ' Mnr. 66 ,, jinj 68 

Thomas Morris Jenkins, afiyoi-p Mailrae Staff Corpa .] silar, 66 ,, junoeg 

Lewis Archibald Charles Cook, Major, Ben)(a1 Staff Corps ... iMar. 66 gj Feb. 70 

Edward Jamea MonUura Btuatt WorUBT, CMQ, Oif*»". 1 ' . , (i:.> ~^ u » 

King's Royal Rifles (60 Foot) J .'^ '^"'^ " '3 f^'- *° 

Denman Crotl Murray, Ifnjof. Warwick Regiment (5 F.) ...jjJao. 6gjaoct. ,, 
Bklward Henry Corse-aooll, Mq/or, Warwick BeRU (S F.l ...,io Fob. 691,8 Oct. 71 

John GrogaiL Glancy, Mr\/or, Loinsler Regiment (tooF.) I 

Andrew Heniy Mocintire, Major, Madras Staff Corps ,- | 9 Mar. 66 

Mftlby Edward Croflon, M-tjor, Lsncastor Regiment (4 Foot) 16 June 66 
BJehard Hawea MacCarthy. Major, L&jkcaater Regt. (4 F-) ..-'33 Jan. (9 

Eobert Gustavns Alexander, Major, 3 Hussars ,. 

Thomss Cole Purler, Majur, 6 Dragoon Gaardg 

Infloldsby W. Tbomas Somerset Bmythe,* M^}or,b.p.\' „vnv 6-^ 
BhropBliire Lt. Inf ; Pnymmfef 4 Bn. Et^'i Satai SjjfM S ' ' 

Eeginald Adam MBrrioll, BSO. Captain, Royal Marine An... 
Hflary Somerset Uassard, Major, Berkehiro Regt. (49 F.) 

Thnrfow Laing Wair Dcjwling", Major, Border Itegt. U5 F.) .. 

John Henry KdwanlHinde, Jf-ym-, Border Regt- (34 F.) 

Alftod Charles Fryer, Major, Yorkshire RePTiment 

Arthur 0. G. Lydiard, J/ujor, Benpml Staff Corpa 

Charles Frcil, Alcioixler Turnbull, Mifjor, Dake of Com- 1 

wall's Light lufniilry (33 F.) J 

FrsneiaMandc Rciil, Major, HiM-hlaml Light Infantry 

Jamee S|iens, Major, tihropshjreLiifht InTantry 

Henry Opie WQo<l-hrJnFe, Major, Ifcngal Staff Corps 

Hiohard Salisbury E^jmpaon, Major, Bombay Stall Corps 

Dudley Gordon Also King. Mitjor, Welsh Regiment -. 

BobertWhalley. Jfiijur, .-iouHj atuJfunl-liire Uetrlmeut 

Herbert Jokj^ll, CMG. Muj^r. R^iynl Enk^Jin-'tr* 

C. H. Peregriim (.'liriBlie, Mij'ir, ilo.vjii KiLgiueers ...-....,-... 

Edward CrosJE^r Qibbnld Moorci, Major, Royal Eugineon 

Bamuel Cnmpton TofTicr, Maj'ir, Royal Epiginecri .. 

Matthew Henry J'Einftill. MaJnr, Rfiyal Eugiaecrs - 

John Fredcriclt Gihrh^<Hid, Al'i/vy, liloyjd Rn^iiueers 

William Eibnuijil I'lunkl.i-n, Major, 'forkibiro iicgt (19 P-)' 

Francis Boyd {rurlll, Mojor, liamjivhireRefl'Lment {j? F.) 

Henry HerEHsn Kihvanlp. Mujor. Weleh FusilisTS (33 F.J 

Cyril Wood, Major, K~f*-\ Kegimciit Ijfj F 1 
Eogs^ne A. flili]!i>r!i, .^fn/or, Kiu^ 

.■17 Mar. 69 

3 Mar, J a 
9 Mar, 7B 
3 Mar. 78 

t Mnr. Bfi 

3 Mot. 86 
I Mar. 86] 
3 Mar. 86 

3 Mar. 36 

,1 4 Apr. 67;, o, Inn. 70 
,'i6MHr. 67I , May 70 
.1 3 Api-, 66;,, Feb. 6^ 

9 Mar. 66„ Jaly 6B 

3 JrnieBo' 3MiU',a6 

JO Oct. Sn 3 Mar. D6 

V Jan. fij J Hot. 14 

9 Mar, 78 9 Mar. 86 

9 July 79 9 Mar. 86 

7 Jan. Bo 9 Mar- 86 

• 9 BeptSi 9Mar.S6 

34 Feb. 73 s Oct. 78 17 Usr. BS 

38 Oct. 7i| 5 8ept.8j 11 Mar. a6si U(r.l 

13 Mnr. B634 Mar, 86 

>3 Jutj 8o3jMar. 86 

1 May 80 9B Mar. B6 

J Jan. So 31 Mar. 86 

It Feb. 75 
30 Bept. M 
J 3 Kov. 70 
3 Jlay 71 
tG Mar. 73 

1 Oot. 7s; 

33 Nov. 73 

S Jul? 7' 

15 Mar. fli 1 Apr. 8S 
3 Apr. jB 3 *?■■■ '* 
35 May So ; BS 

a July ■eBa) Aug. 70 m Apr, 7I 7 Apr. 86 

fiflMuj 73 I July a 3 7 Apr. B<j 

10 Apr. ■SS.ijAiiK, sjit, Xjir. 7B 10 Apr. SS 

loApr. 66 astpts, 10 Apr. 78 10 Apr. 86 

.37 July 70, J Oct, jiijo Apr. 7B 14 Apr. S6 

alluy 67fej„l5. 7o'35 Feb. Bo 14 Apr. 86 

i7Apr. 66'3o Dec. 78 17 Apr. 66 

i7Apr. 66l;i Dec. ja ij Apr. 86 

.7 Ap*. 66^31 Dec- 78 17 Apr. 86 

I7>pr, 6631 Doc. 78 17 Apr. 86 

■ 31 Dbp. iB 17 Apr. 86 

31 l>ec, 78 17 Apr. 86 

3a Mar, Be 30 Apr. 6a 

3 Mur. 76 31 Apr. 86 

>6 Antr.Bi 31 Apr. B6 

t-J Apr. 66 
i7A|jr. 66 
J 3 June 74 
,6Bept.6B,^jBn, " 
..... jBFob. 74 
1; July 7S ,7 jLiiy 74 

I J N'jv. 73 

17 Mav 77 

8 Au«, 68 -I Oct. y, 
I B J[iue73 
19 June 73 

tC Auif, a>'3i Apr, 66 

I lift. Be 31 Apr. 86 

IT Mar. Bi'3i Apr. 86 

13 Mnr. 8i'36 Apr. 86. 

3 Apr. B3'36 Apr. 86 

II .Inly 81I36 Apr. 86 

31 Aujr. 73] 7 Stpt.Ssrf Apr. 86 

*^i 9 Apr. 70 34 .liin. Bij'37 Apr. 86 

IJ N'lfV. 73 7 .l^ilj. 83 37 Apr. Bfi 

... .^ » Royal RlllOii I60 F.) 

Stephen J. M. Jojip, M'fjur, Nririluimpmnhbire RuBt, lj8 F.) 

Robert John Km.s, Majnr, Irish Hides (86 F.| 

Charles Donovun i'a\o'. Major. t^iiffoLk Iteifiment (13 F.) ..... 

John Iy)Han Pmscr. M^ijor, Suffulk ReBHUiinl (u Fool) 

Claude Kcnne<ly, M'lior, Suffolk Regiment (13 Foot)...,..,.,... 

d.'.c. Frederick Willinm Ben«on, Ma/or, tt Lancera 13 Jan. 

Mortimer Gra>iam >'cel<i. Major, 17 Laiieors -,.,.. - -.. 

George Blagrovo I', ifo/ur. Liiiogli. Regiment lio Foot) M ^"T■69 38 Oct. 71' 7 .Vui;. Bo 3 Mil}' 86 

EdwLii Law, Major, GJouceetershire llci^luiout ^38 Ko-'t] la SCPL65 ,ft uar, 6739 Jan. 79 5 Mav 86 

Maurice CliarlesO Comiell. Major, Dnbhn Fu-.ilicra •' J"". 67 3j Nov. 5031 Mnv Bi 5 May S6 

Frederick Soyniour Allen, Major, E. Yoi-kshiio Rcut. <i5 F.) 18 Noi'. t& ..^ Sept. 70' is Auij.77 6 May 86 

Taugh an Jenkins. Major, West Riding Regiment (33 Foot) 3a ]>ec. 71: ■ OiT. Bi 7 May 86 

John George Cockbiini Curtin, Major, (.Ijifurd Lt, Inf, (53 F.) '3^ Dec 71 12 Miir. Hi ty Miy 86 

Clando Ed*v. Thompson, Motor, Derbyshire Regt. '95 Foot) 13a Feb, 74 '18 -Mm- fli 19 May 86 

Walter Illingwerth Haynes, l/ujor, Subsoi Regt, (35 Fuut)... ■' Arr. 68. « jaiy jo'ss July 79 ■j5 May 66 
Annealey Julin Giirrell, Major. Ilcngal StatY Corps 39 May W a Oct. 68'j9 May 7B j'; May B6 

Robert Hayes Corb.'tt, Major, Gloucester Re.jt. (61 Foot) ,,, 13 .luiy 65! 5 ilnr. 67 

Ueary E. Unskvrvilte Waiten, Major, 4 Dmgoen Guards .....' \aj Mar. 73 

Qeorgs I'. R. Henderson, Caj'tain, York and Lancaster RiMrt.' 1 May 7S 34 June 79 

Quentin ^t'Kinnori ^ogan. Major, S .Wales Bordcrera (34 F-) {38 Apr. jt 

Herbert Meyrirk, Ar.yor, Lincolnahiro Kcgimant (10 Foot) ... 37 Apr. 70 3B Oct. 71 
William Henry M'fhoane, Major, Keys] Marines .... '^ ' . 1 - 

George Anthony Elian) Gore, Mnjor. Royal Marines 
Arthur Ememon Chapman, Major, Royal Marines ... 
Chas. Fred. Nicholas Le Qnesne, Mf^or, Duke of Com- ) 

wall's Light Infantry (33 Fool) .., j 

Lawrence werthington i'areoiis. Major, Koyal Artilleiy...... 

Robert Lawrence aearlell. Major, Royal Artillery 

Francis William Radcliff, Major. Roval Artillery 

Han. Waller I'bilip Aleiander, Major. 3 Dragoons .., 

Charles F. H. Spencer, Myor. Inniskilhng Fusiliera (108 F.) 1; JuuoSj ii Aag, 69 

Afthnr Gregory Scrocold Wade, M^jor, Royal ArtillBry 1 33 July 70 

Charles Carroll Rich. Major, Royal Artillery ..,.' ...... 33 July 70 

fiarohard Dryadale Moller, Major, 18 Hnaura I 8 May 73 

Oeorge Fraocis DeI<udeUaTidaen,irq)'iir,BlaakWntch(73P.)! 3Uar.66 19 Feb, 67 
^ l il mre BoTTowea. Majar, is Uiraaars ^ ^ | ...... 114 Nov. 74 

June 6; 3 Aug. 6j 
j3 June63l 3Aug.67 
. jB June 65! 3 Aug. 67 
16 Oct. £6 13 June 69 
33 Joly 70 
=3 July 70 
33 July 70 
loMn.v 71 

3 Fob. 69 

7 Hay 78 31 May B6 

10 Aug. 79 3 JuueB6 
3 Jano36 3 Jnno86 
3 Feb, Bi 9 J1U1086 

11 Mar. 81 18 June 86 

3 Joly Bq 38 Juno 86 

4 .Inly 8j 38 Jane 86 
36 Antr. 80 38 Juno 66 

E4 Juno 8t 39 June 66 

Chxrim WiUimio Heoiy a^iij, Uajor, Bombay BlalTCorpi... 

16 Sept. 8a 
ij Oct. 8j 

37 Oet, Bo 
34 Nov. 77 
4 Scrit.80 
37 Oct. Bo 
37 Xov. Bo 
iB Dee. 80 

1 July Bi 
3 July B6 
3 Joly 86 

5 July 86 

6 July 36 

7 July 86 
7 July 86 
7 July 86 

Ni)v. 76 II July B6 
i Jan. Bo 14 July 86 

IT lu\j 66 17 July 78 i( July Sfi 

nnmAbtiA, Vafrr, Itiinl RniniiMn - _ 

«a Hovte, Mtitr, Boral KHlnDiin ... _..., 


Macdaulri lAskhiut, MtH. U-jv. i Life QiunU 

ma,iti^.ti^aXKnatrr ~ --- -"-- 

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1 Aatler Tkpd, J(<>(#r. Uaiiuiabliv Rusiaici 
aaMH BtUMi*. U-tn^. Bbb(s1 SuKTCjrrr* 

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I ntiriou.M^.O'tliiriAiin \.i. Uif. I;i F.l... 
DbKt JohB JMiivn. Jrw, Knini Arililinr .. 

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'Vlil>70«. Jlwar, lUinlArtillirT 

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^ Sjr.i . - .. . .......J 

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oMIt, X«tr, ftoyal Uuiua 

Jolr « 
1 Uay 61 

I At), is 

rj Jaiy W 

17 July M'ji Dm. re 

17 July £6^ Jul. Ja 

J lifcij 6} jojaly if 
if Au^ Tul'i J^ 7; 

17 Jul/ »» 
11 Jii:v w 

f LAC ED air 
.si» nx. 

ijJaa. II July Si 
I Dee, ;i> 11 D*o, ko 11 July 36 
t Dee. 7o,>' Uoo. A> II Ju'X H 

f Jiine;o 1 Jm. Gi i-j Jnir Si! 

4 Jttu, ;i|ii) DUL>. «o .-■ July Si 
13 Nov. 751^1 .^lur. U >i Jnly 16 
BlOot. ji S.liino ir 7.1 Jiiiy » 

■8 Oct. :i 

JlUi. OS 1; Oil. J 

SJlar.di I knjr-5«: 
9 A|ir. £1 1 Auu. 16, 
jAoB-7* jAuj(.S6 
I Cub. M 11 AilK'M 

31 Xax- </f ^ July if ri Aaif-;^ 11 Au^.3& 

~ " it Mhj Sa jE 4aj(. SA 

t JaaoKi >j An|{.N 
9 Uar, f I 1 »g|il Vi 

i»uoi. £7 jaoci. fi 

...... tj Mrtr, ;j 

1 Sapt.)a«i Uot. fi 
I* 0<il. M >a del. )i 

J Jnn. ;i 
4 Jan. 71 
4 Jan, II 
4 Jau. 71 
i> N01-. jj 
■ Dcp. 6v 
4 Jail, yt 

itOcl. ;i 

nOot. 69 

m*UkUes1>M, JE(a«V, lb)>-»l Xani-H 

..^..jM Jmi. 6v ji May t< 

tj Doe. 6)1 J iUK.S; 

. rmtor, w«i 8ui»/ B*i(i- (■ w.) 

lO. K«5*. '«•>•<'' '■*<"••<"' Baulaont (i<»r.) 

iniliaaflncuBliary.Vv^' !'"]'■> Artillgry 

t)(th VIVMr, Umftr, KonliaiDplonililrc Rent. 1(4 F.J 
•imAMluiirSawTor. *r.i|v, BcMunl Slalt Cor|i*... 

. B. duna. Jfvnr, Wail Ibluic HdjicI. - 

ba C. ITrowk. Wi|A>r, Ww Ulili1i< lt«gt. (<) V.) ... 

n. r. MobtfUoa, Viw*r. Itayal ArtlUer; _. 

icoHC BaaiWI, JT^/W. LuttUiiro Fiui^lan (» F.J 


oulMa Una*, HV*. H-.'--i i-.n-ry 

ma MnvcuKm. Jfa>- 'uiiliaw 

[WU U>f <1. VofH-, Bill . I |i> . 

tjifctTiitnai (iiioWibitrj . I1-. >.'<| Ktnircorp* 

MOJ-faraBM. J<<Vitr. 1»I<U>|<|' .-I I'l I ' <i .< 

UcMaa Ualtbr. JfWf. Madrid .-'^iii 1 ..r;ui 

•■rJalinn'atauD, Vi(i(',»<iRi:(> It.riiii,,>i.i(ij r.( 

l«8fT KfnrUM, JTMsir. U>nai Artillery ..- ^ 

tkittm Lomkc*. JI^mt. l£>y*l AtuHiny 

BiaadC'ukBr, JVhwt, Hiiyaj AniltFTV 

DiaS BaaaTMc, Mfl/v. Itrml Art>Il«iy 

Jgly St 

19 AEt|{, Vl 

I .fan. 1 1 
I i> Jou, 8 1 
19 JrtfL 3l 

ifi Jail, d 

I »ipl. B& 

I Eu|iLGe 

4 .4i')iC. Jin 
4 Sdj,I.W 

! Sof.t. S6 

. Fill., ai .) Bcpi.M 

il ilny T} sj depil.^ 

n Uiir ») i9S(ipi.<d 
tti Auk. ^^ 'V Kopt. K 

1) Dm. Of 1 AnK-07 II 8ii|.LBci IV Scpl.SS 
> Jan. »» f JUvt. 71 " 

,11 Fob, 7j 
I 4 JllD. 71 
It Kan.ivit Uoi. 7> 
tOoC » ■! Aiiii.;s 

I* Out, aolij Apr, 6i| 

■a Oil 46 
lOOCl. &f. 

t (tusaa VTylllr. (T/jK. if v". Ei:,t^ StaTCocp*... 

JMrtw Jfiilna. JUyw. i> l^iciri 

pnina Ja nti aaaa, »V.tT, Uimnil tiuirrcvrpa 

)oOm. «« 

mftAv Vibooak ^^/k't Bkrniu^' duiiF{!r>rtia...- ... 

l«T,JtyT. Wai) aairyy B»»»iin^ (ji I'.i 

IW Bwal . t U'rlaaaghmmy, Kvo'. i llnuc-ioiia .... 
mnJM^onh Itnmv lt«pft if.i>r. u i^ui r>njrtao'rv 

Mtov-'iil'*. V.,... . l>™yuoa(,u 

•T y- . Wiinvitk k-,;Luu:iit<'j F.J 

Ml.'' . ll.yai Anliiir^ ... 

ifr ' . . JJ,jftfV, ihiynl Mvinn AtUIInty ^ 

U* , •itml. Utftr, H'>yul Uarluc Ari. . 

Mali- . . ■. ■». .,Uii.iaii. . , _ 

*laiFll t.«<i'Uu. H^i/vf- ] U,-airni]i 1iJ4rJ* -,..—-.,- 

laniitiKi. ii-^. m.. ii.iir. u r > _... 

KhU MauH. Jf^V". •"- I^n.-oiliiTv Siul.(*iF.r,., 

^dcrtek Lavu. JTvptr. it'iynl Kii,f.iiiH]M ,...,.- 

«kila Woi**!. J*^!"'. Kor*i Knimwr. ... 

MUB BukcW ttidiak. JTv"- K .-jiil Fuuiliera ...... 

■Tia Ultra Gall, Utrf, Ruyal F>i «>iut> <; ri ...... 

MS. M^f". KoAt Artillrry . .. ...„ _ 

rtaallaHMnll Wo(>Iii.i(vvr. RtD-nl Arulloi? ..„ 
■■ Bunun. J/riiar, liaintnn LwUi Infaiilry .,. 
ifaa Fa«*a^. Jf^rir, ScmariBCa L.i{;Eii lufliiiuy ,, 
liMSibGaii<«^. ^*i*f, ^tvatniA Liirlil InJancry 
L*aU« Beo(« batniae*, itW. B- Uuitud AiUUnr; 

nM narktie, Ih^, il>)yitl Kaaiiiiori 

BIT Haarm Ksbummi. X'^jar. Kayul KottiiiMn 
im Osuri.-'i tl'ima, iH/sr. Xuyal Kuuiuona ... — 
■mJoa'd^ Jfil^iSMunM Ijgtii 1 ufkatiy (1 j F.) 

ia«M I'll f J "j i1 Hfiijitiii I III 

llHirT LalM. »««, Itaiar, Bsuiial lUaT Cor|)i 
u. rrailanek LaaAn, Vu/ar. Ma<lnu> Huff Uurgin-. 
■lyat Anaon, IfM/v, Masai tMatlCoipt . 
tmcuBnil llMV^.ifapir. B«ui!>I liuironrtu 
n* M. tiOiaiHna. U^. Uailtu RiaiT I'.irna 

<J Wjt. 6j jf Foil, dv 
II Vr\y 77 
li Jan, vj 11 

■S Muj! JO i ; FoIl ; ■ 6 

iMatwy-aimuaa. Jf^>r, BwnFfiiauiraiMa. 
Ipiatm M'HaJt, iWw^. AkHMiiJ j^i«r<.Viri« ,... 

E June 70 


Ooi. 6(1 

fi Uiir. Ki >j &ii|>l,9$ 

1 Fub, St 
I July it 
1 July Tj 
• Oct. is 
u Ovt. (i 
gFvb. 1 1 

1 1 60|lC. 74 

J Jon»7s 
4 Jan, 71 

»3O0C. 71 ., 
4 Jan, ri'ia Fob, Si 
tJ*n ii' 

i4 Foil. ;ci^-ii Uot. to 
,1 Due. nj.i» 0«i 

1 »ei. ii 

I Ool. 3« 

bOoi. at 

.) One, 86 

S4 Jan. So 14 Oot, 

I) One n 

iiOot. M 

,. taiii.lot. 1:0 

. TdlJuol. M 

.'< ilcL 7C ifi Ocl. tii 

« Ju^ 7a 16 Uol. 7« i« Ool. M 

14 Dot. ;Di6 0ot. 7^ 16 dot. M 

9 Aag. 7 j 14 Ape. (} JI Oct. it 

4 Jan. 71 ,', Fell, U ij Ooc. «6 

4 Jul. }> :6 Fob, Si ifOtt. gi 

t .1*11. 71 '7 Fob. Bi jg Oct. ei 

1) Mar, B. ,9 Oct. M 

4 JjhU. 71 

5 Oot, bd 

■ 1 JllJlii J. 
K I j Nov. <« 

I Apr, ti' 6 

1 1 Oat. 

g SOV, 71, .7.SuV.»t| 

>lMar.»'i Xov.M. 

,j U.-o. i, isNuv.M. 
Hii|ll.)9 B) Xov.Ml 
Foil, 11 ,t^ tl t-Joi. 71 13 Apr. 81 » X.ji?, *i{ 

» Sot- &« i3 0«, 71 , 1 Junu Si »9 "■'V- S* 

. .. I 4 Jan. 7. I! Mar. «i j»« 

tt Juiistj ( AlU(.''IilT 8cpt.77 I UliO. >C 

S(pL.77 ■ Doc. S6i 

Apt. i, 4 Dun. it 

1 July 3i 4 IJiKt- I0| 

ti Doe. di iLj 1)00, S9I 

ji Jaly bjsiOoi. 71 
14 Fflli. 74 

~. .. Ins Ftb- 74 

9 Oct. (-ji&uvi 71 

^,,.. |l( JuiL. 47 

I Doe" 0;:iiS(iiL.77 

■ It, *i 

lu July , 

(Feb, J6I9O01. JI 

9 Auit. j» 

I > Aug. 71 

.,. -, I > A1IK.7t 
>4 July «ij .i Ocl. ;i 
$ Fob. TQil ilot, 71 
4 Jaljr TV ID lK>t. 71 
61)00. 67 

1} Anx. j« 

,j Juuu 7, ,, Pue. Ifc 
I) Kcpl.7ii II Ilso. W( 
13 Hcp'..*Q 17 lloQ. B6 
la Bcpt.».^ 1,) Doo. ^' 
,3 Jaa. St ir; Uai. >» 
« Apr. £1 II [>«■. »• 
« Apr. (i <i Doe. £6 
a Jiui, f^^Qou. Se^ 
i Juue7B»)Ugc. U\ 
liVtli. loit Don. U^ 

., i7Mi>y 7IIJ1D00. 86^ 

laJuly «|ij»iipl.p> ii Ifw **' 

lu July 0? 1 Oct, 7B (I Uoc. M 

10 July 61 a Oct, 7^,1 Doc, (6 
.lOct. 7, rtll«r,i.,j, Do*. M 
BJiin, mIijDoo. ti: JJ»u- >7 
i> Jan. S) „ Jm. 79 It Jui. I7 
,1 Jaa. 79 II Jan. 6^ 
1 1 Jan. ft 1 1 J*^- M 
ti Jan. ;a II Jan. ij 
,1 Juu. 74 II Jan. if 

II Jan. 67 

It Jan. «7 iJaly 6t 
II JaQ. ^7 HO Junii'^ 

11 JuD. >^7< I l>fC. iti 
It Jaa. 67 le Mar. 7 

II Jau. 6; >« Apr. 70 n Jan, T|,ii Jau. t) 

iiJaa.^, I Ju. 71 It Jao- j)\ii)«i. 1^', 

11 Jan. i} n Jtar. ;iiii Jkii. fn 11 Ju>. V]> 



AUelbcrt L'Dcll TfllWt, CIS,,Mafor, Banzai Staff Corp-H 

DqDCftn Alexander JiiliiiHtDn, llaji^. RoyftI EDRineera 

Vliicenl Gc'ircu LaivrtiiCG Eytv. ifajfir, Bengal Staff Curpa... 

niohnnl ijiiMincr, M.ijtir. RuyHl l';i]fl^i"paTa ,., - 

WJllijiiTi ArliflpUl, if'iiar. B"jrol>ft,v fntaT L'orpa 

Ro3H Kmiiltlm Itl'nrTa^MiiJvr. Ruvjil Kn^incora 

L'liiirleh r.uwfard DiUp. Mnj'-i; 3 West ludiB Kflfriiaeal 

l-'iLigerald W iiitnur. Cayfiii^ty VVuat Kent RL-gimeut (50 F,J ... 

Th'jinti^ Girtnp.wnj, llajir, Mpi(lrn6 Staff Cot-pJ4 .- „....-.. 

Geurt^o ileurv. Zt^iiar. RovhI EnGiiiffrs .- - 

fltnmrd Chaiincrn iJSO., Afaja,: (Seiifiil Staff Corpi....,.,-.,... 

James L. AT^a^iK^l-^^ao^i1yl -Ifj/or, Ifcugnl ^taO'Coriu 

Joha A, W. t'riltp, Cuplaia. I>iikc of r rim wall's Liglit Inf. ...... 

>j.».c. William Piiacocki?. Cll(i. SIifj\p, Rcj-bI EiiKinwra ,...., 

/.•.r.ArtlJTiT J^fille. BurrmT. C3tO. tirpfoin, Etnjra^ Slfiff C. 

SL GPor^f- Corljtt Gon, itajur. Ro^nl Enciucera 

AllVcii Vet Motion. CapiaiM. llungal SLaffL'rjrpi . . 

Edmuiid Gcurcru liurroff, CartatM, Bcn^ t<tftirCorpfl ,.,....,. 

Uarri- H Iloee llt^ith. {VpM", linntt^il dtiiffL'urps .„-,. 

llim. Mila GdorKV Talhot, Cui'l^sii. R^ifM jijinplnccrs -., . 

t'i'antfifi O. R, Prnriimoml, Cu^j/iTi>, Bencnl SOiff'-'orps 

Edwnni BrootB AiiderBmi. Mi^'oi; JH^Itjls StKUT Curps .,,-., r- 

CUurlp* Hervty Un^ot, Jfijor, R^fj-ul Euf^iDEcrp 

Honrj Metrnlfc Pi'-e< />SO. J/, llonpa] Sl»iyror|ja 

Leoiiunt Wm. rlinat'iihcr, Mujit. Hcnpil Smff Cnrpa.., 

Lbnpl Albert T, MCuddt-n. j/.j^r. BomUfly Stuff Corps 

GtfOr^Tfh flulefihEim rlnrlco, CMG. Majue. ftoypl Rnpiiinerfl ,.. 
Ueiirj" 11 mghcT, IT-i/or, Yurk find LnDCj^atrr n4L'j;tiiii;]il . ... 

UiphnGJ Tnit'v, M-'/ar, Const Uriamtp of Aniliery -,... 

Robert Sjimij-'i rlniherlnud, iToJor. CoaBt BrL^Adu vT AttUlery 

Ch&Hea Unrtb Kcjl'L1c>\ Mi/jvr^ Uenga] SlulT Corps 

Frwloriclc IJ. T, Wcluh. Ititjor. Momhny filiiffCori^e— — — - - 

Lewie Uoninp, DSO. Ufaj'n', litiUf^a] Staff CoT\tA .............. 

B4!fLiithjiiiip J. i.'rilpl^npjh Doran, Ciyluin. Irisb Rei^u (i9 F.) 
Cliarlcs Comju R(;r".'rtnnp Major. Rpngvil Stuff ('ari» ,,.,..,,..,... 

CbarEed Arcbibulil Mdit'er, ^(ajtiv. bti^igsl Stuff t'<)|-pH - 

Tboma? HolLrow Ir.'MDry, Majoy^ Homnit Stuff Curpl 

Gt;orffe Alcsnndcr Tottliuni, Majur, Rujpal Ka^nceri 

GetTild Ward MniEin, i^iijofH Benaal .St*ff CorpH „-,.. 

tJtorge Altierl Lui*n;iicn Hawalotiifl, Major, R. Mar. Artillfirj 
WjllUmi Whltol'urji WoW Whitprord, Miiiitf, R, EugmeorB -.- 

Charles Cmttbley, Coytain, Qcota GiiardB -■—,.. 

GbarlQH Artlmr Hoaa bn^c. Major. JSeng&l SUiffCurpa 

Bt. GooTjjo Mcn'jQ KIrke, Mfhr, Rnjal Kncm<>rrfl — 

Henry t'ktzGerulJ SLevenjt, Maijov, Bon^nl StaffCorp* .-..-. 
WiUiaiii Anbur Jnniea Frprp, Majur. Scoln l-'tiriilii.TH (11 F.) 
JrimcB RiUuQuy Hubdaj-, Tnj'/iain, BcdeaI ^triff L'urpi.. .--. 
Cliarleu Ed^onorlL GnbLtlii'^^ Cipt^ta, UetiKiil Staff Curpfl 

William Beraard WilBuu^ {\iitt*\}H. BonL'jtl §lalT foppB 

Atlliur Robert Fiird llDrwora» DSO. Major. Rnya] EngiriearB 
Vernon Aitprlpl] ScbHJcb, C/p^AfH, Ilcngnl Staff Corpa .,....,. 

Frederick T. X, Spratt, M-fjor, Rihyul Hnginpere 

Macitn ^"illmm tiaiiudi-r», ifu^up, Uo>h1 AttilJHry -,,-,,-. 

Alfred Ai^tlpy I'trtrtoD, C^iiiiin'i. Bumbay Staff Corps 

I'Lnrlee Pulley, Caplaim, Heu^nl fii&iYCiTyn ..,....-.. ... 

ThoiUHfl Plnxiket Cntlipr, DSO- C.ipf.f^a^ TEo\ ul Entrinoarfi..... 

Stunrt I!ruTvi]l(*vi" BtMiAitn, Cuj-loit. [k^nyal J7tftffGorpB 

Herljort V. 3. RBlflF'^ou, f'lptiUi. Murtras BtaffUorpa 

FranriP Grsut Mnttbyn jlitjar. Itcncal Staff Corpa.-,..- ,,., 

Henry DL^vttou liutG]iJD>'i*ii, Mnjor, Beiij^al Stuff Cnrpa.. ...... 

Frederick Ilobertton Dimui^, Slijir. Bk-iLgLiL Stuff Corps 

Uark Hrnrj Genrgp Go^t-Vn-. Major, Rnyrtl Eui'iiie'^re -... 

Philip HiTUiHri WalleriLcLn, Major, bfingnk Staff Corps ........ 

Anbur i\ G. Kirbardson, Major, S. Laiiffri^bire Rej^. {411 F.) 

Job;i Newninn Wnikcr. M'tjor, Boinhay timff Gntps 

Bpem^rr Itichard R^wlin^OM, I> SO. Major. Madroff 3L4ff Corps 

AJciutjdcr WitliriiD Smor', Mtijm', Royiil ELgloeora 

Aduia B^iglo. Majiir, Royal Kn,gli]eer» . .-. - -...,-, 

Anbur Ttiirinar' I'reBinn, Moi'^r, Ri^yriC KuKlTieBrs .,. ...,.,. , 

Artlinr RoBnorih, Uajor, 1 West India Uei>imoiit „ 

Pbibp KrivaibflGb Doyue, M'tjar^ 4 Dra^u-rm Giutn^ „,„, .,,. 

Edward WII1(.hc.Il Cbaiinyrii, M'<j- r. lS\-\.\zii\ Blaff Ct^ppa 

Ceoriio IVidliiiUb Civrcn, Mojur. Royal Artdlery ,-..^„, ...... 

AukfiLttiih Jobti En^baii, Mojr.r, n HavaTA ,..,., 

L'hurlos WiUmm RuiiUJeFurdH Major, York and Lancastflr) 

Reut. (*sF,) ] 

Freilerick TytSfin JU^ickinlay Beavor, Mujor, R^'jal ArtiRery 

Cbiirle* H**nr^' Ltio.ikps, Miij^r. Rr.hul KnginDeri 

Edwarfl Wbeeler, Jfi-w. Ri>riil Marmn Artillery ....... 

Jflnitu A. Luitrcuci' Mont|?4iiu«ry, iloJA'f. UoniCk) ^ladCorpa 

ArtbuT Pjirry Thomt'fn, MnjiT, RetiKtvl SLaff Corpi ,... 

Cbarlca Lq^be Ca^e3^ Miifor. Ri?ya! \rtillfrj ... - , 

Doq^jLan Gbaire« Deiin-l^itTi, M'\iat, Rti^al Artillery 

BolomoD \l"atsun. Mnjfr, Royni Artillery ,.., 

Patrick Gbnrles Knr XewblirHinir, Maj-r, Royal Audlery 

Aifrcni r.kitbur Lane. Majtyr, RnyuL Artillery .., 

Henry llr'witt Penffree, Majw, lioyn' ArUllery ,. ,....-. 

Audlcy IWluB NefllJ, Major. 3 Life Girnrds ... - - ..,.. 

Robert AiTjl>roaeCp€MJ Kititf , Mojar, Roynl Artillery .......^...... 

Wilbam George PlnHimoTe. Miitf, Roynl Artillfry 

tieorge Ricbaida I'batlunor, Major. Ui'\-n\ ArUlltry ,..-.... 

f'onrtney Cbirka ttaiviiori, Mtfor, Roval EaglneitrA , 

Boi^ert MHXi^tJit Hj»lop. M<xjor, Roval Encineers - 

rrodeiiok Ausuvtas Bowies. IfajW. KoynJ Artillery 








HtLV lir. 

15 Jul, 67 
8 Jan, bfl 

IS Jan. 79 ■! Jul- 87 
24 Dec, 7a!iB Jan. B7 

5J Jbb. tj 

35 Juno 7d'33 Jan, 7922 Jan. B7 
8 Jan. 6B 34 Uco, 79 27 Jan. 87 

, Feb. 67 

8 Feb. jo' 1 Feb. 79I 1 Feb. S7 
B Jan. 68 31 Jan. So i Feb, 87 

11 Fob. iB 12 Oot. 81' a Fob. 87 

iiA.ut:.8oi I Jul3- Si 1 Keb. 87' ;t F<!l>. 87 

13 Fab. 67I I Jan. 69 11 Feb. 75 11 Feb. 6j 

1 8 Jan. 6S lyJlily So 19 Frb. C7 

iiFob. 67' 14 Mar. 68 rj Ftb. 79 i? Feb. E; 

I'lFeb. 67'iDBept.69i3Pab. jVu *'«''■ ^1 

jigKov. j6 11 Feb. 87 13 Feb. 87 

1 V July 59' 7 Jo'T «i ■* ^eh. Bt 

i3 i9 Oct. 71 i3 Aug. Gi ifiFeb. 87 

; 8 Jan. 70 B Jan. 8a 16 Feb, S; 

33Sept.7n80ct. j.|aj8opl.aj'i6 Pub. 8j 

...... ]o Dae. 71 30 Defl. B3 s6 Feb. Ej 

24 July 73'i4 JdIv 84'i6 Feb. B7 

'19 Apr. 73' e Jan. a;'i6 Fab. Sj 

11 Feb, 75 11 Fob. 86, 16 Feb. 87 

ig Fob. 67 14 Apr. 6019 Feb. 7919 Feb. Sj 
1 a Jan. 68 17 AUR. Sa 17 Feb. 87 

E Uar. 87 24 May 69 B Uir. 79' 3 Mar. 87 

g Mar. 67 18 Jan. 70 Mar. 79^ 9 Mar. 97 

t6 Mar. 67 30^01.70 16 Mar. 79.16 Mar. B7 

IS July 6891 Aqr. Ss 17 Mar. 87 

17 KoT. 67 18 Oct. jii 3 Apr. 78 jj Mar. B7 

10 Mar. 7518 Oct. ftij i Apr. 87 

...... JToMnr. 7s 17 Doc. 8j] 1 Apr. 87 

^ Apr, 67 7 June 67I J Apr. 79; j Apr. tj- 

?ci Apr. 67 IS AuB- 69 10 Ajjr. 79 90 Apr. 87 
iiMk,y 6710 Apr. 71 11 May 79 n May 87 

It Jan. Bo 1 July 81 ai Ma; 87 13 Ma; 87 
e Junc67 19 Oct. 69I BJoneT^' SJuneSr 

G JiiDe67 18 Jan. 70' BJa]ie79 8Jutie87 

g June 67 24 July 69' 9 Juaa79' 9 June 87 

15 July 6s' J9 Sept. 80 16 June 87 

i'jJtinoQj 24 Mjir. 7i'v> June 79 va J una 87 

...... 24 June 68 31 Jn^y 79, >2 June 87 

.1; July 68 H Bept.Soi; June 87 

21 Bejit. 74'i9 June B7'3ii June B7 

5 July 68 3 Oct. 71, 8 July 80; > July 87 

ij July 68 91 Bept-Bo I Jnly 87 

I Dec. 68 M Oct. 7o| 3 Dec. 80 i July B7 

isJ-ily 6aaB0ct. 71 27 Doc. 80 1 July 87 

13 Jan. 6a aB Mar, 71 13 Jan. 81 1 Jnl.v 87 

4 Fab. 69.28 Oct, 71! 4 I'eb. Si i July 87 

at Apr. 69 a8 Oct, 71 21 Apt. 61 1 July 87 
J15 Jnly 68 i May 81 i Jnly 87 

39 May 69 28 Oct, ;i 19 May Si i July 87 

|i3 Jan, 691 I Jnly 81 : July 8; 

ij Dae. 71 13 July 81 i Jnly 87 

BFeb. joiBOot. 71] 8 Feb. B2 1 July 87 

28 Oct. 71 >B Oct. 71 23 Oct, 83I I Jot; 87 

]iS Deo. 7115 Uao, Sj 1 July 87 

>jAiij(.73 8 Jan. 8j 1 July 87 

Iia Hept,j; 10 SeMt.aa I July 87 

ftjnly 67 iSMay f9 6 July 79' 6 July 87 

6 July 67 5 A 111:. 69 6 July 79 6 July 87 

to July 67 lo JuIt 79 if July 87 

IS July 68 I Oct, 80 11 July 87 

1 J July 67 10 Aug, 69 13 July 79 13 July 87 

1 s Oct, 73 IS Mar. 8d 13 July if 

2a Jnly 67 17 Aug, 70 JO July 79 30 July 87 

20 July 67 17 Jan, 71 20 July 79 zo Jnly 8? 

,15 July 63 20 Not. Bu 23 Jnly 87 

...... IS July 68 25 Nov. 80 23 July 87 

IS July 68 12 Jan. Bi 2] July 87 

11 Fob. 75' 1 July 81 3 Aug. 87 

14 Mar. 68 16 Mar, 711' 9 I'cb. Si 3 Auk. S7 

f 4 Anf , 67 25 Fab, 71 ^4 Anj;. 79 14 Ang. B7 
1 a Aug. 71. 8 May 81 15 AuR. 87 

'30 Deo. 73 >6 Jan, 84 17 Aag. 87 

9 July 68 17 Nor. 69 33 May 78 24 Aug. 87 

2 Aug*. 71 23Muy 81 26 Aug, B7 

IS July 68 33 Jan, 81 )i Aag. 87 

24June68 1 Jan. 79J2Sapt,87 

i4Bept£7 9 Oct, 69 14 Bapl,79 14 Sapt.87 
14 Sept.G7 B Sept.71 14 SBpt,79 14 Scpt.S? 

9 Aug, 71 27 May Bi 31 ilDpt.87 

: 1 Aug, 7i'27 May 81 II Sept, 87 

1 9 Ang.71 11 JnneBi si Sept, 87 

2 Aug. 71 11 JuneBi 31 9ept,87 

3Aag.7i 1 July Bi SI Bci)l,B7 

. 1 Aug, 7i| 1 July 81 31 He|it,S7 

15 Fob. 71 28 Oct. 71 13 Apr. 81 34 flopt.87 

t; Dec. 71I I July 81 ]3 ilc|it.S7 

,ijDea, 71 I July Bi3Bae|ie.87 

IS Doc. 71 I July 81 28 I'oiit.a? 

15 July 68 9 Fub, Bi i O.t, 87 

,1; July 68 11 May 81 1 Dot. St 

IS Dec. 11 

1 July 81 

I Got. 87 

&«■»**, JWO. Jf«,W. BdJ*! ArUllOTT 
■in. -.ins-.'^i^ JTuir. BbnJAiUUvr; 

I» l! . , ItoTil Arclll«r7 _ 

IDW . . M'ji'. Rof kI Artin*iT 

UcrL_... . . . if-^jFr, BuytJ Araucnr. — .. 

fewcur Kiuj. Infill*, i: llnun ^..., 

iDiM (rtT>U<i. JI'Ax-. Kdnl K-um*nn> 

rawKllU BiUK. J/vv, BMBba; HairCoipa.-,.. 

I BiUer. if «>r. Ruf Hi ArllUn* ..„....^ ~, 

Qmnta n'il4an, JT-iior. Snu PatlMn (si 7.} .. 

kr4n Walfonl. Maitr, Hunl .UUIKir 

im ilnndcr. Uo&r, Benskt S^uT Corp* . .- 
innl XaU, C3£. Clr9. Ui/tr, Bum tnj fiuff Corpt 

t FiUEiBinoii, Mttitr, IIOTiI Kaclniion 

VllIMr WHUu, Jf4l<r, ILotbI KnittaMn 

n. Jl«r*r, BosatBiffiDMn— — — 

■tani SiBfiV>(iv<*VU7>l UkcIbm ^. 

kw OsoOrUh Otek, V^w, nafal UmIbw 
klie. It-tjir, Boral Kariuta _. 

lOuaDboU UmKoi. U^/tr. Bofal Esatmim.. 

biiBl Sdlor, IfiflV, B<^b1 ]Iiiir'"Miii 

|tD4U««<7,lI'UiP,BMiii>ldtaf l>)rpi ...-. 
■tiM Dmdbi, il^tt, CbckUra Roci. lit W.) 

laOtt, tj 
tjaa, 4^ 

Mdr Parte, «•(■•'> t DnucdOb OuviU.. 

, Uiftr, t Dninan iImtOi _..., ,. 

raDwl. Xitr. Ihdna mmir Corp* 

d*. (bstain, R-wil Uiniuo 

-.JIlMga fieoillj', lillO. CWirln, Seat* lluarilA 
taMn AdMDKii^ Unit'. &u-lnui Ktuir Carpi 

art CM? BMk*iii«t. Jfit^. Btiiml malTO. 

Iff aUdi. iftffr. B«agiil aiagCurn*. 

■umwMn(^(}*.IIii>v.ftiait)i|'Kui:rC(ir|ia ..,„ 
Iitagr ijTMb, Mtiar, Bconl SuS Uiriit 

It Apr. (^ 
la Aotl. ID 

ili)e& 6; 

hwA PMoo. JMS/<rt fMrntoi SuiTCotim.,. '.._".' 

IMfbMna. Mmr, Roisl KnguiHi* .-.. h. 
Hrnn ftswt, £kmf. lionl Artnitn- ... .. 

, £kmf. lionl Artnitn 

JMcvBUM. /><(.*> ttoBiar SMiriL\.nM...., 

hi JkiDM BlnirMau.ltcMr, Bcanliiuiruonis 
btborUilw.Vu.r, n.lUrlo»ArUllNT ■■■-».. 

U, M^j Iilifa ruKitfn IB« F.y 

Btwlini HoMt. Oiitaia, Bojrsl RuR.ivwn .„... 

UMMTbacmus. tVful'. Sufal K'uc.iHvr* ...,_... 

■rMtlligAtoy, if-v-". tloj-a) Artillery ... . 

tvtbssn Mjiililitn. Urjrr. Wc9t ludii aufiiovat ... 

Kiu>. if>ip>r, Dmii Bluer t^Dii"^— 

'. tr«iw, (lon^l BikSCorpi ..._ 

ToniiD. it^ar, SoBUmj aUSl^)^p■ ...... . 

p Tbuna. Jl^iuv. ft*4Iardtbli« lUipniml 

.A»i..B^KMii-on.Tr .:., 

. .vOrptB, iCytr. BoyklKnaiuMri _.., 



11 Jan. I!a 

g Jul. 61 

gJvi, (J 
I Jan. «) 
BJu. «t 

» Ju. » 

i}Uoe^ II 
ij 0ms. ti 
It ■>». ;i 
■1 Dm. II 
D&SO. |l 
»S Kov. J7 

i|J«n. <i 
tS Sav. JO 
■ jDiu. ;■ 
4001. ;j 
IJ Ju- ig 

Ij Dae. }i 
11 Ok- }i 
liuei. )i 
nUar. 11 
ifJiin. Dij 

>jJ*U. A} 

IJ Jiui. 69 

Oa, jt 
■S KvpE-tg 
11 Jul Ui 

tlOau. ;i 

II BopV)<l 

ilJaa. ro 
J Aoj, d 

3 Jau. M 

14 F«Ij. to 

>a )Pgb. 1<e 
J July N 
(1 Ocl. jn 

t Oct, f I 
6 Ocl, )i 
<} Jaq. C) 
<t Doc. 71 
jj Anjt, Ts 

M Juns «9 
iiJbu, 7< 

SjJ»B. I, 

.sJab. n 

15 D(c. ji 
1: JUj- TJ 

V Ml. JO 

^Ost. ;■ 
JO Soi. JU 

' k I«mM. CarNi'a. Sofai tatatttn ..._ 

J(^^, B«*I Knitlnon* 

— j>*. tiMowtowhlra Bn<imnTA ... 

cmpw.iMw, SiibiiarMUlm,. ' J juir a 

_^^.ChBlitnlI«FiaHn4iiir.l _( a July «j 

JLB4>t*>«. JCMi'.BsaibnySuffCurp* »Apr.«l 

ltoB»0t O i« inf i tnriuWliH.thiiuiilt'fminy I. ..„_ 
— ' da C Raattltk, J(w«r. Ih-ngi:] HisITCtKu 

-- >A hii| 1 tr.lti^tr. a Mulni! AhUIuit 

IIBIikJ[iI««r,tiiibllariuiIien|>''l'.) .~-... 
OhHthuBuJfi^fv, a-UuiniArtiUiin-. ,_.;. 

" - - ft- ~ 

n F.b. 69 

June '.4 
„Miir.6) (Vtyn 
l}l*9pt.*J liOot. 71 

■ jJaii, 6) 

ijjnn. £g 
J July ft, 
J J.ily ft> J, 
r July 6} 
; July bi 
J July 6) 
f July 04 

loJuiu 7 J 
J Jaly 6j 

riJuly 7> 

iS Otil, T< 
itlM. 71 

iJlU. JO 

17 JUy »; 
& Atif, 70 

>* J«I1C(4 

IJ Koi-. >3 
i Nav. li^ 

tiJoly <i 
6 Nov. 75 

9 Nov, J) 
July > 

■ July Si I UOI- K] 

I Jaly Si I Oct. S; 

1 Jii^ Ii I Out. E; 

1 July Si I Uot. Il 

' ■ " 1 Ocl. Bj 

I Obi. B; 
■ I Ooi. ' 

nUoi, ., 
uOcl. I; 
H Ort. ij 
,.) Of I. »; 

, 9 July t. 
ja XoT. Sj 
^ Jutic 1 1 

11 Oo»- 79 
• July I! I 
1 Ktlj. ei 

I July Si I) UP". •; 

II July Si]}Oc«. i} 

»O0V. (7 
Il Kov. 37 

11 Sur.X- 

1 July Si ij; 

, "rc. S; 
i Deo. <i 
I Dc^, 6; 
I IV- 6; 

:, I'co. "7 

■IB DroBiinoiMl. C'|i«Ht,fti>u (iuiinU 

_ . r Mairall, l/v",'Otaip\ SmirOotpi ... 

MCM UiUf<nl>'nl Onyi VtHT. 9cdi,->U BUtfCarii 

ilUy ii 

I July B- 
I July Bi 
t July Hi 
1 July Bi 
t^Supt.Ba '< -<.-.. 
,1] JUUUK1I14 "so. 1^7 
.July Bi ijriec. 87 
■ July till? I>*c- A-7 
iS Due. ;i[<t I'cc. H? 
laJall. 7^ ij 1>J0. H, 
rfMay 70 ;i IK'u. (i; 
11 Jmi. il ji Jl«'. ^' 
;< l)oc. 7.) n Dec. 87 
I July Bi ,1 ilu^' i; 
I Ajir. S; I JnH. t-: 
g Jan. (« fJaa. U 
t Jin. Sa t J113. BB 
I Jail. »i S Ji>ii. te 
BJhu. t(. f J&D. <? 
sJaiL Bo E Jan. Bs 
8 Jon. Bo »Ja"- «" 
B Jan. fo t Jan. t* 
t Jad. Bs 8 Jikii. B> 
I July Si SJan. ti 
I, July Si i^Jau. H 
iiJnli, »> II Jau. " 
jj JoD. Ba 17 Jan. 
lOuI. 79 tj Jan. 
i^ JuiivNi 15 Jan. 
1} Jan. Be 1', Jan. » 

1^ j^u. £1 itJtu. a 

,1 July Ai'ty Jau. M 

■4 Au«' Si IV Jan. 13 

I PoU, Bo t Pab. tS 

,1 Poll. t>l:i PBb. M 

!l>Pc^. ».li>Pal>. SI 

■.(.Rue. 741 7MW.M 

;,M.r. ^,, M<r.« 


' I Jiily Bi , Apr, (3 

1 Jniy Si I Apr. M 

f July nr I Apr. ia 

7 July Si I Apr. SS 

' ' "" I Apr. •> 

I Apr. » 

. Apr, KJ 

1 Av' Ct 

I Al-r- Si 

9 Apr. &j 

4 Apr. ■> 
J. Apr. 81 
,S Apr. B 
.> 11 Apr, U 
,j Apr. Si 
a> Apr. Si 

• May as 

. « 

7 July Bi 
7 July Ci 
7 July 3i 
7 July »! 
I Apr. Sf 
• July Si 
, Uar. Si 
T Sor. " 
t Jau. . . 
j< Apr. Ai 
IS Apr. » 
I May A: 

fjiily 6, 
Tab. 17 

Eril«b^lai ttiiftila. Royal Iteraiea „ _. 

~ ■ Oot«im. C*H-<a. Royal llarlDCa- 

J- ^kU, JT^tr. aeral ARitlnr 

> BttMOB. JCvir, WnwfeM RedUMSt («i F.J.. 

> BralUiwUW. JTi^. ij Uuaaan ^ _ 

I Wsnto. JfwV. 4 HuM>r> ...._ 

jaTim«i'. It^itr, ■ Uro OaanU.^ 

I Wmmb. tf^if, nHsaaan .. 

ftf»«T. V«>r. Tcrtahira Lisbl InfkUiT..,.,. 

■OIL Jf«w. lri»b 8U« («i r.) ... „.... 

jTv^, Honb StaSof^atiin ^m- r#S P.> ..._ 

Pal .. 

J jufin se I rno- 7" 

jJunoM rfOol. 71 

>4Sopt.7i ''O^ :> 

I Apr. 76 

» JutuiAfl J AiiK.«7 
H Jaace;! ) Anji.67 

<lD(ii. 71 

) Apr. di.n JiMt. 71 
ijHcpl.?! >SOc(. 71 
1 Jau. 67 laOat. 71 
siUaf, ;i iBOoi. 71 

■ Vrowo. Jf«^ B^ra/ UivVAomr., 


•> iiw- ;» 

■} Mar. •■ 
jAot.»'«*pot, 71 

17O01. mt\ 

...._ ' a Jad. p 


I Juuoftj 
7 July Si 

J JuriK &3 
J Jmic^' 
11 D«i 7-) 
■ July at 
1 July ■ 
, July t 

I Apr. 7) 
17 *ipt.79 

I Jan. to 

a Jan. Bo 
May k 
II Mar. Bi 

i May U 
.1 May M 

■ tUySS 

I J LL 110 SI 

J Juuesa 
f} JluiuS:! 
I f i una IS 
t, Jooe SS 

jujj ai r*^«"»w» 

I, July Si iS JuBaKt 

itMa. V iJuly S8 

■ - I July l!H 

I July na 

I July SB 

1 'uly IK 

I July SB 

1 Jaly « 




HobcH Oliver LIdjeI. ll'tjor, Rayol Eiii^mccrH ..- ,.-, 

Glnui'c Itqi^fujcr Conder, Majav, Rm-o-l En^neorS', ...'.■', 
Frocl-K.t'. lI.G(3r(ion-Ciimmiiiir.^"j*»".C'he5liitBltfifft,(ajF.) 

Frpclcrirli Henry Muud, Miyur. Irioli Fusiliora (St F.) 

MoiitEi^iiu (icurcfl Jnhiiflt^iiic. Major, 2 DmBOOnj -.."-,. 

Oharlga Gitpviile UjinaoK Jti'ijor, IttiiRaT StaH* Corps 

Cbarlea TliomiiB niii(!t"in, Kjyor, llenun.! Uiatt Corps .. .. 
HenjamiD Atuj. Nupler Famitj M-ynr, Madrrui Blfiff Corps 

Douglflfi DflTKl'^or] Fryce, MitjrT. Mii'iTna SuiBCorpH- 

Francifl Furtyth Robert Rnrgep^^ J/u^'ir, BcnRill SisJT Con>* 

Charles Jniiiua .IjiiDifiiiou, Xitfji"; llE?ii^ii] SljiJf Corpa - 

(.'sthcart BpinpiiT, Myor, Uci.(!iil SUfTL'orpB 

Hlchjiril 'lo VilliLnLil, ILiior, Rcji'jil tluRLnc^crH - 

WooUforrio Georpu du Doulay, Mnjrr, Royal Eugmeara -, 

Waller Hnrrj- Sykcs. iTajor, IJnyul En^DGOrs '. 

Jusejtb Aloinndtr LariiljLri. Mtjor, -j Dra^oim Gaarcla .- - 

Frank AM,n«, JiSajLr, Buuiba.v SinlTforiis 

LowJB Unltby Bailfuu, Major, BfDfjHl Staff Corps -,." 

fiporpa liulBtrodQ Eilmnnil' llnJclilTe, Miijor, Bomtuy StalT C 

Njchuljin Smilior, Major, t DraHtoTi Giifinis -,„-,,.-, 

Jair.pp SteWHj-t Kln^. Mnjoi-, BiHjihay f=tiiQ'('orpa--.r.,- 

Kilmuitd Willinm I'rc&wfl], SLtiiar, lloyal Kci^uo^rs 

Henry rniiiriu Hofktti,if<J /*►"", Rf*ngftl Staff (.'orpB ,-.,. 

Ali>Kandtr Hiilalrnde Fentoii, C-iflfin', Madras tfiaff Corps ,. 

Alci, Guri! Breffncj Tornan, Coji/ni", Itcoaal Staff {'orpa 

Cub&runtiiko Kodney Wm. Hen'ty, Major, Royal ArLillery 

Kdword MiinlaKi: FNtiI, Major, RoyarArtiUcry 

i'lande Raiiiiyr Ropr-ra, M'ijor, Irinb J''i|pilien (B? F,),r. ,,.,-. - 

tieofge Df^rbj t'llmtr Suit van, Hiji'r, T5 Hubbdjis - ., 

Walior B. Davjes 1/ardot. Major, Lt^iccstcrsbire Re^meiit .. 

Pclcr Fial]C!r Ptrcivnl HdiniUmi, Wiyor, Royal ArlilloTy 

Ifpiiry {'lorlt, Miijar, 1 Uraffoon CiuATds .„„ 

Cbarlpe SLeuiin, Skin ton, Major. HovbI Arcillory 

Aitbcr Uurt-lQLt, Major, MadiTia BlJiff Corps 

SoiatrBpt HoTivy FqeiI flravca. Major, BcdrbI Bt^ Corps...-. 
Pbilip A.M. Penrfon, Major. Kast Ynrkaliire Regiment {ij P.! 

Henry fiay. Major, Bombay ftlalT ( 'or|ia — 

John Albtrt Robertson, Major, Ro.val Artillery 

Arcbibnid Muopr Moir, Major, Bcniral atiiff t'orpp 

William Artbnr ISiviomt', Maji'f. Ho[n>iay fiUiffCorpa 

Herbcrll'ercn'iil \\'illiiii[ibb.v. Major. Hojnl Artilleiy. 

■Willjflni llrory Blinxv, Majt/r, Rf>yal Scolai^ F.).. 

Jobn IIcnr.vAuj.'. Hpidr, Major, irieb Heidraent (iS F.).,,...., 

Fraiicia freiiijoiir .\lku. Major, \\ortL'Hersli,rH Ht'gt 

Franciri Fnwkce lahn*to;ie. Major, BfldfoTdahiro RocimeDt... 
fbnrlesFdwnrd linnIU'y.Jf-T/'T.N.Stnfforil.-birt llpgl.(6jF,| 

William Frederick (.'iirtuis, M''j'>r. ctn*bire Ele^imsut (3a P.) 

Erneal Vcoc^f KImcr, Maiur, Roi al Artillery 

WilbflDi I'dwlilt Thrini', ilu./^, liujul Aitilicir 

Bngb Alionkir Scolt, Jfojof, Royal Artillery 

Alexander J olui Slnnlffomety, Mr'jor. Royal Artillery 

Jobn Toiiis Kiiwiiii. Mmar. Hoyal Artillery ..... ........... ... 

Mn-lfi'olin Aieifli-der irr"y, Major. Ili'iiiial Stall Corpe 

Willium &]oore, St.ijLb StnfforfJfhire Rfp meat 

Bcnry Conrtona.^ .Mj-irlnlid. Majar, ^ Lnnctr* ,. 

Richard D'^mtroik Vounj;. Major, LEbi-ok Walch .................. 

John Wiu. IlBJlTLiif rolls. Major, Hojal Artillery 

Allwrt Lenrj' CirTL^vetl. Maior. Itn.tul Artillery .,,... 

Robert Gcjrdon lluudcock, itninr, Bpiical EtaiTCorps 

FlWGeraid lluiri-or Raniner, Major. Royal Artillery 

S.(.f. Wm. llniiti.i'tua Adair, Cartatu, Rnyal Marine!......... 
dward Erai^Pt I'yuo, Carlaii, Rojal llaiiiies 

EeilTy O. Terrival Wright, Cujitain, Pnya) Mariae&,.... 

Hon-aril eiaLlty Tin mpaon, tVj'Ajiw, Royal Alarines ....... 

Arlhor M, Ed«unl Ilajes, Caplain, Iloyal Matinee 

Henr.v Yeplman llext, Caiifain, Si oyial Marines.................. 

Alfred O, Do Blaquiere Kyifan, Caylam, Royal Marines ... 

Hoiiry Dnniel RnLineon, Capfatn, Hoynl Marines.,,. 

Martiu Martin, Major, Ro^aJ Knt'iiieers ....,,....,,. .,,...., 

Thomas Ryder Maiu, Major Ro^al Engiaeorfl ....,..........,,, 

(dalles WilUftDi fihtrmrd, ifq/ifr. Riijnl Bngiuoen ......... 

lltnry Waoab Rciiiiy Tailyour, Miu^r, Royal Bngineen.,. 

William I'lTI, M^uor. Rr.yBi EnjpiieeiB .,,.......,..,... 

Chnrlcs WilkiLson, Major, Royal EiiAiacf^rs 

liotaliD Holt Hart, Jf^or. Rojal EnginecrB 

Miittm Doberiv llcdwitll, iffl^f'T, b.p. Worcester Regiment 

Ji liD U'lFonnell, Major, Royal ArttlJer; 

JoliD Temple, Uajor, Royal AiliUery 

a June 70 
B Jnly 6S 
8 July 68 
B jDly 6e 
8 Jnly 63 

8 .luly '-S 
B July Ci 

9 July 68 

31 July 68 

J3 July eaiBOct. 71 
33 July 66 3 Nov. 7. 

31 Dec. 60I38 Oct. ji 
I Aug. 63 r Jan. 71 

8 Jan. 7c 
G Jbd. to 

6Mu. -3 
11 Sept. 76 

' Aug. 71 
30 Joly 70 
,ji Ang. 70 

3 Dec. 70 
IS July 71 
!7 Oct. 7i 

30 Oct. Jl 

iS Fob. JO 
8 Jan, 70 
3 Jan. ta 
3 Jan. 7a 
3 Dee. 7i 

j8 Oct. 71 

B Jan. 81 
a Jul. 83 
^ Jaly 3i 
JO Mar, 83 
jT Jan. 7! 
BJiily Bo 
a Jnly Bo 
a Joly Bo 
8 July 80 
a Jnly So 

3 Jnly flo 

4 July 80 
a, Ian. " 
8 Jan 

3 Aug. 68 

13 June 63 

3 Sept. £8 
'■ Jsn, 67 

11 Apr. 7J 
t3 Nov. 73 
1.1 Jejie 74 

15 Deo- ji 
ijDec. ji 

14 Juue It 

16 Oct. 71 

17 Joly j3 

15 Dec, ;i 
bi Alf- 7S 
6 Jan. 75 

JI Nov. 30 
IS Dec, 6; 
ID Feb. 69 

i6Soiit,68 38 0ct, 71 

6 Jan. 7a 

30Saiit,6a|;eDct. 71 
JD Seiit.63 ^;S Oct, 71 

" Dec, 66 

■i Sept. 68 

3 Scpl.68 
' 8DPI.6S 
' SEpt.6S 

= eBpt.68 

J Nov. 68 


■iLT r 

I Deo. 

1 July 
I Jnly 38 
1 July SS[ 
r Jnly 8« 

I Jn^ m 
S July SB] 
S July 33 

E July eg' 
a July a»i 

B July 8) 

B Jnly 33' 

3 Jnly S9 

S3'it> July iS 

93 14 Jnly 33 

te Joly as; 

jiJuly SS 

10 July 81 
13 July 

11 July 8039 Jnly 39 

Ji July I 
13 July as 

I Foil. 8i!3S Joly 88 

I Aug. Bq 
70 8 Jan. 83 
3 Aug, So 
B Jan. 8t 
■ 3 June 85 
16 July 8r 
16 July 81 
o& Aug, S3 

I Aug. 33 
I Aug. 58 
I Ann, 33 

3 Alls'. SS 
1 Aug. SS 

4 .All If. 83 
"4 Aug, 88 
15 AuB. r" 

34 June 76 15 Aug. 88 
30 Mar. 61 ijAiig.63 

6 Jan. J3 
33 Oct. ;i 
» Dec, 71 

9 Mar. 7a 
» Feb. 71 
58 Feb. 74 
■3 Apr- 7> 

JS Jnly Bj 
11 Oct. 81 
30 July 81 
33 Au^. Bo 
3 Sept, 80 
I Nov. 7S 

16 Sept. Bo 
30 Jnly Si 
20 Sept. So 
30 Sept 80 

17 AllR. 81 
t3 Kov. j8 

Jsn. 81 
39 Jnno 8 1 

JO @cpt.77 

1 July Bi 
16 Aug. £3 

4 Jan. 73 17 Aug. 81 

6 Jan, 7] 
6 Jan. 71 
6 Jan. 73 
3 May 73 
6 May ji 

3 Bept.63|a8 Feb. 74 

3 Se])1.68 
'6 Nov. «; 
a Sepl.68 
3 Bept.68 
9 DcB. 68 
9 8eiit.«8 
3 Bept.68 

1 aoptea 

> Bept.68 


I Bept,6S 

1 1 Feb. 75 
14 Jan. 71 
3 May 73 
3 May „ 

s Joly 71 

3 May 73 
6 Dec. 6^ 
6 Dec, 67 
6 Dec. 6; 
6 Deo. 67 
6 Dec. 67 

9 Bept.68< 6 Tec. 67 
o Bept,6E 6 Dec, 67 

3 Sepi.63 
a 8epL.6E 

6 Dee. 6i 

7 July «9 

I J Joly 70 

33 Jnly 70|33 July 3g 

1 7 Aug. B 
7 eept.8i 
r Sept. 8 1 
7 Sept, St 
T Nov. Bu 
4 Oct. 

33 June Bi 

34 Sept. 77 
)) Sept.8i 
i3 BcpLSi 

3 Dec, 611 
I Oct. Si 
I Jnly Si 
1 Jaly 81 
I July Bi 
1 July 
I July 3i 
I Jnly 3 1 
I July 81 
1 July 
II May 83 
3jjnly 83 






33 July 70 
33 July 70 
33 July 70 
• iJuly 70 
10 Jnne 74 
■ JJ«S 7' 
3Jlsy 73 

33 July B3 
13 July 8= 

33 Jnly 3=1.8 Dee. BB 
33 July 8318 Dec. '" 

1 5 Aug. 881 
I7iui;. 86; 

<!ao[.t. 3B' 

16 Sept, SB' 
36 Sept. 38' 

1 Oct, ■"■ 
3 Oct, 
3 Oct. 
3 Oct. 


;o Ool. 

13 Oct 


39 Oct. 

34 OcL 88 

JO Oct. 38 

7 Nov. 88 

18 Kov. 88 

JO Kov. £3 

II Nov. 88 

30 Nov, BE 

,0 Nor. 88 

mDco. £9 

jDeo. B8 

6 Doc. " 

6 Dec 

^ Dec, 88 

6 Dfj;. EB 

6 Dec 

6 Dec, 

6 Dec. BS 

f Dec, 38 

,6 Dec. 88 

S Dee 

,a Dec. BB 

Dee. 83 

Dec. BS 

5 Dec. 
1 Oct. 


19 Dec 
II Dec. BB 

19 Dec. 

V C UUiditonc aeriiHl witb tlie UikUio ETpcanion iu iS$t {\Lc\a,\j. Alao la the BlookSeain thu laUarput 
Mid liuHl Ibi rlcclamli™ .irpenco in tSs'i. 

Dr* lIjjiEerford bnJ Norpock,— Pur Wnr flervitfofl, see Royal Morln^fi. 

or J a Btiioka atareii wMi ibe 11. tS. UitwIionacEnpsloria in iSj,, »iut with the Brts^lBintlieCriaisft 
Ou «e«e ^r Sabutopjl in iSt; (UfJhI nlthCluii. sth Clwa 'iftho UodjIillD. anil TiirklBb UOflal). 
W A i.'>:k wu omplojed wilh » ilBiiirhmsut of iho j^ml Mridran Nmiio Infiintrj- that furinod partot tbo 
Itw a«tclLo tnbircept tbe reVwlH nnrlaT Taatia Tapco fmin rglh No^'Qinber 1^5^. Wna coffA^e-A in the pumqit 
fsnt Shmnfl mi thfl oorth-en^tpm frqntiar i^r TomL^acrim Jind StiirfibaT! IVoviinTaJi i^arini; Uiij iBSo- 
0< W. ELbelfltoa Hrved In tho oipMitJon to tho Saudaii in ie?4 with tin' iM Uiit^lion York nrtd LoDCaater' 
Bt, and wu premil in Iho onErigemenls ul El Tol ani Tomiii (Mi^Jal with CIn'p, nod Kttoiivii'a rttnt). 
or Gr B il. <?uTnbofI*nd nerved Aibli the 4^nd HlttlvlaQiicra in tlio fl^^ciirid ijhHjarjTtiie A^hant.5 "ar in "?74, 
i«vrrBt7 wounded in the riijlinirin at tba bilUlo or Amjaful (Medal ivlIIi Cllaipl. Sorvod in the Egjptiaa 
iMj u A»ii*iii,nt Prcivoii Mmlial i5t Dii'isijn, and ivna praaflnt nt tUo huttlo of Tal-al-Kabit— aofertlv. 
Id (Ut'dal iTith Clup, and KhmtlTD's Star). ^3 

IRI. W. T. s.SmytCe.— Fd[ WaiaerYi<:e<,ieeAnii7Fft;DBpaitineiit. ^^| 


1, NOKTHERN DISTRICT. —Head Qoarteri, Tork. 

UijOB GiKiiii CoiiMiBBUo... JlaJQr Ginersl C. F. T. DanieU, CB. i Ap. ». 

AidiJtCami Ciiutfliii T. Fsrrer, Dorsalehire Rert. ■ Api- M. 

„, . ' , „ (■CoToneK'.B.S. 8cotK£ronih.p.K,Anineiry),iOct.8j. 

ColmtUniht Stuff IColancI G. W. Btocklej-, h.p. R, Eni, i MareliM. 

{■Ll.CoIoucI G. W. Smith.h.p. BhropBhire Liffht Inltaiuy. =7 IUt.K. 

AuUla^t J.iManl Qt-itoU ),..,f.C«i™olT.KcI1r-Kq™j-(rroinli.p.W.aamjRBRt.l,MBopl.E). 

■' (.Colonel K. A. Qote. ■ Apr. Bj. Lwrpwi (for Stcmilitg). 

(llBJorW. i.:oolie-Colliii, Iribii BiflM, it JnnnSe. 
Sipafr Aititta^il Aijalant GcneraU \ p.t.c. LLColonel Sir Si. T. A. Hnnnoick, Bart, (from h p. OriM 

I LiftLt Infantry), 11 Ju, B8. 

J>*p. jMi»/. A'li. Gta, for Miwirtrt Msjor G. B. Harley, The Bntft, i Jan, 8S. 

c™, .:l»ii(, Jifi. fltn./ui- /■iimrdDo p.t.c. MtyorT. B. Si*plnni»oa, Eaex Bogt. I Nov. V „ . , 

Slaf Captain Mnjor W.Louia.Livorpool Besl. ' Apr.B6. liMrjwtJf/*' ■«'">'"?)■ 

BIcSr Capiiiia. Bniial Artiltcrt Captiiin W. N. LloyLl, 19 Jlarcli £3. 

~ ,.,.,- , ..„ CLl.Colonel it. Wfllliov. SuailtrlanJ. 

Co,.^nd,«3 A^i.Uin AMUrs { Li.aXuol aI I- MacWeny. tfrt^j™/. 

Stniar Com—iuarial Q^etr CcoimiMnry OenBral A. Clerk. 

SnioT Ordnaiiee Slori Qfflctr DcpHl.v CommiBeaiy Genenil of Ordnnnco T. Bparkes. 

DittricI Payva'trr Chief PsTniBBtBr R. B. Funrell. 

PrintifMl IfeJitu! QflMi- Deputy BurgBon GsneMil J. Ferguson. 

2. EASTERN DISTRICT.— Head Qoartera, Colcheater. 

MiJoi GeiikbjLL Couuaxdifto Mnjoi General U. J. liuclianiin, CB., 1 Jon. Erj. 

Aidi df Cit-H}' 

Aiiitlfmt Adjiil.ial Gmrrai Colonel B. Lc.icb, CB. b.p. Welt KenI Reel. iB May 86. 

V'Tal) iiiiiliinl Adj«l-iil Oiiirral p.t.c. LI, Col. P. T. C. Du VBrniit (from Ml. Suei Bcgt), ■ D«. ' 

Drp.Aitiif. All).'r Inttrretion p.t.t. >laioT F. J, TiJv, K. Lancaabire Itegt. ta Mar. 84- 

CnmmandiKii li. Art. tOihialw Iki SUiff).. Colonel W. W. Woodwind, 19 Jan. S6. 

CaamnnilUtii AtiriUtirg Artitlerj/ ,,.,,........„ Lt.Colonel A. J. Rhultlewortli. Qrrat YafmonlM, 

Caminiiidi"j nttyal Ejiftiarer ...,-... Lt.Co]onc]C. A. L^ on -Campbell. 

Sfttior Cnmmirfiyia/ Qffietr ., ..... AftfiiBUint Comraieeary General K. Fit£Stnbb». 

S€nior Orrlnauef ^forg OJieir Araltunut CommiHtBry General of OrdanneeL. G. SlEinuer. 

Dtatrict V'lymntteF Chier Pftymflftler T. Huddlealone. 

Priiitip^il Mtdieid OJinr DepnLy Surgeon Genorol K. F. Piitenion, HD, 

3, WESTERN DISTRICT.— Head QuftrterH, Dei-oiii-orf. 

UiiOKGESiiiiLCouiiisinfla Mujw Ceueral T. C liTons, CB. i April B;. 

Aididr Caap CnpuiLn T. K, 11. 8. Pilliiiigton, KIok'b Royal Riflea, 1 Ftb. 6S. 

~, , It c, x (ColourlJ B. Richardson (iTom h.p. R. Artillery), 17 Sept. M. 

<,o;o»flj o» t*( Sdlf. t Colonel E. O. He-vctt, CilO. h.p. ft. Enalnears, y ll»y 36. 

AuirUttit Adjiiinat Qfifriil j*.».c.Crji. H.T. Jonefl.Vaughan (from h.p. S.Yorl: UcgE.^ji H«j9;. 

Ittpatg Axaietiiat Adju/itut Btiifriil ..,..,.,.,,... p.r.e. MnjorJ.L.C^t. Clair, Argyll A SntherlandMifrhdrfi. i A^g.ij. 
Dtp. Aitiif. AdJ 6gn. for iHifrnction ......... p.i.r. Mnjur R. J. F. BnnBt?kd, IVclslL RoL^LCncnl, I Oct. S?. 

Bngadr ^fijrjt, Ro^al Artilfrrf — p.'.r. Cuptriin t1. C. C. Walker, j] Uarcli 86. 

C»fl-a..J.»jl iuxtli..r,Art.nrr, Ul.Colonol T. B. Tyfer. Silporl. 

Siiiior CaaiminitriM OJIctr Deputy C^omoiiBBHry General A. Meyer. 

Senior Ordiitmcr- Stare Qff!eer ,.,,,..,. Depiuy Commtsfinrv General of Ordnance U. P-MnorR. 

BitMel P.i,mi'ilrr StalT Pnymaster F. Bnmwcll. 

Principal MrdiratOffycrr Deputy SurgeiJii General K. W. Meadows. 

4. SOUTHERN DISTRICT.- Head Quartcre, i*oi-{sjiK.i(Hi. 

LimiiiilT GiaiBiL CoiniixDi^a General SirG. H. B. Willin. SCB. i May tf 

... , r, _ yi.ieut. P. C. Trollope. GremnlierGonrciB, 16 Oet. Bj. 

■^'""""■""J' ILicnt.M.B. Portal, N.LoucasliireRept. 13 Dec. 85. 

Connnni/rus B. Art. illria. f!'*. ou ti- Sli^) Miijnr General W. Stidinc. CB. 1 Oct. 87. 

Ctmaiaadiag R. E"g. [,Val-m.-l on llit .S/uf ) ... Culoucl J. SI. H. ilaitlnnd, CB.,h.p. Royal EBRineera, 31 Jan. B6. 

{p.i.c. ColoDclP.A. A.Tn-ynom.CS.b.p, Befjimenlii! Dial. jJulj8(. 
Colonel G. A. Purac, CB. h.p. 41 Foot, 13 Bepi. 86. 
Colonel W. H. Lee (from h.p. 3 Dragoon Gdi-.l, li July Sj. S'llffj. 

Diyulg Ai,iilaal .idjii/nui Omtral p.t.c. Bt.Mojor W. C. JamCB, a Dragooua, 17 Jan. 88. 

Deputy A'ti'tital A'halant Qen. for MttJcetrjf AInJor C. J. Whitnker, Vork and Lancaster Bo^imenl, 1 X\i%. SS. 

''rX'.AdriiX't.f^^t^.i^.r:!]'''-'- ^"^^ ^- """"^"i. i-'--i.i".F.siiierB, , n-ov. ^,. 

Brigade Major, Jd.ijnl Arlillerf Major L. G. Fawkee. B. ArlJIlcrj-, 6 Dec. e;. 

Coiniii"iid'ji'i .tui'hiir^ .trtUlerg Lt, Colonel ][. M. Robertson. 

Senior Co~i»p-<,rr["( (iffcrr Deputy CotnmiBBBry Qenoml C. B. Wiilion, en. 

Se'iiiiT Orda,i«re Hiurr 0_fferr Depnty Co uiiniBaary General otOrdniinec T. Peuse. 

Dielfirt P'lymmler CLief Peyinaflter A. S, Murtay. 

Brineipal ilcd.eal OJ^Ctr SorgegQ General W. P. Murray , 3IB, 

Qnartrr iiatler, Inratid Drfwt William Henry UirBt, 1 April 85 ; IFon. LInit. yetlrs, 

Cemm- Di^ekargr Depot, Fori BroeikuntfQotport Colonel W, LiTc^ay.h.p, Oxford Light Infantry, 1 June S4. 

paymailer BWff Pay master p. D. Coata. 

Quarter ilaiirr William Soate, 7 May B4 ; Jlon. Lieut. 

5. CHATHAM DISTBIOT.— Head Qoartcta, Chatham. 

MiJoa fllioaii CouMinniiio _ Mnjor General J. II. Dunne, 1 Apr, Bj. 

,^id( dr Camp CaptEiu ifoi.. G. C. Titiilcton.Wylrobam-rii iiTi^N,Sc..t.' Khh lirri 

Communding B . Art {Colonel on (*• Stiff) ... Colonel T. P. Berthon, H.jyal Anillerv, i Jiil.v ;<. s/urrn-n. 

Dej^¥>y Aaairtanl A'fJutaHt tit nerai.. |>.l.c. Bt.Lt.Colonel K, E. Allen. Bii^t Vorkrliire ICe::!. 1 July S<. 

BrtgaJe itajor, Bosul Arlillrrg p.r.e. Major J. W. T. Spenwr. R. All. 1 Muy 84. .Vt.iiurii 

iVninr Commitrtiriul OJKnr... ABBiKtant ('omniiKi<nty Geiieml G. J. Pnikyn. 

SeH'or iJrdnuxee Slort OJfictr.... AM'ifltanl CoinmisbBry Geiienil ofOrdnaiife B. yiclioll:J. 

Ditlriel raummler Staff PsjTnabler C. R fjivc.v. 

lienior ili.ti'.il Qffcir Dejiuty Burgt™i Genonil J. JnEncton, 31D. 

staff at Home. 9S 

6. SOUTH EASTERN DISTRICT,— Head Quartera, Z^oi-w, 

y »j)B <riTEiii. CouuATDisG r- Miijor Geocnt] A. G. Montgomery Mooi^, Apr. 7- 

-il/* Jt C-IMMJI ., ^.... ^... 

(Colonel 5ir B. C. RiiHcll, KCB, SCIIG. h.p. 13 Huianrj, 1 April 
f r.^.i. .^it. ai^w ) 6*- ^Ao'-'K^'^f- 

c,»ja«aflitf** Jfitf' ) Colonel F,C, Elcin, CB. Rn.vnl ArtiUerr. ? JuiiP S;. 

tColouel D. C. Wulker, h.p, Itoyal Kiij^liieeH, 31 Dec Sj. 

J»u'd«J JJ;ir'4i«f QtncTit. ,............^^.,.., Cirlonol C, F. ^rc^jrorle, CS. h,p. R 'L'tinf-'nlal District. 17 Xov, £5. 

Bri^iiJr JftB/Dr -„-.— p.j.e. Major J/u^i, j^ }'. Knpicr, tu Hu^^^ars, ii Julv Bj. Shornel\^e. 

SiaJfCit^ttm, B^gat Ar/ilirrf '...,,....- „. pj.e. Bt.Lb.Calon«l A. G. CrcJ^gh, j S). 

Dfj.. Auitf. Adj. Oea.for Intt faction ,,.,-..,, p.^.e. l^apiain W. W- C, Verner, tiitli: Mriij, 13 Oct, 3^. SkoriiclifB 

'i,tn-i^.i AitJ-ttaal ,. uujor H.Unre, Manitur Fiiaili^re, jf March 37. 

V'mman-lmg Auxi/i'try Artiltrry .., , LLCol^nel E. N. Joncd. 

SiMior C->mmiv-iri-it OJJUrr A8*Lfllant Gonimisaarj- fienfrol T. P, SlCWftrt. 

Snicr OrJmaneg Sfaft il^ctr ..„„„..„. ABoistant Cammiflsary Genera] of OnluaiiCB W. Q. Coo'^e. 

I>v*t rift F'iv "*-*'*" .„.-.....-..... Chief PayraaBter T. DragE, 

Fr-tcifvi Mtdiral Q^cff-r., Dopniy Surgeon l^enf^ml 8. A. Litbgow, ItD. CH, DSO. 

7. HOME DISTRICT,— Head Quftrtert^ifofs^Gttoria, 

Uijoi Gi-rii^LCoHUAHDi-ro ..........„„.,-...,... Major Gone ml ArV p. Gijpp*", ATfl. i Apr. 84. 

Jr/* Jf Cjjhp. ,. „„.-.„-,......... CupUin J. B. Struccy. ti;'>rH GuanU, i Apr. B^. 

(Colonel F. L. Ciiinpliell, f^colA Gmird^T ■ Apr. ij. 
ColouelK. G. Hendorgon, C'B, (from b.p. K]ii<t'h Rojal Ri.ics), 
J 21arch £S, Laido't [for Reer>iifi:,g). 

Bri^ii.U Jf-Ajor . . -,,,. -.-,.......... Captain P C. Rtcarxlo, Gi^nadierGoarilF, a llarcUSj. 

/i»p. .l*#Hf. JJj. (ifm.for rm/racliaM .,...,... o.i.c. Major W. W. M. Smith, nopl Artillery, 39 Aqtj. E7. 

^ijfn^r Itttptetar i>/ Mntkeirg Ma^or J. R. Mecham, ticottiuh RineSi i Jan. S7. 

Cammt-iding Sojut Etffinffr ...^. .......... ......... CofoTiel H. Tttvej- 

GftimaidiM^ Anrili-tty Arfill^rf .................. Colonel H. de S. Jsaacaon. 

><Mr CoHMi^jfri./f <^fFcer,--.. ,„.........„....-,. AuisuintCoinmiaBar; General J. A. CJarkG. 

Ilirfriri Prrym-iMltf .„.,.....,..,......,.„.. Chief I'njTuaaLcr Sir W, R. Oliyev, SCB. 

Prinripol itf-ltmitO^frf Deputy Sargeon General G. 3i. Slaii^bter- 

'V^ C'ljii.f-'r ItfcraifitffDuiieg.CtariiigCroH Bt. Major C. Crutcliley, Scots Guar 1 4, ?7 Sept. Z-\ 
Paywuttrr/'ir U'crvifiHtj Dalif,Cki^ri%g Cntt BtalT l^aymastcr S. U. Crookendea. 
Mr^ifif OJirtrf'-r ReermHing Dalim, ditto ... Brigade Sorgeon G. C. GrLbbon, 


MiJoiGiSBikL CoMUAxitisa ........................ Major Qeneral A. H. W. Willlan'. Iloyal Artfllory, 1 Apr. 12. 

Atdidt Camy ..„ Caplftin W. V. Fabcr, Rojal A^illery, ii Apr, 85. 

. . * . I' * * /-- - -.,1- fp.t.r. Colonel W. B- K. Hall, h.'>. 14. Arti;!ory, ifi Fel>. S5. 

AM^I^^f AJj»t.fnf G.^^ralt icolenel J. Alfeyne, Royal Arti krv, .3 Fob/flV ^ 

C9tomtIaHlJu.'it<iJJ'{t.'ittitmandinffaarrwinArl.) Colonel G. X. RasBell. 

Cfmmandimff K-'fal SMffinerr ColODcl H. W. Stewart. 

CiMHirvJiBj AixUiiiFf ArUltrrf Colonel H. ile S- IdoaoBon. 

Swor Vommitf,tri<Lt Ujieer ....„„.,„..... Dcpnty CommisBary General A. W. Anderson. 

DlilFfH Poym>vtef.. ...,. Staff i**ymaa[er W. C. Kennedy. 

Pf.t^-f'il jl'dfi^it O^r-r ..., Di-puiy ^uru-efiii GcncralJ. Warren. 

/ *L-ef'ii V^ff-rin-iri/ Surgeon -..,..-.. G, EyauH, MD. 


."jtaivnis.-i tiTE DiTiaios p.'.e. YC Miijnr CiciRTnl .5i> II. R, Woo.l, GCilO. A'CB. i Jan. fi). 

r bl,MHjifr <;. &- li- I'urodn?, Iloj'nl Artilteiy, i Jnn^ ?9. 


, J t 1 1- J ' /-• .H '< y /'-'-'■ Colonel C ^V. Robinson, CB- li.p. Rifle Brigade. ^oScpt, £^, 

^..jlKif A'l'if.iif tirnrraii ^;>.*c.CulrnielJ- N, Creafuck, CB. (fruin b.j). Regirueula^ D'l^K.y. 

Di^'ta ^\iSf iHrfclar of Ojfni-iiij - Culinel G- iLOiiaiow, h.p, 70 Eus.sarg, i? Fell. B5. [i Apr. S7. 

Dtpmtf At'iMU'*f A-iiufantGeiieriii p.t.t. Major E. T. H. llnlton, King's Royal Riflea, t Oct- 8;. 

J'.y». Aa^l. Adj. Gtu. for Imlrncliaii p.trC. Major H. C B. Farrant, N. Lancaablre Rogt. 7 Feb. Scl. 

Avidtint Iitff'etvr of Qifmrnitia ...,. Captain B. C- Quill, York and Laneaeter RDgLment, i Xuff. S^. 

Itfftctfir of S^'/nUthng C-iloncI F, C, Koj-Ber, CB. (from h.p. Roval FoBiliora), 1 Ja 1, '■i ,. 

Itn^mt iH'i'tret'if of HvfitaUitg BE.Major A. Bavidflon, Kiog'ti Royal RiOeH. rA Apr. Sj. 

Dii/rir' Ivffetor of Mttketrg ,„. Mj^jor J. fl. Mecham. ScOttfsh Rifles, 1 Jan. 67. 

,^j-hr.p Cimtmi^firi-it Offlc^r Deputy Connnidnary Generiil 

Viivr Oi-iTfunf sivrf Officer ..„ Deputy Commissar}' General of Ordnance 0. Balpb. 

I>4j'^(-' P-if-tiftvf Chiot J'aymBster H, C. Strwitfcild. 

Prjiiffj^V Mf.i%c'it Qffii:*r... Surgeon Genera! W. M, Webb. 

Iwt-.frtm'j VrleriHtxry Surgto* , \V. B. Walters. 

Cji"j. i^x-iTt*r Mtater James Sira, to Jan. Soi Son. M,\jor. 

'ii-i^'rr yfirfer , , - Jjimea Maguiro, 70 Jan. 8] ; Hon.Lifut. [lion. 2f--hy. 

fn'^t Itarrki? Qr. Master Cba?, Bronckcs, Mil.MoUTitea Polic© Corps, s July Tfj 

i'<".fni"' Ariag I'ff-rinary Sekool ... .. ........... 1'. Smith, ^ttCliUr, 13 Anp. £8. 

■:i, ijri^fliJto JlOYAi. AiTiLLiBT {SrifftidUr 1 j, ■ q^^^^ ^_ j_ Williams, CB. 1 NoT. 86. 

flnjT'V if'iiif -if Artillery y.f.c. Captain W. A, Smttt, i Jan. °^. 

CjiHiSDiSGitoYAir E.tGisiBi (Cof . OP Sti\0)... ColuDcl B. Brioc, 2o July Ba. 

CaTftlry Brigade. 

;.i;«i5niSG T^-Vr*"G*aa*T iffi'iT^" Gmi- J ^^^^ GeDCralffiVD. C. Drary Lowe, SCB., i Jan. Sv 

ji'- '* r-tnu ... -■ ■■" '-■■" ....,-...,... Captain Hon. L. H. D. FijrteB=ue, 17 Lancers, $ Feb. B5. 

iir-n-Jf U -r-r" -..-- -- p.t.c. Major li. P.igct, 7 HusBir^, m Ang. 83. 

Ist Infontrr Brigade. 

'.-■^ti^^ci^c F!hio.ii-¥ - -"- .-. " Major Gonerjil 1\ J., iScIl, 1 .\fr. C&. 

J.'fJ' C'l'TV Captain U- I'. Treeby. Kant Surrey Ri^giment, r Apr. 8?. 

iirij^leil'i or" ' -'..'.. - r-'-*^- Cnptsiii W. H. frawyor, Lonca^tT Ke^raeot, j Ang. Bj. 

99 Staff at Home. 

Znd InfiuibT Bilgsda. 

CoHHxiDiie Biinuii Major Genanl P. Smith. CB,. i Apr. Bj. 

Aidtii Camp LisaC H. Oonlbon, Otsiudier Qnaxd*, i Apr. B;. 

BrisaiiUajBr p.i.i.Bt.UqDr.BDii.r.W.atoplUnl,(}raiiMUarauni>,igXOT.K 

3rd. InfEuitr7 Brigade. 

OoMHAimura BiiaiDi 

AijU d9 Camp ....„....^,.... 

Brigait Maior ji.f.e. U^ar F. J. Hughes, ScottUh BIflSB, is Dee. 84. 

10. NORTH BBITISH DISTRICT.— Head qaaxten.Miniwgh. 

iikim Oikh:. CouuHDiia M^jor General AnhnrL. LjKellon-ADDeslBV, 73 Feb. US. 

AiiCt d> Camp Lient, C. W. Darby-GiltBtb. Greaulier Giurdi, 1 ItujU. 

Anulaitl jiyiitaat Omeri'l p.j.e.ColonelW,BUck,C£.(fromh.p.8.WiilB» BordererJj.iXo?.!/. , 

Dip. Aiiirt. Aij. Qn. for lititruelion i.i.i. Major U. D. Danlop, Royal ArtillBry, 1 No». S7. . 

GarrUfit AiHutait „ Major B. J. Knighl, Seslbrth Bighlanden, ai Feb, BS. 

Staff explain for Rrcriiliif Diilifi Major J. B. DoEcaiter, Block Watch. isMajr 8j. Glvgnr. 

Ci-nmiiidiTis Bagal Ariillrrf (Culanrtax IMiSlaF) Colonel O. H, A. KiOoUe (nDm h.p.), i Not. 67. 

C/imwtaiidiKaEayatE:i(iiiiirr{CalaiuleH ilu 31^} Colonel E. D. Maleabn, CB. h.p, g Uar. Bj. 

r- I- J ■!■ _ jrfji (Lt.Colonel 0. 8. MaodonelL irt «■» DUIritt. ,' 

Jfejifoi- Coimi«ario( 0/Patr AHiatant ComniiBsary Gononl F. W. B. (}Mt«y, 

afirnr Ordaaner Sforc Qffitr AjtaiHiHiit Commiesary Gonersl of Ordnanoe C. O. L. Camptcll. 

DiilriHFBsmaitrT CSiiet PayniaBler : 

Prittetpiil Stdital (^err Deputy BorKeoa Qoaeial C.Q. Irwin, MB. 


LiMDT.GoTJIBTiOK (Tn'CovvAITDTirGTHKTEOopB... Lleut. General C B. Ewart, CB^ R. ETigineera, 1 Vtyw. Bf. y 

Drpaty AiritlanI A,:'''ail Qctnil P.I.C. CaptaiD A. B. ^V. Colville, Rifle Brigade, J Mailr. N 

Camitandint! Royal Artillery Lt-Colooel B. R. Grelg. k 

Comwaadittg lioyai Engineer - GoloDot R. Hawtbom, f 

Smiof CoamiMtafiai OJieer •-..- -.-.-...,- ABBiaiant CommiABaT)' Geoeial □. L. Morley. ^ 

Ba^arOrdnaiieeStortOJIiffrr^ActingDM-Pagur. I>ep.AK«i£taDt CommisaazT General Of Oriluanee T.J. EenUfcbia. 't 

Snior Utdical Qfflrer Bri((ade Snrgeon R. W. Berkeley. , 


LiiUT.GoTiHHoiuiDCoiiiiiHDTve THi TiooFB Lleat.General J. H. F. KUilnfrtoii, Clt, 1 Nov. Sj. 

Dfpuly AuUlant A^'tttant Qentral Major Hoa, C. DaltoD, Sbropabire Lt. InflKOtry, 15 May £4. 

Commanding Koyal ArtiUtry LI Colonel W. O. Sandham. 

Commanding Eo^ai Engipetr Ll.CcloDelA, J. Hopper, SSQ. 

o„-.n.j- w — ■ ■■ . (Dep. Aatlat. Com, Qen.Df Ordoanoe H. G.FInchani, Ounun. , 

»««■ OrduneiStort Qji^r, {p^^ ^^^_ ^^^ ^^ ofOrdnanoe C. H, Oaaiine. Ali«w^ ■ 


Lirnnu'i GUTiKii,! Oinxui. GovaaHOi TU MIoit Son. Mt ITarfali q^Londoadeny, Zfi, 

AidtM At Camp. 

Captain L. W. MattbBwD, ; Dr, Qonrda, g Nor. U {sIh|. 
Lient. W. A. HlcbB-Beai^, King-s Bojal BiSaa, il BepL 

M {(xfra), 
Captain R. H. FoirleT, Bhropehlre Light Inlkutty, » 
Mareh S; (erfm). 

Captain Hon, C. Lambton, Xorthamberlaad Fnailiere, 

IS Sept. 86, 
Lient, lIonAl. F.White, Grenadier Gonrds, iH Sept. B6. 
Major W. Y. O'ShannhncBuy, 1 DrajtooiiB, : Apr. 88. 
Captain J. A.Orr-Ewlng, 16 Lanccra, 11 8apt.SB. 
Major Xonl K. L. 5. Tsne-Tempest, n Dnrbam Artillery 

Volunteers. iB Sept. as [rzlrii). 

rnww..nT.n ,i,m ifn.r.ii f OoDeml H.S.H. Pfinot Edmird of Suie Weimar, OCB. 1 L* 

CosiciiTDiiro IH« Fo«c«B ^ GuardB, 1 Oot. Bj. 

AHiitaitt Mililary Srenlary Captain IV. H. Darby, Roynl Arltllery, i; Bepl. S«. 

j-i.. J. />. f Caplain Hon. H. A. O-Gore, n Huesara, ao Sept. E6. 

A'dadicamp iCaptain A.H. J. Doyle.Bhropi.hireLt.rnfBntry,«Fob.B7 W«), 

IF,i.F, Colnoel J, Dancao Itrom h j). Doblin Fuailiera), jp Hv B7, 
p.i.e. Colonel W, L. Dalrjmple (nom h.p. Connanght Rabgcn), 
' Oct. B8. 

Dtprty Auitlant Aijutanl Btnirali ip,t.c. CaticainG.F. Browne. DSO.Nartliaaipton Begt.96Feb.l5. 

ip.t-c. Maj'jr C. E. Beckett, ^ Hiibwitb, i; Sept. Bfi. 
Ditto for Stntirtry llajorG. Kenton, Middleeei lI'.'BiinBnt, as Fob, 8j, 

"^""Iw'^T ^""'7 **,'^!!!^.°""! (""J'=' *^™™' ■*■ '^- Jol"""". CI- * *"«■ 87- 

Brigadt Uojor, Eotal AriiHtrji p.1.0. Captain R. F. JohoBon, i3 Oct. S4. 

Cti^manding Boial Bngiarrr (Colontl an Stqff} ColOEel W. D. Marsh, 31 May Efi, 

Brigade Major, Eoyal Engitiefrt ..................... p.t-e. Captain U. J. FoBter, R. Engmeera, t Not. 86, 

Drpniy Jndgf Adooeotf ....-,., 

(p.i.e. Major B. G. Hall, B. Marine Artillery. 1 Aug. 84. Cft. 
.-..,,,-.-< |>.'.e. Captain J- B. Sharpe, R. Enfrineera, 37 Aoff. B6. Carrmgi, 
(ji.ji.i;. Major F. RohertB, Boyul Artiilery, j Feb. M. Dttli*. 

Dtp. Anitf. Ad/- Gent, for Iiulrtietion 

Senior Oommirtariat Officer .,,....,.,,..,,,., CommiBBary General 

Senior Ordnanee Store Qffrer AssiBtsnt L'ommiMarr General otOnlnaoee E. B. Mnrkwipk. 

Chi^f Paymtutfr - .,.....,..,...,.. Chief PayniaBler W, J. Canlen. 

Pn»cij»i( Mrdiml Oglrer Sorgeon General J. Sinclair, UD. 

Intfireting VeleriHurg Surgron........................... J. J. Moyriek, CB. 


CoK1fA]rDiMaDwT,iiTDl*TBlcl .- ..,,..... Major GenoralJ. Davie, CB. 1 Jan- G8. 

Aide de Camp Captain F. E. W. Feihemumhangh. Bcottiah Biflea. » Jnne 3J. 

j_ij I 11--I >(]__. I. (Colonel George PliLlips (from h.p. 4 Hnasars), I Jan. 87. 

A,M«-I Adjmlant OeneraU {^ ,^ Colonel A. H. itaveU (from bj), Wclah Begt.). « May 87. 

Dtpuly Attiafant At\intfint Oeneral p.t.c. Major C. L. Mortimer, Koyal FiiBiliera. 16 Jnne S7. 

OHUHmditg Eoyal Snginier LLColonel W. R. Blacko. 

0trriKn Aifintant 78 Captain H. LyBons, Scottish Rlflea, i Jnly 87. 

Sitiar Commeeariat Qfieer DanntyCommleearr General E, Hnghe^ CB. CMB, 

DUtrid PnmaHrr Chief raynaaler W. J. Garden, 

rriattpal Meiieal omeer Deputy SoroBoo General 

A-ieUBtt A^atanl Bentralfor SttniHittlHIim s.t.e.GolonelC. Campbell, CB. h-p. 7 DtSROOn Gda. B Mu. 84. 

Blaf Captain for ditto Captain J. E, Acland-Troylc, Bbboi Begiinent, a Nor. S6. 

Xif/{a/Gfierr_fi.r iii'B Eurgcon Majrr M. L, Uliilc, iitircdpay. 

> <4^rtt«r —.....■,..> .,...,.,.„...... i>BpuiO' DIUHIXJU UBUVnU A. ^. DUIUIKU', ^tA, 


MS CoaxDnniDT Uajor OenerHl N, SiarBiKOii, i Apr. 86. 

I Camp LiBQi. Hon. B. Whiw, Wtleti FneUlsn, mUky S6. 

liV Cof oJ ArtiOtrj (ColMtl « Ac^) Colonel W. H. Cune, R. (Uadru) ArtillstT, ifi Apr. B7. 

Adj*i**t gnarmf Colonel W.L.K.OgilTj (from h. p. King's Bo}>>I mfl»},i6 Deo. 8t. 

ijHjrfnf AAiutoKt QaiHttl ............... Lt.OoloTiel R. O. D. Bpaiciawoode (f^m h.p. 10 HmOi 1 Sspt. S7 

Vvvr. JtiHj^rNUtrf .- —...-.... p.i.a. Uijor D. C. Duiell, IS Apr. St. 

U^ AuMilSarj ArUUtrt „.... LCColonel T. J. Jones. 

timf B-^ Bnaimmr Colaoet W. K. Malloy. 

■■■ m il i m t Qpiwi' .-.-,-......-...„..,,..... r>«pot7 ComuikBa&ry QenerAl J. W.EImet, 

'^■a*** Sitrt Q ttr ..,..,..,....H4-.— .- AHialBat Communary Goneral of Ordnance S. B. ICu^wlek- 

rmimmlttr „ BtkO' PlKnnaelar II. W. ParlODg. 

I MtHial Q^iwr „ „ Dspn^ Burgeon Geneial W, Callalt, 



_.n___j_,„mi« fOener»l ifoii. Sir A. B. H»rdlng6, XCB. CIS. Kiujt'l Rojsl 

"•"■"■"■""•^ ^ ^ Kiflee, 1 Not. B6. 

■ Military B—Ttttrj amt Jidt it Camp... Caipuin 0. B. Bhephud, D50. lADeuterBeslnient, i Apr. 

aHM Ueot. F. U. HesniDont, Kind's Hojal BlSee, a Dec S6. 

imSritadi If ejor QSDeta) H. R. L. Meiraigate, CB. 1 Apr, SS. 

jh^' CapUln.K'ini. C. C. Winn, Rifla Brigade, 1 Apr. AS. 

iiftilaml Omunl OoIoDsl J. F, C. Qlyn. h.p. BegimenUl Dlunot, 10 Apr, S6. 

tj:^iiftQ:^rS7^.Zi^'!!] P"- «^" «■ ^- ^^'- ^^ ^»"^- ' Nov. a,. 

«r p.j. a. Captain F. S IiiKleSeld. But Yorkshire Ben., 9 1 Sept. BS 

urSM'^rMlbnlfM»tI»«4f) ... OohJnelB. L. Fonterlfromh.p), ; 

Itmtr, Rful AAaUrj ^c*- <^P<>i° B. 0. Danlop. ij March S6. 

ttaotml Knrtmitr {.cSamatm Bl^ ... Colonel J. A. FapiUon. h.p. 17 Peb, K. 

fiwrlir Maiitr WiUiam Fonlkn Cottrcll. 10 Not. 77) Bim.Mt^tr. 

iMim tif <ifUir Depntr Commluary Beneral J. Draper. 

ivww Afar* CMlHr .-..- ....-,,-„-.,,. ftiiriafnt rirmmiieerT General of Ordnance F. PrfdhaiL. 

ijaaidi Cblet pajmaatar ff. Maodotmell, 

tiifiit QjlMi- Bugeon Qananl W. A, UaokinniBi, CB. 


aiOmmamlwimOU^ LtOeMTBlArHenrrD'Ojly Tonvul, fCB. i Oet. BB. 

MUKatT BKirtlarj qui AUi it Oomr ^.titOolonel A. C. M'Kean, 6 Dragooaa, 1$ Not. SB. 

Ueac Bn.Q.I. Hollancl, ColdaCream Onards, iBSept. SB. 

~ ICaJDrOeiural Hale* Willcle, i Jan. BB. 1 

, CapWilBH. W. D. Donne, Gordon Highlander, it Jan. SB. 

lalnl Omm*l _ - fJ.i. Oolmiet B. B. B. Blnndell. h.p, 3 HoaaarB, 14 Apr. S6, 

milmt Adimlnl Oimtrml.-. Bt.U.OaIOQSl F. G. Blade. Bonl AJtUlerr, 19 Sept. Sj, 

^tr .._ t-:'- lUor B. B. E. Hood]', Tbe BoSk, i Bepk Bg. 

ZBtwa^AraitijlCtlpmitpmBlaf)... Dolcawl W. S. Lluellfo, h-p. jITot. B4. 

t^tr.MtfaiAriJUri ji.t.i. Major J. K. TnHer, i^lUf 87. 




Tlnnf ami OintrtT Otntrml ..._ Tl< Vsif Hn. t*j ICnrfait a^TiSnadowne, SCITS. 

PnvBfv AHraf dry >...«>-■-<••■-'■-'»■->- ii.r.c. ColonelJ. C Ardmrii [trrtni B. Xuuiiieaim}. 

MUllarf SMnttrj „ r£ Bi.LI.CokmFl Xsrd W. L. Dela F. BaiMGnd, CB. «I^W. 

IUaJor F. T. B. HamiltoD. Koifolk Bc^ 
CBptain H. SCrMlfeild. Orcnadilr Gnardl. 
Captain Sa>. C. Bartwrd^ Bcota Guida. 
Llcat H. A- Pakenbun.Gmiadla-Giuiai. 

BuT^mi „ SiirpKiH Major E. H. Fenn, Hedlcal StaC 

CtmniadtT <■ Clii^ («M niai qflTCLienl.Gcneial Sr 7. S. BobarU, JIari. 0CB. SCQ^ Bt^ (BMpS 

OfpmO J Artillen-, ig Sot. Bj. 

JCilifan Sttrtlan ColoDfl R. Pole Caiw, CB. ColdUnttm Goarda, iB Vot. Sj. 

ZaltrjriiiT „ Bt.Ll.CoLonel N, F. F. Chambatlaiii, Bengal Staff Con*, aS So». Sj. 

JBLLi-Coloncl I. S. U. HamiltoD, Goidim HlgUaBdoa, ( Mar. l6.-0f|. 
A. A. SenBt*!, MmketiT. 
Captain C. V. Hume. Bonl AnillecT, iB Sot. Bj. 

Lieni. W. U. gheralon. li Hnwan, 3a Apr. K. 
ICaptain E, A. F. Hobdaj, Bojil Aitmerr, 17 OoL B3. 
Sarfta Surgeon ll^r W. Tajlor, JIRIiad Staff, 16 Dee. Bj. 

Adjctavt GaivaaAL'fl Dipianivr i.T Hiu) QrAanaa, 
A^l^^>nml (-a* ™.i sC Jtv^Jpj.,. coloBfl W. K. Ellat, CB. h.p. jS Foo*, ij »W>. t,. 
Ova(»Jj/wtaiit'isi»wpa/!Z™"!Z!!!!;! Colonel P. H. F. Harria, CS. Bansnl Btaff Cotib, 4 W >T. 

^tlitTanf A^nlaxti amtTal, 

Cotcnie) H. A, BaBhmMi, CB, h.p. 9 Lancera. S Dec. G6 Sick Tialoagb. 

Colonel G. de C. Uonon. Wannckiliire Best. i3 Oct. B.i „ Simla.— Olb. laaA-A-Gen. 

BtXt.Colooct \r. G. NidioUOD, Bojal Eatnneer*, S Ma; Ss BlmU (Sir BoTBl KB(iiiiHIl). 

DipMlf AMittati Adjula*! Snirsl. 

Bt-ltajorW. B. Wilaon, Bensal Staff Corpe, 7 Sept. 85 Simla. 

QcuTia yL^mt GiFiuL'a DarinuiT it Eaui Qnunia. 

'jf"" G^llJ^n^"""' '"'* ""* "^ l'-*-'- *^''''""'' ^- ^- Cli»P"'"i. ^^ RoJ»' AitUJai, 14 SdT. Bj. 

Dtfulj Qmarlir HatlrrOrtrrti F.<-<- Colonel W. F. Gataerc, li.p. lltddleaei Begimect, ij Deo. Ij. 

Cirail QioHtr Maittr Oflurol, /■-) 

(iHuno .Bniac* ) _ _ _ 

C;u.c.l[aJorH. A. Eaivjar, BeagftietaffCorpi,i6Apr. 87.— 0%. BJIJLG. 
AmUlml Qurirr ITiuftr Onnvli, da. i Simla. 

I>tf.Amid.<taar1irMatliTatiuTat,i<i. Captain K W. Dan, iJSO. Benfcal Staff Coipa, 18 Api.ia.—7EilaBgb. 

Attiitinl Qnnrftr Jfdftor <7nurali. 

>>.•.*• llajor E. B. EUea, Bojsl Ajtillei?, ii Uarch i& Simla. 

_^__ Simla. 

iMiptdar e<itcTiif rf Atlilltrj ia fadic 

'"^«;i7B;;y-'^'?,C«?,''"} ^''>'"'"' C- ^- ^■•^. t'^- ' Apr- «7. 

.J«iif«r ^4j«(aal Otmral/rr ArtUttrj. 

Colonel O. T. Pretyauui> i Apr. B; Simla. 

Inrprttf/f Grmrral of Carairj, 
IiuBielar Otxtral Bf Catalrf <■ India... BHesdier GenFrsI G. Lnck, CB, tup. ij Hnaaan, is Oct. E/. 
Brifodi Uaj'T _ BcUaJor B. B. Beation, Ben|tal Blatt COTp^ ij Oct. 88. 

^»Ma>< AijMlaitl Gntnlftr MuiMiy. 


Dftiif AuUtani Aijuinf QtiuraU fur IfatMiy. 

and Circle, Allahatiad. 

Cnptaln A. J. A.Wrl|ilit. East Lancaahire Retriment, 31 Oct.B3 jrd Circle, Pnclmivec. 

Captain D. Cbeme;, Bengal Staff Corph, 13 Maj 84 sth Circle, Umbana. 

Major J. A. Barlow, Mancbeater Rejrlmenc, 30 Bepl. 84 Bth Circle, CbanRla GoTIj. 

Major C, D. Uave, SaOblk Beiiment, i Dec, S4 7lh Cirole, Cbnngia Golh-. 

Captain J, K. ilein, Bengal Staff Corpi, ijMajgS tth Circle. MeenU. 

CaplaiE If. T. Faubfoll. Bcniml Staff Coriw, 1 Jnlj 8« 6tb Circle, Meean Ste«r.— Farlosjt 

Captain Sir K. A. W. i;olloton, BaH. Welih Fmiliera, j Xot. B6 lU Circle, Pocbmaree. 

Iiuptetor of Armt Sifnattimg. 
Captain E. O.F. HamlltOD. Wait Sorray Begiraent, ■ Sept. SB KoaaowUe. 

• ZUrcrlar of mtilarj Xdneatitx in l»dla. 

CokmelJ. C.Tayler, RoralArtJIlaty, I Jolf Sj Simla. 

Qatriton Iitttnelort. 

p.j.r. Major G. Polgnand. Lainalar Begimant, 14 Dec. Bi Poosa. 

rj.c. Major F. W, Beiuon, 17 I*ocBn, 1 Feb. B4 NynM T«l. 

;i.f. UaJOT E. Llord. Bengal Staff Cnrpn. 16 Oct. Bj Dalhouaia. 

't p.i,t. Colonel B. C. Hart. Bofal Kngincera. ji Oct. B] Bauikbel. 

St.c. Osptatn B. C. Bethane, 6 Dnwonn Gnanla. » Oct. 87 Bangaion. 

tptain J. E. Ntion, BshebI Staff Corpa, j Apr. 88 KUMOVlie. 

InwpteloT^ Ojwaula (> faiUa, 
llvorX. H. Alemndar, SealbiUi Uii^ilaDilan, tf Juno S7 Lncknow. 

rGcnerH] SirO.T. Tlnnsr, ECB, Bombaj Btaa^orpB, i Sot. 83 airhind 

:iulier General R. M. Roffen, CB. b.p. Hegtmental Dialrict, 4 Oct- 85 Bondtilcand. 

r Gaatntl W. Gulbnitli, Lp. B; Foot Nsrbudda. 

CalanrU 0* Iki Stq^. 

B. R. B, Woraler. CB. Bsnaal StaffGorpt Cawnpore. 

B. CoUett. CB. Stagil 8«ffCorp8 _ BsalkotD Upper Bnrmali. 

F. Lance, Bengal StaffCoTpa Perozepore. 

nel G. W. Chaunsr. Banntf StaS Corps jBllnDder. 

Br. W. S. A. Locklian, JCCB. CSl. Bsdmo' In&ntrf Delhi.— B!ok FurloilBli. 

................................. Fyzabad. 


SenoHd Clou Btatian Commaaitn. 

et J. JLD. Gordnn, Boojal Infantry Dinapora. 

i. a. Rots, CB. Ben^ Suff Corps Kohat. 

EL U. Jenoin^, Ben^l Infnntry ..-..- XjOrslal. 

£. G- BaLtiflcombeH Royal A rtillsry. ...... ........ Barrackpare. 

iL C. Kcmble, Bengal Infantry San^r. 

3. B. Benneuy, CB. Bengal Btall Corps Mawshen. 


DuMcf Sf^ OffttTt, xit Clm. 

R. EardlCT-WIImot, Bengal Infantry, 3 Fob. B6 Ueernt. 

jor H. M. B. BmnkBT, aooUltb Eifles, 19 May 87 Isbore. 

C. K^ertou, Bangal Btaff Corps, 30 Kot. 86 Punjab Frontier Force. 

at K. A. Uoney. Bengal Stall Corps, B Doc. B6 Rawnl Pindee. 

r. A. CookB, li.p. 17 Lancms, 15 Jan. B8 Birhind.— Offg. A. A. Ova,, Simbi. 

tf. O. Oeiard, CB. Bengal BlaffCorpe, 31 Apr. B8 Allahabad. 

W. J. Bax, Bengal Inftntry, C July 8B ,............,.........,.,..........„<.,.... Oude. — Furlangb. 

B. Money. Bengal BtaETCorps, i OcL SS Prealdenoy. 

tor W. R, Ronih. Bnffolk Re^lnient, 1 Oct. BE Qnella. 

F. O'Gonnan, Lincuin ReglmenC, i OoL BS Fgabawor. 

DMriel Blqf Qglem, «J Claa. 

a. H. W. CBolliTan, Royal Engiueen. i Mar. B; Qaetta. 

E. A. Tonng, BanoJ BUtS Corpe, 6 Mar. B; KBrbndda.— Fnrlongb. 

B. S. Bprasge, DSO, Yorkiblje Light Inlantr;. iB Harob ii Assam.— Upper Bnrmab. 

Major R. K. Rldgaway, Bengal 8t*(f Corps, 13 June 85 Preaidency.— Fnilough. 

K. Jennings, Royal Eiuineen, iS Jnly Ss Moemt. 

B. trwin, Bengal BiaSCorpe, i Dot. BB Rawol Pindee. 

3. H. U. Coals, Bengal Staff Corps, i Oct. it Bundelonnd. 

B. C. Uyce, Bengat Staff Conn, is Mar, Sfi Onda. 

itain J, Sheraton, DSO. Ride Brigade, i Oat. SB Rohllcnnd. 

G. C. Halkett, Bengal BtalT Corps, i Oct. »S Allababad. 

ioT J. C. B. Glasgow, BnflbUt Regiment, it Oct W Lahore.— Offlg. ist Class, Oude. 

P. A- Backland, Bengal Staff Corps, 1 Oot. BS Sirbind.— Offfg. ist Class. 

Jenkina, West Riding RegimBBt, 11 Api. S7 PeshawDF 

Punjab Frontier Fores. 

XicU Sn. Robert Xard Oonnemant, 3CIS. B Deo. iS. 

103 Sto^ Ahroad, 

AuUtaul Aijuliut emralfat X—ittrf. 

Lt.Colonsl W. StaJnlbrUi, UodTM InAuitrr, jc Sept. S7 Chlaf InapMor, lat Diitilet, Baogitan Ht, 

Dirtttt Aultta%l AiiMtaat OiunUfer MmiAdrf. 

HnjorE. C. Browne, Soote FuiDieTa, > Nor. S; jrd Distarict, BnrmAli IMtUob. 

OapUln W. H. Hiddell, Bedford Regiment, JO Sept. S7 snd DiMiln, Beositdanbad, Ac. 

Fur Clibb Dmiioi Coihudub. 
CemmanHtig Stenmitraiiii DMriel Jlsjor GoDoiml W. A. Gib, CB. llBdru BtkffCorpl, uIuuM. 

Aidiia Camp Cspuin J. W. Uitlet, NortbamlMTluid FoailiBn, 13 Mot. S6. 

CommaniiM Barmali DMrirt Major General B. L. Oordon, OB. B, ArtlUeiy, Ji lurA M. 

Aiiidi Camp Captain J. B. P. Oordon, ij " — — '. li JaiLtj. 

81DOKD Cum Sisiuot Comusniu. 
Bnsadler General A. T. Cox, CB. Uadms BtafT Corps, S April BS ... Belftanm DiBtriot. 

£iS Ibuar QeaerHi H. Rowland*. CB. it Apr, 84 ...- Bannlore Distriet. 

Brl^diar General B. C. Hoddlns:. CS.Madraa Staff C. 13 UayBfi... SooUiem Difltriut, Wellington.— Eioll Aul 
Brigadier Goneral G. J. Smart, Bajal Artillery, 94 Dec. S; UadiKa Diatiiot, Fort St. OaoTBa. 

Mjdngnn Dtatrlitt. 

Jtomfiaay Diatrtct. 
ColBMtJt SB U( filiif. 


Dinlriiil Stiff Qfflctn, i(< Ooh. 

Colonel George Sitialei', Royal Artillery, aj Feb. Bf Baagalora. 

Colonel Q. Rowlandion, Uadraa Staff Corpi, laOot. B5 Boutbem DIM.— OfTg. tn Comimnd. 

Uaior T, UarriB, UidillsBei ReniinEiiC 13 lane Sy Bccnndarabad. 

Lt.Colonel G. Simpeon, Madias StaffCorpa, w JnlyB? Bnnnab' 

Lt.Colonel F. Smalley, UsdrHs Inbntrj. i; Jan. 8S lladrH DJitriot, Fort St. Oens*. 

Major M. W. Saunders, Bojal Artillery, j; Jan. BS Belganm. 

Siifrict Aitir QSIeirt, ami Olon. 

>fiuar C. D. M. Gall. Royal Foiillera, 10 JnaeS; Sonthem Diatrlcn^ WeUlnston. 

Captain G. P. M. Pricbard, Uadras Staff Corpa, lo June S7 Balnnm Diatrlot. 

ej.e. Caplain E.J. Sharpt, Iiflddleaei Be^tneat. 14 Jnno S7 Uadru DlBtrlot, Fort St. Oeorgt. 
t.Lt. Colonels. B. itolland, Madras StaffCorps. iS JnseBj Barmafa.— Ofte.A.A.Aq.]f.Q.tfpF«rBaia*t. 

Uajor J. K. Porteona, Uadi'as Staff Corps, joSepC. 87 Second erabadT 


SoemoT EI.Sm. Lard Beay, QCIS. » Haroh i$. 

Pricalt Sterttaiy J. Monteatb, XA. Bombay Civil BeniM, » Oot B6. 

Itiiilerg Stcniarj Colonel Bon. N. G. I^tloWon, Eifle Brl«ade. 31 Hanli 9s. 

f Captafi] B. M. Hamilton, East 7orkabi» Rasiment, 31 Mardilj. 

Aidttdt Camp i Lieni. A. Pbayn, Botobay Staff Corps, is lur Bs. 

iLlent. R. G. Brooke, 7 HosBan, i< Jons BS (ufrs). 

Burgtn Bnrgeon Uajor L. A. Irving, Medical Staff. 31 Mu. Sj. 

n.—.,..!-- ia ni^ (Lioul, General n.S.B. lU Butt ijf ConnaMbt, IB. XT. XF. OCKS. 

LiMHuiKUr n nnr X Qcai, 6CIS. CB. Boole Gnards and Biffs Brigade, 11 Dao, tt. 

Uililarf Stentary Colonel W. F. Cnvave, b.p. Sneaei Regiment, 14 Dec 86. 

.,..„,, ^_„ fLient. L. Herbert, Benml Staff Corps,! Itia. t7.—Ajti ImttnpMhr. 

'""' *" ""'' tLleol. A. G. FcrgQsonT&flo Brigade, iB Jnne SB. 

AniCTAirT Gzbiul'b Dirunmi u Hixs Qutanis. 

'^"i..^"'.*"!'!*..™* .^.f ''5t }y*"- ^l^™' C. B. Knowlee, CB. b.p. HampeUre BagimenI, 16 Ajail Si, 

Dtptlj Adj'nlaHl antral Colonel 0. A. Cauingham. Bombay Staff Corps, ij OoIBB. 

J I -. jj -..I 1 a I. f p.'-'- Lt.Colonel H. L. Dnndea, b.p. Bset Yorksbiie ReEt, »6 Aug. b. 

A-.bii>t AijHta*l Gn-raU IgolonelG.W. Borradalle. OS., R Artillery. .6 Jan. 84. ■ 

QDimi Miini QaniAL's DsrianiirT it Hiu> Quunii. 

^BHslij^rSlI.^™!..!!^*..'.'!!!*..^ °<^'""' ^- ■■■ »■ *^™' Bombay Staff Corps. 3 Manh S6. 
*f*'r Q*"*'' Xatltr Oniral Colonel J. Jopp, Bombay Staff Corps, i May BE. 

AtlManl A4jutanl Ontralfar Miultltry. 

IfajorC. E.FaAer Jervis, DnrtiBm Ligbt InTanti?, j Joly BS ist Otrole, Chief Insp. Foods. 

Oqiufy AuManl A^Hlamlt Otturalfar Mmilulrf. 

Capt^n C. A. P. Burronghs, S. Lancaahlre Regimsnt, 11 Jan. B6 end Circis, Ubow. 

Captain J. F. 0. TbaMlier, Bombay Staff Corps, jo Apr. S7 jrd Circle, Bomb^. 

Fiaat CihXBB DiBTaicT Cowavsiu. 

CammandiM JfJtoB Dittnet Major General R. B. OQleBple, 3 Mar, B6. 

Aii^ dt Carni Lieot. H. T. Benetl, lAncashJre FnslUora, tj Mandi B6. 

Cummandiiu Poonit JMiMel Major General F. B. S. Flood, CB. 5 April S6. 

rfulidi Camji LIODl. J, Hanwell, Royal Artillery, 1; Feb. 3;. 

Commaiiiiit D4at DiiMtt M^or General B. dB 6. Edwsrdos, CS. Bombay Infantry, 13 Sept-l;. 

Aidt dt Camp Lisot. C. G. Camsiry. Bombay Staff Corps, 30 Sept. 87 

Baoosn Cubb Distbict Cokiuiidiis. 

DrlKadier General 0. T. Heatheote, CB. Bombay Staff Corps, 16 Jane Bj Bombay. 

BritfadierQenaraJA. G. F. Hogg, CB. Bombay BtafT Corpe, 14 May 9; Aden. 

Briinulier General H. 5. Andenon, CB, Bombay Blaff Corps, i Nor. 86 Ifoseeerabad. 

Bri|(Bdier General B. M. Bengoagh, h.p. Middliuei Regiment. B Nor. Bfi Nagpors. 

Brigadier General B. A. Combe, 19 Hnssan, a Nor. BB .-....,...-.,.,.....-....-..-..,.-.,... Bind. 

Ctobiuf an til Stiff. 


Didritf at^f Q/tttn, iH Clott. 

Colonel AJrW. S, Setau,91. Bombay Staff Corps, igJidTB] Fnrloagb, 

Major T. H. Uojd, Royal Aitillery, 18 May BiS Poona. 

Ufuor R.E. D. Beilly, Bombay BtaffOorpt, n Hay 86 Enrraobee. 

Mvor h. F. Bmth, Bombay Btaff OoipL 7 Oat. 86 Deesa. 

Vi/inntI a. J.EmUowm, b.p. lail Toruhue Begimeut, 14 Dec >7 Mhoir 

ttrat Mftjor Oenersl W, a. Dnnhun iiatty, CB, i Apr. SS. 

Camf Major H. C. Uorluid. 5 LUDarB, i Apr. SB. 

tiMtamt A^jmtanl ffnfroJ ..................... p.M.e. Major J. A, Fer^uBfion, BifleBngule, 1 Jtm. A4. 

•; Bujai AriaUrf Lt.UDlonel A. B. Gimauit. 

wfaatal Sm^mtrr Lt-Colonal H. 8. Clive. 

tmitwariat Qffitfr AsaiBtant Commioaary GeDeml F. &. Diidflmui. 

\maMttStrrt Ofltrr AmisWat Oammiaaarv General of OrdmuiosH. H. Bt. George. 

tmaiUr 8»irpa;muler W. L. Brocknun. 

UailOfictT _ BrigiHla SoTgeoii S. Aroltar. 


tfllu FarcaiM CUiu IdeaLGenem W. G. Cameron, OS, i Apr. Sj. 

tmiUarj Btcrttarf Major F. j. W. Davies, Mnnsier Poailim, • Apr. 85. 

Cmmp -..-.,..-...- Captain T. 0. F. SomervillB, Lan<]aa(er Regiment, 1 Apr. S^. 

mitatit A^pilaml Omrat n.i.s. Gapialn E. W. Yeathard, LanOMter BeKitoent, t Joas 87. 

Mf Itaftl ArUllini Colonel W. il. Craster. « Marob 8S. Sonf Xomg. 

flai*, Ssnif ArtOlrry s.u. Captain W. B. Fletoher, 98 July 88. 

SStfalByimtrt&lotilmlUaii^ Oolonel A. T. SKirer, h.D. it Nov. 86. HngXaat. 

tdieal Qjufr.............................. Depu^ Sorgeon Genoral &. Lewer. 

China and Hons Eoog. 

md Ctmmmudrrim CU^ofStng XoV... Ar Oearn William Dee Toeni, fCTVO. Vinbirla, 

CapV Captain F, H. A. DeeYeui. 6 Dragoon Quarda, i* Got. 88. 

i^iitaia Uent. J. Uttle, Northomplon Begimsnt, jo OoL 8;. BmigKng, 

■— iwf jaf QfUtr ...-.......„........„...,.„.., Aaaiatant CominiEBary asneral F. J. G. Cook. 

laaaai A«n (ybar AniBtant Comroisuri' GeoBral orOrdnanOB J. BtMrau. 

l yi i d r Chief Paymailflr W. Haghea. 

Stnata Settlamonta. 

iMV PrwMi/ IToW iUiMtJ, JfotiHH, nut «i>vrw>r>.) 

taiOtmmanitrimCMff Air 0»if ClemSDtl Bmith, XOItei. 

a«"P OBpUiD W. 9, Maaar, R. Aitillarr, 30 Bant 8j, 

>■( s.i.D, Colonel F. CBfdaw, Sooth LanoaBhira Bagimant. 

■Mot JA/mUM Bimrral pj.t. Hsjor J. W. F. Bniton, InnlaMllIng FnXl&n, 11 Jan. 85. 

IV -Kv' ArtilUrt. XiColonal B. Bimpwin. 

h>«iII«-.«P»<-, JA- "■ Bkinner, 

tw. B. Maxwell, CVO. [oaHiv). 

IxhiMIbhiI KiOam D. F. 4. Hcrrej, Bsq. 

BMhaariat Q^Iht. AaBLBtant OcmauBBary GanarB] B. QaTga£a. 

tmrnnttSlmrt t^lfr Dep. AaBlBtant CgmnuiiBiy QanonJ olOraaanoe T. Heron. 

^marttr Staff Pnrmaatsr J. J. Tnok. 

in CU^. „ 

Now SoatlL Walu. 

I05 Staff Abroad. 

Bntnurand Ommaaitr in OUrf SI. Sot. W. H. Borl ifOaiiiiw,XaMa. WMmtltm. 

Aiii it Camp 


Aidaii Caap 

MmtnitlraloT W, MaogTB([or, MD. CXB. 



itajsr Qnural UHJor Qeiicni] fisi, J, 0. Donnar, CB. i 3ha. BS. Oaira. 

iUtii COnij) Bt-Lt. ColonBl F. W. Rhodea, i Draiiooni, i Jan. 88, 

I}i]niiii Auittant Aijttiant Gmnl. SCUajor H. O. BdIUw, Royal ArtiUai?, i Aur. 8s. 

Bngadt Xnjiir Bt.Uajoc R. G, Ketewioh, The Bnlft, 4 Anj[, 87. 

^'A^nil^Jl^"a^l^'^..''!^"..'!!'..!^l}^''^''-^'^'^^'^ '■ =■ S'ldwitli, Eojal IfarinH, .j Jnlj 8S. 

Staff iMuttnitiit [Auiilanl f roMri jUonkoI) Llant. W. G. Bnker, WelBli BepmeDt, 1; Nor. 83. 

ihp. Aititt. Adj. ain.forltitiTnetiaa B.i.e. Major J. jQlmeMne, OxtOrd Light Isflintrr, iglfoyU. 

Onnuiiujiaf Si/fal ArtUUrf H»)Or E. Blaksley. 

Commanding Soyal J&aiiuir Lt.Golonel H, F. Tamer. 

Btnior OommitKiriat (igUtr A»la«ant CommisBary tieneral J. T. Bkfamer, DSO, 

atniar OrimiM SItire OJletr. Aaiiatanl CommiHsa^ OeuBral of Ordnance F. Q. Wlntlt. 

Ditlriet Farnailfi- [vifli rati ef CohiHl} Chief Pu>iiiaa1«r R. (9. Cr«lg. 

frinuifal Midical QfflrBT DepDty Snrjraon Cisiieral J. A, UaiMoD, IfC OS. 

Bimifr Fifcriurir Gurjisn iBt Olaes Tetaduary BorseoaU. f. M. Cua. 

OoTTlBon of Alexandria. 

-,, ,„ ... n.f rHoD. Uajor Qenerml San. B. H. de Uontmoienc? (tyomh.p. Bcff- 

CDIOHl « ui afqf ^ mBBtalDiBtricD.iFeh.gj. 

DtpHtf Aubtani Adiiilaitt Otwnil „.... Gaptaio B. F, Halme, Tha Batt», 1 jDly B5. 

Btaf Capfaiit MUilaij PeKet) „ Lieoli. 0. F. K. UacreaAy, Qordou Hlghlandere, n Oot. B5. 


CMHuniliiiiliiCSi^iiii j Colonel H. H. Kltohcoer, dfS., B, KnRlnaaT*, >; Ans. B6. 


*TJIS^r%^^SMfl^*!^:."'!.^!f.*..^:} «'■»•"■ «- Har™le» Gao. Eobt. Hobtawn, OCMO. Cap. IW.. 

JffWflT, Sta-tlarf .'.,. Captain C. T. DawlrinB, ShropeWra Lt. Infantry, ij Bapl. ». 

,-"■*"'' P""? Llaut, H. A. T. Rol)in8on, 4 Bn. Oxford Lt, Intently, 14 Ang.Bj- 

Liimi'^yt Bntral Henjy AogoitnB Smyth. Koysl irlillBrr, aj 

AtnttanmiUtartSKir.laTyaiid Aid! dt Camp... Captain H. 8. 8. Baclon-Powell, 13 HoBaara, si JnnoSB. 

.4ulitli Camp 

Dttmtt Adiutani Gtmrral f OolonelffiM. P. 8. KaameE, CB.CJtfff. (fromh.p. BoolaGaafdi), 

' ' ■' )^ jbNot.BS. 

Otpntil AtntlaniAiintait Qneral Colonel W. F. Kelly. Bqmbi Regiinenl, ai Jnne 83. 

Htp. Aaitt.Adj. an,firIiitlTutti<m pj.c. Captain H, P. HortliGot^ Lfdnater Ragimenl, f Apr. M. 

Ommaniiiit Sogat ArtUlerj dj.b. Colonel H, H. Mooraom. 

QmrnanitM} Eauai fuiuir Cokinal Qoorga Philipa. 

BtmtT ammutanai QJlwr DepDly Commiasary General B. C. Saondor. 

anior Ordnana Start Qfflctr. Dapan AulKant CommiBury Oenaral of Ordnance B, Beath. 


FrineipalMtdiaalOffiim' Depnty 8nr|[eon Qenora! J. O. Fandht. 

Btior Vittttmnri Bargtut rat Olaaa Teteritiary anrgeon Bichard Rows. 


■iiiwHT/or Z<da Affbin Z7.. j ffl* Arthur Klibank HaTalook, KCKB. 

UaUarx Siailarj 

Atdtit Cump 

OrfntJ M 1*4 BUf Oolonal F. O. B. Oortij (ftom h.p. 6 Dragoona), CXO. aj Oe*. M, 

Dtputu Amttait A^bml Otural B.j.o.Capt.T.E.B.Foratsr, I>ukeo[Oamwall'BLt.Inf.isB«l)t Bt. 

Oawimaadiiig Bayal Snatnt^r lAOolonel K.T. Wynne. 

AMor Cammitnrial (jfflttr Depnty ConunlBiary Getieral. 

Mw/ir IVduHi Ann QifbM- AaaiBtant CommliBary Gmaral of Ordnaiie* C. D. DamlMd. 

ZJA^cfJ'.^maitir „ Fa;mut«r J. B. D'AEOilar. 

rJiooJ Q^ear ........,„ ..,..,....,...,.„„... Biigada BurgsoD J. Fleming, MD, ' ' ' ' 


a<td Cammaititrim Okitf iKr Wmiam Bradlbrd OrifflCh.XCITa. Aeem. 

JUintaiU Lieut. A. M. Addison, i Bo. W. L Kojit. ji Jan, 8j. Oapi Oaatl. 


m*i Cemmamdtr in CUtf CoTneliot Albai Kalwar, OMO. 


{At Sitm Ltont a«d n £4* ^aii^kia.) 
«<ICiwHanl<rJ>aU^ SUrra Znm. 

' Camp .„.,„ , ,.„.... 

rmtBrtf lit Ootmimitiil an tie Bamtia.., Junes ahaw Hay, dfO. SoUnrit, A. Xan'i. 
AijiUaxi .,. tient. B. 8. C. Kennedy, i Ba.W.I. B««t. i Vab. S9. AitrraZwH. 

^imgEajalBitgiiittT^matTankofCavtaiii) Lieut. H. B. Uaclm;. 

Misol <iffttr Sargeon Uajor B. O. SUan, reCired pay. 



OaKnimi) ill tbi Paamicris itithib uts uiiianrT laiiito. 

■ a*«t«l of a. D~.*o. ,/Oa«A. {^%f ^f ^"' ^■™»«i<"' Artbnr, i^ HlanleY of Preeton, OOB. 

Uirj Bterttart (O^ttln koii. C, B. W. ColrtUa {«■«■(«■ o/ Ctofctti*), arwuKUar 

.j.ii.__ (Li«nl.A.H. M'lUhon, OrBnadieranai:d»,3M<wB8. jjMiyM. 

■*• ««"y ICaptaia J. F. Bagot, Wsstmoreland and OomliBrlana Taomanry, 

utOmral Sir John Bou. KCB. 34 May S8. ^oli/iw. 

■t MUiiarj Sttrttarf a*d Aiif it anqt U^or J. D, Maneal. Bifia Brluds. 94 May aS. 

I [Mmii Oaptaln A. B. Jenkins, KtBe Brioada, 14 M>r SO. , 

ibv a. Miutu. ^ a. D«u,i» C''' 'i^™,': '^tSt"!.*' ^- °- ^^'"''"°- ^- ^^**'- "*^ ^ 

I (hmp ,. Idaot. H. 11. Wise. Bootcish Biflea, 16 Oat. S4, 

lAitimlaal Otntnl Colonel J. Ooldio (rramh.n.6 DnwaonGnards), ij Tab. I7. 

Imiitamt Adjmbutt Ottrat p.u, Uajor H. D. A. Ontbill, IrlabBiSca, 14 Hot. 84. 

lima BatalAriiUtrfiaiomtomllitBtnf} Colonal?. B. Hill, h.p. 6 BapL S4. 
Iu« Stfal Sutaw Lt.Oolonal H. D. 0. O'Brien. 

I07-8 Bt<x^ AJmad. 

AHnanA and lzii!wabi> islutdb. 

OtnnumiOmmwtitriiiaitr - Williun Fndarick Hiffnai Bmtth. Iw]. air9.__- M. AIM. 

AU4 dt Otmp „ „„,. 

i'W. Port<r,Biq. „ -'■ST"* 
r. U. Bldrldga, Su „ St. Of il irl u r rU Jfiifc. 
J. E. T. a. B. dmiOblU, bq. J>mMh. 
J. Ha^e. Km. JbrntmrrA 
B. e. DtbH, Xiq. _ _.._Firf*« U—it. 


SoHruT mil CinwHiIir in CUrf. Air Ambrow StuB, KCM9. Sa—m. 



emr%aT and Ootmrnitr in Ckitf. «rCh»rle»-CaiaBrDii Lee«,XCJfS ^. JI iU§tliwm. 

Aidtda Ca^p ..,,.- , 


0«anwriud Coitiuadar in CU^ WBlUr Joseph Bendill, Itaq. CHO. Bt. Otarft, Ofwali. 

8i. ViTDin.— ZiAtnut Oaitrmrr BobertB. Llewclra, Esq „ M m f^ w. 

TotiOO.—AimMiltriitg lit OoKntmnl JiiM'lirml*. 

Sc. l4VCiii..—AdmtiHiirrlng fkt BovTumnl Edward lAborde, Baq. CM3. ft^lM. 


etmniBr ani Cmmmitrim CUif. J. W. l.Tuti. GormknMou, XtOrS. „ „„.... g « u i i iB W . 

AUdi4 Camp 


Attwnur and fnaiinilji in CUtf. Bogsr Tuokfleld Ooldnrortli;, CafS. JdkK 

Aid4 i* Camp Lieat. A. E. Eonhaw, 4 Brig- B- Iriih IHt. B. Art., 15 Xfi.U. 


Oifitiilii QintTala%i OoHnur Jh CU^ fiir Henry Arthur BUka, XOIf0. JBrn/tm, 

Jiitd4 Camp 

OBlBiulntkt Sluf Colooel W. a JiuUae, Cirs. h-p. Depot BUtaUon, 1 April 86. 

StpuiiAnMaittA^imtmtamurat p.t.c. Captain O. U. HaCton. O^Ord Ijaht Inbntrf, 4 AptiUj. 

thrrim J-iJulatt ti rat. S. Welter, 3 Bn. Wsat IndiK Basliiinil, j Aug. B4. 

CIgiiiiuxiliH £Dr^ JrtiUnT Uajor L. W. PargDU. 

Otmmandin} Si^al Bntinttr Bt.Lt. Colonel W. F. Bpsight. [IP. XHI Mt/I. 

^•miorOtmml m riat C^tur Depat; Auisunt Commkur; Oenaittl F. T. iobumm, Offc 

BniiarOrdiianei ainrt (tflor Deputy AHiatanl Com. Oaaeialof OrdDUioe J. B.ArahdiM^avA 

SMrMI^ifiHffn' .„ BtalT Paymaster B. Potter. IM. JiiOm^ 


«««rHr and Onuiuln- Is CU*/" Sir William RobiSBOa, XCUffil » Jitrl ^Mh 

AU4 dt Camp 

QtiTTUn A-djutat* LlanC. F. Eanbair, York and Laneeator Bagimrat, iB Ooi. BL 

CUifOmrniHUmtr. H. I£. Jackion, Esq „ „... gw l Brt. 


fftMrMraaJOaiHuiubrtoCMi/' Uent.aenerelE. Newdag&taNendlnM, CB. -j<->— «° Ynriffn 

.^l^d< CaajT - ........,.-....-..r... Captain H. L, GaJIffey, Baat Lan oa ahire Begiment. 

Oindr AmManl AijidaKi OnHTtl p.i.c. Uajor F. W. Roblnaoo, Blinipatiire LiKht Inf. 13 Bapt. H. 

OmmmHtia Boial ArtiUttj LcColoDel B. A. FluBoy. 

CbmianJtHf B^nl Snojiurr (Calpwl w Ui ».tf] Oolonet R. U. F. Baud lord, h.p. 91 B«k Si. 

Snfar OnmlHorial qjlnr Aasiatant Comnilaury QenataJ F. F. Ooddard. 

Stmior OrAncnct Sttre Offlctf..,....^......,... AsAlitant CommiaaarT General of Ordnance L. F. Orahaio. 

IMfMvf PwnHufir.... „ Stair FaymaaCai B. Boyle. 

frimeipat MrJteal Qffitrr Deputy Surgeon Oeneia: F. W. Wade. 

Otrrriur and Oimmaiidirf»<Mtf. Thomai Kerr, Baq. CXO. 



a*«r*AfaJ IMiMii, OUMOOIIZ. CVnWi.f, S»u>g>oa, Piuu*. HASnix«for, BaamoK, 

LuMrmaUCabmtl—Bwtaa, D. UMpbanoti. ti Uaroh til Oilinul. t Jul. S]. 
I _ , , _ FflT"**".— H»nnr*LO»ni|ilfn«. i Apr. jS ; Siaff Puftuuitr. ii J&n. t«. 

»n«*iri^ Xi^awiif , Ron! Rnu (i F. *iJ Ediiibiintb UllitlaJ.— riiliii>(»ri, Tbe uuaiii'* lUa TohialMr 
_ Bnic»I*, <>!>-flb,Hfl.rUi.aa#eil>VniuiilHrBUl£Ucilua(inlltaiu. 

'^"'•■>^Oe(«.J.— ftMIMBtowlMOHBTOJ. IJ&M-iTi CoUlK'l. I Jl^ J}. 

PffMoMfr.— SdiruRl fl. Q'Duwd, iB Dm. ti i Jt<4^ Parmailtr, i Fib, Si. 
rmiilhil^ BHHtiif. #iai Sumj llut. 1> r. uil lad Sonvr Ullttlii}.~>'°'a>>'"r>. ul, tod, |id, and lib 
rotanmrlUUBllixu ■■(« flam*nUrtn»aL 
Wa Q Xo^a~u( OlMrwf.eJUrTlHSOKT. Cb«i/.I>L>ri<'/K»i. 
A^Ut «J. LmWmhI (Mntf.—rndn-ick 'r. llob»oii. ijUoi ^^ : <.Wo.,f,i JaljBj. 

P»T "Vbr — iritliam R. Kvc i AiirJ ]«: Si«f Fi,m,iiUr. t UuDh ii. 
rWHtovW >.yi>n(, -i"*, Ba(Q (j p. u,^ E,m K,„i aii,u»). - (•■.i..i«r.. iti a>J ind VolsDHar BituUaiil 
W— ^ M tf t mmlil Difritt, lAHCUrn. CuMr., P.rf vrLuxuMtii. 
'■^ ^* ^* ^wJ ww * CklMW,— Ofnid R, UIiIdlElUB, i Jio. it -, Oilumil, i Jaly ij. 
J ^ni ft i .—Hwry U. Ount. t J>Q. T« i Itaf P^Mmuiir, r« July ii. 
fWr^tarW BvlwM, l uiCMIa r lUd. (, r. oiri in LkDOHblni UillUa).— PatKcUan, lU ToluoMOr BuuUou 
I.uaMtf IUctn*Bt. 

Hn R *«<H>MMMb4*«,IISVCUrLB.». <Co«aii«*ni,u<B.Dnxut. 
MU. W> Cl»ii< i» t OtbMl. ~ ThumM Ibiwten.l, CJT. K Jan. t6> I.V.Ii.».(. jj SuiJt. »9. 

fJiwi^w.— Bwuamin II. Uoixa, ( Snpt. ;« i JTimT i'dyutir. i Apr. at. 
TWvMM^ *«'»-'. Kortbambnhnit roUUtn (l F. d<Hl tramnunlntend lllU(ta).— ra'»l«i». iat,nu1, Hit 
jr4 V^tatMr kuUlloM Nuntiaiiilnrluil FuUitn. 
Nn fiK ^•wMmWS/^a.M. OjrbiuiiI.i^hKarii'iirr ((4 7. i"iJ i^ F. mril iit u-r jiiil Durham Ullilii) . 
*'"■ '-'*^- — IWn>»n. mt. ml. trt. ttti. ".4 jih VolaBl«rBatl(ilion» Hurhani Light Inlincrj. 

W/\ A «<»—<»'•' w-wrf. wAawifcS. a.»i.. w.».<c.ii 

MUt D. UntrHa'OalMfJ.^BlMlnnD'O. FarriiiBtnn. tjOoI, B,] Colaatl. i Joly P.^. 

P"*""'".— llwhurt II. ILi«hiDond. 1 Apr. jB ! -tMJ'' (■i)i»iu»'«»'. i -Viir. 8^ 
TWrUkridl KfyiMf , Hnfal VTanrlsluhln Ksul- (« P. ei<^ iit unJ lu'l Wai^.oK Uiluin).— rsIniilMi-i, iiCsuI 
1 ml VdiiDMcr BUtallona lt<m>l Wanrlslublii- RaHtDiMI. 

lU— rr BmIwiM Dtttriei, BOVaiLQW. Cmtf, KinBiHaa, anJ UciiiDrouui. 
IllU. / - iUMtna^a>l«ul.— (.-tiarka'l'acAar, CV. itroti. Sii CiIauI, 9 July 1^ 

P*tmufT.~tl^ Banrnt^. WUtMiD Thomioo, j Kot. 6« i «m. t(.OjJ«.t i Oct. GS 
IWntanaJ Si^iviii, i,>.i.t«J] Bna. Soul |>aullin« (t r. aW WnUnliut*.-. Uiiulan. tit* Hoalti JCdalOiai 
Mlliuai.~i'j'aat«r>. iiH <>< md rolonlMi'Mmlloni Royal ruBlll«n. 

U_ R '7 rfrrftorM JTifiMif. ItliMlMei llMt. (17 P >•'( ri F. uoil Kul M]ild]aiini 0U illi MI'l<II»**i 
XI U. (J f • MilalB].-l'*la>t>m, iRllllddlmi, and Vol. lin. UiildluuiElaicL, iiUiaidirUiKiaaicagX. 

iiWJm \tt ttmttmaal O d w i i ^-Aunnttoa O. TiTBatynitii. CB. la Oot. ti j 

Ml Mb). 
Un An TtrtiUriil M^imnl, Soltti LsoFuIiIre Reel, (lu F, ai'f ii V, jtd Mi I.uifluliirB UUIU*).— 
XI U. ^v,*. rdaalMn. ill aud mil Vi>lit»i»r BLUIium Sualb Lanniahirv UaBlmaDt. 

Un Q X«teMMIOMri(«. XOXWICS. (Vusfy. \e>n>i.t. 
Xl U. 9 . Ji1«— ■! MMil.— llwrr WiK'l. 15 Uureli E; 1 ruJ«>''. ii .Ivna It. 

_ r ^ pii t ii' . — ChariaaW. J. TaTlflf, iS Jan. 75^ Sl^f Figmatttr, y AOB. if. 

IWtHfial Ciytonf.NerfOlli Kvrt. (« F. 4^ »t d iDdNorfolH Iblitu) -roi.ttwv.ial, tod.jrd.f fth Vslimtttr 
Halialt— Horfblk lUolaiRit. 
Mrt 1 rt it«*>«ral7)^ru'. LnoOLK. 0»*t/, Lnaots. 
XlUi XU. i.lMIMaMa.JoHV. -J^^.i, Uu[li;i1. 3; X'lv. tUi alattl. ] Mv ^ 

n>i>'rt'r-'B''bul U. Inlsnil, t Apr. il; Sljf l\amtuUr, >i JuuSt- 
ItetiOrW JbfUMt, LiDolnthln ■««. (tuF.MtfX >i.Ja.l.iii<iolit MJlUa).— I'al■■ew^lata>ill«ldTolalIW«^ 
BbMkitCBi LlD»]i>Bhlra Kacliaml.____ 
Nn 1 1 Av«M>«al OMnct, KXCnft. CbaMj, Daronmaa. 

*iw> XX. Umlnm^ CWa*^.~ritaa«r Wb. mmntle. (;»- * Jtmj R^i r^'brn*!, » Sipl. Si. 
fj^M aifaf . ^ Ajt—r P. o, nianUlI, >( J>iiu i./j Si,t^ Pufm-ff", ij'InD* li. 
■Wuar^i Xijlaval, OvniBabin iUKioast (it F, oikt lad aW III Um^in iiitiiiik>.—ftliniltm,iU,taa,iii, 
iih. k( jUi Tnlnnaaw Baualuna Damnahin R«i(lin<nit. 

nii. X^. fw^iawal CMshI.— Sufh P. Fbuwhi. CjB. i April Sri Cbigirl. > Uarch Rj. 

' '.— Anbur W. H. t^tintoD, II Apr. |Bi siaff Pa,ma.itT. iiJimaEA. 

tWr«naJ Apwat, Aiift«(k ltMn.J» F. a>f nHtSuirL>tk<»-«Oau]hriase Ullltla) — ■V»i(m. itt.>ad.)rf. 
■■i till VstoMaer BaaalHHu ttalR-Ik Oavtmiiui. 
Jjn 1Q X^iwAi/iHi'nW, TAVSrOll. Cmor/, Shuiuiit. 

a U. X iJ . UhIhaM <^ala»l. — >^■.*. Mnrd Latwroho KnaUn.l. j llaMh It 1 CaUitit, 19 Xor. Ij. 
PUMBitv.^AtaiuMr Itwiiu;, 11 Sept ri : !ti*f Pusk't. i Apr. i>. 
a»*mMI j r <ytiw», BonmaMaliitg U<*A Infcatry (o ). 4 i ^ 1 .SoaiiiiHtUiUUaJ — FahslaM, tM> ind,<uJ 

. frd TidnnMar Ihllatii im ikmnnMabira LtchI UritiUT. 

jXf^ \A M t^m n tit OuMti, FOKK. t^Hf/. J-vt>/ Wtat Kinxo or Yon*. 
MD< X%. Z^Xaaatf nbMl.-TMnaaPMIIIaa.9Uayeti CWmtI. gt O.'t Ki. 

P«rH<ifr.~Ardi;U>M H. B. ItoiiaacbOB, ■ Apr!l7«; fli^f Pin«<i<r, 1 ttuthti, 
IWnfcriaf Xtftmiml. WmI Vefinihlrr UM|t.(M F.dB< indudtlkiraat Tork Ullitla). 1 Bn. VurluhM Ba«(< 
^ nMmjj I , — FbI ai r j j H , in. mil. iiWjini TsLnnuer BauaJlona n'r^i yi>rk*lilr« ILeatiaanl. 
Un 1 (^ Jh j iw. titat Diitritt, tSVtMlMJ. Ceaalv.But Rii<i(o ur Yuaa. 
nUt XU, UBl»a(OBl>Ml..^ubn)|-D. AttatdWi^ It Jalytji Culoxl, stFeb. Bi 

Pa*BUf>r,— W. B.(.'aUir«ll4KlolE«r.« ff^jr. 7*1 SIairPat>>^'''.">fl>iP>'M- 
fcrtMM Jbv<«Hf , EaM VorkiUr* RMit. (i» F. asJ Kuat Turk UiilEia).— )'»Ii.a(w>. 1 •! ud i-nd TatOBMor 
BaWriliBa Kmi Torkiblra BactinanL 
M>, 1 C X^>B'>i.ii lUifnrt, ■SCFOR.D. {'onriii. llm-tTXinni'. BaBnao, Haatroos. 
AlU. XU> Jui.(»ii.r (W<>*W.-Ral>rrl W. M. KuHinrll, , 8tpt. If; dtbnrf, ■ JaJ; jt. 

P«r-M<ar.— Haorr Wi". luuinan, I April jBi SfdiTJ'afmMWr. I Apnllj. _ 

IWfMariiil lbf«HB(. ii;dft>nl«IUf« K*ct |>4 F. daJ IMdfonI »i HurtfliM MiRtW, ) Bn. Kinifi Bo^KI BISm 
._ H« — *■ * ! . — t * ! ! !! hI U h, iu, isd. »4 jr<l Voluiiurv Uauallana Uwllardahln K aai maiH . 
Hn 1 f? *vimtw*tt CMrW. LBIQrBTEK. (>bu<h*, MiRna«aui, UieanaL 
A1U. Xf. £MM«iCW«»i.-Airbt«aM U <;uara«a,ilUjMi Ci'MfJ.iOM.ti. 
PafBdrfrr.— Atlbiir Ix-Dflaj'.v Aog. 79 : dh#fa|ilBai«ar, aa D*«.tj- 
fitriMitl Mmlmnt, LriaaaWr^far* Rejtt. (17 P. «i LilinMliHrtB* lUliU*).- < abiitMn, tU VoVavlMa 
DUHIMa MoaaMnhln BaviiMBi. 

no Begimeiilal Dialriet Staff. 

titf^ 10 SeaimntalSiitrirt.OLOStai.. Cawlwi, Knunr, Timmuv, WlITOU, WlIISTOBD. 
XiiJ, XO, Lirultnaat Cotcnul.—Hot, Henr7 Psnell, ijOot-Ui Oilml,iOA. U. 

Paynuattr,— Bluff Pofmattir. CharteB H. HiKnett, to Vaj ji ; San. Id.Ciilanrl, I Oct. BB. 
TfiTilsrialZi^Miii', BoyBlIruhResimeiit (iB F. »ii WeiCDid, North Tippaimrr, sad KUkannrXmUft). 

"M"^ 1 Q EtgiatHlal Diilrirl, EICHKOITS (Yor^Bhire) . Omntt, Nobis Bisibs dt Xdik. 
J^Wi Xi7. iitk(f)iin( Co/ontl.— HonryK. DaviilBoa. s Jan. aSi CdIdmJ, 1 Jolj Sj. 

Pajinoilfr.— S*af PajTHOWw Ilerlierl Crofl ajdar, oKsb. 64: Bon.i'.tWowJ, i Feb.B*. 
TrTrHari„l Ergintnl.'iorkaiitri Retft. (ijF. nurf 5th W. York mJ North York jClili*).— roiii»(MM,iit«»J«i4 
Volunteer Ualtallons Yorkahira Rotfiment, 
l^j^ on fi^nriifnl Ilufricf, BTTRT. Caimri'. I>ar< ofLufClEHiBI. 

X> U. ^\J. Lirrlriaal CoJm (I. —Freiiorick Loeliwood EilcJdge, 11 Apr. 841 Celml, i July 5:. 
Pnvnailir.— WilllBm J, B. G. Bulherland, i Apr. 18; atitFP'f"^"; s Jane Si. 
Tirci'orfn? ItijjijiijFif, LHneashiro Fosilierd (so F. and jtb LaoBii«Uire Mllitta).— rainii/wri. iM, md aaJ yi 
VolDQteeT BattalionB Lnncaehire FoBJIierS- 
1Sr\ on SrgiatniiU DUlrirf.AYR, Caniliti. An>, WiaiowF, KiuctniBiraHC. 
Jrl U- ^J.> Zimloinn/ Culsiirf.— EQwnnl T. lininbridEC, i» Deo. 3-ij CaltiiuLi Jnly 85. 
J*a)riinn(fr.— rrederic N. I. Taylor, 1 Apr. ;B j Slia Ptgmaiitr, 9 Aty 84. 
Tirrilorial Eei/mtn/, Kojal ScoU FueiliErs (11 F, and Scuttieh BordereiB, anif Ayr »nd WlKtami UiliUl).— 
Volhitteerwt rHl atiii and VoCunti^r Baltuhane Bcot4 Fosilien, OliUowkJ. 

lOTrt 00 Rtgiaualal DMritl, CSSaiSK. Camfj, Cbiibiii. 

X^l \J, £t£t, Lieuifnatl Colimel.—Herbcn C. Fatton. 15 AIbt S61 CvIsihI, i Jills' Bj. 

PajmiiB'H-.— John U. Klockloy, ij Aug. jB; Sli^ Pafwuultr, I Apr. B5. 
IV7Ti(oi-iaiBijim*ii(,uho8liircRest. (iiF.und iit a»J »iid UhMhira MUIUaI.— Toiiciifwri, i«, ml), 3rd, 4th, (M 
sth Volunteer BHttaUona Uheahire Hcgimcnt. 

ICT/^ OQ £(ji'iiiciiful Dii/rir^, WSEZEAM. Con nfi>>,AitoLii II, CiiKtiTaii,Disa laB.FuMT, UiBUnina. 
X^U. ^O. Zieufenani Co/00 i-l.—ChaplcB It. BrowEB, CB. 10 Apr. Bt ; CoJinn(,3i Des. Si. 
Fayaittftr. — GeOTi^a U. Tumor, ta Bept. 78 ^ ^u^ Ptjmatter, lo June B5. 
TtrrUcrial Tttsininl, Royal Wflah ITusiliiini (ai >'. onilDBabixlioMd Merioneth ami Carnarvon Mtlitia), 6th B»l- 
Ulion KinR'a Royal Rittee {altaekti^.— ral'Blitrt, lel oiJ and Volnnuwr Battalion b Koyal Welsh rnnlien. 

'M'f-t fyA. Segimrnlal DUIriel, BBECOK. Ctmnliri, OliniDlR, SlDITOR,B»COII, Ua TKOCIB, UoltaaXWt 
X^ U, ^%. iini/foanl Co/oMti.— John Giro Cumpboll, 17 July 8; ! Calmtl, 15 Pab. 84. 
PojnnJlM-,— Il™ry W. PhillipF, 9 Bept. 78 i S*^f Pa»"nrt*i', 1 Apr. B5. 
Trrrilorial Srgintnl, South Wnlea lionlorprs (34 F. a»d iWtnor and Monlgomery Militia).— FsIaafHi^ ill, 
laA, 3ril, au<I 4th Volunteor DBtcslinnB South Wales Boraoren 

Ur^ OR ScgiimifiT/ Z>iifric', B£ItVICE-OH'TW££I). nmifin, Dnxmn, Roxbcish, Bilihi. 
i^\J, ^\J,«/rna«l Colonel.- ticurnQ W. Knni, CJi. € Dec. B6 ; Colonel, 1 JolyBi. 
PnyJU'MliT.— Arthur Broil, = Deo. j8 ; Slaff Paifmatlfr. 18 Not. 86. 
TnrifDrtu! Bfpinfii^ King's Oita Scull Loh UonlererB (ij FT aai ScoUiih Bordsrara MlUtia).— FofairtHf^ lU 
Boiborgb and Bslkirk, :nd ami 3rd Voluiitcer BallalionB King'a Oirn Boottiah BordarerB. 

Vr^ fifi Btsimrilal Diilrtcf, HAXILTON. Comi'y, Paris/' Liiriil. 
Vi\J, ^\Jm Lirulraanl Colontl.—ThojciuKU.eviveBmu, 

. CB. 17 U&rch 87 1 Coloiul, I Oct. Bi. 
Fu^uiatfer.'^iiiBeph J. Morris, T Apr. 7B i Staff ParmotUf, i3 Feb. 89. 
IVirifwia? Stglmenl, acntliBh HiflcB (26 F. and 90 F. uiid 9 Lanart Mililia).— Fof»»(Mr<, nt Lanark, lal 
Volunteer Bsttalion Bcotcish KiflcB, jrd Lanark, 4th aaJ 5U1 Volunteer Ballalions Scottiah BiOaa. 
"VT-, r71 Trrrilorial Sigintnt, llli^hland Lt. Inf. (71 F. ani 74 F. aail lat Lanark Uil.).— I'staifHn. iMi 
Xt U> i X. and, Dflil 3rd Vol. BuK. Highland LI. Inf., 9th Lanarkshiro, ^tb Vol. Bn. UighlaudLC. Inf. 

l^/^ O ^ SrgiwuuUd Ditlricl, DK&OH. ComCUi, LasnoNDiaiT, DoiiBiL, TiBori, FiiiiA>i«a. 
Xl U. ^ li £i*i.(ji.oiii Co(o»*i.— John F. Cnldiroll, n July 871 CeIo»fI, i JnljSs. 

Pujfinoilji-.— Eiimnod K. Ooota, 1 Apr. 78 ; Slqff FaiimatfaT, 16 Uaroh 84. 
Tfrpifori'i/Jfe^jmepir, InniakillinqFuB. (97 F.oji J 108 F. and Fermanagh, TyronsaadDonaffaLMLlitia). 

X' Wi ^Oa Ziev/«iiiH/ Co/utff/.—Frjmcis BrodiiTBii, 17 March SO; Coloitft, aa Sept. 84. 

PayBiiit/rr. — Diinoan C. O. SpiUor, i Apr. 78 j Sl^ FavmatUr, aft July 62. 
Trrrilorial Sigimttii, UlonceBtor^hire Reel. (sB F. oait ai F, aii Bonlli sad North Qloaeeetar JlUitW.- 
Volnnttrri, iHtmiJ ind Voluuleer Ballalions Oloucealoiuhiro Realmenc 
1^/-| O Q Urgininlal Diilrirl, WORCESTER. ^0111';', WoBciaiiaaHiai. 
XI Ui ZtO, Lienlraanl (To/onrf.— Fred. Ubarlca NnitiJii, t(,Dqo. 87; CoIomI, i July 85, 

Faamantrr, — Tbonias B, Urquhart, 10 Aii^. 78 i Sl^ff Pfj/matttr, 14 March 85. 
Ttrriliriitl Spffimrif, WurcoAti'r llcitt. (79 F. ana 36 F . iruJ WorooBtcr ^litia] . — K{ilhiilMrf,iBtonJindVoln:Mr 
Baltikhoiis Worcester UeKiiiiuiit. 
ICr _ Qrt S'-gimri,l,il Diilrirl, BURNLEY. Counly, Pari 1/ LxKciBaiBI. 
XI U. OV/i Litilraanl Co/oHr'.— William J. Fmmt.lon. i> June 88; Cobnut, 1 Mar. 83. 
Pojrmrjfl/rr.— ThumiB C. EtOfC, i Ai>r. 78 ; Staff Fa^atter, 1 Ang. 83. 
Territori^il Stginrnf , K. La'aonehij^ Ke^t- (31 F.f 59 F. .f- ^ lb Lancashire Militia}. — Valantrert, 3^3 Lancaahira 
ICTi-t Ql RiyimeJ^lol DulricI, KUTOSTOX. CoHiily, Farl s/SDaail. 
X^ \J, ox. LiiKlnaul C'',)u»(/,— (IcDrKO llaylej-, 1 Dec. 86 i folonif, i Jnly 85. 

Piiyj.uidi'.—Wiliifioi Bell, 1 Apr. 78 ; Slqff Fajauiilir, 14 Oct. 83. 
TerriliirialStsiatml. BanHurrc!/ Rent. (31 F. 011^70 F. ami isl mJ 3td SBrreyMiblta).— roIimfMri, istSnlHf, 
9nd, 3rd, and 4ih Volunteor ItntiatienH V.att Surrey Regimt^nt. 
Xr^ OQ S'l/'mriiliil Diilrirl, BODMIN. CuHnI,, t'OailwlI.1.. 

Xl \Ja O^i Lieifl-Hiint l7olo«rl.—<.ienti;c (7. Bwine>", 7 March 88 [ Colonrt^i July 8s. 
P'lfi.ijiffr. — MicliBcl Fcnl^ja, 17 Fub. 79 ; JIoh llaiar, 17 Feb. 84. 
Trrrilorial Ttrgiturnl, Dako of U'.>ru«HirB Li((hl lufautrj- (ja F. d»J 46 F. omJ Cornwall Bancera UillUa).— 
Volnnlrrrt, isl and 7nd Volunteer Ualtaliona Ihikc or Corn^all'B Li^ht Infantry. 

"hSf^ QQ Brnimiiilal Di.^rW, MALUAX. Csiia')', Port ^ Wasr BiDiao o» YoiB. 
X^ (./• 00. ifrnfmaul Co;o«(,— ThomBflT. SimpBon, 37 Jan. B6i Cli(o«(, fiMjirch 84. 

Piy»iaj(tr.— tiodlVey T. (1. 8t jt Kneller, i Fob. 79 i Sli{ff Pa^mailtT, ij Juno Sj. 
TtrrUDrta/ Bi^iruB'. Duke of Wclliiii^n'a West Riuina Ren. (33 V. and 76 F. and 6th West York Militia).— 
Volttnlffri, iftt, 3nd, auj 3rd Volunteer BattulionB Weal Klding Regiment. 

I^rt "^/L flV'"'"!"' Di-lricI, CABXI6LE. Ca'nIiH, UmiBaaLAKn, WiBTaokluBo. 
X^l \J' 0^> Lieulrnanl Colonrl. — Julius I). Dyson JJLurte, II t)ct- 87 ; Colonel, i July 85. 

Pu,i»i«((»-.— aamucl IS. Wood, 38 Doe. 78 ; ll(. Jfii/or, 1 Oct 77 ; Staff Faj/nailer, j Jan. 8;. 
Ttrrilorial Btgimrnl, Tbc Burdcr Rcgl. (34 F. lad jj F. ami Cumlierknd ami wesUDoroland Miliila).— Fslia. 
Itrrt, 1st and and Voluntdor ButtuliuuB Borvlcr Iteglmont. 

1^^. QC Jfr.viiinfiilZKfrrirl, CHICHESTER. Conify. anBaii. 

XX \Jm 00. Ulnlmant Colo»»;.— ItollLTl F. Uuller, 3 Nov, 88; Colanrl, ( July e.f. 

Pnjfiniiiilfr.— Miohnel H. UoBl)-, 38 Sept. -jB ; Sliiff I'oymaMtr, 3c July 85. 
Ttrilorial Btjimrnl, The Ituyal liuuei Reglnicnc [33 F. aaJ 107 F. uHJBuiBDiMiliLia].— Falaaftin, utCisqu 
Pons, ret amtl and Vf/unteor Buiuiliona Royal tiuBBax Beglmcut, 

a^ w* Ola LmltaamI Ctbati.—Ci^^TtrtiJoba Hamotn, is Apt 

HeffimenM DUtriel Staff. 



April H : CoJ^rul, tj San* Sj- 
iWHXfr— KdnnlM. DMW>itfty.9<i)n-]li jWuj'Pjjwo.f.r. S **. 
■fUtrtrnt B ifimtmt. HaniMblr* K«(;l (j- f. a*i St P. cinit Hampshirp Miliiiivi — l*»;K-<ifiri, nl, tod, jrd, 4ttk 
■W itb (Uiol Vicbl"FTi»ciu Buuiheu'*") VolauMor ButMIIuua UuiujikJure Itcifimoul. 

tSn QQ »f W i J *«l PMrirf. UCKnELD. CtHmlf n/Vi^roai. 
J>lU> 00> Un«iiMiitCMia>l.~<,'hticlM<'. llniUxvM, laflov. tri Calami, t liOr ii- 
fippKir.— Altewl DmtnK. >( Not. Hi S^frarMui*', kOdI kS. 
IW*«>rMJM«iH*<. ^tmlkSMflotd'liinBaici.l^ p. mil 3« BUiffonl MillMa).— rdUnlwn, iit, md, 
arndtriV^Amtmrr— — --° -'^ -. t- — . 

r Bmaliaiiii Saiati ItUilluiiliiiun RoKUDKit. 

Hn RA >Wri*»>^ Jt^aiW, Ronh ttMHantthit* {tcct. (£i F. owl $3 T. einJ >qi1 unit ird BMObrd 
VnU> U^. lUttUn).— I'daalnr*, iumJiiuI Volunwornutlalloni Surlh .Itnirnrdiiliira Bugimaiit, 

Vj^ QO Jh(«wii(ii(I>Wrirr,DeBCai8TKB. UmniV, noun. 

nVi 0<7. X^wIiHa* (Wnrr.— L'luirlM B. Klag.i Ai-r. 8;: rutonrl. i Jul; Sj, 

PtVB*i»r. --Claud* C. Rudd, i8«r)i.>i i ati^J^matitr.t Apr. E{. 

'ilw^ aaiani*. BniM(»liir»B«gt.(» r.aaJ jt V. and DwiiBt Mtlitlu).— rclantwf*. iKVolaSMW BaRalloa 

Danaukln Rwinnii. 



SuftanU/ Diifnri. OAKBIfF, CnsnUtt. PaitvaoKi. CmiaTiiix. ai.dtnaai*. 
ZMfrMM ri'uxf. STtiuiUnn W. RiiB'iiiia, nMa; Hi Colon'', li Jan. ¥■■ 

pMmailw-— .liunjidur H. HilJjuin, jo Aajf. ;3i Slaf Pajmaftrr, i Apr 3). 
- t^rritarial Sflmiml, Walth Rnct. (41 V. ja' 6g r. aid (llamnr^n fiillUa].— roJaaCm, tU, ladi and ird 
TctnlMT BUUIMaa Walih K^c'nioDl. ird Qlamottrajiahlro. 

Vn AO * ' y >a » i lnl /Jtrf-Wt, rWta. CWalto. VotT4>, fllto. !/>». 

nU. %^< UfWMnffM Kl.—WnUara B. Balaton, CB. m Jmiosdi r'u'onf'. i Apr. ti. 

fu^ MMlff.— atirfTMiwitw Hiiiry PniicU Luke, i Dso. bS; A<->. X.(,<lst(>i»r, i Oot. II. 
r«rTH»ial M fUua t , BHialt Waart Ua r. ami ji CaX Panh Uilltts).— TalaafHTMU, nul. |rd,4Ui, sUi,«d 
•ell VohiMair BaUalioua Rd}-b1 tlichlandera. 

Iff. AQ JEwltu>«-l JXXjM, OZFOSB. dmNa, Mi rore, Bicaa. 

''^ 0> rkO. i4<M>u^ (U4Mt.— ruamaa U. BallLc, i'^ Kit. V : CV>li>"I, i OsL t 



Lomaa U. BalUc, ir^ >>]ir. a?: Oilvax, i usL Ki. 

B. JnokuiQ, 6 Apr. IJ i Sluf fuimMlrr. >i May Si' 

taatrj |i I r. End '^i V. aiuT linclu uni Oifurd Umtia).— T 

riMrW SwHaf. Ot-'ord I.ticbt InAutrj |, i y. End '^i K. aiuT lliiclu uni Oifurd Umtia).— roliiattm, »t 
asd (ait VcbaaWcs Haualluu Oalard Uitbt Inftiatr;. jii HaiiklnKl"^<>»iiir«, 4Ut V(;luiile«tBiilli>l]im Oxford 
I tachttnlkMfT. 

Un Ad Sntawlal DWrM, WAUBT, Oa-ti, Ruaai. 
|X1U, '3tr£. £jaMaa> Cli(m<l.— Prmncti D. Waltara. ■ Ajir. S) I r^raul. I Oi^t. t>. 

.Pflfaiufrr.— Alitf fDnart'r. IInl>crt H. B(ialli>i1);<\ iiFeb, ts; tfM. /.t.CoIwI. t Uct. S3. 
T'rn/tml Ittfimnt, Kaiaa llaRl.<4t r.<i>d tC K. ^ai< Kmki Uillra icaJ Waal Euu Mililia).^ roJaatHn, iM, 
r:J, in)- laJ (111 VoloMnr BaiMlloiH Baasi KcRtmeat. 

'M'l^ AR JE-fCMaUXMaMX-SSUT. CB>-ra. DaiaT. 

J-^U- Tt-J. XiaKnairfCMuaJ.-WmiUDH. B. Kjuifloy. CB. I Apr-Sii 0.1™*?, » Mnroli Bj. 

.^riaaiJIw. — St«f I^wMU'c (i«nreii II. Adfiiri, i; Apr. 171 Han, U.Calautl. i Ool. H. 
Ti r T U - ^ **t Mt f lm rm I, DM t i j at rtt i i l&ci, (4) f. aa4 vt r. aiut ind Dorbf. ItticrirDod I'ombin. a~t i*l Darliy 

. .>>.— raJaar«m. art nJ ittd VoIoulMr BaitaUciut DBliraliira Bvifiiouit, lat KonuiKliaiD. tib (Nun*) 
Vdawear BatMUmi D«rl)7*)itr« RntunKnt. 

Un A*? SiyiBntal Itiilntt, PKS8T0K. CW>iy. Pari o^Tusaiiiiiiii. 

Al U« ^ # . botaslal CaOaaf.— Piwlcmok « JJoIil«l(-J'. 11 Jnlj- II 1 to)n«(, t Jiily 8j. 

ffuaairip.— Jolm B. Vaodor-UiinlDa, >! CMl. )3| aitff' Faginatitr, 1 Jann M. 
fw a Hiatal BiyJAaal.^ortb Lanevihlra fUvL UrP.lit F.^'i UncAtkr* MiliUaj,— ruI»EwM, itt aNJ md 
VoJudetrBaUaUuna Simh lAinabLr* llosimcot. 

IT— AQ AviwaM iMif n«, KOXniAKmX. raMn.f, KnirntvpinH. Rnuav. 
M U« *0. tuwnuf CW*aW.— Thoinat H, fUikton, ij IJw. M ; c-i!«-rl. 1, Aug. ei. 
Paawadn-.— Ttxiinu Qiiurve BmUi jo Ott. jS ; «»ii. Uajirr, ja Ocfi. B). 
I. San^ivnpum KagU (4) K and jt V-aaf XorUiamptaD MlliUa].— fg'uafafrf, tHT«lai)Uor 

Bai mion S<atluuin>«OB lb«lmnit. 

Mn AQ *' i «a'ii M «tHa<^ laumra. ruaata.Bnxaaiaa. 

IIU. ^i7. Ha rt a wa! Col. . 

.P>MHi«fr.— I^idmO, A.roi, aStfiC fti aiaf Paymarltr, • Apr. Si. 
r«rn(M*/ Arf<aH>l,lC>^B«tft>tit«RMiiaoDt |,vF.«i'MP.aait Utrka UUIUa).— raJKafatrMalTnlDIlMar 

Oct. St. 

lUon Uornl BoikahiM BaalmoM. 

Un f^n itvl— "M />^'ri'r.KAI]IST«V3. Cwnlf.FarttfKnrr. 

AlU. UUa Ciaaiaaaaf CtJ.i«V.— Itinhanl A. Mannani, • JanaJ]i CMunt/, la Deo. S4. 

.Pa/iujfar.— Ilimnaa 8. Oapplnlor. i On. >t| SIi|fI'iitiaui><f*. 1 Unnt. It. 
f m a^ n a; *>r<>aa*,BaTil WaatKvrt Be^iiiKil.(]aF. aada??. andTTcatKeiuMmun).— I'ofu«(w», ill, md, 
— d|nl gnlBIWr BMtaHMia Hoyal Waat Kont lUgienani. 

ttorwarwl . 
laflr*. lat ■ 

■■■J 6(. 
.vrdUlUtla).— rabfl- 

tJ— el »vlH<italSMru«, nvTzraACr. f^aaJ*, W>»t Risias or VoHImaa. 
nU. Ok. UnMaatCtfMat.— WtlltomBv^m. Ca, ■ Apr. iji Ci>li>'U>, I Jnljrtv 

fa f aitar.^ Malmuth C Qaliiii, >6 Apr. ^) i K^ra^imairrr, m BcpC Jj. 
IWTtfMii'Sf«n'a(.nalEla«'aOimTen«l,lniUjihlIaaLDtrr(tiP.aad loiF.aml 1 W.rarkUnitU).— FotH. 
•en, ■ ') VotanUar Uaaulwa Tsnahim Uii>" ufulry. 

Ui^ Rf^ Timttn*! Mt'^nLratk and Laoeutar Baal (St F.aaJU F. aai ^Wut roAUUlIU).— 
lA^U. Uvii rriaiJaiw. iiCaad lOil VnlmtMr HaUaliiiDa Voik and LADmuMr BFciuust. 

1J— CO Ka^lMafaJ JH(«rM, SKKEWIonT. C^arlaa.Saienntii sad llHaroaD. 
nU. UO. £int«a*( tWuaJ.— KmaU A. Cany, 1; Supt. £i i Pof«HC, i .rnl' t 
Jayai h *.— W ilnudorf a. UuuM(b, •■ Jnnt nt Mm. i! 

M flmtmt. Bhioinhtra LIrM tnhnlrr (siF.awl ts P. sa/Bhropatu 

itaad toil VLilunlaarBBiMIlonallhrDpaGiiatJirlitlutkBU;. lal Vtin .■ 

Un RO Jt-VUflKal AWrM, DXVIZZS Owtl*. VTiLnniai. 

,A^U. Uda. JLiBfaaaM Cafeaal.-^i.i. Allxrt L. Walkar, t Apr. t3i OolaaaJ, t$ Kot. ■]. 

f a r aaidf.— Jamca C. HaM, > Uiuoh«4i il«i>. Xf.CWnait. isHarehH. 
L faawtoWl a ^a— f . WtltiiMn lUiW. Mar.aal«F.aaJIVilaliJ«mitlia).— raiWataara. < WUIahlTMtia TolQIf 
I wr BMtalHm WIlMkm BeclDKBi. 

'Wn AQ XaflwaM CMriaf, AARSOH. niNafr. PdH<i<U!icttai(a. 
I1U, 00. £ii*laa«a<IM«al.—Artbur<i.U. Church. iilnli-Hj Ck^^H), iSUU.M. 
fai w aa t ar.'— 

eJt^jM-t, mnaliMMc B«m. Ifi F. B-d t^F. aadMii LaacMhlra Ma>tt*l ■— raliman. ttt, ma. yt, 
k, aad aa Ttl— l air BtM^taot XaaehaHar Uwl^a*. 

Ill Begivtunlal Dufnef 8taf, 

ISn (70 StftmnlaiDiiMtt.t<liKiaKi1tQI. OmittM. 0»>1T <«<i BmRun, Bunnun, OuimnM, 
li!t\J' f&li BoBt anj Cbohabtt. InraisiH, Kuu obJ Xlsik. 

LinUmitl Colmul.— Charles M. Btockwsll, CB. sg Deo. Bj ; Oolaul, n Bapt. &(. 
PflMnwfw.— William H. Mortiaier, i Apr. jS ; St<tf Piamiuttr, ti Uuofa B4, 
TfrHloTialS*fim«U,etiionb mgh\ADaen(ji F. atdjiH.and Higtlsod Hifle MillU*).— Fj lmf iir^ iWVoL - 
Bn. BcBtOrtta Hlghlanden, iH Bntherl md, 3rd Vol. Bn. Seefartli HiKhlandsn. 
Vr.. (TC BtgimnlalDitlricl.ABSKDEEa. Cmitiu, AlIBDIBS. BuFV, KlXCAlDIVI. 

l^Oi ( vJi XtntmiKf Colinul.—Willluii Qreen. C.S, I Apr. 87; CoJoiHl, 13 Jul Sj. J 

Payiunttr^ — 7illi&m FiKuklia, t Apr. 78 ; St^Fawnuuttr, t Juoe 82. 
rtrriCsHal Sijninl, Gordon HjgltJsndere (7; F. and 93 F. and AberdaeDthlre Uiliiift).— FalmlHri, iM, mot 
3rd (Tbs Bachu>), ilti, 5tli (DeoBide alghUnd). oii 6th TolanWtr B«tt»UDiu Oprdon H l g Mnirt aim. 

"KTn fTQ ji«j««i(aJz>M*,ict,mvBaHiBB. 

XHUi ( «7. limtimmt CVifonll— ChBrlea U. Blockwall, CB. >9 BoD. Sj! CUaHl, 3B«pt.a4. 
Pay- uifn-.— William H. Mortimer, 1 Apr. tB j «^ PojmWir, 11 UvA 84. 
TtTTilorial StgitHni, CBmerno Hit^hlundErB (79 :F. ami Bighlaiid Light InfUCry Hililia).— falwilwi. at 
Volantear Battolicu Cameron EiucUaudera. 
^^,- QQ Esgimtrtal Dtttrirt.'BtUiST. Oiaatiti. AslBIK, DOVB. 
1^ U> 00. .Unfnmil Coimii — AndrewDavid Oeddea. iS Aag.Sii Coltmil, »Jaii. S3. 
fayiuil<r.— JohoS, BrsretDn, i Jul; 78; Sinff PofmatUr, if Deo. S4. 
TrrrHarial Stginunl, Koysi IrlBh Biflee (Si F. aid eG F. ani N. Down, Antrim, B. Down, and Lontll KUltia). 
^Sf% O ^7 J?«jiiiu)i'a7 J>Lttri?t, ARKAOH. Co^ntia, Cataft, Movaqhjls, AmuAOfl, LoDIB. 
J^ O- Of. i.iiiil>iii>if Calmul.— Edward Hopton, C£. 14 Julj 35; OoIbjuI, it Nov. Si. 
PaymaiUr.—Goiiint W. Bamea, 36 Oot. t8 ; Af/ Pajmojiw, fi Jan. B6. 
TtrritsTial ityii««il, Koyal Irish Funiliera (S; F, ornf 89 F. oaii Armagh, Cavan, naJ Monaghan UQitia). 
1Cr^\ QQ X'jiHM'iii-Dulncf, OALWAX. Csiia'ui, LiiiaiH, Slioo, Roacomioii. Uato, GAiiwax. 
l^U. 00. Lin'mul CoiiiHl.— James Browne, 16 Feb. 8S; ftolnjial, 17 Deo. 84. 

Pdyauufff. — Jamea R. Ballard, a> Feb. 79 ; Hotwfatj Major, ja Feb. B4. 
TirrVorial Stgimtnl.OoitBKagiil'aaaKtm (SS F. unit 94 F. and Bouth uaya, Oa]w«y> &a*o'>™i'ii>iii a^NiMk 
Ua;o Militia). B Bn. OiSa Brij^e (atlailui). 
Vtft. Q1 StgimtBial BiiMel, BTtBLIBO. Connlit; Eisioaa anil CbicmiiBU, BiouKa, Dimansi, 
X^U> I7X> Abbtll, BuTi, Eiaiaiw. 

lAnttnait Colsail.— Arthnx 0. Niglitiiigale. 6 Deo. 87 ; Colomtl, i July S5. 

fnyiulfir.— George E. lADStard, 4OCL 78; Sl^ Pa/matitr, 6 OOO. B;. 
Ttfrri/ORoJ JZii^iKia', Argyll and Sntherland HighlaQderB (91 F. aid 93 F. and Highland Bordomn nJ Eanfnv 
Uilitia).— rolinlori, lat, and, 3rd, 4th «d ;th Tolnnleer BatlalioDS Argyll i Botlierlaiid Highlandan, ut 
DUDbarton, 7Ch Tolnnteer Battalion Argyll A Butbeclaad Highlanders. 
TSft. i /S/S fifytenfol Dirtriet, S3B, C«]iIi«,UB»E, W1BTH11.TH, LoFsioiD, Kiira'iOo.,Qa>n'>Cs. 
^^ t-'- l.\J\Ji JUntnuiil CsIoHt.— Uontgomarr WilUama, IS Nut, St 1 CblsuJ, I July 85. 
fajnaufn'.— Edward C. Harnea, I Apr. 7Si atqf ParMxt^r, i Jnna Bi. 
Ttrrilimal Btaimixt, Fnaoe of Walaa' Lalnater Segt. {100 F. nd loq F. and Elng'a CooDty, Qoean'i Ooontr, 
and Meath Militia), 6 mi 9 Bns. RiSs BriitadB Xatiaefud) . 
ICTa n r\l SwiBn'oI J>u(ru4, TEALXX, Cmnfiii.LllIIBIOI, KlIBT, Ooil, OUBB. 
J.'IU. J-VrXi XinfnunIOiIsiHl.— John D. Johnstone, 11 June 8tj Coloiwl, ij UajchSj. 
Jay«iat(«r.— John L. Hewaon, i Apr. 78 ; Sdif Pagmultr, i Sept. Bi. 
XtrrHtriat SimuHnl, Royal Mnnaler Fusiliers (toi F. aad lo* F. mi SonCh Cork, Kerry, aat Umandi 
County Militia), ; lln.Kinft'sKoyal Bifl» [otlaaM), 
IfTa* 1 rtO Bigimunlal IHtlriel, S'AAB. Oonntut, DtTBLiK, WinLow, KiiotBB, OiBtow. 
Xivt •l.V/^i ZtmtiiuBl CaZiiiKl.— p.i.B. CoWilleFrankland, iiAug.B4 1 OdIouI, ig Jan. >]■ 

Poyiuifrr.— Denis Craagh, B Jan. H; ataffPofmatttr, 17 April 81. : 

XTTilBTtal Scgaunf, Royal Dnblm Fuailiara (i« F. and 103 F. nd Kildare, Dublin OUy, md DnUIn OoBoV . 
Mlll Ua), S liTL. KiDK'a BoyaJ Biflea (■flaatad). 
I SyU Btptt, WtNOHBSTEE. .: 

LintUnant CaleHtl.—Onorm Hatehell, 1 ] Jiu. 87': Cataiut, « Not. Bj. « 

Tajtmatter. — Staff Faywuitttr Bdmmid H. Gorgea, i^April 77; Hon, XC.OlffHal, 1 Oct. B8< .^ 

CaoWfr J/artfr.— Thomaa Bilay, 8 Feb. B8; Hri. Zi™t. 
£iu Batialiinu. lal fs gth Bna, King's BoyalBiiiee <6aF. aid Hnntiogdon, Flint, and Middleaax, Oulov, •■' 
North CnrkMikliai- I'DfaalMTi, ind. 4tb, sth (gtb olIaiiiM), 6th (tsC anaU^, nth tuth ■HaB>aft i^^ 
3iat, and ainji Middleaex, lat. and. and 3rd London- ^ 

I^LHt Sa^fii^ioaf, I at (0 9th Bob, RiHe Brigade (Ride Brigade and Queai>'i Own Tower Harolata, Longft'4 
King's Own Tuwer Hamlota, Lcitrim and Wesuuanlli MillUa).— rstantwrf, 7th, 14II1, ijtli, 16th, ittk, 
191b, aoth. aad 74th MidJIoao". lat T'fwer Hamleta, »nd Tower Hamleta. 

Tbe fallowing Rcgimciitsor Aoxiliary Foroea are attached to the Brigade oT Foot Onatdit^ 
(Tiamsiid af Ll.Colonrl SriuJ/cr anardi.—M'lUint 4th Bu. Boyal Fuailiara. ralaJarawi; lat, ind, mU pi 
London; i^th, a4th, and 36th Middleaei, lat uvd and Tower Hamleta. 

Omund of Zi.Colanil Coldilrtaia BKi-^.—MitUia: 7th Bn. King's Boyal BlBea. VaUntttrt, tth (iM 
alfaeitdi, i6tli, t8th. igtb. iist, md land Middlsaei. 

CoHnaad of U.Colimtl SeB/t OitarJ'.^ Militia: tth ani 7th Bni. Sitle Brigsds. ValaMlttn 1 i&d, 4!^, flh 
(9tb oHocitid), 7lb, ialh(i;th ul'actid), ijtb, i(th, oadgolh MiddlosOZ. 

Guians' Dbpot. 
Qaaritr Ifotfir.— William Ellis Rcynolda, 1 Apr. 8^. Sm.Caplain, 
Want iDDii Dkfot. 
Lintcnant Coloxf.— FrcOeridi B. P. White, 4 L'ct. 8B ; Calinul, 14 Uarch S6. 
Ftigmatltf. — 


Aberdeeil 75.CaT<li(r............... 41 Inworueaa 79 

Armagh 87 GarlifiEe ...,..,,,.„ 34 Kingston........ ............ 31 

Asbtoa 63 

Ayr ai 

Bedftml 16 

Beirut 83 

Cheater aa. i^Ticaeier ..,,.-..,.«...,-.. 4 

Chiclicstor is' Leicester 17 

Clonmel -.,.....- iB . Liob£eld...... .........38, 64 

^ Derby 4^ Linooln ..................... to 

Berwlek<on -Tweed a;! DeviscE ..................... 6a Uaidatona 50 

Bererley 15 Dorohcater,. ........ ........ 39 Naaa 104 

Birr 100] Eietei 11 Newoaalle j, 68 

Bodmin 3a Fort Ijleorga ............... 7a ' Northampton 48 

BreooD a^ Galway SB Norwiob g 

Bristol sB|Gleoco™e t Omagh.... 17 

Bomtay - 30. Guildford a Oxftml,.. ..,..,.„...... 43 

Bur; lal Hali/ai 33' Perth 4a 

Bnry 8t. Bdmuoda 19 Hamilton 16,71 PoatalMct S<, 6j 

Canterbury 3'Hoaoslow 7, 57 

Praatou 41 

Reading 49 

RichmoDd (Yorks.) _ 19 

Side Depota jii 

Bhrswabnry $] 

Btirliag 9> 

Taanton 13 

Tralea na 

Wartey 44 

Warriiurton S. 4s 

Warwiok 6 

Wlneheatat _. 37 

Woniaater >9 

Wrexham 13 

Vork 14 

Tower of London. 

CnttaiU, FUli MarMlial B.C. Lord Napier of Uagdala,! ClnpftU, Rer. J. O. BdghiU, DO. i Apr. 87; Ct^>'efB 
ffCW. OCSI. 6 Jan. B7. Onrral. 

^f—f. Osnarxl £</rd CbBiaaloTi, QCB. 4 JaDeS4. I 3Kr«eii,Dop.lnsp.Gflaoral W, F.T. lT*j, b p. ■ Apr.?'' 

.*%™-, LleaC OBBtrai O. a. WXman, CB. ig Aug. 70. \ 


Staff Offleen of FenslonerB. 







(Blatiiid GiUTilleChu'l' 

l Um.'tLp.liF.. 


4,1, *>, *i, ijilLim- fjohn P. I«mle,< 
f) rBtmard H. Bnrfs,' Lp.") 

Lllwm. U.<MKHl,lJjlljtl)} 

I&, Eoo. — IKatTick PwpnMMbtTr Cote. 

n, l.i, tT DiKrlet Fumader, Balbat. 

ii,]7, > BacTM- f CbarUu Kdirmrd Lannox,' 


fa, ins no Do>u>.— Tho«.Aked,'rBff orZM. 

O&MASA. ' ^ ^ ' 
__„_„ fWm.JoliiiLuuilIl]U«ui,»)i,p} 






iSJui. ji 

33 Hot. jj 
'17 Dec 5a 
1 Jnly J3 

iDeo. S4 

e JnUB 94 

iB Aug. S4 

gUu. 5; 


*'?Apr- S? 


9; Jnns 56 

1 Apr. 70 
>6Jui. 66 

8 Oat. 61 




TOot. J4 
J Jnly ja 

lOot. ;8 

sDso. M 




96 Deo. ta 

31 Dec. tS 

lOot. 67 

1} JniM 71 

Ii Jan. 64 
I Oct. 70 

I Apr. 71 

35 Mar» 71 

Hm.— Tbe dotiea Is all other SCatiou are perfbrmsd b; Qa OSoer of Oit Amy Pay Departmmt ; axoept that 
IkMOflbelale or Han an dltoharfcsd by the Offloa at iMamrA; those at Maidstonaby cbe Offloer of the WeM 
kndDn Diatzlot ; (bOH of LondoTi, Montreal, and Ottawa, Oanaoa, by the I>iBtTiot Faymastar, HalUkz. 

TW OBoar of the 6sti DIatifot paya the PenafODKn nwlding Id MJUDheater and Ita aabnrlM oijy. All other 
ttaiimm in the Rfiff^mirtT' DIatrlot an paid by (he Staff Paymarter at Aahton'iuiiier-Lyiie. 

War Bermcea. 

■ LLColoDel Charlton Mmd with tha Giat HeKiEoent in the Indian mntlny of iBst-jS (Uedal). 

■ Lt-CalonBl Burke aarreil with tha 6ath Lisbt ui&jitTy In tha New Zealasa war in 1S64-M, Inolnding the attaok 
gf ihe Gue Pah. ensagBueDt at Ta Banga and attaek on Pntahl Pah (Medal). 

■Colonel Caidaw Mired aaAdJatant of tha igtli Bezant in the XuCem campaign of 1854, inoIndliiB the 
albir of Solganaa, and battle of Alma— eararalywooDdad in two places, and horse shot in oroaiing the river (Msdal 
with Clup. and TurkiBh Medal). 

■ L'l plain H. O. Rogen aerred with tha ^^tb RegiiaenC in tha Crimea from SepMmbec iBj;. and wAnpreeant at 
the jitce and fall of Sebsatopol, and aasBnlt of the Bedan on the Slh Bap. iBjs (Medal with Claep, andTorliieb Medal). 

> IUjoi Lawiie.— For War Senloa, tee Army Pay SBpartment. 

* U-Colonil R, Bogen aerrod in temporaJy oommaud of a Delaohment jrd Wast India Regiment in defonee ol 
Lower Combo, Gambia, tn Feb. 1664 againet hoBtito native facCtonB, and waa employed by the Governor of the 
Gambia on diplomatio acrrice in conj^mi^tioo with tho QoTHmgrof Sierra Leone and Comniodore Eardley-Wilmot, 
for which he reoeived officii thanks. Served ba Uri^fade Adjntant in ohartife of grina in the eipeditlon under 
l4.CoiDne] Harley up tha River Qambia in June 1&64, and woe fHvorably noticed. Served with the expeditionary 
f wee under Brigadier GeaBral Hatley in BriLish Hondnrae in February and March 1B67, and oommanded a Plying 
Coluon detached for the deatmction of the Indian village Ban Joed, on which occaajon hja detachment made a 
forced march of 33 milea in ii hours aoroaa very difflonlt oonntry (thanked by tlie OovemorJ. Waa Bubsequently 
Mnoiled Brigade Maior to the nnited Force, and waa mentioned in deepatohe*. 

'U. Coronet MacgTefcoraerfed with the a?nd Regiment in tho N.W. PrDviuceain eappreaaing tha Indian mutiny in 
i^ir-sS. and waa preaent at theaecoodreUefof Lucknow, defeat of the Qwahor Contingent at Cawnpore, actiona of 
bit N'arldoe and Khiuihnr. aiege of the Jail and enbaeqnent operations at Shahjetuuipore, aOkire of Mabomdee 
u4 Bsnkaeaon {Medal with Clasp). Served in the Obina war in iSfio as Adjntant ijCh Sikba IMedalJ. 

' U Colonel Milligan served in the Indian mntiny campaign in lejS-;} on the Oude and Nepaal [^ontiers 

-' LcColonel Lennox. — For War Berrioea, sea Army Pay Department. 



BotbI MllltBT; Oollege, SaQdhnrst. 

PMtJ-lM'.— Field MarBhaia.».H.i»<ftii<o/Cambridge, 

XO. £P. aCB. OCMG. acsi. aoIB.Comdr. >H Cki^. 
QoMrnor and CommuitdaitL^jt.t.c. HaioT Genoral E. U. 

CUtb, la Auc, S9. „ „ „ 

A>(. CimiiiiBdu"; a»iC Siertlari/ — p.ij. Colonel B, B.Orr 

Ifrom h.p. 94 Foot), ii Aug. BB. 
^■»(all^— JIajut M. Wynj-urd, West Kent BoBimant, 

91 Dec. 87- 
Quarter Viu'ir.— Thomaa King Biintinic, 1 Apr. 84. 
Siding iraiUr.—lacoh Fob. 84; Uen. Cajitaia, 

I July Bi, 
BarstoB.— Brig. Surg. A.F. a.Clflj-ko, Jf B. roUred pn j, 

1 Sept. ii' 
AiMi'l. Siirj.— Surg. E. L. Maunaell, 1 Sept. 86. 
Claplaif.—Rm. C. H. Mniphj, HA. 

Militant PaorBBiOBB xhi> IxBTarcTOiis. 
Troftitof of Foriifieation. — Lb. Colonel L- K. Scottj h.p. 

KovbI Bnginc8r«, 1 Bcpt, Bj. 

lK$lruetor* IK ForlifieaUon, 
Maior A. Bogle, R. Engincera, i Feb. gi. 
Captain B. jT T, Bosti 0/ iJ(o[if"»6»rj, K. Eng. 9 Oct. as. 
CaptBlu R. Wvoyard. Royal Artillery, 11 Oct. Sj. 
pie Captain' F. O. Btone, R. Artillery, 1 Sept. 84. 
Captain A. J. Kcll.y, S, Enjriiioers. id Feb, B;. 
p ■ tf, C&ptain W. T. A<lair, R, Slannes. 1 ScpL 86, 
p.i.c. Captain W. O. Cavenagb, ilodford Eegt. 11 Sept. 68. 
iSiior S. J. 11. Jopp, Nonlmmplon Rogt. 4 Oct, 88. 
Frytuor cf inliliirg Tapograpliy.—pj.r. IA.Colonel H. 

O, KoynoiilBirrom h,p, Durbsm Lt. Inf.), 1 Jan. 88, 
Inttrtn:toriiiiHilitavif Topaprapkif. 
p I e Major C, W, Valliomv, Leioeatar Rogt, 10 Fob, Bi. 
pi.r, CapleinF. W, Bromflcia, Cheshire Regt,! Sept. Bj. 
ijaptaiii H, A, Stock, Wiltehire Houiment, 18 Apr, 85. 
Caploio B, St. J, flartor. LincolnBhlra Rem. "3 May oj. 
Major W. GregB, LeicestcmhirB Regt. ■ Sopt, Bj- 
IWor G, A, Lcwea, Norlhnnipton Rflf(t, 1 Sept. 86, 
Captain J, P. Talbot, Bhropahlro Light Inf, i Sept. B«. 
Captjun R, E, Goold-Adann, Hialil»nd Ll.lnf, 10 Feb. 88, 
Captain F. Macbean, Cordon HlghlBndera, 1 Sept. B8. 
Frafmar of Taclict, MililartAiminiltraiUlil and Lam. 
|i..?o, Lt.Colonel O. L. La JI. Taylor (from h.p, BadKird 

Begt,), I Bept. 88, 
Iiutruclora ia Tartiei, Wititatf Adminisfration and Law, 
f I c. Cant. U, II. Mnrtlmer, NT Staff ord, Begt. i Mar. 83. 
S,i,e,CaptJiiu C, St, L, Barter, Sork, Light Inf. i Sept, B5. 
Kaior K, A. Ball, WamickehirB Rcgt, i Bapt, Bs. 
Mluor J, BuenB, Sbropshi re Light Infantry ,1 Sept, 86. 
Captain C. N, Bimpson, Royal Arttlloir, 1 Sept, 86. 
f.t.c. Miijnr F. Lnttmaii.Jubnsoo, York and Lancoawr 

I J™r«w Kf MiliUn Huforr. 

p,i,r,Lt,Co]onelS, C. Pratt (froaili,p,R, Art.), 32 Mw »■ 
Profiusr rif Frtntk.^Itnnt- Aihitrt Barrtre. 
Profiuor ^ OsrmaD.—V. Lango, Pi.D, 
Pr^etrorafl'aHdteaprDraiBhtff.—W. fVia. 
PrcftHcr af Cktmiitrt omI P*yiiM.— W. B. E. Hod^fa- 
BOD, Fk.D. 13 March Si. 

staff College, Sondbunt. 
Commandanl (mUt mat af BrifaiUr SmraQ.— r-M. 

ColonelC.P, Clory, CS.(fWinili.p. jiFootj.iaAiw.K. 


XilHart ATt and Sitftrjr.—p.t.c. Ootonel J. F. Mailllo^ 

Roy^ Artillery, 1; Dec, Bj. 
Fovtififation ami Arlilier]/,- - 

Regiment, 10 Sept. 87, 
CapWinO, J, H. Ball, Wi 

elab Regiment, id Feb. I 

Boyal UiliUr; Aosdeniy at Woolwiob. 

Pr«kl(>(— Field iInrBhal.H.S.,Er.fiUditiiij'Cambridge, 
JTO, ET. KP. aCB. aCUO. BCai. aclS. CommamUr 
ia Clliff, B Feb. 70, 
00 Kfa or.— Major □cnersl Robert Jaba Ha7, CB. Royal 

Artillery, a June &;. 
Camman^anl aidSrcrtlarg .—Cl>l<me\A.B»IDtl»,CB.b.J<. 
R. Artillerj-, id Sept. 84, 

Lifnlnii'liii/ (it Campanji cfOenilimn CaJtti, 
Lieut. W, M. T, SjnKO. Royaf Artillery, 10 Oct, 84. 
Lient. A. J, Brcakay, Royal Artillery, 14 Nov. 88. 

Adjutant and Quar/rmtaMlrr. 
Captain O, O, Kimimon, R, Artillery, ji Dee. 86. 
Burgtoa. — Surgeon lliijor J,W.Mnxbain»ifI>.a4 July 86, 
Clia}>Iain. — 
Prvftuvf fif 2Iafhtvntlii:i and Ueekaniet, — H, Hart, if A, 

Imlfuelort of SFalkfmaliet, 
B. F. S, Tylecolo, ItA. 19 Marob 71, 
Captain F, »', Uuleler, R. An. 14 March B4. 
W. Foonl Kcli-i\v, Jl.t. 17 Ajir. B6. 

Profenar of Foft}fleatto* aJtd QtoTnftrical Drawinf, 
Lt.ColoiiL'l W . (1. Rgna irrom h.p. R. Kng.), 1 Oct. Ss. 
Tnftructore of FortifleiUioTi tind Oiontetrical Dratrinj/. 
Captain S. iJ. rieeve, K. Kn^'iiiecrB, 19 Aug. B4. 
Captain L. C. .iHckiiun, R. Kni^inevra, 7 Jun. 85. 
Captain H, ]'. l.caeb, K. Artillory. a? May 85. 
Captain W. II. (Jhtppindall, Royal Knginoera, i Oct. 88. 

P fofeuor of Artiltery . 
Lt.Colonel E. KenBinglon, b.p. R. Artillery, » Aug. 84. 

Inttrnetort of Arlitltrj. 
Ciplnin J. Sbiflncr, Royal Artillory, 1 Oct. 87. 
CaplalD F.A. CurtcJK, K. Artillery, 99 Feb. 88. 
CapWiin G. J. F. Talbot, H. Artillery, 1 Mar. B8. 

BroftvOT of iiititary TopOfrapk^ 
Uajoc F. Mnccall, R. l&tfinierB. 7 Jan. 85. 

iHtfrnetort of Uilitarjf Topaffrapkf. 
Captain R. C. Foeter. R. Artillory, 96 Sept. 83. 
Captain B. B. May. Itoyal Artillery, 18 Deo. 8j, 
j:,icut, S. A. CiHTInide-TipplnfrD, Boyal Art. 17 Uu. 86. 
atjiiaui O. a. H. Uetaaa, B. Artlileiy, 4 July 88. 

p,IJ. LLColoDBl E. dtf- 

ton (from h.p. R. Artilleryl, 11 Joty Bi. 

Jf;(itaJ-yr(i;i"Traj>*j'.— ;i,i-c,Lt. Colonel W.ETerel*,eaf». 

(from h.p. VVcb^t Riding Regiment), i Jan. 88, 
Blaf Dutia, Itililar) Adainiilralion ani Lam.~f.tJ, 

U.ColonolJ. S.Ku hicoH, hji.R. Artillery, 31 Am. t*. 
Frineli.—itont. Ii. E. ilcnry, BA, | arrmam.—C J«p. 
Biiwiaa.— H. ttiola. 

Btnlor DipiWmr. 
Captain E. H. Bfthelt, Royal KngincorB, 
Captain H. M. Sinelair, Royal Engineers. 
Captain G, E. Benson, Royal Artijlory. 
Brevet Major F. W. N. U'Cracken, Btrkihlre BegioUBt. 
Captain B. R. A, Kerriaon, Boyal Artillery. 
Caplain B. Uoft. Bengal aialT Corpa. 
LioQt. F. S. Eobb, Durham Light Inftntry. 
Captain H. D. Drake, Royal Marine Ariilloiy. 
Lioat. G. F. Ellieon, North LancaahireRegiaanLL 
Captain G. F. Leveraon. Royal EngineerB. 
Caplain H. R. Belfleld, Mnnaltr Fusiliors, 
Captain H. B. JeOVejB, Royal Artillery. 
Liaut. A. B. Hamilton, King's Uim Scottith BoTdano. 
Lieut, 11. G, D. Shute, CoUlBtrsam Guardi. 
Captain J, G. White, Middleaei Regiment. 
BI.Maior R. W. N. Guinness. Iriali Rogiment. 
Captain K. A. Althani, Ro.ral aaetn. 
Captain K. Goldscbmidt. Woleh Rogiment. 
Caplain C. M. Lester, W, YorkHhire Regiment. 
Bt.MiiJor H. G. T. Liitledale. York aTid LaacaaUrllMt. 
Captjiin T. P. Gcwhegan, Bombay SlaH" Corpa. 
Captain Hon. N. da C. Dalrymple. Sc^te Guuda. 
Lieut, H. T. Fleming, Jjancashlro Foailiers. 
Caiitain A. E, J. Cevendliib, Argyll and SBtherlaod 

Licnt. P.W.I.iishington.Klng'e Own Hroltlah Boidenn. 
Captoin T. E. Cumptoo. KoTtbampton RaginmL 
Captain V. D. Jonea. Wdtahire Rcffiment. 
Captain F. R. P. Kane, B, Surrey RaoimeDt. 
Caplain L. R. HoUinahead. W. itent BaglmaDt. 
Ca])t. N. W. IE. dn Bonlay, Royal Art. iiulmOtti ctUirt 

Captain J. F. Bum-Mardocbr 1 DmgoonB. (de.) 
Bt.tlivor R. H. F.W. Wilson, ToHuasara. Iifs.t 
BLM^or B. C. H.Uonro. Beafonli Sighldra. [it.) 

J'BHurt' Dioitivt. 
Candidata Yiiia havebaeu auceesanilln Iha oompMiLlon 

for admlaslon, and vha will join the College on lit 

February 1BE9. unlesB ttiay alull proviooaly harB rt- 

ceived other orders: — 
Captain E. Do Btall, Bengal Blatt Corpa. 
fAptalu A. W. Ranken, Scotlisb RiScB. 
Caplain J. C. Pyne, Dorpaishlnj ReaimcnL 
Captain E. St. C. Pambertou, Royal EnginseTS. 
Caplain IE. Chance, Royal Artillery. 
Captain N. B. Inglofleld. Ro.vnl Artillery. 
Captain AV. G. B. SVeaiern, Weat Kent RcgimenL 
Captain W. ¥.. Fairliolmp. Royal Artillerr. 
Captain V. Bomini. Leiceetershire RegimeDt. 
Captain A. D. Addison. Royul Artillery. 
Lieut, H. H, WiRram. Bcoia Gimnla. 
Captain E. J, Granol, Royal Arlillerr- 
CapUin J, B. I', Romliy, Rillc llrignile. 
Lieut. A. W, G, L, Coli>. Wolah Pu-iliera. 
Captain J, H, Poett, Dorfetbhiro Regiment* 
Ipieat. C, C. Monro, Weal Sorroy HoLfimcat, 
Captain II. W. D, Denuo, Gordon llighlandcrf. 
Bt-Lt.Colonal F. Vantria. Kaaei Hegin^euL 
Lieut, O. H. Podloy, Border Regiment 
Captain J, C. Young, Suaaex RegimcuL 
Lieut. J. 8. E. Woslon. Bengal Staff Corps. 
Liaut, N, D, Maodonald. Wiilahiro Regiment. 
Captain R- M, Grconfleld. Inniskilling Fuailicn. 
Lieut, W. E, Lassellcs, Riflu Brlgado. 
Lioot, H, D. Lawrenec, Eoat Surrey Regiment. 
Captain R. G. Broad wood, la Lancers, 
Lieut. W. il. Siiiwoll, Northumlicrland Fnalllen. 
Captain J. M, E. J, Qa?ne, Lancaster Regiment. 
Captaia E. R, CouTtenay, bd Hassan {nowlmaie^. 
Captain G. H, Bymonds, Iriab Regiment tdo.\. 
Major E. J. M. S, Wortloy, CJfS, King's R. &1Im Ida.). 
l'£ Captain II. Lyons, Scotliah BiOes [do.). 

Sdveational BgliUuttmeitlt. 
School of Gunnery. 


I.— Ccto>«l S.J. Kichol- 


i.r. MitjorE.O.C<'l)aIlIv*ii,i Jui.»,, 

Cupuin W. I. Whiw. »1 Mnr Sr- 
Rupuiu B. r. lilducaD. {. Jhi. IE, 

)^m>tl, T> March B^- 
i«i( JuM'o»f .!«.— Opmln T. P. loitlti. »« June SJ. 
Mj-'taTil Mi Atl\*!l /■jyimlidr.— Ci1|jU!u B. 8. OnwIlillN, 

\ Apr. ti. 
q,aritr trai/>r.— Qr. Miutn O. O'NdIU, ij Eopt. jt | 

iipn^ Linf. 

koal O. B. BtmAmOiBj, ■ Jonn ii. 

N<v.— Hmor J. P. IfondiB. •• Nov, (7. 

Jtttiatrt- fJ-t. >Ui»r J. B. J. ioetlya. 


M- Hakn, 1 Uar m. 

IfCsr XmJ Hu >Wr«r«M.^UiiJor U, 1'. 

^ 1 Apr M. 

ibrKia*. I Apr. lA. 

nUr atfU Uttrw t arj.—Ui^oi B. II. J. 

Artillery College. 

Pi.iftM-r iffAppUrd ITiUinn'bir.— A. O. RmmlillJ, VJ. 
tjpf.'n- on XrtaU-tat-—Oj- 1- Porey. FO*. 
lAif arrr on Jrmo.r Plu(«,— CnyUiu C. O, BTOwDO, late 
nf K. All. 1 Beiit. fc. ri"*.". 

Ij^tuttr »« r.iraulri ^ PHiilst.—V! R. E. Iloil^kiaian, 

I'.f.T-i noj-v Ltc>iinr.~¥im Cliu* Vflierlunry Smgiraa 

FWn.i* JTuf*!-.— VDna, AJhptl Uliprtnj. 
OiFHan afuiIiF.— Dr. II", Alllmui. 

School of Military Engineering. 

-OdIobU B- K. Pamoa-Spiii dtom h.p. 
'Apr, n. 

PAar.— LVVnlea*! J. r*llaiir«. i> Miij- $1. 
ra^JJlMnftir]!.— Malor W. I. liMvvy,^ 

Ckw*nHHn > JMiHdV- — ^^('sIOD*! 

b!=«l«MI«W.B. Tartan.) Am-. U. 
hn^tH— Major/. 4d T. IloBla. it Sov. St. 
rMtoriia Awwiiaf .— CapuXo V. A. Oali^ 

r. W. B. 81. John, 1 Mateh M, ly Aoit *?. 
KfU nriWmKui. -Major J. w. Sutorc, 
' - n U Kild FirtlllaiNiH.— Caplaia 
t> ABS.At. 


J, Wino. . Jtilx 98. 
Ivlnrlnfiu RlmtrUUif.—Cltstiiaf.CitxAtvr, loFeb. 9fi, 
.iluufa.r/u(rM«frfaMiMf«H9,— OaptaiD H. 1^. Hip. 

piiluy, »J Jm. (6. 
ArwiMtaKt Inttfuttar IK Oimai«frf, ^Xotoyrvp\g. ^0.— 

I'ipUiITi A- M. Mn^vloll, I Ailj;. UU. 
/•i<«>r'nr •» SuSmnftm Afi !..■;) ,—Miijor A. T, Pnston. 

16 Mnv B«. 
.lu^iAiil Jiufnirtnn ■■ JSVilmaniH jnniiig, — DagitoU 
11. N. nmnMBton, ij Mar «;. 
Cupula T. R. Itcyniilrlt, n I'rli, It), 
luMmeloriu Itiiifari Hiittrg, Slriitrffy w^d L^H, — Bl. 

MnJtPt I!. W. Himll., ilJouuSe. 
Jiutrmtfur *» JtdJJc«Ajiij..-MAjur J- h- U. Ti^mplar, y ptj. 

KlDg'a Koyat Rlflw. 1 Apr, gj, 

Sehool of UuBketry at Hythe. 

Inf.— Colansl i. M. O. TaaRUl^ h-p. Suuth ITalciIiiinlDriirii, )i Jivii, C}. 

M m **" - 

p.— U>CoV»tl V. 0, Uacttnnon. h.p. ; Koot, a UarDh Bf . 

— -""■ i Muss B. U»II. Durbf >1>in> fttBimiml, 1 Jan, »;. 

, ■ .. .... I LllBL J. I>. Iluul, lIlHtalanil Llitlil iTiri.iilrT, i« May SO 

' '""■"' 1 IJrei, O, O. A, Xgmtm, BMfonli Hl^hlnodcra, 1 fiot. 

a JjO^ A^hUnltttt Arti'f f n j Mriir.— Mouro Murpliy. >i Dse.9i: tmiIl.iiOei.HiX<. >i jBlrCat 

tfclaada » B rii»e a J. Oaaia. MP. mijftil |iny. 1 a«|H. 81. 


Army Uediool School, Netley. 

ArT. Cn^ftrd. UD. XCD, JUnttar li-iM„iArmj IfiJifat Dlnrtmnl, PrrMttl. 
■niiwin OoBcral air Joa^ib IV"'. Un..KCSl.,Ph}tuna»U,t»tCniifiliifIitUa. 
Ttag l*mfMHn of Uia Annr Medical Gcli^ 
Tb« principal Wadloa OIBctr at MaUuj (" ^iw) , 



initlmriltrr-'-- "tt-'T SaiRrOD (loii. 

ETirD.'^M Booni Ktuit, i Apr. t.<.. 

Ew.— 8<u>«A U<or J. L. hOUcT, ATA 
i^ W. AlUma. «>■ 

AiiiniBT raoroaoia. 

CTiiii™ifoiiJJf«.Viw)pSur./»r}r.— BnnadoSorinonC. H, Y. 

Chniaui aa-i Ui^i'7 df',"flAf ,.HSQnr<^ou Major J. p. 

Ilwl'ip, ,»/(, 
ttUtlarj Hjjiinr,— 9uf .-BOH A. U. Darit*. 

Portfis^.-iSurxouu H. e. M-(jii\. 

JWwIBtj . — I iBlnnnh Tliwiilcir OmtaT Borchcrt. g«T. 

Boyal Military fiohool of Mnsic, Kneller Hall. 

^Ciiowt t. n. eiww.HaUHr (IVcui fa-p. 4 
■Bib), >■ Mar ■<- 

»r.— fiwI.H. Mahony.isAail.tfi i/«a. 

Ctaylaln lAaltxsi.Sn. ilobcil IIiljiiTi. tfj. h.i-, 

A MllUWT Asjlum, Ob^M». 

rorBtwMfbrlTar, rtnUni. 
tri.1111^ tk« PnMwando io CUor, Pin 



imiiiiilaa orBtaaa Ut War 

lAnlcr GviwmL 

yif ChalaK HmMUI. 

ll OaiT«r«« of CMaca Rfag^iiaL 

•ttji. ri. /ii,», ^ OambrlilM, XC. 
»r OCirO. OC/iT. OranaflUr ftl» , do. 

Thi) Cliaplain nanorat. 

I'lm JiulKr AitrocftM flininal 

TI14 Ulr«u>r Ooaeral ofMUlUu; Bitacwtion. 

r^*1d Marxtial // H^J'. 

ocB. Ki: ocsr. -.,„-, 

Omeral Man. sir A. HamillOD-Oanlan. XCH. txliuur 

Oantral JM. ffoa. Mr Sdtrwd Iiogari. OCB. Knit 

BnirrT ttosfmont. 
KioM MnnliB! Zui^t Wm. ?aiI1*t. OCS. Diirhani Lixtil 

CanBml kr E). C. B. Tajrior, XVK. Wmttais Wth- 

t.t.u. Major Gcnora) J. P, HatUnfa*. tatired p*t 
Oaraml Sir A J. BcrtniV EQB. 

^Caaliaatl •• kilt rifi. 

115 BdneoiiiMal X t la l H uimemU. 

B«ui Vutusi Amn. Cnuu faMl^a^i. 
Cm— <■»<■— Ij-fr--.iatt". J. v. TiuttnU (from Lp. 

JTjAi^ Mkn-.— £=!v*«: IlBi^T V. 8. Pnx, ITS. 

TwttT- A_a Ifi H '.—Mr. A. 'mboa. 

Azmj Sohoola. 

_^__^ _ Jfn A rr .f-Jf-y fc*.ih, »ia *M. <Mt «f fyCi l. 

ttntTiM^yii. wT'J^n-r' TlM'^fi^i^tf— IbJ ■ Tfc(»C. BhBmoJ mAO-M 

J.A.etDMn. Fdif t ITi^fr— Kr. W. Inria, SJ. ■■'! ■ ■ if - jn'ii', "" ' — ■-^>.-. 

UwmrdBimmball t Dk.79' Bdwaid B*md_. ■^|r.l4 

Tlu3u« Csfvon T I Feb. ^ GaoTvfl Gren ...T9Ur. A4 

Bora] Hibernian MIUUr> Sohool. DnbUa. JaLCwfon Sidd 7 Joir &> ' J. B.^iiiridg« ...13 Aiy I4 

' , KObenBcQ ^Jnlrlo T.J.riiBler gHaT.I« 

CH>*L«/«f.— Cokii^tl F-C. Bin, h-p. Ehh Be0meat, < iMtAC<nfer ...if Kmn-tio Bcbtj Habtl ull>r.lj 

-ii Mmj Ji. Gcom BBgBto* t AiiT. >■ Jobn Haaanon k Ipr. ^ 

b!ir«v ir«<>r *mi AtjmUmt.—C. Cook, I Sept. 26; B. W.lf 'GonnKM ScpLli FndaieIWor...HAiK.h 

ir«a. eV". 7 AB8- 'S- Bieh. T. KnmT ii Jolj fa Jobn C, PbUbb i JBwK 

fcrvK*.— ricp. Burs. Geo. J. H. WhitukBr. mind pcT. Winiam "—'■'"- i Dee. Ii J. I. EmTMkagll ji Jed* H 

CUmlmmt.—i^. Bbbcit FoMct. BA., Xt. 1. it. TIh*. W. Soiih >7 Feb. >« Uw.J.Aimatt nJu.^ 

HamllloB, Jr^, Sir. M. DoBCiTBn. ^^^^ 


DlrtttBrOtmr^OriMMmmrtltn^lwWmmiafMtJfStmiwwl, ...Colond B. MiJUanJ. CB.B. Art.. Wot.It. 

Tirrf AmIttmMt LlODowI J. B. OnHbr {Dnnn B. AH.),i M. ML 

ata»i Aimm. -Ckmin P. I..t>*au.B.Ai«ffl«7, ■?*.•«. 

IU>r«l Arsasal, 'Woolwich. 
A>ya^ Carriayt FaeUny. BuiUing Worla. 

tmftrlnlmdtmt. Bsjor T. KngUih, B. Ens. ... i Dec tj . ApsMnlnt, LcOolaDd B. T. Bale, CM0. 

„ , , , . . (fri^ h.p. Boj^ MMin««™) lipr.M 

£cyal Xatorafary: > Xn* .^aitfaaf. BuotD. O-Brisn. Bortf Ku. ■ 1^, H 

h'H^iT^Dtwfr awUdif. Captalo O. T. Bojal Eagmeen - - ~ - ikft-U 

KeUBTt. B, Artillerr i Apr. 8B | 

Limt. C. B. EhkUiIi. K'^ Anillerr i Apr. U I Xtiiml 0| l i ir i ( B iye l Awl). 

JIayal Uun racUrry. aorgeoB B^m O. T. LMigridjia „....■• 

Av«r<a(«U«<,C»pt.F.YoiiiiigfaBib«iid.B.jr. I Apr. IS I SuKeoD C J. Booik* 

Bojal Small Anna TaaUsrr »t Xnfield. 

A>r*rMMiM(, J. BigtT,B«q.,IU. i] Om. S; 

Boyal Small Anna Taotorr at Bimlnsham. 

Af^iJf.LkCDl.'W.B'ClliUoelKfnirah.p.B.A.) > Feb. U 

Boyaiannpowdar Aototv at Walthan Abbaj. 

M^frix»J»I.Col.W.B.IIciUe,h.pL B.Art.... iJillti 
I' rUrgmof BamfvBmiUlai;Mi^orT.W. J. 
Bu-ko-, B. Aitainy „_ _ ■ Agr 1] 

Boral Army OlotUng DepoL 

Btrtlar rfCUMimf, Geom D. BuoMy, CB. 
JhM«< Dfnelar, O. H. Bonluad, 
BtorAtftr, H. L, KennedJ. i 

BWiial QflHr, Dap. Bnrg. Otn. B. B. !•. Taals, m.. 

/■Muter aA C W jti. «p Albvt Wm. Wooda, CB. Saito 
"t itfArmt. 


<ZrsdiP U> Dirrdor of ArlMtrf). 

Ordnance Committee. 

rrnidni OeDenl fir B. A. 8. BLdilulph, £CA. B. AitillerT -....* rib. fl 

riM-Fmiimi Beu-Admlnl B T. Kicholsoii.CJ. B.N. ■ joao Bt 

Lt. Cotonal X. Baiabridge lOot fi 

Culonol T, 0. Clajlon » Anr It 

W. H. BailQ*. Kk,„ Jt/«(.OT. FPBA \ aS. Ii 

SirF.J. Bramwell,' ij^ir.ti 

Li.CfllnncU.A.e. Colqnhonn, iLp., B. Art 

(Or<l.ConinltiiigOffioerfi)rIndia.)S*.i^(<s ijHot.Bj 

Caputs H. W. Dowding, B.If. 14 Apr, 37 

Caplaio A. N. Donalai, B.II. 11 Aag. B7 

Ooloiiet C. H. F. Bill* i Apr. SB 

Bwrttmy. X^orD. D. T. (yCallaghan, R, AiHlleiy _.._ i Apr. SB 

.^Milaal Bunlarr Commander B. H. CheTalUer. B.N. 6 Apr. 87 

Oommtttee on EzploaWea. 

TrtfUttl „....«i- p. A. Abel, X*l. OB. FBS. 10 Jnly 88 

Fnlbuor J. Dewar, iU. nU. loJnljM | ProfeMor A. Dnpra, JIA loJnJjM 

Dapartment of Dlreotor or ArtlllDry. 

Bajnr H. 8.8. WatkiD,B.AitllIai7(/B4Ktsr I Captain J. B. Thomaon, B. ArtlUerr ..» . u.- a. 

.^pD^llon Fl„itiu} lApr.SS Oaptatn J. B. roOer, B. AnUlaiT _,., Iaot.bI 

CaplainW.0. BaiiUo, B.Artm«rT. jBept.Sj | ^ 

nrsPBcnoN staff. 

81UII Aasa. 

Ckirf Z—ptiler ColonalW. H. King.Bannan tth.U 

Iiuptriof BuLVOoloDBl W. Kunfer.B. ArtlUary _ , luTii 

iHCIailtMaiU B^or W. N. LookJBr, B. ArtiUOT - _" ilfbTn 

Ltioutoii Bioin. 

Innitltr Captain O, F. Haddan, B. Artillerv „ , i_ h 

vtiClaMAHiilamtlmtpvilar. Uaut A H. W. Dod, H. Artillery „ iAv5 

Otii 1>D 8TaaL. »!«■ — 

{BaJor P. Ii. MacftregOTi B. ArtiUery _ i iwl tt 

Captain A. P. Penlon. H. ArtlUaiy ..,.„ , »S^ S 

Captain H. C. L. Boldan, ». Aitili«7 „ , ji,], |g 

-.o-«^-««./«,^ {gS£lSf;?a.^i.^i^:::::::::";;.::::::::r;;.::::^ ilSiS 

Commitleet and Im^aelioa of Warliko Stores, 





CaptKin D. F. Downing, B. Artillerv i Feb. 8i 

Iiisnt. a. H. Huriaon, B. RagioBiCt i Feb, 63 


IturteltT CmplaiB K. WtiA, E, ArtUlery i Feb. 88 

It^ Klt r _.„ J. A. C. Hay, CS, i Apr. 74 

5,i.r. Ckim. Glen, of Ord. J. T, Barriogloii, rotired psy i Apr. 88 
r. llr. W. UcC&HliB, Ordnance Storo Depanmenc 

Toil •» OunnTio*!.— Fimi Cusa. 


>3 UOT. 88 

jHMint SmptriiUtiiittU (Jr. Kr. W. UcCanliB, Ordnance Storo Depaninenc i Apr. 88 

Aaamun IsBrictoaa •» Onrannowa.— Fimi Cusa. 

eUrtUar. UnjorF. C. If organ, K. ArtiUerr 

VaUa „ Llenl. W. W, OrSBa, B. Artillery 

&1COVD Clau, 

111 M^ii Minors. B, Eiuia, a. Artillery „ ;Not.85 

Cmft IWrt Major T. Mayhew, R. Artillery i flept.Bi 

Ctjfiai CaplBin A. C. Bonoegter, B. Artillery 4 Dec, 86 

Ctrk M«or J. P. Freett, B. Artillery 1 Apr. Bfi 

Dtn'tarl. Ualor 0. V. Kennaway, R, Artillery i Feb. 87 

Etli/ti, X.a. „ MdjorG. WUl, K. Artilleiy,.... ij Deo. S; 

Emf Ka*§ Captain P. R, Binunona. H. Artillery 5 Usy 86 

Kaanflu Lieut. E. H. Rioh, B, Artillery .'. 16 Ang. 87 

rtrUmanlk Mi^jor H. Ororion, K. Artillery 1 Apr. i& 

IniTieoToiB rg PotiTioH Vmrra. 

Wotlmielt ~ Lient. n. Waring, E. ArtillBry. 1 Joly 88 

Plwmailk CaplBin J. Lewea. E. Aitillety 15 Jufrsa 

atUtmHtU LleuL B, F. Hoblj-a, E. Artillery ij July SB 

rtrUmnMlk Lioul. E. B.Cooper, B. Artillery ij Joly 88 

Army Suiltary ConuniUe«. 

Prmirni...- 7C UBJor-Oeneral Sw B. H. BuUer, XCB. KDMO i; Cot. 87 


UUtlH. Looock I Nor. 87 

dnimaenentl 1. & C. Beade. CB i Apr. 88 

I H. Ynle, CJ. t.f.p, (/w/n«o) »/ Jan. 76 

S n t i Ur f .. 

Sorgaon GanaralSr J. Payrar. KCSI. IfD. 

l/oc Ixdia.) 3t /an. 7! 

Sir D. Qslton, ICa. lati Capt. B. Eng 

Sir R. Rairltuion, XCB, CS. 11 Deo. 6] 

J. i. Freoerick i Uec. 6> 

Royal Bnglnoer Oommlttoe. 

FmUnt. Colanel R. S. DawBOO-8ooU i Apr. 88 

Auooiatt Ifmidri, 
BCU.CaloQr! H. H. Jeir. Royal Ea^eera... i Apr. 87 

If^or U. Barker. Royal Sngltieera 15 Deo. 87 

p.f .e. Unjor C F. C. Bareaford, B. Bngineera i JaD. 85 
Captain E. M. Rnek, Royal Eagmobre i Apr. 87 

> V«Vr>. 

fF.A. Abel, !■■'. CB. yffJ. i3Atig.«7 

ilcnat W. aalmand. Royal Eaflneer s Oot. 84 

llosal R. H. Tetch. Eiyal Bnginrera 1 Auk, 84 

LCotoael B. Y. Annatroog Royal Bog. ... ■ Apr. 76 
LCOtaiel A. J. C. CaaDiauhani, B. Eag... u Jan. Bi 

iior J. W, SaTage, Royal Kngiiieere 37 Aog. 87 

V^J-do T. Bogle, Royal Engineori a> Nov. 84 

ifKain P, Cardow, Hoyul ftbgineera 1 Apr, 87 

»jotA.T Proaton, Enyal Bu^inoore 1 Apr. 87 

Sfcritarj- Captain I>- B, Friend, Royal Kngincers.. .- 15 Dee- 84 

Cavalry Depot at Canterbury. 

■•■a.lun' — C"'jngl J. C, RuBsell (froui ti.p. 11 Lan- 
rrT-.ihyi. S7. , . ,„ ,. 

Mvl'iil t'pMi-.r'j ?.inV and Sui-trintindenf of the JCidtng 

Imrlmrml.—CnUincl Horn, ^^^ J. Siswart (from h.p. 

::l4TkrFnl^ i Jan. C8. 
Jjiij.(.-M ijijr f. E, Heck, n I.ancen, 35 Apr. 84. 

Pagmatlrr.—SUitt Paymaater W. M. Plnyfliir. 

Riding Umirr. — Tbomae Uenry Junea, a^ Juno 79; 

MoK. itiijor, IS Juno 87. 
QKiiffff M<xwtrf. — Henry Thomas Kej-lor, 7j Aiig.Ba; 

Hon. Litut. 

Bemount EBtablishment. 

•njrtor Gr^frol (rilkmntofXiiior anrralj.— Colonel 
r. U. But eij hill, 1 Oct. 87. Jltad tinarirrw. 

Aaiffitnt lutpretorw, 
:jl -.(t S. P. Lynce (from h.p. B. Art.), 19 Oct. 87. 

'■^■^• y M. Drew (rrom h.p. 7 nDWarc}, ig Oct. 87. 
CM... ^ 

Royal Hospital, Cbeltea. 

rj,,„ — Fi.1.1 Mar-lial Sir Patrick Gnuil, aCB. 

9CSIO H'^viil lt<r^- liTUirda. ao t'ub. 74. 
I.Otrmrr j. ,>„r,Jtirj-— l-'iUuliel E. A. dlunrt, h.p. 

Bnniii"t«' Iimnci. 1 j March Sj- 

•nr—ISf^'-"!— ■'■*•-•"'"<'■, , ., ^ . ^. 
iitint — J.,bt Janit? Cbiirles Irln-.i h-p. Unattached, 
;itfl-i'. Jt"». '?7Ji>n-5' ■.ll.»Qcl,mCapl.i63aa. 
ii' Han'ilaior, 3^- ilaT. 78. 
t^l-uJ. ffj-.lncy Clark. iS.l. h.p. j Fab. 78. 

Colonel C. F. Uorton (from h p. 14 Hu8gilr«), 15 Oct. E7. 

Staff Ctift aim. 
CaplaiD II. J. BlagroTe, 13 HUBSarp, 5 Nov. 87. Iiuhliit, 
Captain J. J. Porlcous, R. Art. at iicj.t. 83. Il'oolicick. 

Plifiieian null Sur/ifoii.— J , A. M'Slunn,' JfD. h.p. 

4 Xuu. 68. 
Dtj}a/y SHi'jfon, — Thonme Ligertwood,' MD. h.p. 

Qurirter itat/er. — Richard Barry Jupp. 1 Jao. 8^; J7ea. 

Capfain, 9 &ept-8]. 

Capta into/ In valiilt. 
J.VandetH.Ree9,lale4oF. Colonel A. Green, rat. pay. M^or K. BruLLoti, ret- pty. 
Major E. W. Humphry, tot, LtColcncl J. U.Tiiigcomba, 

pay. retireii pay- 

D^or J. A. M-'llmin acTved in IheBaotoro campaign of 1854-55, including the Bicge of Sebualopol (lleilal witk 

ItSil^T^jMnwmd'B^-^edllirooghonl the Crimaaii campaign or 1854-55. including the bnttlesof Alma (mea- 
SvJdioaSjhea) and Inkerman, liege and fall of Sele.topol tUedal with three Claapa, Knight of tha Lagion 
taS,ai«lT«rklah Modal). 


MisMUaneoiu Ettahluhmenta. 

Judge AdTocftte aoneral'i Offloe. 

JmdmiAilciirali Btiieral c/lllt Ulilld Xiiadtin.SI. Som, 
sir WilllHin TlmeltiMiij Marriotl, QC. KF. 

Viputf Jndgt Aicocali Qtmr^l.—S. Q. O'Doird, Esq. CS. 

Dtfml) Je^e Adsoeatc.—ti.i.r^. Lt.Col, F. A. Eardlcy Wil- 
niot. h.p. KorUiuroberlftinlFusiliorB, London. 
Office, 35, Great Georen Street, WcBtminBter. 

Koyal HoBpltal, Eilmalobam. 
J/Bi(tr.— TUo Commnnder of tho Forces in IreJaniJ. 


- . »> .. . _ ( The Depnty Adj. Gen. in Irelnnd. 

■"' ^'P- "•"""■ i TlioDep. Qunrtcr MMtcr Gtn. do. 

Cttptiin ^ InvatidM. 

Mnior George Crcaawcll, retirod pay. 

Xlyii'mir,— UDjor John Fanner, mtiteil pay ( HaBean, 

e Jan. B7. 
Pk^iitivn unJ^uryAdM.— William Ciuio,^ 1^ Aaff. sS. 
Sttnlarg, — I^n^iritdie F. Baukh. 
H»nrttr ^attif, — Liout. Jiuoea Watson,* h.p. Uil.TrftlQ; 

Hon. Captain. 
Satirilor.—a. IIolllou.Eari. 

AnuT Fay Offloe. 

Paimatltr Oninf.— A. W. B. Earl Bmra'MT. 
AtiUteti Ft^atltr Snwral, 

MUltory Frlaoufl. 

Intpfelor GHum/.— llnjor Oenonil Sir E. P. l>n Cwu, 

SOB., ret. pay B. Bng. 
ImiBcctoTt.—VI. F. Fnmn, W. J. atopford, H. Wakeflnd. 
All-riliiJ.—CH,f Wardrr. A, Hill. 

3£id. Of., Bng. SuTfi. W. F. Bontlcd^ , Ttt. pmy. 
Csrt.—Cliirf Ifardrr. H. AnlonBy, 

ir«I. Off,, Briinde SDrR. U. A. Jeiiiiig«, VS. rat. nn, 
DMin.—Cl.irf Warin-. G. Jacnp*. 

Mb*. Off., Bnrinion Major N. Alcock. 
Oorport. — Oop., Lt.ColodDl H. Wanng, ToL paj I Foot, 

Mfd. Off.. BaraoQii B- CharvllBT, b.p- 
ilalta.—VMiif jyaritr, J. CJ. Bandy, 

[Bins.— nfinft Bad. 
I Mr. Carta lerTGd in the Eastern cnmpaifcn of 1854-;;, ineludins tbe battles of BnlaklnYn and lukenuua, aieRa of 
Bflbfistopo^, and sortie of 36th Oct. {Medal with Claspe, andTarkitih Aledsl), 

* Lieut. Jsmea Wubton dBrred in tha Sutlqi canipaiirn of 184^-46 with the ^oth Re^ment, and iras prcBent at Iha 
battles of Moodkne, I'emzcshah, Aliiral, and aafarson—eorcrrly contnsed buUsC woand in the cheat (Uedal wttk 
thren CUiHpe). Served throaahoiit tho Kae lorn campaicm orTfi54-55, inolndiag the battlca of Alma aod Inkmnaa, 
and siege of Bcba«tapoI (^[odal with three Clasps, and raiki«h Medal). 

List of Officers, wow serving in the Army, who passed the Examinalion and received 
Ceriificates at the Senior Department, Royal Military College. 

JohoHion, General T.H.Berkshire Regt. (MF,), Jaaailil- 
Lou^i.len.GencralSirH. E.f^C^. CSL LlnoolnahiiaB^ 

Mny 184:. 
M'L'Eeverry, iSeneral W. A. Northampton Regt. Deo. i8ja 
Uncdonoll, General Sir Atei. A'CD. RiSc Urigads. 
MacdniiBsll. General Sir I'. L. BJMQ. j Bn. W. I. Xa|j- 

munt. Mar 1843. 
Pntcrson, tfolonelWm.Unatt.Kov. iSjj. 

' rnttcrson, JIaj or General W. T. L. May iSji. 

I Pencocke, Major General G. J. Dec. 1836, 
Snnkcy, General Wm. C'B. Nov. "Si^. 

^ Sav.vor, Lt.Gencral C. 7 Dragoon Guards, Kov. 1841. 

I SiJiith. General M, W. OB, 15 Huemrs. Nov. iSjg 
Btapyllon, Major General G. O. C. May X849. 
Btc\raTt. Major A. F. h.p. 36 F. Dec. 1857, 
Wilson, GenerslT. M. Unnchesur Beg:t. (iS F.),)!^ itj^ 

Addiaon, Lt.General J. E. 

Baaot, Major General Oeorge.r.f.p. Brimide Depot. 

Borton, Oonernl Sir A, SCB. SCJfO. i ff.I.S.Kor. 1839. 

Cameron. Ll.CJcnoral Wm. Gordon, CB. May iSjj. 

Coi, Mnjor General J. W. CB. Kov. 1E4;. 

Cranfleld, Caiitoin G. D. hji, Unatt. 

Donftlne. Gcii. Sir Robert Percy, Bart, Korth Stallard- 

shire Regt. K"ov, 1834. 
D'Oyly, Mnjnr Gonenil J. W. Nov. 1847. 
EagHr, Mujur General R. J. CB. May iSij, 
Ewan, Geueral Sir J. A, , £Cil. Gordon llighlandora.Moy 

Gordon, Major General C. B. P. CB. Not. 1844. 
Hardiniie, Gen.ifcii. Sir A, E. SCB, C/£. King's R. Rifles. 
KnlehiMnn, Gcn.W.S. Yorkshire Regt.(j3 F.), Nov.iS33. 
Jari' is. Colons] S. P. CJfG. h.p. S3 F. May .856. 

List of Ofieere, now serving, who have passed the Staff College. 

Paaiad, D(e(mb*i IMI. Uanrell, Colonel R. J,, h.p. Man- 

Pctrio,flt.I-t.Colnnelli.,h.p.9;F. ^ '=*^^!?'^- fe* ^^ , ,. „ „. 

Shaw, Bt Major W.,Ilnl)lm Fnsihcrs. 

Faxid, Daeembir tSSB. 
Twynam, Colonel P. A. A., CB, 
b.p. Regimental District, 

Paaatd. SM*nib*T 1880, 
Wavell , Colon e 1 A, H., h.p. Welsh Regt. 
Fellding, Major Goncriii Jfo'i.W. H.A. 
•Grant, Colonel R., h.p. R. Eng. 

Hall, Colonel T. E, A., h.p. ,g P. 

PasM'l, Beombir IBSl. 
Bast, Coloncli;. J., CB. h.p. S7_F. 
Bnlter, Mnjor Gen, Sir T. l).,iCB. 
Elles, Colonel W. K., CW.h.p. 38 F, 
Black, CcilonelW., CB, 

FMied, Beeemtier 18(13. 
t'ii.ler tilt Bvlti of i86r, 
OftilTy, Cnl.mcl W. L, K,, h.p. King's 
Royal Riilew O'.p F.) 

Vrnlrr Ihf R'llrr of xiCi, 
Arbmhnul, L'ijI, W..CJ(. 1i.|i, i4Uua. 

Fatitd. December IBH. 
Goedenin^h, Miijer Guneral W. il., 

CB, R. Arlillury. 
Clive, MHJ<Nr Cloncnil K. H. 
IX Wuiid, Giiierol Sir H, K., 

KCB. Ill 310. 
Blonde)I.C>>1. Il.B.lI.,CS.b.p.Gr.Gds. 
Knowlta, roli,ncl C II., Ci*. h.p, 
Jlamimhirc Regt. (fij F.) 

Failed, Beeember tS6I. 
MncGregnr, lulmal II. G., h.p. 

Worcestershire Ili'gt. (15 F.) 
Suiher, Coluntl C. r.,K. M. Art. 
BoliinsoB, Col. C. W., CB. h,p. Rifle 

KBOlijl, it.('oloutl U., R. Art. 

Faiaad.Bteimber lUI, 
Barker, Mojor General 0. R. 
Hatchell, Colonel G., Riile Depot. 

Farriagton, Colonel B. D'C, Begi- 

mental Diairtct. 
BInndcll, Colonel H. II. H.,3HnSBarB. 
Mood, Lc.Col. W. C, W. Surrey Regl. 

Faaaed. Daelmher 18ST. 
GrltQthe, Lt.Col. II. II., E, Lanc.Bcgt, 
l^tmnn. Captain W.. h.n. R. M, Art, 
Ncleon, Captain W. F., It. Art. 
Prior, Colonel G. U.,li.p.llo;iil Scots. 
JloylD, Lt, Colonel G.K., Hitle Brijnde. 
fluiler, Lt. Colonel H. T.,h.p. 13 llos. 
Mooraom, Colonel II. M.,R, An. 
Campbell. Col. C, CB. b.p. j Dm.Gds. 

FasBsd. Bteembu tIBB. 
Clarke, U.CdL F. C. H„ C.Vff. R.Art. 
Holmes, Cul. A, L'E, U,, Beneal S.C. 
Walker, Cot. A. L., liegll. Uiat. 
Hultiat, Ma^orE. O., 1(. Art, 
Crealock, Colonel J. S,, CB, h,p. 

Regimental District. 
Cary, Lt.Col. L. F. B,,llillu BrigndB. 

Fasied, Saotmbei IBM. 
BongbBy, Colonel J.,h.p, Wilia Uegi. 
Walsh, Captain C. il., h.p. 44 F. 
Coobe, IA.Cul. W. &.. ChohireRcgt. 
Tnlloch, Cul. A. B., LB. h.p. Welsh 

Frankland, Colonel C, Regtl. Diet. 
Obapman, Colonel B. F., CB. U. Art. 

Paaatd, Bccanber I87D. 
Mllcliell, Colonel il. L.. R Art. 
Maurice, Colonel J, t'.j It. Art. 

Clery, Colonel C. F., CB, h.p. » F. 
Harvey, Colonal C. L., Wilu. Sin. 
re BartoriuB, Colonel E. H., h.p. 

Eaat I.ianca£hire Hc^ (A9F.) 
Little, Colonel U. A., Bengal B.C. 

*a* In Ihs/ert^iH; lisis tha nauet 
are placed m the Order of Merit b 
which the OlDcera passed tho flul 
Examination, as oincially notifledt 
hut, the Order cf Merit in wUoh 
Officers hare passed out of tha Blaff 
Calle^ehaving censed to bo d I acloaadt 
their nnmca in the/g"sirii; lisU an 
canBer|uently given in tha Order af 
Merit In n-hlcb they paatei< Into lh» 
Btuff College. 

Passed, Dsetubsi im, 
Roberts, Major P, , R. Artillery. 
Sihwabe, Col. G. B., h.p. [6 Idunn. 
Uoflht, Major H. U., tiouth Waist 

Borderers (74 K.) 
Jones-Vani;huii, (lulonel H. T., h.p. 

liaat Yorkshire Heat. 
NloollB, Colonel O. II A., B. Art. 
Laocelles, Cul.W, R., h-ii, RlilsBrig. 
Cardeiv, Colonel F., 8, Laor. Beat. 
Dun das, Lt. Colonel II. L., h.p bi* 

Yorkahtro Regt. (ij F.) 

Faassd, DseeiBbsr int. 
Hart, Colonel A . FltcBoy, East Bnmr 

Regt. (ji F.l 
Ilammigk, Lt.CoL *i> St. V, A., ». 

h.n. OiTord Light Inlhiitry {43 F.) 
da Montmorency, Colonel R. O.. Irish 

BiHea (83 F.) 
Boyle, Colonel T.. V„ R. Art. 
England, Colonel E. L., Regtl Dial. 
GDt<et, Col,M.W.B.,C£. DonM Best. 
Bnnbnry, Lt.Col. C. il., ConnanBhl 

Bangers (94 P.) 

' fksacifUe final EiaminalioE without haTing gone thrDBgh the College. 

■'■Titfrt, now (wttntir, icAo have peuieet (hn Staff Collii^e. 




SMqwI Zj !>.]>- H- An. 
'^^JMl w. I, , ii, p. y»ii. 

■; Art. 

, tki>. *. lit. 

Mi^' r .\. A., Mmk 
Unn l>t F.l 
■[tt-ni M 1-, H.. R.ATt. 

. >i p. 1 l>n. 
. iJcTuaBtKl. 
ocntn lUgt. 

.>'»a PuUIvn. 


i. Vtttm\a mi. 

W. A. It.. ILKntf. 

J. I?., t B, 
tir A. O . It Art- 

8.(t..rn>'alt AH.) 
>t. K i«..UD;9jiriMUi«n. 
,(301. « . .llToaEaxi RokL t 
iDlgiiei I). I/, tc U. 
IteVirK. J.flatMiRtiit. 
-iM) W.r.,ki>. Ui4>Ue- 

'iohinrtl'.jk.p.i rUstvn. 


J.1L. >k.a, UhiHOT lUst. 
IW.D. B., II. An. 
L,,e«u FiuiKan. 
_,.-ll. K. C.Ifiiko or 
I Li. IiJkiitiT (t^ T-) 
■ V. W.. SoKolk Km. 
Hn^ur 11.6. IUB*fiti(. 
WOMlO. A., R. AMIkfr. 
r<CoLT.. h-p-W. Ban*; 

I B.,b>p- IL Uac*- 

■tuhm HfRi. 
, itiiHn Hnct. 
Ll.Colaul W. A.. 


,ii*etMWt im. 

F H.. R.Sdk, 

il fi. K. R Edit. 

.M. M. H-.nootiuhSlf. 



nel A. 11., < Jl. l>.p- 

■ U . Lanaufcin Fm, 

. O. WilA Hflit. U.F.) 

- F. V. C, k-p. 

Did An. V. r. 

1 II. »-. Cil. h.p. 

. _ '0..lntl> FuailiiT*. 
rA.H.tllACQiHbira IU|[t. 

r»wi. Li.Ceioiul E., 0«i<laii Hinh- 

■jB«u..)it. tUdOT B. S, r., I.«n(iu- 

I. rR<(H t( c.t 

■.iiitaiBt-'. '. V. B. w. (ftoiB 

a" .Mil 

lOD , M 1 1 . , fa ,», ft. Sena. 

IIIUbN'lliiiji-:i. MaMt H. T.. Mid- 

Aiaex Riyt. (it P-} 
Cwhmn.Lt.i'al, F.. MBmnstitrr Rvfl, 
Auld, Major J., XorUiambnlind Fu>. 

Jobn*5Ti. Cnnf., ft. F, ft. .ItTfl^rrr. 

Hi. ■. ■■ ' -■ ' . i:ifl 




Inm, HBior A. O . Suun Oti^. 
lUn, llniw h, C„ ilitshu* B4«t, 

FuHd. Daooiibn Itn. 
V£ B«ll, C«1ii(itl U. R., IL Edh 
Ku«^ SLUatDT U :{. O, l^klenh 

SnDttr, Li.CdIiuiJ R, hp, E. Lutca- 

■Ur« Rrirl. 
k.rtt«.il rxColMiNJ B.ti.pit Art. 

BicrMt Lll-uI.1111-1 W., <-jra. li.i), 

WHlltl<lln|( It>i[t. 
I,nl«ni*n-jDliii>iT "!- .•■ i-,, Y«A 

Htd^BCAAf^r .-' ) 

B«reaItI>i.IA.t' : .iip.nsr- 

hsRi I.t^hl l<.rh>...-> I.... r.) 
F«T|r««n, M«;or J. A..BiDo BrtniU. 
M llwJACul , H . 8,0. .b.n. M uoUer Fu*. 
l'M*niiHi,UiuvrA.>l.,Wftml !!««;(. 
(iixArn, liHor J. K,. 0, Lnnc. R«le[. 
• U^ Ibiu T. B.. IL AnlUrry. 

Ftm4. DMtnbtr im. 

(IrOTO.roIoDcl C, rjt. K. YwkBual 
L?-rvrtoTi.CLILt.J. J.. IE. ETiifint«n. 

VIU; Mnj.ii K R., R. Afllltin-. 
Jonlin. Miijor J. R J.Il. ArlillcrT. 
Bnnfe*, Dtii. l-i:il-Cau,.(!an.E.V. 
Tld]r,]lii;<ir A.i:.,.\ l^nfvlim Itagl. 
ftlftnaa. Mdjui )'..n~flliili Failllen. 
PMIoCk, lUJor A, J. 0„ 6o^u Tat. 
muKQw.UKjur J.C. U..8uVolli luut, 


FoMmVi^Wv J. a . .BerluliiFeRcL'L 
Xii»b, KiJor S.. Kh»i HoBt.IjA I'-V 
CnUgic, Ut^ J. B. &, U'Rblnad 

UKbttiir*Dliy (;■ F.) 
■miner. Major a, If.. 11. Art. 
•«p«*i<f, Mnjor J. IV. T., It Art, 

FuMt, Bwmltc ISM. 

BoTMlDrd. Uunr C. F.O.B.Biu. 
UvDlneasr*. Uajur R. A.. R. An. 
DualoD, Uuar II. I> . It. Ait 
Beudn, MaJcrF. "f.. i} Loattm. 
Bmroe, CtajiUio a P., BSO- XsrUi- 

unptoMbiR «B5-- (ID F-t 
Romlllj-. Ht Mnjoi F.W , />*0, XecU 

BalUiEk. nipuiu 0, M., Ddroii R«kI. 
FMmon. U.i.ViinnclA.J-,YarkR«TI, 
AIMitt. Uhjoi t). T. W., Du* of 

OcnvauSi l.lKhi lufluiti? (,* F.) 
Tlioemn. blMntC. F.. r IIoHlir*- 
PrMn!U,U»|T..Kwi 1(0(1. ()°F.) 
amtns, llklor J. W,. Kuijf'i own 

SemUtb Rardr^VB. 
CKOktodan, Umjor R. fl.. S. Art. 

J^ttn*. la.lA.CuluDtt F. 0.. Coo- 

DkDBtat IHMwrt (M F.| l<iAl. 
9p«ueaLb.C«laD(l J., Ii.p, Y«tt Ll. 

■7.-m.. iv.J,.,>-l II U 

•V ■■■■ . II. Una. 

M ■. ■.n.KM, 

■o_u- ...^:-.. . ' .-I . --^ J. R- EiiK. 

1, SamMi 1I7T. 
cO. F..a. An. 
ItB- I. E., R. An. 
rW. W. M.B.Art. 
rj. r, R.Knit. 

«cl U. J. T., lURb- 
jirj In F.I 
ualintv, 1^;*. J. F. O,, 

■ W- U..E. Y'.Tt R*Kt. 


r. .. 

HeiLi^-ft,i/ 1.. 

Pi^rill. it^^ttt .1 

Bui/. (M, II I 

VtBthprt, Capi I.. i>..ijiii-i..i.r iloirt. 

Davnao, Ch|iL D. F. It., CnMgt. (iib. 

Cutb[It.^Aj»rll. II. ,\ . Irkili RlDca. 

Fiu*d, DH*Blitr Wt. 
Unmiv Miuor A. W.. S:i!\hamptaB- 

I,(0)?tl. Mnjiir ti , llfi>gBl Bl»(r CorI«. 
Rue. Cniiuiin II (l«ll..R.EuKiucen. 
r,c«rc. Uii,kif J. B . R_ Uhnii'T xn, 
JmuM.Bl-Uiij.irW. C , j IlniBiwiK. 
TnilMr. Mfe><aJ.K , tl. ArllUory. 
Diilwn. MTLjor J.C., R. Atlillcty. 
Uoninioj-. t'riiiinla R. B..><utUi HCal- 

fOi'lklii™ llatrl, Ifj ".> 
Allnn.lii, J.llV.i.ll fe .E.Y^.7V r.?irl. 
IIiiHnii,Co,IPlnInC. M.,Oi.f.jnl 1.1. Inf. 
Steptiuuuii. Mii.'iir T K.Ki-riliri^ 
B«>liiOoia,l^V|il, l^.U . ■ i>i;l, 

f.onlon.MnjiprJ. W . it'l 

IUl[«,Caiilaiii K.,B<i:i. .. ,i-ti>. 

tmta. Bterntet IIU 

Gro»«,M«J.K. * W.S„W.Ki;iiiacKt. ri^u.ii. h..i(>Iq<. 

H<lI^ll«l^ Mal'.r C, S,. i linHnri, 
Oodtlnauai. Capl. A. K.CjMtt. Gdt. 
Viruer, C.i|)t. W. W. C, Rlflu Briu, 
Gelt. Cvlfuvl V. W, li.. I> i<. t )lu*. 
Stone. I.'npiain V.Q .H. Amitory. 
¥WU1*. UnJorH. IT . R. Kiii^iKn^ 
3MWTaT,<^npl- W. It . lAinn*tir lUgl. 
81.dlilr.(:itniiiio J. !..(.'. . A ri-yll hi] 

SnUiGilAiia Rlibluiittn. ['ji P.] 
fir«nl, HVjUmol II F., CR -Dr. ■id* 
VC lUil«awny. Major II K, ll.n.Kr, 
BaitPT, IL-apt. f. Ht. I/., I'of li Ll . Inf. 
Bitftine. Mi(j, B. K.. iuuiiVllliT.u Fiu. 
Unnunnr. MaJarC. L,, U. FinlltiM». 
Willi(ii*i>n. Major A,, « l.onc. "■■«■, 

Duko. caai. J. c, v. RiaiiJi; Bca'- 

Fiani. DaHabtt ItBt. 

Danriii, ClBiitaln L. , R. i:nirino»T«. 
Snionirt. l.lipuun F,. H. AttiUitx. 
Wtaclf, Captain U. A. K.. IL Kne. 
Ba«T*r, Malor H. A.. Bgucal S. C. 
Lata. Cajiuik I'. II.X.. E. Laiiir.ltrct. 
Wynafi, Mnjor i.l. i' . UoyF»J Artj1tiif,t 
BilKiK, CapUiipi II ,li [■. "i-.^J'. f >:. 
Mo«li'.N>iWK 8. Hi.Tlii' Bulli. 
M^nVlilDttneui.Ciipl I)-II .Bi'iik-.aa 
Banfltld. Uajor II. J. I' .W<-uh ll.;;l. 
Shariie. CnpL E J..>l"1itlMrK Itagl. 
Haniininid. Unjar P. B.. R. An. 
Biil1s>.<;Bpl. L.W.a,.KiBx'* ILRlllca. 
LawnsM. Uljor IL IV li.. i Dt.Ud*. 
Wautm, M^r A. J.. BnmillE KesL 
TbarDtbu.CiliitalB P.B., Rlltc Biliiade 

tnm4. Dcninbs 1U5. 
6top(oril, IlLMajrirHir'.F. W 
Onerwin. Capuin J. U,. Ru;al Att. 
Walkai. Capl. H. C. I'., Ronl Art. 
ronir, ('aiH. II. J.. R-j-n; Eiik1ii«™. 
aburiii!, !.*!>[. .T. ll. j: . I". 

Duulup- '.■•pt. il. <■ . ■■ '.T, 

rynti>H. C»|it. H- I 

LVllllllB.l'Bpl- A.K "■ I ■ -•''■>. 

Adair, Capt. W. T,. K .. . ..:ii..-. 
tlono.I-lHit. J. W. > ' ■■■• -.«"<'. 

Inel.nuM. I'-I'i.F.''.. I'-. >'■''- I".-. 
5apf»r. M^.l^«l■^, J. P., >■ H !"..'.■. 
Wuvdl. K"Jn'.^. !■.. -'<" I., -i -■;. 

(UlCuaill-l ■■ ■ ■ ■[■im1!Iu;1 

UniBTiU. Ljt-ii ■ 'ip^-i f^' 

Jibn't-iii*, li ■ ..illv-Ii.f. 

Rulillifin, Maj'ir t. n.. =tlcl«Klur*. 

JA. lufiuilFT. , , 

ehMODt.Cteul-J-. CM. Kit* SrJHada. 



tut**. DkebWi int. 

P««io«kF.M»JorW,ClfC.R.K. , 
Danoa. CuVninl it., Uuyd FuA- 

liamj r.) (iin.t 

lt>i!i:i». Uajw E. T. n., KiDB*! 
«oT«l Bi^ (*o F.t iJff.) 

i;fT..r., ^^■.'-e A. II.. It. ffauiui^r'- 
J'' ■ iiD J. W., II, Artnirry. 

II ■ (If t^-.R. /itmfrr. 

K. ]. W„ tt. II AH 

[ Ik* r.»al KxamlnatKm iriibaal barfa>r jToo* UlroaKb U>e Ocllasci IhtM OtlL««n an Vera i^atnl 

rau<«, BatMbcr IIM. 

«Ti^dtinm tUj«rW.a,<^» » llawar*. 
FjLir*!. Ma^-ir It,. T tl«4ar*. 
AllHi. iL^plai" A. J. tV.. 1V> ll>iR>>. 
(r»it«iill, <.'«i.iaiii I', B., R. A.K.Hn's 


Lui 0/ Offieen, now serving, who have piuaed the Staff College. 

Plomine, Captoii) R, W.,R,inJllei7, 
Afcar. Captain E., Rci^al SD0luc>or£. 
Northcotc, CapU B. I'..I-cinBEdrRfj[t, 
Smith, ('Hpluln W. A,. B. Artilli;rj. 
Fletohdr, Captain W. »., H. AnillciT- 
Banial^ CiiptMa J. F., R, HoriiicB. 
PoyndBr, Captain 0. E., Mwtras 8. 
Jonos, Contain A, B„ Bengal B. C. 
Bmythe, CaptAis H.n., Scot! Pue. 
TTrTABton, (Tnptain E. B,, Argyll aod 

Sutiicrland Hi^hlandor?. 
Farrnnt, Mftj. H.r.B.iN.Lano. Rflgt. 
Betlinue.Capt. B. C, 6 Dr. GuariU. 
Blmricon. ''"pt, V.. R„ Lincoln Ro^. 
Uiu:tenEiB,Gapt.G.F.C.,BDffDlk Best. 
Barkwart'a. Captain H. A. B., NorUi- 

BmptoQ Begliiicnt. 
Bodi, Cnyl. £. W., MJddlvMi Rei^. 
Chaichill.]f^.M.,HorthBmpton BeRt. 
WllliamB,CapC.R. B^SomeneC Lt. Inf. 
Woaan-Brown, t^t. P. W. N.,3 Hob. 
Kitcbsner, Capt T, W., W.York Regt. 
XaatBian, Captain W. I., R. M. Art. 

PMHd, SseembST 1X7. 
Womyae. CapUin Q., W. York Bort. 
Benny, Captain A. M., Banffal 8. (7, 
Creagb. St.LtuColunel A. 0., B. Ait. 
OollingB, Major W. A.. Berka RBm. 
HammerBle;, Bt.UBjorF..Litiio. Fm. 
CnaCOn), Captain H. J., Qren. Gds. 

Banaford, Captain C. K. de la P., 

Livfirpool Bsaimflnt. 
Foraier, Captain T, H. B., Dnko ol 

Cornwall a Light TnflintrT. 
Beads, Captain B. H. B., Shropaliire 

Liftht Infantrr- 
Fawkea, Major L. G„ R. Artillery. 
Banning, Lieut. S. T., Mnnater Fua. 
O'Bnllivan. Major B. O., B. Anillery, 
WatfU. Captain W. H. H., R. Art. 
Waldron, Captain F., B. ArtLlery. 
Hamilton, Capt. W. G., E. lAnc. Begt. 
Franklyn, MnjotW. B., TorfcRegt. 
Bealeon, Captain F. C, Wilts Kegt. 
Cannter, Captain J. B., Welsh Begt. 
Plnmor, Capt^n H. C. 0„ York 

and LancaBter Regiment. 
KJtaon.Capt. Q. C. King's S. BlRaa. 
Giiffltli, CapC E. H.. Leiceeter Regt. 
Gatliff. Captain A. F..BnyBl MarinBB 
MorriBon, Lient. C. G., Rifle Brigade 
Cockborn. Capt. 0. J„ WannokHegt 
LawBOn .Bt-M^or Q . M . ,B.Bn gineera. 

Faiaeil, Ilaounlei lUt, 
Ree^B, Migor J., Irish Fuailiera. 
Barker, Captain J, B. 8.. RoyaJ Art. 
Baldock, Captain T. B., Royal Art. 
Cooper, Cwitain F. B., Royal Art. 
Eemball, Captain G. V., Royal Art. 
Uurdoch, CaptAia J. Bora, B. £ng. 

O'Lmit, Capita W. t„ Irlih BiBm. 
k Court, Captain C, RIfll Bricads. 
Faria, Lient. A. , Boyml Karjne Arc 
Carlelon. Capt. B. J}., LdcaatarBafL 
Heath. Bt.H^c>r F. C, B. BajriaMia, 
Began, Major B., 5 Dragoon GvarAi, 
Smith Dorrlen, Captain H. L., DW. 

Derbyahire Regt. 
Uagoin, laent. C. H., UadrM B. a 
Toniaos, Capt. W„ Uasehaatar Btgt, 
Kennady.'H^orC., Suffolk B^ciaaL 
Hnnro, Captain L., Hampahire BeA 
Goilding, CapUIn X. B., BiMx B«|L 
McGrigor, Ltant. C. B. B-. KIiVI 

Boyifl Biflea. 
Watte, Captain C. K. , Der^ Ban. 
Banurdiuon, CapBJiL H. W., MSUB^ 

Bex Regiment. 
Bray, Capl^n H. A . Jnni.vnHajf^ 
Gordon, Captain C. H.. The Bno. 
Senell, Captain J. H., Norflilk BigL 
Stawell, Mi^jor 0. D., Deron B^ 
Bnm^. Captain H. H., Gordim Hl|h- 

Bewlcke, Captain B. C. A- B,, Jlaf» 

Boyal Biflea. 
Anmtage, C^tazn J. L., TnTrtiVflHlf 

Adys, Bt.UajDr J,, B. Aitlllai?. 
Henniker-Unjor, Captain Btm. A. H.. 

Coldfltreaju Goaida. 

Officers Beeoiviitg Rewards for Distingoished or Meritorious Serrioea. 

Payn, Sir Wm. , XCB. 
RasBell. Lard A. <i., CB. 
Bntytii, 2Iti.Sir-L.KCMO. 

aot Whichcnte, Q,, Unntt. 
Willia, Sir a. H. B.. JTCD. 
Wolaclpj". O. 1. Vucl. XP, 

acB. OCXS. 

LiiutejiaV* GBi'iBi>t.a. 
AdaniB, C, CB. 
Aliton, Str A. B,r/. OCB. 
Bnlwcr.Sir K. G.. KCB. 
e. Canioron, W. G.. CU. 
Cbelmarord, F. A,, Lord, 

Clarlna, E. C. H. L<i-d, CB. 
Dillon, Sir M.. SfU. CSI. 
Bagnr, R. J., CB. 
Elkinglon. J. H. F., CB. 
Foilding.//D»,P,B. U..CB. 
lligginaon. O. W, A., CB. 
Hume, ."MrB., rcjf, 
Liianl. It. G. A.. VI!. 
M'Lcod, Sir J. C-, KCD. 
Macdnnalil, A. M'l. 
Kowdignte-Kowriegiite, E., 

Prettojnlin, R. B., VB. 
BobcrU'OTi. J. H. C, 
Boss, Sir John, i'CB. 
Sargent. J. N,.CJ. 
WhilCi R., Oil., -!! Hueaars, 
Willis, r. A.. CB. 


Annatrung, W. A,, rot, pay 
Aahburohani.Sir-C., ACA. 

ret. pny. 
Bagut, ti., ret. pay. 
Barrett. R. D., ri'l. pay, 
Batteraliy.J. P.. ret. pay. 
Bayly, l*aget,r.r.p.Br. Dep. 
Itray, E.W., CB, ret. pay, 
flrice, G. T. 
CbicbeRler, B. B., CB., rot. 

lie Heiry. A- *"■• rot- Paj"- 
.lfMonlmnronc)-,J..ret pay 
rarmar, W. R., ret. poy. 

tj,(.Feilding,«oi..W. H. A. 
oster.B. H.H., rot. pay. 
Oildoa, G. F.,Cil., ret. pay. 
Ilordon, C. A. II., reL pit.T. 
Gordon, C. H., CB. r.t.p. 

Df p6t Batt. 
H:ickeU. J., rel. pay. 
Hamilton, F. F.. CB. 
Uarty, F. 

tiABtin^t, D., m. pay- 
1/m from, 0. M., nt- pay. , 
iSaghea, S.J., CS., iBLpa^J 

BnOon, H. P., ret. pay, \ Breading. CapL J. B,, reVi Bayal BngiBana. 

Jaryie, B, P.. CitO., rot. pay Depot Uati. | Omaii 

„£■?■ „ iDurkB, Capt, J., rot. .P»y, Kioholson KrL XCB 

Ufi: Jerome, H. B.,rot. pay. I Depot Battalion. luuuiHjn, oiru..*i,a. 

Jordan. J., CB. ret. pay, ; Cordne . Capt, S., ret. payjoF.l I<iairT»aur Ganauib 
Look, A. C. K., ret. pay. ' Falcnner, tiHpt, A. ret. pay.i Bent, George, CB. 
Mackan»ie.A., Coldsirsam anarda. BonroWer. B. F.-. CB, r.tlL 

Mannaell. T,,CB. ret. pay. Fortws, Major J,, rot, pay' Keane. JSTne. n.F..eB^f. 

Meln. G., ret. pay. 
Uiller, J., ret. pay. 
Uookler. B., ret. pay. I 

Ua O'Connor, L,, ret, pay. 
Fouraon, SiiKJ .K. , C»,.X CJf O 
Preaton, R,, CB. ret, pay. 
Richnrdson, W. S., CB„ 

ret. pay. 
ftocko. J:H., CB. 
Roaa, ]., ret. pay. 
r(C Rowlands, H., CB. 

Ulack Wuteh. ' ' ' | V« Qrahani, Bir Q..O0irA 

Jones, Major AllVGd, ret. pay KCB. 
B. Surrey Boqt. 

Kniglillc,y, Major E,, ret. 

pnj' Welflh Fusiliers. 
M'Intyrc. Major D.. ret. pay 

Brit;. Bei>ot. 
rs Macdonald, Capt, U., 

ret. pay. 
UsrebaU, Capt. T.. rel. pu 

r£ Shaw, H„ CB.. ret.pny, Fronger, Captain }., ret. 

ji.i.c, Stewart, R.C.,CJ..roL iJay 1= Lnncers. 

pay. StaTiley, Major W. J,, ret. 

Tisdall. A.,rel. pay, " ' 

Walket.Ci. P.. rot. pay. 
FlC WalkPr, M., CB. 

pay Rifie Urigado 
Toevan, CapL R.. rat. pay, 
Tuuner, Major M.. ret. pay. 

Warren, D. B., CB. ret. pay.; 'rurTier,Cnpt.J.,ret,pBy soF, 

Woods. Major H., ret. pay 
CaTulry Depot. 

Beyal AltlUar. 
Fraser. iloa. D. U.. CB. 

LiieTiiriBT GmBiiB, 
ArbiitJinot, 8^T C. Q.. KCB. 

"'^£ ^- ^°«'"''''» li-- «'■« B tcB. 

DlatnCt. I ji(;jjg _ HP 

JohoBim, A, C, CB. 
Smyth. U, A. 
Topper. Q. LoM. 

Wniman. II. A., ret. pay. 
Wilkinson, J., ret. pay. 
YS Wood, Sir n. S., KCB 


Green, W,, CB., BcgiDKSntal 
District. I 

Hook, L., r.f.p. to Foot. 

Stewart, W, L., r.f.p. Depot 

Stockooll, C. M., CB. b.p. 

Beuronh Qighlandcrs. 
Thompson, It. T., h.p. 

Essex Rcgt. 
Trent, 11. W. J.,h.p,6SFoot. 

Oxisr Pathutbib. 
Ollyer, Sir W. R. A'CB. 
Swinburne. J. D,. ret, paj', 

BTirr PivuisTiB. 
HarvBy. H., r.f.p. 

CoMiiiasiBiiB Gimui,. 
Brownrigg, U. J.. CB. ret 

?sy. Commissariat and 
ranaport Staff, 
Btrickland. ^Hr £., KCB., 

do. do, 
Yotmg.W.L.M., CB. rot. pay 
On^iinEa Store Dept. 
Bmiae Uiatxa. 
UatthewB. Capt.W., 


US BerrYamti, V»im J., 
r ( l.pmy j I^noer 

Uijoi GBnai,!,!. 

Bedingfold. P., rfji. 
Ooodonongb. W, H,, CB. 
iiawkiuB, A. C, CB. r,r,p. 
Maburly, E.. CB. t.f.ji. 
Oldersbnw, C. B,, CB. r.p, 
Shaw, Q.,CB. r.r.p. 
Williums, W. J,, CB. 


[Inndj'slde, W,. r.f.p. Coaat 


Sprent. W, B,,ret, payCout 

Thomson, J,, T,f.p. Coait 


(jIi'lBTBI UilBIIU. 

Cliff. Capt W.. ret. pay. 
Slmona, tlajor B., rot. pa;. 

Bin IBB MuTia. 
BnUer, U*iot a ,, nA- VKj . 

MjUob Gbxixxu 
Haasard, F. 0,, CB. nt pij. 

Ajidrews, A., Coaat Bb. 

Qnivn* Kiim. 
Jones, M^jor J., rtft. p^y. 



Crawford.Sir T., MB. KCI. 
I.ngan, Sir T. Q. . KCB. MB. 



Currio, a., UD. CB. 
Gonlon. C. A,, Mil. CB.i.j. 
Innes.Kr J.H. K.rCB. 
Loogmore, Sir T., Jiirl. CB. 

MncVinron, W. IT.. CB. k-p. 
Maiisy.U,U.,lI0. CB. h.p 
reMonat.J.. CB. h.p. 
Monro, W., IfD. CB. h.p. 

lasTBCTOBB GxmasL. 
Anderson, A,.irP. CB.Lp. 
Dane, Richard, VD.CB, h.p. 
Taylor. J. B.. CB. h.p. 

PBiKCiri.1, Tit. Bnism. 
Collins, J., retpsy. 

Inss. Tn. Boiaiow. 
Ondgin, T. P., ret. pay. I iTB. 
Halpln, Bn. B., JTA. b.p, 
Uuleatt, Sn. H., UA. b.p. 
Wright, r«. ArA. a. >., 
JU. b.p. 

Beyal MaiiaM. 

Oasooigne, J. H.. CB. 
Langley.Sir Q.C 
Lowlier, 8. N.. CB., 
Harriott, H., nt. p». 
Schomberg, G, A.. CB. r.p. 
StnosbBiin, atr A. B., JCB. 

UiMW OiaBaua. 
Boyle. B-. CB. r.f.p. 
Kvmady, J, W. A. T.r.^ 


rS*J2r«r6: 11^ jvx. jfcai. 

Br A..«-C»,K.rtl(m»I) SlW. 

ff. a. II. K-. IL {Madna) Art. 
r. e. T., CU. fL (Bma.! Bi«. 

pMM. J. J. U'U.ft.(llnMl)Bw(. 
SftT. C», r.f.p. fe. tBtnMDTSt. 
"HraliB. O.. a.<BDiiirml) AtT. 

Ml/.O.. CjB. R- llhim.) Art. 


W^CU-. C9. rXp. B. (ItadiM) 
, R., C«/. r.r-p, 8. <Dtnc-) 

Jbr DUlinguUh^ or Meriiorxotu Serviceg. 

TremanhMt*. C. W,, CE. *.f,p. E. 

Uuoi QuiUM. 

BonuBblei, 8>r Q., £CB. r. t p. B. 

(Buunl) An. 
BRiVDln>, II. A .. R. (Uonnl) Eos. 
DelkKxH. H. (L, CB. r.f.p. mi F. 

(Bangal Fu.) 
Pan*, A. V„r.f.B. K. (Uwlru) Ait. 
Godm, B. I^, PA. K. nttar.) Art. 
FS <»nC>>< ^ HukIi IL, A'CA. 

lUniltan. «r W.. fff, n. (Bcu.) An. 
y« HlUktabDn. air J.. rcjJ. Soj-ul 
(BwiA*)} Art. 

JpTiVlm.C. v., r.f.p, 
KeuuuV.T. O., C£. BMinl B.O. 
P4«ni. Mr T. T.. KCSTr.t.p. B. 

OlMtiM) Kae. 
Pnklu. A.Cfi: B.(Ben.) EuHiDHt*. 
Sli»rrlt J. f.. Beunpil Ml, 
Sauh.l'. P., K. iHenBiiI) Art, 
VaUM«. Kr a.,KCSl. iuoiioui. 8.0 

Boddinu. O. 0., CB. Uulnu 6. a 
lIoi'K. A. U. F^BomburlllsirOorp*. 
Unnt. J> v., CV. BaD»l St&irCirriit. 

Slmw-SMWiirl, J.H.)J..B,<M«d.)KnB. 
Slewan. R. C, CB. Mailnu S. C. 

Broirr. W,, laM Uoiaba; tofikntr;. 
IXoUnwa, W,. C3I. rXu. Butati*; 

Huiagltl, A. J. Modru Katab. 

S via Km Dan Hit.. 
SimpUD, Ar a. VC A'C/£, Bcaital 

Dmnrt SDisioa* OnmiK. 
Thoraton. J. H., CS. UD., IsU 

B«DK*] Bitablmbmuiii. 
WalkB/W.. V/)., Iloniral Kalab. 

B>i0iDi auuuioir. 
U'DawnU. C. J. v., Baniliiny Cilnl]. 

if^Xavn N0IC AoUin^ Emit I'ti f/ic AriMj of the Moat Nohla 
Order of the Garter. 

Kbiohii. (£0.1 

MftibtataBi JBi JbM; jrMwH n* FrinHafyrmiiit. xr.actt. xp.ocsr. acua. acis i^uaatan 

Isal H«Aw( iL Dmbtf Mlabnish. T. JT/V (Jc-jT/. acJfO. DCJS. £C£. Uun. Oolungl tloral Xuintt, 
tlBindnSoottlali DlTUtoa R.AnillrtT. anil ) Un. Ulack WaKh 
«ulD irii Cnw< O^itMM rnw> Albm rtctM i< Walu, rr. ic IlDMiua 
hMlUnlwl SiiMimia^iHtiatDmkttfOtiKhTi&gt, Kt. aCB. KT. SCSt.OCKO. OCIS, Ctmmatdit in Cltiif, 

unaadarr tiuanlM 

■MiMitai niila*rta^tM— at iMttf OaiL,btii*na 

MAl JTit A«IitMM>ru»r.i:«f1*a«i IX A-of SeblWHlC'IIolalclik 
Igilrall BiiMtwal Ouktum tritn Hssry KSDrlec of BatunDoni 
ft>i«iit ttrttrt burUt num. D*ki if Itaanniit, U(o Uuatt. 
IM W. T. S. Kft FMnraUkB. i ir^t Vark rtoraaBfy Canliy 

ECB. I>m>mafnidku>tariluliaoi\l/ia 
It. A. T. V<«r>-'«y '(■■l^o'T. 4 B<L BtdEinbbitv BojtI. {HeKford UillUa) 
■I It. I. iiki^f j/ WstuiTuur, i;tiMblre VoamaorT Carairy 
t*. C L I'll*, f/ GnAus, f«. Ntlnd UK 
Ofic*Tt noK haldiHg Sank in the AniKj of the Mosl AaoUnt and Moit Noble 
^U Order of the Thistle. 

•BIlBBbal Bu Bafl BMrtftUFnmrt^'D'.GCSr. OCilG.GCIE. ij KstMn 
KAwatHMMH ttt D^kt ^ tOntHiKh.XO.Xe.acai.acMa. aciE. see. IIou. CoIdbcI Royal UnriaM, 
^^ I IkMUab DKrUos IL Andlary, and ] lln. lUirk UnK.h 

lJBillMjatmil»nif>i rah nrtVnriMTi gilt. IIT A'-. GC.Vl. COlfU, aClS.Ca. Itlllo Urlnwle 
I Sit ttiMil ^taMlW fab VCainlfiiJKV; A'U. acK. Xf . acSI. GCMO. aclE. Cummandi' n CiUf, 

8. n. Ifaryfa ^IMlnam, i »n. Lotblan Ittgt, (Kdlntnueli Uillun) 
B,H- K. DattrfUoainta, i Bo. ' " 

8ulhccluid tiu<l AriKrl' Elleblan'lm (HlgtOiuid Banleren UlUlia} 

Qfiieen note loldittf Hani; ia lh« Army of the Moil Illiutnoiui 
Order of St. Patrick. 

KnoRn. lA'P.) 

"tan*-' "^"-r" "V*™'*-''-'' — .fftg.i— c-ji t-r oClt.GCSr.OCMa. OCIX. tonjoMn 
■m tll^m-H lit DmSt </ Kil>>I.tinct>. "7. Xr. SCSI. OCITO. OCIK JTCS. UoD. Cotoncl Itofal 

iiiTniiir ail Kfffi ui^tmim 



rt«l» 8«D«U>h DirUuii S. AnllloR. aotl i lln. Illnck Wa 

^_ iCHali . , . 

U Xamkat ftf Xir^ attl^milU DtUi^CmiBbrillx*. fC Jfr. aca.OCU.aCU0. aClB,(?tmmaitiiTim Ckirf, 

rfVurayta^U. KG. XT. GCST. OClta. OCIK. C9. Bida Briiiule 
Hfrlw rr4>H AJbtrt Vu»« t^'WalH. XG. lo Haaun 


SiteMi R. C n. L. StA k^COrk and Orrmr, Kanb aonimMt Y«flinannr Oanlrr 

iWr T JK«v.if ^DalfcriBandATa.COS.0t;.VM;riro.SC/iI.iBii.lraiiIUfl«<INi>r1b0inrnl(mcla> 

1 411^ n A. tl. ^r* ^QrtaMti, y Bo. Rldn Brimla (WMUaaatb HtUtia] 

1 4ii^ n I -. r 

iwlV. A. fl<tn>/R«anMiMBn. Hanuor Vnnitlvn [Ksrnr MUlHa) 
Wti Canal J. WsImOh'. «<^t OCMO. 
I J. IL il» !■ '*' "• ATW** itr "''Mntint fTaicrfiinl Anillirr MillUk 


0§ieersnaw holding Bank in the Army of the Moat Eowmrabh 
Order of ths Bath. 

Khibbt*, Ousd Ciom. [QCB.) 

V!A]fii, Jl'U.KT.A'P. OVUf.actrB. OCIE. lollussiirs I-ucnedcn, Lt.aeTicrftlSirrctcrBUrlt, CSL Bong«lB.C. 
Field llnrHhnl Ilii JioanI Uu/hiru Geo. W, F. C, I>,.tr rf. Lvaoua, Gtneml Sir Daniel, Derbvflhiro Hegl. (is F.) 

Cmnljriitj™, KG. ST, KP, GCBI. OCMO. GCtS. CVm-IJIiilRjlm, Goncinl Sir Geo. Uomtisj Suiff Corps 

maml, r in Ckiff, Qrcnaditr Qunrda 
Tmk, Coland Jlii Itinltiuu tkt Duit aflCivit) 

riCMnude, General sir Vred. Fmucia 
Niii.ierofllagdiLLB, Field MBr*;t.C,I:i>rrf,Oe«r-B-K. 
Norman, OeneraLSifHsiirjWvlic.OCJfS.C/B.Ben ml aO. 
Pnulet, Pielrl lEarslial Lard Willium, Durham LiKW Ut 
PoDBOoliy. General fiv*i //on. Sir H. F. rolired liat (CWI) 
Roiil. General Sir Clinrlea, Bcnaul SlofTCorpB 
I'lT RoborlB, Gcnaral Sir P. B, lit. QCIB, R. ArtOlMJ 

Aciye, Gencrnl S.> John Slillor, Uoyol Artillery 
Alieen, LC-Gcncml Sir Archibalil, Bart. 
e.Borton,Goncnil.?i> Arthur. OCMO, i Weat India Regl. 
Brownlo^r. LE.Gencrnl nSir Charlee Heun', Uennil S. C 
Chsmbcilaia, Gen. Si' Nevillo Bowles. OCS/. Bongnl luf, 
ObapiDan, Genenil Sir Fred. E. £Luyal En^riacera 
Chelm»l'er<t, Gencml f'^rederic Augnetua, Lord 
D'ABiiilnr. Generiil Sir Charles L. Rnj-ol Artillery 
Daal>oiioj-, (iencrol Sirll. Cbarle&B., Uordor Heirt.(s5 F.) 
irtCULCkeon. GcQeml Sir Call in bw nod, Royal Artillery 

Dofferin ami Avh, Colonel P, 1. Uargoit nf, SP. QCSI. ,. „. ... ^. _. o- ,„-, 

aCMO. aClS. idtU) .St^ele, OonerolSirrtl^onS'irTbamaBU. ColuatreHa UA 

Efordtoy. Colonel VimuMt [Citil), [Janta T&omnnry Car. '^Lciihenjioii, General Sir Fred. Ctia. Arthur, rot. list 
Gongb,GHneml.S-ir JohnBloomflaia, I Drasoona iSlcwan.Rcooral Sir Donald U., Ii(, QC.S/.C/Jf.BengilBJ). 

Graiir., Field Unrphali^ir Patrick, QCltQ. li, U. Gunrdi StranbeiifGe, OeneralSirC.T.Van, DoneMltir«BaBt.C]E''l 
HftinoB, General Sir F. P. QCSI. VIE. MnnBlerPne. (ia4F.) TempLetowji. General O. F. Viitoant, 2 LlftOoftrda 
Hodiie, Gohonil r^rr Eilw. Cooper, 4 Drtij^on GuaniB iWoIaelev, General finmet J. l'«M¥iii, XJ*. flCJf O. 
Johnnoii. General Sir Kdwin It. CIE. Itoyal Artillery IWooil, GenBraLSir DnTid E. Royal Artillery 
Joucs, tieueml Sir William, Duke of Commill'H LI. Inf. Wyllic, GenoralSirlViUiBm, Dublin Fnsilieri (lojFJ 

RutLnnd. Colonel J. J. R. tf, i Bn. Leioem™ SiBtt 
Saie-Weimar, Geneml 3.S.1I. Fnm Edmrd if, i In 

Bimmons, Genernl Sir J.LiatomA. GCUQ. a^MEnS. 
Spencer, Genoral Us*. Sir A. A. Oxford LI. InT (isf.J 
Btanley of Proion, Ml. Boa. F. A. Lari, j Bo. T i i i wrfr 

BfK'- iCiciO 
etavcley. Goooral Sir O. W. D. EaMI Best- (44 VJ 

Sil Hll<l«) niaknru Hie Snta i/ E<linburgh, KG. £T KP, 
gcs'l. GCiTQ. CCIE. Hon, Ooloricl Royal Mai.ici, 
3 Uripidc Scottieh Div, R. Art. and 3 Ba. liUick Wi toh 

Adair, General Sir C)ii>rle« WillTani, r.f.p. Hoyal Murines 
Airey, Genurnl Sir Jriiuea Talbot, liiniRkillin}; FuxilierB 
ArhiithnipL, Lieiit.Gen. Sir Charles (Jcorgo, R, ArtiUery 
ABbljurnV,ani,S!nj.aeu.Sir Cromer, ret. payKini;^BR.RiQp 
p.F.f. Ueher, Major Gpiioral Sir Thomna Dnnind 
Baif'iui', Goncnl Sir (teor^'o. Royal Artillety (CiriO 
liariiiR, JlnjorSir Kvelyn, KCSI. CIE. OCUO.\a.u R. Art, 
Bamiinl, {..eneral Sir Charlen London, r.f.p. R.UarJneArt. 
Balea, Ger.ernl Sir Honrr, >'orfollt ICei^l. (9 F.) 
Biddnlpll. General Sir Michael A. S., R. Anillei-y 
Boareliier> ^lujor GeneraL Sir Geo. r.fp. R. (tlonffal) Art, 

Kaiasti CmtTikrotit. (XCB.) 

Horn, Qeuernl Sir Pnalcrick, Dertysliire Bffrt. (4s '■) 
lIudBoti, liiijor General Sir John. Beneal BtaffCorpl 
Hume, Lt-General Sir Ro^tort 

Hurdle, llnjor Gonoml Sir Thomas, r.f.p. Boys! Uirin* 
lUutt. iJajor General Sd'r GeorL'c.lete llomlmy Artinary 
lune*, Siir>teou General .^ir John llnrric Kor, hulTpv 
Johnaon, Muj or Genernl SirCharlcB Cooper, BQngiJB.0. 
Kelly, General Sir Richard Jlcnln. Irish Re«. 
Kemball, General Sir Arnold B. KCSI. R. Artillaiy 
Kerr.GcncmliorJMark, Bomerset^'h ireR ejrt. 1 1 ^F.),ntJl& 
Kcycs, Ll.General air Cliarlea Fntljm, Madnn B. C. 
Lan^rlej'. Gcncml Sir Qeerp* Colt, lale Royal UailnH 
Lawrence, General Sir Arthur J. RiHe Brlgadij 
Mtlle, General Sir Arehlhnid, 9 Ijneo™ 
Loekharl. Cnlonel Sir IVillinm fl. Alei.. CSI. BaDgll IM. 

Bmdfonl, General Sir John Fowler, law HcohiiI Cavalry : Logan, Sir Thomas Galbraith, JTD. lata Dire«or Oanmil 

Bridpurt, General ViKiaiit, reUred list (C'iriO ■ Army Medical DcpBrtment 

JJricl't, General Sir Hoiien O, , Yorkshire Recictent it. Longden. Genornl Sir H. E. CSI. Linoolnshira Haft 

Bromi, insp. Ueucnil Sir John 0. Bengal Airny t,ow. Colonel Sir Robert CnnliOb. BeniTAl CSTmlry 

Tl'C Brow-no, <len. Sir Bamucl Jbb. A'C^/. Rencal B.C. Lf>we. Major General Sir Drury C. Dmir 

I'eiluller.MiljnrGen.KA/foB.Sir R«iverBilenry,ATJfO.U-J£"rr/lr, Col. Sir Joia Sraikim. late of B, Hur. (CTril) 

Bolwcr, LLCeniTnl Sir Kdiianl G.. KC13. Ill'Lcod. Lt. General Sir John Chetham 

Hutler. '.'ulonel Sir William Frnucia, hp. 65 Foot JI'Murilo, General Sir Wm. M. 6., Cheahlro YLcgtj^ 

Camplieli, General ,Sir Frederick Alen.. R. Artillery lyiCM'Keill, Major Gencrjil Sir John Carataini, M.CXQ. 

Coke, Mil] or General Sir.lohn, lalo of llengal Infantry t. Maedoncll, General SirAlei,, Riile Brigade 

<!ullx>nie. Gencrnl II;«. Sir FtaH,, Warwick lleirc. iMnekcaiie, laap. Gen. of Hoi-p. Sir W. CSI, KB. IW 

Con.nik'bum. tlon. Ccd. Sir W. F. 1,., 4 Bn. luuiakillinfi ' Madras Army 

Fiinilirrs (Londonderry Militia) (CiriO .Zlai/htraaoriir, M.Colonel toni, ln',eiLire Gd«. (OWI) 

COKell.MiunrGen.jS!(.//..o..^ir John C. r.f.p. B.Eng-.CCiri/llfumlf, LI, Colonel Sir Ororjc ^rf/iy, late R. Art. (CfcU) 

Cniwlord,-vir Thomas, JfiJ.Direclnr GPn.Anny lIod.Dcpl iMaxB-ell, lieneral Sir Geo. Vnughan, R. LaneMllirt Jlift 

Coatanre, Him. lol.firll, F., j ltd. Norfolli Itcjit. (Cicil) Melvill, Major Gen. Sir relcr M., biteofBombaylnt, ICWn 

Daly, Cleneral Kir Henry Domintck, CtH, lionibay H. G. i.Uurliy, Capt. Sir F. iJ. Into joF.Eion Yeomen of Gd.lOii.l 

Dillon, Lt, lieneral Sir Martin, C'Sf. iMorris.ComniiBMry General SirBdwanl, tctimtpar 

DulJaMC, Mnj.(kn. Sir KUmondF. , ret, itn^'R.En^.crjri'} Nieholsou. General Sir Lothian, Royal Engineer! 

Kdfrarrla. Major Sir Klcctwwid 1..R. Kagineera (Ciii)) jNorman, Colonel Sir FranciB Booth, Bengal Staff Ooni 

¥« KlphinKlone.MaJorGcn.Sirll.C.ClfW. H. Eng ((Vri') Isngent, Colonel Sir Chnrles n. P. N. H. ret. m ILBBfi 
.. . .. ...... ... . . . ^. ... _ . _ — . •^j,(c 

Bwart. Miijrjr General Sir Henry Peter 
r. Birnrt. Gencrnl Sir .li>hn Alcic.. tiordon llighlandere 
Pl^naiyer, GeTiernl Sir Jjimen Wai, Royal Artillery 
Foley, General J/ou. Sir St. Con. Gerald. S. StnH'onlKcsl. 
Forlie*, lieneral .^ir .liNhn, lioinhay Cavalry 
Trail-:-, Cidrinel Sir Juiirr, lale 7.! Fi«t (CisiO 
UlpiiB, Miijor General Sir RcBiualil 
Glyn, Gcherjil Sir .iulinB Uielinnl. reliTctl li'^t 
(3urdon,Ger,.//D",,VirA.HamilVm, T.uiii-<lerKegt.{iooF.) 
ViTliLkM^'h, Mnj'ir Gen. Sir (.'baa, .lohri f^.Bengid Cavalry 
FiC Gonu'h, Majitr G'-n. Sir Hath Hcnr.v, lieugril S. C. 
lie Gr;ibiim. 1, t.G em 'i-n 1 .SVr Gerald. Gfiia, U. Kngineer 
Urenvea. Mji>pr ileneral Sir ireorgc UichJirdH, KV2I0. 
Green, Gencml .S'ir ICd^vanl, UorohMyi^tall'Cori^B 

Olivcv, Colonel Sir W. R. Army Pay Dent. <chiil) 

yC (ilii)ierts. General SirWillinm, Royal ArtlllBIj 
I'nlliwr. Major lien. Hir Chas. Ucur^-, r.f,p.Dtn([«8.C. 
Parke, Gcnenil Sir William, Worcealer*biro Regt. 
I'Hvn. General Sir William 

[ViFi, Major General Sir Thos. T.,laW Mailraa Kng.fCWI) 
felly, Lt.Genoral Sir Levcis. KCSI., Bomlii«- 8. C. (CiaflJ 
J^enri'se. GeneralSirl'cnroseChnrleii.r.f.ri.Rnyal J lTJnw 
E'hayre.Lt. General Sir Robert, llnmhny Staff Corpi 
;>"ir I'roailergnst, General Sir Harry ^, D, B Eng. 
Ilil I'robyn, Gencml Sir lllKhlon 11. i'CSf. Beng»10B». 
llEadelirle, General Str WjUinm P, retired list 
jtl;in'Uni>on,Lt.CoI.SirH,Crai,n'iek.laleaf BomlmylnflCinjl 
I Roi>!,i, Lt.Guneral Sir Camplioll Clsye Grant, Bengal B. 0. 
'loss, Lieiil.Gener^ Sir Jwhu 

Oreeu. General -VJrlieo. W. Guy, lale Bengal Staff forpa 

Urcnfell, Cnlonel .Sir F. Wallace. Ii.p. King's lloyal RillC'-'ltiU'sell, Colonel Sir Baker Cmed, XCXG. h.p. ij HnuM 
HftttiillijH, Goaeral Sir Fred, Win. =■ Fimillera St. Genrge. Gencml Sir John. Royal A[ti)lci7 

Itainley, l.l.Geu- SiVKilvv-ard lInice,A'CJffJ. R.Art. Scymitur, Geuer^itSir Fra, J/erf. l>CTonahireRagt.(iiF.) 

llaiibiiry, F^ur>(.GeaeraL Sir Jas. Artbiir, MD, Smyth, (rcncrni 2Ivi- Sir Leiceater, KC2IO. 

Hardinu'c, Gen. lUa.lirAnh. K. CfK. King's Royal RiHof WlukeB, Ll.jenernl Sir John, Boyai KDgineen IQMl) 
Uarniau, 3ilaj,>r Gencrnl Sir Gcotku Hyng .r^trnnsham. General Sir Anthony H- B'>ya] Mnriaei 

ire Havelwk-.MIan. Lt.llcn. SirllenryM.B^, relired lis! Mtricklnml, Commissary General Sir Rdiratil. >Mlf ptf 
Uimderaoii, Lt.I'ol, Sir Kdiu. V. Waleuit, r.f.p. R. B. (ncilj: Fanner, i'oloncl SirOrtel Vireaah, l]oml»TBtsffCoipi 
IFerlrert, General Sir Artliiir Jamon, retired liat iTaylor, trcncral Sir Alexandor. r.f.p. Rcvaf Bnginev* 

KiC UiHB-,IoUnc3. Lt GeTicral Sir James, rot. pay H. Art. iTaylor. General Sir It. C. H., Camaron BlgbUsdin 
Jloldich, Oniivntt ,Vir KilwiiT'l A. Uiddlfloex Itefft. {yj F.) jTorrens, Lt. General Sir Qenry D'Oyly 
WtlluinB, Sarneon Heiicvai SirAathoay Uickai>n, Tumur, Ueueral Sir Frank, BayKl Aittllarf 

UmI HouottraMe OrJer of the Bath. 

I -iiksr, Uoual KMT Cor|u 
P. Bwithraj'. * I)r»«tMiD ((J*. 

. Bimr J. wHH*iM Knrt- Cm >' ) 

IAIrCMilc*,SCVff. B. Eni[ii.cDn 

f^Vataa. Li-Genmil Sir John. Bomlmy SldffCariK 
¥i Wbilo. Mnjot Gsoeral Sir GeurRe SUwirl 
1Vhltmnr4, <itfnrm1 Sir Kclrunrjil Ant- h rtiJrt'i li*t 
<Vll))niIiiin). (jpuprlLl .iiiclliclLiir-1. HomI l'HnUi,i«lTF.) 
W(lll«, OHuJtul Sir Ok: Utny KiiiJlli 

j'.'.i'.l'J WuoJ, Mftjnt (itnctnl .Wllaiitr Ktolj-o, fiCitv 

Caiuuiium. ((^ff.) 
' <i>il nMwH 'Ai Duii <i/ CaaaaaiM.Wt Cnmrrcm, Col, Aj-)ni<r cli^mt, ntt. pay Elne'vOini 

L-nmitlK'U. ^ ., .- Jnhti. iti>- Into llttnjEiiJ Army 

'"il'lJlilwU. Mnr.M .r I SifJoliriWm.. lr.,«.B. ArUUUtJT 

CoDJiibuJl, lolwirl IwbtflB. K B. 
VtlTTHnl Vk'illiiim, fi^yul ArlilUifv 

'ioimniuuiy Ak^, jA-p- Wtfni AsUllttry 

vsl U«uri I>jr>r(t, ll*4ni> SulT Coiv* {i-i.r. I'mui 
„1 J»in», Ainl AttOlttT 
.M*i)Kte4^ 1 Bh. IsuiikllliDit FOB.tClrtll 
kOaucnl Wilbius tni. Jut*, nl. juj' 
iMtn Wn. d* WlTwWlt. InUi IL Kkr. (n.ili 
Lno^OdOBcl Clwrtn Uall. ni«. pky , RcsimonWl I) ii i 

»,U.acB>i»! CadMUtdfT . <.'iiloDelJun»D., h.p. >t?M( 

■a, (1«DV»J 1V>Ba«, TtUcwl lid i Oiurgii. lnWuCMsdnalnSuitiy 

•^Ccl4MMrai'r JKmu. iMDefjjFmt !> .....i., .'.:.v<'r Grnvr;i> Wlttinm Jnlm 

lH«.U.acgNnl ChortoT. SomlMiTBtairOoFiii iClmniUa'.LuUciUTriil 6ii>Iibci> D. S.. rtr- If. AiUUcry 
iMi.ll*|araRu:nilU«iiij' Jmno^kii. a. AnlUcrr {rtCCIiiiiitlu, Coluad Juhu WbrUii, il-c. pi.j S Huuiu* 
■4*r. utM Ot«nil G(0, 0, r.f.p. Uiuul si-."-.- \^ ... . - i ■.,••.,:-.,■■ ''■■Iiinol Kilwnfil Fistwii, IL Artillor/ 
,6ar(«anllajorF»d. >-~rMiii»A.lua&i' '■ W C . \lfTt,\ llTu^iiwrt K'<i-J) 

»^ aVo<UeuRiil<li>tcra. r.I,|). BHttji :lGiijii,'oT,,r.V/. ('/«., K. EiiK. 


rttDDa laap. Gon- or lluwiiUJiU ArUiur, ill'. 

, CoOmmI Uonoe tiniln UoibIst SUO' i^n" 
. lUw Ocooml Jo^ R. F,f.ii. Sonl AnillDry 
, OD&Mt WanlMn O. Bfunl AUJT Cona 


. CUfanl wnUoa^ b.p. t< BUHHn 

rC«Dml tUmnl, i-I.p. Ilnnl AROlinjr 
' Ml A>(. Kobon, Utaml «^ Corpi 
yOilauJl Omtxil h-p. B*a]wlii» UmnTocnt 

Hf^OrtMlclCIiBt'liatltDryJawoIllriuiiilliuimirpt^bha. Iil.'jfnornl At" 

LllCotjV Hnio^rvE- !■&> Ht'ujmiifiU*! l>kL 

*Trftr?Tn'"k:jt. GcnerftlK<lwnnlJ^t<iT/opJ, Ucdroribikirv S^^gU 
•;\<ithia. Lt.C.CHiiiiil K. C. H. L,-rd 
, i?i»T-lc«,('vlonril Wax, IIjiu. nrt, i>iiy K, Bajfinoon (OMJ) 
i.:hiikp,rAU<tn. Air A., QCKV.l'lK. nrl. nu Bay*! KnjE. 
. ... ... - ClArt*. Stojorni'imriil C:liiirl« Mnnilldd. 

wfcCMwil A>(. Kobon. Utaml £*^ Uorpi Clarlcn, Gmmil <;»or|[<.' Cnlvi-it.n Hriipiaa Qciuil* 

^(MldCi Omtxi^ h-p. It— r*'"— UmnTQcnt innrk^ Mnjor (iriiKnil S, M. Wlsoman 

rkrk. Uiijor <AT:riurul il-jilftcy. 
fa-f- t;li-f; .riilcmni Onmt^Uu^ ^niDcl^ h,i». j* PoiJt 
ijUibho. Iil.ijonornl Al"!; Mnjh. lotlrwl lun 
W.aiiaraeDai^ J<iMC&tj^a.rXp.&a«lAt1J3kcrD«j(bUl. (X.lbiid KctiaulJ. W. r t.p. ,t, Uuunra 
■Vli^^OtlMnl lUctanl. lloontilUff CiinM OoGuU, CoIomU Hmn, Ih'ti^.il Ht.O' Ciiriit 
jftjlWiWilniniTin >iCtm. I fri nriiitnlTnirrnnii'" '■■ •■■■'■"■■•^ l^ciniiii<^l.n>i.iii!<l Imi 

fkCMoui AtUiar, Biaml Sma Cam 

r, CMWnl Reti«n J. fluxu Ssjciiueot 
nlJobn. rn. par KihbI KnctiiMn (Cn^; 

k.OtkMl Ricbnnl K«rr, V.p. Blxk Walcb 

CMonal Bsnrj. nL t*J &«itli SiofCwdaliirc Bar(l. 

h Snxvui MHlnr Jolia Hbut. MD. titiml ptij 

■•.LUkatnt V irUUwn. A'Cifff. tMInd 11*1 
Bnaougk, Col. HumoiI U. Ii.p, MlddlMti K*)|t. 
■(.MMnlUflDry lUntir. ■» I«nr»ft 
tltllMlil Oeonn. r,r.[i Rojal KnxiDccn 
•;IMaratBcn>rElni7, r.f.p, Bombay SUIT Cini* 
>»b,U.Oa>inil Ar Itobvt, dcUl). IL Xnil'-aiy 

^Cbhnui AtUiar, Bmml SMT Cars* 'irv Kitmn-I. Ci^Nkllci'GDiLrdi 

l^nMr.SMWni Reti«nJ. Suhu Ssjciiueot iriiu U. T„ iVijil MiHtiui 

. *... > k . .. _..._■. »*._._ j, 1 ■I'li.iny ChwTlll*i, r*lt, prtjr ILKllff' 

i^jrii"' ii-r, Buiinl Siitr Corpt 

coi. ' ri'ioplD, Uvlrwsuirnirpa 

Oil. 11....: ..lUi. Vivlso. r.f.p. Ri>r«l ArUllBiy 

A';fji. i.t,i«.Tii/nii J.ihii n'm.trUmilpJiy 
|r."^.<.^rc«^-Uibonie. Lt OciicFAl(.'liiifr»0..rctLrDdUjLt 
ClBiilDck. Ll.OfHM»l HiiiiiT Ht". Clta . niiinirl liil, 

l.^mw, ColonsI Jolis I'rwileilok, H . Murine .iiUDpry 
rroftuD. C«pl*iu El. Hen, Mr WiilWt P. (Ct> | !..p. B.Afk 

I Uuor Ankgr Johrt. t jrn. Riu-sl ArUUcty (Ou') I'limUrlaiMl, Mfil.ti*". <.'ii»iD> Kii<r.inl Ti>t nay K. Gas. 

■>i,0«wnU Ub>Tea WB-V-rKfrcilItiiL |L''irrlon,Gciiei»i tauuloi. Bom-ulBlliOCorp*! 

tOroml &.r J. J. Kt'ilO. DuTkitui I-iuU iTifnuU) (?urrie. Sunroon QDTinnltl.imwI.UZJ. 

r U BQaii<ffml.,n, W. vrnlri Ifrml.J IMnp. lT»p. Otn. arilMpiMli ilictianl. AT/), half pa? 

^^anffalSh-ScrmoBi Jubn.A.'fl. n[<r(\i li» Duatcir Mn^.n' .'.niirfiii i'. F. Torrcui 

^^^El\J^intr1 UuBry II. n. UP, \i.y- Cnt,. Qila. Oiiul>. : , rvtinl Iwl 

^^^^Hffuenl <th»rtv« llkm*. r.f.p. t[. ATliUvry Huti.i 

PHHBtBcrkI l^iuuBi' KreOcrtok.iriiriMMUt. I'livlfi. ; .. .i.u 

^fMiHiM Wh n. h T* Vjt*«ii«>i,..r..ii H*..i Piiwb.ii». UHjui iieimjAiJ t'rEiuctB. 2dftdnM Slftff Corp« 

l>iii;nnhur. I.V/louvl )fy. Artmnn, li.ii. RifClmflDUtl Ditirict 
licln'n*tc. MiijoritrncTiillK'i.fytiiMrvv.nt.puRcftl.Dlit. 

Pa Roiiiy, Dap. t»aK. OBn. A. Ct C. ratind Bonnl AtiDy 
/>« i^JfJf jiA4«y. i.;oUiiupl Ofargr, lai«af loojpoot (CMI^ 
DotboroQiib. UiiuorGoliomrjohn.T.r.p. ttaynl ArtUuny 
De WIoWd, CiiloDtl «Lr F. w. scua. Ii.p. a. Anuiw; 
Dc"lir>on,n<in»nil J)Bti'II<«uu, UoukkI InlMiln 
, Doiiiiol&,Dcp.Buni.G<a.Juii[iU'ti«al*,JUZ>.i<>dfwGAab 
norui. Liiiol (ivnnnil Jolm. Bniiml etlBjrOtirpt 
Dotn'T-. Unjor i.ini.orul /(■■■, Jmdh <' 
lloKkcr, Maioi OencriLl IIokhrI ('., MudrH SMlTCqrpi 

[aMk.C>>laDiil Vrih«M<fn»l„p, H. vr»1[-i HimlJ 
^al Ar Scrmoar Jubn.A.rff rELTC'nJ liic 
, l\J^intr1 Hunry H. H. UP, li.ii Gkm. Gili. 
Meni <th»rtv« llkm*. r.f p. t[. ATliUvry 

urki SuBiBi: KrwlcrlPk.irlircsl lUt. 

'maWI Wel Dituli. b^ NuRliiiui[>C<ui StKi. 
WW, OdIdii*! (iiwnr' "■■- ^!?' '^■'tillun 
iW|, OshBitl Utm. ItTiln K. V. U)ltlrt. OoirJt 
llt.lWa.fliif«. a<B. J. liU«o.lLp.8«iUFiu. Oili. 
U, !!«!«* ilvaBnri Joba iama*, r.f.p, IteBKal S.C. 
MKUGonorsI loitaca hiia, r.f.p. R. naKiniitn 
, Ibitr OMurral Roli«i. r f p. Ilonl UvrtDH 
', LkBt. OaiHial Uanry. Roral AiVUttr 
~ J«raiB)aI>. U(a BaamlAnBy 

1 Ktmid WillUun, mtn>) iwy 
I WItlooRliliy Lite, late Bomlny H. 0. 
. _u]M llfucy. BuiBVDlal Diuncl. 

Mr Junw. A'CA/. DayKl KoKl&Dar* 

». fltral Bir Jamw f. U. r.f.p. UoyaVEneUinn 
itov.CahiMl Wm. Tcuy .h.p. i DncaaaGitanU 
Ms.Uajor Udd. H. J., .-'i- VY IV M.i T. emff 
B(n, Caoat*! JobD i<. I>*[tii-()i(re IlArt. In Y.) 
BH. lUv Oaaeml A.C. r.f. [•. Arg] U aod 8 itlior. 

tttl U'ar.fjr 1« Qart. t.f.p. ButbI Arullsry 
>brtt. Zuve Iiupcctor UtDcial Kornl tibh 

I : . C 1 Bo. ScMtlih aifliM 
{^..u.;r...l K. B. nknuretkabita LL bit. 

LOecanl llan'T X. BoktH «■' Oorpa 
ukhU-Onaam ^radarlik ITiUUhii 
E!1SMMmlPowkV.rMMilM ^ 
■hCMOMl Ibarr AnnNM, h.p.9 [d 
l»a>d WmiaM. ■«K tmw ta l DaUiU. 
, Umrral BM-tn. R«yal KniBtry 


Djhuui. Do(>ui* Oupiirai..*!)- (i»n»nil Arlbur Wm- h-p. 
Ornltr. Mnj"! I'nnrr^t .ti>)i» M. Cncpay Hoyal £Mt. 
Diw, Major OvncFal Vronoli Barry. MUad paj 
I>rj'»iiu]u. Lt.GcEmmlWUUruii. 1^ Ui^aiara 
I)nl-|i>i.M>iiir!:<ii<^ICIiarlc«Tayllrr,rottTa(lU(t (CMI> 
DumiKl. Mnjcr Kilicaril LaK, BoaBal Malf Oorpi 
r. Kamir, Iit.OeTicrftl thibsrt Jolm, roUred llat 
u.r. Kail, i;iiliinnl i;iirll JamiMi. h.p. u Pout 
Kllw-|^r^^o^ Maj.(i4n. »l»nlii>- ile>lntn*.Boinh<iyI'ifaD(»y 
EdmrtIi.I>lCclono1,!<ir II, 81. i W. BUIIna YMDaory 
Eilmnlii, Uajur Gaueral Januo Baran. B. Banliisan 
Skin, Kurjiaoii Uanaral Jaaw. JO, . rotind pay 
XIaDr,Hajaracii«B>lVail'iniIlai1a(WiD..T*L pay U. Art. 
eiltlrkirtaa, U.Oonsral John Heary F«nl 
p.tA illM, CvluQBl WiDlam KiitBiiai, h p. |S F. 
Killot, UalorOmin*! AltaMdEC lamu )UlAl,T«.\Wk 
Elliol. SuripoQ Qanerai tUok. OqKii. WI VKI 

Mont Hoiioaralili Onler of the Bath. 


Ci>!iriHioN»— M»(jn«fi*. iHennawy, Oolonol Georga Rolnrtmr, Bensal Blolt Curp* 

Blrahint, Lt.GenemlCliKrleR,9.BiBlTnrilaliireBcfIt. (jSF.lillanTilD^, Lt. General Bburlook. rot. pur 

Elringlon, General Frml. ltL?bf rt, rclireii lii*t 

KIton, Colonal Frodorick 0, ti p. UovnL Artillcrr 

Xctltgh, i:olouel Frid. C. (Into ioF.)]Bt8 Assist. Com, Gou. 

Bwart.Lt.GenemlCharleABrielHine. Roynl Engineers 

Fan-ell, D^pnly Suri^con Cicnerat Georve, Ben}^! Eatttb- 

ntrren, Qeaoral RIctuirdT., N, Laucaflbire Kcfl- 

Farrineton, Colonel Kalroln^ ChivrleB. h.ji. Turk Lt. lor. 

Fsilding, I.iFut.Getionil//Dii.Ferc,rltol). ilaail 

Farryman.Gciicriil An;;. U-. Iriali KoJiilicTa 

Fielcl^ General Jcjha. Bombay Inriintry 

Fisher, Ll.ColineL Gcnrge, Lato oC bombar Infnntry 

FitiGOTBia, C'olonol Cbnrlos JoLn, Ms'lraa Staff Cnrpn 

FitiHuHb, Major Ren. Alfred, r.f.p, Boneol RtalTCoruB 

Fleminir. rrincipal Vetoiinary Surnerm Gnurgo ICieil) 

Flood, Major General FreJ. Riohanl Solly 

ForrOBl, OenemlWiR. (niarlcH. ii ITuneara 

Fonter, 7/on. Col. Sir T. O. Bl. 5 lin. Irish fat. (Cipi'! 

Foslcr. Genontt CharlcH ,lubn, 16 Jjiueere 

Franklin, ^lajorGeuorAlL'harlca Tfi^iico. r.f.p. R, AtL 

Fraaor, Genera] Alcxnnclcr, Royal EnameerB {Vioil} 

BiC Prasur. Ll.Goneral CbarloB Crauford. 3 liuwara 

Franor, General lion. Uav'ul irDnmill, ret. iiay R, Art. 

Fraecr, Surgeon General John, >IV. 

FrematiLle, Miticir General Artbur Ji^mea Ljon- 

Freuuuitle, C^jluuol Fililtiy W., UneirncnUil Diatrict. 

French. Mfljor GonemI William, r.f.p. Royal Arlillery 

Fryer, l^loiiel John, h.Pp Ke^imcntal Dlfllrict 

Farae. Cijlonel Geiinje ATmnn^l, b.p. 43 P\Ait 

Fyora, T^.liencrjil U'illiinn AnhiL^'tus, retircl li*t 

Gape,LL.Genc™l J/c-M. Kdirnnl Tlioninfl, rot. par H. Art 

GaitakeU, M^ijijr General Freii, lalo of Royal Artillery 

Gallownj;, L'olunel .lunies. Bomliav SWfT iViriiB 

Gardiner, Ueneral Upnry l.ynediich, R. Arlillery (Picrl) 

GaBOOiRne, liononil Juo. Hankina. late Royal llarlnea 

Gatacre, CelunolJobn, Romimy SLnlTCorpA 

Geraril, Colonel MunuijiueGllbtrl. Uenpnil StaiTCarpB 

Gib, M4j<^t <Yenr^m] Win. AntUoDT, Madran Staff Conn 

Gibbon, Lt.Gonenil Jnmca ttoliert. r.f.p. Royal Anillary 

Qilljcrt, Mnjor General I'bilip R. V, rot, pay 

Gildoa. U^or Gen. l^enrRe Fredoriek, ret. pay Scots FuB, 

Gilleaule, Major Gpncrnl Boliert Rollo 

Glrn, J.t.Gencral aichsrd TlinmaB, C^fl). retireil lint 

Goldamitb. Mnj.Gon. Sir P. J. fCSf. Madnw 8. t' (fici/i 

p.i.fl.GfJOdeTioimh, Major Gi-n. Wm. llowley. Royal Art. 

Gooiifellow. Lt.Gcnoral William Weal. Royal Eua, 

GoodwjTL. Ueiienil J. B, Wclsli Roit, (41 F.) 

GonloD. ifajor Genenl Benjarobi Lnmriclen, R. Artillaiy 

Gordon, Qnrifcoii<ieneTal CnnB. A]ox.,.1fZ>. half pay 

Gijrdon. Lt.OeiLeral Chnrlea >;dw. I', retired list 

Gordon, Major General Charles Henry, r.f.p. DepitBatt. 

Gordon, Genenil John, lleiiRal Iiifaiilry 

Gordon, Major GonemI Jubii Jainert Himil. DenRol 9. C. 

Gordon, Mnj. neneral Tliomim Kilwnrd, CSl. UobkbI a. C 

p.i.f. Gosnel, Colonel Matthew W. E„ l)or*cl Uctn. 

Qratton, Genenil All/. C. L. /Tnl.- n/. EO. retired linl 

Giubam. Major Genernl Snnrnel Jame^, R. MnrinoB 

jjj.iT. Grant. Colonel llenrv Fane. 7 Dnii/oon Giinr^Ee 

GmnCLt.Coldiifl.Taa. Anc.l".'*/. luleofHeiiffHlS.C.iCic 

Grioa, Colonel Miileolm S. Into if Hondiny Staff Cori» , - . - ,- 

Qrecn, Miy.Cen. .lirV/.KH., A'f.V/.ll->mbay S. C. (t'rfiO|Lii"ibtoii, Colonel Arthur, li.ii. Coldftrcaiii (}niird> 

Grcou, Cofonfl Wiltiiim. R«<ffiruenrAl FJiatriet iLnno. Getienil John TheujihlluB, Ri'yal AitUlsry 

Greene, Colonel Dominick SiirsHold.r.f.ii. Hoval Artillery ljiiiRbti>n, Coloiml Arthur I'rcdurick, Mad™s a.O. 

Henry, Lt, General Cha^. StiIBrt. ret. p <y, Rnyml ArtiUvTJ 
Hervey, LtHenunil C, II, W,. Romlmy HiafflJ. (On"!) 
Heylanil. General AirredThnx. W. VorkBhlre Rrgt. (14F.) 
Hicka, I'ljlunel Thii. Wm. lato of Uombay Attillory 
HiKp^jnaon, Lt.GoiiaralWentwortbAloi. 
Hill, Major General B'licler Sale. Bencul InlkntTy 

ifii/, Col. a^-.w^j;*" Jo*»,rr]/G.,utcur5 w. i.R.WMD 

IlillUr, U. Colonel Orarar Sdir. . laU of 5 Lanccn (CMO 
HiUb. U.iji.r Geuoral Juhii. rot. pay Roynl Bnjflnoen 
Hiude. Doputy Surgeon General Georne Ijingford 
HoddinH, BriRndierGeneril Gcorxe Carr. Madru B,C 
KosK, Colonel Artam lleorKO. Bombay StaCf Corp* 
HUKK, Mi^ur General Geurj^ Forbes, Bombay 3.C. 
HocKa-i, Slajor Gon. Jnhn Wm. r.f.p. Bengal Staff Cotpa 
Holland, Mujpr General Henry Wm. lata BomlASjr Staff 
Holland, Lt.Colouel Trcreaon Jamoe, lataoC Bomb. B.C. 
Holt, Colonel Wm John. b.p. WoBt Surrey Rert. 
Hood. Lt. General John Cockhnm, Bsngml SWCr Coipa 
Hope, GcTiemI William, retired bit 
Uih]>tim, Colonel Kd^rard, Re^mental Dlstriet 
Hohte, Colonel Diion Kdvnird, Royal Arllllew, rtt pW 
Hone. General R. W. P. Karl, Leieesicrabire Regt. (17 F.) 
Ronk'tt, I.t.Gonoral Arthur, Uadras Slall'C.orpi 
Hucbea, Col, Emilias, CitG,, Army Service Curpi 
RiWbes, Miijor GeTieral Robert John, retin?d pay 63 Fool 
HnBhos. General William Temple r, Beniiol Staff Corli* 
Hume, i;olouel Henry, late of Grenjtdier GnardB 
Hant, ('olonel James Vers. Bengal Staff Corpa 
Hunter, Li.tMloi.el Freil Mereer, CSC , Bom. B. C. (CW> 
lIatcblni<oii. .Major General Geo. C.f /. late of Dcagal B.O. 
ln([ili>v. Major Ooiierol CharleB llciiry, ret. |i«y R. AlV 
Irvine, Uep. Cum. Gen. Matthew Bull, Vila, taairpaj 
Jaokeon, Urixade Surgeon Sir Robert William, rot. W 
^£ JoD, I}eputyluQpeetor Genera] Job. h.p. i Draffoml 
JeQreyB. General Kdm. It. Uanchester Itegt. (63 FT) 
JenkinH, Major General Fraa. Howell, r.f.p. Bannl B, & 
Jeph,40u, &fajur General StanbopsWm. r.f.p. 3 Foot 
Jcrvois,Lt.Gen.SiMV. F,D,OCJfO..ret,ii.ivR,Kog.(0W8 
Johnson, I:t.GenGral Allen Bayard, Bengal S. C. 
Johnson, Major General Alured Clarke, Royal ArtQIazT 
Johnntoue, Major General H. Camjibell, lata Hea^B.u 
Jones, ^[ajor General HoivaTd Sutton, R. Martnea 
Jonca, Commisaary Gen, Humphrey Stnnloy, haJTpu 
Jonea, Mii|orGenera[ Robert Oh^eii,ret.p.^y Et.Bng. (OmXt 
Jordan, Major General Joseph, ret. pay Regimental IHA 
Jul.van.Aaalul. Com. Gen. s!r V.G-.KCMG, h.p. {CIM) 
Kaye, Lt-General Kdwar<l, r.f.p. Roynl Artillery 
Kenne, Lt.Genora! iTou. Haesey Fano.r.f.p. R. EnsinMn 
Keen, Colonel Frederick John, Bengal staff Corpft 
Kennedy. Major General Tliomos Gilbert, Bengal Staff C. 
Kerr. Colonel I^oril Ralph Brury, h.p. ic Hnssara 
Kevser, Colonel Frederick C. h.p. Royal Fnsiliera 
K-«a"'l'. Lt.Coloncl Hul. .V. P. late Scot! FumIibt Gdl. 
Kinsley, Colonel Wm. H. B., ReaimentBl District 
I'.tx. Kn.oivle", C^»l, Clias. B. b.p. llnm]isbire Regt. [67 W 
]K^n.\, Colonel George William, Rei;imoittn] Diatrlot 
{Knox, General Thomas Edmond, Hnmnshiro RcEiment 
f) ■ I,aMn,:,Adi,Fr. LlCol-mcl Z)o«j/™ ir. P., lato h.p. (CWI) 
La-mli/Tt, Mnjnr General Willuim, re'ircil pay SB Foot 

Greouc, Colonel Godftei- T, , l!il« neiiiral Army (Oeili 
Gregorio, Col Charles Frederick, b.p, ReL^imentnl Hist. 
p.:e. Grovo, Colonel Coleridge, Knot Yorlwhii-e Regt. 
Gnbbina, I.t.l^eneral James, retired lii^t 
Gumnefs, Colonel C. \V. N., b.p. E^Mf.nli Highbinder! 
ra Gnise, J.i.Geoernl Jolm Clirii'f ppher, h.p. vo Foot 
Sagart. I,t. Colon el .fn~™ JrCua'. hileofj llusMini 
Hamilton, (leneml Chorles. hue lirninii Tnfanlry 
BamiUoii, C^.loiicl .Sir CA.ii, Johi J.. III. ]al« Scota Gds, 
Hamilton, Major Genernl I'm nciy Fisher 
Hamillnn, (ienenil lleiii-j*. retin'il liat 
Hamilton, i.l.Geiicral Henry .Meiidr. rolireil Hat 

I'.r.r. Lnrt, Mninr General Francie T. A, TeL imy 
;ijiw,-renee, Lt. General R. C.Bengo] StflffCoriis (Orif) 
iLaye, Gi'Ticral Joseph Henry, North llln^lerblud Fnalllan 
iJ.eiieb, Colonel Edmund, h.p. West Kent Ue^imcnt 
\ytt Leacb, Colonel Edward Pemriert'tn, Ro.vnl En^inaan 
|yir Lcct. ilajrir GonemI Wm. Knox, retired li^t 
l.ofn>y, (ien, Si> Jnhii Hen, AC.If S. R. Art. ret. pay {CUSi 
iLeitli, Gcncml RolK'rt Willinm fi, H'orcoaler»hire Real. 
ILeMesnrier.Colouel Andrew Air,, rel, pay LiycrpoolEugt. 
Le Mesur^ur, Colonel Cecil Brooke, R lyal Artiltory 
J'lC Lennox. Lt. Geneml IVilbmhn ji Oatcs, R. EnginMn 
Limood, Mnjor Geneml Da "id, r.r,p, Boval Xngineo* 

Hommill, Miii.lii.n, HenKil, ret-, pay Cameron [lighlnnderH Lithgow, neput,i' Surgeon Genunil Stewart A. lfi>. DSO. 
Hammonil, Col' iifl Frejleriek. Henvnil Suiir Corps ILlovd, ('olonel Fmnoia Thorajis, Uoytil Artillery 

Hand, Colonel John K,i-d(iey, b,p, ReitiniLmtnl lii-lrict |[.och, Lt. Gi'iioml li'ra. Adnm Kllis, llonilmy 3, C. 
Hanhin. Major Cenernl George 1',, Bciigal Staff Corps Lockhart, Major Gcuornl Grame Alei, 78 Foot 
Harily, LcGvueral Wiliiorn, retireil pay ij^ognn, Lt, General Robert A, reiircl list 

airtfjr. Colonel .SVr ,A^™VH »',», A'CJTH. lato iW.r.UcBtLon/Deld, General John. Liverpool Regt, (a P.) 
HarnOBB, Colonel Arthur, h.p, R, Artillery. Longmore. Surgeon General Sir Thomas, half pay 

Harris, Colonel Ibiiip II, F., Bengal Staff Corpa l>iw, lienrral Alemnder, 1 Husanrs 

£>,c. Unrrisnn, Mnjor Geneml Hiebanl, CilH. iLowder. General Samuel N, late Royal Marina* 

aasard. MnJorGen.Fairrm <^lina. r,f.p, Roval Engiucere ijowry, Lt Genernl Roliert William, retireil list 

HaaBard, Deputy Hiirgcon Genernl Honr^' BolEon 
Hawkes, Colonel Henry I'hiiip. .Madma Stair Corps 
GaVh-kins. Mnjor General Alex. Cieaar, r,f,p. Royal Art. 
Hawloy, Lt.Gencnil Ilolwit Heaiifoy, retired pay 
Jni^, Colonel .JI"no,ffrS./j'i(*, Into of 03 Foot 

Lunnl, T.t.General RLchar*! <leorge AmberaL 

Lucao, Lt.iionoml Alfred William, Uomluiy EtaffCoTpa 

Luck, Colonel lioorgo, 1i,p- 15 HusaarB 

L uck bard t. Colonel Wilhelm. Ronibiy Staff Corn 

. ..-, .- .,, Luinsiltu. U.Gen. a>H. 11, A'CS/; laic Bengal B.C. (Ocil) 

Hay. Mitjor General .lobn I'.. ret payGonlou Higlilaiulerij£>i<tiayf"u, Lt.Colnne] FniMit.\aio Bcota FuBilicrGdI. 
Hay, Mnjor (ioiieral lloherl John, It iviil Artillery Lyorn, M^or General Tliomaa Casey 

Haytor. Colonel Cliarlea. Ma<Irna SCatf Corps jIIiTLyHlar, Major General llnny Hammon. Beiig^ B.O. 

IlaaUicaiB, VoloBCI I'liHrien 'J'homns, Bomliay R.I3. fM'CnWjiil. Colonel Hugh, » Dragoon GuanlB 

aenilerean. uulciicl Ki-im'^sitirsgn, h.ji. King'* R. Rifles M'Diwell, liepnty Kiirgoon General EdmnaaGreewoM 
■uiaii/nr, Bargvan GeucnilJuhn, retireil piy Jl'Mahou,(ieuewVSir1hQi.^,BaTt,it»ia,eoon Qnaids 

JIforf HoiwurahU OrAer cf the Bcilh. 


.1. I.ii Al'i ■.' 

iPhilipi, <-o]oi)rl Jowi'L. I|.:i>nl JlarliiMi 

I p'liloncl VVth, llEjh^hL40iJ^ rot, ^lay IL VnnEil* 
15*. {.''jlisn'l [ti'L'iEiik^^ Culditi'<«iu rinariJs 

■'■^1,6 F,l 

': ..T.n.lS.Cl 


■ilACalaoalViTiiia l>diiuH.n;(. r .. 
1. Unload Rdwmrd UaoaU. h p- )l.i>>.l i:iiKUitii* 
IBOD. Itiior 0«D. JctiB H. P.. f.r.r. JiamlKiy S.C. 
.U.Cal(aail8jd>i>laK.F.r.|>. «4 Futii 
MB,lI^ac<Wa«iiil <:>a. Ibaniv.f.r.)!. Ruj'al An. 
I, Miijiir UtaKnl OcM, rn. pur tv lluHnn 
tlai«« GoMnl Wq. Unify' rr.p. Btnnl lUrlsc* 
. Baai, Ibm. Cbo. uT Ituipiiab, balfu** 
1. UOotcul r. C, tug Bcml Army (6t<n 
I. P «fi jr Snni«gn Cisnctsl ]*ni7 Alles, ir£. 
Ootonel Cluiaih. Oanfi*] Cbvk}m 
kbv U-Col. BtmOiM, bOJetlL RnvIaMn (OM) 
tav. Cm. OuHKlMi HaKk. JUD- 

luMf O ftri l wminD oodftw DuiA«iu 

' ~- 'J»wf4>(W*iMK.,tal««rK.ARingrj' 

Pn;l[t;cihn. I.l llrlinml lllrlilinl ilillkffi 

Ptmh'vril. ^TjbJ <itn. l.i'irlUiii l>oiiJlnii. Itfpynl Kn;mM»T* 
f'rcjliNCrvi', CuJijii!.'! ^[r)»lAvur. VSI. ii\at\i\\t *s"j:T "/tiri"* 
PjTU. ilnjur liuiiwrni I'r«iIiTniik tli-inrn, g-t-v- tC. Muriiit* 
&UUIC<'<, liniLr^-nr .hiEniA .^Tiu. ILijIjm. Tbn tlriTI^ 1 ii I^OQt) ' 
lUil, Li.t'oloijcl ArtlHir JuIjh. r <.y. Ru.vnl Ail'lljrj 
HaUtou, Cu}uiiuL WilLiiim Huurv, Kf LcimcEiUil Djsliici^ 
R*m«.?, \X-Umi. llmi.n.'ll. A'l'il fi-HHul .■*-■'■ i<^'<»l) 
f(.nn[fv1f, ColfhTioT J'llin K^nrv, TT'l pfiV*', nwl 'l\ SEaIT 
^^i-lileifh.CtjIijuol SirCijlHi»n,n.trt .« Hfiii.Wnl, Illw.R. 

Ail. lO.irmriill iinO r>('HTn IIiult* Art MililJ>^ (C-i'irj 
UAitrtty, l.r.sinTi.iml .Idimivi rimk. rfltiftil iift 
lUTriiLill. ilftjui tnc^iiT*! iliUJitfTnr.jmv ll^iyrtl Kn^iii>cr«^ 
I'C [t«ulfl. Surt,t'im U^uariil Hci'LMt Tnj'loJ'. rol, (laj 
R«*db. atirifritri i;tiiipml jrjlii» Uj '"ulr. 
EUiilunoiwl. l^r.Xipn.Jrr^D I'nlrLtik [4LLtlL)n, I'lm RutfJi (] P.> 
llocil, Ci>1<iuL'I CUu. Juim, 1 Bli/. N. I>iv, U. All. 
EM«i»,Cutou«l II. B. K. Aimy Bi'rvifU Ciiipt 

ttlob. I.t-tieninl Osuruc V,'. T. jvilrciL tint 

KiChiinlBUEl, UJIJrjrOllEU JrJ»I^Y)h V, tato r?f SoQtfal G.C. 

nf CnmWBLriLIjrbi Infumrv 
#Mi»aA ;t&l]ar IM/Anr. Into .if '/i Foal (f'v.'l) 
RiilUgll, l£itlurC«D*nil l'hnili-> In-. II. r.f.)' H. AniOias 
Ill>lK4<nF.CDliyD«] Ar J. W. A'c-,v/. I<i>n^l lufinlry 
BiJW'tni-. Colons! JumttFrrtr. lolc 'if MlUlAJy 'ITiun 


ii.»p. (toiiinMo. t'lil'jurl fhiu.Wiilkiq'. b.p. Ili'ln lirliptilo 

trtd. ltMhu4, 807*1 Ka^tnecn 
Otoaral ThomMi rttirtd luc 

Ataunder, ftlnlir It«RL (m F.] 
il llmty Itumili-^n. IIotiiI Anil'ny 

t^*4mtt JCf^^t, Eau uF >h4 Kuut ;ltobiD*jii. Ttayuly t'ouLrirllDr Hcnrv. r«Urtfl tlAt™. PBa!B,,CJf<).ifrtin.b,ii. etiiMOilnl Rr)l,m«uii, iVilomil «., J. M. Bn. Iriiii ajn«(CitU) 

ft'ililaiim, Jli^Jrir UviirrsI U'tilli^liryO.W.. U.ituil T. SUIT 

I^iV. brjvulo .■^lirt^T^nii ,<tmEln] hliick, MB. 

Knsnr*. Culoncl Hntiott ii-jT-\on. Bflngul Stair Oon* 

i.CtuDnl W r. D.. CCU'f. iM. tl*c 

orOBittsl OK/tf Mumy, ittintl piiy 
1*4 Unfavn J«iiw*,On!aai]ti« Sli^r* Uupt. 
, liUmiml GvorcD IttTan. niilreil lt*t 
UCohc' 1 T.Jr;.- Cwbit, uis ct.^t Foot 

iiCMk- > iIIIkib, It. Boglssfri 

I'. U.-i 'ViL Bd>'..HtTniI nor 

M^ An.-iur 1Viii>».Bdiq1M7 H-C 
Klmwl nana 0. riL p>y ArgjU u"! 
< ' H-ehlAii4Dn 
[■,»>r liCDtrnl Bvurj, CtB. Bontaj SMT Cvtia 
Uoiwl Ctntln T. J., t Bb. LiDaala RWC [(iall) 
■.Co^ibcl Alvi, ItnoH. b.p~ KoifDlk Reet. 
r 8iuin»ii Unnnl Cwde* Stei. Il*lt paj- 
r Uvcipnl tfwL Sarac* 
IKMai li««-mil JHIn** 
a Tliuiuna Kil^nikls. r I. p. r^ Fcnt 
lanmES OniuTnil Wra J'£'- bkir jHy 
U.7iavml Aur. tvilltaio, rrtliWlM 
tAOAieal Julu. r to. w Fast lOHri 
U-Awnil Jnlui tntu, BtUK*' euff C«Tp> 
IChwVi Ritwitrt, BanlAnlllio)' 
- a1J"l I l^iMtalHlKSI.lMIi* 

. A ^. rtUrMI lilt 


:. red Ike 11^1.^ Hhnii-. Mr> 

Moofil iaiDCB Mnuniiil. Iknipil tjuffCortii IM' 
«*l Fnd. AtaaliH. BoyJl USriM Arllllaiy 
kMalw(i«t).CIiuli>Bto>rd,nL|«]rK.An. ' 

TiC Rouen, lift ttitdiKi' C; II. H Ui.>uu«ar,h.|i.ltoS. DIM> 

ltf>rtrni^. ll^nr li'iTilcrrlclc. Unmliiir Btair ^jr]>a 

iti«. Ciii.-uoi Aii'i. c;("iiii.-, !(.?(] i:"! StairOnrp" 

[LjliIIj, C^jiijn]h,^ri I ,' I. ii'luUili. liAlf paj 

li/iwliinil. iii.tdnnl ti. .iiil l>l«riiii 

Vff- ltn"l(LTjil.. 1,1 1 I. 

RriMCiL, CiiTfji'tiil Lor-I Vk'^iLfjil. r' ^'-^trcnit, ivlircd lilK 
ailK";l!.l'ul™'J llnr.imi *llnTl, n 1, ]^«Dept. 
ItMP^A-TI. r,l (i.Tifrnl .5"' Wiriiiim, /Jf lo'^^rri*! lilt 
1^4^fli■.^pur^■, MiiJ'ir U.:fj. I'li'J OL'lEi^-iii*. r f. p fr-jt Foot, c;..ii-j„ r. J. w., ti.ji. ll",i"! Knvi"™™ 
Sitrikf^v, r.t Ci^nrTdil lttc^or<1 Ifli^nim, h p. IL KuffinMIV 

N*i[iilL-y, li'-nonil WiUiiLtji 
^Saji^t'iic. Iji.iriiiiE'tuI J->hn -'%>'iiiiiriip 
■fl»luriil*TT<, LJiijiriT-y ln*7» li-^ri. (i^f/r^-'. IfP. half ^lajr 
.Sut't, l.f 'ii.-Tjeinl Jouio* Rijlfprl ^. > I'rm^onn liiinrdfl 
SoLnw. t'lfj^.r:*'] llfiir.v, Ruvdl ElitfiTji'^'rt KSfl*^ 
St'iiut'iilnr. I i.itnTii; jrthn WillLiim, liEtnjbriT lu^EiU-y 
AphniEjInTir.ii'-Jki'rrKiwirao A*ip , ri?l,li"I, It, M. Anilliuy 
'*^lirti^*'f, ATiiini' (.".iMi. liryTTjiT t'lilNCiJ, rcl. piiV ILAn* 


Brnflt. !'■ 
,Sii. ■ 

■IB A»em J An, nillr(4 par 
lOT BohP- J<i^ Bany.laiaUadtM Xtiaj 
\tl—n Ji«'. laic 8^9 ijiD«n 
H Anbnr l*»»r, IlMj(itl5la8Coni* ,' - 

.^OaBTiil tlaio' WdliBCUn. r.f.p. «o Foot i-ii< 
rCau-Bmry Vixrflriae, i.r ti Brl^ilu Doiml'Xin'i n 
■I Woluad, l.l-V- Ra^al lUtlDtl I|34]U 


(■'riii]ri». < 'iii]inTi>'Kinji, biT- nf ^i 1 irtt 
, . , '.\ ' , II .. I r , - :i liiuirdh 


. ' :. .1 JUL 


,'■ [vliri'l plj' 
■ ■., r r i>. a. Art. 
M ..Inn KntOb. 
hi ^ lnn^K'i 'I r-tiiEi' HcuL (*i F.) 

i r'i'Hp 

iyRi:un.(. r.). reLllat 

!G«.i flii>Hin.h.|>. BoKliMiAal Dlilijcl 
_jl tfoi. ttecT). n«i{lmealal piiMict 
rlMnaralClMriM, r.rp. KatiI Ks^lntiB* 
IJiAaWaAmt, MdrhI HUirConia 
" ~ Maml OHid Vtm. J.t.y. Kajti ARIIta? Stciu) 
,.i OTl »r Out*. XMcbi. JTCirO. 
much rwnr, BiuunmalDinjic* 
Hi JKdUnf £. O., bu antf. OoaRb 
I Tbam* Iteofc*. ii laflotra 
aMorCvMnl ctfUAVllali SatOlt H..' tit- 
ay (tTfcl> 

<| Wrkahwa lM«li, h.e. £° RiCM 
■1 CbarW* RA^iani, iCmKiit tf.V. 
I t-dbn H«x><D. SallMl BtRV 
■mini) JSa«a*. Ran) RngliMm 
_ I JohaOcIiteB. r.f p. mijti AitUlny 
I fmncn. niur*4 )lil 



- r.-jy Kcurt- (> I). ™i- lla 
. r r.ii. royal ActiUuy 

rl'l.. VI Foot 

■ iWii l^tt 

I iiU 
■ kf.vii1 Kn^'ONW 

TiCI }lll IIHlll 1 

.eilillnir. »njr.T (hncnl Will tun 

;BlciCkTi<ll. (\il<iiii>l Chmln Honli»mIiMt, Rnctl. VM. 
SloUiunl.JU.- r-;. ,, - m' . ■• r.(.p.R,KDG.(n(<I> 

8tn(han, Oil' LlJCW InMJitry 

;Bi»et, (toHni. . '!<« 

fSHiart, OoEnn! J..iiri mmij), L)uiv.i'Lj« Beet. ^T.\ 
iSattin', Omeniin'miuaiOrtEOT, itt. tt* 1llniil1lB.rm«* 


Mott Honourable Order of the Satjt. 


GavTi?rioTrB — eonlbttttd. 
awaiao. Colons! Leopolil Tiiilor. CUO. BiSe Brfnide 
l^albot, Colonol Hon. Ronald A. J- b-p- t Life Gnarda 
Tanner, MbJot Gen. Bdnanl, ret, pay LItwtiooI Hflgt- 
Tntnm, CommiBBarj Gcnoral Henry.r.r.p. (Vint} 
Tajl^kr, lnM>. Genera! of HoHpit&le Jd!iii Roll. tiBlFpny 
Taylor, L'olonc! Rolwrt Lpms.!al«Ilom!wiy 8, U. (Cfcii) 
E«Tcp8ci«lo,JlRjorGen.S[r(;hria.C. .KCMO. R . Art. ( flen, ) 
Ye Thaolioray, Colonel Bdwartl Talbot, rsl. pay E. Bng. 
T!uiclcwe[l, Qeneral JoBOTih Edwin, rebired ItHt 
T!iacltTCcl1, llajoY Gen. ffm. de W. K.,rBl, pay Regt. Dist. 
TliomiLA, Lt.Oenora! John WcUwloy, retired liet 
TliomgoD, Uolonel GooPRfl, iut^ Bengal TlQcineera 
Thornton, Brig. Biirg. Jils. Howanl, MB. Er^ngnt BetAb. 
Tbynno, Colonel ItetifintLld Thomae, Grenadier Guards 
Tillnrd, Coloiiol John A rtliur, Roysl Artillery 
Tilly, Mujor Genorfll John, ret. poy Welah PuaiUerfl 
Toker, (Jnlone! Allistoii C. Bonpal Stuff Corps 
Tom])aon, Major General W. D. r.f.n. Leicestof Hefc!™6nt 
Tower, Lt. General Conyers, retired Jifat 
Townbend, Dep, Surg. Gon, Qtopben<X lato Bengal Army 
Tromeuhoore, Lt.GoneniU'lifla. Wm. r.f.p. it, Bnginecra 
Trevor, Lt. General William Cosmo, retired list 
Trotter, Lt.Colone! nenrj-, Hoynl Engineers [Cicit) 
Tmall, Major Genornl Robert UoU, rot. piiy 
Tnckor, Colonel Aubrey Hnrvey, rel. pay Itogtl. Biatriob 
Tucker, Gonorni Auchdiuty, Benyal Staff Corps 
Taekor, Colonel Charlea, Heginiental Dietriot 
Tncker. Colonel Iteury Bt. QeorKe, Denial Infantry 
Tnoker, Unjnr General H. T. Into of Bonjml Infantry 

;-t.e. TllUooh, ColOELel XiPx. Bruce, h.p.Wolfib Regiment 
*iilloh, itnjor GonerulJobn Stewart, r.r. p. Royal Artillerj' 
Tason, Major General Henry Brasnell, R, Mur. Artillery 
Twentyman, Colonel Aiicf. Chat-lei', Hegimontal District, 
p.'.e. Iwynam, Colonel 1'. A. A. h.p. RegimentAl Diet. 

TjnflQll, Major General Henry, r.fp, Bengal StJlff Corps 
Dppcrton, Colonel John, Bengal Staff Corps 
Urqnhrirl, .Major General Franoifl Grogor, r.f.p. i Foot 
Vandelour, Major Geti.JohnOmiBbj, 3uHsex Regt 
Van Etraubeuieo, t'olonol Turner, b, p. Hoy al Artillery 
ViaLla, Lt, General Goorp^e Courtney, retired list 
Wadf-DjI/oa, Colonel lliimlc/ Cool/, late of ii I'oo* 
Walcoit. Colonel Eilmnuil Scopoli, Bombay Infantry 
Walker, Major General l-'redorick IV, E, P. t'ltO, 
Walker, General Jamea Thomas, r.f.p. Eoyal Bnf[ineers 
TSK Walker, Lieut. General Mark 
Wallace, MaiO'Goneral Hill, r,t.p. Royal Artillery 


HeaK. — Tho Dean of IVoBtmiiiBter. 
Jiafk King of Arvu. — Admiral Han, GuorgS GrOy. 
SegUtmr and Sicrctar/.—^T Albert W. Wocds, CB. OaHtr. 
Qnthman Vtlitr.—G. C. llaiTiiigtan, Esq. CB. 

Wallinglon, Hon, CoL J.W,, t Bn. GlotteMtBI Bogl lOimli 

Waltor, Ganaral Jolm UoNoUl, ntired lin 

Walton, Col. Cliffiird Elliot, Army Berrice Corpi. 

Warden, General Robert, retired liet 

Warren, Major General Arthur Frederick 

Warren, Colonel Dawson B, Regimental Distriot 

Watt, CommiHHary General FitsJames Bdward, ni. IM7 

Way, Colonel Nowell Fltiapum, Royal UaHnea 

Wearo, Lt.Genoral Heniy Edwin, retired list 

fi.f.c. Webber, Major General Cluil. Bdm., r.f.p. B. Eng. 

WebBler, Colonel Arthur Goorne, retired pw lO Hnatn 

Welman, Major General Wm. H. D. B, rel. fall p«7 

Womyss, Colonel Henry Manley, Bengal Stftff CorH 

Ifrilmorlaxd, VdSoDc\ ^. ^,S,Sarliif^]llte(kMBt.BVMlit 

White, Lient.Goneral Robert, ?i ZTosssrs 

Whitehead, Hnjor General Ho I lert Children 

Wigram, Colonel Godfrey James, Coldstream Guikids 

Wilby, Lt.Genoral William, retired list 

Wilkmscn, M^or General Henry Clement 

Wilkinson, Major General Osbom, lata Bengal CanliJ 

WlllLama, Colonel Benjamin, Bengal 8tairCarpH 

Wdliums, Lt.General Edward Artbur,rel.payB. Artillnj 

Waiiara8,ColonelGoorge Walter, late Bengal Inf. (CwiO 

Williams, Major General William John, Royal ArtiUar 

WiUla, Lt.General Frederick Arthur 

Wills, Brigade Snrgeon Caleb Sberar 

WUUon, Colonel Mildmay Willson, Scots Qnaidl 

Wilson, Miuor General Francis E. E. rot. pay 

Wolssley, Colonel Q. B. h.p. Tork and Lano. B«gt. 

Wooil, Colonel Edward Alei. h.p. lo Hnssara 

WoDfi, Colonel Elliott, R jTJtl BnirinQera 

Wood, I.t.Oeneral Henry U. A. Bombay Staff Oorpa 

Wuodthorpe. Colonel Bobort Gossel, Boyal Rnglneen 

Woolfryes, Surg. Oen. John Andrew, HO. CJfS. Fetlpay 

Woraley, Colonel Henry R, B, Uengal StatTGorps 

Wray, LLGeneral Edward, r.rp. Royal Artillery 

Wri;jht, J,t,aiHieral Thomas, Bengal Staff Corn 

WrlL-bt, Colonel Wm, Frederick, ret, pay Old, St(H« DspL 

Yurbi'foit/jh, Colonel Ckarln Coote, late of ^f Foot 

p.t.c. Yates, Ll.Gcneral Henry Pool, i-et. pay H, AitUlOT 

Vorke, General John, 19 ilussara 

Young, Lt General George Samael. retired Uat 

Yoi^ug, Cotnmiji. Gcn.Wm.L.M,. b. p. Ordnance BtoreDopl. 

YonughuBbancl, I.t.Gen. Chas. Wright, r.f.p. R. Art. (Ktil) 

YounghosliQnd, General Rob. Romer, Bombay 8- C. 

Yule, Colonel licniy, late of Boyal Engineerm (CMl) 

0_§tcers noto holding Raiik in the Army of the Moet Exalted 
Order of tlie Star of India. 

KmtinTB GilMD CoimiRniis. IQCUI.] 
Field Marahal Uii Sai/iil Iligkirn ttuPritut of WalesJFiold lliirshul B. C, Lard Nnpicr of MoKdala, SOT, 

Xa.Ki: (ICll. Xr. OCita. acm. loHuesari t »r>val Enginco™ 

n« B",../ Jliukai- Ik/ I>r,t( of Edinburgh, KO. KT. ATP. 

GCilU. acm. A'C/I. Ilcn, Oolunel Royal ilartnes, 3 

Brig. i?cf)tti»h Div. U. Art. and 3 Bo. Black Watch 

npueiulSirXaville Bowles Chnmlierlnln.OCfi. Bengal Int 
Gcuenil Sir F, ■■, Kainca. OCB. CIK. Monster FnsUlei 
General Sir D. M, aiowiirt, Bl. <ICB. CIS. Bsngal B. 0. 
Colonel F. T. iltrquii of BulTcriu and Atb, OCB. Xt. 
OCiia. OCIE. 

Major Gi'iieral Jlit Soyal Hi-rHnrir iht DKtd AfCunuaught, 

iO. ST. KB. aCita. HCIE. Clt. RlAo UritadB 
Field Mil IIUBotol Hiikn/ft tht Dukt d/ Cambrjilge, 

sa. KP. oca. Ki: acjio. aciE. 

Ksionis Cou5HSDB>s. (AT.SJ".) 
Baring, Major Sir Kvelvn, acMO. JTOB. r/AMnte ItArt. IKcnncdy, General Sir Michael IT. BotbI Enirineeii 
Bradlbnl, Colon el .fir Kllm. It id ley Co I bourne, Madras B.C. [jumsden, T.t.Ooneml Sir Ilarry B, CB. late Bengal 8.0. 
Browne, Colonel Sir Janjo^. CB. Royal Engineers IMende, l.t.Genernl Sir Uiclianl J^ihn, CIE, Bongat B. Q 

VS Browne, General .^ir Saruuel Jn». KCB. Hongal 8. C. I'ellv, Lt.liencral Sir Lewlfl, KCB. nomliny Staff Corpa 
Borne. ('.,loiiel .Sir I liven Tudur, CIK. h.p. ™ Foot 1 Pollock, Major Gencml.^irFrfd, Richard, late Uongal B.C. 

CayeuBgh, Gcnerid Sir Onerir. llcngnl Staff Corps .I'll I'roliyn.Oeu. Sir UigUlon Mncnnghton.jTCJ. Bcn.Caf. 

Cotton, 1 ient'nd ,SV.- Arthur T. C. Uoval Kuginccrs iHuin'ay, l,t, General ICom. Sir llfury.CB. Bengal S. C. 

DaTiea, Colonel .Sir William George .'lien gal Staff Corps 'Ridgoway, Colonel Sir Joticph WcmI, CB, Bengal InfkntFJ 
FayriT. Kurj. Hentral Jfir Joaeph, IfP. late Bengal Arnii iRhmcII, General SicEdwanl L. Bombay Infantry 
Goldsmul. Mai. lieu. .'.Vi-Freiierie.lohn.rB.laUiMadr. S.C.'BL.Iobu, Colonel Sir Oilier Beaueliumpt^venlry, R.Kng. 
Gnwn, -Miijur lien, .fp'r Wm. Henry H. CB. Uomluiy 8. C. ' San deman. Colonel Sir Bnbert Groves, Bengal S. C. 
Johnstniio, Colonel Sic James, Hengal Indintry Wallace, Mnjor General Sir Roliort, luIoBomlmy BtoITC. 

Kcmliall, ilencriil .lir Arnold B. JTCB. Royal Artillery ' 


Anderson. T.l. General Wm. C, Boudiny Btaff Corps 
Bellew, Kurrteoii .Major llenn' Walter, Hongal Army 
Black, Msjor General Samuel, IlcTigal Stall' Corps 
Cb(Unl>erlaTn,(<cner;dl''ni^fonlT. Bengal SLnff Corps 

Kllii, Major Gonoral Artlinr Edward Augustus 
Ktlieridge, Major Gen. Alfred Thomas, late Bombay 8. C, 
[■'vtrbe. General Allien, Bengal fimlTCorpa 
QonloD, Major General Tltoiiias ElIw. CB- Bcngnl 3. 0. 

Chesnc>', Lt.Generul George T. CB- CIE. Itoyol BoginocrsiGrnut, Lt. Colon el James Aug. CB. late of BenifBl BtaffO, 

Oottou. .Major Goocml Frcil. C. late MudraaKnttinccra 
Onningham, Burgeon Gen. J. M. 1£D. late Bengal Estab. 
titumingbam,AInjor General Sir Alex. IC/S. lata Bengal 
Dickens, LCGeuoral Craven H, r f.p. Boyal Artillory 
IXakiaAtn, Lt.Ciil(iael Wm. Bombay Bt&ff CL>ri>e 
Btl/oo, £J.agiieniI Jii> itnnia. iCB. 
DaaBan. SInJnr Oeaersl Ha.m:j TaokBtl, Uadne Stall C. 

Otey, Lt.Col, LeoiKild John Herbert, Bengal BtaS'Coip*. 
Hare, Dep.Insp.Gen.ofUospitalsEdw- Into Den^^al Aimy 
Haicb, Lt. General GeorgBCllffD, Bengal SuUT Corps 
Henderson, Colonel Philip Durham, iLidraa CaTaliy 
Bopkinion, Lt.Qenaral Henry. Beoga! Staff Cmpa 
Hnntar, Lt.Colonst Frederick Uereer. CB. Ban)<n B, C. 

MoH Sxaititd Order o/ the Star 0/ India. 1 IS 

Ctimum»*—mttMmi. PmiLoroe. crouol ll™i*ii-ao. CB. MurtriM Stiff Conis 

HKaMtanLLOcMnlltklLH. B«M78MffCar|» lUuny, Ucuunl IJutirr. K, liiiucii«hirc Kcki. |6i F.) 

' ■ 'yhMj,ftit»a»l ar Wm. a. *- rca. Uminl Uflintr}' lt«M, Oo1on*l K'ltnnlCbwln^ Oambar S»fH:orT)* 

■■■■,aM.ftrBa.E.jrc&UiiK>1n(hitv lUKt, ItDDdoll, OgaGisl rmoM* tl4niliIow. R. Knomom 

Lbd L Odbial MttwAiil Bwnl KDRinctn Smltti, Culinti Clurlu Boin Kuui. Mmliu InlMiUy 

— .L*.UaMnlKrpciln8atffc,£CS. BfDnl3.a Siiiiripo.Li.iirTiin*! Jnhii lil.<'k. Cfl. rati nil Un 

,_ .. „ -■!^.5.■ttf.!«,!l£^,^ -■■- 

Uap. 0«u.of Rdifi. air Wm. VI>. A'Ctf. iMsMtiwhay, l.iOcDpml lliriiml. t.rii.Uef^l Ku|ttai«n 

Jmy Tliamior, Gctsnl .%r Huitt Kdir. Lamlor, H- Aitiibcy 

■ ■ ll w iM . ir j«)»(iwMW)aa8W»»lnuB.lijcBnn)oJSuffC.Twvi)r, Uiijaf OMpri.1 JolMaiM»BoplBiigtB»w» 
■■ I L— ic OHWMl CXglW J««o». aoi»l BiiifiPMra THintKi''>lR"i<> WiDwid. BiDitiiiauia'Corpi 
1| l i« i HM | wifHn l nl Itanm, llJ>-taiu etnaiiaTta VThmtDoM. r^lontl Willlxm Uunxr, Utafpi SmIT C. 

iMM^C^. JIra Os^itNa fcan^'Ciro. r^ i<. It. Kelt. Vrillouvlibr. ColbuFl 3iliobiii1 W«4lM, nonhajr U. C. 
■ a« gl wwf. Ow wi fcl OeaKB Baaual. BuikiiylufUUT. Ui'ylio, Ll t'uVincI Hciir;', Bvuuiil Inthnuj 
^nmj, Mi^ <lr»w»l Bobrtt, B»ng«l BtuffCorM jtfu«. MiJrn'iTiiiirlRa BliruLl. CifO.Baui^aj SMtTL'orpa. 

ft^ Ml. IiUlMiit J«m«* M. nomi bM 'x«iui|{huMirtn'l.MKIorUonr>nil J. WtltUm.^OBibarB.a 


Muo. _ 

«vW>w<V'U>Qi'4v...._^u., Sir Albert W. Wujili, Cff, H'trtrr. 

Qgitm* tuw hcUing Bank in lh« Army 0/ the Matt DUtinguiekoi 
Order of St. Michael and St. Oeorge. 

_ <<i4ir> limit iXD run tin rni-Kn-ii, Kfiout Omm ("•of. 

X liuK»t^ ai^\-rt lit Dtit t/ctmhii-iut; ra. Kr. ocn. i:p.ocsi. aciK. am.iiia>Uf,aTBts. a^. 

Kiimin, fin»o I'la.i. tacUCI.) 
fmVirtSttl m,tai»im^xim IXiPrimrr ^^tl€*. Kii. I'tn'Kr. l.i.Um. Or Anrtr*w, CiT. C/ pay tt. Kng. 
a.^cyi X-i- 'i'Sr. nt.-/i: luHwMn lliQBfriii i..d ivn.Culonel r. T. tf^W* y'. «CB,ir. 

vCa. <- laii.CuLltoTiil MaRoM, ) ltnci>l«rc Itnhnm, I.t Cixnnni Sir RsnM, JTCS. Rjiyil Rnet 

„•«■'"- I- •^jlln. IllM^WMok <ir»ni, FroM Maralul R' I- fJC», Uoml BotuiOaorJ*. 

Ki. . iHu Ua SttlfarTunuDiilil. Jor<»l>.Li.aon.SiVWBi. Prk. P . CO. rtc. fiar It-EuulnMn 

.» T. CB. RiauBniml. Niirmui. Sir liunr^ W. UCS. C/Ji. BCT.eil ■'WdOoq* 

■.■_,. ^-, - XVB.XCItl. CIH.Wtrn. Art iflmmoni. »r Jrihn [.. S..tiVB. Hujni tuxisiKtt 

■ilM>K t4.<iw»l i'v Uoton. fir, KotbI .tnmcrv Wnitvs. CuVrnol .<n- iLTIiHrtM, A'VJI. Hoykl SiiKtuMn 
''-r'lrr.-'wtnl r nnliii. TIT irviIuUiik itouL Wuiiiict.. ':''ut>uiii(ririuiJaMph rMniuf, <ics. C7.„ 
(*ntigM»,KpMan. a K.£ui(, jBn.Oifunl U. Inf. ^.>.:>. Vgt Wguil, Uuj»raancn!KrBoni; Kvob^Ui X^^ 

. Kiifinn L'o»ili»r««i. IKVMQ,) _ 

JbliW. IMor Ocnenl Ar InA. K. B. rf.p. R. Anillory UuoDaiiKkll. Osocnl Sir Patrlok t<fnn>Ttl. nV.t. B«||I> 
~~— a.IX.OiiDBmlSr VUlMn, CJI.mliHlllu y « ax«ll. «<«« Omw*! «' Jot ' ^^O*' 

OtBtnl Sir J. J. Cfl. Di^im LL Inf.fiot F.) 'ilAnn, Uilt<iO*noral&<- JiiKm r: ^iDMn 

--7, ^1^^ atr inUtrt, teu DnnUu^Id Mtiuiit,!. Colonel Sir Vkurtn K.U.. 11 

FCBsnvr, IUJaraen.Sr^».Mr»(dmniHaii7.X(-0.1UU<{lcU>».t,i.(:«i.BralSi>E-Foi. I',' ^' r i:r,.,lli»t 
(Vrlnxiuo, CtioBtiairP atnlh WiIm Aor<l«rti> (11 I'.) UtwtinlL, Li.I-.>l. .ftr t:hi». Btilluti llnt;b. r.r p. IE. ilrtniidt 
MhWi C«pMln Sr Jokn C. It. h-p. B. WkrSio Atiiik'ry JiTvtJ]', Unjur Sir Bi^ir* iluU'. Uir of K<i.\3l AniUi'TT 

^ — h Ibk''' Own) Sir ViSaai. nc pur R. KliK. O'Bni".. Lt,<"*oluiHil Sir JuUii TettuM Sler.ll, l«nof « F. 

nLCMunal Sir Fnucli U'lilur, CU. b.p. R~ Art, i'mnnn. .Hnjor <i*DiTiil Sir r'^ Kiiiitbi. Ctt. 
uwrtliHahrWMHnUSirtimraoSiiiunli, ITCS. itUHcb.<kiloiisl .V-r lu.1(«i Cr<>r«l, >rrff. li,ii.>] aau4n 

■■dq', UOta. fib-Edmrtf Bnin, fClT. B. Anlllcrv amUli. CoIiMuil «i- Ri-.burt Mui-doct), ri KnjtlncKr* 

•HtH,oaioMi»rjb«ffiir*. ox.Cnta ofi w. L nt«t. .imyUi.rHii.iure.u. i<Kibv, a<=>f<.tiiiaiir)iiu>d*r«(;iP.> 

tani^Onanil Sir Joha Et. Hnnl Botr-UPn ^nurtb, OniDrKl Ua: Sir LrinuiUi. SCO. 

MK,CttaMUi Kr atrtrm Jtim, CB. iUB at 1 W. I. Ilcul. SUnun, Oencisl S,f Rampl. <'JI. H<7al Knirioten 
taM BnxHD tlcEtml Sb- WClAs OSTir. J<i>, 1/P. Vg T^nMiilii. UiuVr (ion. A<-Ct>ri*.Chiu.rn. It. MiUltrr 
jae&a^ KmIw*] O^ikrlani ,Wnr<l. MnJnrGonirvl Kir Kdnnfl W. R-iyal KujcUicvn , 

Itea, i> If. Cool Oon. Bm>UM*0<wliahiI>l,CS,b.ii. ■u.i'. Wbiimoro. Uo1i>no1Hi-i.lp]rK<'9i™t>l'>'t. l'>t>(>F&>l'• 
Ufar^*■B«>«'>I^JohllH«W7.C>■R■AttiIIo^^,rtt>mMl>( Viliuu. Colouul Sir Cbarlc* Wed. ^f:ff. h.p. It. UniiiuMn 

CoMtiioni leVQ.) 
fcWii. IMm Jc»ia IlnrT, Uniouv rwlUor* (141 V.^ .KnM'Tf.Xi^i'thanitVntlmlt.ttUioteenUUtiBiOcm 
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Tl«i<it<. riiil I UertMnClwrlni. CJI. II. Hnirlnivn Unbmr, KMdT fariiiutflr Jufan, b-i> Amir I'oy t>i'l«t> 

M«OMkKM.UolMMlrTB.C<)nlncih7llB)u«ui. iL An .UunWi^*, UaJ«rln^Hir .IrUor, UM Boxil i:i.<ln<»r». 
Ut^ntm—in Ooors* flydoDlum, K. KBh-ninm ISiIaribiill, LLtlnianl Kndorlrk, ntlnA tut 

' " jUiirttD, l4.C'«lnnfl Kliduuil Bdw. R..» Dmgi; 

, — -, , ,,, ^, llIoikloJoliD. LvOolOTiel»rilliiuoHo(«,BooBiil ... 

Q^Mk, U.OcBcnl llatirt ll»v*.<^'. rtUnd li>t I Ueibneo, Cal. Soa. Pwi) n.CU.Itnaatt.ji.SBOtaantriti. 

AttK'WM4B. da A.db.iLii Untnwn iluinl>. iUnrtta, l4.C'«lnnfl Bliduuil Bdir. {{..tDrngofln* 

nmij I LJ I. ilmtar Omni Wtllum l^ll». nUxvd pir lueiklojotm. LvOolmol WiIIiud Uo(>ii, EKianl Inftiucry 

Q^Mk, U.OcBcnl llatirt ll»v*.<^'. rtUnd li>t I Ueibneo, Cal. Soa. Pwi) K. CJt. ((iob h.p, SoMa DooxlAl 

CanM, Oddu) Fnneii O, a. b-p. « DnrxiRi. Uiivht, Ootiin*) Cbarlia Jubn. b.p, Ibinl Kn||ui*ei« 

— ' ' ■ — - - . - lii»,n,l(BT«*<ni»iynrCb»rl»Wm.. W*. ll«ia»lB"«"l^ 

«hra.U(Wna»t1«*T«rlD)rarpu.>X]v Malta VfOD-An. 

Oira^ll^irUaoccsl W^or rnuli. »L pa; &. An. 

Oaln, L^t«^ BuBiMd, r J.p. Sural Ariillery . _ 

BIH, MMr Uarr (loum*. r.Cs. Itanl Mamaa >-«aoD«te, UbIot WUIlBai, Bont tDKluHn 

>ClMlMloBa,llUorU«).Ar ll.C.X'Ca. IC.I[n2ln»*in4l>crinn, Lira;. Vtmttopp J.. Hombaj SUIT Coitw 
•uZmmTb-Cbtaael WUUin, kp. WbM Bldbw BwL PuneDi, Oolonsl A.P.U-A^.. UalU Vancdhli Ark 

Parr. CalODd Hion HallBai, iLp. Ruiair*ac Ll luf. 
faton. OoUhuI Ouvn. li.p. Aimita WalM Uordsnn 

Mtan, uTdaiMnl Han^te) JmwIi. »tti«d IM Rlml, Majar AIu. T. 8. A . BaBsal flUlTOdtva 

Vnnr.lCWarUvnml JamaaKAi ftnlHrru. rolond t'liatliH Kyalia. lata of B. AtUt1#rr. 

f -■ niii-. ■'!' •"*• "'J-' KnolDMn IEi-.H.U.I}oMTivUniLi[. i;iikrl«*.r,(,p. B. (BHi<aUB<4t. 

TiMii. U.Cnlon«t (iaan|BAnlMir<fri»aRDraIAnil]«ry>aaLD, U.CoIaufil Uaulisn TunaOAfl.h.p. It. lbur'M*n 

M. Utiai OeBml Kanrin. Um Uatta VTomblot -VZ Hartortiu, Uuloaal Ilaaioalil Wm. Dnucal InOinlT; H 

<^, tit flantnti Hi<^ai%l TVimaa. CA. iHtrd lia( Aosu, IMod* Honhti rrwl BnurTirt, Jfl>. . _ , H 

«WdbCManallIaKbB(iLl(i.»B«iMn. «(a»ui. CUoobI OGarlCa Uirard, CU. C/ff. Bennl 0. C. ^ 

fi«EteiT, Brl«£i thUsMB Tal«<taa 8. VS. nL pajr Hiralo*^ Oetonol LoapoM Victor, CK. UMo BriitaJb 

IHR UriAintTAKhnr BaMnr, r.f.pL B. XastUMM rWar*. Mulor 0«i. fni. Ormtmt. lata » >l<uw* 

■«».U.(fal>JMlTDl>DUaoela>IMd.r.f.p.BaBlvil.O lWalk>^, s . :.l 1-. Vf. K.>. TA. ^ 

i^M iMiiiMii rnaiiiiriTii III W riiiiliiiiin 'Warrcn.' -.iund Acoiim Bdiic«ortb.b,p.K.*tt. V 

HHnie^ Jittrt Bimrj. 1MB Kml Kssmaar* WalHit. Mll r ll^hrlHUoora. HoyalRiiinBaBn ~I 

Bnaiat. «ji. Atot ScrvUa OafVa . «BOoti«p«,l:olon»l Andnir Ollbrnt. atoii W«e*, _ 
(MOMkl Uanhnr ML CS. bXf pkj !W«lcni. LcCalmioI Janca Bolifcx. U*a B. (Bm.) Snc. 

*5EaaSril»rl»««t. Bojal XaclaMn "^ WOTtlw.Bl.JUior B. J. w™t*«o Swan. ^n«*a ILB««a 

'^£. CkOqaal Wm. Cli»a^h:pr»Bpot Balialloo. hri«7, Lt.Owwral H«nfr. ««. W. Boyal BnciiMen 

'-^^~* Vcilift^Dsl Ho tMloHcrbcrt. Ko)'*' Kwrl'HMr* ITtM, Ua]M Chorlca Edasid, CS t. BomlMTtMLlI QWf» 

Wfti*».ro.4"T. ri'.oci. ucttr. acuo. i^ wni,«iri 

SO. KT. KP. aCSI. at'SlO. CB. BiAu »rin*Je. 

Order of the Indian Empire. 

QllSD (;{I>II»IDI<8 lOCIS.) 

PicM MKTThnl Mil Jbnl n^hMi f*> !)■*< 4f Ckm- 
t>iidKC. i:0. '^. oca. JCP. OCai. OCttO. tV-MWlrr 

<ic.w. aeuti. 

Ve KulHiu Oencnt Kr P K, W, aCff. R. ArUUsrj 
ICniiim CoHHiaDiiM iKClE.) 
nanniuKham. Miij-Gai>.ArA1>x.CK/'.liiU Dcntnil Amy iHimpBon, cluiirain (invrttl Sir fioojiunifl, Bcscal E(M*. 
Moors. &11TK00D Ornvnil JVtr W. J, Inu Udmbiiy Kiuib. I 

Oowiiriort. ICIS,] 
AitG)iiiiuii, flitriiiUiti UhJutJ. B. T. ITB. IlmnlEaul.. :i« tlrMUrinr, Calauvl AtiHuMiu. Kaial EivbiMta 

■■ ' — . . " . -, |,u'llo«r,li«)cnE.«., llKlnu fttsffCnrv" 

UlCkcuilcTliiip- UdB. or lloaf. »r W. JTCB. UD. 

fltmun, Ediii. GoDcrnl J. 1', UP Idle UobR&l ArmT 
»« B«ir«»rura, Hi,l.uCol. I<*^ w. L. Jo la Foer.B I*neor» 
Boi^Etlvy, Ciilonut JampA i'«v4u. MiiUnui lufuilTy 
malt, lJepDl.7SiirgK>nGen.O«orKV. JfA, Madrna EiUli 
lIuHt. Uijiir Wm. S. S.. Rnvnl Xnstnogn 
Banio,ColuuolMrOt»oTuilDr, £OS/.li.ii. kPuK 
Bd)M(i1. Uria. flnrg. K. Kloulsy, JUi>. Inia Miuliu BMmI). 
Olmaosr. LUOonenl OwmT. c*!/. CXT., H. KnglDKn 
OliDKb, Caloupl Thomna fen*. Undnu S.L'. 
eWciia.Lt.C.BL. Sir A'uhMw.acSla. CB. Til. KiiK. 
lT<>n«Tty'C.;pftttnij I^M^nlnnnt trfrmjn, K- {Tlfftisnili Knf, 
Coraiui, AuTfoon Otuprm] Wni, Robt Irxtr Kl^dnu Annj 
tM)M. Dep. Sarx. Ura, Alci. M':ir^(iii . licuin) B>tnu. 
Dilr. G*li*nJ air Hntiy [icmiuick. A'i'J), Iji>in!i>ir 9. 0. 
I'»r. Ilsimtif Unwumi t.«>(inil V. Inln Jdirlm* (hint), 
DcuQcliy, Unior General Thomac, r.f.p. Btiiifnl 8. C 
Duvvno. Lt.CuloiiuI aai(l> BloliBni, I'lirf. lo Hii»Mr4 
FitUvr. fiunpr^l Jt\ii% AttgMnXct*. r-f.n . fl/iynt RoffmMT* 
(iooiHrllow. Colnnci UcorEo lli'»u. llombnj ButaWtf* 
Gordon, Lt^GoEicrul Vf. Utai/al BInfT (^OTpt 
H«Siit». Gnimi.I Sirf.P.OCS.OCSI.MumUirVta.ttot V.i 
I1brI1R|{d, (innnnil //««. AVr A . K. ACII. Klnti'i ILRIIlOa 
UowIoctC I^Qpflty Sur£oi>ii Gcorml T. G. lloioWv Army 

Home, Cu^ouu] R/>lH]rt» RiiyuL KiigiTuiAn 
Impoj'. Oclonvl K. (1. Intt arniEnl Suir Coriia 
Juhnion. UniorDl S>r E<lnrm li. GCJi IL^ynl ArtillDi? 


Mnclvui. Colooiil Obiulgi Smilti, CB. BcbkbI Suffvo 
Hklsiwais. Unjor <iFni.>r>il W. (t. BnmliiLT SliUTOoril* 
UviiOi?. I.i Oousnl Sir Tt J A'r-«f. BniR>Ittu>irConn 
Monro, KniorUBocnil H. CB. Bouibiy 9UkKOert» m 

MDIr. OpIMIiUliarlui tViKnj^iu. Btiinl StAttQ^rpt U 
Xapior. Major TTga. H. <.', Ini" Kminii Innmlir I 

Mlaliel. LtOoloiicI Robert Vury. Iim»1 ^ulTCcnai ■ 
SrffmniuOta. Sir a.W.aCB.aCMO^UtfiSurOoT' 
Otcd, SarRiion Hi^ur <'laiti* WilliuD, CJIO. Bsac* 

lUilm. Major Fr&lvii.-li Dmufiiii. BiimbaJ HCkfl' Ctep* 

8to"uH. Colijnt) Cn«irM K. i'J<i» CU, lIooKal SUff a 
atvmLn.Oiiiicrnl »r UoDulilM StllCII. OCSl. B Iwn' *'C 
SwiMrl, Jt.liH, rutirod piy R??*' ArtUlf^. 
Tnlliot, Mnji^r A.lolliiin Coril. Biin^t SUIT C^OfV^ 
rcfiiiJiTil. Lf-Gcncrftl J^mn KT»nc.iM, r,f p, B- BD^aeaff 
'rboi»t»<iii. ii^rg, Mnj. Doiik'l KbbCFl, Uli. KtdnaBM' 
Wiituin, (1uu"r»l BcuilJiJie, BenMl Htkll Owp* 
Wojtl, ColoTipt H'mry l\mhI?i}i1iiio B- Boufr«] S- C^ 
Wcljuu.fulfupl Tlioirmn. MiictIM XlnirCotp* 
Wlllivtu. Mnjorflvmiml K. f. S- Rijsl RDsmtvni 
Wwlrjboui>* Dcitmiml irliiifi™. Bambir Sun Ootra 
Ifymo. Major n'ttimin U. ■'. BAnnl aialTCOtp* 

Rtvitir-ir «f It- iJfUr »> Albert W. Woo Js, (-'» 0-*rttr. 

Ojjicert iK.Hi haSilinij Rank in the Afmtj tif llis 

Distinguished Service Order. 

Aldirnrtli, CupUun Willian. BuUord ReitUueDi 
ADDWlty, Llnu. Wm, II. N,, WmI lt»nt H«itimeiit 
Barrett, CapUuu Airrd Llniij. Ilcntral HcnlF (Torin 
BurTDW, BcLLIii-ililuI-lCbu. T., HcOlLiall Blllcii 
Bayly, Copimn Altrril Wi.i, l.iuiburi, Bijuit>Hi « L'. 
nvunctt, Lt.V'rJoncl WLUlnTn. YorkKhlTO llruLnii'iit 
Borrow, OaptALT] FfQrlcrrict R. N.. Idiicobbife BjCvlfiiiDnt 
BntitxiB, Ointiun (.vtiriffl FiUhiirbvrr,>^orltaia|ibiiiiRo|rt- 
Buctgpn, CuloEiel WirUiim Thomha, RnyaE AKilif^ 

l,iihK"«. n«p. Supxtou Oon. BiewaM Aaron, CB, UB. 
LlnyiU 1". Uni'it llf-otsr Kmn. Vurkjililn LLlatkuItT 
l.uenni, (.'n|iu(n rr»l. John 1>nillry, k.p. Korlblk ItaCt. 
I.ylv. rkpliim Hiij/1] TiiomoA, VTolth FaMlier* 
iJ-UiKl.M.t.V.limul Ih^MiM Jg»ii« BLir, UaJnuOivalV 
Id-Solnoy. l.imii., Kiliviirrl V. llMiiy. Bauic*I Staff Cva* 
Uiickiuuou. gorifi.')!! Mnjor lly. Vm. Alex.. U*<l. StM 
>lamoit. bLMiiiuc BuKumM A.. It. Usr. AiiUlory 
Muwcll. ■.'aplAln Jiihn UranlbB. BhKk Watch 
Campbell, Ll Ciloiicl l-olln Cbarllw. Mailnu MalTCorpa Mlddlcton, Colonel rnncle llwkltird. r.r.p HadnaBa ( 
Catl:Ler, Bt-3Ei^ur TlioiunM Pluulrut, Hoj-iil Kutflneern 'UJUtu. Ch|iLiuri Utclmril Laiiis, Llnrpool ftpuiiaaafc 
Cnull'iilil, l.wut. AlcirDunU., Nntthui»l»rliiiict fuiullnr* M-innr. I1i.[.i,l'r>te^tiiil liimlun !..(.' .OaioeKinUlithlalu 
OhnnniT, Majoi Bomanl. liMiinil Miilti^rep" IMorio, Lioni, fmnk A1oinniirr,ti'n(wr»Dt L^htl " 

Coker, Golunel ELlniaudB.. Ii.p. Dia'bnEn Lljfbt InfUiilrv Uurmy. Colutivl KeaeLin Diabj, Iritli Kvtilian 
Ctirl*H,BaITOinM>iji3tKuU. ilu liiUuui, HI'. Jli-tl. aioil'i'r.ii.:ji,.:i..8ur;«Liii3ilB)arTIioiBii« W.lllam,l(e*l™ieiair 
0>u(ihinda, (lapialn i>oo. 11. llDUii^rhit» H.imtiiMii Lt. luT'l^nynn. rApu^ti lliohvril Lloyd, tfomcncl LL Infliatry 
Uoihtiul. Lieut. ThoTDU Laoi^bonic. It«jnl Arlillirr .Pib,>oit, BL.Miuor Cbnilc* nerksley. ii Uoaura 
Ci'ufiuu, Bi. Lt Ctrlc»uvl ilrjriiiiit S,, S- BiAlTorrl B,ci:iuioiii I'eit*ijii], UKvLaia Jeidco Edtrani, Undnu B£alTCon>* 

.. - _ . oiiirli. MiijDT Julia Owiii, Walih Rawinieut 

KsHlluioD. Major itpeoMr Rlohanl, Maaiaa SUIT ( 
Bli'Hlin. CajjUjii Biiuhlntt Berkihir* R«MluiU 
llniiuity, UkUijor Pr*d. WiUianu, 8eala1liiai4l 
Rote. Uajoi Unity Mctnlff, Bfogal BtalT Oorfa 
Buuitle. Bt.MafDi Hmay ILL., II. AnlUttr 
Ki. I.rtai. Coluiial a. a.; nt. pay camaran Bisbll 
SOilloii. Cnnii ■■■ It"'-- Imiii, Bumliay StairtofTH 
Scou. BI.I.i ' .,:ti» A>e< . Koyal XoclOMia 

ItnuilumiiK-, L ' • riiiUn. Bcola ViiMlura 

■<h.">'.'i-.| ' " > atwtiur, Icmnuwr Bayiawni 

itid" linrnjle 
r.irfim, llDyal Koainscn 

.--.,.. I I .,.!... I, ....1. 1 Imk. Boiubar KlalT Carj» 

isiicne, U« oi™i;irnpiit™»l'l>oiiraJ,8<nii,-«IIn*MiU7 
'SkiiuLsr. LLL'olr>iLOl .1. T.. Army 8*rtwr Carrv 
iamytU. (Curtain iJwfii aiuart. R<gral AnlllRy 
'"prugjn, I'uptaln Hull IU«i»d,Tarl( Ll^lit Inlkstry ' 
i^uobju, LIviil. IlniiT tirncat. Royal Anilliny 
HuiiiiK Uiijor Alfrad Joinn, Bengal Inlantrr 

Wluljlll, WjlllFim i;«fired, Hcngnl Bind CmpJi 
Onmiuliui Lt'kiLouol Jainet I'urnerr MuroalvtairCorjia 
Cvn, CMitalu Herberi iy|ieL GlouoDstor RegUnaia 
Daulicuuy, Oaptoin Kclwuil K., ». Maflbnl RMrtmaBt 
|.,.^,|.. I'.innel Willtiin tltniT. ret. pay Rlfla wlitMla 
I' . 'ji.Ufi]t7 I}i]B-,Dur}iamLli;hbIafamry 

' ' ..Jr I'<<AI4, UdTigal Blair Corpa 

)>'!•-. Ill >. uiil WilUnni I'ophun, Modraa ttUIT (Jorpa 

ttarrleii. Uusulu II. L, SdouIi. Dnbyahlrs Reglaiaat 
DoriiBnl, Ualor .Inliur It. F., Rdyal Batrlaeon 
Dfiirni-*, (.li^iit, Vfni. Krini. kloncal BtalTCurjM 
Iiim, f '-iigiM II E.lvraiil n'tllinm, Ogninl etairctirp* 
Duri'lhi. L'lptuifi luwreuoo ClmrlDa, Llvorpooi BcfflmeDL 
Ejirk, ( uvmlu llfT ■ '■■t'- -'iirfl I.ijclil Infniilry 
Hill"!, Mjilnt Ki|u .. i.rulhny .lun' rotl'* 

Hvorett. LtC'jin'ur.' 'icr ''?j ]Ii.:lilu[)>l«ra 




'..[., - . ,., lt-\*Hi ArlilJury 
' ini"p Arul'Uiaid, ll'ivnl KnirLlK^er* 
- Bitlle L'. A. ^u.r. klrlo UliEhdB 

.tpivn HnbtTt Kdmnnd. Kins'i Rural fUSn 
i^ItMIb Hanry Ktlvrar^l, luijol finictneara 

! .ael Jamca HDoty. Uadrm BiaO' Coriia 
I il7i»l Aki. Mnota'r. Uailiai SInCf Cutp> 

11. 1 
l: . 

Syke*. Bnrgcon WilMan Ainlvy. Benual Kataliliilmii 
Tminrr. (Tiptalii Joliii Anbor, ilnyal XnalBMin 
■ .• •-.■ .K-r*. <'->ti— '. . _— ..— ,..,•.■. ..».,,- Triniilx, l.i.L'ut'irKl <'1:>». I'xIijbDF. Berlubbra Bak>— 
.ijil. A. (J. P., KioBi^wn Hooliiili Bon1er»r»lTevcr<liriin. UnnUilii Hlchanl Kinliwli. Modcaaa.U. 
V'!"->r-l -luouve. iladra* KUIT Curua iTnictiit. L'npuiii (.'birlei I'ridmni. Itoni Amllaqr 
I- . .T .itetriaBi^ 

idnuf^luJT CifTpa |TriJci.ilt. Ltiptam Cbarlea E'rldivni, II 
. iinM. K>ibldy laftiotry rrvwrtlin, t^cilrmiil Jittjij L., \S>.C Koid 

I .:., j: 

. r, [. . 


II. J. I 

1 Jainf*. ttoyal XnoiUMn 

■ I. I .litiiUI Ei : '< B'. 

iriT<-Ui"Ei. '■'- 

. .i.iiLJ. lariix-i. 

■ '■■ '■■'■ . !>■■- -. 


p. n. it. Arwlloiy 

■ '■r 

UpebKr, ('filoijc-l KiUAbli. Durlmui l-iirbt liiAtfilry, 
u. ..-,.. jIbj.-t Erueat Uburie*. U'.jiil Ait'llMT 
: :iLtd. I\.i|jt»tiu AlfiiOEid I'Qii], tMfInu Btair 1 
. .iio'i, C^F'^i'^ lii-jiry 'riirsiHa* DiuJrielu Raa _., 
,...i:.Hjii. Llcat. Tlioma- II. tin Vmni, Rift* Uriloda 
Willri><-ki, L'liiiirtiii JuTiica, l.oiiuMr Haoturait 
WinA, i>|it. Ilituinin tiL Limiit. Kuaa Voikabin Bafl. 
nrii{1it.ii.inisoi] Mauir rrcd. Woi. Boosal KaMbUabaant 
W jnyaril, Uciu. &iiiiu4 Oojtvai LIvaapMl Ragimani 


OJUen HMP hMing Bank in th» Army whc fiitte ree»(vei the 

Victoria Cross. 

(Tot cl«UUa ot Um Amrds, ••« th« Wat Str-tvicet of Iho Dllloor* In Ui« OoTps to 

wliiob ihey belong.) 

tOmmm. Mf. J. WilUaa^BMnl giUMhbWMH. 
mS^limt. >lwk Kvnr, ki^XnstnBn (nOfrC^IcniI). 
tlWI^Ill.r J' f I f W..« LucnilMir OI.U.C<,I..CH<.) 
Bnyaaa. nwv Sirataai Vaitr J«ha, i Luiom (now 

4Mf4«r JTa^i* ud tti». K^M' on tclu«d pu). 
~ ';Qi|Mt JnttB.>llointiarCan)rT(iwwlr<t>.')A,) 

Bti^llii. l"-!. OamtlUa. i< root (wm Jf«^Soutb 

VfelM BanMtvi). 
>i» u - liimt. YnxxttOmrii VnicM, t Sok-iau Benttal 

. tin I. Bilvu4 Sittnaaoo, it Foot (00* Iftjtr 

Rasiingsl too" 

._ , 46 Btdnl N.I. (now 

»mirml •», XCll. XCU. Baool SMtrCo 

JCMw Bamual Java, 

ore. IBW JToHf 0wn.f «rr. XCKO.. KCtt.X 

>_vc, _. ••>•»— ~— >■, III KdTDp(«A Bonsai 

rBaOian I iwir ffn. Jfarar rrt!i«d «o ■ pDnilaii) . 
(MML Un4. Tl ■«. jnd Konpnii BKigiil FoiUian 

f>MM n II . Ziml. ATlsMrSploir, TiDdBiittilwulcnifiioiT 
Wh*!. pM. par KtHB** OwnScMtlib Ifardtnnw.CS.t. 

r, Pwt. a«(se1ilMlM.Bnint S-Ciaow CW*»n. 
, Si^ Ji*D Wetthy, Mh BcRlant [now 

Ilin4.CMii>. to&k.U.. lUml bclnMTKtsoir V<>;<r). 

CcBOOT, timi, iota At- 4tlOi Beitauit Ctm* J^ 

CtMcb. Oi^'Ma Omaon. Bombu' B.C. (now Jfn/orl, 
0(Mu,Unt. Wn. Geoif*, ijlb BchiibI M*Uv« tiilkalry 

aai*eWgwi;iMO. BiainlBMffRwM). 
OstBikan*. UtbT, Wm. J. U.. 1lifl« Iininds (soir 

JC^MrW. J M. t'BDlaflMBH, JTa'f ., Mitt OQI]. 

^VKham. £<n(. Vm. fl. IX, Ogtilon lUiBluilm 

Bn«k CMate Omew, Bejal AitiUnr (now Jfoysr 

Dickaa. Uiml. OcQUmtwao*. B«j«1 AnOlny (now 

Ban. CMWii Mitihtw Chu)*^ Itanl AttUtmr (uow 

Vri)P 0M«l nurad ftt> n>r). 
~~Ji . A>WaW 0H;y«M> t!WDik«n HIBI*. VH., na 

»iH»rtllil **lh B*0ii*UU <uo« ft WT M tt^ rotlradl. 
Itonll. Ltfsf. npitxn Duv^ BsT*l Warlnc Anitldtr 

, Ittmt. Vol U. If.. iDd BUUlioQ BiKLUnd 

r ib^e— ^i' .i^r. jrrn., t'tioi 

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Ihtnilt of VtK Av'ariii, 

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my ftbonl Jy^JllIV^^ irldii I) W to yard*, itoplh lolo ij tool. LiuuL. Jb Hugbiun nn.l I 
. _»ir»iipU»e I*l«lMrtby tOpwftoiu ifiMlinrB, 
■ Ilifdr pampner <■«< ■nnlBl Hi* Bcoiih Uo-Ul of ilm ILiyn! niunvin Kodoty Fur bnvltu;. 00 lbs lytti lta# 
Mli,*BiMBt Is MTlBic k ihirnirMlMd nvfr ai Vvn ■•«iii>, ^tmiWiiun. 

•^■jllTtiiliiilj mil T[ 111 I rii III! rir 111 rrfir n ijr nunuirSocIalyfkirbitTliii'.anllifijtli Uar ittt, 

|M*lnNlteml»rvlthiiII ItlickiUiH on, •nil,iin*cl«a niuiiMnnM nSorU, (ucomdwl in rouulnj! & tuy libo 

„ . I mdar thr **M( t>Mw*«n Stwnlain noil Ilplfim) I,o|ii[. 

, * hLOiaafl DiuMlu iru BinMoa IL« KilTCr Mvlfti of the B/^y&l Umnano Society !u Febratry it^i fur urlng 

(fc|M«ln Smn vM kinnlnl ili< BIItdt Mrilal of tlin R<synl Rumnnf Mnrlvty ^ir havIaK, nl mlilnlcht m t]i« 
■■bilay ilt^aiuIirliKiJartaKinwil from «l«jt, ;iinitwt fitini a ■(4(Hner iaia Uu IrrawaOily Blvor, olT Prnoict, 
tad Muaui W d a oaa who bad blwn orcrlKanl u[I attitunM uitItciI. 
r> uCOtlnnal A. B. eaaluilvu awdbl ibo Bninrj^ M>-lU1 nf i)>a Rbjal HnraEne SadBlylnr MTfni, il grcM 

tiikta laifj, (rbo, vUle h4ati)if •lUi Ui« HnjOir . ' .xuin d»ni:*ru( InittiK l»t lltu in . i.n nn 

irai^liW il'jllll 'I'll fii^M"! ' II it iiniliili llii mi I , (litanUblrn, on thp i<: IVroi< 

■■OibMu Kyi* wu aww>t»l thv Mlir«r Molal ol Ihn .riD Sooltty for huvln^'. iin tlic i-r \i'ii::i;), 

•oBin lata lb* ilTM ML BhaoKU^iocE ocil^ all Itit oloUiai 311 una ruioiUilaiteDtliiuaiiiiliu liail UMit riUKi>(>:i iiya 
MM wMto ■l>aiiiiHii| In Mrlm aimu ilit' utcaoi. 

* OMMlr KurmtoB Gvncnl II. u. I'^nklin b«« iVMlTed Ihc KmpolitMi Oolil Uedsl of ttio Iloyal Uonin* 
BMMy artMIy "'fur atrrtw rfiwol." 

* Ttwil flmiial FVttiiar irt* aii*Rk<i lbs SHith itm-Hl ot tlm Koyul BiuQnno Sn^ieiy fur linvmg. nn tins }iit 
riMWtinf Uta(,p)nic«4 inla tho nabl cnmnl of th* Hir^r Rtpwt, Ntpaiil, Hn4 Mvt<l Unjor Kit>M<l nod I'tat 
B^^OMtIIi Hunan who mrald BUi(<r*lt* tiarv tiHn 'IriitrnoL 

* Ciiuual Fry ww a-TitrdM Ita SIItct U«dal of the Royal Humane Bocloty tor bAvinff, 00 Can ntbaiJiil*i!iber 
'4}|hf*>B*ada wly l^wndft>«aiajralBaalW]U-*iir<Uur. mU aitcmfitiu;; lo ajhrDfittauFaRCic) nirrr* (irT^rfit^lRi'il i-o 
mtmit ■I1II11III1I1111 1 aho [«atnl ■ Oolil Molal iif Hmtnat from Ibo I'mldentot Ctin ^nncb nprutillo for lti« 

• BatiMiil Uaal. CalUway Wla 4«ud»l ibo Unnu Medn! of tbo Roynl Hanuns Sotivty fir anrtuK tb« lift u[ ■ 
I who bad bMB BIMM Ciuis bi>eauuc uu tbu Thama* at Sunliui>' rra thn ibtb Anr. >U;, 

I GUit) mc anrdod Um llronc* M«ilnl o'lli* lloyal llmnano t^nrkcr for luivlni, on ibo i;tti Jims ttti, 

. < tba HiM •( Biaib and fOMDeil an InterprelcroruwBiEyTiiiin Army,«lio,wIiilc cuileivuurLuKWor.i* 

tia imt, WM srareoiD* by Iba enmni aoil bad xmk ttlcc 

' f O a o diry waa aumdnl tbt Bilvar Mninl ol tliii Rnyal HnmimSoclMrfcrborlnK, 00 tho ijth Jnty lif^i 

itallM BmSm with all hit tioirvM on to try mxl guru n boy wlio hBt!fklliuorrr>ioatarh)in the .Viitiai 
[taailyBAiauafB ibefistcr. hen knonn to be iDfaMd with aliftika, Msjur Qowlwyu wiu ploliuA uji 
~^ boat wH^eot bavini: lueMolDliu fliulLui; iho laii. 

_, I OrMB<>«o4 ■■■ annlnl lh» llnmiii Mnlal of Um Itoynil Uanuine Soe'ely for liiTlnu. nn iho j'M 

I (In, BBiMad IB mcvt a isfnU of iho iMh Uiuaarawbo, mtb many othsn. bid bcou wMbctoff Om Curil 

an Iba nMiU In ilic C^bul Bjnr, noir /olUlBbad. 

" CnOau GraUEo inu nwanled Iba Dcuna Mwlal of tliu Royal Hiimani- Huclu-tyfUr hsTrng ual«t«d In unnf 
itlBfTBaftbiimdroiinUDKat ^onthvobl. SoSolk. on ih« iijth Aiiiran. tilt-. 

~lBii iiriiliib [mill I itliriMliililr frill III l"liiii f 1 fl 1 r 11 iiiim 11 1 1 ii " 1 il 1 fiii n n 1 1 T 

UaaLunii^Hj i«4b lUgtmojIj irm dylau of <UpbLb«rUi4 nbnn Sur^ruuu Urlcr |i«r(bnovcl Etpiin bmi ihq tfpprmcjfmnf 
MMSaslany, and, cAwtrrlnKUiatBO laapiTatloii (blloml. at th» lniinfn«nt riik of blioim llfoDi'pllFci bii tij»l« 
Miraawlaadby •iK<iOanaUniltothet«llCDtthol<ongr ofbrtUhltiK. Llml.Ornhflm'i life wuibm uivcl Sir 
MtBM^aKbnanBnflaWnMly an Dm fo^onlni; day tho diuniic oiMndad (a hit lunipi uuil he itiad. 
a Oltaul K. U. Rin na ainudcd tb« Silvtr UMal oftbv Boyal Hiimitno Hoclniy fur 'It-i^;: i>:r f' r.f s 

ha4BaBboiDiliVFwniiU[MtlMbairtNari}t II<>atoeBe**nr-Me>.on the i/<[ti July tSiSi. halilTii'»ir 1 i?4 

BthliMoailaB •artral MV«n "oMwIa of Ik* hnftd and fbeo from it ri Lint.'. In nlcup IKiui ilispu':. 

loriMkai haaateo raMv«a Air tbe aamo leTFlM a Sfedallluii rn>u> I'm IiUpir, 111 ili" nniu-i .■'■ uj- ctL, of 
It, and a Unlal of ttoanarc'r thu Pint Clua fmn tha Prntidpnt. of tbti rrmrh Itrptihlic- O'^lnncl lliul 

. . baHi BvaidKI Iqriha Uoyal UnnuiF Rootvty ■ StliarClup Toi'liDviDi;, od the ijih tXfi^mbvr I'.it, gn'-o 

»il>« law I of a pinuer wbo wai Is iQiiclneiil donKV Of dransinK ><> IbD CaiiGOi Caual ul Ruurkcc. nuiJ oboae 
IBb ba MwMod In mtIp^. 

* H rijkiaal Hartay waaairar^td t1i*i Biltrr Vtflal rif IIili Itoyal llnmnnf^ Bnol^Ey Ibr wirJuirtw] tirMfrom 
IrevUnc iib«n on diiiy U Dfpoly AxiHitDl Qiiuvr Unilor Oonoral diicinhaiklUiC tbt 41^ RcEimuic from 
M.ltB. fciar at QneaailnwB an Bx nlglit of the «iii Angnat 1874, 

■■ IfiaiarBerraj waaatrarAtd Iba Branco Ur^liJ of taa Btryju ITafnano Rooltty f^ir hnrirvif. on tba lelh Ai'rfl 
itH,taa«Bfd a dnlGMUx Of lb* iM PaBlab Oaratry wbo bad bna tarried ainty from his Iii:ir«' by Lho fcrcaor Aa 
MRvat oa the XlTvr Aijaudab, naar Andabar. 

■ UtoL BoMr na a*a(4et Uu Bnoia Hedal Ol tta« Boyal Bnmioa Beoitlj tat utIbg a nallie ot UtiuUiflk 
HVWlLooI* S*i1w>aron tba tcUi Hay iSM. 

a QtpWn TIrlniii vaa aamdal tha llrnnM MaJa! ol tha Royal Raman* Boctaty tor hnrtai lualilDl to Mrs iba 
>b(( atrampttaaof Um IbinlAntUanr who bad (alien Into a wrllat Itanro) PfadMontlio slhOatobn it(& (Km 
pMiataB «rtb* amid Is Caplaln McRa*.> 

■ Ki^or Bust iraa amudod t&s BUmr Modal of Ui* Boyal Buauuis Borlaty (br juispfivc Into Urn Itinr 
MiyM l>aMlii on tbo irtli Jaly Mtr. and raasniag Jmtpb Wanl fViiin dmiminit. 

~ rolnail laa C<H| traa atratdnt Ub* MIn* N«d*) ot th> tlblp^nv«kfd trMieriaaa and Marinon'noyal IVnerclrat 
' ' 'rbtflaliuM canduol on lh( oc«*iUa «d UtavrKkot tbatraniponsTiitiii al KDrraobco.eGl>idc,on Ibor>ib«t 

M Uaol. 1a 1larc3iB&t mu awardad Ilia Br^mu >lada] nf tlie RoyaT BBinimv H/ioiirty for hnrln^. on (hi Itb Jnly 
■Ml, Mirad Utoi. S. B. arakaai froin dTVwnlnsIn tbeX\loai AaiORftn. 

■buMb tiMncii ma anidcd tha Bmiu* IChUI of (be Royal BamaoB BoqIMt for hai I117. oo the kA AnmM 
■MaTlSBDad imM tiw aaa a* Cbatai^ ntar Dahlia, and by irroat eierliuiit htoofht Imck Us "bit bnal a g«ofl*[naa 

no naHtaa oarriod any br tha lid* la a alnUas at***- 

■ObImM iSokWt tan* aanMtd Iba BMnMltMal of the Royal niinum« SotlBntOftaraidas Into tbt watrrwiih 
iD Ua iliatt on awl, irllli lb« iiiilitarini of Litut. 31. Clamaut), of Iho Baugnl abtir Corp*, nUBinii 1*0 wcmen 
■tv^Hbaaa inaot trotn a l>oal on (h« Mormr l,akf% flimlior, on lhi> rfiih fHcvmbar ili^' 

•iQBlala tUltut "* am «r*»d tba earn M»dal anri Um HUnhnpr OnlABMItlot tho Itnrnl Ilmsuie Soclaiy for 
ito£Swnia«l: — AtjftALonltB 5Ui«< Oolobtr ilV; * Ironpolcr of Iho Koynl Arllbtty lilt mw 1 ir<II rI Riiril 
rMii Oa3ataHoiiBaa,0*ftafaMcBae,aBdo<h(npTH»dcdi4 Uia inoi, uid lot dom a irttl tow of (Rindnil 
kwlb W iiaih Uu MlBat, aad eanihla ol iiuMlaiBC hlai for a Ibaa. nulh Captain KoBao and CapUIn Uoluci 
iiZiiniiiiB )aHa«««>b«tHUwA>(D*rirnaligUw<ifadiilliraidHldtd ibal lia ahanld make fbD trial, Giaplali 
BeMM nMaiiiiliii a* na *l*h(d M ^ilartaha tba iM htn»*>f . The top* baiPS vary weak, il eonld not poitfbly 

' "" —..--.--« - . ,x .,... — "- -^ rnAanti ct a Amr^trana 

r* decided Uj w> iVl 

,_ . , „ .... , tMlti oomcVAeVi' 

r«p*bao(ioa«i4t«^i»»n» bnM pnaqHUlM; Cast^ UcRao and hh (Aan* to ttwWUir 

oa*a«™ii=*"' «*dlnaiirf bolft avni luvaeht to iba taillac^. TbOdopUiol IhoiiWl' 

r nv nur. » nt «aM* ilirl: «l Ua time. Wiltt nttmum to Ihia uasTtlW loItoWlaR t 

i>9a Civil DecoraCiutu for OalkHitr^.—DtiMU of the AtearJt. 

brtb* ]>u^M Connanfbt i**t luatd in Uip ttnojf* in hU enmniuid:— "llln no^l ni^niH* ihit U^orOmnu 

mil m IU*ul PIoa»o[ TiumpcMr S Mwhan. It A,, doslm lo neard fn dlrUmul ««lm* bU dwyHuavt Uw 

iliitnltoniLRil Kallnnliii <lii;)li>|uJ on ihu M'c-nii.m l^y CuvUliu UoSuanil llolmu,t}Ui8aibi^Mid ttaarrtf IdiMm 
offltwn hli VBria 4pjir4cLiitii>n ft ih^^r <;cmUuct, irluiih nOccU tlu gn«£Ht flmdtt upon IhKBMltva, Ibsfa i«^*flaC 
■nd H«r UiiIiHly*>>nTii»ErnDmi)r. Mm llnTii lllstinva will bart macti pIXMon u brtngUit th« dwomiWOM eC 
(he DUD la the iMUoa at liu Kx«llcDii]' ib'tioiDinuiler-lii-ChteC." 

•* Miijni Uiu>Ualii)n-<^i«iH|li wua UAArUnl Uie Sliver UeOiil of tbo BoTol KftUonoI UTaliMl laaUnuloD Kir U« 
ttJEertloiLh ^r> putuiut ofl* in n cAttoti ct cum^h lo the lunUtuje* of two mim who ha/l beca Ml ca ba«r4 lb* 
'.'briiriiDtiiic rirK-i-iiii, or Ilarr«, irbtrb 'loring ■ hnti^ V«le Of "lul liMun* • lolalwrai^ nwf Hauan Maul ■■ 
fcbv tut DiirDiTibur 1S67. 

" Llpiit. Muloilm wnn nirtiTiloit Iba Anicil UeiM i>f lb« iDdo1*Mbr iJi* Quean for MrinK lb« lite of » umiit 
Bt Diriliaiiiil?. in IritU. 

'Dopiitr !<'i''iis<ii>aeQ(nil Mojile^fnuBgrntiiiyltliDllnnuellO'tiklat'ltK R^^Bl IldrnmeSiMMrCiriwIinailMt) 
thfl luubbiiiiie ut Mill reaeoInK troto UrowuiDK a (cunDST of the Bo]>>l AclUurr Hbii bed t^Ias orertMUd <raBl 
dltcmbikr^Jikif ftoiQ AHbcHmvrui bhe Wailotaim RItv, Sxw Zwlanrl. un the iiat July i>6}. 

"> LiDuk Mnwmr *w awudad Uw BmniM )l*d«l ol lb* Rani Humane Soalei; Cor baTUis ftaciwd • ptlrate bm 
^awDlDK IQ Uio tmtnMj Ulrcr at Ktnilongmil on ibo <.Ui Slay iSMl 

*i I.iDot Gononil Milmiin tvu Bnunlod [lio t^ili! Muilnl of Uio Boral Hnmanfi Boeletjr fur bavintr, 00 lbs ijdiia* 
t^sS, al MAhi^floiiir. MiiLinliuii, mftim Li) Nh'^rdimit w^th Iwn oLher ^antliKnntt r^urmid In n *~ ptroqn*/' or HBel , 
boaC and roHiud nvo Wotbnr tnlcrtii,l>rho biul boen up«i from ■ bmt <m a mf rouch aiKbt. I 

■ OaplaluNeMiiiicloswuawnrilDrl tbe Hroiuf UeOiil of Ike fiojnd Baniiui«BD«icqrrorjiXiD|iln(ro<rcab«ra liM ] 
draM nt Orul Tnnuuuth oa Uie luifkt of lUo nnl eapMoilMr iSrt, aud rtacuiiui a ftuiM turn iinilsr ibe padll*> | 
erhoel nf Ihe MAtmer ajul knepintf anutbvr afloat till a l>oat wm loweretL 

B Majiir N>ion naa awuileil tb* Urosav Hcdal of Iho Ikiyal Uamaae SMletf far baotnit. on Ike lU Anru* 
■tii.irnuuiuui LO ft privaU of Cbn U«7w>r Bbecl Curpt vrho bad IhUaii InM Uw Banda Lmw iaietOMoroiltT. 
snil BMi'Mil til KLtpponiHit blm la (ba aboie:. 

**C(>pmi] (iliinnlil wu awanleil tb« BroaiaMnbil of thn RdjiiiI lltimane Snolnlr fbr jampinir orartoaed'Aia '. 
B.M.S, .< vl-irnv't. aaa rsMnlns a latty who mu Is eroai auiEOr of <lniwtiinG iil UTi<rp0a>< <"> ''■***b SfpUMMr < 
tl£i,bj lIiD oiLpiiihifE of a boat; rcoeiTerla fiUver Medal and Vcle of TtiaiiLj IVom Cba LIveTiKal SMpanncft flii \ 
ilamnn<» ^"Cirlv fi»r lb*! taiuo norvico, { 

■° Malol Unli! vm> nmrUisil lli« Sllvur Ifi'iliil of lb* R<iral Humuue Secluly fur luninii. no Uin iHli "liiiilMI I 
l^9i^ ualttol to Mie Mi^nl. J. II. l^imiihell. of thn i)jril tlitihlniidi-iii. who hul bCMi n>r^>*4 Craa ■jwirtk ' 
(iibnilUir Buy. lliQ lUubt belBff pllrh <laik aod tbDWfutbor »gufil[y, ncf^'innikDiDd by lEiflilalDif aait Uuiader. ^ 

•• T.t-i^iilminl PiLnoiia ira* aTrunlEdike Biivsi MuliU iif iku anyiLl Nniiuuul Liniliaal luaumUoQ Ibr lot ene- '. 
Iloiii 1.D niAhiiiif tnin the eurf nnd att^mptintf Ut rtttrntn^ Ht The ruk nF bjh tifvt ihemmrTof thob rt g a KUw ' 
tniuitrr, of Wliilelia»ca.*hWh "m wrrcllfl oIT Klogilown Inn valimf inn.lnn llio.jlh roWiiarv iMi. 

** Mjuot I*Aiiirv-13cy woa ftwatdeil ibt i^UvDr Uedal of the K^nl Itiunatte Er>cicly on the let Julv iBii- 
H'Haiiur foil frvim the riaglBgottJM,9,C<i!iim'i UnjorlllKti Caploiu} Paii)iDlli.'y jumped urcrbtard, eniBin laUa, 
anil aaeuled lo enpport aim until n lioat armed, 

"CaploiQ Frut wae ananled the Cromn Mtdnlofihe Ibwa) UanaaaSaelpty for havlnt, on tlie «Tisie« of tie 
a^th April iH^.iu.Tu|i^ off Iho uaay ut Kiosalo aod rotcueaa lad who bail fiillDiiout efaboat au4 tniot euak. 

"' LIdd'. rnnx'ii iria nwiinlM tbo Bfiuiie Medal of iba Bcyat Humaueaocialy Cbrbiti-iBD. ootboe^nl Pumiitw 
)BS4, envDil a pilvnlji rfjUllir fnim itFhttTEimjf, who bud IbllDn into llici ^ha^An Itaplil, In the Xlle^ bear Ifaimai. 
ttnd who rtoi iiDnT>le 10 tvim, linn alio renelveil n Claep for baT>T.^, on tbe ip>th Dcoomber tWi^ twred a 
Jl0Udati«**aaIlDr frtkTU'lro^'uiEJi; in IhD yrio nr«rKI SaboD, 

n itjUor dunoral Fym wah uvvmdtU ibH Sihur Modal ofibo Boya^ Htitnitne itobietr for having, OD Ite tilt 
AprUiHit, auuioil In Hncinji ihe lif" of n mmnrr nf the Ibiyal Manno Artillery at ttjiKLea'l. 

^ iiajtMt Elch wai airanlcd the Brorte ^leilalof Ibe Uumojie fioeiely for laviaif amimfr^ive drovulng at Km^ 
lonvonllie (otii Austial ilsif. 

'* C^onell^artoriuawaanvrnnleil the Brunie Uodal r»f the KoyiU QLimnuaSiioiety fi^r baring. 00 Iba »>1hjiiit 
I itfg. leaped from tbsplcr ut llronOnuinn'iiI iihikUhI u monu tbiieirii'lt who had been Chrrtod eW l»UMIUt 

rt Uajor SoT'tt 1VU awarde<l th^ SiUcr Meilel of ibe lEoyiil Xniional Lifeboat lnBtitntfoo fLiTToluntcvrla]Et&likv 
.jnoarui the ]>ireT Lifeboat and nmittisir to reeoue ll«^ cif tUaiinTr EfrthfibuMm* tTi-m r't'«« of Jcreey. wUCb w 
I irraolii^d off tbe SoRth yorelBndniiDii''|!hIiNiiinBer il«i. irMnlwilii'.'^ilvrrMciliilofibt I^Uim riukBl Marin**! 
h JlooiMxforitallaDtooadacit 00 thDoecaeloa of ibe vrrevk ofibo troopthip JaUa tin tUoi^LAit of ftiod- 

'■Lt.ColnnnI^iiiurwuawnril»lihuSijiiili»peGQldUDikli>flbaIlnyiuHumaiii> .I'lnntytiiciUi sniler IbtfliltoK- 
Idjv oirouni^TAnoen , — ^nvrral ifuntlnjoi^n itvnii'rum]dii]j(l}ycoantijrbiuiifr'iiii 3ilcflntheifaiiffetoHUcbJar,«hjnOi» 
boat atrrtfk on a rook in ihe centre of th^ rJvrr, The iPinuoinVD tliDl^ciled in laiidlnif AttAy, biil Ibe bcdit ^^U 
, be nhiLiKliJtiai!. ImmoiliaUIy aflaroanli a laiKe naiJve lrc«t with coolica ou bofml klnink Ibo hiddr* rMka at Ik* 
1 tfame plitf'i^, and all ttiacrcw >f cv* tmniervt^d. Majijr Bl-ilI.jf immi^inluly >«nm tmt and intvieded lit mvutiiEiJi 
I seraoui. bLiinot until h« bad r>|iMUil1y eiruai ti> nnil fn.m Ui* liank, lie niooaiilurwt artAl (Wnwrnl rl>k ll 
f V<intuFln|i LiiTD theroldeloftirenty-TlTe terror >lrJ(tken uieri nod women, looai of ibctii totally ujialiVa to br4p tbva- 
J Mlreg. 'rbe riTOi Baravli li a biTKC aud fuat tLUuiui; rivur. and. liks luwt ludiu rlrer*. aboimda la —tm- 

I n lAColoncI J.1V.t!nwliiraaa«i>r>led thr - '>! "f ilinftoyalUumaiie Soolcty fbrbaviiiir, ca >ht *^h Kn. 

[itni. jnmpi'd Into the Kllc. near SFiiiUFb. <i ' "th"! on. nnd readied « banilwiiBa ofbta raKtaiaiil. «)» 

I'BBdlbllen from tkLO rock into [be riTer fruui M ' ' .nfiiid ^.i fmin 6ato&ifo«l. 

■e Colonel t<iiow <raui amirded th^i Hilvfrr Uc^likl uf I fir R-.',i») llmniiuu ftiiclely on tbe Alh Jnua iBig t^jv karaif 
slBUMd inlo the HnrpanUiin (I llfdo i^ark, aud naonod a mun who attemplod iniFlde. 
u IiLCiiluDel Stock «■• awnnicd the Brooie ilode' of Iho Royal l!uii>iii:D Socii'ly for earing the lliUt of 1*9 
LMMtlealn a lake DBOcCbDroie, Bombay, on tlm lyib .iimimr/ li!^ 

I V Uajor Xoyaey-TliompaDu waa avnrdiKl Ihn IircHTirn UniUl 'if tlie Koyal Uuaiuie Suctety for hariniri on tt* 
Mth VahriiBr? iKo-nrum cnitloUiarMOueor><li thiirli->i<iiui,-iby and W. Ukcq. whuHcn luilUttiRiatcly dnnatf 
^Nawlw Forry.Ttorkahlre. 

» UapUin Tmreiia «aa itnardeJ ttin fluid Usdul of iba Iti-yal Xiitinnul I.lftiliool Inttllntiou fur bat inllMl 

. — I ,Q gDina nut in Iho PonlImK Ijifehrnt aiid rMOiilni; Iwn nun |ih« mt of Ibo ert\u barmn bean leaif tna 

„ oocr Scttrl Htnm*, whloh had Ixojme uiinunaKvelilo in a uaiQ^ and kad bean drirca a>^aa nmr Ibe 

aboime Ft^rt. in l>iibliii Bay, on tbordiCht of tbt i^ib Oi^u>lit'r iSSo. 
_^ _ilV<3U Trevor wah awardiKl the Iltuiice Uo-lal of the Royal Iltixnane dooirty for an Inoffeolfttl eOhrtlo^ra 
•BoAMrftom dnnralagal Itawnl PimW on ih>i iM Anrfl ig||. 

••(iaplain Vtrnn wu awarded die Broui4 Mf<1alof ilio Boinl KomaDo liocidy fur liatini:. nn Uia if Hi AunM 
itSi, Binini out and dired and braocbl to the lutlbM a ann irbobad auuk inadt wlula baU-lns at Toiktwl Bay, 

4 of VlRbt. 
Uaot. Wade WM * untiled thn tlrsinia Uoilal of tho Rofat nnmana Society for HviuKOkan tnm diowidu 
BUtaUadwi Oiaibani. on the toih May iJU. 

M Oolone) V/atkarna airardol tbe Breuie Madnlof the Boyal Huaiaao goelctyfur baring, on Ik* ud JasOiJ 

llAdiJuapc'i into iba Hirer Altpore^BliEhJtari, uueI iMinted twoperuiiu wliowoMiolminlDeut dauaercfidrvwDtM. 

■° OapUtiu niiUBinii <na awardMl Iho Hilivr Mxlnl of ihc Rrr^l llumuio Hoolcty fUr meulBg a lady fna 

drowning la abaavy •« at Si. Oeimani. Comanit. on iliu ji.t Aiii/uit lil}. A oungianlon who Mod 101 ' ~ 

titroed\iAO^ bnl l^aoutn WiUiuma iinf^lfiifl. aud aaoccdni ,» bnri^iutf I be Lady to abore, 

" Ll.Coloiiol Wonclbnil «»a »«ari!(d ihn dilvet Mnlal ofilii> Itivyxl Humana fioolelyfn aarloirtbtUtb ntl 

tant Ruim"!' B. Oibaon, who bad Imbd nurled out U noa wliilc batbinif at IiuuDiiuBoa Port. Iretntid, on tb*«M 

Juno, iB>9. 

•■ Captain WixilitrM awatdadui* Broni* Uailul of tlia Royal Hiiinanii Kc:riety im the jthjol; 1W1 Cortarua 

/amwif ilva «A WNiWjriv Ui|0 Ibe Uf rer Tbami* at P>n/bo»rno, ■•rum lotwapereausand aaislltasDi. Hkatlt* 

M r/f/i/tvm (Aoaaaifl &-fie<y '*^<f ring Ih* Ilrat Of Umo moa itbo had fallou inlo theTuau aanaw Bli wllil 

•^ ma iiib July t$a&. —M 

Sct- Majetiy's Hoely Ovaret 0/ the 
HoDOurable Corps of Qentlemen-at-Arms, 

Tht Bedf Quard of l\t Bovcreipi im all Puftlts anit Btatt oeemfOM. 

(BnilLltU*D !■ >n Tul I}99.) 

PruiBli Rflliari, Eart nt BoHlyB, 11 Nut. M, 

~-" ■- Manic.' Cut.UMdl.LLCnl. UnaU.,R Hoi. 7t. 


W <in l J««wir..— PMlpi;iiBliorubTil»in)nk,*IMoilB]orPiitttt.. li'Vte. 94. 
OaroiHCi 'IT - Abui. 

ffn. Cotnod t ff*. )fH< 

l«-«i r.rt VUilfa) _ 

aQHTODoaKlH WilUn.'lU* Cap- 

_i BMrte.* Int* C«p*»!(i 11 9 

■MIbk Wiilu V ■»• <^H*><>> V r. ... 
ErlS>«n«Mi>.n*MU.OslOii«l«P. ... 
baadCIWkc.'kMaOwpiBlii laHu. ... 
ifcwl Fr*nii," law CMM. n F.. kdil 
tVMft I .WMjni«r#]^r*(ii««r.... 
inlng&AJst CnnlnitkaMW," UU Oap- 

lD- iiioiiTUoii," ia^ti'Ciii. it.Uirlna* 
n«IIW-nn,>'k>aCola»t K Mwlava 
M Sau-ltdiui.i* 'f CuplALu I Dn. .. 
Uw. Hrta7,'*l«» a«r. M.Cnl, » P. 
rrn Wniu,<* UU Bl.UiJor « Ua>Hi.n 


a ai«M Ma)«olBi»3u.>'IateLl«it. 3 

BsSra^uin.*' lBt«LMut! iV pT!"!!! 
MarWaattr, CJI." IkU Dikiiul (IP. 
■ irniiMM," lata tlvnt. 14 Houar*.^ 
P^TMW^xUla U. Ool.^ r. 

■riSOoU 4» MaBUtraJao.BMlyaiHliitiiUaJorlDitiauAniir 

I Shiulwi.ll )l, CI Of ki," Colonel liM* >i V. , 
'ij Nor.6» RcynolilAllfylieCICDioul,"tla(»Oapl. M Fi>t( 

tOcL Sjl 
ti Apr. 1^ ' 

II Dm, «i. 

Ilfar. Ci 

i^ Jnly 65 
j» Map. ftj 

4 JtlfUt^Q 

il JBno69 
» Juty 69 

to Jul/ ^ 

» Apr. 70 

14 A^K. JO 
II Ocu jn 
C U V. ri 
»T »'<''•. J4 

Clbnrlua Cuonli.*> Culiiriiilf«trt.l pnjr 

kiliviiril Uromii."ColonoI r.fp. tot K,- 

Bw). Ilcnry rooVlii.(rion.»> iiilo I.uOil, 18 K... 
H"ur> Bmrkoubnry,*! Into Wnjortiopot B»n. 
Jmn«« llnriidT Bnllm'," lau Coloud Milii«rv 

Tmln ' 

Willliitn MuUiciT DaDbar.** (Inlonct r«l[t«d 

jmy >i Vital. .,.,,, ,...,,. .,.,,,. ^^ 

£«r^]lunry loIvmrdllradgnctlSainfniM.Hii^ 

Lk'UI Bayal Unne Oiunlii, OlowtHtmUrt 

YmpiaKrjt CjedZfy .,,..--..,_ ,,, ..„, 

Uon . (tonr^l XmI Money," CB. Coloonl r.f.n, 

BoD«nl8. O. _ 

ArUuirAn«)Owoii."ColiiDalT*Ui«itp«y SSlIi 

Comiiaeht ftangan 

HM'bFnAJdX. St. Jolia StililiiiBy.' LUOolonal 

law Hillu Briiclo 

Cluirl*! OIIUian>w (t<irg,*° Colonel nscired lit* 


John Kd.Varn Bonn.v U.C0I. rW.p^y loa P. 
AuIkiiiu aeo.Pift,*' ColuDd liiu<n Dng. tids, 1 

Itont^omaryaMrt Y^mnnrfVav'itiy 
CharlM IVhiflpr bnmr.-* Ijt. Ml ' 

Brijiblo; ffjfl. LI. Cut. 4 Bii 

. Uaior laia ItiHs' 
111. W.Knnt RcgL' 

13 Ap*. 
16 A Iff. n 

I Ajr. jft 
■4 Mar. 17 

1 July j» 

; i^'r » 

» Mar. Ii 
i4 Jnnr S> 

■g feb. 8« 
olan, 1] 
}lbp. ij 
16 Oct. Ij 

>7 Jan. *} 

n Apr. tj 

joUay Sr 

9 Jan. SB 

/UiCkifwdiJ^^^-"'.— Henry EuKtiOIilliiiii," Colcuvl reiiniil luy CiunDron tUsliIauiliirB, joUm. >7. 
SkA Q^hi-,— IiL.ColdDll J. G. Eaiidomau," lats Cng.lnin t Dn, ti Fob. 74. 
6eatla»— Aftafu Blaa VftlTg^ I AjtnU, Uinan, (:u< niiil Co. 

, Rame aarrad wllb Uc aStb Best, the Kimtem o»Hnu.i«n of ■S5,-;5.iiiiii •ta«prmontat thstialil*^ 

_« and (aU or SabaaVipal, waa Aida da Caiap to Hit JoIid Uiunptnll oa tlio oi^itdmun to K«nob, and 
Ea R<4aa on Ua \Vt> Jnna. ia whlah tha Uaior OsDonil waa killad: wuk D.A-.l.ii, jrd Sitlaiea thnn 
ladd wUli tlu«« Olaapa. Bivnt or Uaiar. Kniebt oT tha Lanioa or IlaniM, jtli Clan or Iha Uaiuidlc. 
. HadaU- Sanwl '' indla wltt> Ui* >>th from ittta Kar. itf? to gth Adghii iSja ; wa* eroHsnt at tlip 

[cBRtiira or Laskaoir, and viUiQraM'* tiiTi>liiii duitoic llio lainiuar caiopulirii la Uudo, inclulinir iwTnrDi ' 

btoalllBdal iritt Cla»). 

r^ X,. XVKbmM accTtil with Iha jotli ttc^ent in tha Cilmsa ttttra tha iund Aagnit iBit. inrladiDii Uia 
■inWIUulaiidadLBtb* Crimea on yith Juna itit with tlio iitt> Ujfl't Infiu'irf. uik] hiu |ir*»Q[ at cg 
lSaTdHRU>Fa aK«««iid(Ulnr SabaaWpoMMadalKnth ClaKi.and TuTkKli MinIbI), | 

htaBontkaaanWlwIthlb* Caj* XnunwJ Bllloaln Uie Kaffir mr ot ifij.-]! {MailaDi aadUiilu-it ml 
n KiTBT TawllOTT, wlieta be owamanrtts'l luraral ucKSMrul patroU, " 

EiWalte«k**rT«dwiikUia9ihB*iit.UiKiiiiihoii((na8<>iliiicaiDpugnDr iSfj-^e aadwaa pnaont at tba 
Fuoodka*, rnU«W>aKand »abtwm (MaOal and tiro Claapa). I 

IbmI lAanidM aanad wllb IbO 47l^ BvEl- tltmii^hiiai tha Raalam aamiuilffn «r i3)4-ji. InclDillnv Iha 1 
FTtea and lakannui. canara af Balaklaini. >1r>K0 and Ihll of Habanapol, aortie or >6Cli Out. . aud nomins 
rtaa OS :ih Jnna—awCTrty wcrandad JM-Ul -iih ibrea (Hupa, Braraw of Major and Lt .Colonal, Kniabt (if 

CBCIarkaaarvad Willi tkaraUBBwaaniuiIuiCrljiieu uunpalKn (rom irUi April iBm, 1 n<>ln<1Init tbo *Mn 
cStlbaiMeol.cwitBreorTdinntwun, tnUlBor Ibi Tchernaya wlierg be oomsaDilvd a anDulrnn in nipnott 
[IwlFlWI aarrcd tt* Kanem caiupnlrn of iSji an<1 np to -jtli Feb. iBjs «ith tho jytlt Bi>rhland*F« 
■SaMillaa or AJsa aod BaliiklaiB . and ilnLi' "r»'<1»»vit)«1(Ue<lii1wiU>Ihriii>Clii«pvBtLdTiiiki>h Medal). 
L|r>i y-*i ^a»»n.i anrwd Wiih tha Tvlb I!i«b'ki]1n-atn thit (.'rimmn eonillUKn of lE]) up 10 ■'.tb Nov. and 
J,.. 10 gib Fab. iSts-lnel^ntiLba ballica oC Alien aud BuUiUikva. nod doxa of HobutopDl (Uaital irUb 

^KoiTiaoD iraanmrelitbaslbabMlarlsiBf Oblliadn Intbn IUt*rI'aratiaitei«atiackiHl and carried. 
ttai 8eTvi4oBlk*ChlnaaipadlU0B«r i!]}-M. IncludlDE theblODkaileortbaCiuilnnrlvar, tbalandms 
■nasdoamitraorUiaOliy. Sor<r«'l a* FrnTnl Uanluil M tba aipadition, and aftMwanla aa D.A.A 
bih, ArwlfljnTriHiu at namon (Bnret orMajorl. Rerrad Ihaoampalcii lacbanonbof Cblntin Mo. 
I ite aoloa or Bl>b». taking it Tobkoo. Uonn and enptnra or tba Xorlb Takoi tan (nentioacd In dt~ 
'.'??' aifiaftqiiianl apoatiena (Hadal wltli thrn Ciiwpa, and Brereior Lt.Culiinal), _ 

,-. iv«Bm) pDBia Aa I><sfaa, %% sUliia up Uio river I'nnKn ; anda«a«iindilniea*SalMnda.ih'ror maiia 
£2i t« ina atUOkad by a taiisbinipeTlurtUrco,&iidari«r tlberatinaibaalaTaaanddaatTeMBs Die ban*- 
SaA a a«fn ntnat (o tba baath vMli thrm mnn in^nnltv H<>uti<tad,aloaalF inaaaad by a Uikk rnm 
aS^m fmaaUOaad la daiBWeiHa). flarrod oMh the tratlallcii oF Uoral Marlnea aonl lo Jannn tnm 1S6. 
iS^Hi^MMlattte bao&MdinaMvf tba batwriaa at tbaSlraUaof Blaa&oaal 

_.___, , . . r Btoonoaakl, tlia antranee oT tha 

r^rjaoaa. on l*« Ob and Mli SaM. 1M4. 

jSL. nZSiMian arad wKb Iho >•• It«yal I>i>r>oi>a Id tba Cnnean Mmtwlm from tba «[ 

naat Bi Ui«l)«ulM«rBalalUaTa,[nkarma>i and Teb«n>a]-a,*iai{o and Ml of SgbaaiopcKModaa irUfa 

BHTlli^^Hnol la Iha Ktb lURt.vttb tbo Ualiaa. Xarbadda. and Con tral ladla Flsld Foraa !d t>5MS, 
[^^^rrtbe (Mc* aDdcaplai* oTDluiT, aolloaa of MaDdoaoor and Ooodaraa, >lci(« aiuru and OHnjrn of 
'"■I -".^. jrf Uiafoitaadlnwnof Jhaaal.baBlgaef ■W'^and KtiSDcb.aelionaiitandla&^ntaroaipaB, 
»T:'J!^"M.M.nrnahan hattlaof Mo«r. a«lon»or the i«>baad i^lA JoxD. and oapMraofthalqnr 
ZnTowSidrT****! •• *™ « 0»'«> *" 8rt|{adlBr Slaarl ia moat of tba laBor ODtniKeuxuu (Midal wlib 

' with Uw Mlb lAobt DTB(OOD>lnil«FtMabOKpadltlonoi <>17 nie4a\«Wb 



31 The SonoitrahU Corj^ of Qcnllemm-td'ATmt. 

MUon or DnndiB, roUot Ot Sweot. Wptim Of Goirokota, fbnina tlig UoddauiMi* Paif, liCK* aMI capton el 

Jbanil CMoam nltt Olniul. _ 

"U*]UrWis^flDlil twrrrri irlththiiitt DrHOnnOiinrdaIh.niUir)>DUIIbecacaiu!iRioftWelnChlMt,a&d WMBM* 
■ciit ni ihg fAli ar UiD TAltQ Furu, >iul vnsiieal In tbo boIIod of leinliq, iUm thuto oT tliB fUh *Bd>i*iSe|iumMr> 
OoiDDuuKlsdUioCinilrrftirRO niinl 10 runucboii wJUi Ui. WuLo w dDmaad IbcAiiliiS opDrUMprianMnBalb* 
latb S«pMmb<ir.aiulpriMatiuthri>iD(niiiditrDr l^bn (Mnlxl with Iwo □bi>[»). 

" UmwntDtlUoolBuoo torvtd is Uw irt Uomliay tl«ht C»ralty with ih« rnnii«n Kiptdttloiuwy rocM la 
''J^)^ '■^laiUnK thB uawi) t BDd oautUTO ur Buihlra, iBiTCDdK or BQiliin. atp«(UUau to Sarn^ooa, uid hUib^ 
KhooMiili (VIciorlftUtOH, anil MhIbI ■rich ClMpl int— awiudoiUhri re andiir Uiti Ibllonlaa drpBi inr « D td« r— " l» 
Uwouailon of uiatWCil antiit eoDioj on ILe^ Pcbniuy its>. ImlbrLlonuoantCloloDol rurfaa^CS^UiaMaanl 
Uoorc, UiD Adjutnnl nl tbii nRlmnnl. wu. pvibip*. IL* flt*t o< all liy >'i lonolL. lUi hoiH iMptd tnlo lb* 
•Eiuuri^, jiriji inttiiLi.lT frhll rtcntli flTtiahinq: dawn bia rLclvr, und bftitkmjt hu twDril MbafOU anbl Ibo tinbaa nab* 
ux tliii cDPDiy. Licuiviiout Ifooro (pc>^d>lJ EitiioaUd iKmiolf. Biitl niMmptolni-'libiabralBairwMiItotaicolilimT 
ItiFtiaiili ilii: i>ii'u- but 1>« would awnn^hr have l«t lii* UTebaa na tlis mliaul )r«Bii«( Usntaaaat Kalnilaun. 
ol^L'rvJiJh- ^]u> peril. ftiuubAhlfl war MblBUii'oiunntadaiDirAilvtfinu^bMctWdorcDOiol'atoblB tVMUc. aa4.vtftii|r 
liAtii l>i> ><lmip. winiy MiTtod luin Umnitb oroTTtblnB out of (bo throng. Ti>* ihODRhUbbifa* fur uibcn. cool 
tli'tonDlDniluu, dcTDUil eoQMV* vaA nad? aMlvitr ihonu m cimmo duitCCT by Uiia jranon OOcat. LltnUaaat 
Mnlculuimti, iiiniH,rto ban bnm inn*( admlrabls. and Ui bo nurthj of il^e luxbcit hoDou." lioiTM sUowUbtbt 
C(^nLnvt Irulm tiold Votrtf. InoLudtnittbaaliffuof IIack^-i'I' n^^'t Vti.u<ji VnX^i^i' IMixlal witJi Claap). 

" Lieut. Waller acrrod iD ibc OiiJo cajnpi^irn tn tiib, iEivlud^air tt(«cai>ciirv'jrthari;cEof Kaifl (Uodal). 

H ColauDl MaiUr cliuimHiiilvd llm jlb rum lion M tlio rollot oC LuolCBOw iti Ndr. it)-, and urno) with 19 
Oamm'a Pono Mtho Alvin llach In all thgorKnitioD>ortbaauii<Hi*dln2nimiihK. tnd iwinmoudtil itiv BkI. atth( 
oaptoroor LnokiEOw^ aa alao llirQO^hout UioOoda caoipAlim of >B$9'4V.tnol[idJaif LbonoUfin of EKiDUdcrkolntiid 
Buiariibii.i,niidea|>lurir<>rihii tnoKorOnnwraa iMrranl UmH anntlirnDd In ilaa|>alcliu», lirtvot riF Li, foloiul. CB., 

>iEiiiiiwiih twn riuin.ond t your** wrvieB]- 

" Lloni. T, Wltlinmi urvsd wllh Ibo igtb llniaan in UiO Crimea rraoi Uiollh Jul; to the iitOclobrriljs.Uieiadr 
lnaCho«iulMi»"]f firing Ic.jh.I (Slfdi.l with Cloap. and T"rki«liMDJiil]. — 

•■ U.ColoDi'l II. I', VBn« Mi-vvl "Itli ILiP jBCh KaSlmoEl m Lii" CnTnndfmm Jnnuaijr to tbo ijtb April il, 
oludliigth«BlC£tiorSD]>n*L.:r;fo] (MiHlnl witb Olup. and TitrViuli U^al). Alio in tLo Jadlau campalira from \ 
■Sjr,uul«aa)iTMaotBttha(Kinn andenpturoof llavasjcimRci, utft aiid captan uC Luckoow, aOain oC r 

and NuRgBT loKiitlonwl Id deapDMbcB. Urovst o( Major. Madal wltb ClMp). 

» ('aplals Koel aoCTod wlib the ^ncBtKiiuouithrouKbuuIllic SallsJ OasipaiKcor iS.i' . . 
11* baBlca or UaodfcaB, Paroisubitii. lltuMiirni. Aliwnl. Hud Hohtaun (Modal andlbrM Clatpc). 

Ineia jr 

■■ Major M J. Battyo was t>ro"<^''t nitb ttii> Md tordo niidrrliiigndlarBsBlanAUiatllUDMrBUaDBOD lUi»Doiid 
advaniwoTi nod Tvtoni nomSandaLnr ia 1811-49. Alio witliColouBlWyicgr'dlilKadaliilnaTIrshiUidBitbvBliaT- 
I'lMsniat the batUaoT HTilnalud (Uwlat). Joined bla rveimaDt (tha iiatjat tha eoawnflameat of tha ontbreal 
luihe H.juthitrn KonkaB. Honed on Qangra] Outma^alaffwItbtlisIilsbtyieldrsTeolnSawiiBtWarTaa. prwB ii > 
Bt tha Mvct and ooonpatloii or HunobiiF and Unnaontaib. BnKBRMwltb Uio advanoad gnaid M OolUr, >in 
Jan. 1841, and at Moolii, 6tb P«brn;iry— biimr' idiot uiidi-r him. 

" U.ColoiiBlfl. II.CI»rini«Bmw1 with iho st«t rinilipT-* in tho Kmtjirti cunpnignof ils*-«.tii«liidln(jlhabal!lao( 
AlnaiUoeaoDdnillof Sobaatopol, aiMck ofUio ilsdan on Lhs iSth Juur, nhue be oommasdod tbo acattui-laddM 
parly, and wai menUoaed In dwpalobeii i urvid u AilJutunlalihafUl o( Boba*(ui>ul aadeapadiUoD M Klabonni 
Uadal with two Ohup*. Sanltnlan aart TnrktHh UraUl*). 
n( Captain OtaniBB^tmtdtiiihv Now K«MsDdwarln iM^.M (Uadal). 

■* CeloDOl CooEh Hrrcil with ibo emd Hck<°iodi lii the Crimea from i>lb Nov. iSji.lnolOdlti^lbaBUK* hBiI 
ftU at Sthoatfipol anil Urn >.iHii'> ^f tW jtli .jth and loih Majr. deOnioaorth* Quanlaaitfa Juna, aaaanlu of lb* 
Radaii on ihn iJlh inait liii mmmiiDO it Van Wool-bng part; or his raMmenll aad nb SepWimbor hDMitloaedln 
dMtintchot. Ur«T«t of Major. Medal with CTIup.EniithKif tbaL*itiaDOfBosor. gthClauof the IfodJIoic, Sardmlan 
asdTacklthUedala). Appointed TDwaUaJorla SoliBitupol unnedlalaly aliar tu fall (brliii Mnloaa dnring Iha 
niaiia and Aual njauiiilt. 

" Odonal K. llrown MTTt'l IbronahoaltboSntlBjcampni^i of >i4;~tt, UulndlsEtht baWoa of forouahab aad 
Eobrnon (Moilaland Claipl. Buniii»e war of ilji-t^ tnduditiK tlie racaptora of Pa(n OB aiat Kov.. ntiaror ila 
irarTifeuu on ifih Dtn-.aUEl E^iHimiionH in thp vicinrtv (Medal wltb Claap Itar rMoJ. SuppraMdoo i^f (ha Indian 
muuiiir, inelndlngthiibntilr'irliiiillwkeaorai. ileiro u[ Ualhl and a»ariU of the BedBaM. w«aad«d Is tlvo pUoo*. in 
OiUi'daii(C(K«i]y (Bnvrtor Major. Mcdnl "iili <!li«i.), Surnidin tbu Indian K.W. fidaUa var Of iMfcaod wan 
prcaent ■( Che atlneli niidcngiiurcE^f the i:imlii>l hill nml UmliKVlii (i!lnMi). 

" Lt.Ciilnuel ■). Jl. fucklinoion umd with Ibe 18th Royal Inih In Ibe Uanaeaa «anpalsn ef ittt-^i (llsilil 
with OloKr ^or I'cETii, KsrvednltolnthaOTlinaafrDm 111 Junt iBti, ineluJloit tbc aleKOMullblloraebalccol. anJ 
■Hack oif tha i«i- Jane (Modal *iUiClai>n,asdTurkiiib Medal). 

■> UnjM Br*c>:eobt]i]ri>er*ad«nh(bgai*t KeirUnenlliiChcFiiiiJaabaaispaucnef il4>H«i»>') w*^ I ' ' <* 

battle Of Uoqleiat, and with the Field Foroe la pnnuit o[ Uio anemr bo (bo Kbjtar Ttm IsFebrun b 

ieo(Uediil wlib naai>) ProHoi with the tiipedttlna to tli* Xuaohi* Cuaotrjr and at U» auack 1. 1 .. . r.f 

L4Diiuit(Bt TiDagaa oauut iiihand i|tb Dee. iJtvlMadal wthOlaaPh Bamd wllb tha rank of Cnpc-iin wti). IM 

IXnridiU (VnltDRtiW aad iWTronDfd duty uao KuKloear OnsOT' In IM OHlDea ID i«i|-t» (TBTkUh Molall. 

■> Colonel Bnlltr lonnd with tba tjtb IU|iiin«Dl tn tn» KaOani eamiialjcD 01 i;j4. and «a* rtzy atntnlp 
woandKl I a the tr«niihM betOra Helianiopol, uid asala wblM bethK oan^ud back U> tha camp (UnlKl nilh Clui 

'• Colonel W. M. Danboi terradwlth Ih* uifa R*eimeDt Is UitCrinea froni Uio iiih Jolj' iBji. iDf^qSos Uw 
lataaudfBllot Satantopd.BudMaaallof IbalLadBB ob Iho 4tb Sapi. IMadal with Ctaip ahd TiirhMb Madal}. 
Um In (he Indian ounpaiKiB in il5r-M.lnalBdlni[tlieat(k<nia(0awnpcira9D >Mli. >Khand iith Ko*. itjr. lUEf 
Lwitf oaiwim i^ InrtDow, rrlltfor Atliii|tbaT.dfltt««r EhertbeUa* BoODtDl, and aSoir nt Ubowwite (UhbI WUB 
OlaipV 'lib Iho tnd Banallon uUi RtKiBieiit lu (be Kallr war id iM. CuoiDiaiiiloa (ho iMBMta^BC 

luih 1^' 'id utttn^ advaneo tutu Kululand la (ho wmr or iVtq. and waa pr«*iaiLfn (ha ctkAMnam a 

Ulmni ! I.Llldosal.MtdBtwIthtlliiii)), 

H l,<irii ii'Eirf KiBHrM*iarr*>l trilh tbo Hoyal HoraeGuiudi iu the Beyptlan vrai of 1B81. and waa | 
Ihe eiiKnh-oiDanu at Bl Uarfar and Uabiama, is ih* twv aetiDn* kI Kiuuaiii, and at (he balUo of T 
\ tUadui uiili ahap.aad lOedlTO Blar) . 

1 Oolorntin, K, UeonaarTKlln Hannah Is i^ir-M- fiorved tbronsbonl the BiDue oiiOrallonB tnroro Ml. 
UMIMJillFilsf.liitUdlaBlhSBOUauodhctUi uthawl tjrd July. iM and lud Au^iut. and olhar diIbct aAlnli 
oom m a n aad w i aladi im rarty a» the laomiiuH uf tha Caahnitn Unltcry Urweh on llm itih HopL and waa praaiM 
ttrpaiihuBl (ha aminU or the olir and ihe ati daya' Osbliux, natttuns In la caplaia on the nth SepW ' 
rQtwUlFwnadaaManOintvrtoOolonalaenard'aOabisuitnlliaopeiBtlouaanbutlba JoDilporaaiia ~~ 
^and bono htUerl uBdar blm m the aeUua or Kamoal (nmlionad in daapaUhaa}. Waa Adjotanl lo hl« 
r*ll IL« otwatlou* andsr BHcaUlor Raattni, tBolodlns the bcUiiim nl GUDSsn"). f^Uwalee. and Uysi 

k pnMont at Iha Alomba^b bm ItaiaBOsna oniOBUona ; at Ibo atoriu and capturo of LuckDoo.-, arlalror 

anbBeqoeDt opFratlODa In Dade (Madal wlu two Clupt). Borvod bi AdiulJiut Bud iiid iti Cniuuuuul or tb* 
Fovjanb tnraolrr (tun Dchoat Ibe DmlM^ oannalss oT ilt,^ (M(ihi1 viiili OlMp). |iirrv«d mth tb* trd KiU .„ 
Ihnlnin tbsJcnralti BRimliliou at ttf^ (miHinnBtfl tai doipUcbM, 'Jliun), Oimniiuidvd nl the rfpalw ortb* 
Btlaolloo (be Mbalarnrdan pnn mOdlober iln. Oonuiuiudiid Ibi: irdBikbtBrn.Dlr7luthoAffhaiiwnr Su ilTy-tSt 
and wa* preaint la Iba (Vaimtlou* anmnd ObboJ hi Daoambar iiSr^ iiiDludluK ^e '"'""'"'e"! of ahurporai mmbi- 
panicd 811 FrtdiTioh Bobex* ic lb* oarob to C^Ddabar, ami wh praiMBt at tha hattlg or Candahar (r«p«aMlr 
mantKieed in dvgMcbaa, CB., Uoilal tncb two Olaapa, and ItnauoPoOotaUon). 

■ ColoMi A. A.Uwai*«rtMllntbaKaBr war In i|)r^S, OtM MAiilauai Adjutant OsnerBl to Cobinial PM«M * 
and alUrwUd* w AaManl AdfntaDt Qanarml (0 Iha Traaikvi Fiild Fiirnx. mid oi>nuiu>iid«l the atUicklng «i>aiiin U 
thaactiOD al Stwin»lUiaud»uh»Biu«nt>nwgam*TO*lBtheCbloabBaudKrlKlvi'rV»lipr(iiniiitloii^odiiitl« *f a t e > *fc 
' »a!l miirrd ih0 Uhu^ al Colnial Otyn, OmamaodLBK TAuakai Fiold Ft.reo. for haifuK, with B»al»wne«t mrti 
fovAar efm pnrxia toSJIor, wboma vdtjMraral; wDundijd, by carrrlag him lo a placa of ahBllar taulttnrOj 


u mttdi viH«p/. rruuauwu iu bu uubliauuvu vuuipui; jur iwEviw ut ujia r jeiu< 

Continuation of lifoiet to Military Knightt of Windsor, 

I'Vrrr' ElBondan lencd M 81am Leon* and the QunbU from 1S36 to 1S41 1 ire* pment with tbe 
r fbro« in KlM Interior bi liyji ompZofed cm B special miMion to conTCy despatchai to HieFrsnob »E 

•Ibi ifi]Si oouuaaded tlie Inups M & AotMtlie Oambia in la^a, and whilst it nigbCpatrolllnft cautaredA 
§ m ad In tlkA Indian mntinjfUdwu mentioned in deipatahflaaahaTio^dlfltliiffnlihedhlDiMir, and for moat 

d aad ^llut ooDdoM ^nn( of Iti^, and Uedal) . 

LOodcn^ It«T Bflrred with tin Tana omployfld In tbe mpprflaaion of t^e NOffro Ininirectlon In St. Laoia in 
fliBiiiiaiirtiiiT ITiii axpodilionaiy (one emploTod againil the Natire CbleA in Sum EinKdom, Woot Oout 

dMhIn ICair ■8<i> {rooalTed the tbanka of tbeOoTSrnorand CDnncil). 

l^Mdn Abu«1 aerred with the loth Beeiraent Id Che BnClej campaign ot i84]-4<, Indadins the battls of 

■•(Kadal). Alaoin tba Mriy port of ue elege opsratioiu agalnit Mooltan in iStS, and in the aotlonof 

rB.T. Duduna awed wltl the 64th BegimeDt In tbe Panlan oampalKn of i8;6-57, iuclodinf; the ttariD 
MMB of Tioaliii ». aamndop of BaahurOi ood twmbardmenE of Uohnmrah lUedu with Claap) . Sanred In 
■BdH. "W. rim ill! m In eiiMineiliiil 111" iiiiilliij In iej7';S; present with HbtbIocIi'i Column In tbi actloiiB 
mm. Aoou. Pandoo Iladdee. Oawnnore Iwoanded). and Bllboor; ia an aOair at ShlruDOie imder 


Yeomen of the Onord. 

Bvr Xaattly'i B«dv Quard. 
(IiRiiuiiD » Burn vn. DT lEa Yub 14HJ.) 

Caplala Algernon HawUnB Thomond, Sirl^ElDtOTa, J Aug. M. 


Bh^ Oolonsl^n. WHlIun JuneaColTille,iUtaofKUtaBil|iads, II Fsb.ra. 

Lt.Coloiie1Chai]eeDa;lePaUarBon,*1Ueof loFoot, ijrsb. Ci, [14 Dot. CI, 

Colons! Kr FiKDClB Broflkman U01I07. fCf.'jBn, lUddlSHi Bagt. uul l&ta C^A. 4a T. 
Oalonel Henrf Bums,* C£, Ute of Oreiiadier OuanlB, n Nor. 7}. 
Lt.Colune1 HiDhord Oeotae BUlaon,' lute or 47 Foot, 4 Dec. Si. 
Ottrk cif lU Ckt^* ami ^td'ntast.— LLCtJonel Franola Baring.' lUe of BcoU Gnmids, ij Inns Bu. 

Z Yeomen. 
un. Cox uiil Co. 

■ OoloBaUhe Hon. WQUun ColrUle urred with (be BiSs Brigade in the Butern tnunpalKn of 1854-^5, Indndbi 
tbe battle of Altna, elees and bll of Sebutopol (Uedal witb two Clups, Breret sf lujor, KnlBht of tba I«gio> 
of Honor. Sardinian and TnrkiBb Uedale, OHd jbli Cloee of tbs Uedjldie) , 

* LtOolonel PaltorsDD eerred witbtbe iatbKegt.intbeSnaejeeiupalgnaf i845'4fi.lneladliistbe battle of Uobnai 
(Uadal) . Alea tbe Panjanb ounpoign of 1B4B-41, inBlndlng the wbofe of tba ilsge operUioiuliefan MootUJi, acHm 
Of Booijkboona, oarrying tha lielgbti before Koollan, oaptnre oftlje DovlntGota in commsudar the iwnnlu 
party, BnTrendBTof the roib«HH, and battle of QooJerat (Medal wiUi two ClaepB). Commanded three companlEi a 
(ha lothBegt. in Shaliabad wiui Ui^BTre'a field fOroe at Dilairnr, and oaptnn of JogdeaiHire, and iroa montianel 
in deapatohaB for hie gallantry {Breretof Uajor, and Medal). 

• Sir FranclB Modey Berred nnder Bit Ohorlee Hapier daring the oreratians In Bcinde in 184*. Berred with tli> 
40th RoRt. in the QwRhor oampaign. and wBaprenentatthebaulGorMaharajporc, «lh Deo. 1B43 (Bronao Star). 

' Colonel Home Herred the Eutemoamp^ni of 1854-55 with tho D5U1 Begt. including the battlea of the Auiaa 
(wonnded. hone killed under him, and njontloned In donutchea) ajid Tnlc^nnaji (eererelV wounded — ehol throiufa 
(ha (high), aiege and fall of Bebaetopol, and aorUa of a6th Ootober in oommond of the BaglDieDt 1 he iooeetdM 
to the oommaod of the Begimant at Inkeiman, and reoelTed (ba Brerel of Lt.Colonal (Medal wlt)h thrse Clain 
CB., Knight of tha Legion of Honor. 4th Olsea of the Medjldi^ and ■Torkleh Medal). 

' Xt-Cofonel ElliBoii eerred tbe Baeum oompaign of iBs4'-s5 in the 47th Begt., tnolnding tha battlea of Alaa asd 
lakermaa, capture of Dalaklava. siege of Sabutopol, and eortle on 16th Oct. (Medal with three OloBpa, Beidiutn 
BndTnrUah Uedale, and 5tb Claas of the Medjidie). 

■ Lt-Oolonel Baring aerrod Lhrongbont the Baatsni aampaignof iSu-m with the Bcoti Toaf liar Onanle, luoladiiii 
the tMittleeof Alma, Balsklara, and Inkerman (wonndedl.ilegeaiid liuDf Bebaetopol, and eortlaon tlie idth OaL, 
woonded bv grape-ihot in the Trenchea (Medal witb fbur Olaapa, Brerat of Major, Knight of tbe Legion of Hoaer, 
5th Claia of Uie Modidjia, and Tnrklih Medal). 

UlUtary EolghtB of Windsor. 

Major BoUo GillcepLo Bnralem.' late of 13 7. (Soetrnor). 
Ltjbolono^ jDBOph Bandoraon,' r.f.p. j F. 
Lt.ColDnei Fred. Farcy Lea,* late Unattaobod. 
Captain Wm. Maloney,' Quarter Maetor rotlrod pay. 
Captain jHineBM4>nz]o&,<jnarterMaator retired pay. 
Colonel William Btovone,' retired pay. 
Major JameB rownll,' r.f.p. :cn Foot. 
Captain James Bnird.'lateofSB F. 
CaptiohnAttkinBFickwDitb," Biding Maatarratiiod pay 

Colanel George do BottonbDTgli,!* CB.IatB of lae V, 
Lt.Colond Henry Fred. Sannden.u late of 64 F. 
Captain W. N. l^ett, h.p. late Indian Armr. 
Lt.Colonel George Jomae Ttot,'^ late of 4 w. India Begt. 
Captain George I.vwia DiTO Amiet," lata of ig Foot. 
Major BoberiVaugban Dickons," laio of 11 Foot. 
Colonel BoniHel Percy Lea, late of South Mayo MlUtla. 
Lt.Colonel ChnrlCB Ruwtoy PUtt," late 6 Foot. 
Captain Sir £dw. Ucut j John Moredytb, Bt. lata I7 Fog(. 

1 Major Bunlem eerred tbe campaigns of iSjS, », and 40 In AfrBhsnlatan, with the 13th Light tcfkctir, and WH 
praaont at the Btormanacaptareoi Gbntnea (Medal), aseaultand capture of the town andfortieea of Tootomdanikf 
etormof Jaali;titir. night aitaok at Baboo EooBh Ohur, dsBtnunion ofKharduj-mh, and assault of PDrwandamh. 
In 1B39 ho accompanlod t^B force Qndei 81r Bobert Bala to Oirisk, In 1G40 he, with Lieut. Btun of (be llwipl 
Ergin^rs, proocoded on a Bnrvay of tho defiles through tbe Hindoo KooBh— 3« mllea in oxtent~-to KooUum. 

■ Lt.Colonel Joeoph Soudorson served the Butlej campaign of 1845-46, including tbe battlea of FFroaaahah and 
Bobraon [Modal and ona Cloep). 

'it.Colonel F, P. I«a seryed with tha yth Begiment In tha Crimea from istl Nor. iBjitojrd Jnly igjj, indail- 
ing tho BiBee of Seliostopol andassault of the Rodan on the i8tb Juno— Bocerety wounded In the right leg and lbo( 
bv ^rape ehot ; aUo previouBly wounded in tha head and fUa in tha Tenches {Medal with Clasp, 5th Claja of tha 
Wodjidio, nnd Turklfth Modal). 

' Captoln 'William Malonpy ecrrod tbe Butloj campaign of 1G45-46 with tho Both Re^ilment, Inolading tba batthi 
or UoodkH, FoToioBhah, andSobr&on (Medal and two Cloepe), Served also in the Bnrrneee war of itst-j^ 
inoludincr the capture of Martabso, opsrniions before Bangoon and cnj^ture of Pronie (Medal with Olaap fir 
Pegu). Served in tbe Indian oampoi^ of iBsB-sj, including tho aflUrs of Hurra, Simree, Bera, Dbaondekoiih 
and Bupiiitrporc (Mcdul vritb Clasp). 

' Colonel W. Stevens served wiih t^e 49tb Begt, throushoot the operations In China (Medal), conunenolag with 
the flret t&king of Chnean and tanninating with the landing before yonkin, including theetorm and aaptoie of (be 
BoLgbta above Cnnton. atlock and oaptnro of Amoy. secnnd capture of C'hiinnn, attack and capture ofthe Bal|U 
of Chinac. occupation of Niagpo and lOpolBO of the night attack, attack auil capture of the entrenched Camp on tt* 
Heights of Bemoan, [capture of Chapoo, Woosung. Shuighae, and Chin Kiting Foo. Barved in tho Crimea iQlvt- 

Sacnt tu the Fnit nf Bcbu-inpol from gth April to the Gtb Angnst iSj6. Served at the Gold Coast fti»n Mayw 
eceiubi?r 1873 (Ashnntl Medol)- 

• Uajor Powell wiuiprcaCQl at the capture of the fortress of ICnmool in iBja. Served in tho Crimean Camnsin 
from December 1354. and organiiedandoonunandad the Sth Battalion of the Land Transport Cordis (Modal wiu 
Clasp, and TurkiBb 2iIcdiLl|. 

* Captain Baird Bcrvecl with the 41st Regiment in the Bastcm Campaign of 1B54-55, Including the Imttlce of 
Alma and Inkerp-nan. Bioge and fall of Bobsstopol (wounded gtb June), Bnrtia of afith Oct.. and assbolls of tin 
Bedan on tbe iGth June andSLh Sept. {Medal with Clasp, and TurklBb Mcilid), 

II Captain Pickworth served theEoetem campaign of iSs4-SS with tbe Clb Huturs. iDcluding tho reconoait- 
Rance to BiliBlHa, battlea of Alma, Balaklava. Inkorman, and ^a Tchenuij 11, aQhira of Bulgannk and M'Keniis'i 
FHrm, hiege and full of Sobostopol (Modal with four ClaspB, French War Medal, and Turkiah Ucdol). Served in tbs 
Indian CDni]>Higns iif T8;e-;9 and was present at the capture of Kolab, reoccnpation of Chnndorae, baltla of Kota kt 
Serai, oapEure tiFtiwalior, and action of Boordah (Madal with Cloap). 

" L'olnnel lie Hot lenbnrgh served in Canada daring (he rebellion and received the Bieret rank of Major roras> 
r/ow tiers irbllaC employinl on a pattloalar sarrloe. 

(Fer rmoiadfr ^JTala, Mi pmeiHa/ f^. 

MfM. ] 

,T1H llojal Anu. 

fe Gaards, 

•Dl»Tt.01«-"P«U.nnt- •■WlTOKl<j""B0TM,,j8,""Tll.,i.KMtl.- 


, ■• Nor. M. 

am. CtariM CaTondlili Qeofjn BrDj^ } 

{«.£«. CMwI. It Jam Si).. J 

_lr8laiaaUutoui]'ILci«Uu>n,*J>«4. ...... 



UKBrnan rot Srlo Bmlth 

Wo. ArtboT TlIlMB Hm-TrOTor 

ChvlM Kapwr Mlla^ ^ 

Ibooa* OterlM PinilBii Okilcy" 

SottfoB OuMr (KUbu Jfufir u Jao-l 

Bi), ^BAn* >) Mwtli II ; 

Owff* LlndMT lt9lf>r,L ~ 

VWiai loa.a.S-Prii!* 

^ir«Jw ., .. 

Bm. Jiom DoutM U'(>*iT4l.H«;i; 

loba aijPDiH KlAir J> H'larriy _ 


Lkiul Idmnl Bury ^ 

IHrtart HwBlllBtt B— mon .„ 

RMrar DiiTldI>j>M 

ir«iLliiir«f4 81nI(oD>ux>>*-Paaauit ... 

UMtOaona Piatt 


lain Blshard ti«mCNuraU 

(obn Alfred WDnatVtWu 

noKniiT kna 
(01 two ut.) 

' BJaaD «; 
'ii Uar. 

■« Albirl Fitttt I 

■•— • 

3t Jta. (a 

>] ApiU St 

lA Tfor, B; 

iiJlilg. BS 

7 Not. 89 

SDca. a 

■io Sept. sa 

in Oct. 

*t 9«p(. T* 

SSept, Tj 

■o Not. ts 

1 1 Sspt. i6 


1 July Bi 1 Jaljr M 

I JoJj 


•sAog. 8j 

s Due. B] 
JO Jon. it 
6 May Bj 

g M Hy B; 
31 JulT gt 
BScpt. W 

iDte. w 

■I Jul J 17 
117 Sapt. }ti 

I Jnly 
H Nov. 
>i July 

iB BopU 


■I Jul; 



ai Jul; 
I July 

ITaawiU WlnKm _ ^ _. 

«*-..» Sot. 8(1 f. J 

ll«n7AnliarOlo«« _ _ 

BXaMtr.—^oHf^ SMtOD, d Pob. >I : J/o>. £»■'. 
r ieMW.-Wtlliuii Wmk. 6 Kor. Gti s iln. Zial. 
iJfjff.— H«ttty Frmli H«n«miui,'* m JunnBo. 
[fcffi n . B iiUiB O^Lbrt* HuDllcon,i> *j Anrll ti 1 An»>. j rot). 

BwHot— AwMjri Bhig.— J^nfi, UoHn.CVn and Co. 
SttHr9*J/r9m I'ktnr*, JaHMarf i3t4t 
Uwud of Skio-ffofanw Mrrad tha Bnaaam Camtinlcn at iIk w1iI> i1i« nreniutler RiutiIh, tnolaillnit Uut 
Uktaklara, and tekprmui. luid ■log<)0<'ltobuMpii1(w«imJc<lliiltio10E In U>rTrmob«. <aO0E.,KUl 
~ lebM, Aldo A« Cwsp to llio QbMs flul Cattuiel.CJT., Muiltil wlUi fiiDr Claipi, OOlMr or Uio Lctfou 
Of Cbti Ifwlibll*^ uj Ttiricimti U*dsl| . 

JB MTTH) <rltti Art in Ufti On«M< In Uio BKypUui war of iH), ntid wm irr««»Tit In tb* 

MBtll*rlarMi4UkluUDa,lnUioiu(lonMKutMlcliBU>AQ|puI).u ihDbntUgofTol-cl-Ktblr.uid 

Bfawbuaof OUralBiWTDtaf Ll.Coleiul, UsiUI witb Rlup.anil KhgiliVK'nSUu), 

■^lUSkod Ilea. C. C. a Rjsx Mmri la tli« Wio Kiptimioii Id iSBr^] with th» Hmiy Cunal lU^imffnt, ami 
sUB tk*«aaMi«fB*iiI<atAbDKloi>.i:t<hiliM,uidBlM&>DiDeb,BiilBtIb«>UulinnlhoocrDVoyonibe iilh 
lU] mtatUotd 19 dctpalBliM, Bccrat bT Lt.Coloaal, If sdtJ irllh Iwo 0)a»pi). 
. .BOO LotAhart Mmil wUh tbo >•■ Ulb QiurilKtn l)i» Ktcrptlitn mrof iBB>. u»<1 iriu nicwnt )n tbo 
nCMnla at Kt "Tir*""* "-■——— ■■■- • — auUouiat Ehmiuiq, otUio battle of Tol Dl-Kvhlr. and nt Uio 
Mnof C^m (Uodal wtlb Caup,aiiaKliodiv»'* Slar). 
**-' Tm-Boraamd with ifao ib4 BBtUlion )lia« BriKafle Ib tbo «t«nnil pliMu ut the .Uhanii war In -tn 


tlyilirii WiTin ■nrfiiil wltbtb* iM UlsGnardalnlhoBicypliinwaror iB3i, aiid nt pmoni in the oneaxciBsiiit 
■>att<kr and MahsBOia. Is itie CwD action* at Ktiwaita. at ti» baUlo of TsI-tt'Knbir, and >t iha <nptiir« of 
I* Medal iHUi i;ia*p, and Xhtaitr'a dtat). 

CbhbIb CWIc}- ■crracl wnbtbo ■■tUifoCiuudstii Uie XnpHaB war of i BB>. and wai prvaotitln thocn^tiiniuipu 
I ]lMC<kr Bod Mah«BW. Is itie Iwo adUoua at Kaiaium, at Iha battle of Tel-ol-K(bir. and al Uir rantun of 
BpMal witk CBwp, aodia«<l!Tc'>&U.r). 

Malir BoBUULB at>l Sargrnn llnmiliOB.— for War ScTrJoeB. ■(« Utdloal DtpanmgiU. 

IT SttrcBOD WancT,— For War Scrvicca. Me Vctorluary Dopanmant, 


Slid Life OnardB. 

• ••Ta-wu-«Mma." 



Tha Royal Amu. "DirnHDia" "FiKnrBDu." " Witibloo" "KSTit, iBBi" 
DoloDil-iii-Dliitf.— Field Marebal J7>i Hoyal Uiahucu Albert Edward, JViiuci^Wiilaa and ilil>«/'Corainlk 

EO. ST. SF. aCB, GCSt. aCMO, OCIE. i-gMaySo. 
Oolood.— George Prprl,, Vitrouil TemjilctowTi,! BOB. Entla*, 'I^ April 13 y Zt. 'ag Oct. sj i Cnf*. 

»i3 Dee oS; ifuio'-, '16 June 37; if.ColiHn;, '16 April 41 ; Cofciiil, 11 Nor. 51 1 ifiyor CaursI, s60ct. (Bl 

LUitf.Gtnfral, if Mftrch 65; Gffrtcra^, 6 April jj; Cohtsl and Lifo Guardfl. 10 Oot. 76, 
Lleutiniat Colonel.— rreaericli Trenoh Tcjwnfiiond,' Ctnunuiiilinir !*■ Bfurnnf, i* Uoroli 83j COrnil. 

'4 June 61 ( £'. 'aS Jan.fiii Cafil. rg AaB.651 £rn»f JCv't. lOot. 77; Jfit/n-, 1 Jal;Bii BtM.CtliMt, 

iSKov.Ei; Zf.CalsuI,!) Jan. S; 1 CWouJ, 18 Nov, Sfi. 



Sdward Hanniii^ Hanning.Leo (B£.£f. ) 
Cnluiu!, i4Mlir. 66) ) 

DonglfLS ^ilackiniiQn Bolllie UamilUu.) 
Earl af OaMAawii^iBI.LI.CaUiiml, ii\ 
Jnne 85I ) 

Audloj UftUoa Noeld 

John AnBtratlier amlth-Cuninifhaiaei''..... 

[.IEUT.» OB 

■aj Sopt. Cs 

f 6 July 70 
Pis Fob. 71 

Antbony CbarloB Sykea Abdy 

Cborldij Freil. St.CmirAnalruthGr'ThomflaQ 

5ojt. William fipeucor Batamftn.Hflnbury" 

EoaeuiD Prepcb" 

MoontiTort Jjhn Conrtnay Loa^dd'^ 


Herbert Bcarisljrielt Naylw-Loyland .. 

William Arthor Bdward Boyd 

Hanrj- Short 

Mlclia?] JamoB HughcB .................... 

Oawrtld Henry AmcB 

RegLunld CunliHii Smith 

Rflgin&ld Artbnr Haworth Pool 

£'cri, Cecil EJ^Vnn] fiinj^lutnij Adjt, 7 3fay8B 
Thomfta, £iii-Io/LiMiKfurd 


Bdward JhineB Alacbull Lamb {Liait. i 

LiLncore, 33 ^[ftyfl3) .........,,,. 

Bir Geor^o Ralph Loi^b Horo, Baft. 

'lEOct. 6« 

33 Oct. io 

I Dw. ia 

S Pob. B7 

ig Oot. 
i£ Nov. 

'ij Fab. 71 

iS Oct. 71 
iS Oct. 71 

II Fob. 
38 Oflt. 
13 Jano 
aq Nov. 
1 July 

1 Ang. 
aq Nov. 

1 July 
31 Oct. 



a Oct. 



iC Hot. tj 
II Jan. t] 
i4Eept. >I 

36 Itis Tfi 
10 April j8 
1 J April 81 

10 April 83 

»SNov. 83 
la Jan. ii 
ar Jan. S5 
14 Sept. B7 
14 Mar. 

■ Dootor Hamo-apiT.— ''or W" 
Si>rTicfl3. BOD Mfldical Dcpartmflat. 

H Volonntiry Surtycon Jonw.*" 
For War Burviaoa, taa TctcniuUT 

Aleemoii Francis Hqlford For^fnaqn -.| aa Ang. BB- 

Ridinj 2Itc*ltr. — Charlui Henry Bnrl, 3 June Hi i Huh- Lifitt. 

Qiti^rter Miu/jr.— Tbomna Go^r^e EntwiellD, 13 Oct. flfi; lltm^ JAcnt. 
Surgeon Miijar. — GoorKG Freiinrick Hnme-apry," MU. 5 Mn-y 76. 
Swgrnu. — i'ercy Gordon Raifitoolc Yonni?. 13 Oct- 80 ; SitrffMn, 3 Feb, j8, 
Vtterintiry Sicr^MH, — Alfrod Adrian Jones," 16 May 08, 

ScurlBL— Fjripij* Blut. — Afiinlr, Mcaais. Cos aod CO. 
Rrtnrne'iyrfrtt Fmnce, Fflrrunrj/ iBiC. 
■IiDidTempletown Barred throsgliDat the Eastern sampalfpi of iBu, and ontll tIarchi8;5.1noamiiiaiidD[tha 
iBIBUtAllon of'oldstToamGiisrdBipreeoDtatthB battle or the Alma [mvnlioned in despstchea), battle of Inker- 
man, Locommandof the Brigade or GuardB.Tvbich be brought oat oraotionCwoonded, and horBflldlled)ianbBcqneiillj 
in command of tbo lat BiviAlon; alao pretiont at the Biej^e of Sebaatopol (Uedal vritb three OlaBpa* CA.,OJlev 
of tbe Legion oF Honor, 3rd CIiub of the Medjidie, and Torkieli Iledal). 

' Colonel Townfihend Horved Avitb tbo and Life Guards in the Egyptian war of iBSi, and wa- pnnont In tha 
engagomentB at til Magfar and Mahsamn, in tbe action at Kaflaaalii on the aStb Anguat — irounded (Broral tf 
LtrColoneU ^leiliil. 4th CLn^a of the Oaniniiieb. and Kbodive'e Star). 

" Lord DuudouiLL acrvad ^'itb tbo Nile Eipedilion in 1834-85 in command of the and Life Goarda detaohiMDt 
of the Camol Corn^L carried the doBpntchei:! to Sort! annonncing the aeiiaro of ^e Oakdtil wella^ oommandid 
the traimpiirt and baggagd of the Desert Oolumn nndor Bir Herbert Gtowart Ln the advance to UeUtnu&Aj 
was preeont at the action of Abn Kloa and in the engagoment at Gnbatj aoted an f^ide to ibn ooliTDn 
wblcb left Qubat on the evenings of aird January end ist Fobraaiy. and also to tbe relnforoemeata (a Am 
Sleai carried the ileBpatcbeB from Gubat announcing; tbe fall of Khartoum (mentioned tn d«patchea,Bmt( 
of Lient.ColoncI, Modal with two Claeps, and Ehedive'a Btar]. 

10 Captain i^mith.CuuinL-home served with the and Life Guarda In tbo Egyptian war of iBBa, and wae pnaottli 
the two actions at KaBBBSiannd at the battle of TeVel-Keliir (Medal with CUap. and Ehedivo'B Btar). 

" Lieut. Alxly served with the and Life Guarda in the Egyptian war of i88i, and waapreeentlntbeeiKagaaMnta 
at El Mu^for and Mahsama, in the two acUona at KaBsoem, and at tbe battle of Tel-^l.Kebir (Medal vltE Olup^ 
and Khedive's Star). 

!■ Oaptoin Hon. W. 3. Bateman-Hanbury aervod with the and Life Guarda in tbo Egyptian war of iBSa^ and vai 
preoent in the ongagcmenle at El Magfar and Ma h ea m a, in the two aotlona at Kaesaein, and at the babLle of Tat 
el-Keliir (Mi^dal with Clasp, and Khedive's Btar). 

■> Captain French served with the and Life Guards in the Egyptian war of i£Ba, and was present Ln the nnjTMi 
ments at El Mngfor and UahBama, in the action al g"»""" (iBth Anguat), and at the battle of Tel-^-Kabir 
(Medat with Clasp^ and Kbedive'e Star). 

u Captain Loiig^cld eorvcd in tbe Nile Expedition In 1984-63 witb the atid Lilb Goarda deinchment ot UvCUmI 
Corps (Medal with Clntp, and Khedive's Btat). 

■*•**'«*■ J Royal Horae Guards. i35l 

L»w»rTCw "'^ Buj-dl Atm«. '■I>rtii<iu" " FiTTirfci.." ■■W»inioo"'"EortT, i!8i" "Tkl-«i-K«»i»." 

xu, Ar Af. Gca. acii.acMo. iIctK. t^UiLyto. 

(>r'. 14 Ukr »j nt.U^or.-ri AlJtil tt; Mnjnr, t;Jaiuit5i £f.Cr.Ol2gil>', 3 Ajiril l<il ('>I(i>l''{, > Aiw. 

SI If.Odnil. ig AU' }■; Vj|»i-Oni«rnI. jl Not. mi i.(.U"HAii, mOoI. Sj; anira!, 19NWV. ;oj J^U 
nvU, 14 Jgs* Jit £Wflu( Hcgrsl IIOTH (iunnto, ,; l)tu U. 
l iiwl f« 11 1 IMntL—tltm. OUiaf OtoraB FowIcLt Mbutngu.* CVuioiwtiu (ti KHiamr. i July 3t 1 Omaif, 
'. Jaljfiii 14. » Hm.Ut OM.'^ JdIt jo; Koi". ' Jaly *' i Bl."-C"i""»(. -a Nov. Sij Zf.Oilo"'. 
■•Jiu..6ii(W«.I,.gSor.t*r^ ^'- "^ ■ 


'.^Frf^' •« •^- *ri - - J 

^ CaniHannAitbai'OKmSomtnect 

„ i>*n riaMan UrMUttiimt^ „ 


_ Kmrsfi«onraBuunondlUi«rtBy 

„ , An. Ui»«l huoM " 
_ ChukB - 

«•! rnaoM (loonr* BjrDjc 

_ F w Ji U Bt 'Chwlw Baiekliunl-CoiLiiaiiia ' ■■■ 

_ UmrcD, <«rf Uteniiii:" 

_ <krJ«i>aCkri>lopIiarWmi>ii^tqr,»jB«. 

•iA ,^r%lMlfttt CombB'-'r_.,,,.,„., ,.„,..„.. ,..^„ 

_ TlMcr Joha rtr^Bi renroNo. ^ilyiitaaf ) 

I anpLla .._ S 

_ JHUb Jo&a Xawton Kp(dgr „ ......1 

I LlSV»BlBT>. 

_ J mW BMW. , 

_ 'UvaMOMm, lanf Skolmrntlalii ......... 

_ On«»«7iij4d«tU«orciiWUllaia> 

— gwiy Tlwun* ftawick 

_ ilrWw Inimlliw T\ 

_ Mmtm ChMMf WOKin ' 

_ ChntMBydaTUttn* 

(WOhad rrancta Klowilo , 

cauriT OH I 
•*» 1.1 ICI. I 

'ji Jul? tif'ifAag. II 
I Dee. T4 

■9 Juno j9 

■tApvU 9a 
II BopC So 
*iDct, lo 

_ ,OHaK«cli>itM Wanrwanli'PluWIllLitiu . 
Edwyn bnrAabjr ->...,...,.. 

tj Apr. Bo 

3»0T. 81 
Har m] 

ifUjir. SS 

ijAprtl ' 

( Bopt. I 

9SC^. Ba 

6 Apr. Si 
II Ajir. 
iB Unir 

I July 


1) Am, 

II Mnr. 

I July 

1 1 SopU js 

8 Dm. 71 

itViiK is 

IS Apr. Si 

14 May 8f 

iJuiy Sf 

tUu. u 

ijJoBO 3j 

I Ja)r 81 

, fi rj i I ' I — T i Bi 

iraOW.-IIabart W(Ir, II April Bi i B«f. lUfl. 
Vailir.— Wyiidhuobnik«.)eFeli-«1j O^n. Lirtil. 

v— lliihiholi mtdrloti I^wniu Mctlwloit.i* Vn. 

M SUTciuOD ForTC«t«r. i3 Feb. Gj : Sniytuit, sa Sept. j^, 
7 AiToa.— Qm Htubnri," i Aik. B;. 

niiM — Pattifi Sonrlnt,— .<yrii<>. Ueurn, Coi anil 00> 
B*luntril/rom Pfivpf^ i /*#Ar4i'ify i3i6f 

, hMek OraBl aarrad n Dtpntr AilJuUiiil (tsiiuciil wilb. UiD -limy dF (Imliar In il4}-i4 (ounliostil In 
^■Mbaa, lirvTM e< Hidsr. BrauM Star], tttuivj mmpugn at liti-t^ u A'UuUiiit acnumf— nrlee aarartiy 
■MM*«w«*>7i>oaBd*ilfrTST*fi»a)ii>tUiraiu;b (bewmandntiuliEC-ball in left bivuit, niiil IiL.natkTtaUnntUM 
^■rftfa (mia»lgJl»BMBlbniHnfl«tialehta.8[«TrtBfI*.CPtonol. Cff.. MoiLiI :i::<! ilt-n-. i'hu[i*). Pai^Mlieui^ 

Kef iB4t-(« ru AiUiaaiii C«n«nl [nintlonad In iia>iiiitcti«k Aiilf ilo Camp t 1 . v, iiMireirgtor CCi]dii*I, 

wtUttwoVStt^. »9oMlMMK«lil>tasgaul(haAlhbanUlltTlbi»1ri . .: mIHiOIud). 

■Otii^l Hua. O. O. P. Moujn Mrrad «tlb (bo Boyal Boru Ooudi in 1 ' war or iKi, and wa« 

.MMtttitbaaiiKitawBaiitaatZlKMniiaiMl Mabta na -audin Iba KLioii at Kjuxhiii <i:< Ui-i v^Ox Aniriuc (Sttrai 
tf UXMiaa:, Knlat. and KhMtn-a Sua). 

* iMd Ankiif SoDunvl (Birad wiUi Ut« Xilo KnKdliioa in iBJi-S}, atd waa jiroicnl ^ the actluiia at Abu H3m 
bI n BnliW allrtilJy wogndot (IMal frIUi tw« CImchl ftnd Kbodivc** 8Mrt. 

■ M^ior tiro«lilaliimt aarvad wtth tbe Bi^yal lloiw Uuard* Id tba EayiiUui war of iMi, nnd urns pnacm £0 
M «anwirid«n«a M KlHa^hr Md W^amia.tii IM ni« acHou ol Kuaaalii, and at Uia baltio of TtI->l'ICabfr 
■•W «t>b ClaB(k BEd KMlTtfa Slv). Sarfol irilli Uw ITlIo SiiMJiUoa lb iSSi-Ej Eix CbnrKV of (ho Rcmotuit 
MaKawuMuad Id daapMcbw. Draivl of Mi^or, Cluji). 

* OBptKla S«I«y> acrrod wMb Iba Bojat Hone tiLunla In thg ligyrllaa war of iSBi, an<l iru piouot iu tha 
■IMawiiit ac ta Uasbr (M*dal.BBd Kbodlv*-* &U1I. 

■JZMtfBIBnlaaa«T««d«ltb(baILer*lBara«aaantaii>Uia Kuyiittan war of 18B1. andwiu jiiiunni in tlio Mtion 
aatfn OD Um «Ui KapMnbtr ud aC Iba battls of Tol-tn-KoIiir (MuLlal wlih Clup. noil KtiMlir«'a Bui). 

Islba Mila BipedlUoD Is itti-ttwIUi Ibc Beary UuuelCilrpt, and naa pmsm at UiD iMlionn at Aim KlM 

Ua Kfi*6«» Cue*)- 

■rJatei WlllO««bf«aMT*dwIlblha KonlUortoGsarilalatbnliKyptiaiiHtiof iHi, iml wupraiCDllstba 
m KiMaaalnon ibatMfcStplisiabcraodatUicbaula of Til-o1.KoW|M<Htal wltb riup. and KbeOira'agCM'l. 
Mik IhaHll* KipHlUaBiD tl84.4tunTrai»porl duty (mcnuoaeil is dcapaMliCi, Clut>}. 

__HMBllaiorldallHlair.— r«rWari«mc««, ■«« Mnilicnl HULir. 

* fmmumj 8ars*on MaMkm^—Viot War B«7lM>. *c« Vvtoruiary Utpattmont. 




^U Rair 
Put. Piy, 

l8t(r7ieK"tiij'«) Dragoon Guards. 

I Dspol, Otata 

The King's Cypher within Uia Oortar. ■' BtisnmiH" "RiMittim" "OODiiiiin" "ILu-iJ 

OoloBol.— Jnmoi Rolwrt aiondmnn Saj-or.i CB, Cornil, '13 May 45 1 f . '3' Miircb »B j Cifi*. 'ai 1 
aTiyor, '6 Feb. S7 ; K.CodjiMi, ""ii Oct. 59; Colon/I, aiOct. 6,1 Major Otntral, fi Foil. 70; titX. ' 

LI»ut«nMitOolonol.— GoorgoVBrnonOoliiiiinKttpier, CDnnioiiJ(iisW(H«iiMM(,9 Dao. 87; Cor««(,"^aaK 
Xi. P^ Agg. (54 i Oifi!, '17 Nov. 69; Jfq/oj-, liuiy Bii LitvtmnnlOolonrl.i Hot, 84^ Ccfami, « Ho 

P flJulj 

8 Feb. 


14 .Inii. 

14 Ang. B: 
EjMay 7B 
39 J»a. 8 : 

HoniT Percy Donfjlna WlUan" _ 

Hamiiton CamDbcU Votoh 

p.f.e. ItinhnrJCbar-lQqncrnBTdliflwrflnDa^, ) 

Slaliaa Stuff Qglcrr, Bengal... J 

Augnstu'* Ciim|)l)ell Kponccr* .................. 

Kobort ThomuAGnLTeH Lowry< „,....„..,.., 

Roberl Hbdtt Hnrdy 

Williflm aicbnrd Ooold-AdftmB",...,.,., ........ 

John ricaiift MoTicar ,....,......-..-., 

eorge IVentwortb Forbes" Adimlatili 

Mantgomirv Yfovwiiry GtvalrJ J 

Juhn Snltren Willett" 

John Edivurrl Uen bow, ...... ,..„„.....,.,.. 

Henrj Loo PeDnoU... 

Prnncifl Edward Younffhimbatid 

AJfVed Hamilton JifackenBia Edwards,) 

AiliKtaul 1.; DifcSs j 

William ileiiry Birkbock....... ..„...,....., 

CharlpB LofliiB BaUs _ 

Jobn Flint 

Arthur GraQt CroBae ..,„.... 

Cbarlofl Jamofl Br^gtn 

Frorlurick Courlfnny Lougnet HnlWn 

Hu^h de CroHplgny E^tEnood 

Arcbur Cecil Baniillaa Bmltliett 

aienart Bogle amilh 

ATthor Cliurlos Malletun WaMrfleld 

WiUinm Knrl Scharlieb 

FranoiH Cburoblll Quicke 

John Anilmrd Boll'Smytb...... 

John Byrne JobnBon ,,....,....,..,.,...,.„,..,.,.. 
GwjTinoddCoDw ay-QordoQ,. ..................... 

aeptimnn rrcdcriclt Leggo 

PayniarUr. — 

aidinu jtfiHftf.-^GeoraoMatthBWB, B Feb, Si; ffoH. Zind. 

Q«ar(rra(iwt«r.— JoMiO'DODrcll. ■.•7 l-\ij ;^ - Ifoii r.Tjfaln, 37 Feb. S5. 


S Feb. 

S Fob. 

ST Deo. 

4 Apr. 
a J Ang. 
10 MoV. 



11 Fob. 


33 Uar. 

38 Oct. 
30 Not. 
17 Aqr. 

I July 

J Feb. 
1 July 
38 Jan. 


97 JaD. 

as Ang. 
30 Jan. 
■ Jnly 
93 Ang. 
^ Jan. 

34 KOT. 
19 Abb. 
ffl Jan. 

ij Dee. 

I Jane So 
IS Mar. 79 

■4 Jan. 
1; Dec. 
Ti Jane 
4 Dec. 

4 Dec. 

I J Jnnc 8j 
■S Jan. 

18 Nor- Sa 




Boarioi— J'ocMiof Blno.— ^jwau, Maaera. Ooi Bud Oo. 

1 Lienu GBDsnl Bayer nrred irith tlie iM Dmgomi Gnordi In the Crimean oampalgD trom iSCh An 
iBCtDdlng the BleReandbll of Sabaatopol lUedal with Olaap, and Tarkish liIedBl). Oommuided the Bagl 
ObiuthronghoaCtheesmp^gn of iBllo, inolodlne tbeaotlonof BInho, andthOM of the iBthand aiiCSep 
ajao ihetoirendeT of Pekin (mentioned Id despaichee, CB., Uedalwlth iwoOlupa). 

■ XtjaT Willas, Captaina Lowry and Qoold-Adoma Bsrred with tbe Sinift Dragoos Qnarda in the Znh 
ilja [Bedal with Olaep). 

• Major Spoioei aerred with (he NUe EipedltiaQ In iBS4-8( with the HeaTT Carnal B^itmeBt (Medal wit 
and Shedlie Stu). 

■ Uajor I«wTenaa aened in the Bgyptitui war of iBSa (mentioned la dsepatchM, Bmet of Jl^or, Ml 
Claea ol the Uediidle, anil Khadire'a iStar) . 

u Oaptahi Forbes eerrcd In the Znln war in 1S79, and waa praaaot in the eaireliT iifiUr at EnanRaysnni 

enguiDiaDt at ninndi (Medal with Olaap). _ ... 

"OaptalnWillattaaned In IhaZnlQ war of 1S79 with Che Field Forceln Natal and CheTnniTB&l (Medal vltt 




and Dragoon Gaarda (Queon'a Bay§). 

Tbe lljjnl ir^pbot wJiLin ilw OnrWr. *' I.DOinow.'* 

SwHii, 'jj Foil. jSt Z/. II JnnB 

■*■ IJPC, t^ 1 iH^^vr. o UB. H i i4«.t«10lll I OWmI, % KtlV. JS, tVlsarl, 9 Nov. l-^, 

, Lm4. Onmd, i Ocl-ir i Otrfnl-jOtA.Ui CdIomI tnil DniKOon GqopIs, n Duc.'ii. 
UaMMkrt Otiaaal.— PotMr Oonllffo Lisiir Kny, iln.1. jo Due. 71; Cap*. ^ 


Winim Bom Wjsiuf ... . 

U.O>)»>il,it Adh. II. 


IWMfr* r>MU*ry CteHlfT J 

SricMu fllOlkr* - - - 

BwOCkrt ..,.~ ., — I 

rradctldi Uordsc-UKkaniig, A^fmtamll 

g«iMnij-i r— ■'I' Cii— j'T ,. > 

IAsti«al<laT<tf T>U«rHlI- .^ ^ 

OBliiMn mUscloo Iitinuii, OdHisM> 

WnOipnilK«f .. _ J 

Kicfauil A Mnnckr ac4U. ^WdBl O V<ri- ) 

(tan r««»— ry Uiiahr .. — ,.._ _.,../ 

Q«aTm Bmliim PimUd „ 

Chpea &aX7 PnMon 

Dm»* ■'nMOH DookIm ■* , 

Immm M<mrd IVnr," ^«M«( aj Apr. E; 


irOkSa Kirk. -.^ -.. 

Ii^ UbHMlBB AppoM Ansiloa 

TalaMiMOMrsaWhiiUu ,.,„... 

VflUam UDnler r«M« „ 


Ctarta* Kmidal Baths" „.„ 

MiMM B«tiMUon OoTdoD 

■iMrtM nuOtnil^ 

lamm O-lUn ...^ 

a«btniriUMDi WIltvrfttrM „.. 

faha WBUua WblUa 


imiMi AiMuador Cnwrcira CoDkbnm 

_ llBoU Piatt STkM- 

lotanOtoKtu Maneo 

•met IManrnh ijlm 

twim IfukrtrM Bayih 

Itmtt LoallD AHuadtr 



►jFdD. U 

'»Do«. tg 

■0 April 7il 

it J1UI- Jq 

iiJana ;j 

3 Jitnfl 87 

■ 4 Sppt. B? 

■lUiir. Si 
JsFel). as 
>i Aog. eit 
>9 8e[il. eS 

"n Aug. r-) 

I Dm. 74 

>S Oat. 7] 

«Aus. rs 

I J Aug. ;« 

ijJoljr 7« 

it Apr. 70 

1 July JO 

I Jul;' 

1 JUI7 

v9July Kj 

$ J(i1)iU Gi 

> Ang, Bi 

I) Aug. 83 

6KKf H 

6 May i; 

leUu-. )] 

03 Aug. S, 

nj Nov. §s 

15 Nov- as 

30 Jan. 16 

ID Usr. 86 

>7 Ocl. « 


8 Jun. 77 

I Dec. Ed 

iF«t). Si 

■ 1 (MW 8i 

11 July ti 
3 Doc. ai 

i> Juaa 35 

I Jbb. St 

» Jan. Stf 

acijno, 8A 

10 July aj 

ia J uly B7 

I Jajin ^ 

•] July 88 

Bilcpt. 8i 

Jon078; Uijiir, 10 July 



•I July 


UAHjiMff.-RoirT Asilrfi^v FiuKi"'*. ^3 JalyM; JTm. lAnI 
Qaarfir JfaMir.— ynnk UnniLll/iii (.'liiirur4. i(>(j^87; Bon. tA4vr 


jri BufT.— ..^Hiilf.Ueun. Cox uiil 
•iartrtfir Mia, •> Jf^. iGSl. 


'Mr Cliarica VkUnv Mrrtd Uw Kn«t«rti oamcatgiief iSji M Aids ileCunpU ilic Eul Qf Ijuud, InotarNnK tbo 
HBlBBf Alsia, B*lAUt«, uid Inktrauo. loil tiOM of Sebuuipal ; wu tlu Bt thu oavulty aShtT tho day i>rflvl<nu 
laAltiat at tlia *Brpriaa of Ifaa Raiaiaa ciaar-iruant at U'Kvo'iff n Farm j aail sorved aaa vnlnalpfcr rjn li»iinl 
ULB. Sifl(F<iitv« M lb* beotlnriLBiral of Stbanopo) on Uio i)ili OotobM' (Uedal wiUi (bnr Clasp*, jih <'1>>» nt 
-' I Maia Jla. anil Tartiib Medal), Btrnd in ilus flsid is IdOIb In iljo. trtt iu coiumuia of a ?<cl>i Foioo at 
aamlaOad*, ii«ari>liiebp1iirc«hadstuilcil Ibi ccliutin.-i ijlh April, and afLBrvrnrilii to noniRuiDfl ufilifrCalomn 
~ I aoeoniM>tilo>l HIr Hen Onuit Wtho MeniiLl rirmUfr. Including Oin ncunn of Iho Jovah I'm* lU^dal). 
wmdlsCkCna (farODBliinilloniiiipalciiC'f iloo aa AhIiuhI (jr. Muicr Gonoralof Cavalry, aad «u fTTicnt ni 
IliniHliw irf iNa RlkAainM, illbuidtiMBanlembcr.aBil in tlie uilriucc ou ['akin (Cil.,UMBlirlIblTiL. •7luia]. 
■livMI la tlM mapalsm or 1U6 IS Dolianitii and Morsvia aa tInUi-h UlliuuTUammlHlaDirMllia HfnilQumUn 
<IM Hariiwl rnariiB Ara; oiidBT 1I.B.H. Ibc Ctom rrlnttr. and na pRwnt at tbo liutlcl of Kocliixl aoil 
~ ' sOMal)' ThaoMlCaaaaofUMBnt Sula wlih ewnnUoObred toUm IiyUiaICIti||OfPnu*Ub«in* 

(Mm anantlBs by •iltttsK r■nbuiu□^, but harisi nocuirtd pamladoD to aoo^ and wNir ttia 1M6 

. Il waa rorwaraail to tdm dlrMUy by Ibo XIdb or ITuiata, vteamBanled by nn nntOKTapb 1«tt*r frnn HIa 

••nwt ihieuit^Di iho Pranoo-Otrmiui mr in 187771 aa Bailah UlllUiry GijuimiitttiiiM it 'be Uoad 

~ " CrOAo rriuca of Pnnuin. ilejU itiu {Trrfbimiat Uju Latdo'OI' 

.. inr<«ttMnt of rarl", anil rocclrod tbo permUWiin of Bar 

UiiMly toaenptaMwaarllialnin Crota. and tbo Mtdal Rnuiu J at tba torcoioMiOD of (bo CBnipiiiKD. 
•itdiir Wpitar Mam) In Um Biwr «r cr i83t. 

* Mijiff flailllfmnmil inth tlir Kibe's DmKoon tltinnln in thn Zulu wnr of it)#, In Ibo ■tDDdKin undn-^Uajor 
Mmv, liwlBflAU tha earairy aAlr at Knongnyan {Mclal wltt;C]n«i«J. 

.' rfc[lllill TaUcraalJ nrrol la Uio BKyrt"U> "lir or iSSt witli Ibo Army SlKnalUna Corpt (Mndul. jlb Clnia 

isti with tba 71b Dncoon OnardiMitrolantnii.nndTiui praHOt 
'hf '— TTiTTT rl Kaiiinatn. inil i>l the balUoof Tcl^l-Kcbli and 

, ...... . iflUrl. 

> ^'tttahi Dv<nr trrtad m th* Suuilaa eampauni '" >^S ■* Oriloily Ciin«r 10 Urlevdlar tionnmt Emut, Con- 

-■lij I-- 1 Ckti-aUy BrWada CUadal mtb Otoap. and KIiwIItc'b Siu). 

• liMi. Ra Ab urvsd lA Ue Hila KcptdtUon In i<J4-ls witb Uic i*t Daiuliou of tbe Oonlon UlKblDTiilon aad 
atftlW River OoIobs andur Ua>s>T Qaocral BaHs (Uodal wtih Claap, and Kbudl-u'ii fiui). 

"UagL V. <1. Wbllla (trrad In Iha Enpliui iruet lUi oi MidllilpBuin on h<:iuil H.ll.S. SttlaK. noil «u pl*> 
— lHha tnr t-a rf fir"' od tlwAlnaacuiaiiFBilai aNanmd* landad Mth tbo Naiul Mtigada {Sdadnl viiUiCla^la 


> of U» ltd CtrmaE Army sndct H.B.H. lli< Croio I 
lIioik, won^ a>i IMdan, aad (hronRhout ibo inrmtn 
to aacaptaaa waar Ilia win Crota. and tbo Modal enui 

tfttt baSildl*. «d Kh^m'a Star). 
■ OMEOwtaaOKTod In U» Kasbanwaiof iMi 

hfcSiMwiiiiiiiTrl' *'l"-|]t ■•*'-■- -• tbo I 

«N**ACM^lIedal tlUi CI*Mi> ud Kbtdln-i flUr> 



3rd (The Prinee of Walai') Dn^oon GitanlB. 







Oolonol.— WHliiini Henry SBynjonr • CB, Stiigii, ' 

Mny sfii i(. CoI*ii(^, T July ^'m Coltnul, 7 July 6.11 Ifajor dfli#raf, 94 D«0' 

Gffl^^c^^, 1 Jan. S^i Cotonri ^;]-dDraffoon Gtiarda, 2 Nov. 83. 
LienEaDHDt CvlDaeL— John Diivieon^ Comwtandinjf tkt Sfsittant, 94 Not* 86: Conrf, ^i> Msr. 611 U. 

Fnb. 65 ; Capl. 'is Jan. 71 1 Jfitfor, 1 Jnly Bi ; Ll.Caloitt, aj Sn?. 81 ; CoUnut, 14 Nov. SG. 

The Priaco'e Ditnie. The Oiling Snnuid Bed DniKOn. 

BLiisua " " RuDLUM " " Ooimu 
ALiiTHia^" "Tmaiu" "Piaoraou." "Anuixu." 


Ernie Kerr AmiBtl Burnoj I 

\1lniilnTJUing06\a, Adjtaaal ftmirlikt'l 

Yfr>nanty Cavalry ....,--....,,) 

Grevillo EwinK M OloUon 

UBkberland YwmaJiiy Cavilry ^■.— ..-^ > 

jDlin Edward FiuiQunricBHagbeaBoelie 

WillLaEEL Uiitclilrir^'^n Hilla« --,-,-^^-.-. 

Willlnni Fred(!rick PooT* ^ .,-...^. 

C^jirlc^ ilerliL'r-t FarqtUiBl-Bon .— ^....^ 

Raljnrl Uctillsy ToM 

Fri?(]oriok fitpvflnfl Dimiiiid.,. .,.....„. 

Edmund Doitouifh John O'BncQ^ -'.'-'-■— 

John Lawrence AlBxandor -^.. .-..,-.. — 

Herlfcn Mercer .-, ,..,-., ". 

f.Uiv-e Skcuu Keith 

Roltert Jo^Q Spiirrflll .„.-„-.., — ■— ,- 

Aclnnd Alfred Gordkin And DHon.. .......... 

Eichard Godfrey Dyean -....'...'.. 

ChnrlctiLeDTLJLrd Cottou ,,..-,,-....-...-..— 
Huiir-y OhATlBH Edwo-rdn ..^,........ ............ 

IVoUei Trijfgs,' Jiijtlaal, 6 July 87 

John BamiltnoMm-tiQ' 

Chorisg In^lifl 8calt - 

QerbcTt Arthur LaTone ...,.^^.„^.— -.- 


Bin LTmuT- 

I'jB Oct. 63 
'at ll&y ;d 


Edward Mury JoBoph MoiyneiiK - 

Andrew BdIIcw N'olan 

DouLjiB*<AlcxJindoT Gordon AndonoQ 

Hciir;- Artbor Lanfl ,.,,,..,. ...,....- 

I'oniei'tiy 11 oIlAnd. Prior ...-....-.., 

WilUani Eyhort Eohortaon 

'10A.D1C. 70 

13 Aug. 74 

14 Jan. So 

II Aug. 80 
II Uay 78 

J Fsb. 87 
5 Feb, 87 
II Feb. 87 
14 Sept. B7 
ifi Nov. 87 
37 Jane 


I'yj J one 
'is Fob. 

14 Feb. 

>S Oct. 

1 1 Feb. 
31 Oct. 
f 7 Jus. 
30 An It. 
J I 8b Lib. 
I July 
iS Aug. 

30 Jau. 
3 July 
!] Aug. 
ro M!a.y 

7 Fob. 
30 Jan. 
37 Mar. 

6 Fob. 

8 Bee, 
17 Feb. 

«9' 31 Oct 74 

;il 6Peb. J9 

74! I July Si 

7ii 16 Ha; n 

Bol 9] Sept. 84 

io^ n July 8s 

81I 19 Jan. 87 


Fab. 87 

13 Feb. 87 

ag Not. 84 

7 May 87 

17 Jan. 87 


14 Not. 

4 Deo. 

II Dec. 

as ... Parmailtr. — Jamoa Stairt, 31 Deo. 70 1 Cor. '16 Apr. 64; JA, '91 Harsh S8 1 Capf. ig Jan. 761 JTan. Iti 
14 ... Siiins ifoMtir.—J'iba a(i.rNliiill7 97 Feb, 75: Hon. Oatai*, i-j Vtb. Bf. [31 Deo, 

fi ... tittarttr Matttr^—'Thiijna^ lirrivm, 3aMoT. 8t ; Bom.MUt. 

Bcarlet— .Fofjafi YbUow. — Agmit, Ueaara. HapUnaan and Sons. 
SihiTiudfTiim AtfHi*ia awl Imdia, Junt 1868. Xiiibtktcl/Or luiia, 10 Oe(, 1884. 

> Oeneial Vf. H. Seymoor Berred willi the 6B11) Light Innuiti; dming the Crimsaa camiwlgn of i8;i 
tnoludiofl tho battloa of Alma, Balaklava. and Inkerman, and eiege of Sohaetopol (MedaJ witb four Claapaj 
Turkiah Medal). Accompanied the and Dragoon Guardi to India, ami eeryed In the Indian Untiny oampalKl 
16J8-50, inclnding the action ot NuSBerntpore, niEfX and capture of Lnokaovr (Qbargor woanded), and anbeoiii 
epervliona, action of Kanabgnnge (in command of three aquadrons ^f iho Hegiinent), and rooconpatlno ofFyaa' 
Commanded the Bays throughout tho Oode campaign, inclnding the action ot Jamol wounded). aaaaulCand, 
tore of Birwalf, and TranA-Qogra affairB at Bongaun (Gazetted BreveLMi^oroa 90th July 185^, fieqnently mentll 
indsapatcheB, Medal with Claep, and CB.}. 

Padkao Bhana [menUoned In Brigadier Genera] PalliBBr'B deapatob). Was attached to the i5(h Sikha ai a VDluo 
In Uia march from Cabul to CandatiaT under Blr Frederick Roberts, and wu engaged In the reeonnaissasoe on 
^lat Aoguat and in tbe battle of Candabar (Medal with Clasp, and Bronce Decoration^ 

> Liaut, TrlggB Berycd in tho Afghan war In 1879-60 (Medal). 

' Jjieut. J, 11. Martin eorved in tbe Egyptian war of :8Si {Modal, and KhediTe'B Star). 

^ Captain Marahall eeryed with the ^tU Lancers m the Afghan war of 1878-80, and was prcaent at the Bilk 
SiahBung and in the operailooB amand Cabul In Doccmber 1879 IMedal with Olasp). 

4th (Eoyai Irish) Dragoon Onards. 



Ht. P»I. 

Tlia BirpudCmwn, »nath»8t«irf 8t.P»triok niUi elia laotto" Q^iMnpanOUt" "Pi»iFBOii" 

"BiUKtiTi" "Biyhiopol" ''Kom, iSBa " "T»t-»i-KMi»." 

I>alauL—«irKdwud Cooper HodKe,' OCB. Com**, 3 Aug, 96; i(. 'iJuIyjS; Cmi. '.o D«i. 34 ; ITofW, 

'3D». ti:£t.Cb(<mr<,'3 Oct, 4B; Co'.tmtt.ii Not. 54i Major antral, lo JB>. 63; U.QncraJ. « Oct 

Jl; OtMroJ. 1 Out. ?i ; CoJoml jth Dracunn nimril. fi tan .. 

tmt, 7 Uarcli SS ; Conul, 'is laxta Ss i 
;. Li. Oami, 34 July Bo j Kb^, i iwj 

■3 i»e. 41; X4.CbIimr<, '3 Oct, 4B; Co.'i 

Jl; GtMroJ, 1 Out. iji Cofcu.l 4th Dtl 

UmMnMt Caloml.— Sngh M'Cilmont,* CB. Commniidin 

)on Quftrila, 6 Jan. 74, 
?. Gjmwtajidvtg tkt Segim, 

Si: Ctlmttl, ij JnneBj; Zt. CWomI, ; Ufty Bfi. 


Charles Henry Onrrey 

Henry Emesi BaskBrrille Walton' . 
Philip Kavaaa^h Dojua. ....... ,..,„.. 


inhar Abnay 8ftndy«' 

John A^^moD Aylmet* ..„^, 

Robert L.eUeDUTier WaJaxigiibj^Aiyutamt \ 

LaHciikirt Unman TmnHrJ J 

John Williani Dent 

Cbarlee SkiiuieT Daniuy Oldham Oldham... 

'John Orr-Kwing' ..., 

Chuln Michael Bdinwarth Brinklsy . 
Franc i» Blaynay Loom ^oodwright ..... 


Charles Henry Wynne Dsaavta,''' Armg 

StrcvfB Corjft., 

Baldwin Johu 81. George 

Gerald Barrell Oeaoh, Jdinlanl, 13 Apr. St 

EilTBrdSkellonGleaiSow ......'.. 

VVilCiam Fmacia Tremayne ....„..„» . .. 

laiiVBrd Wilson Dawea 

Won. WilliBOi WrotWsley. 

Robert Wilion Morley 

John Mcdlieou Vereker'i 

William Bmeat ParlclnBOn ,..-.,..„..„...,.. 

I BicoBD LmmijrTa. 

iHonry Bead Darley 

[Cecil Wnterhooae Keimard 

) G ge Sidney Bheppard 

confrnt ok 


II May 

11 May 
14 Jnn. 
14 t'oiL. 

iS May Bj 

14 Mar- 

S Deo. 
?9 Dec 

P 5 Jan. JO 
33 Mar. ?^ 
'it Mar, 70 

13 June 74 
aS Aug. 7S 
13 April Si 

13 April Si 
13 April Bi 

1 J ply 81 
19 July B) 

a Au^. B3 

3 Ang. 

J Aug. 

I Aog. 
3B Feb. 
58 Fob. 

6 May 
J3 May 
31 Miir. 
jj Sept. 
19 Sept. 

37 Jnue 74 
10 Ang. 79 
g Feb. 83 

10 Jane 83 
jJaly Sj 

g Sept. B4 

i3 Jnn. Bs 

4 Fob. 8s 

a Jane Bfi 

7 Mar. BB 

8 May SS>. 

I Oct Bi 
aJona 86 
3 Aug. 87 

> Sir Edmird Cooper Eodge 00m- 

Bimandcd the 4th Dragoon Ooarda In 

81 the EiBicriicmiipnicii of 1854-55 i «rta 

Bj on bGiird H.M.S, Saiupartil in the 

35 naval attQc^E on Sobaetcpol 17th Oct. 

Bs 1354; niro pFoflent at tbs batttei of 

Btdaiilaya auJ Inkorman, sieg4 of 

B& Sebabtopol, nlRht-attook on Raaalan 

Sd natpnatM, ijtii Feb., and battla of 

rchoruajii, 16 Aug. iBss (Medal with 

three CGupe, cS., OlHcer of the 

Loifinn of Honiir. 3rd Clase of the 

Ua[]Jidie, and Tarkiab Medal). 

iP<in<urtr.~Janiea F. Ohisholm-Batten, 6 June Si i Btu. '34 Mot. £91 Z(. 18 Oct. 711 Ci^t. 10 Sept. 80; 
j I j itaJoT, 6 June 8(1, 

I ... \Bidia} itiuitr.—ttnrti Petiiti Cant, js Jan. BS. 
I ( ' ... 'Qnar/tf Ifiuitr.—Joehaa Fielding, s Bepl, Sj; Bern. ZtHl. 

Scarlet—fnniiyiBlae.— Afnti, Mesare. Etolt, lAwrio t Co. 
Sttumtdfrom Egyyt, 1S83, 

■ C' lone J M'i"n1mont lerrcdon the Red Birer Expedition in 1B70 (brought homo thode^patchoa), Aoooinpaaied 
Eir(;arLct H*,.|.,:ley la iboGold Uoiut in Boptember 187;, ae Aide do Camp (AehauU Ueda)). Was appointed a 
miiiEurv iii'icIli.- CI the BTLtiah Einbtisey at (Jonstantinople on the oiitbroaic of the Kubbo. Turk tab R-ar in 1377, 
and acc'juipanled the Tujbish armiee in the &eld througbouc the eampai^Eii in ArmcTica I ilrevcl of Major). Ac- 
ttiioiBcieii Sir Gnmet WolBEloy to Sonlli Africn ae Aidode Camp m iBjg, and was present in iho sabseqaant 
eperation^, [nclading thoae sgaiiut Boknknni (montioned in deBpat^iioB, Brevet of Lt. Colonel, Medal witii CiospX 
Berred on ibo StalT of Brigadier General MacAregor in the eipedition against ttio M-irria in i3?o (nionlLoned in 
d£apnlche«'. E^iTVed in tbe Egyptian war of jSSa as Brigade Uajor of the lat Cavaliy Bri;;ade, aii<[ vns proiieitt in 
tha engagement at MiUisama. in the tvto actions at Kassnsiu, luid at'Kobir and the capture of 
CairD fiDi-iitlcnedin dcepalihei, Medal with Clasp, 3rd Clnae al tbo -Medjidio, and Kliedivo'B Star). Served n-ilh 
Ibe >^ile Ex]ieilllion in 1B84-S3 as eeooiut in cominand and al\enrarrlB iu command uf ibe Light Camel Regiment, 
ue'.QdiTtL' ino oifemtionH of tho Desert Column imeutioneil in despatclios. Brevet of Colonel. VB., aud Clasp). 

■ <.\iptn-.'"ia *,V[ilt/in, Sandys, and Orr-E wing served wilbtbc 4tli Dragoon Guardaiu the Epyiuian ivarof 1S83, and 
wm pre^i'Ut in tho engagement at Tel^l-Mahutn. tho tico accionH at KoBsasin, the battle of Tol-el-Kebir, and 
:iie capture 'jf*'-iiro (Uedal witb Clasp, and i£h?divo'B Star). 

' Ca]j:fl;i: .^vlmor served with the ^tb Bnigoon Gnarda in the Egyptian war of 18B3, and waa present in the 
iDgagemeiits ;it El Mogfnr and Tol-el-Mahiita, Ibc two actions at KasEosin. tbo battle of Tel-el-Kobir, and the 
cipiureof CsiirQ (Medal with Claep, and Khedive's Star). 

•Captain Willougbby served as Adjutant 4tb Dragoon Guards in tho Egyptian war of 1S83. and wnspreaent in 
Lheeniuseiceii'. at Tcl-el-Ualiutaand at llieaot-ion at Kassaain on tho iSth August | Medal, aud Khodivo s Star). 

'" L:»3ji. H moran aetved wilb the yils Expedition In 183^-85 (ifedal witb Cloap, anil Khedive's star). 

" Lit'U:. \'trskc[ served in tbe Xile l^ipcdition in iSB^-B; witb tho Light Cornel Corps (Medal with Clasp, and 
Ehediie'a Siari. 


6tll iPrmeest Oharlotte of Walet') Dn^oon Ooards. 



" THtfa^ ■■UoTilrsmii."— "Blisoiik" "BunLLiii" "OaDixum" "UiuLUiun'' 

"SiLimirei" ■■Vittobii" "TofionM" •• 1'siiiaavi.i" "BALiiLiVi" " airisioroi." 

Colond.— Sir ThaumGWoEtrabpM'MaboD.'ilar/, CS. Carn'l.ii Deo. >«; 1.1. 'i Dacji) Capt. 'gjjnu 
JlfcUD^.^iJ July ^7: Z-^-CtiftB*/,i3 Dec- 54: Culonti, 1? JJocsti Major Onrral, 6 Mpr, 6fi; Linrff 

QenoFal, I opt. 77 ^CdriKni/^ 13 April On; Cotoatl 5Tii DragoQEi GuarrlE, 16 March S5. 
LUatBflUil Ooianei, — John Baillie IMlInnlyna Dickfiun,' Crtmmanding tkt Refjiamt, 91 Doo. 87^ Cvr%tt,aor 

60 J Xiflif. I Jhji. 6a: Cajf/, 31 Dec- 73; M'ljirr, j July £1; LlX'atonel^ 35 Apr, 85. 

CD&rflt OK 

Maanaoll BovvErB .-..-,.,,-. ,.. 

Fiod, WilBon lismiDlng* {BLLUCoIiHui, 

I Jul; St), miilMy Stcrtlarf (g Bir[ *>j Apr. 

C. S. Jrlnttivie ..... 
p.t.p. BdwHjd BeffAn* 

Willmm Jumee UiicliflBoti^ 

Soa. Konclm Dtgbj SL LawroDcc'^, 

fit. John OljrbPl Quro' 

BcruBti'J iljmijluin Gunston 

Ji^mca UcnryAapinwflJl,^ A^. »Deo. aJ^,.. 

WilliLun Ellen aioluirt' 

LlewoLlin Wof hlUk-r.0Q MatLhawa, jiJf dt 1 

Can^ /d jAff J^ora Litut, Ijflniand,,,..,.,, $ 

AlfVod Ken^ Honeageio .......................... 


Ale^nndDr Prii^a Ilnic 

Horaces Walter Cnlvoriey 

W]|]m.m Lectham 

Herbort Hoare 

Eubfirt Montucu Bowman 

Elcbanl Boott Lamb 

Simeon Henry Lci^hmcro Sloart ............... iC Not. B? 

FrQilerick AclQlTihii^DUH-aouOUTorEDBtikOD ifi N07. S7 
Georgu Kilwnrif N"Qftiipy ilQokoe 16 Not. fl; 

TD Nov. 77 

33 Jan. 79 

II Oct. 79 

9 Uar. 7B 

i7Deo. 79 

ijApr. 7S 
iS OoC ;i 
II Hept. 76 

10 Sept. 77 
31 Aaif- 

I Joly 

I Jcly 
92 Mu. ;i| 

10 Mu. 
Tj Uar. Bi 

11 Bopt. 77 

30 Jan. Zi 

jjAng. 84 

11 Not. e^ 

T Feb. Bs 

»j May Bj 

■3 May 85 

17 Unr. Si 

<i Ang. 7S 

31 Oct. i3 

]i Jan. 83 

a May 8} 

ig Deo. 83 

9; Pab. 8 J 

16 Mar. 8i 

i6Ans. 8< 

J4 Adr. 87 

■ Oct. B7 


9 JUr. 81 

9 1 Apr. 
19 Deo. 
91 Dea 

Pnyimilir.—ClmrlGS H. Sanfonl, 19 UBy7g! Ru. 11 Feb. 611 £', u Jnl; ED ; Capt. i|F«b. 74; 

Mitior, loMoy B4. 
Eiditta Xatlir. — Robert GLETonl, 3 April 78 ; Son, Captain, 3 Apr. 83. 
Quarff r Jfru^rr. — Cbarlea George Purlciiifl, ij May 85 i I£on.IAtvt- 

Boartol — F<iri'*i;* Greeu. — Afftnt§, Mo^urs. Coi fuid 00« 
Sfturnid fivvk tkt Crimra, iS Mnjf ]8jl5t 

' UIt Thomas M'Mahon aorved wltJi tJio gtb l^tueera in the BatiqJ ounpugn laiB48, >ad was preaaota 
baltla r>r Bobraon (Medal). fiarTod the EaAt«m campaign of 1854 aa A«iiatant Qoaner Kaater uaneraJ t 
OaTali; DiTiilon, incladins Ihabattlaa of the Alou, BalaklaTa, and Tohani»fs, Mid aieseor Sebaatopol; M 
Blao Che campaign of iSss in command of tbe 5th Dcsgoon GoanU (Madal with Ume Claaps, CB., Bardi 
k&d Tarkigh Medals, and jtb Olua at the UsdjidlB). 

■ IitColDoel Dickson aerred la tha latter part of Uie Zuln waror 1874 *lch the NatlTe Carrier Corp* pi 
with Claap). Served in the Nile Kipeditloa In i8ti-8s witb tbeCKnal Uorpa, and woa pieaoui (it the MUonat 
Klea— aeTarely wtnisdad (Medal with two Claaps, and Ehadira'a Star). 

' Lt.ColDnel HeaUDinK aerred in the A^han war m iB73-7S)a«AidedeCaiiiptoLiant.GeiiBrBllIaade, and wm 
■ant with tha two eipedltionH Into the Baaar Valley (BTerat of Major, Medal). ServMl wiUi the Bnimea* Bipal 
lniB8j-B6 ai Depnty Aulnaiit Adjalant and Qnarter Maater Cieiietal la oharge ol tha IntelUgeiUM Biaoeb (nwiiU 
Id de^tshBi, Brevet of Ll.Colonel, Medal with Claap). 

• M^jor Heaan Bervad in the iioer war of iSBi with the InnlakiUinff Bn^pona 

> CBpialB MaokeaoD aarved in tha Mile Expedition in 1884-8] with the Camel Oorpa (Hadal witli OIan> 
KhedivB'B 8IU). 

• Captals St. Lawrsnoa aerTad in the Egyptian war of 1889 with tha 4th Dragoon Qnaida, and wM pnaent • 
IMtla otTel-el-Keblr (Madal with Clup.andKhedlie'tSiu). 

' Captain Ooce aerved in the Kile Eipedition In 18B4-3J with the Camel Corps (Modal with Claap, and XIM 

' Captain Aapinwall aerred wilh the 7lh DraRoon Hoarda in the EByptiao war of 18B1, and waa praaaat i 
essBgamenta of BlMaKflLr uid Ifahaoma, in the action at Kaaiaafn on Uie iBtli Aognat, and at the battle of T 
Sebirand theoKptnreof Cairo (Medal with Claep, and KhediTe'a Star). ^ . _ 

• Oaptaia Stoban aervod ia the Nile Kipedition in 188,-85 with the HeavT Camel Beglmaiit (Madal with U 
and Ebadlve's Blar) , 

» Captain Heneago served with the jnd Battalion Highland Light Infantry la the BgJpUan wai of 18B), tai 
fCMenl at (he battle of Tel-el-Keblt— woooded (Medal with Qaip, and Khadira'a Star). 


H Oct- Ml Ciffc wJbmh; ifJi'pf. t Jaljiij £t,C«h«.;. '■'^■''. J "n«a *i f iWnl, 


6th Dragoon Gtiarda {Carahinterg). 


, ■ OOL 111 Omfat, I July Si J Colvui 6ih DruKO 

Bl.Ua/or, It 
DroKooa Quuiia, 


maiMD nwrr MkflOwm;.- .j;_. — 

OoaclM lUMwt tr Otabua Oanalcs- 

Imu Ortlaaif - •< •■„. 


Rckatt eM««a«ni 


TloBM BiA- IV*. Bnliunn Htllotroa," 

A^/ula^ Batii I'ttmaitf Catalrt ....... 

Vtns Hub Haam Xu*;." i<^o(<»l > 

IbrfaMn Tmmff Oaathy J 


Hwf7 ItalnOwo/' ^'V>'a>l yFcb. 9&. 

f-jj, af f#«- flisajdJvr' - J 

P™d«iiofc d«oiT Jxthar Dot Vcpni'.iiif- 1 

it C!*» 1* lt« Orttn-rr if Bi^a Sanj f 

Ymmtrntj Ctt^hy m..i. S 

IhMMn A>iMk* 

rtSMl*«r Bwldr 

ftittBi Cortirtp* UuBllun ^ 


hfca kObMl D«ODft 


n«MU ««otm ktaknnur 


A^toM It Aos- la) 

Bwon Liicniiina. 

mUui JoaaCbauliji-oBDtlor .. 

iljfc»d ITCT BpannM 

nDUm FMiQr Darnall Want. 


PauE* aoaJfUnJ 

AUM HmmII nomU 



riHu. S* 


>« Ool. 

>1 Fall, 
lO Dixv 

iB Fell. 74 

19 Nov. T) 


U July 
■ 6 AoR, 

I Jnly 

i6F*l>. tS 

« A as, Tg 
() April >■ 

SJnlr St 

sFob. tj 
sFolJ. Bt 

iFob. t7 

ijAoB, sr 

■ I TiS. 11 
iiFoh. 98 



t Jnly 
1 Jolj 
■ JatT 

it Duo. 



}e luno 
1 Aug. 

*rj'jojouo fig 





ig July 

J July 

4 Duo. 

■ ran. 

■ Jaly 


■ Jano 
13 Juhd 
n> Ocl. 

■• t.ioiit, Rrilllplxijili •crvB, ._ 
bho Afjctjan war Iri iS^o-^ii. nnd ima 
pratrui oiili tLo iiinHlLtinni [aim 
Iho LnghouHi Vallgj uid uisliut 
th» Wiu«orM Kha2laiiKi,kiiiliu tbo 
.HMk and daRiniiUini of amnl vil- 

bwN (UaOal). 


'•ratn. baulBa<itllalakla*a(*ate«aiiaiiUi« neokj,liikn-maa,andTcbarfM;it,(U«aDdlMiof"Batiu^ 
"""" ~ ~ " ■ ■ KoigUi ol ih* Ii«i(Soa «f Honor, ju DlaM of ibe Utxijiiiia, 

lO. 8. IrTlag,$»Ma7e>i Sm.'t Apr. Ci: U-'iUayK;! Cor*, < fopl. So i Hn. Jf^er. 

r A«rMr^-ir<lllaiii'Baib*UaTM,ai Adr.iSe B«. CopbiJi^ it Auu. 99. 
■ Jfarfw.-JoHidi BrlulabsDk.* ij AprU Si : //«. tXal. 

DlBa^-IMiyt WUto.— J^»'f,M«an. Coi A Co, 
JbMrn*d|VM> Jigtiu, » Jropmln- iSES. 
*OM«nl Clarkv •H-ml l^ KatUro eampalso of ■■t<-S5 *>(>> tba BooU Oiaya, Inolodtax tta aflUr or 

JPTiifi'al'ana.bamfoHlalaklaTXMihraBiitoiiiA* dcoV.I ■ 

(Mpbdal •nth UttM Qaapa, Brant ol UXuIontl, 7' 
Aai Ivrtoik Kfdal). 
'ftWMMMl DniBM atnaA in U>* Bocrmr la in<. 
'■HvOtalaa MrrvdvUk UiBCanblttiania(boAr«^nnr In <tn-fs. taolndind Uls affklr at All Baslias 
■rtli U.Oolno*l FrrK, and Iha sxiwdiUoaa agolr-'i tb* WunarM Kbut^asla aad to tba lUamrik Valloy. uodv 
ItljlaafM BHrM tfa«lal>. 
■mMIb Dm 7sai avrtd wlUi tbo Canblnlor* la (ba Arghaa ««r la iln^lc, and took part la the «|- 
I ItNo lb* Lsahman TaOcy and adiBM ths w»i>ii'r«i K)mitiuil>t wai aUo proetie at the ■(lock anil 
l«tlba*lIla8wefIlBCRaii.AnbKli«rl.amljnknii (^^"t•.l^. 
-J OwiMt ttrnA wltt> MO OaiatolMwa In tho AftiLuti nnr In i4;«-l«(llataU. 
r Ponar and CapUla SaltOirM Mrrad wlUi ibi> ilEimlimiuri in Ibo Afubun mr in tSTT-te. lnelniliDe Iba 

^^ AllMo|AaB<iadaTLt.OolOB«IFmT,lh<a*po'l">""* '"'" ''''■ I-'iirl'innti Villn/nn'l afaloM ths Wu»««* 

gOj^Mi* aad to Ma niMaMk TalMr.kM M tboanuk nnd aoitmollon of tbo Tlllngi» of KuTKOd, Amt} Khgyl, and 

"ffclMte WITO* — rraJ »ith Iha Car^blalora In JM Afghan tni In itig-to, laolading lh« cnnstmcni with tba 
■* iiuili MPakte <l*aJall. 

• (WiUaUMy aanod Mihlka OuaUnloa la Uia AArbon warof iS;9-ee. and Mok put ia tba BiT>«dliIan anfau 
*i WiHiTH iaa«lB«i< (IfaAan. 

■ CkyM|U PhiBip* anTad^ls i^A^tbas *w Ik ino^^llOilBll. 

■ OwanwrradmiblbaOnaMnUtn In Ibo Afitbaa war IniSra-So.fnelaiUsg tba «Di*s«oicst iciib iba 

I at Pakka and tba axpomon agalaat tba Woiaaivo Kbagiaau (UwlAll 

A BaUiaio auiad In (ha Atskaa wmc ot ifit-lt, and wu r r aai p l Id lb* oMtatloni aconnd Cabal In 

r iBnlMaAaliRUiUIaapl. SanadwIthlbaQinJ HmlilnnAmt falba tl«arirararia!i. 

"OllWata OrMBcfe Htrad <tllb tbo Canblalin* En Ilic Afi;'"><' i"" '" >Ei9-S9, ana tvok riirt la ttio oi[>i><Illlona 
UBttaLatkBM VBll*yaadualB>CU»Wtix*orM Kh'ielunln, knil mw provant at tbo attack and doilTDeUoBOt 
*» (ttaM* of Naiwoxl. Aiah KW^. *^i J«k»ii (Uc^dal). 
*ugMa naaikif a af rad In Uh Algbu mi ol i!7g'&o wlib tbo CuublnlM*. 




Colonal,— B. CliBrios Snwyuf.' Stngi'. 'S Bepl.33i i'- »B Apr. 361 Oaal.ri Aug. 45 i Ifujor, 1 At 
hLLLCaloiiil. ■'o Julv eSi Lt.CalBxtt, '91 Oat. ei; Cblimd, 30 Jalj 64 ; Jttiviir WMwaJ, 11 Jbq. 70; 
Stiin-af, I .Tulj Si; Calanil 7 Dragoon Goar^.jiDoc. 85, 

7Ul (The Princess lioyal't) Dragoon Ouardfl. [d^'^oIJ 

'Di»»'DBiii" " ttiMiitiBa" "Oddiji»»d»" "MiiFtiqiKt" "ntnimema" " Boim Avi:ci, iB+t 
"Eairt, i8e» " " T»t-«^K»»i»." 

Lltalenuit Ooloml.— ji.i.c, Henrj Fane Grant,' CB. Cnmaiiliu U« Stgimat, 19 Deo. 87 ; tVmf*, 's 
bS; .£1. >'» Dec, 69; Capl. 10 Jaa.7gi Jdf/nr, 1 Jul; 3i ; SLMCoIoHf, siSepb 84; ir.CDlomi, i O 
Cofonfi^ S4 Sopt. 63. ^^ 


Waller Cronch ,.... 

Willmm EiiwBrd UorriBon RoQgli' 

Joafph Henry Banks" 


UlisliGcQrso Campbell lie BurBli."AJ;. ( 
Digbyflo la Motto Dq Bmilar," ddj.'l 

18 Jul. El 

19 Jan. E I 
a Aug. Si 
I Jnlj 9i 



D„if o/inncMilcr'. Oitji riMMiBTr, 

FradiTick Charles PftlmBr" 

rioiinlil MneDjUkiall 

Eihi-nnl riilmnE" - 7 Jolj 80 

WiLllam llonrj Muir Lowo'^ .................. 

CliurleB William ThompBori" Ai^fiilml\ 

Dpr'c/nAirf TfojniiHry Caviitni ...j 

Bsvprly Willmm ReLifDaahar'' 11 Jano 78 

WillinEn E'hvfT) Danljy ...,., 

Williiun Jleurv Rycroff" ij Aug. 79 


Richard 'Willinin Unrton-PbillipsOQ. , 

Jubn W&«toii ParB'^nt Peters -,-..., 

Prudtriok GcorRO Uiok Bmctiaa, Aiju- 

liiut ^o Jane BE .. ................. 

Henry Spencer Follett 

Roborl Conper .......,,. 

ficmiinl ItuB&el DIetA.-.. 

Walter DickttiiB l>Baiit 

Hciury Kinc UQeGeorgo 

.Toh]] ICiltnnnd Mackcuaia ..-.- .- 

Kdwanl WuhHin iSUar 37 

Second LiiuTBa^na. 

aaorgc I.BnKv.-ortbj 4 May 8; 

Csoil WlUiam GBttiDB 4 Kay ^7 

WinisDi Elliot Poj-ton 18 Jono 8j 

.Tohn Lu»ience William ffreueli-Mallen 14 8epl. 9 

IJeury AnilerBOn Lempriero 14 Mar. 

t'rclnriqk Giror^'e ('linLuii Eoiot^f ...... 3V Aog- 

Willittin llnniolM'SwiDcy iBNoT. SSI 

Fuymufrr.— Anliur Ct. B. Blabba." ID Sept. S5 ; Caplavt CI«lin Stgtmnt. 
\Eiding itoittr. — La^vrenco ijimnin^haJa, 7 May 84! ]£on.Litut, 
{QuarlirJfiiilJr.— Willintn Hsmiltoii.>* 1 Jan. 84; Son, Lint. 
(joar Je4 — Fatingf Blaak. — Aat 

□oavlT OB 
IBS Llini. 

4 Oct. 64 
a 3 Bept. 71 
iGJooe 67 
Ul-ob. 7 

'jB Oct. 

98 Oct. 

IS Oct. 
»I7 0«. 


11 Bopt. 76 

II Sept. 77 

H fTcpT. 77 
jBept. 7S 
>a Deo. Go 

91 Oct. Si 

I Apr. 
97 Mar. 

4 Sept. 

iJoIf Bt 

I Oat. 81 

I Jc 
iS Ai 

I ing, 87 

I Jbu. Ss 

4 Jaa. 87 

9 Mar. 87 

9 Mar. B7 

33 Deo. 83 
IQ Dec. S; 

1 1 Apr. aa 

■■ Captain Bycrofl serred in tl 
Eim^dlLlod in tS^4-'Tj attached 
int BatlaJion o( the Royal Iriih 
. jnna a.'ineut incliidlng Ihf operaUona 
' 'Desert Column, mil aftenrard; 

Kti.'Og, Sj'the Moanteil Infanlrr (Medal 
19 Aug. G^'Clasp. and ShedivL^'B Star). 1 
30 Jan. B6lwith the Soodan Frontier Field 
35 Aag. B6'in 1S87 in cotniuand of the In 
3 Uu. 86 Troops of the E^ypctan Artny. 0] 
i7Jaije ^spreBent is the en^iitrement at 
i DeOi E£;{ii]eaEloned in de^p:itches, 4th G 
the Medjidiof. 

" Captain Bill litis.— Pot Wa 
vices, see Choehjre Regiment. 

H Iiieat. Hamiitun served : 
Egyptian war of iSBa with tt 
Dragoon GnardB (JJedal, and 
dive's Star). 

vuuHjA. — .^Hir.LIesBrB. CoiandCo. 
SmbartidjZr India, iB8j. 

' LE.GBiienil Sawyer Barred with Iho 6(h Dnuioan Qnarda in the Crisiea from i$th U&y iS;;, inclod 
battle of the Teheniaya, sie^ and fall or Sebaalopol (Medal with Glaap, and Tartilish Medal}. Scrverl also ii 
daring the whole of tha mnlmyi pment al the actions at BtU|;;oOD. UOhndepors, Rnianlpore, attAck and 1 
of Uitowlee, actions of AHgnegeaad BiBwa, and aubBBqaent poraoit of TanbiATopse and Foroie miah in 1 
ladla {Medal, and BTOTe[,DfLt.(iDlonel). 

■ Colonel Grant while f orvin^ with the Egyptian army in 1884 Bnppraaaeil a rantiny of the Tur'.:ish Hf 
(Bnvet of Lt Colonel, 3r<i Class of Ibe Meiljidie). Served with the Nile Expedition in 1884-83. and in the enbt 
operatJDQB in the Beadania 1SS5 in command of a Battalion of Moiuited InAmtry (mentioned in deapalclH 
Ilsdalnith two Claapl. and EiiDdive'a Btir). 

' Major Rough aerTod with the 7th Dragoon Gnarda in tha Egyptian war of 1889, and was preicnl 
engagement at Mahsama, in the action at SasaaBin on tbe 9ih Septmet>er, and at the battle of Tel-el-Keb 
tlie eaptnre uf Cairo (Modal vith Chisp, and EhediTe'a Star). 

' Uaoor Banks served with the 7th DraKoon Guarda in the Egyptian war of iSBj.and waa proaonl in [he 01 
meat at Mabsaina (horse shot) and in the aotion at £auaain on tha 98th Angnst (Medalj 4ln Claae of the Me 
and Khedive's Star). 

'■■ Major Garth eorvod in the Boer war of i38i. 

■> Captain do Dorgh served with Che 7th Dragoon Qnarda In the Kgyptian war of iBSi, anit was preHmt 
engagamcnta of El Mag^r and Mabsama, in the two actloEiB at Kaesaam, and at the batUa of Tel-el.Eebir a 
eaptnre or Cairo (Medal with Claap, and Khedive' a Star). 

" Captain Du Boulny aorved in tbo Egyptian war of 18G9 In eonunand of the SiffnallBn of the Cavalry Dii 
and waa present in Dlo eegagemente alElMaifljir and v^^bbtti*, {q the two acUonfl at KaHtaauip andat tbo 
Of Tel-el- Kcbir and the capture cif Cairo (Medal with Clasp, and Kbadiva'a Star). 

" Captain Palmer serrod with the jth Dragoon Gnarda in the BgypCiBB war of i8Bj, and was pre-ient in I 
gagamenta of t]! ^laglnr and Mahsama. in iHe two aetiona at Kaaaaun, and at the bs^tJe of Tel-el-Kehir u 
captixre of Cairo (Medal with Clasp, and Khedive's Star). 

^ Captain Uitmns served with the 7 th Drngoon Gaardsin the Egyptian warof 18B9, and was present at tbe 
0( Tel-el- Kebir and the oaplnra of Cairo (Medal with Claap, and Khedive's Star). 

■B Captain Lowe sorred with tbo 7th Dragoon Guards In the Egyptian war of 18B9, and waa present in tho « 
nents of El Magfar and Mahsania. in the action at Kaaaasin on the 98th AngoBt, and at the battle of Tel-el- 
and the capture of Cairo (Medal with Claap, and Khedive's Star). Becred with the Burmeie Eipeditlonln i 
on special service (^fodai with Claap). 

■B Captain Thompsonserved with therth Dragoon Guards in theSgrptian war of 1889, and wasprewntin U 
aoliena atKassaem, and at the battle of I^l-Bl-Eebir and tbeoaDtareofCairo (Medal vrith Clasp, and Khedive's 

■J Captain Uasher served with the 80th Raglmont in the Transvaal in November and llecemher 187B, 
Column under Colonel Rowlands on the Swaal bordsr In i67g, and aa Tranaport Officer in Ilrioadier G, 
Wood's Flying Column dnrlng the invasion of Zulnland and the engagement at ITlundi (Medal ^ith C 
Berved with the Nde Bipeditioc in 18B4-83 nltb the i>t Battalion of the Sonth Stonbrdshire Begimcnt. an 
preeent at tho action of Kirl>ekan; afterwards aerved as Depnty Assistant Commissary Gouefal of Tmi 
lUedal with two Clasna. and Khsdlve'i Btar). Bervsd dnrlng the operations In tho Soudan nnder Sir Frei 
BUplieason in iSBs-S6 u Commandant on the Iiiae of Commonieationa. 

1 iBt (R<H/al) Dn^oons. 

Th«OrMtor EntrluidirithintheaacMr. AnEagle. " ^ntmnr agtmie." 
"DmUBD" "Piannu" "!bm>o" "BitiitiTi'' "8«Tmo»OL." 
[W itL— Olmlw FhUlp d« Alnglie, mJ Lt, in April ij ; Jt. 'jB Jaii.a6i Ciipt. 'leMar.jui JToior, 
U.CWaiHl,'iiO(it.47; Cslml, 3S Hot. S4- tfq/or ffnirol, 7 JalyAag £Iait.O*ura{,i;OcC 
> Oct. 77 i Ctlewt tat DrBsoonB, S M&r. 6q. 
riMlMiiit OtfontL— Allan HboIbui, Commaxdiiif Ut Sf^ixl, i Jul; 87 ; Cpnuf, '; Sept. 
Mm. 641 Coft. 'g Jime 70; Jfm'ar, t Jnlyfli ; tt. Qiijini, no Mar Bj. 


, '14 Oct, 49{ 

7T ; Otntrat, 
61 ; LI, '19 

Hanry TomkiaaoD 

tlemrd TlTim Ames, A^mtamt JWnfont-l 

ikifr Ytotttmy Cmaaitif .., ....> 

WilUmia Hgnry U'Luvn 

rrucUWlUiuo BbodM' [Bi.Lt.CoUniilS 

to 8spC. e<). 'liilt cl> CsBji Is Jfiv'or ^ 

Srural Sam. J^. C. HiirBir -..) 

Vim. FitiGonld O'SluaghncHf, Aiit\ 

it Camp loUu Lord Luut.cflrtlamd f 

Jotm Fnnds Bani'Unrdooh/al AduTl 

CoUtft i 

FtTdlTUuid WUliua Greatrei 

Chailea Boadsw Bnin 

Bdmrd OMrKS Trt^rte-Ballodc 

Junn Andrew Uorphj .■■-■-' 

Herbert Turner' 

John Bdwaid Llodloy 

Him, QaoT^ Limbrey SolMra-Bootli 

Arthur Bcmiutt Ueduun 

PoTGiTBl JohnBrowno ...-....--,...-..-..-.... 

H«Ipb H«ii7 Okt-EIUhh 

Jobji Uddleton Bojrcra .»- -.,..... 

Kauath Bobnt Balfonr 

rnkBci* Torks U'UalioiL 

nionuaBLliot HarTiaon .,,... 

lahs Wrtfoitt Joliao Hardman 

Hogh Hairy Bobertaoo-AikiaaTi ........... 

aacon LiiuravuTB. 
Idwin Grunwood Hardy ..-....,.-„......-., 

loim Wlltiam Kaaae; Wood, Adjiilaiit t 

7 March M } 

Friiui Victor Albert Jay DolMp SinKh... 

aounr oa 

'jjApr. 61 

'id May 
36 June 
15 Mar. 

»3 April 
II Feb. 

4 Deo. jS 
I May j( 

II Oot. 79 

94 Bept. 87 
1 KOT. B7 
aiFeb. SS 

li '8 Jnly 6B 

79 30 Oct. 78 

74 30 Sept. 8c 

75 ij Out. 84 
77 13 Deo. 84 

7 Feb. Si 

I Jnly 81 

I Jnly Sj 

3> Oct. Si 

5 Aug. 7: 

16 Oct. Bt 

13 Oct- 8: 

9 Aug. 8; 

10 Oct. 
3D Jan. 
99 Nov. 

7 Feb. 

6 Hay 
93 May 
99 AOR. 
9g Aug. 
ID Not. 

18 Ian. 85 

19 Jnne Sj 
9 Feb. Ej 

91 Oct. 8j 

13 May 8j 

igMar. Ss 

i8:«or. 86 

■ Oct. 87 

13 Deo. 84 
3 Jane 85 
19 June 8s 

19 Bept. 8] 
18 Nor. 8S 

( ... Pirm nrtJT. — Orfanr J. Cavemeh,' i Jane 86 ; Mq»w Sontoa BigkUrndtn. 
9 -.• jeUiwJfutA-.— William Babart Bantins, 9t July 83i £sii.£i«t. 
^aritr JfoiiT.— Humphrey lAMo Webb, 8 May So; Ho*. Litul. 

Be&rlet^^PatiitgM Bine.— .^i^tafj, MeeiTB. Cox and Oq« 
Sthinui/nim tka An««a, 37 Jtfajr 1856. 

' Lt.Oolonel Rhodes ecrred in the Bondan Eipedltioa under Bir Qerald Qraham in 1864 as Aide do Camp to 
Hljcv General Str Herbert Stewart, Commanding the CsTBlry BriRade. and nan praaentiD the euEairsmonLs al B) 
T«band Temai {mendoned in deopatcbei. Medal with Clasp, and Kbedire's Star). Berred with the Nile Expodiiion 
taiiBa4-.8§ aa AioedeCamp to Bir Herbert Stewart, Comniandiiig the Desert Column, and tvsa present at the actions 
at Abu Klaiand El Oabat (bone shot) ; waa BfterwHrriB Aide de Camp to Major Oeneral the Hon. J, C. Dormer 
(bietilioDed in deepnlohes. Brevet of Lt.Colonel, two Clasps), 

' Oaptaln Bum Murdoch aerred in the Nile Bipuflition in 1884-85 with the Royal Bmgoona BelHchment of tbo 
Cuael Corps ; coioinauded a Transport Company in the fiiet mKrch to Gakdnl ; was present at the action of Aim 
Dskand cocamBnded the detachment in the eBRasemont at El Oabat (Medal wltli two Claips, and Khedive's Btai). 

' Captain Tnmoraeryed in the Boer WOT of 1881. 

' Major CttTonaBh. — For Wat Berrioea, see Gordon Hidblandare, 


Snd Dragoons (Royal Beota Grm/i). 


I^ii^vs^ T ha ThlrilB within thaClnle and HoUo of BLAudmr. An Sasle. " Beooitd to Vans.' 

Vnll D... ■*EUltlrJ.IIB""OnDIIlinB«" "MlUtHJEKl " " DHTIBOBS'' " WlIllHOO" " BililUFH." 



Fay Calantil.-'Sir John IttoDivDeld GoEigti,^ GC5. fKfipn, 34 Feb. so; X/. 'i Oct. 35; Cape, 'i Ana. s6;5f-lfar"' 
a6MJiy «f; BI.Lt.CDJoncI, 53 Dot. HJ; (Joloijl, 3 Aag. 50i UnfarOimral. }oIaa, ii t Lint.QiiinitiiSoT, 
6a J Qttiiral, xj Oct. 71 j Colo-ntl and DriUfOonBj, 31 Jml 64. 
Lleutinint Ooiooil. — JnracH (IharleB Mnborlj, Corii>r, 'aj Sopt. 6j: I(. 'jj Jnao jo- Cinl u June 
Niyoi-, 5 July 81; li.eoioa.l, 5 July 88. * . r- •• 


3a D LIBUT. 


3 Fell. 6g 
'iiJnna 70 

AlfrmlCholraolBy Earle Welby 'iftOot. 

.Sdh. Will tor Philip Ale under, AijwIinitX 

Sail Srne Trimanni Caaalrn J 

Moututfue George JcihuBtotie,> Adjiilant\ 

LciKUn ami Btntiek I'tomniir]/ CuBtilrg..- S 

; OAFTiLlilB. 

... "Williftm CtTii'tophflr Jftmea," I>ep.^ 

Ajtitfiivl Ailiiilanl C/fiTal, ParlimimU ..J 

... John Artliur WdIIphIcy O'NoIll Tonens' ... 

... Wiiliam Henry Hlpriiaioy' 

... WQImmCni^vrord MidOlewn^ 

... Henry Jnnner Bcobcll 

... la^tbor Willinm MonlnaDt Ricbuda 

... Cbnrtca ArEhur Stauilnnd -........-.., 

... jPraiiciH Henry TaoTcy Hawley 

... ClandiuB Shirley Har^a 

... Bobert Hunry AJamB 

... I John Cmtibio, Adjutant 18 Jun. BB 

... iCccil William MtintA^B Fellden 

... FrukciB lIlB-ka Siiuirson, Qfitnate* 3lort\ 

I ijejiartment .-..,. - ...J 

... Cbnriee Jamee Maivell ..-..-.- -....- 

... lAVfrad DdubIhb Miliar | 

... Cecil Speid SoQtc ...... 

] aiconD LiMjiiiir™. I 

... .Chsrlas BnliiKleylialkeley-JolinBOn 5 Feb. 

... Bii4tnca AdJj^on MB.udo -.- ....' a^Aug. 

,„ Frederick Ctilin. Fitct. UaJtiaod ■ li KoT. 

... BmcBt FrederickHaiitage i Feb. 

... Alemnder Loalie Reuton-. .-..-. 11 Aag> 

ij Mar, 
.3 Aug. 
« Aiis- 
3' Oct. 
LI Au^. So 
IT OCC 79 

■g Feb. Ki 

13 Aug. 79 


' 7 Dec. 70 

'10 May 71. 

' » Aog, ji 

30 Not, 
33 May 

6 May 
10 Not. 
91 Deo. 
33 Not. 
vg Jane Bi 

■ July 

I Jnly 
ID May 

3 AnK. 

I Jaly 

16 Apr. 

J Fob. 

19 Deo. 

I April 76 
»4 Nor. 77 

31 Jan. 7S 
99 Dee. 8a 

■ sAng. 

1 Jnne 
31 Oat 
37 Jon. 

5 Jnly 
II Jiun 

I Oot. 
18 Joly 

iB Kor. 81 

9t Oct. >S 

]Jnl; M 
sJoly » 

Atti*} Paynsilfr.— Cabala AlthoT W. M. Hlcbai4«. 
4 ... Siding Itm/T.—AJbea Webb, 3 Jjina Bs I Hem. Lttmt. 
t ... Qauriir Jfiulir.—Waller Bsolt Steele, 37 Sept. B9| S'm. Unt. 

Boarlet— IPiifliif • Blae.— .igiafi, Ueaan. Cox and Oo. 
Bittnudfnm (it CHaus, 4 Jalf 1B56, 
> Sir John Bongh sarred dnrlnB ttaa war tn China of 1R40-49 aa Depnty QaarWr Halter Oenarel and head of Ike 
dapartmenl ; waa present at almoat every engaoaniBiit dnrlnB ths eipMiuon, and reoelTad tha hrttrat rank of Mijoi 
and Lt.Colnnel, toqether with the Oompanlonahip oC tbe BaUi (Medal). Berred In the OwaUor sarapaign oT iS4y-44 
aa Uiliury aecretnry to tbe Dcmmanderln Chief In India, aad was preaent at tho batU* ot Mahindpoie (Btodu 
Star). Appointed a BriDodler In the Armj of the BntlaJ 1S45-41S; oomnuuided the sad Brigade of Cavmlrr at Uie 
battles or Mnodkee aud FeroiDBboh, and offlolated ae Qnartei Mailer Ceneial of H.M.'a Foroea in India at tlM 
battle of Sobraon, where he was leTerely wonnded (Medal and two Clatpa). Serrsd the PoulaDb oampalin ot 
1848-49 aa Quarter Uaetor Qeneralof B.M.'t ForceainlDdla, and wuprsaont at the battles of 01iilUan«aUi£ and 
QoolerBt (Medal witb two DlaBps), appointed Aide lie Camp to the Queen wltJi Breratiank of Oolonal. 

• Uajor Jabnaione Barred mtb the Beoboanaland Bipedibon under Sir Charlea Warren in 1^84-^5 oa the Bead 
Qnartera Staff, and rolled npwardaof iDomenfor tbesnd Mounted Riflei (Oarrington's Horse). 

• Major Jamce eerved with the 17th Laooeia in tbe Zolu war of 187;, and was present in the eaBageniant a4 
Ulnndi-wauniled andOharger wonnded (Medal with Claep). Served in the Egyptian war of 18S1 aa Aide da Oaaip 
to Ll.General Willis, Commanding tbe let DlTisloo, and waspresenl at the eoKagefflente of Bl Uavlkr, Tel-el-MakBta 
and EasSBsin 19th Sept.) and in uio battle of Tel-el-Kebir (mentioned In deapatobas, Breret of llaaar. Hadalwllk 
Olaap, tthClasBerthoUedjidiD, and Ebodive's Star). Served with the expedition to theSondanlntSSjaaDapitr 
Aaaistant Adjutant and Qoartor Master Oeneralfrom the 16th Marob lothe iBth April 1 afterwaida (ngaidaed aal 
oonunaaded Uie Camel Corps j was present In tlie oogsgement at Boahoen and at tba deatmotioii of Tnnal (bmb- 
tloned in dSBpatohoi, Olsspi. 

• Capt^n ■Forraua.— Bee CItU Deeocattona for OaUantry, p. »B. 

T Captain HIppiBin' aerred with theKlog'aDragoonOiiardsiiitbe Zoln war of 1879 in the uraadroD under Ibin 
llartar, indnmns the cavalry afblr at Ennnsayan (Medal with Claap) . Accompanied the nusforcemenla bbdI W 
Soolh Africa dunogtbe Boer war of 1B81, and served as BtalfOtDcer of Pine Town Camp. Served wiib ibaMDi 
KxpediUon in 1SS4-BS In command ofadslaohmeot of the Soots Greyi attaobedto the Heavy Camel Bagimtnt, aad 
took part in the operations of the Desert Column, inclodlng the aotioaa aC Abn Elea and Abu Km ana tfaa 
reoonnaiaaance to Metauimebi was appointed Adjutant to t)ie Heavy Caioal Regiment after l-ord SL' Vincent had 
beeo killed in iu]tioa(Medal with two Olaipe, and Khedlvo'B Stax). 

• Captain MiddlotonservedintbeNUeBxpedltion In igS4-4svJUi the Ileavy Ouoel Bagiment (Medal wUbClaqh 
and E^edive'e Star). 

**• ] 3rd (Tifl Kin^'t Onm) Hoaaars. 

t WM . "8«IUO>" "I"*^J11J»" " CKILbU>1>lT.UM " "floojm.t." 

ttUfjMMfL— Mr rr*ltr|ik WaUiSKMoMin FlUW; gitai,jrart.,> Itr./trS^tH Ila^f^m, C-ntt,' >: 


iMlin r\WKygnai.Btt.,i Ur./trSi 


l/fj: U. >i JaBtM; Oiiy*.**! Jiiiia?! 1 jfa/.r. 

>f. July in; Calmt, ifi July 6]f 
4f«ri. <r< Apr. ^4. 

•((•■Mill, 1 ia'ijSji Ctnwr, 'i6 Mot. 
1 Jul J- ii 1 Ll.Colenit. J Ann, Hi. 


WIUlkBlUakcrlUljM' -....—„. 

_ ri^CterM* Bdoranl Bnftxn,' Xl(ril>r) 

Jiig^ .i^Maaf Onnl^ /nbW f 

*" Bofiwea r*Gkh«B, yip—i t ir ) 

Its LIII7T- 

» > F»l>. Si,' 1 Doo. 6( ')i Oct. 

■otan OmiKi fladMd> 

Kljh»»t OSMaTBi Al«*«Dflt>' _ — . 


Jtnhar Jitsaa lUaH* Vvi OnUMOdl.) 

JA. l»'MtMjwl»»J Tttmaari Cmtri .„ j 

Aidmr AonMU WhUatxtk BrlKbt> 

BrfgM-sAb. AvMAr » BwHrt .,.j 

Mto RobBD Beetli ... _ ^ 

Fruk WIUMB HiobalM Wusro-} 

rn* „ — -.-> 

•t-Clklr Onnll -. >— ..— 

inlwrBMAua CnblM.' .Ul. ir Abb- M 


iriiihinlltiifcliililiiTrilmiolij aulmat,* 

rnMia WilUui PDmtDr , 
DoMa Vanum nri*> , 



ftaDMi KlBC*"^" Fiuliuitinci Ohnpown 

MMnr C«a CixCe 

lAa WlltBB Dona _ 


■nniBm HMmiI JaufrUrrom 

_ __ _ liunil, 

- (rnocM BiHto-Qo^r - — 

SHwra Ltnmauni. 

WUUUB 9*oiX rtmmt ..._ . .. 

IJAaAnanKMBnTforrM. .—.—-«•-. — -. 
a*K«Bil CbMlM HuMMon. . 

•it Apnl fi9 

■a Oat. 11 

11 Apcil 77 

■4 8.1.1. 7t 
II Mat 7« 
•■ Jan. 79 

)a Jul. 7I 
7 Jim* n 

U Aojt. Bj 

itKoT. t. 

jBept. SJ 

•j) April ji 

• .May 


tgJun* ti 
I Jul; >< 

I sad ii 

% Juljr ti 


•S KOT. 


11 fob. 
i» Nov. 

a.l J«o. 

4 Nor. 
16 Dec. 
ig 6>|ii. 

iS Not. Ii 


iSJuir t] 

I J Apr. 

I Jiilj 


IS Oot. 


» *o(r. 8] 

tiUu. M 


'riipuntr TVt«i«i H Pr-Vlifl-n. ti Aur. (ji JUd^ i Human. 

#i>Lh arwrr-— Hanr Blohaid JuimWUIfav n Uanib to : Ktt. Unl. 

Sla»—Ftimgt^^r)i'l,—Jft<ilt. yitun. OiiiKnd Oo. 
tt*iaryuJ ffvm Iiuti^, tij>i, 

' llr ftidaridE nuWnrtoi Mntrt latlivi.MinHiiillh IhstibDnKwma.wupnwDt uUMIntLlBof IWitroiTi 
CilMI cT aghMiay I (Maa«i <rtU> dfe. »ml Turtt-h MtqAl). ^ 

■■■larBM«M*«n«>l to tk*Bnrpuaa war of itsi In cuminanU nf M;JltBi7 Monsud Poltra,uu1ni trnuaiit 
■ a>MU>DiUlCMMiiBaalb«c*bMpl«nl>*r*nriKi Ui« balUaof ToLcl-Ktliir (Dwiitlanal In dunuabei. Bicrsi 
< MMfk Kadal *Mk OlM(i, 4>li ««■ of tha Itntjiills, uA Ktwdlvo-i SUr). dnrircd tfannucliaai (li« Nils EiDedu 
•■ki«r4i •»!> i»i» l*lW Quial ao»U»«M, Mia Iftokimnlji tUB()i.«™tiont of Uie DotmCtmioin i.ioluama 

wwmi M Hill "'I ■*•;"---■■■■-—----• -J- ■-[■r — 3 [■ - ^ 

Oe^oa wrTadirltta UMKlDf> UnflMD (iiuMi tn the Xuln hm of ia;a In tlie niaad.iiii uwUr Mofcr 

Hmmt;*^ tMk fvt tu Uig MMKT* M Kins OMr«VO I Ufalsl w liJi CIup). ^ 

'QWMJB BeOM— rr»lwlihUi»i9ihHiMj«ta Um RimMinn irpir of lEAi. and iruproMntatUxiBOtlac ■! Ku- 
MaiDtt* iMli AunN (UflUI, and Khadii*'* Siati. iiorii»l IhrDnihoai, Uio Nils BipDdlUou In i33i-«] ■riUi 
' ■ t^M ChB*t Ilv^MOit, Bad Mok put i> iba opsnUou or tiio DcMM ColiKim «:lMi>). 
■CteiBlaCrmlitM HmiMATOlaBUaranhUwUhlasdaklUtuDngamii m ihn Uoor ucuor ifttt. Sen-«d na • 
tidar«lili(fa*>9lhlI«Mnlnlfe»SaTltttoawATof>«»,«nd wwprSHui >i Uin loLiUiinf TH-tl-Kebir lUediil 
B 1^0, Md KhMllrg'i fliu). 

'l>a«Ja P » i» Oii- —ibBu »TaHmliBB>«r varof >Ht M A vulaaWw allMhad to tbo InniiliilUoir Dtv^oaoA 
B«(v«*0>a>tM'>>M«l>>di«il>*<ihUiwiaBWBBnlaiti Ibn KntiUumF of ifeii.uid vuprivwDtlii ihaeu. 
■MM ■! MaluMmB. Uw lira MUcaa u Fimtn. Uia botdo of Tolol-Stbli uiil Uui ripton of Cairo (llsila] 
mSSm, ami Kta'lliV'A BMr). 
'OttMiiCluttaaarMnvdiiftli tlia (^uaUalar* in th* Afybu wu in 1 tn-Ca^ •nil u»k )>an in tbo eiricdlUon 
iraitwifcm — »-"-y-— ■ -f--— • Uia Wdimtm Kbniiliuilai wualao |iTMcel«t lb* Mtaok ud dMniMlon 
^■J BliJii I'r""!"." .T. .X."' '-'--"f-^— 

""'"" "" " .-.....-.. UiaamaB** 

M<4lai. (od 


MB HActer 

rail «lth Iba 4U1 OncDOn Ouatd* b) tha Enrpban wu nl ilt>, aiLl «w Dmanl in 
aad Mihiaina. anil at 111* mo actlom at Kii^ibi ImsiiiiaAad b> dnapatidm. 
> aavnd mtlb tba Raadao KEiwOium undar Hir OarAU Otabam bi tStt mth Uic 
iraiifnatnl U Ibo tacacamanla at El Trb and Tunalflwa Olafn). flaricd vltb UiaNJia 
a* Boat omea aaJ aabi m aMUlj ai aiaft Omoer ui ihoCa'alrTwilb ibc RlKcCaluiDit uodar 
■nd vaa jiiaiiMl ta iha asUoii at KlibaiiAB tBivBiiDud in dcfpiMliM, l»a Clatpi}. 


4th {The Quevn'e Own) Hmaan. 


































"Ditidiom" "Tujiini" "ALicirni" "SiLiiniici' 

VlTMBli ' 

' ToDunni ' 

' pisnuiJti 

Golonol— AleiandBrLun',' CD. Conri. fjOut. 35; It, ''6JuIj'3a] Caff, 't^ July 13] Sl.ltnltir, to June si : 

If^^y^r, j6 0i?t. ^41 Bi.Lt.Cvi'^atl,^^ DoD.^S4i l^.CoJomt. i May s^iAfo/DT Ocumt, 6Muoil 68; XwaftHH 

Oenerat^ j Dot, 77 ; Qvitritt, m Mhj ^ ; Catontl 4th Ha^su-e, 97 Oct. Si. 
LiouMninl OolonoL— AJfrcil Bibbj,' CunHumiijij iA> e^jiBKiii. 17 Dec, S7i CBmel,'< Jan. 66: Linl. iB 

Jnn, C-91 CVipfuiji, 'n Jan. 71; ifujor, 1 July Srj iil.Zi. Ojimitl, 18 Nov. 83; it.CoIwHl, 18 Ahr. Bji 

C'oIoBtl, tB Nor. B6. 


Neil EcnjoDiin Edinoiistoin! 

WilUHm AlexAader Ruingay .„.,.......,.. ...-. 

UhurleB Bdwanl Wnnle 


Friinf ia CiUDpboLI Poiirpon, A^ittanl \ 

ifllmjft'kirr YfomaHry Caiwlrj/ J 

Cecil Wybum P<jter*,* Ailji'fani ^s Jaly &5 
Hpprcer Wnlpulo FoUett, Adjulnal : Fife 1 

Light Hortp Vclttittfrt -..- i 

Freutrick Henry S[hclLzi,A.dJitiiuit Not- ) 

tintlhiimlMrt Ypoaianr-v Caoalry ) 

EciwBrdAtilLetaii Crileliloy ...,....,...■■■ 

iTOJk O^vilsEi ILiohnrilfiOQ.... ....■■ 

Rosald K in cJiid. Smith' 

Gli^nL^uirr. Ri?berUon ConJligbunD^ ......... 

LewlB Edwnnt Btarke^^ .....,.., 

FroUorick Ilsvid HnJLiH 


San. Frailertok Roseinoto Wancliopo j 

ByeleiHh.doMoloyQB J 

Robort Heniy DewbuTBC 
FnuicEB LsbIIq Dnitcaa 
WLMmiD Hi^an 
Etc^iiLJild lloara 
FninoiB Lee 1,.,. 
llukulm li'Naill* 
Cherlcfi Ernesl Curoton 

SieOflD LiBDTEir&STB. 

Edgar MnrtLuiora LafdPB .,,,.., 

JOHepli WilliBm Uoderweud 

ChHrlcB Lnnrear Cjrahom .......... 


' 5 Juno U,' 3 April 69 
' 1 Bept. 69. '14 Jan. 11 
'' 9 Jan. £91 *8 Got. 7 

» J(LD, 

6 Aug. 
•7 Aug. 

7 Jan. 
a 3 Apr. 

S Fob. 8; 

II Feb. 88 

ig Feb. BS 
39 Dec, 

a Dm. 74 
II Feb. 7s 
•o Hoy. 7j 

li Got. 7« 

9 Sept. Bo 

1 Deo, Su 

57 April G I 

I Julj 61 

I Jnly Gi 

39 July ga 

S Sgpt. Bi 

5 Deo. Bj 

1 9 Not. £4 

as Not. Bs 

^o Jrm. B6 

1 Sept. 86 

sDoo. Bi 

8 Sept. K 

31 July 75 
V Ubt. 79 

a7Ssp& 79 

9 Sept. So 
a? April Si 
ifAntt. Et 

■1 Il&y 

a; Jnly 
I Oct. 
6 Fob. 

19 OdI. 


ijjnne 8; 

1 July li 

aiiUr Si 

I July 88 

Acting Tiij-mvitrfr — Jf-uu^ W. A. EoinSAy. 

Riiiiaa Matltr.—Uagli Ernest BUiolt, 30 Sept. 74 ■ JlnnroTt Captain, joSepC, 84. 

(^uEirrfr Jfoif^r.— Jelin HbodoB, a£ Uot. B4; B^n, JAtut. 

Blno.— ^frnf I, Messre. Cox and Co. 
Bifrmri/na India, 1S78. 

1 OeneralLow served tbe XaBtamoamiwign of iSm-5S, Inolndins thsbattlei of Alms, BftlkklkTk, Inkcrmu. 
uid Tchemaya, siei^a and fall of BebBitopol. aleo present nith the Idght CanJry BHgads M EapUoriii •! 
InkermBU lie commanded the Regiment (Uedal with four ClaepB. Brevet of Iit.OalcaMl, KulEhC of tb* LegiOB U 
HoDor, Sardinirm and Tarkish MedalB, and 4th Clase ot the Medjidie). 

* CuloDul liibby Bexved nlth the 7th Drajtoon Onards In the Bgypdan war of iB8s, and waa proaent in tiHtfn- 
Rsaemenw of El Ma^r and UabssmB— Bsverely wounded and horsa Bhot (menUoneil In deqialoheii Bnrtt et 
LtColonel, Medal, p.nd KhadiyB's Star). 

• Major I'eierB served throuKhoui the Nile Bipedition in 1884-8; with tile Light Carnal Begimant aa QnarMt 
Uutcr, and took part in the nperationa ofihe Desert Colamu in eluding the enguemeot a* Aba Klea WalU on Ua 
16th and 17th Febmary (menuunedln deapKt ohee, Brevet nf U^or, Medal wiihOlaap, andEbedive'a Star). 

> Captain Kincaid-Smith eerved thionghouC the Nile Eipedluon in iSBi-Sswith tlis Light Oamll RotpniaBt, took 
part in the eporatiouB of the Desen Column, and was present at tb* action at Abo Kle* (U«dal with (wo OlaBph 
and Khedive's Btar). 

^Captfiin CuninKbame aerved in thQEffyption war of iS8a attached to the ^tfa Dragoon Ouuda, and waa fnMRlta 
the engagement at Itlahivama and st the battle ot Tel-el-Kebir (Medal with Cloap. and KbadlTa'e Btur). 

^ Captain Sifl-^kej-Bcrvcd in the Egyptian wnref iSfia attached to the 4ih Dragoon OoaTda, and waapTSMnt at Ua 
battle or Tel^iL K-^bir (l-icdal with Ulaap, and Khcdivo'a Btar), 

< Lieut, M'Neill served with the expedition to the Bondanin 1885, aniTratpmanTiMn tharmcaffnmwiTailKaihT** 
and at the aeaiTucuoD or Tcnui (Medal with Cloap, and KheiUve'* Btari, 

Sth (Roij'tl IrUfi) I«anoers. 

Tho Earpuid Crown. "©•iiSjiioroi.lf"— "BtmBiiii" " n— ■»■— ■ 



_ fcWvdDiMtlHnvOT.'OirHf. '■» Oct. tu'LI. i Uv. faj C'ufpf. s JoVo jsi IfuijrrVJuir ti ■ B< t( 

^ UuOH. 

rWMiatn(Wk«r(IUMf Jira(>w6Dw. tj} 

' ^N[|^saciiJDlinM«Bfr-I>oairliu".,, .. ....... 

< ;fol WmicsI. .- 

H,:urj OaaiMour Morlnad, JU> ><>) 
CU^ r« Jt^ Gmtni Daniam Ua^ f 

BMTfsSUhuilTnflan, Jit/'ariMt IThI) 
C«( rn— i Camin ,. I 

Wm tvlt k r^jM.iy OinaJri' .J 

taau*rul*b Iblrolm PawMit 

PnJtrtek jUitc-b* 

BmUBl JolniKundf** .,. 

Rnlforl JaniM ICt«(hlJii" ,. 

Mb Bcnn WjBdluui Raufll*" 

a^h WoclMiBbt nojBtf* 

'is K<nr. t; 

It Avg. *a 

14 jkD. hi 


■! Oe«. 
I Apr. 
■1 rab. 

WUlMalUwTOootetH* ... 

KoFteml Banitn l>a*B*n ...__ 

,Anhai vraitun PuiA ~ 

.WUfMl Bdnid RuhU RdIII*-.- ^. .. 

Ueba BoIhm Hurnr, 4««»t ti Ool. (i 

UmnuiWiuliuQarvUntaM ... 

Btaiy V*ra» Pt*u __.,„_- _ 

ll MMy T In c — t BMIv_ _^....-»-— . 

btharniriiH ... ._ _ 

M>(b Dirjn WOkri . 

UnBluua vim ttoirtuiil l)aku_ i« Kur 

- U*kB Buvlay tSeriren 

lay I 
_ raajtbrui L^i^iilo ITood 
D'aUMantlB HartKil KuUvit^u . 
TbooM nwnrla ltar*«fl4 

■C Nor. 
)4 Mot. 

10 JffST. 

>ir«b. Ti 
t Uarflb j« 

JoJoDO (1 

■ Auif. 8f 

) Anic. Si 

I July ii 

>5AUS. Bj 

I Jnlr 81 

97 J1LT1. Sj 

10 Juu. St 
tf May (4 

11 Not. tt 
\ Jiino %i 
jMur. 8. 

14 Oay t) 


31 Uiu-. {9 
•1 Jui. f r 

•J Jose ti 

I J11I7 $1 

a JniiB ^ 

,oll«. ST 

ijAnd. It 

f>u&y s§ 

X Ngr. 88 

uKov. la 

isJuso S5 


14 Vnv. 

1) Juno esl 

15 Nov. !i 

iHwuOViM ,. i«N«r. 

'rajiHi^rr.— tUcbanI 11. U. Tiiruan, i ManbSoi H": >l Ovi. jii U. ilOeL it; Cvfl. ij UatetiNl Jf'"- 

tlfv'*!-.— Ilin/b' Alder Uiiiiy l-nrna. 1* Juir eSj iTo*. Zimf. 
«■ lCuA«.— OmTiR Wiienmui, ijVeti. 8Bj He*, t***'- 

Bin*.— fului 8eulM.~it]i>M>. MoHM. Cox uid Oo. 
EmmrkMf'* tnOla. ti ««min >Mi. 

_. Sob. 8. J. O. C»tiUiir[i> >ar>ca in ilin Eiiicrii pnmpft^im of i!s4'ls** Aide da CnlBp to Lor-f 
■las the bHUn or AIbia, linliklnrn. n.iri itu^rtuna, affair* uf UulKaUkkandU'XaiaM'inm, hBil 
nnnl (litedal wiUi four UIiuim, ilnrcc ntHiijpr, KiiiKliiflr Ui« I.iglun of HonottT, till QlM of l])t 
I TuU>b Uaikl). 

•uiMbbt*!) iHihtb* InckkllMnRDnipKni In tha Bni>rwiu' of i3!t. uiil commvided 1111 MMrrtv-lili 
cod to ZdIoIbu-L AwtbJ in tlie Boolinuulaiiil KxfwI'tiMu utiiIim Sir C'linrlo* Wgnttn In iiet.3] itiiii 

ammf 1 1 Bt ulth U»* «p— tllirio t» UiB Smilira Id iS^g IsMmmoDd of iliei«n<w ■(|ui>tFr>ijg or tbii 
rM lha«(( Hugh, Mill *iu pf^wnt In (b« ontiaK"'"'^"^ 0' >{a*)>«CQ~>DVsnlywouuiti]d (Brciclul 
idkl ■F«h tlMf, kbd StiHlWn'i Stul. 

.ana-DMBlat umd M Bricwla Mifar b> Iba [Omb'r DMsodo RNmre Dlviiion oT itui Kkyber 

• ■•n.uilwitbitaaijili llumri laSoathini AI)(Iutai*tviln iSKotUsOal}. BorrM la tlio aoer oat of 
rVaMoa wrrad ■■ Adiuuilottlio Carablnicn la Itio Afghun win- In iSjv-I^'.ihkI tick part la thtupc. 
(k* frnntiTiiaTi Tall it and aaiUnM tha Wnmrso Eljostnuii. &dJ ai iho noacl: nntl 'ImcrLiciKin of ibt 
iarnaC Anb Khfjf. Kf>4 Joitaii 1 inu SUIT ummr ami ■■mvoii Uitnhn] of iho mil ]iliiiiih)o Culnmu. 
vUaa Fom. tr-aiB imD Uar »<> > > tb A«(. ib»i (Itejikl), 

i^A.C UUte aartcd ifUk tba aipadiUoB lo lb* Soudan in iSG] at &u(T Offlcor to Bricivlier Ooittrkl Xvan. 

«a4lv C«ml>T Artj^dai sad vbt prtaaiki In Ibii toi^iuiamnitU ui Hnxburit utd lbs ToFMk Hruba, and a|}' 

in Of TWhoI laonttinMd In dHfiatalui^ Brsvolnt Mitjiir. Vfdnl nlib iiro Olui^, and Ktutdlrt'a Star). ■ 

I AfrUa •*rT*d«UbttaNilaEi|K>liiiauiD iBSt-^S^itbthcUi'iiTrCamsl BoKiment (Ucdalinth Uu^ 

SnKiBdTtarTBlwllblkaaipadUlaotnUuAiiniInn In iSet.nailou prOMDlla(li«aDimiomtutKtltatbaon 
<Minii<liin nf Tanalfllridafalih nimv iiiil riiiffiri'i r'Hiri 
■•da M'laoaltllB aar*«d bUaBoocwvoriBio-Si, and took pail uths'lpftncoof Kmndimoii. S«rv«d la 
l>to«dUMnbi>t*-«I<«tb tlMi9Uill<iaur>i(UBJalH'>lliOIaip. ■sdlUisdivr'iaiar). 

■MiM0AUraOTV*dinibU>«aKiwlltloDU)lb4Moiidutn iKl^andiiriuiiTCMi.t lathusuKnuamenUiullHhean ' 
• VtfeakaanM«aadattbad«lnioUonorTma11II*daliiitbi«oi;i»p>, Bixl KhixliTo'* StarJ. 

KlasniawvedwaliUMaiualtefOBtalhaaoudaain iU5,and iraaprMeni at Umi daatrapilon of Tataal 
ClBM, asa EhaJtn^ teat). 
m^ Bon* aarnd to lb* Kila HxptitUm fn 1111.91 ">"> »i« >»tl> U<iuar* auil wai prtxnl in Ui* aetiso an 
M(MaddirtlbUroCbUKaiulKbdire-i»tul. 1 

ML OwB* iHr*ad wllb (ba Mpadltian In tbc Boudon En iCSt. and 'Oh promt in iba BT>inu*n»st» at Dubaml 
aTltittMlfitlW, airlillbi ^wlmnttui nfTnrrini (Uodal wlib liruClnipe, nntl Kliadlre'a clun. 



T X 


6th {IntUtlntling) I>rag00nB. 


Tnll Hall 
P*J. |Paj, 


Tho OtMa of tBPi»miiiig. ■ "Dnmeut" "Wuiuoo" "BiuzUT*" "Barimwoi." 

Ooloml.— Charles Cnmoron Shnta,' CB., Comff, "19 July 34; Zl. '13 Majjiji Coaf. 's ll»r. jj 3 
JqqD hi BLLLCiyloiitl, li Deo. 54 i Ll.Caloiiel,'ig Feb. sBi CoiomJ, si Bent. 561 ifD/Dr ffnrnl, 6II 
iMjtt.Qenrftl. I Oct- 77 i C'rirrD^t 1 July Si ; Co'oqfi fith DtflgoouH, aH March afi. 
LintBnant ColoDfllB. — AlDort Fi-QOm.* Comaaniiimn lAa Jteginttit^ 13 Sept, B6; Corttet 'a8 JkS. 6b 
I T,|A|trLI6G; Cflpf. '10 Jan. 73; Jfrn'of, i July 811 if, Co/ofjr/, 35 July B5, 

KlolLuvl Cdw&ra Bovley UHTtm,' luul. '31 Jnly 67; Zinf, 'ig Jul. 70; Cant. S T 
I Jfqyor, 1 July Bi ; Jt.Pntomi, ij Bnpt. 66. 


Aleiander CtsliPBrs M'Kean' ISI. Li.\ 

Coloiil, 18 Oct. iSl.Ai'ilt.miSec.Malla f 
Aniirevi Grocii TtiompBon.' Aijulani i) 

Will Turk Ttomaitry Cai^alry J 

Kdvud Or&bua Peunetutiiet' (Si. Lt.'t 

CoUmil, iBOet,M) i 

CbnrlaaWilliun Groene," ddjvtanl S^iriSX 

Deton Yromtiniy Cavalrs -,,,-.,-. .— J 

Henry Cockcroft PagD-HeiideraoD,'*^J-l 

ntalt, 24 Oct. 38... S 

CiiarloH Tiiivcn Brelon" , 

RaEeiijh Grejr -,,.-... -...-.. 

Tatriok William FgrbflS" 

'Uiohucl FredpTic Rioiington^' 

'EdmnTid Henry Hynman Allenl^^* ......... 

ijohn Watklna Tardlej" 

Gay LinJsey JcrniLDgrB-BruinlyU ,..,.. ...,...,, 


Jobn Hftwtrey RoBinnlil Cox" .................. 

Henfy Bn^wt^ll-P^irHfuy^ 

Arthur Il'jwIaDd Motley ... ,.-... .- 

Cecil Henry SnuikJere 

Charlen Edivnrd l']ercn,'^ieroi>jieif*Ziil«- i 

land Rrnrrce Potiet Firee J 

Adam Brnek-Boyd-Wilnon" 

Georj^e Rmeat Pridenux.Bruna ,-*••-.— 

Edmund Arthur Herbert -....- — ... 

icoiicit oa 



.CbsrleB Ednnrd MniL-tdH Catteral 

Ijamea Slevejieoii-tlaiiillUJii 

'Cland Frmcia Guy Chapman 

iSOot, 7! 

3> Jau. 81 
aj April 81 

14 Mar. 
J Nor. 88 

iS OaL 71 
JO Dbg. ji 
13 April 73 

19 Feb. 7B 

11 Bept. 7B 
I July 

I July 
19 Oct. 
10 May 
10 Hay 

30 Jan. 84 
13 Ads. B4 
19 Nor. 84 

31 Jan. B3 

g Dh. is 

19 Nov. 

S Sept. „ 

ID Not. M 

11 Not. 78 
I Uar. 79 
18 Jnna Bi 


no Oct. 

S June Bj 

99 July Bj; 

16 Oct. B; 

96 Oct. 97; 

ID Jos. BB, 

17 Oct. 88' 
ifiNoT. BB 

93 J 


Ipurniutir.— John G. T. Bumfrer,"' 8 Aug. Bg; Ski, 97 lUoroh sBj U. igUBTOb 60; C^. itUl 

i Bo*, ifa^or^ 8 Aoff. 85- 

, Siding Ifiuffr.— Frederick G, HiiBlieB,'> B Ang. 811 Ron. Lint 

IfixnriKjfoiWr.— William Oliver," 37 Sflpt. 79; JTm. Litut. 

Soulet— FiuteBi Yallow.— .1; «■<>, Meesn. Oox uid Oo. 

■ Geseral 8hat« acted ae Adjalant with the right wing of the 13th Ught Drupona In the sunpalgn 
the B«Jah of KomCMjl. East Indlea, in 1B39. Berred with the Gth Dragcana the Baatam cunpadso of 18 
AABiBtant Adjntant General of Iha Cavalry DiTleien Travi 9^rd Hot. 18^4 Co god Jaly i8j6. when the dirli 
finally broil en op, inclodlns thebatcloi at Balaklava (mentioned In Bii Jantea SaarlaH'a deapaiab) and In] 
idflgeand fall or SebABtopcT, night attaclc on the Roasian outpoau oathe igth Feb. iBjc. and battle of tfa«TC 

8[»dal with three Claipa, Brevet ot LC.Colcnel, Enlght of the Legion of Honor, jth Claae of the Medtidle, 

■ Lt.Colcnol Froom eerred with the InniiMlling Dragoona In the Boer war of iBSi. Berred In the Bechn 
Bipedltinn nnder SirChsrlee Warren in 1834-as (mentioned in deepatehai) . 

> Lt.CoIonel Martin Berred with the Iimiikillliig Sngoona la the Boer war of 18B1 {Cif9.). 

* Lt.CoIonel U'Kean served with the Innlakilling Dragonna in the Boar war of t88i. 
' M^r Thompaon served with the lonlekilling Dt«goana In the BoerwaroriBBi. 

• LLOolone) PennefMher nerved with tha Klns's Dragoon Onarde in the Znln war of iBTa, In the lanadn 
Uajor Uarter, including the oaTslry sSair at Knaagsyan, and aabwqnently in Baker BuBiell'a PljiDg 
(Uedal with Clasp). Berved with the Innlekilling Dragoona in the Boer war of iBBi. Served with the Beohv 
topedillon tinder Sir Cbarlea Warren in 7684-65. 

'' Captain Crasae served In the Boar war uf 18B1 wiUi the Inniskllllng Dragoons. Served vrith the Beohi 
Expedition under Sir Charles Warren in iSBj-Bj. 

■< Captain Page-Hcnderfton earvad in the Boerwarof i8Br with the InniikilUng Dngooos- Bervedln tlM 
onaland BipediUun under Sir Cbsrloe Warren in 18S4-8S with the Inniakilling Uragoona. 

>* Csptoin Breton Hervod In the Boer war of iBBi. Served wit^ the Becbnanoland EipediUon nnder Sir 
'Warren in 18B4-85 with the InnukilUng Fueihere. 

I' Captains Forbes, RiEnlngton, Allenby, Yardloy, and JennlagA-Bramlj, Lienta. Bagwell.Pnretby end 
served with the Bechnanalaua Expedition uader Sir Chartaa Warren in 1884-65 with the Inniakillmg Dr^gt 

" Lieut. Cox served with the Beohuanaland Expedition in 1884-85 ander Sir Chorlaa Warren. 

1' Lieut. Pierce served in t^ Nile BipediliOD in 18B4-8J with the Heavy Camel Corps (Medal nilh CI 
Khedive's Star) . 

" Lieut. Boyil- Wilson served during the Nile Expedition In 1884-85 with the let BattaUon YorknhirD Ratf 
the Line el Communioations np the Nile. Served with Ihe Boudan Frontier Field Force under Blr f 
titaphenson in rSa;|-S6, and was present In the engagement at Oiniae (Uedal, and Khedive's Star). 

" Lieut. W. Oliver served in the Boer war of i83i with the Innlskilling Dragoons. Served In the Beohi 
Expedition under Bir Chorloa Warren in 1894-85 wlUi the Innlskilling DiagooiLa. 

*• Usjor Htunft-ey.— For War Barvioea, see Army Paj Dapartment. 

7Ui {The Qut^v'a Oten) Hossars. 

^^^rTlwRajtJQjplUTWlUiliiUM Outer. "I>miiisa""PisiiT4i'Lt" "Wiijdujo" "Ldooow," 
t^.fictM.-WaUmnonaMDitfaon C,r^t.'iiA^ti},^; C(, ».} fob. .8; Capl. 'ijAprtl jtj Uajor. 
»tS i*s Bt.Lt.Ctlnit. ,0O>:\. sli lA.C^laail.^sOBl.. 6,. OiUt^.i Jan. UiUojor a, • •^- ' 

totalmnbudllaiU. J^it/ar JtnuuHfi.) 

Ai^W --- -..-, - -,—„„.-—.-,.,-,,-,../ 

Bmim AnMnId Kflil 

P.*A ChaHea nuOcv«M Thomaoa'. ........... 

Wmiam MdhKoitU,* Aiimtawl Sttnp. > 

Mm r>nH->* OMfn i 

•BCT MaUlixr Kiai^f 

Im. HMkftnl Thaiiip>iin I^wlnj* ..,..,,.,- 

Km. Tlo— I Aa!ibamlxUD> 


BM*a* AVrwl l>mrliri >«»»,>« MoUmi i 
ai^qikii-. xwtey f 

Ofrtffaf, ' 

±it o»«.'. 

MhL— Artbnj Peal.i Omiwi«<H>» f*. Smi-™), ■ Jnl^-^; Cw«(. 8 JonoSii K™<. i» Not. J 
I Ang. *9i M^if . ' Jnlrti 1 £«■.(««.? fotomi. ,,, Dec, Si i Cbloiwl, ig Duo. Sj. 

DnoTlU* rosll* Wlasfldd 

BtnbHil Mmrd Uarain ......... 

Mm. Bdnrlii lUny I>umi1im 

[>*orK« KoHnllGumu 

OMnt* Ii*wu HcldjwDiU) ^_. 

BMnEanl BobcH Liabsn 

Mars* Ttawkanr air«li .— ..~_-. 
Kk<nH«atanPMff« ._ 

0*ciis> Bnolu, .<M> ii Oamp la) 

U« a «M> arUtmttf , i 

H«(vyBMM«B«ildo«* „ 

JekxOmaat Hiiuu H^nlay Bsnalbnl 

HvmU Uniclsr „.,.. 

DonMI wmiMn mnbHoc 

8«.R*cla*U OMttmc* UantniB 


Em. Bmnr Arohitnld Vttay H«nh 

_ B><n VUmfbbj SnlUa 

b AlMUidtr Piusr . 

no 1.1 lOT. 

':9 Au^. fffl 

5 Julj 
'ij July 
'»] Jan. 


•6 Hoy. M 'it Dm. jo 
>">> Janq 7.> 14 Juno 73 

'»j Foh. 71 

4l'«a. 18 

)i Jkh. 
11 Au(t. 

jOCt. )« 

J Not. 
•A Mar 

II Fab. a 

a Dm. se 


■jApni J) 

:t Pab. 

A Jtldo Bj 

I] Jana t< 

1 Jot; ti 

tt Oai. 81 

rniMy Co 

19 Dm, >) 

lU Dm. 8) 

11 July 3i 

4 Veb. ae 

jMity e« 

e Aof!. 811 

15 Dm. at 

«Biar 8r 

ijApr. tt 

tsJone Bj 

tjJODO Sj 


■ Jnt; 81 

TO Dm. St 

; »iir ti 

3M«y !6 

ti Oct. 



>8Apc. W 


■I OM. 

_ ftifi f.— WUKrn M. OrWghlon." 6 Ii1»t Ii ; /.', >n Fob, }«; »•»(, iBxpl. Bo; tbii. Vu>r, C Xny M. 

_ UifewXHtar.— BadjrbRldSFBuTTOtbbfe. iiOcC. 88 

,_ r^fii Ifiifii ■iTlTlrtiii riiliiiTTiilu;' II "n ■. i/<.i. C^jifiia, u Out, 85. 

Btu*.— .tjfoff. Sloun. C'lx *aA On. 
UM^wliil/jr r*i<u. lO .Tor. iSiC. 

' (Manl Po»! Knwl in iha loial roiiliBM ttirointliout tbe Infliau N.W. (Viiiiler oiimp.iij,ii of iMj nnd WM 
fJliui at tb4 Hkinajbtf of t^ CVnlral iiul. nlin M fin utnok xnit cnpEnrv nf tljo ^fiiii I'^urtifit ivnit Duttiairla 
lIMkt •nu.cuapi. 

< M^terC. F. 'nKKMOn frrrat Id tbe IMbt mr o[ imi. Hcrrgil Id the tioDcUn Hmpulicn In 1885 oa Briitubrl 
M^ of Uatiali7 UBCnUtuDWl in dtfcalcbta, Bnrnt ol UniOt, M«<U.I wILb Claap, luul KbcdivD** guui, 

* Miior l*kKOt Mrnd ttirMutonl Uia NUs Ri|icdiU>iii iu iSii-Siu AdJuUne lo >ba l>icl>l Catnol KsuiiMnt, and 
ntpui tmlM opantMt ertha P tw n Ualiimn ini>l»<lltig ttm vaKiwaiamit at Abn Xlxi Wall* oe Out inib and 
ijtk rifii ai I rfiiiiiituT (mtDtlaBM indHpaulia. Urcvpiof Major. Msdal Willi VlHV.afid KhBllva^ fitarl. 

'Chjaaln Ifonia mttwI ■Mtt Iba ivth Huiiu* in Ui« EK^j>tla» war or 1S81. aiid wii< pnMiii in tbe a«iioil M j 

daI^»l|N«mk*r)anilatlh*baalaotlVl.*l-KD)iir(iliviBliTiEbfTlai|i. Bwl)^■(Hli(a^■eUT^ 

> Cttta^n Rioi^iarVDl frIUBiba i«Ui Bammn a tb" Kimatnn vilt ofiiFi. and wnK pmotn In tba anion fttj 
Ck..' 'ii:|iuiDbcr),a»4alUic baUlc aC Tdtl-KcMr IH«iIil1 wiibCIup. aQd Elifil lie'* Star). ■ 

- B.T. lAirlBy acrTatl ihraUKhiwl tUu SlId EitHxIliitm iu iliitU; irith tlm UorliC Carnal (bvimenl, ' 
■:.: 1. tba mnMlan* o( tba [imrt Column luo'iiillng ibr viignBvmsal at Abn KliwWnlU nntho iftbnnd' 

17U1 ri'-.r^irrj (UadaiMilb Chap, and KIiodlTa'* StarV 
' Vayuiii lion. T. Aabbaraiam Hirrad In tba Sj;rptiaji imr of iSStaa Ald« daCnmp liaSlrBAikoFltnueIl.*ndiTU 
I bt Uw cdMOHC^BiaDl at Mahi«iiia, tn tba twj aatlfm^ at ICat^aAlu. and at tba tiiubt« ot T«t-*i'KphiT and tha 

■WBCaurCalM [JUdal intb CUtp, »b OUaaortha >l«djidia.and Kb<KllTa*BBUr). 

■OtpUUt KTHia*a«a4lDibaU|tbanirarlniJi»iirltbai«yUilAawn{Uadal). 

" OapUinCoto'llaniiHan tarrad witb tba lat BaUabau 8bn>p«blra LiKbt InBuilTf in IfaeBuptiaa war of |89>|] 
IMaaitiiaaamai Ihtr nrmm'TT rf ItTitt T — fir' "-|-'t"- ("t'*"'. tr1 Khgiltrc-i Ktai^ i<i!rT«d Iu t)i*ax>'1 
MMiaii K> lb> SmulAD la iMjwIthiba i>( lialiatloD Sliroriblrg t,'sbt iDfbnlry(Clsap), fiemdlQIlio ticonpation 
* »nllta by BrUtab tnop* In iMt-16. 

■ Valitf (fni^ium.—rm War garrlnav ••• Aimr I'u Da{ianniuni. 

"CHBUn Watte acmd in ■ aqnidiBO of ttau i(b uuouv ttllb (tie sxpcdltlOD DgUntl the Maboinnd TriMtl 
tu|lf44iKDdcrO»bBalA.>UMloi«U(Itadal«rtihCl>w}. ' 


8Ut (2»# Kiny'i Boyal Iriih) Hiusara. 




Doleaul,— re Ch»rIoa Oranford Fniarr,' Cfl. Mr. fir AV(t Laabrt/i: Ovrnai, 'i I>iic. tj; Linl. 'it 
Jnno 50 i Caft, Pn April 51 ; £1 ICnJor, » July 5a 1 Major, Oij May so ; Ll.'ailamit, 'la jBn. 61; 
Cofaiiai, lU Jon. 64; Unjor GrocrnI, 15 JqIj 70 i titiiI.eeKcraf, 1 Oil. B6 ; CuiomI 8tii Huisur*, 3; Jane 86. 

Limlmiuil Oolotnl.— Thonuia AbUJI 3i. Quimin,' C(i«iiiiomliwM«fiMii.M<,»Ja]j B7 1 Carutt, aoDeo. i5i 
£(. 'i6 Jan. 61; Cuf/. '17 Ane. 7°; Bl.lfajnr, u Hut. t9 ; If">r, 1 July St ; JJ.Calgml, 31 MTth 56. 

The Hbrpftud Grown. " Prit'i'f HpJh^u Menofv." — "Liawakjiii' 


"HllTDOOHAS" "AlB*"- 

' ATSBAnnAH, 1379-80." 


amofi DavidBnD^ 

EdwinJttmea Fell' 

pBior Lpgli Cloiraa' 

Edward GroTCa Paler -■■-■ 

Dnvid Eli warf Wood' 

IlEutlcGram -,.,-,...,, 

WilUmn Kenyon Mitford' 

FrBiik JmBBaCarandinl,' J^/slnnl Jciapl 

lA^kl Bone -,,,,. -} 

Ubartes Ednard Iloir* 

Charles Nu-SolaeCalthUTBtVeBej 

yaWimn James Bird, Aiifulaal ti Not. 86,., 

Fbllip Wnltif Julca Lb Gallain 

Ui^an Tbuiana Mnboa..... 

GUbflTt HdwoII Lciiuy Bucbaiuui 

Fblhp J..anpdA]B ..,. -. 

Philip Fn^-nrty Dwyer," Slatiaa Sta^l 

Q0efr, LnitAouv J 

Barry Newman Mor^'an TbOfta .-..-,..- 

John AcbtBcjn HcJiiIorHoti 

PhUip Jnbii ThouuiB Blakewsy 

Goorgo WolTu"! 

Hicbard Pertiy John CodrioKton 

Uenty FoulkoB Deara 


Herrcy Graothcd 

ErDBBt GoTdoa Bailing fold .,....—...-...-....-. 

David Murray Andfiraon... 

Harrj jrConagboy 

Liocolu Sandwith.. .,,. 

Hci-berr Rom Grulion -..,.,..- ,. -.,. 

JoeophVmceiibCbflrlaa Albert MarryaC ... 

Siding Mutter. — Edward Griffith ToniljlineB, 3 Aog. 87. 






a Dos. 


ij Apr. Bi 

4 Nov. Si 



ig 3«pC Bi 
31 Fab. ii 


.Apr. a* 

wo Nov. 



> Oct. >5 

's Jan. 


'>(, Feb. 

iS Fab. 
a Uay 

1 1 SepL 



16 Doo. 74 

3O0I. 63 

14 Nov. Bj 
.Apr. B4 


38 Not. ti 

ff] Jan. 


1 July 


1 Apr. B4 



I Joly 


ig Sopt. B5 

11 May 




g Deo. 8] 

ig Feb. 


1 Joly 


4 Dan. M 

■J Apr, 


I July 


ig Mar. BE 

37 Jan. 


19 Apr. BE 

37 Jan, 


IS Ang. 


* Cftpttiiiia MiUbril, CaiunOiai, and 

ig Uar. 


Duff Bctved with Ibo 81I1 Hnaaare m 
the AfHbBn war in i37q-So (M«lnl}. 

a 1 Aug. 
6 May 


■ (.'nplfliu W'aod Borvod with Lijp Sal 


HuBBawin the Afghan "arm iSjg-S*, 
Find look irtirt intbeZniinmhi Eip*- 

35 Nov. 


la Uay 

g D«a. 
7 Feb. 



rlition iiiciuiiiug the anaagoiaoot ■! 

jlnleena (Madal). 





If Bapl. 


14 fi«pt. 


9 May 


to June 


?3 Aag. 


[Qnarrrr Jfoffrr.— jBmDaAudrowHi2Qijtoii,"34Nov.77i JZon, Capiainta^ Nor. B71 

Blue.— .JoHfi, Ifewn. Ooi And Co. 
SmbaritififBngdt. .878. 

1 Lieot.Oenoial Fraicr Bpircd as Orderly Officer to Bri|t>idier Oampball at the allhlr of UanMKla HH 
Allahabad, on tto jlh Jan, 1858. and aubBeqiiontly with tha 7lh IloMars in the Indian mutinj carapatgn from Fob. 
to July 18 <3, andfnjm Ircc. iS^B to March i&5g, and waa proaant at the affair of Meengun^jG, BiBgeand captiin n 
Looknow.'nflliliB o( Knrrec and Siraeo ihorpa wounded], action of Nawabgunge (BCTorelv woimdeii whilat lesdlag 
■ agoaiiron tilHiuEta body of Guiiie fnnatioa, montionod in Sir Hopo Grant'i deBpalch tor " moBt cona piBno M 
gallantry/' Brcvot of Mnjor), throughout the Tmna-Gojini campaign^ inclnding the afl^ir near Charda and puiMlK 
taking Iho fort nf Jiuojedio, attacli on Bankco with purauit to tbo Rapiee, advanoe Into Nemml and affair U 
Bltkaghat (Victoria Crusa, Mcdul iritb Clasp) : received tho VE " for couapicuouB and cool gallantry, on Iha jut 
Deoomber 1&58, in having voluntcerad, at great poraonal risk, and ander a aharp fire of mneketiy, to awmi to tha 
nsouB ofCaptaiu Btiaied and Bomomen oTtbe 7 th HaBaara, who were in Imminent danger of being drowned in tM 
Biver Raptee, while in purauit of the rebeli. Major Frascr aucccededin thia gallant Hrrice. allhontrh at the ^u 
paitially disabled, not having recovered from aaevero wound received while leading aSqnadronina charge aganiN 
■oma wiatica in the action of Nawabgnnge, on the ijlh Jnne 1S58." Served in the Abyasinian campaign itt iB68u 
Ocmmandant at Umd Qaartera, and Si charge of the outpoeta, and was pretent at the action of Aroirce and csptu* 
oriIagdBla(mBntiojiedinde»patolieB"forQncraBingvigilaacc,"CB. und UedalX [Bee ftlao Civil UiooTatioiM Bir 
□allantrr, p. i>B.] 

• LUColonelBt.QmntinBorvBd with the lotb Hnaearain tho Arghammrin .B7a-?9,aJid waaptaaeEt at tho at lM fr 
and oaptura of All Muajid, and io the engagement at FatiehabadaB Orderly Ofllcer to Brigadier ticcoral C. Oou^ 
(mantioned in deapatchca. Brevet of Major, Medal with Clasp). 

* Major Davidson aervedin the Egyptian war of i€3' with tho 13th Bengal Lancera, and waa preaon tat the action 
UEaaaHBin (gtb September) and al tho battle ol Tel. el -Kehir (Medal with Claap, and Chedivo'a Star), 

• Majors Fell and Clowes served with Iho Sth HuBaan in the Afghan war In ia7g-fio incluuinR toe engagemoit 
atMfi.eona (Medal). 

* Licnt. Dnycr served in the Zuln war in 1879 yriOx tbo i7t^ Lanccn, and woa proacnt in the cngagDCieat at 
Uiundi (Medal Kith CInfip). 

1° Lieut, Wolfe served with tha lat Battalion Boyal Irish Fuslliara in the Bgyplian worof iBSa. and wai pttaent 
at tho battle of Tel-el-Kebir (SIndal with Closp, nril Khodivo'a Star). 

" Captain IlolTiiron aetvsd tbo Biutern campaign of 1854-5; irith tho Bth HueBare. Inolnding tha rDCon- 
naiaaance to Bilietria, battles of Alma, llalaklava. lokerman, and tho Tcheniays, aindra of BalganBO and 
M'Koniio'a Form, siege and fall of BobsBtoiiol lilcdal with four Claapa, end Turkish Modal), Alao eerrcd in 
tho Indian Campaign of .858-50. and waa present at tho cantoro of Koiah, re-occupation of Chandaroe, battle of 
Kota-ltO'Seral, andcantare of^iiwatior (Mtilal with Clasp for Central India). Sened with the Btb Hiuaare in the 
Afghan war In 1879-80 (Medal). Haa also (ho Medal for Long and Moritoriooe Sarviie. 



M mt.—ar ArrtnaM UUtc,' XCB. Cirmit, ', Oct. )i : U. ' ii Aiut. 

Ibekinxl** ... 

8-r?{i'.Jfay 6^ 

■ C tJft l WiB. LptlJc P» i» Potr Bannfanl,'^ ' 
C/jr.(«l.£>.CWHHl,iJalytii, lr>til«T I ' tJnno «; 
■iriMw *Ht« rWwtf i«tla J 

9th ('/iio tjuoat's Aoyo^) Liuieera. iSt] 

furasDu" "'PririiiiB" "BOBiiOB" "PoBJiUt" 
:" "'Ijcetxoir " "Chibihib" "Kiinii lE?}" 

BoTkt Cn>b<r irlttaiii tke Gkrur. " fu 
"CM(i.Liuf«u.uB" "OoanuT" "Ditui* 


«t ; tfi-j»H Jf<>»r. ^ April fci Jf^fjr. I Jiily ii: -H.CWnjji. 15 Due. Ji; ftilan.l. n Pw.g). 

3>l Ovf- ''4 Foti.]7; VVwif 
Ci'm.>ii8«pl.«]| Zaft, 

m 1.1 lit. 

t iw W ir j A> Ik QaMrmr ^Maint J 

iilOltilil Oani^i*-. 


M)R Unr)' U»M!(» 

ra»MU It sCT H lUynnd .... 
lUsalB Orb* UhI*- ,_ 

^TTfl at. CMrCWnMOn" 

J»J^et - ' 

'*TApt. IB tSOel. 


rndarUfe WUIlua Oils 


KM. UODil PottMOM King-Nacl 

Gfn< Dongku JaioM C«sU &iii|i«da .... 

Vm. TIowi a«lpli AndnMa-relham 

BtrtvtrMI«rVBii|irc«ti8lanl»> .,..., tiVtU. Sj 
Bmbtj U*. TBlakua-V]rkcliun-F1aDD«: >* Apr. Sj 
l o n aUJB LiltotM AMcin* Jo»»ph a* LMki itBtiil. S7 

8m«>d Liinuivn. 

BIlMtt rnnk Utnrr ,.., _ _....,.... tttXvt. I; 

Oniv* rag** Klli«Q_ ^ J at Am. li 

» BapL 71 

ljA«. J. 
n M»r. 7" 
ji Jiui. 81 

(fi Oot. Ii 

' 1 June ;e 
* S July j« 




•9 Nov. 7' 
n Sopt. 76 

I Jlklv 
I July 
I Jalr 
I Jn]7 

t July 
i> Not. 
■g All;;. 

■ Bopt. 

(1 Nov. 

>i Noif. 
31 Not. 

(urtia. BuT.Kii. 

11 Julf }4T t Uar. Ai 

1; Don. 7i| 

If July 

jjNuT. Is 
1 kvjt. *i 

J Oho. 

ji Unr. 



■4 Aqj;. 

* ll»T. «■ 


■ Inly St 

ijDcS. B4 

ij ItoO. Bf I 

BDoe. *t{ 

W M « f«f.— Alramlcr M. t^lie » ><> Fob. t; : (V^'' 8>^» Sntmmt. 
.- ISdIilH ir4ar«p.— EuiiBDB nenrj- NinluilMO. n iloy 79 1 B™- ttmlC 
.. '^■r f «r JC>i<<r.— Jobs ranjlht," •} 8opU 79 ; Bon. Linf. 

JUm — Kmiw' 9i!viiA.--Asnti. UoMra. Cni ftoil Cd- 

'HrArchOoIil LUIIs urviil nilb tlui glli Lviconin Iha Bull^' i,iuuMiJirB Is iK4ft, lonliiillugUigliitltlooraabmaa 
*' Vtn*!) iM IMrMIst tn aommud of lb* U>vslt7 ni tin trUffof l.uokDov, aii'l (»3uimi»icIc[ltho|iOBt>M 

ifiUifi u<AN<rr.itj7, far<ThI«Ikticntc>vcil iho tliaiik* of iLo Connnnudur m Clilof mil Qovernoi 
1> CoBBdl, wid CJt. Coamndtd tbii OkTilr^ iLurl iliru« iriHiim Kunu ArtlMnry at ihii tiAitlnof (^iwnpat* 
■lpuiull«I Uw Umltor BUUUiemoii the (<Ib l)«cL.»UoiiBiiit>oralKtiHi unci KhaaaijcBiine. Comnunuloa Ibo 
WfcfiJi of CBialry kl Lhe lieKa of Liicliaow, nntll (OToivIy wouadcd by a utukat-liiill UiruDKb Uw lol albOW 

DUDtlunnd 1b ilcapatcho, Mednl wtUi Ivo Claniia) . 
■b* Hod, U. Iicnn Hrnd «Kh tbo fUi Laaoin In U 
■eirenila mttm hWi tbe dUi l.uu>cn la tbe Afshai 

■ UbmI lb* Hod, U.I<CM«HrnJ«Kh tboflbLadoinUiUH AffbiLDitMld it7»-(u tlilsJai). 
^IWorllaMUBittMrrodHMb tbeoUiLuiocnlaUie Afghan mz of iM-Sti, woil look p«n with Iho Bmu 
nwj ■'fliHii'i. th" taEprliUun to Maiilan. tbo aflklr at ECilla Kaai (wliea bo bruuRhb (ha Hnimnil ou ef 
WlM.Win— a wvmly wsomiM). aoil m tb«op«ntiin» aroond Oaliul In l)as«ial«r ■*;; (RiDttUontil 1 n ilMpUehiHi) j 
•■■■MM4 au-TmtiMok nobvu ^ Uio nur«h (o CadiUbar, aail waa pmonl ai tbg baulo of CaDdoliar 
*MMM< bk daaHickai, Bmvl of MajOT, Usdal oiUi tito Clupi, uid BroauOevanliiou). 

■ tOM WIBBm fliM»all«il MProl M tha ula war of iB;& aiul WM iiNKsnl In tho ungngiiniiinl •! Olanai 
^HMbmI in iIvaiMiM^Mi Vietorfa Crou, anil Moilal wllh t'luTi) nu nirnRlai] th> V$ "tor RnlIaatouniliiottD 
HH M cna* panKiinal nak, iTurina Iba nUmuoat of tbo rtcaimoliTiiiK patU aoroa* Uto ' KbUo UiutoLimI 
mr OB )(<1 July tiNi camca to auut ttotvniDt Ifiuuiaitriw. ul BUUtlloii iitb Fuot (irlioM buiM hail Silltn 
•Mkaih WMiaud bUi k«blnd huaod hiaho»«,aDd bmnKbl tiim away In tafgiyandocifaaaloHitirnriliDEttliu, 
fh0 9mm it) ffaai for^ attd cmlur OQ qaJtUy. Lonl WillluD Boraaford'i pojltloi) waa rondond mott dja- 
piw Ova lEa Oial (hat SerKfacl Atimaiirioa loic* souly imlloil liim from hit lunw," Hrcreil wiUi tli* «tli 
wBBVlB tba Attbaa oat wf i*7(-Sa, muI wm pr*«ni al th« mjiimr nf All llunjul (muRtiiH-.nil in Smpncam^ 

' WtiarChliaieinixwTtawiih tb* gth tkocsia !u the AfifdnQ tfarotiSji-ia, anil ■»• pi«*ciit kl lbs < 


i:iE). »"i1 ill tljo ijparaLiotiB arotuid Cabiil in Uonmbvr *^Jt~~ 
\t-iM wiUi tiro OlwpBl. 

.. -_ , — AtKliin »BrotiB78io, and »r»» pwtttit al tlin optitK of All 

VHIId. lb* alair aa Kil^ Kaai, and In Iha cTiif>niJ4.i]iM ueuutiJ Cithui In Dsoamlmr iIjh^i n^ioonpaiiivd 9ir 
IMMMk KtttaruUi tbOBBishtaOa&dabar.aaO took piLrt tntbi< ruitllo otOaadabariHrtral iLma* meaUuavl la 
IppUcftS. Biinrt* or ItafOr, jlotel witb UtNOCIupa.nml DroDiioDooarBUoii). 

■* ^'■Ttllr tenMBl aural imli lb* aia Lauear* is Iba AfKhiiu wja of ttjt-ta, aaJ wia utvml Id Um opttMlMa 
■iMCibiU tn l}Mi^>b<r ■«» (Midal olWi i;iai>i>l. 

' tUptbCa MUI* aarrwt «(b uagUi Ijaiuicn in Uia AtKtiAD wnt of iSjt-iv, and look pari in ibaoipffluioa l» 
IbHaaadla l^vpantuna atnnd Qilml lii]>M«iDb«F tirii ■oooiupaaied Sir Fradtriiik Babacuin Uiomarofa 
Mto^bar.AMtnamiwntatifcabMilaaf Candabai at Onlarly OdJorrta i>rljta^lnA«i*i«lU.Ooii|[li (mUf 
MMiMdcapaMbaa, Hotel olUi liraCteapt. and UranMD«ooirwlmiJ> 

"CuMa Oamono wmnt iatb* AtebaD tnv in itn-Bo-MOonpuilal Sir Fradsriek Bab«n> In Uio iuar«b 
M 1^^'^— and miB praiWii a* Itw baiua et Candaliar Itfadal willi Clatp, and Hronn DaootsUau). 

"U*«. Anytlu aanvl wllta the iMi Luiotra In tfa* Abhta war of ili<-»>, oail wek iiatt In Iba 
■MMttvaiBVn I iIkIhI la UtotmOu iSnOioilal wUfa ClMp]. 

a n-jp-.- LsUk— >^l^ "ai A«mc«, aaa auOblk Bagimank 




lOlh {The Prince of Wtflee' Oiwi Bcijul) Hussars. 

Tils rrlsce't Ftiimti. Tbs BiKlns Saa im^ ScdDniKan, "l'iinrtiik>"~Wtiainao'*"Bxfma 
'"""""' " ~ "~ "' " "~ !>■». «rOoniw«II, XO. ITT. K*J 


-|7^0*lM*L^&liSs*aIfftetiMH Albert Eilvrnrd. Pnat* vT WsIuk utd I>>>. » vw. .m.. a.. _.. -. 
P.r *"^^*'- OOJltf. OCra. CoIo«jI, 9 SqT, j!; <?««-»;» Not. Gi; ri,a itu'-oWl, » ItUTj; tVi* 

Kdiuh. tl ApHI 6j. ' 

Lidiunut OoIodM,— Busli Bioluinl, Fucoutt Diwut,' CTK., CinnHniliM r4>CHliH^, ij SniU tii <V 

'SAaa. 65: i-.(. fioSur,69: t'ujpioM, jj Juno ji; JU.Jf^or, 119 Not. 711; Jif«>r, t Joly ii; tt.CtI 



inn 1111.-1. 

SashiaUiiaoagti.'CMOABI.LI.aihtt,-! , „.„ ., 

>siUfttiO^-l."Uatm i ''M«y fiS 

UuuusChiulHWiiadi ,. ' 1 aci:ii.64 

pj.r. Bm. Jnoifil I'nmi Kapior * Ofiavit 1 

iI<^<^.HIU>r,irl^r J 

lotiB Pdliutr ]|i«t>Hon>° (fif.If.OiImil. > 

iiMi«l,l J 

Ulnb UiocQQald WlUinuluii Finliuc'* 

Hillili FmnBii Riiphiitn," JJ/»<jiif JPof j 

Samtrut f^-^niiarv Ci-vi^i^ S 

l)»TlrlS»ulcjWi[liam, Kiel "/'ilrlio" ,. 

•tl XI:i^'IU!mi j 

Chu-lo* SUuilutlti iliwniWTOil" 

Ilii B-yal Btaliiitn j-rUr* Albm Vldior 
CbfUlmn ICilvtiKl ^ IrulV., SO. i-n-- 
toiml -iiilpitr Cump to tht Qitrm ..,.,.....„ , 

/fi". Hcrliurt T'wiinni Alt«o]iii" ,, 11 Oct. rj 

Hn. QwTgv liPdjioia Biyoji'' s Don. jf 



Cluxtiuii Batunii tUr™*'* 

h™. Anhiu ijwttr'" „..,., 

Artbnrtluirhd-OTiftluMr^*. , 

Hun, Jullu]i lldltrDTlli Qwiig* Byns,"! 

AijHlail. JO Oct. M .. _... J 

Oharl» ToJoTM'MiLmcb KiVMUuft. 

Ben. Eieisnl BiuiiJ|[ _ 

BllKlrd Willi nm Dcilit tjaltil 

Oanincm lluDiar 

Uhtri™ Honty, LotJ &uaii,imm<jin 


94 Ju. 
» Ju. 

14 Sept. 
M Sept. 
16 Nur. 


B] June Tj 

ir«b. jc 

n !fOT. 7t 

iSOcl. II 
'17 Oct. II 
■9 0«t. T< 

ijJoao 14 

If Jnn* jt 

tj Jdiui rj' i3 ^ob. I| 
•ejol; ,fi| tUu. ) 
11 Fell. n\ 1} xttg. 

LjJupfl Sj >i J1U1D A? 

I Jnlj !i' 11 July Si 
I July St' Ij Saiit. t; 

iHw. «i 

: J Jane 


■ July •> "CkptalDBaD.O.L.Bnul 

■ July Si with llie io(h HiuHn is tki d 
9ADR. Si^wBT in i>r>-7#. «»1 «•* IiMM 

>o May* BlCMk ■nd nrmrr *f Atl V 

IJJWI. 8J|,l,o.l |mi-m I 

drab, t4[Uo(liiI niih 1 ' ■ 
■)Adi(. S4'0Bt tta Ni!i' I 

jPoC. ijlwitiiitio i.;ti 1 

Itodk iiHit ... c 

iOfecn (kilHiDH ir,rli-. unit ic«eo 

mem mt Abu KI» weiK <m Hi 
land i)lU FuUruary (JUd' 
Jlwp, will KhiKliTr^ itiar ■ 

lonlWIUIiuiiAujjuitiuii^Tin'liih-KunUnak le tiur. Sj 
B«rtnupChaii.CEtlilapb*[Sppii(tir!ilccklD];i ■> fnl). H 

Tiiiiiiuirri-. ^Arthur A. W. B. Biiubl- Smith, 11 Jnly Fm CipMfa 1 SuMn, 
... fiiJl") ifijitii-.— I^i!i[) Ke)ly, i* Juuo jSi il«. Civ'iiinj m June ». 
... lQiurf<r.U.irtir..-AnliiirlMwiinlPDali>,"* l> Un*. ImuI. 
BIUB.— Jy™(»,MeMni.('oKtunl fo. 
SmiarlBi/or fuJui, ioJaniarr itjj- UrtMrnr4 fnm Hgrp'.': April itt«. 

Lard Domo aerteJ in tlin Zsln irnr nt 1*79 u Aido ilD Camp la Major OmCnt Manbml, 1 1 iiiiiMiiini 
M«li7BTlBad*(ll»Tnnf Mnjnr, Mcdnlirllhl'lMp), 

• OoIoDet ^onih lerved In ihn Afutiiu "OJ- in la^E-j^ on iipKiIat •latr. nDd wh pwtui >t Uie allMd 
raplan or AH Miujul fUedal nllli niiuM. Mimiil in thcaoDdui BtpeOitloD la >9e4i>llbth> iiA'a, llnM ' 
wni pnu-iit in Ihi vngMinneDli m. Kl I'ci. una Tgnsui (m>ati<)a*>l in daapatehe*. BivrM o( I.i.C«l9iHil. Uc 

I priM-'fJt in Ine anndftme 
OlMp. <»"> KIiodlTV'i HIar). Snvsil » lUi tlio ilfo'iuanalnn'! HipediUini In lUf-Cj DIHlnc Sit Chuica 
WbOn bo Talfcd uuil conunnuilnil It JtejrtnxinC of Uuuole'l aiOH (CiTI]).). 

* Uillor M. {\ Wii'kI AvrvudTrlth tbc iMU llnMarn In the Af^liitn vriu tn iC^A-r^iaoil vnu p T M gal tn ttw4 
nHBt at PuiiohntiiKl laioDtiODol In dnpaubea, Uertal). 

• UajDrBou. J. [•, NapltrMnedwlUiUieiMbBaaunin tbe Afebao nv In i8rl-n<HBlflIV 
>° Ll.L'utuB*! Sralnuuu, fnrmerly lileuwiaDtaiiil CuiiMlnnrauulier (>tuirdi,MrvM aaa niltiuii-'i'T ibUmJ 

* war in I Irt luid waa attached Xa toe eipeiliUon nattei U*|)tun Datlor to Wenan Akio, anil arxeninrdu M ilm 
pennnTlev {Uedal wltb Cl[Up). fler**dlnlliD AfKbanmrof iS;t-«4,11ru«ltbUie lOtbllnuatii i' ~ 
otSolUliis Biiiiadc U^uT ftail SbUT ODIc« of Cnriilry Rrlgade Keoran Field Foroo. ani) i>u pi 
eaptur* al llia I'dwiir Knial, In the opentloDi in tba Khtnl Tallsy, in the niRic*monC at Chanuiab 
Ootaliar ilra, anil to the opmllani annind Cabnl In Ueoombar ■(» laoladfiin the Innalmtnl «t 
■eeompBUlcil BW Frederick Bobcne lu ilm mandi to nuidalAr u Briuade Vtinr at Cavalry, and waa pi 
in Uie raoonnaioaocg nrtb* )i>t Auouitt and al Itui battle iif (^uidaliur laiiTanJ Ilmaa mioiioned In daM 
BrarM of Major, Unlal wlUi lonr Uliwpi, and Breiiiie linnrBilr.n). »en*il in 111* Sondkn Kxmdiilon lit ilk 
the lotb llnHara, and tmt prtainit in Ibe ooRiVnent* >' 1^1 I'b 'n't TnnBi (Br(«et ot Li.XV>lonct, UeU 
OUap, and KhcdiTc'i BmiL Bcmd Lhrongboiit the K1U1 Kipudiiiun iii iSh-^l ■''■^ t>u> Liirtit Caaul Ec^ 
a&d tptwk jiiLrt in Iljf-E)|wnulmiBurtAo Ueaert Col^^mn innludin^thaang^pmentat Abu Klim tVelt* on iLa ul 
ijtb jfobniiiry ((.:iii"]>), ( 

■■ CnptAiD Fiilicr urieil tljTiaittiuui Die Afijbiui war of itift'Sa, and «•■ |ir«EDi at i>ie aUack and oafM 
t^ Pi'lvrtkriCutal, lutbmnHaMBnauuiatUaNovn and Fatlahabad. niUiUie tiuDdition Intolliu KlmatTallMS 
optniimiM In tbe Sbutanittraui liamtMned in deeptilabM), and in Uin iipKr»iI<ni> around Calml In DamnM 
(moDiioned fo dotpaWliHl ^ acoonpariled Sir Frwlerlolr Koboru in the nuirob [o C^ndahar. and vaa nd 
the battle of Ckuduilr (nuntiuiiiid in dmiiileliMi. UvdiJ wltb Uuea Clupa, aod Bronta Dooonllos). Ban 
T^aanport Ofllcar with Iba Uahiiocfl v/ntaenm Kipipdluoii in it*i und^r Brlndlcr Qvnanl Otndon- 1 

" ttiplatn Dorbam MiTTod mlh the luth Uiiiaar* In the Afghan war In il;«-n, and in* pmmdalba^ 
nenl ACMnuuou, iu the oporallauia the KhMI Valley, and littbeoDtncnneut at Putieliatiad (Utdall. 8ev 
tba Bondau Eaj.iHlLiiun In 1X4 wlUi Ihe icpth liu««Hr«» and wit* iireavnt in the DrivBjtvneuta at l£L Tab Asdf 
(Itttlal irUh IDDtp. and Khedirs-* Star). 

■* Lord Alrlio icrvM with tbe luth TTnimra Is the Afalian war In ti-il-r-}, and waa pnaanc nt the SUM 
eafiton of .tli MiujiJ, mid in tlui anKagenenl al Fnuahaliid (Medal irlth ulup). StrradlDltia Boodan ■ 
Hon In \tit Ht A(ljLjL4nt K-ili linHan, and wae p m — n t In the anRanment at Tiiinal (Uidal with Claap^ 4ft 
of the Me<t]>dle> and KhedlTC'i Star). BiivhI hIiIi Ihc Xllo KxpedTlioTi In i^-Jli aa llrlgado Mi^or siut 
tlorlH-tt SlaWKt, uid mt prsMcl at Iha uucmi iu Abu Klea lillKhtly wouudud), in the eacacemeat al Abu 
nolli un ihaiMhand ifth rabnuur. aad 111 tlia riwonnammnBe i«M*lauiiiab--allgfalljr woaudad tUrievmaBl 
Vn ditfmUitiM, Bmvt ct ilaior, tH-uCIaupt). 

>* 3 

llth (Pnno« Alherfa Own) Hiusars. 



tbiOti rtiadjtnMoofUiBtotoPrtmwCoMort. "Bam" (with the Sphinx). "SuAKUioi." 

Fmannu Wunuxi "BanBipoii" "AiMi." "BiiuuTi" "Iv^wur" "anuHToi,." 
IrtwjL-WDlijm CTijrl.. ItoMt,' Ofi. C«™( >■„ M«roh jij It. '5 J»n. 30 j (W. ', Sept. 4.J Xvor, 

<1; Zif l . g j m rai, t Oot. TJ 1 gjMrai. i ■"'" °- - f->— -f- -■■- ..■■ ■ -T ._. .! ■« — ■ 

Mi I(.a>i~i, 'i Ang. M J (JoioMi, s Mar^ ec>;^<»M- 
■I Qet. 7t ; Cayt. J Apr. 78; Jt^ar. t July Bi ; Xi.Q)tmMf. 14 Jnlj 36. 

M->. Hmrrj Junn WUnn* . 

oourn oi 

3FD LIftUT. 

_ 7 Uftj 70 

~. iChartM Bdnnl SniiiB> _ 'itjaua 6B 

; .. Kildan BorrowM „....' 

I Cirtux. 

, 'lUiwell Arohih«M ClOM I 

, £*rd Kdnmad Bornanl Talbot I 

. Btm, H«u7Arthai Ormit^ Qm, Aiit) 
t, Qa^ to B.S.B. frittt Simati ^^ 

. Chule* Hwuy Eyre Ooote. 

. iThoDus Uarnll Jonei'Tiiilby 

, iWilUkoi Whau WMiog". 

. 'Elm. Oebnt Tlotor George Atheliog ) 

I Lomlar, Adinlant, i) Not. 86 J 

, fredetiBk Hope l^iiMum 

I LnniRum. 

I JohQ Sdmond Hoogh BeJJbnr 

iBoycs Comba 

I Buna Stukit Knklne SuTlaon 

Lewi* Owen Vtlliami 

fimncia Tanple fiaooo.^ 

TbonM* Aodaidon Bill 


Btm. Herbert rndariok Wateon UlUca., 
Jnllan I>*llu TjoOtle Trndale-BiKioe .. 

VilUsm BkUey 

John Aiaa Le Iftanja DanieU _ 

IS May j8 

ijAuft. J9 
91 Jan. 6t 
39 Jan. 81 

7i Oot. 71 

'17 July 70 
14 Not. 74 

1 Deo. 

a6F8b. 8j 

4 May 8; 
30 Nov. 87 
99 Feb. 88 
16 May 88 

II Ko». j6 

10 Not. 
i<t June 

1 July 

I July 

19 Oot 

e.Feb. 84 
uMay 84 

19 bOT. 84 

SMay |s 

9J KOT. Ss 

6 Feb. U 
1; Aug. B6 

■4 Fab. 79 
T Jan. 8<i 
1 Jan. So 

25 8apt, 80 
If Sept. 91 

■jJoly 8] 

11 April 85 
14 Oct. 8) 
99 3i]pC. 86 
3 Mar. 87 

9 Uar. 87 

igitor. 87 

1 IS Jalj Bj 

18 Not. S3 I Deo. 81 

J Apr. &i I Ctf*. 16 July 77. 


Blae.— .^tati, MaaHra. Cox and Oo. 
Mtiumtd ffoml*iia, 7 iTaaaafT 18781 

' General Fonot Hrred with the 4th Dragoon Ooarda tlieEaetam oanapalifn of 1854-55, inDla4Ing the battle* 
ofBilaklan and Inkeiman, aiege of Bebaetopol, night atlack on RouUn oDtpoits lOLb fftb. 1853. and battle of 
Tcharnaja (lledal with three Claape, BraTet or LCOolonel, Sardioiaa and Turkish Medals, and jtb Class or the 

' Major Watson served with the King's Dragoon Onsrda In tha Zulu warof 1S7J); was Staff Officer at Coaterence 
dl frwa i3tii June to 3rd AugUBt, and eerreasAarwards with the squadron of the BegimeDt in Baker Russell'i 
Rring Column (Medal wilh Clasp). 

' M^or Swaine served with the 17th Lancers in the Zti]'.i warof 1879, and was preaent in the cnga>!emeat at 
Dhiedi lUedal with Clasp). Served in the Boer varof rSSi aa Aide da Camp to Major General Drury Lo^e. Com- 
■aadiaglbs Cavalry Brigads, Served in the Bsj-ptianwar of lOBi as Aide deCoonp to Miyor Oeneral UruryLowe, 
C&iuii.uiding the Cavaliy Diviaion, and was prospnt at the en^gements of li^l Magfar and TeL-et-MahuLa, the two 
KtiOEiA at KosiuBii]. the battle of Tel-ol-Kebir, and the capture of Cairo (mentioned In dospatchcH, Brevet of 
Mafor, Medal with Clasp, 4th Cloas of the Medjidie, and Khedive'a Star). Served in tbe Nile Expedition in 1884- 
Is wit^ Lhc Light Camel Regiment, and took part in tKe oporatLons of the Desert Column (Clasp)- 

* Captain W. Haiiiaoti served iu the Boer warof iSBi as a vaiunteer with tbe 14th Huisora, Served as a vclun- 
Mr with Lhe 4th Dragoon Gnarda in the Bgypiian war of iSSa, and was present in the engaKoment at Alahsoma, 
the two acllons at Kasaasin, tbe battle of Terel-Kebir. and at the capture of Cairo IModol with clasp, and Khediva'a 
Btar). Served throngbont the Nile Expedition in i3S4-85 with the Light Cornel Regiment, and touk patl in bhft 
openktious of the Desert Column, insluding tho engagement at Abu IQea WellB on the 16th and ijtb Febmary 

■* C&plaln WairlD^ served as a volonteer with tho 4th Dragoon Guards in the Egyptian war of 18B2, and waa 
uwealal the nf lion at Kasaaain on 98th Aaiiujt(Medal, and Khedive's Star). 
" CvC>i<> M't^aailand.— For War SerTioas, see Army Pay Debartment. 



12th (The Prince of WoUb" Boifal) LftnoorB. [ 

Tho Piv^tu'^F^TTL^. The Biiing 8iui and RadDrftffon. "BoTn" («Kli tbc Biihlnz) "PsvinDiA** 
" W*TB*iK>o'* ■* Booth Afuoa, iS^i-a-^" " 8iti.stoh>l " " Oivt&u< Inu^" 

. jg Ziinif^^i ilajor.'ii April 47; Bt.Lt.Colonei, » JnnB 54; CafojuZ, ^ Oct. sBj JTi^WOmt*/, 6Uar,Hi 

Lientenvit GoloDeL^FrcdcriclE Mcf or WArdr(ip>' Cerjul. '30 JmiD tiij} £«. 'lo Xag. 70 j 0^. ■ UB77S; 
lit. Major, iG \l>v, S3; ifujor, i3 Jitu. 84 j Jtt.Lt.Cttronfl, ij June S^ ; Zr^JokrJ, ji Dae. G7. 

Mud 11. 

GftliriclQolanclRuiicQmbu Poole -... 

Cliarli'H Edward Buck, Adj. Caoafiy Dijtot 
ITcrvyu Bc^nry Arclidalo .,,,,.,,.,,,...„..,,,. 


TliomaFi ALcintidcr UiW, Aii^ttaii Jr^r- ) 

i-ei'rr Yeeiniinrg CuBtifri/ ,,-.. j 

Philip ^DnUi^an^ Army Puv DrpartmrHl .. 
Woi-Juhn Ra\i\}{Bidin<i Jiuiffr vfi April 75 
Artburl^illeHpi^ (."burcliLII, JJ;. i Idny B; 

ThL>mjLB JuDkGfl AltiPrton 

FlDlnbrL Anlinr L'raivfurd CbrkflLia 

AntGnju BttpUeik lialti ... „ 

Kolicrl (ii^urtrc UrciiuJROod. S/t\ff'ColUgB ... 

WLl3inm Vrciloriflk Uonywood Hindo ... 

JnruGt E..Ktiior,^Adjaiant Bitnffatort Si/li 

IV/tfnJeer*,.,.. ,.„-.,-. „, 

John CIibtIcb Bueil Sustwood 

John UmwcJI Gordon,,,. 

Wji<ij]iELm Gcorgo UQunlo 

Frnncig Egi^ilfln-Grooq ...^..^^........... 

Jubn OwtikU Johnj4Dti , .„■...■■..■■■.. 

Wil iiulfiiDur fh&pol] ilodgo„,,,..,,.,,.... 

Hi'isry John Hoylin Tlolt .■■..-.-,,,„ 

Huiir.'i QmnviUo Ueucago ,.....,.......,,..,„, 

U'lihaiu fJlHiido Lf ou 

BiiBidCB Irftdcr.. ...................... 

Juftrta Michael FreOorick Hiddingh 


1 1 Aag. &o 

1 1 Auif . So 

53 Oct. Sq 

IT Aug, So 

3J Jan. " 

5 Feb. 

II Feb. 
16 May 
ID Kqv. 

B Dec. 

S Dec 



>■ a Ang. 70 
3 Aug. ji 

14 Aug. ji 

aG Uar. 75 

j9 Nov, 73 

34 Jon. Ba 

1 July Si 

1 July Si 

I July S 

I July Bt 

1 July Si 

9 Aag. £> 

aS Feb. Sj 

15 Aug. 8 J 

14 M»y B4 
jjAug. 14 
5 July 
18 July 
iB July as 


'ji Oot. 71 
11 Not. 78 

5 Junfl Bo 

JO N'dv- 81 

1 1 8opt. 8] 
4 Oct. M4 
I May 86 
3 Fo&. 87 

94 Apr. H7 
1 Jnn, 88 

i;Feb. BS 

ij Aug. 

30 Nov. 

■ July »i 
3D Nov. Bs 
:toNoT. 85 

=5 .. 

S .. 

s ■ -- 

' PtiSmiiifrr —yivittcKl J. Sawyer/ ii Apr. 8); Bm. 'o Sept. 64 ; C(. *i Fb6. 68( Cgjif . 39 Joiia j8. 

[Iiiiiii;i M'litte, — ^Fruiih Bhenrinc. S June Bi; Mo*. Lwwt. 

k^niirCfr Jftfa/f r.— WoAtropp M'Mabon Weir, ij April Ua i JloH. Litui. 

, Blus — Feti'^i Scarlet,— .^ta'i, U eun. Coi and Qa. 

I Stturntdfrom India, 34 Voatmbtr 1887, 

1 General PeBrson aerrcd In the nth Light Dr&gtMDB at the siege aadoBptiire of Bhurtponi, In iSiS'it, vA 
WBs a voluQtcLT Tor the diBmuunted Cavalry atoriniDg party (Medal). Served wich the 161I1 lAOoen at the 
battle of Mahur^pom, ^^th lice. 1841 {Bronze StarJ. Alag with the iCthlAnoen Inthe Butloj oanipai^ia 1846^ 
Including the action oT Buddiwal, and battles of Aliwal and BcbraoQ— at Aliwal he CDminaaaed the Rivht Wlag 
4>rthe 16th Laaccre. and commanded tho Rf^imcnt m tho latter part of the action; commanded the Begimont ^ 
Sobraon anil tu Iho end of the campaign (iwice mentiuned in deepatahee, Uedal and oixa Claap, Brerst of Hlfv, 
and CB.). 

■ Li.L'oloncI Wnrdmp eorvod in Che Bgyplian w>r ofiSSi hb Aide do CamptoSIrOarnotWolesle;, and waapitnat 
at the engH^fiiieijtti al¥l\ MagTar, Tcl'Cl.Mahutap KjUAotin (QthSarLL andln the battle of Tol-al-Eobix(nieiitlaaaid 
in dcepstclx'i.. tiiuvot of Major, Mednl vrilh Clasp, 4tb Ciasi of tho Hodjidie, and Ctiodive'i Star). Barred with llw 
Nile BiipediLLOEL Iti 1884-85 ah Deputy .Vtuistnnt ArljiiLtint anil Quarter Master General with the Danart ColnmiLiad 
waa present at thoKctlon of AUu KJoa, in therecitnnaLtvuncc to Uetammeh, andia ths ongageaieDt at Abu Kl aa 
Wcllnou the iC\.h and 17th February (bovoral timeH niQutioiied in dospatchea, Brevet cirLt.lJalone1, twoClantfi 

* Captai^i Montagu served with the 7th Dragoon ISuardii in the ibgypljAJi war of 1883. and waa preaunt Di to 
ongagomcui^ of Ki Magfur, Tol-el-Mahnt't, and Mrkhsitina, and In the action at KaBaasiiL on tbc aBth Angqct.* 
alightly wonnili^d (lledaJ, and Khedive's Star), 

' Captain limit perved in the Jloer war of 1881. 
'Captain KnHor sorved in the Afghan war in iS7g-So with tho Blh HuBsara (Medal). 

' (Japlaiii SaHJcr.— For War Bcrvlcos, bgc Army I'aJ Di^liarunout. 

Contlnnaiion of Nolcg to the 10th (The Prince of Walei Oion Soyal) Huitan. 

" MnjorWilflon served in the Ashanti campaign in 1873 as Midshipman onboard H-M.S. SaftUttt^kt. and 
received n Blight gimBlmt wound on tlia T4th Anguat (Mednl). Sorveil with the loih Hussurs in tliu Afghan 
war of 1873-E0. riELil was i^rcscnt iit the ntiaek and cngiture of Ali Miipjiil. in (he onxa^ment at Futtchalmd. and in 
the o|>cratiHH.^ ni'imnd UiiLrui in l>cccmlier 1877 aa Trnnsp'irl (JlHccr riiijiil Ficl<t Forcw. inpludinit tho invcntmcnt of 
Bhcrpurc ([iicELCion*'*! in cloH]inrche»| ■ accitrnprinied Hir FroilericlE KolH^rlJj In tliu mjirch 10 tJandahar, and waa 
present at Ihc brittle of Cauilnlmr uiiciiiioueii in dt^ipntches, Medal with three Clasps, and Bronze Decoralionl. 
Bervnl in 1!"' Sondau Kipedition in 1884 with lUo 10th Hossars. sjid waa iireseni in the engaKOmeiiti' at El Teb 
and Temai I Modal with Cla.'f|>. aod Kheilive'a Star). Served in the Soudan campaign in 1885 attached to the 
Cavalry lSrlgiidc(UTCvc't nl Major. Clasp). 

■^ Captain lirei'iiwuod Bcrvuil with the roth 1Insi>nrs in the Afghan war in 1878-79, and was presont at the atlnck 
and cnplurc of Ali Mi»jid (Uudal with CIs^T). Served in tho Soudan Expedition in 1B84 with tho loth lltisaars, 
and was prcstnt in the rngagpmonls at El Tub and Touiai {Modal with Clasp, and Khedive's Star), [doe also Civil 
Derorniii.iin for Liiillnntry, p. 7jB.l 

■" Licnln. llFiivcy. Hon A. Lavfiey. Ilughes-OnBlow, and Hon. J. H. R. Byng sorvod in the Sondan Eipedilion 
in ]334 witli the lotb lluf ears, and were present m the engagements at Ei Teb and Temai (Medal with Claapi and 
Khedive's titar)- 

^ Captain llxn. IE. T. Allsopp served with the lotli Huasars in Che Afghan war of 1878-60, and wae proaentatthe 
atCaclE and capture of Ali Mu^^id. and in the engagement at Futtchabad as Orderly Officer 10 Brigadier Gcnerai 
t2 Gaa^lt IM,',lh\ with clapp). Served in the Soudan Expedition in 1884 with the loth HuABars, and waa preaeat 
in iM& eot^i/eiaeuts Bi El Tobmnd Temiti (Moilal vitb Clasp, btiu Khedive's S^r). 
'^ Ueui. J-uuJitaprred la the SootlaD Kjpediiioo in 1884 with the iathU.uBUia (.Medal, and KhoJire'i Star). 

r&i " FlHf is MUnm." ■ 

0*I*mL— BroadkT Hmiriaoa 

13tb Hnuars. 

'PsmiDu" "Wtnatoo" " 
" SlTlBtorcH." 


■ ftiT.i^T.tyt » '■ Tw wwiriw * 

ImiTiioa,' Cbnuf, 'ii Oct 391 £(. PjBtpt. 11 ; Capt. '7111118441 JTiygr, >< 
ot. jSj U.OiIomJ *i4'a°"S9J Ciibnul,igHi7fi3i jrvVe«Hnl,igHaT. 

I Sxurai, » Uuoh ti j C>(«u{ ijUi Hubbkb, 11 Out. 63. 

UMttUBt OdauL— Jobn Kiiidtr BpiUias. CoBBudiiw Hi Stgimtml, i Jul/ 871 Ctnut,' 
Lt. '4y<ib. 711 Otpi, ij July 7B; JTi^iw.TjnlT Bij Jtainml, ag Sapt. flj^ 

■not Bichud aopannin 

AfUmr Thomson lUddJMoii' 

Krneu Ijiou BnnbwmJM,* A4j*lmt\ 
I^itmlmliin Itommrf Cmiry } 

HtDrr John BlkgTOTS,' aiaf CaaMn Sr- \ 

■mikI EttablitlUHnl J 

&obi. SMphsnHni Smyth Bftdea-Pointl, I 

Aaitl.uU Mil. BKrAry, Stulk J/riea... ) 
(Fmltec Chu-les BiaiO>ion,A4/. 93K0V. St 

Aithor LeMhuu' _ 

Fiwlerick Junei Monibjri ...„ ., 

Geurge John WiUi»in Hoble 

CoTenlry W LUiuov. ........... ^. .„,..... ,^, 

Kennttli MwrTjirfln .,, ,.,....„..„..^ 

Chirlei WilMr OoMrell-Dormer 

Jkagm Hoirmrd BflKiQ>3d OgilTj,.,.,^., 

WmUm Alsiuxder Qtant 

Thomu Brocklihnrst PiiiUjpB 

Kdward Wooilriff JuDi^y 

EraeM Willi«mNflw«hunP»dd8r 

Edgar A*kin WiBgin..... „...„..„^..„ 

lUiph William pi»nt»gBn8l MBTill 

Jolm Hearle TrBniBjTie 

Eichard Arthur Lenaoi Uui; Bolton 

8 icon LitjnMtt^TB. 

Fnnk Naanuni QDanlock Slialdh&m 

Uonel Richard Jam« Soholedotd BbUtb... 
Dddcui Forbea Bobaruon-Alkmui 

oaun «i 

*t J 7ab. }i 
'31 Joly 69 

1} Bspt, 71 

iB Oot. 7i| 14 Dm- ,> 

^a On. 7> 10 Apr. 8a 


7 Jan, 
,7 Apr. 
•3 Jnlj 
14 Jan. 

4 Jan. 
II An([. 
J3 0l!t. 

11 Jan. 

II Fob. 
I 11 Bopt. 
aa 1 Jiiiy 

39 Ool. 71 I April 79 

II 7sb. SB 
10 Not. S3 

II Mar. 
Si Feb. 

1 JDir 

1 Jaly 
1 JdIj 
1 July 
I July 

5 Doo. Bj 
IJ May S] 
aS Aug. Bj 
)9 Auk- Bs 
15 Noi. flj 
i9M»y Bd 
IS Aug. 8S 

7j 16 Mar. S) 

iGUay ij 

i9 8«pt. Bs 

dB^ Bj 

iBAog. Bi 

37 Oct. B( 
14 Nor. B6 

,ABg. 87 

c Not. 8; 
I July SB 


s^fiepC. S] 
4 Dm. 3S 
■ Joly BB 

panuifif'.— Clement Bniitb.i II Aog. 84; Cor.'>5ApT.£e ; Xt.' 19 June 70 ; Capt. tsTS^J 7i ; Majiir,atApr.ia. 
Milium MailT.--J<Mepii Wood, i« Aus. Xa ; So*. Unl. 
^■urffr Jfari#r. — WLlliam Carter, 7 Jan. 83 j ^m. Xin^ 

B1n« — An v> Buff.— -dl^iiti, UeBsra. Cos and Oo. 
1 Srlwnii fi™ Xalal, 3 ffoD, 1885. 

' LiFti I. General HnrriBon BFrradirilh (he loth Huasani in tbe Crimean CBtapaign rrani ifth April to ith Abc[. iS;;, 
■odDding the capture of Tchorgaun and siege of BebaiEopol (Medsl vitb Ulaep, 5th Class of the Modjidie, and 

' Major UidUlcton served nith the 15th Hussars in the Candahar Column in the Afghna war of 1878-9, Inelndlnji 
Utsdnnec to KbelBt-i-«bilHi (Medal). 

■IWor Braiihiialie served In the Zulu varln 1E79 as Aide (to Camp to Sir Garnet Wo! seley (Medal irithClaip), 
Eirmin the Eifypliaa ware! 18S3 on special service, and was present at the battle of Tcl-el-Kebir (Modal with 
ClIKLandKbeiliFe'fi Star). „ ^ 

■ Ouutn Blagrovc iieried In the Egyptian war ot 1S81 as Orferly Otfioer to Sir Baker Knssell, Comraandiag ist 
Csnliy Brigade, and was present at the action ftt Knssssln on the 91b Sepletnher, at the battle ot Tel-ol-Keblr, and 
Ulbe capture ot Csiro (Medal with Clasp, ana Khedive'a Stir). 

'Captain I>eethnio served In the Soudan campaiKn in 1BB5 (Medal with Clasp, and Khedives star). Also 
ervirf with the f^oudon Frontier Field Force in iSSs-S* 

■ CkptaiE Murphy served with lie 7th Dragoon Guards in the Beyi™»n w"' of tBBj. and was present in too en- 
itgemrnt^of El ifagrarand Maheama, and at the action nt Kasaasin on the fStb Angnat (MeuL and Khedive's 


■ Uajor Clement Smith.— For War Services, see Army Pay Department. 


mil u>u 

^ !•!■ 

14th {Tke Xing'a) HnBMn. 

rhe Ro.rnl Cipher within tihc Garter. Tbo I'rnefliaTi EiLgJe. "D<jtti 

[ »*** 


" Goojj(H4T "' "Phi(*ia" " Civtb&l IniA." 

Ofllflndl. — CbHTlea Wtltinm Thampaou.^ E<ttigA,*ii6 Feb- 36^ IMitf. ^17 Jan. 40; Cfljif. 'i r«0. 4! 
'9 Nov. S5 ; Z^Co^)lle^ 17 Scpt, 5? ; Cofoiif-f, if Bept. 63; JTvi^r Orji#raJ, aS Jdiib6S{ lAtatrnam 
5 OcL So J Qenirral. 1 July Si 1 Co^nnffJ i+th UiWsiirHj 1 May Bs. 
> LuDt4nuii Colonel.— HcDry maclcharno UrtLriKL^D,' C^pfmBwiiiiliijr JA« Sninn^ t Jaly 87^ Cornei. ■'a 
Xijirr Tfj Mayfifii Ctip^. Pg4 Mfu-ph 69 j Jfu/of , t July 81 ; Lt.Otloiut. =7 Marob M. 


p.*.p. JIoTi, Goorgfl Hagh Gough' {Bi.Li. 
Colonel, isJuufi E5) ^ Depwty AuiMt\ -' 
Ai^/uiinit Qmerat, Ctrra^k.... 

Uicbnel Artlinr Burlce^ ........ 

Captain a. 

Arthur CharleaKinB^,-...^-,,.- ,...-'. 

Gilbert Ham? Otuu^lfl Hamilton, j4f^'f.> 

t Weit I'grk TeoBniniy Caoalrj/ -} 

Henry Wi^mot UitChollH'^ J^futaut i 

Hi'7'I/ca» YfomaHrif Cavalvf ..-...-..^..— S 
Jamee Eomp FrHBQr ..........,......,..„..,-.■. 

Hugh Kirk 

Aritiur Proolts Uroadhuret, A^iUonl\ 

AgTihire Yeomimrj/ Cazatrg,.^.^„„.,,..,„ j 

Percy Kni>^ht Halo Coka^' „.'.....- - 

LiOntI JamQa ItLE^hnrdecm .,..,....,^ 

Robort McrvyD RicbardAOD'' ig Fab. 

Sir JnnieB Percy Uillor, Dart -„.,.►—, 


Stnarb TtoljarLAon .-...-.....-..,—...-,... 

Juhu Murray ,,.'-..,,..-,..-..-',-..- 

fidvFard Jamoa Tlokell ...,.„.,...... 

l>BniB Uenezea MeIIbt -,.....„ ..- , 

CjTil Stftcoy .- -..— -,..^->— ^... 

KLchanL Gylbj Braokflbank .„..„, 

5Et:orfD LiBCTBirxaTfl. 

Johu Ddii(?Iiu UamiLUiu - 

Boory Boclvt^} Lewis HughoS 

John Arthur ELoivley ..-.„. 

ffiltiain GnnUner El6y - - - 

Elanry Maxvful^ Unllor Triltoa 

Aeling Paj/matter.^^Caytaia Jamfie K. Prasor. 

Si-tiHg ^attfr. — Richnrd OtlLum.g Jaco Bo; j/an. Lieat, 

Quarter Marter. — Froilcrick Mu^Tor*!, *o Sapt. &i -, How. 





■ Bir.KAj. 

gB Oat. 71 



13 Jlljf 


iBNor. Si 


3D Doc. 

If Not. 


16 Jan. 
93 Uar. 



■I BapL 


II July 


1 Sept 


14 July 


13 Aug. 79 

t Ja\j 


aS Nov. 


iS Feb. Ba 
14 Jan. Bo 

I July 
1 July 


99 Jan. 
J July 



z3 Jan. 


31 Dos. 


ofiUu. 7S 

ig Feb. 8: 

I July 

14 Mar 

1 July 

8 joiy 




II Mar. 

94 Mar. 

95 Joly 
B Sept. 


5 Fob. 8 J 
5 Feb. 87 
M Sept. 87 

37 Jan. 


6 Aug. 

a Aug. 




30 Nov, B7 
14 Dbo. 87 
i[ Apr. Bl 
laNoT. SB 
loNsr. BS 


SiBo.—Agtntt, Uaam. Ooi and Co. 
Smtarkidfir India, ^ JanMatf 18761 JMnnui^M /aiUa, 94 ITsr. 18S6. 

'QeDeral Thomp»Q aerrsd ai a OaptBin In tlie BriUali Loglaa, and iraa aogaffsd at naraaiii, jotb J 
stArlabui, i6tli, irtbaad iBih Jan. ; and tlio aotion before ^au Bebaatian, sth Uaj i3)6, when he wai 
wounded la the hip and the hand {£SF. aad MedaL). Served the oampalgn of tbe Pvuanb in the 1 
DravootiB, was ea^geil at liarannirgar fhoiae vound&d) nod Not. 1648, at ChillianwallAh tjth Jai 
Ooojerat net Fob. 1B49 (Modal with tvu Olagpi). Present also at the oroHtng or tbe Client. Jhslnm, at 
at the Burrender of the dikih army at Hawal Pindee. the oaptore of the Bridge or Boats at AtLock, and \ 
the AffKliana to Paahaw^r. Commanded the Ttb Dragoon QuanU in India ooatiuuou^y froin 1857 bo 186' 

> Lt.ColODOi Hamilton served "i(.b the Carabiniera in the ATiihaa war in 1880, comiaanded a daOi 
of the Bailment (40 Sabrea) with LLCoJonel Uoddin^a expeditions^ oolamn ftnlnet the MohmiuKla 
18B0, and commanded a detached equailron of the Uegimeut dorins the aipeditian into the 'Lagbia 
nndei- Brigadier Qeaeral Arhuthnot, and took part m the attack and deatmotionof the Qhiiial villatrea c 
Arab Kheyl, and Jokan (Modal). 

* Lt.Calonol the Uoa.O, H.QouEh served in the Boar war ariBSi.flrataa Aide deOarap toSirThamu 
aflcrasrds ae Aide de Camp to Blr Evelyn Wood. Served in the BKyptian war of 1B89 u Aide de Oi 

— eeverely wouorlod (mentioned in deapatches, Brevet of Lt.OolaneJ» tivo Claape}. 

' Major Bnpiieh nerved in the Boer war oT 1BG1, 

' Uqor Burko served with the 7 th Dragoon Uuaida in the Egyptian vrarof iBSi, and waa praient intl 
mentaol El Magfar and Mahaama, in the two actions at Kaa8asin,andatthehattleof Tel-el'Sebirandt 
of Cairo (Medal with Clsap. and Khedive's Star) . 

^ Captain King served tnthe Boer war of iS8j. 

'° Captain Mitchell aerved in the Boer war of 1SB1. 

" CapiainCokc served with the istb Hnaeora i:i the Boer wnrof 18S1. Served thronghont the Nile Er 
1884-65 with the Light (jAmel Regiment, and took part in tlie opcmtioDB of the Desert Column (Uedal -i 
and Khedive's Starl- 

i> CapiAin Rlchanlaoix served with the Searonh llighlandere in the B)!yptian war of 1883, and waapn 
eilRaffemeEit m. Cbaloufand at the battle of feLel-KeDir (Uedal «ithClaePi and Khedive's BtarJ, ^ervM 
oat the Nile Bipoditioa in 1884-8! with the soth Uussara Troop Light Camet Kegiment, inoludiiuc the ■ 
of the Desert Colnnm (Claapl. Served with the Bgyptian Frontier Field Foroein iS8;-86, and wuj 
the engagomont at Ginias. 

,Tba CmiI of bilaod witblB llic OuMi. ITTn&Hiiir. "Eumoii" "Vnti>unCaaoai""1!evgati> 

or-KH** "H«>40inr" "ViTtOB"" "rjiinivti" ">y>ie>lo<)" " AraMtvinis, it^l-So.' 
<W«WL—«.llkbMl Will!*™ flmiUi,! CD. £ii»?ii, '■« Nov.jn; I(. f,, Fnh.m ruff, fj i Apr. J9 1 Iff". 
- . . - -. - — , ,_,_ , -,t_., o„„^,_ 


15th (The Kin.ti'») Houiars. 


fMtefckBmnBKk* _ 

~ " — ~ "■ * 'tjJona «S t30«. 71 i4Jim» jB 


6«c](a Dl||tiT ramtr SaUnu^.. ^ 


tnltur GtatVut BflUiud? .-...._ ^ 

PBlrlckJcOuiWiUrca*.- - - 

IwiT JLneU Irullaoa, Saf>tu(ml«f 1 

tf b wmaaita, BmlXt—ttr* Diilnil ..J 
ItMlmj AII&H.* ^■(M( CtMUnj 

faKoimr Oaadn .,-... — > 

Kan. BOMIt UUV* _ ~ 


lUM R«dmaDdPBlnokaurilou,".<i<lf> 

Bhct Kvdrn f)tnM7 PookltDKUm" 

f^Ml OOua Viaimm ChunploD <]B> 

C6kiiynVKTi'iii'.*'Jii 1 

>»fc^t7D«.S4 ■ S 

_ ,<dtiBonta Do V«r* Bwusltrli 
^ Pc4c1t«1 Wtblvofl^ IMwlcko— ■'■.'. 

_ ,r>vUrlok Clarlleii Mtyriek 

„ . rnak LhU <)• Rako-b Tnritr*.. 

iBturr B«l»nriill!p DoDOM .- 

_ V:buW> Il««oan Cun Wood .... 

•hJiIt ii« 

7 Jul. 

I rob. 

I Jul. js( 

R Jul. n 

i}KoT. j8 
■ Jnly n 

taJma. 19 

iDoe. 74 

It T<ib. j4l 

>) Jan. Bi 

gjJaa. Hi 

I Inlf Si 

«f Jan. 

■one* BeoU DBTar 

VMaslek JobB D*l««7 

rntDrti IrttjsOuipbsll Bald 
B«Mtt o«cd««Jt*ptnjitl 

It Jan. It 

IjApr. 1»| 
It Rapt. ■; 
pM&y U 
■oSapk ts 
)9 8*|rt. et 


>fr«b. M 

■iSopt, M 

•0 *ptil n 

19 8*Ii[. >i 

• rob. e> 

lOot. h 
■ rXar. as 

rj 4u(. a 
ijAne. M 

r July Bi 
»Apr. (4 

r«adi<i>-.Wuba B. T. S*«bni7, 6 Jnno Bi; if<n. 10 Fob.«)j LI, >« Jot; (n C^pf, 17 M»j-J Oi". 

MV". 5 J«"" ^'k 

Sitiaalfdilrr.—IliiTlil Kobln Hmllh, ( Jan0 7ii J/m, aipfiilii. B Jnnali. 
QMr^Vutir.— JanuaWUliamHiunptiref, iSJUIySji Sun. IMhI. 

mm.--Agt*tt,yimn*. Coi aod Co. StlxrMJ/ren A'llot, 1881. 

'Wwnl U. W. *Blih BU wpehriod M Iha Ttuktih Oonllnitait witb loo*l ruA of lt»loT OonMml hi tttu 
Ml MMamotlj W ttw niwia M tb* Cknniinll Im^lur 0>f bItt, and olKainert the Tnikliih nuk of HitS! 
■ta«Bl1a*a*M«if (bcXeQidU). OommaDdtt] K UnsBdo dariss Iha CddItbI tDdianoanuibBi «orattiui3*d 
M tt* noarto** of Chaiidalr«« la Uajr iBjl, aUo at thu actinna txIWBWi Kaia-ka-aaral and OmllciT on 1 7ih 
Ami iiiMamiiltl a Britixlg tn Uie aiHinn nf il>« i^th Juna, rMoKlDK In (lui«»ptsra of tb« oSty and IbRrcfa 
■rOnttor. alHMihsUes* taA eaptun oTI'dvtcci cuinmuUKlsd at the ■ornrlH ofUi«i«I«I ounp at Koomliri 
AftannaUa'TaBtteTvpto aadtu Kaa Sahib (Medal villi Cln>it iiTidC5,.rrtitiiMitlr""Wi<'i<vd(iidean«ioliH), 

■ Culiil' WUw »i«i»J •rnk (ko ijlb Haaaan ID tba CaiiiUliFir iv>iumn lu t)in AtKl^ii imr lc i9>B-;a, Isotiidiaic 
llaMnaO* <0 KMaa^-aUlHli alao inrHl vMh tho 'I'lmlKTIintiiiU rivM Kiim uotlcr itnxailftr OeooMlBld- 
ilWi onrt armTMilirt Maj^r OinBml Fharninbiiiaarcli Ui Ciuidabar (Modal). 

• lE^rBt«kMnod«ahUMisUi HauitralailioAlbtian wuiaigailUtdail. Strrod In tbg Iloor «»t oT tRi, 
t Mhl— D jm aa B nH fn acnrHl <rl>li tb* ijCb Iduaar* id Ilia liPKrwarnf itti. 

« Qar Mlran awnt wUb tho i5tfc UuHara In UlO CKOdiliar Colomn In tb< Afcliaa wv or i<A-d;, 
B^SSlC iha adT«a«a U KlMAal-1-Chfliai ; alu aamd uHlIk tba Ibnll-CboUall neld Vomt under BtJK>>dl«r 
llaiWilllliltTilr'' -—■'-■*-"-'——-—'—''-)—"— —""-y— *- «""■■—■ Al^hanmlati (Mociiil). 3niDdiD 
IhaVOtf WBTOf iCi. 

> CBMabi HoUaDd asrrtd urilb tb* tjlb Biuaar* In tlu CaDdakarOolsaniliitbo&fd'hflDiniraf itjC-lo.liictutllnc 
teiSfaa«*iaKk*iBt'l-<iMlial, and <n* i-r*MDl In (Iid tnaamoMnU with tbo AFehanOaTnliyH Taklivi'l^ 
(wnUMMd m dMpalcbaalj alao aorrad vlik Ibo Tbnll Chwiali rinld torn nnd«r llnjradlar Oaainl Biddoliib, 
^KHiiaiMiilHl ltal«T OaMinl rbayro Ik hia march to Caadahar (KMlal). Sorrad la Iha Baarwarof iSli. 
Hwriiil Ikin"!!*" — • '*•" ""* Kip«ililUai In ttti-j} with tba LiubiOauwIBacliiuol.bDdlauk nanln tbooponUan* 
af Iha OwvfbstnaiB UutatfliB tk* ongasmavnt at Jilm Klaa Watia us ths litb uid tjtb rtbnaiT (Uadal «lUi 
f^ii aiillP'--""*' BMth 
" ' ^uwrT Wabtnm wnad In Iha Botr war of ig}i. 

* UavMUAIUnjr Hand with Iha ittb aomaniu Uu OandiibuCalBSiii is Iha jU]ghan war In i3;e-;9, InolodlnB 
tta ^Kaiwrf 10 ITIiahl t tlblhaHtlnrtilt 

■ OiaMID tMHoa-B. Law aanod with Iha itib Unman In [btCaiidalMTColiitiiii in the .tfaban traroriSr>-a». 
- -'-' f tM adTaaea to Kh*IU-|.^UIial, and waa prswiit in tb« caEatramenla with ihn Afchiia nvalir at Takbl- 

ooad is daapMchaa) 1 alao aarrad wllh tba TbuU-OhUltli liald roro* ■iiiliir Brievliar asnorai 
HlMcaa^MMdlf^OMin«inisjra<nblaniarnhMCandahtr|U«dal). Ssrved lu tlig G««r war of 
„_. >— .^ wOfeUw •9>h Bnaaaninlbe BBTpllaii war o' lUi.and waa praHoit iaUu utiunat KaiaaalB (aUk 
gn^iBl,^, aadatiMbaulaarM-al'Kabit (Utdal with Claap. and Khedinfa Blari. OarrBl witb tha fittbaana- 
Sd^pMiHon aadat Sir li^ailra Warran la iB«4-tion ipiKial •arrlBaaaAaiatanlCaouaaadanialtka Bimaniit 

• ChBaklndaCnnlaBrMrTad wKhlbo i^hUanan In the ATgban war In iS3o (Uedal). Strrad tn Ou Boat 
•HrfiSr^ 8w«tfwlilitkatt*hnBManlolbeBKyp>IaD waroftBai, andvaaiimciitla tha*etlonMlU«MlB 
iSflinitnl' — f and at thaoauloor Tal-al-Kablr (kbdal wllh Olaap, and Kludlvo'a auir). 

niJMii ri *Bd FookUsdOn acrredwltb tba iitb Unaan la tbaAftrbsawar la i3tq [Modal). Sonod 


„ ^^__0a4OMCT*dbilh*Alghaaw«tlBi»>wNhUui<lbHiIMa»()Iadal2. BerrtdlaibaBotawaral tUi 
■ idla^iH ttth Raau*- B onad wlib lbs Biknanal a n J &padlUan la tWv^i ondtr Bli Obadc* Warron ■• 
UMaZTrtlMlbiutfa Hmm. Bin*4w>Uilb*Biuiaa*aEip*4aIo&laiUT(naalJ<ini)dlBdM9UtihBa,U«Ul^nto 


16th (The Queen's) Lanoers. 


The Bofftl Crpber within thB Oftrtar. Ami Chm, »l Ct^tiuarmii. 
"Ghoiicsi" ' 

TUATIBl" "Teivim >' 

" FKStgBVL^" "Vitr^lLLdo" "BBtTMTPDHI** "ArfGBAVU 
lllAniUJtORI " "AHWiL"' "SOHBIOH-" 

Oslonel.— ChajleB John roBtoi,' CJB., Jftmiir itf (*< CokimU ^ (io Srrrilaij of S/att fir India ; 

'B Apr. 36 i Lt. 31 Doo. 38: Cofil. '1 Dec. ^jj Jfujor, 'si Bopl. 55; if.tWourl, '17 Feh. y; ■ 

3D Sept. 6 J { ilojor QtHwal, 6Mkreh 68; l.itnt,Gtnmti, a-j Uay 79^ (PfUfnTl. T3 UATOh 33; Cbf« 

LBnccTB, jB Mnrcb S6. 
IplftutduiDt OdlonftL. — ThQiaa£ DiLTJ&ou»^ CoaimandiHe iXe Ueyimenty 91 July fla-, C^nu^, 'B Jane 

'ji Jnlyfig; Caf^ 7 >ug. 75 1 Jtfu^PT, 1 July Si ! llt.t.l.CoUiiil, liJanoSi; i.l.Ciil-nnl. 37 Jan, E6. 


Tbomim Homflill HBatcu Garrett.. 
Henry Gi'ahain 


Kdvmril Clmclwlit 

Jamefl^elvillp Babisffton'- ....-..- -. . . .-^ . . 

Hoiiry Richard Lloyd Howard*.... 

tkire I'romanrif Cflpa/i"jr. -.—..- -.-.... i 

nobert Gordon Sbartnnn-CravrtbrdiJi^r'k-l 

tant DrvAij/iakire VEOitiinnf Caoaliy,. J 

Stephen FroiveD, Ji^e -ft Citnp to Major'} 

Gtmriil Hon. C, W, Thtiigtr ( 

Windham Hii]irjWyiLdharD-Qiiiii.'.^jiJi iff > 

Cimpio tAe (lieerHi'r ^ itudraa ............ j 

Julian Oswald , 

JamtB AloTcaudor Oir-Kwing, Aiit dt\ 

Camp to rha Lonl JAfuituanl of iFtiitnd ) 
LoTelaoe Slamor 

'33 Auf[, 6a ' 7 May 70' 31 Deo- 74 

'13 July 7ol'4Fflb. 71; 34 Fob. 76 

'i* July fis'ioJauB 71. lOFeb. 78 

^J5 Sept. to 'oS Jono 71 30 April 79 

6 Sept. 73 " P""- «= 

■3 Mar. 74I IS Aug. 80 

sSOeL 71 I Sec 8a 


Herbert Crowa Duffdalo - 

Jnkn Dich.T Cnlloy. AdjulaxI n Deo. 84, 

"Honr-y PownnlL KLrkpjitrick -......, 

Gay Percy Wj'udhani. -,.—....„ ..,,,. 

Edwurd do Gmy Iteaumont...-,., 

Arthur Beott Browne-....,......., 

AliiWr Craot Dalian 

D'Aroy Symonda" 


15 Sept. Ag 

14 July 78 

7 *"«■ t6 
?a Mar. ^9 

bdNot, 7S 

9 Jaa. 811 

» Feb. Bo 

if OcL Be 

IT Sept. Ba IS Unr. Bi 
77 Jan. Bt I July Sj 

13 Jan. 
ij Fob. 

t€ Uar. 87 

1 July Si 

1 July St 

S Dec. S3 

ajiUB- 84 

17 June B5 

17 Mar. M 

IS Aug. K 

II July 88 

sJnly 8s 

iUay B6 

33 June 8fi 

8 Deo. 86 

31 July 8S 

9] July B8 



RooaTi! Frnncis AM&elOa Sloane- Stanley,,. i< B«pt. 

Anbnr HendPFBOti ^ ' « Aup. 

Henry Hirgb Peter Dfliisy ,.- [ to Nov- 

Pairno*(*f-,— WiUlam Henry ButtOriHliaw, 13 Juno 6^ ; Mom. Xajor. 73 Juno 78, 
Siding Gaffer. — Ricbard Kcnry tloyIe,i> 33 April bi ; Hon. Captain i Joly fii. 
^Mtirf^rJ/uffr-— Edward EeymflT, 5 Nor. H7 ; Jion. Lieuf. 

Bcaihit—FiiHiigi Gluo.— i4^«Hf«, ^lOBem. Coi Mid OOi 
£eJimeJyVaAi India, 6th Jiinttarjt 1877. 

^ General Foster bottikI iritb tho ititb Lancer? danni^ tba oammign In AiTgbaatatati under Xiord B 
inolacUng tha aioge Bad oaptore oF Ghntnee (Ueilfel with Claap]. Kg BerredalBoat tha battle of U^un 
oth DeOh 1^43 [Bronze BL^r); and In the campaign on the Sntlej In LB46, inclndins thabattlsaof Baddivrftl, J 
{■A AidodaUamp toflriiifarlisrCureton)^ and Qobrson [Ucdal and Cla^p). 

■■ Lt.Colonel Daviaon fiBrve^ in the Nile Eipedition In 1884-B5 with the R^afj Camel ReffimeDt, and waa pi 
■t the action or Aba Klea nnd in tho roconnaioaanea to MBtamnioli {twlca mentioaod m deftpalchea Bt^ 
Lt^Oolund, Medal with two Cliups, and KhedlTe'a BtAr). 

> Captain Bahmoton served ^ith the Bochauialand Expedition nnder Sir Charles Wamn in iflA4-85. 

< Capt&in. U, K. L. Howard aarved in the Zula war in 1^79 (Medal with CLosp). 

TOaptaJn Aylmcr^erredin thaA«hanti war from the iQthNoTemberiS?^; commanded tti«Caps Gooit Tolv 
OT Wood'&Beeinient, with the advanoe^Vpiard onderMi^or Funo dnringthemarohtotliel^rahj andAftan 
oonimandod the post of KBaiomatioiLlbeline or aommimicatione (Medal witbOlaap). 

• Captain Wjndham Qutn Benert with the InniBbilline Dni>fooTifl in the Boer war of i8St, 

Lo Lieut, Syuionda aerrcd in theZnlu war In ifl/awi^ tho 17th Lancfira, and wm preMQt In tbe cmvalfj . 
at ErEnnf^yon and in the engagement at UloBdi [Medal wilh Claap). 

IJ Oapt«unBovle lerTeil the Eaatom campoi^ of 1854-55 in tho jtli Dia^fooa Gtiatdi and wma pr«Hni 1 
btttlai of BalakUTa. In^rmui and TcheoiMn, aleffe&nd fUl ofaebaatopol fHftdal with thj** GUana, 
TntUahUedal). " *^ ' ^ 

AunMMBdtgnl' ..... 


Imitnitir, Xana r,l ] 

Hcnnar Onto* KmM* „.„, 


CkariM RoUrna PBrrU," J^. lamri') 
Tf rn m r f Cutahj ,^ ,i 

Btarr rortMco«" 

IkooiH Aiunm* SWde" ,..— — 

B«m4 BUldiliiu HtrboM". ....~ 

Hn. tilonal Han Lmillay I'uTUWue.'*) 


mUUB Oonloa lUnkiii 

17th (Tlio Dvke 

•oJ, Kith IhcUotlo. "Or Sr.H7."—"AlJu"" BiuiuTi""Iiximiii.H" 

"Ct»i"*i- i>iiii" "SOCTV .L'kica. iB?^." 
laChM.— nOA MAnhnl I/u X^>«' ir^-»a«<<re« W.r. C, £iit*</Cu>t>tiaa*,i f O. Cf. Sff&l 

^•■•1.— Hann Bulb; lieuKis,' <.'A . Ca-rixl, 'ji Jan, *>: Zbur. 't; Apr, iii Cap!, 'r^ Jitnp (<: it-far, 
(I Ok*, (j j U.(V«>(, 'nBcpv •« ; Ct'imrl. ij Stpl. jo; If ajar (Ji-nmii, 6 Uucb !B; Liriii.arotrvl, 
a Oct, yv J <?«a#r«l, i JuW Si i Ca^cn^ i^th hiincvtr., r4 .IilTv F-t. 
r tula— > OalaMl.— flMrlfnit Kvoi KfnBm. i.^>iKiiiailiau rti JfLjIuT'-r. i; .rns. SB.- Ctnut, 'to Oct. J | 

'if Fob, •: 

I] Jan. 6v 

dkuln Camtrjr.u .«$>l«( ij Ua; H 



ITm. tlarban Aim. l«<rrano« _ 

ScartBChartcaCMaD'AKVllar ._.... 

Omrn FnueU MOdr 

Ctenaa Atnraoa ^Imann Warnar... -..-.. 
n«il«10k FMCtnl it. UaiTOu-WtlioD,, 

B«UMi FoT«]t roiUT 

Ai^dbaldJaa. Tflnnts.llHt.ClandslMiya" 

tn<Ml B>wIla«on , 

KanwaTma Niolulla 

Bdnnl Daria* Mtlltr 

IfarttBt MoRon Jmm 

nnar SManun HaiidemaA. _..,._.... 

8(co>n LitmtKAttn. 

K^lnaMDiimanBfalt _ 

noma GarrarO Oeinn — 

ltXJt.iVimA4aljibiuC.JLA B.Q.PX.I. > 

«r T«k _- _ _... i 

Hmry i.!acii Xmi _. _ 

tXB Llltrt, 

•■Mar 7* 
ntbir. TV 

afStpl. to 

sFab. ti 

t Mar. tj 

n Apr. Se 

.May «3 

tu Aim I 

'ij AUR, 
(> X\rtt\ 

II Jmia 
■ 1 Jnlji 

II S>T)7t. 

tt yfj*-. 

»T Apf ■ 
I July 
I July 

iS Jui. 

14 Kay 
■ Ang. 

>T Jau. 

jo Jaa. 

If Nor. 

xo Anif. 

>j Jan. 
a Koir 

to Kov. 

10 Nov. 


lo Not. 

nraiur. laivjui. 



6 hJiiiii) 
» Ool. 
I- Apr. 

6 K«T. 

1} Jau. 
1^ Jan. 
J Apr. 

HrTidirltb Uie 17th Lnoesn la Ih*' 
Kula Kiirof [^t^.iiulI W1* prvurnt to 
thfl eiigutfvTfnvfiM ni /riin^oin ^(quti* 
Ulln nnil Ul'inili IM^'Inl wilb L'lMji}. 
^^ CapmiTi ArmtruOi^^r < Thiitniiiiii 
tt M?rvLii1 n'lth t>iff t7[h l.nnrrn In Iho ] 
86 Jiulii wiir If itjij. inn "ii* |>i«8i.t 1 
In ths eniraRTiiteiti, nl l.'l'iiuli lUeOalj 

irilb Clann). 

"• LonI Clanil«l»rt icrt-pil tji Ihal 
BcchnaDiiliLnd KitrfilJli'Jii under Siti 
□harlo* Warcan In itfi-li witb thd.] 
UQuntad DUB«a. 

PWMMfr.— JtAn UonUuU'i Kiutotl.D iajaa.a,, Jtf.j, April 71 id^ 
■tdiiwlfai<rr.— Itiiuj V'Oisc.'°ijKoT. 711 Bt.m.Capialii.itlta't.U. 
qmiiii Ifiiifii r iiiii'nri 8lui<re,i Pnb. ;•; J/ua. dipfuU, 1 italjr 81. 

Ov*. Id On. So. 

BIna— Furiaoi WbiU.— J rnfi. Uunn. CQx aiul Od. 
Kibtur- - - - 

arit4ftr, ij fti. iS^, 

■ BallafeaarOanibMdga.— tV)T WarlttrvlcD*. (ca GrvDaillcr (SdnM). 
• Saaanl IHoaiia esonMidad Ua i;Ui Lancm In lite L'riuCM Tiymh i(th Jan. iiti. luoludiUft 111* liatUa aX 
Htlilalwja ilrri Mad Call of Mbiuiopul, aud ivminixiirlwt ilu> Ki;mutr'jii ot ILc Li||hl Ilni;i4r 10 Ihd nl([hi 
Mk aa U.0 itMliii onlpoM* on ih> igUi fgti. i«si IMc^lnln-ith i:iiu<t>, ^th l.iUumor tXt- MtiijidLd. aad TurkiiliJ 


_ ... OB lh» ijUi I'o'i. i«si IMfilnlivKh i^Iiwp, . 

lAtlM Indian Mntlaj^MmiitJirD of itj^.j^. flbJrouiiu.jnilcdtlicanilC-aralrjCToliiaji.UAlwftDlviHliiu 

vpCfMlona in Canlnl India ami lu punuii ft ilic ivIislfurMii umlcr TuiiUa luiivn niul tlia Kan Saliib^ 

n> mra ■BaAfl *<■) daftated vlUi i;nu tou aI Zampui* i^n 'gt^ IiuDombtc i8}I hr iti« md Canlrr Colama I 
Kalai^. P».,»nrt Melan. 

t tWar Btl&ad •bttM Otlb Iba ijtK Laacon !a Hi* Zulu war af i j;;. uxd nu proaoot in llie auiranawitt 
CtafiObalal «lt&Ctnp|. 

*lMar Iba Bon- J<]M rtfrdaH-D'nRcHo lorvuil laitli tbr i/Ui lAnoin In Uio Zala wot of tin- Wd V. 
ywi In tbaangimiineiila aiZuluaWn Mcni.laiii and Ulaudl (Madal nltb Clupl, 

■ IbairRMid MmdwUbtbe iTiaJianeen io thu Kula wai of iSjf.andiraaprManl M Ordarlj OtBstr Kdol 
b^Lrnn, I iiiiiMnHTIinr Uia dnalcr llrindc in tb« onnmnieDl Dl lHuodi (iladal wlUi Utugi). 

• lUMr J*&klDa anred villi tb« iflli CanoDri In Uia ZdIo mi of il;&and waa pnaant \a tlin *os»\„ 
ItBMIniiiBi Mmnl-'- *— ' — " ''"■*— -■'■'" Rn^iiiiiitnL— al Ulniiil! [Hranlj troandsl. Uodul itlih Hiwii). 

" naldalii flinia rri — r* ~'''' iTlb I^Diiara a* 'I'miwron OlDoor lo Uie Zalamuot ilrg,a.nd uwuiwaat In 
Ihpgi'ii I Bl Dtimdl (Uodal i^th Clatp) . 

■■ Chnnltt Uomjr Fonaanie i«tT«d wlUi too i -lu LAnoen tn ttia Zala wai of iSr; (Usdalwith Claj>p|. 

"(utBln SUatoMrTadwHtitbeiTtb liAnraniio ibn 'Zulu oar of il;; (Uailal wiUtCtaap). 

■ tTaiHalii S«ilM«(a«mdwlUitbaiTl& Lanoora In i)io*.Kiila naror 1^, and WH pNasntla Ibe cnsaRSinoiU 1 
Qlvdil Iladal vu^ Claap). 

■■ O^MlB C Vm a lJ ? anted la tba Zidn irmr of ili% aad tra* prtaasi m Uio aci|[a)tamSDl at Clandi (Uadal wltl 

^MiacMta UMea ■mart lillli llu nITi Kiuib» In tin Afcban vm in 1II79. uvl n* pnnat Id Iha ontneamonl tt' 

Ivutalad— aligMlr woaaiM iUcdalt. Sorrcd In Uio Suuilnu If ipcdiuuu in itSt n ah tba istb BiUHita iKcaal. 

n« Kbdlra-a Biul. _ 

1— lit p— "--°— ■ fj ■ — j-t-j- n^^p--. ■ 


Fall 111 111 


Oolonol.— TTillium DrjBdiilo,! CH.Cottk', 'ag Dm. «; i<. 'ai Aag. jS; Capl. 'nOot. j7i £t. Jf^r, ig Jib. 
sBl Jfa/or, ^ Mutch 5B ; lll.Lt.Colo*tt, fo Jutj 58; ZJ.Caidiwf. '^4 Maj 61 ; ^W«Julp 20 Jnoo 64; JfaHir 

ro». 7(> ; Lint. Gmiral, i Jalf 81 ; CnUnrt iSth Husun, 16 Marcb 8j. 
olonBli.—Hnrr.T William rarltar, CiKKiiiiliiii *»t Swimtiit, 7 July B6; 

Lieulananl ColonBli.—Hnrr.T William rarltar, CiKKiiiiliiii *»t Emmtnt, 7 July B6; Corwf, 'iS Oct. 6ji 
^1- I'll )lay6^; Citjil. I Apr. 7^; Major^ 1 JuLj St ; Lt.Coioiitl, t S3 i Colonel, 1 Anj;, 87. 

Dnvid Biycc Hum, £«iif n, ''e Ma}' 67 1 Xinl. 'if Oct. 6S ; Copt. 15 Ma; 75 ; Ifi^Dr. i Jnlj Si } U.Calcxul, 
7 Jnly SS. 

16th Hoasara. 

Pm»«cia" "Wiiamio.'' 

Ma J DBA. 

ChiLTleB WillQDLtbby Hemnna ..-,.- --■■ 

Gecrtfo Eflwani UcalQ flrownd' ••■- - 

BErnlmrar>r)-BilnlpMSllor, jJif/ofiiit Siff- ) 
/alk I'lomunry Ciitulf^ .,,,-..,....., > 

Biphard Hobart Morriaon, Cosul:. 8c\mI ) 

FmnciB DiiJo TBRan. Jrfj. W^rl. Yfa. Car. 
FrnnciB JohQ Ponl Buller, AiJiUa»tl 

Qiiucfttirthirr TeowiafiTy CiMTOlrJ ,■^,,■-,5 

Gpor(;eJohn Bcott* ...^-.-. -.,-,. 

Beoriio llcbori Brown Patlen 

RuKlncQClialanoTKiJoit^^/nraTi^ 7Bflpt.Et6 
George Uerewnrd Curdew, Jrin/S«riii«> 

Cpti" S 

ITPt rereivnl ScropQ Uarbu^^ ,,-.--■-—..-.. 

BrneBl Charles POTin Cunon 

HeDiT TLDFUtciD Laiiiiiij; > 

William Mnin-oll BbnrBloB.' Aiilt ■!•) 

Camj' '" ^'^ Frnlerick Bobtrit "., > 

Edniiril Douglas Qromi -,..-..- ^ 


DflnJB St. GH>rge Daly -...-..-.-. 

George Ilirth ,-,-,,,, 

HQnrj Aleemon Fulka CbarlM Far- ) 

dinanii ^lopban Grevilla ,- -..,- j 

WLlbara Hnpntr Williamaon 

Arthur Soy icon r Arnold., 

coaxtT OB 
aytD LiauT. 

■S Maj 6r 

la Oct. 71 

13 Jan. n 

II Auf?. Bo 
B Deo. t; 


18 on. 

SMar n 

13 Jane 74 

3 Doo. 74 


I Bee. 
19 Oct. 
30 Ans. B> 

gAoB. 3a 

I Jolj 
33 Jnaa Bo 
10 Mar. H3 

10 Jane Bi 

7 No». B3 

Bi May 

7 Feb. 

7 Feb. 

»9 Aug. Be 
30 Jan. Be 
i; Ads- as 
35 Aag. B6 

19 June 7B 

It Deo. 
18 Dee. 


31 Oot. 
3 Oct. 

13 Fob. 

31 Jaly Sj 
1 Apr. 8* 

14 Apr. 

31 Deo. 

aiiT. Mil. 

1 Ang. Ij 
iS April Bj 

7 July It 


' Co plain Scotlferrsd 

[a Ihe Effypiian irar of 

1881 with ihe 7(U Dra> 

86| goOD GnanU, and wu 

87 preuDtai ibo hslUaat 

88 Tel-el-Kebir (Xwlal 

BADg. EB, a|„',star). 
BAng. 88 

.William I'ollcik Morna PoUok 

'Mor.uigu SliiClair Wollby 

] difcoan TjiBOTaiTAfrB. 

Bernard Jjktnca TatrG. - - 30 Nov, 

Artbor Henry Api>lelon ii Feb. 

Cecil Arihur Hope i6 3Ia]r 

Arthur Kajward BarolBj 19 Sept. BS 

t'horlea Harold tiorbcM 10 Nov. BS 

Jcfiiiff riiyf^aMter. — JifujorO E, Beale- Browne. 

Ifuiiiri Mutter. — G{<irKe Jackaoii, j£ March 87; Hon- lAeui. 

Qftarhr M-"trr — in^rpb Hnknr. la Joly B8; Sox, LUitl. 

Bias. — ^gv^if, iJDBara. Cot and Co. Ettum^A from India, 16 Jaaiur;^ 1876. 
1 X#t.Qeaera1 D^adale wrrod wlLh tbe 4th Light Dragoona dnring the eampatgn in Aflgfaanlataa under Lord 
Keaae. and vy-ab preaont at theaiege and captura of Gbucnee f Medal). Berpcd wita tbe gtb Lanoera in thoQtralLoT 
oampuicn, includin^lhoactionat Pannlar. 3pltiDec. iB43(BronEe:3lar). Tbe Sntlcj campaign In 1845-46. Jnoinding 
tbe battle oCSobraon (Medal and Clasp). Tbe Pnnjanb campaign of 1848-19, iuoludinR the pawam or the CTMnab 
at Ramnugt^ur. iind battles of Cbilliannallab and Goojerat {Medal with %wij Ctaepa). The Indian ovnpalgn of 
,857-10, andpresontat Delhi daring Ibo siege operationa, commanding the Ragt. from iStb Aug. to cbB fall of th* 
Qity— horae nhot at the asaanlt; conimandeu tbe Regt. witb QreiLthed'a Column, in aotloo at Bolnndaholiar, noraa 
abot (woundciL), and present in the aotienaofAlljgbur and Agra (mentioned in deapatob); alao prMent at ifa« 
relief of Lucknow [Brevet of Lt. Colonel, CP., Medal with two Claaps). 

' M^or Browne eervod daring the second pbaae of tbs Ashanti war in 1874 and was |irsBant mt tlie oaphua of 
Ooomassio (Medal with Clasp). 

> Captain Kuoi served tbrongheot tbe Nile F.xpaititien in 1884-85 with the Light Darnel Refflment, and took 
part in the operations of the Deeert Column (Medal with Ctaap, and KbedLve'B Star)- 

^ Captain starling aerveii with tbe 3rd Battalion 6otb Rines in tbe Boer war io jBBi, and was pnamt la tha 
engagenicnis si Lang's Nek and the Ingogo Riyer. Served with tbe 3rd Battalion King's Bojml Blfla Corps In 
the Egyptian war oi iSS?, and was present in the engagement at Tel-el-Mahuta, in the action ftt KaaaBBin fjth 
eeplomberl, and at the battle of Tal-el-Kobir [Medal with Clasp, and Khedive's Star), aerved thronghont tbi 
Soudan Expedition in 1S84 with tbe Mountod Infantry, and waa present in the engagamanta at Kl Teb and Temal 
(mentioned m despatchea. Tietorla Cross, two Clasps}: was awarded Ibe TJIE for his oousplonoua btaverj at 
Ihe banieof Tenmi, on 13th March, ]ES4, in risking hia life to save that of Private Morley, Eoyal Sussex Reaiuaa^ 
who, having been shot, was lifted and placed in front of Lientenajit Marling on bis horse. He fbll offalmoM 
immediately, when Lieutenant Hurling dismounted, and gave up hisliorae fur the pnrpoee of c&rr^ing off Privata 
MOTleji the enemy pressing close on 10 tbom nnCil tbey But^cocaed in carrying bim about 80 yaroa to a plaos of 
comparative safety." Served in the Nile Expedition in 1884-B5 withtho Monntedlnftnliy, and waapraaeat at 
tbe action of Abu Klea (two clasps) , 

J Captain Maxwell Bhcrston served in the Kile Eipadition bi 1884-65 with tbe Mounted InfaiitiTi and waa 
ptoscnt at the cnRa^cmentH at Abn Klea and Abu Km and in ths roooDnaissance to Mstammeh (Maaal with two 
Clasps, and Khedive's Star). Berred with the Burmese Expedition !□ 1886-87 as Aide de Camp to Blr Fredarick 
Soberta (mentioned in deapstohes, Medal with Clasp). 

Oontimtation of Note* to t^th Hugsars. 

1* Lieut. Welch served in the Soudan Eipedition in 1B84 vrlth the ig^ Hnsaara, and waapreaont in therngattS' 
DieutatTBmni<Mcdal with Clasp, and Khedive's Star). Served in the Boadan BxpediUon In 1SS4-85 with Ibe 
iQtb Hussars (Clasp). 

•o Lieut. Craven served in tbeBondan Expedition in 1884 with the iQth Hussars, and waa present in tbe engage- 
ments at El Teb and Temai (Modal with Clasp, and Khedive's Star). Served In [be Nile Expedition in 1834-85 with 
CAif iffib Hnnaars, &nd waa pr&6&Dl at the action of Abn Klea (two Glaspe). 

" Lieat. Claaentaoa wired witJi Ihe Egyptian Troctier Field Foroo In 1BB5-56, and waa proaont in tbe nmre 
aanCttOioiaM (Medal, uiaE.heaiva'*SVxh 

19lh {Princtst of Wala't Own) Hossars. 

JTf «>«■*■— " i WJT» " "NiAOH*" "Ellin, iJii, iSSj" " TD.-ii'K»aii * 

■ 6l 

■ Am Klu/' 

•Sna, iBSt-Is" 

" '. *Di iri^w, ) Apt. Bji Ll.Caloml.} Vfb, Is. 

CoovMD tUDbxl-rioed' <». Z<. : 

CklHul, >i Jbm Sir - ; 

-kartH BnHtnwil libiTlHj«>klB<> 



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It Aof. la 

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*(l Uar. 71 I Jul; 3i i8 Kot, «a 

■3 Jiiae 14, I Jolr Si ii Stnf 3« 

ai Aub- 74 tj Deo. Si 

IS Hot. Ti •'4P'"- •» 

I July 8i, J Nov. Sj 

■9 JnDB ^1 > .Inly M 

•V Sot. r6 n Kov K41 
09 Joly e>' i( April l< 

...... e^jqty £3 $iaJvx. du 

It Kspt- 7l, I) Jul. Si, (July «7 


K> Bepi. I4 . 

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;. lathBaaanniMritil niUi Olur;'. and 

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If KhjHidltLcm 111 itJ'f *ilb thn tglli 

g; Iliiwm (Mi.tnl vifb dB>{i, nnd , 


r.— OMMi ». G. Mimh. 

|jr«rt>r— WilUuiPUlC]'. itJIarirj: Uqh Uf>r. 
pJfiu(#r.'T'< WilliiiidThoisuMuvliUl, (oJui. Ij: tfM. Unf. 

BWc— ^•"'•. Umst*. Cok aad Co. Biixrmti frtiK Mgjfl, 3 J%at liK. 

eoonDBndoJ tba Soral DranoMii In tb» KcmUtv nunpaiirn at iSii. Inctiiilinu llm »l«{t« ef ' 
^andv^ Bcvpntj iroiindtd itl tha l4bilo taf Duluklnvji, hi» luriAii ulxoirniLHiivur'.ly woain^iDOnJib ^mji*)- 
naortiu UiB lilftki CkTBlfX cbBrBB r^on^ljLhowii W)t It* inuRLmii^Tfil liy ^ I'iUc.boll fMdul tvith two 
iTTWllffliltn luid TutUsb Utdili. nod illi '.'[u> 'jf ttir Mo'ljivllrl. Ua vumumiiitn<l th* flugi. ilunnB a 
■lafcaUielUacfc V'M^t''tBnViimHik;jcUhii( rimt^jt, iielU ihia dEt.'jiiilt«jiati:r nMUli#il ludi' Lotvorflju borac* 
^^«DA,kBieladlftci^ i^TTnt^r pnrt (if iht nil^o'r*' clLiirKiif>Hiti1 ihnaii orilcEj.obiucTjt« i>f uUicr BetrimMUn 
fc"^' ^"——•■yi ftcrvr*! Ln tho Xilc RipKllllcn in if^-&4 vritli llio i.^lli lliihiiiiiii, imi^ vra* prnaunt In Lbff 
E. :.'emand UfUuiniiili {iiiciilIljijqiI jn ilcApatAbcB. Mcdnl wllJj Lau ^^iHxpH.niiil Kjjcil)vt> Star). 

Kr I rtvxihcn-tilirltb thti iifih llnhijim mti]iK|Eyp(J'^L >^LiT "["■^'''I'ln'l ^niAT'iy^rnt^Tilbe action 

E .y..- ^...^....liibtT'.anil nt tfiq battle ^r TrL'ol'Krblr (mvntlourd tn ilcHpaK'bti. I'revct of Uiiji^i', Moil&t 
•ljUUhbo' Uic3d«4ildio.aiidlUi«dlTe'B8iat). Ecnud in Lho 8»<i>laii Bi:iurlii.liii. iu ij3, nrlibltm j^tli 
dntarMprainUlaUxtcttatlvnxuUiU KlTebaadlteial l4tIiClB>aort.liDO>iDnmiiii, tmi ciupn)- i^nmd 
n* bpembM la rttt-t} wuh lta« t^th Ruaaan. and wiu I'lrront ii> Utt oollnn nt Klrbdutn .ucii- 
flMf nrfii, BnTMOf LtColonsl.lwaCIcuipfl. 

' J*n1tn» Hnwl «ttll Uia lytb Uuaaan in IIif SfTptlan war of iCSj. and wa> prcioBl la llm KCtiiln at 
l|tbll«|iif<iiini'. mill "■ iNii 'atHii nr Tel-sl.Keb!r}Ucaal viUi Claip, sml Kheitliu'> BUr^ Hvrrnl In cba 
to^dttiBtt La iISi ifFtth tbx i^tK KuiaAm.hni] ir*.* iJtr>i:iEt lu ttiii anipki^inrEitAat t^i Tqb aiid Tamnl (loeitk 
d«a|»l«liw 8n*rt (4 H aJfT. tihClaM nrihcVioljidi?. in.) rlarjiai. 
WarM a*r>B4 *iQi ILs i./li lloiian Iu ibo i:i(}-piIaQ war tjr itfi, aiul wa* picaeut Inlha aelun at 

ellM v>li ttiiairbct (Mttlal. auil Klieilivt'a 81 an. 
ApUitfp aorvt^ vttfi thn itth HuffariL in lFiit Btijptian *n^F nt jE£?. iir>d Hht prOBivnt In IbBUtlODBt 
ea IM sw BopUiDbM' (ttolal. nod KlnKUvc'a i^tar) . Stnsd id iba Itoaibin Kxpcdnion Ui iSRt vltb Uia 
lat*. and n> preatst Is tbo f n nKcmmU al B! 'I'tb and TtmU (Mo L'liupij. t^trvid iu llw Suudmi 
w la itai irlib III* i(Ui Uamn |Ctup|. 

ij>. K . i:.f !- ..fTTtd WlUi tJiv ip^h II;i'-ux In tba Kf^tiaa m^r Cif i£2r. ami *\tt jpTvwnkin i3an}jP' 
f,\ ■ 1 MalaiMMaii^ii '' ' ■ 'i\.|.ol>KeMr(J('^ni"itM'ii"P. nmt i;hiiiicp'«Bint). (U^riBil 
I.! in in iRt "lllitba .. ui>rt waa pioMrni m tbo pji...,ia,'r i~ „\ El Itbami Temnl 

t'. . iD 1^ FlBa XapCil:'-. ^-^^ wtlli tlti^ r'jlb iliiujtri, uml mih jin'-j.uL jr^ ibx (j^-i^^ it 

yiaihaTra aa m d ■llhthe lylb Hniaata In the Kzyptlitn irarnf i>ii, ami oriix rrMcnt In Ibcutiion at 
ibr ^b 0i>tiWmbs(3iIslUtebiu)c0(TaI'El.K<blriMc>lnl inmOlMp.and KliDdlto'i Htai'), ^m«< 
h lExpsdllkm in 1^4 vtib iba r^tb llituarK, nud 't-t* prcBaut in ibu fii£bf:tiuDijiii ui El l'«b tud Ttniat 
id lb daapBlflMt. i— r '"•tr-t ScrrtKlln iiir ^>tr Kiiirdiilim in iU4-!;ki<U ibv i^ib llniiKr«,aE4 »m 
I the aDRaifiBBDta a* Abu klfu and Uiuiuntb avi> t.'inii»). 

^ liaaft ion-*d In UwSuudau KuKnUliwi in ii£t oiili the igtb Usaam. atKlnnipmeBtiiithBrrmev. 
K T*b Kftd TWBUii lUdal wiili Claap. aad Khodii'ii'* Siiu). Bened in llu' Nilu Kijiedit^m ti> if!i-!( 

Sf allnf aw I tTMi itinHfiiiilin ITTiinliiiii tn lUtwillitlig ijiCb Baaran.anlwt* ptmtki m ihacejiBMB' 
> H>i l^owl (Uadal itlib L'tup, aitd Kbrdlva'a Slar). SDrrcd la Uio Siie Eipcdiilaulo isti-ij iriUi 

rv*llntb*SaadaD KipnULiontn 1U4 •nthtliB i^ih n.i i . . <1-an>i piwrnitl': thegnaua. 

,^_ . dalwUh Clwp.iMl KlibliK'a 8ur). flanwi in th< <nii tn <U(-ii (riibibe 131k 

■■4«Ba uiaiiiiiitii ttin tniriyrinrTi'- nt AIni KluandMelauiiucIi -I. 

AufBMT B^^abopa Mrva4 tn tlit Amjiinn K«|wdiEiiin la ilt-t aIiIj ifm- i'^lI: ll'itHm. and w94 iirvtfDita 
^asBwat BTBba»dTaiBal(lUd>il mltb Lltap. and Khpdirii's Rurl, ^e.'tvc>l in Uia Ki1« Kigwdmmit 
l&lh«>Qth fliiwaii. aniT i~a4 iiniini hi Uifl actiun ai Klil^tkait (tw<><'l4.'lu) 

Da Pladn Mmd ia (bs Huwlan EMwlition It. tiSi fllUi UlB iDth Iliiuii 1'.* 

MmH in nb Mid TUnai (Uadal wllk (1n>p, and KliadiTra Stiirl. Brri'- 1 

' [ nil— ii.'ii* "■■ III 1 mini III II jiiu iiniii 1 llm IT 11 ml " ... 

[FtrcaHUmtttiMitS .■>>''•,•<• {-rdtdngtun. 

i6x 20th Hassan. [<ta>B(tsBd>mfai 

•* Pismnui" "Bvtwiw, iMj." 

|tW»od.-BlcluiTd Knoi, 0.r. "iB JntiB 3' ! .■"■ " ^P^- 3<i,^'u9 MV 1 j.-*';?^' ."^'""."1 f^ 
'8Deo.s4i rt.CDloMl, 11) F«b. jBi OoisMl, nFirt). 63 JTc^w Oncvl, ■! Oct. W; U«f.O»«^ i Jnljlil 

Ltant^inroolonil^lieiamfc ^Bt«on Blake ' Omwa^j, H, ErfimnI, g Bert. Sj i Otrnit 16 Oct. «6 j X(. 1 J 

Jan. ,0, Copt. Tj aapi. 7*; Jf<««-,. Jalj Si i £«.'.Co6«l, i Jnlj S41 CJW,.Joly88. 
Pniiioi«JghnOraTe».'C"'-«l, =3 Jan. 69 J E'->BOoC. jr; Cijrf. 7 Jnne 79 1 K*/w, j Oot. 8j 1 Bl.U.Cilntl. ij 

Jnno B5 i U-Calmrl. 9 Sb|II. 85. 



En. Ullos Stopletou' 

William jotn Irflrin -,..-^...-. 
TliamabBomea Weston 



tS AscanioB William NeyllL Thomas 

16 Edwnnl RcKinald Courwnay,* Staff Cotlrgi 

1* ,l*wi« K'imond Ournej' - 

>S iRichsrd JohnErakinBOlivBr.BellMiB* 

'4 l3lBir Hathnm JohiiBlon BtewBM 

-T Horace Georpo Pmctor UBaaolianip,'*«prrinj) 
I vilA Hii Ejjliliai .^r»y -.-) 

10 iGodfrey Mnsay Vera Hiinl, Arms StrpKiX 

! Cupju ' 

^ .Henrv Gmhani* - - -■-' ■ 

8 WilliBinDouKlfts'WhalBlftn,'* AHjitfaiit I'jTloe.ti 
7 Norton LeKgo'°„. , •■■ 

93 Jan. Cg 


AnclcTPOn Liikdaay K0II7 - - 

Arlhar JIorgBQ Bnllceley Jones".. 

* ' Wilmot Charlea Vau^hon" 

* Qrahani Thomas OeorKe BdwardB 
,iIo». Henry WllUsm MBnafleld .. 
iJami^H 'Whitiikor 

Fran ciB Jnl lie -,.,.,.,..,,.. 

Herbert RoborlH llnnlod 

Ponaonby Mhv LviniCmew 

Hsrbert Wilt' hire"' 


Hnmpbreys Coiilcllii^i - a Dec. 

Arthur OlwB.v Jacob 19 Deo. 

J Jons n 
3) Apr, Bi 

' S>Uy 60 

38 Oct. 71 
a J April )3 

B AhB. 71 

(Ang. 7j 

11 Dec. J3 

1 Deo. 74 

II Peb. 7s 

11 Oct. J8 

ig Sept. Be 

iJnly St 

a Ani;. Ba 

3 AoR. 75 

30 HOT. 
1 Ju. 


IjllKT. 81 

I July Gi 
lOot. 81 
I Jdd« S3 
lojnna 83 
ijOct. 84 

90 June is 

itJaly 8t 
ifiUar. 87 
i;Dac. 87 

11 IT.WU. 

> Jnly B4 

:6 Mar. 79 G Ads. 811 * Ckpt^in Coartonmy Bervcd 

I ji Oct. 83 thnmffbont Uis Znlu war of 1870 

7 Feb. B; aa Btaff Offlco' of th* monnted 

39 Anif. Bs IroopBOfiheLowerT'a^IaColnnma 
II Feb. B; and wsb jireaent at the enmge- 
35 Kcv« 8^ meat of uijobbda, the aoiion of 
30 Jan. 86 OiuiHndbloTD, anil Ibo reiirf of 
jojani 86 Ekowe (mantioned in deffpatchea, 
4 Dec. B« UedalwIthCIaap). aerretltbroogli- 
II Deo. 86 ont the Nile BiJKditioii iu lESi-Sj 
in command of the troop of M(h 
HuHan oith the Llirht Camel Brtn- 
men^ and took part in the i^n- 
HonB of the Desert Col umnpiiiolndinff 
the attack ontheeonroyuD theT4tli 
February Bnd the eoini^Feucut at 
Aba KJea Wells oil the lOihnnJiTth 
February (MedHl with Cla#p, and 
Khedive iiBtnr). Also serred nlth 
the Egyptian Frontier Field Foice 
in i8Bs-Afi AB AJjnlant to tho 90th 
HnB>*r« and as KiatT Officer to 
Monnled troape. and ira> preacnl 
' in theengBgeInentatGinlBa■ 
i■a>ll■dffI^.— UcrboTt II. flilbcrt, 37 Dec. 8ai Eju.'iB Apr.6s; n.>}Apr.66; CVpI. < Dec.7B: BoaJT^rv, 
.Biding ifuiftr.— ThomaB Asher Tooth, 11 Oct. 83; Hon. Llnf. It} Dec. B]. 

Qicurfir ITii'tr.— Frederick JaioDI Campbetl," la Aog. Sj; Hm. tint. 

Blno.— JUnfi, UesBTB. Cox and Co. 
SeittrnedfiomSj/jpt, 19 JTowabfr i B7. 

> Colonel Hlake served with the Bgypiian Frontier Field Force in iSBs-86 in oomitiand of Hoimtad MOfi. 
and was present in the eugssemeni at OiniBa (Uedal, and Khedive's Star). 

' Lt.Cuionel CraTOB Mpfod In the Sou^lan csmpaigniQ iBB^ ineominandof Uonnted troopsof tlio vnd Bflnd8| 
and wai present in tlio enEBifemcnt at the Tofrek sereba (mentioned in despatches, Brevet of lA.CoIOnel, lum 
wilt two CInaps, RUd Khedive's Star). 

• Major Hon. M. Btapleton scrvE^d in the Boohoanaland Eipeditlon under Bit Charles Varren In iS34-4i wlik 
the Toluntcer MoDnt<!d troops. Scrred with Ike Egyptian Fronlier Field Forca in i88s-86, and m* fnmrtla 
theen^gcment at GmiaB (Me lal, and Khedivs'a Btar|- 

T Captain Oomey served with tbo E^nptian Frontier Field Force In 1B85S6, and wai pmant in the anftfai 
ment at Gtnlss (Medal, and Khedlve'H StAr). 

• Csi>tainB Oliver DellBHiB andOrahnm eervedin tbeBondan eampai|nin 188], and weTeprMOnttnthSts^V^ 
nicnt at ibo Tnirek seroba (Modal with two ClBapa, and Khedive's Sta^. 

1° Captaina Beaochamp. Whatman, and Legge served in the Bondan eampalgn in 188; (Uodal with tlltn, 
and Khodivo's Star). Served with the BEryptian Frontier Field Force in i8Bj-86,and wrre prwant In tH 
engage oiont at GinisH. 

iT Lieut. Janes served with the Egyptian Frontier Field Fcrco in i8Bj-86, and was jpreseot In the onfigtmral 
at GiniBsin cummaCLd of tho esoort to the Qenoral Offlcer Commandini; (Medjsl, and Khedive's Star), 

!■ Lienl. VaoKhan eerved with the Egyptian Frontier Field Force in i8Sj-86, and was present iu (ha anssg*- 
niant at Giniss us Orderly OSoer to tho UlUccr Commanding! Uouat«d troopa—koIM shot (Uedal, and KliMlve'l 

1 Lienu Wiltshire served in Che Egyptian war of iBBi, and wai present at the battle of TsI-al-Kabii [Uedil 
tvith Clasp, and Khodiro's Star). 

■> Lieut. Campbell served la (be Sondan campatRn in 1885 {Medal irltb Olasp, and^EhediTa'a Star). 

' f. »<, t« k 

-s s 







i ^!?XX--f.oa'-A S 1 ; : ; s : :£ 1 : : : 1 : :IG : : : I !. I t Tx I I : : : 

«;=■?>; 5a 5«^oS = ozv.-^T'h.».i.. MS-CO >iK3"t,a^^^-<<aiit«aoSzes 

* ■ f, <, 1,4 fj„ f, fi_« _■■■■ »»>rt>-i^ — >. — — t» >- w —_ 


I !l 

i : i 


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! f n i ! < i n i i : ! i : 


' 9 b o - 

^aS-ijj^^||y = |j 

-'•Maw-ftHD* 0,0. 

n l*l-B O r^ h- 1- f- 1;- O- O " J 

S a § o o&SS S 3 a o-S ^ a d 



Q - M 

1^ fr J J 1-' u 

n CI € 3 °<L^ 

> ^ 

J « « 'Gfcxc ^ o <a Af ^ >o ^ Id 4 4 Hio CD n oo m n u tf^ oa 


I - H ■n'o o ( 

■n - h-EO *0 «iO « -n « T 

Q -^S-^ 


v^ 1^ 1^ T^r^ r« n ^ 


S :ofc CO 

^&io*ai '^'o & 


S S s 
o Z a 

Org - ■< 

in wi u^ ■- 

1 w^Vi c 

1 .Ti 


3 O r,3 =" E_ O => :^ O O O O 
wi>nu%>fiAmm>ri(nLj:i>nt^'4viia 40 

•^ r-^ f^ r- 

p -a -^ fcoo^ .4 ^ 6 k^ o 00 i5 

I re no 

. r« n. ti^ r^ ^ t^ »H t- *- 


D9 - 


6k '^T-* 

PI -1 in« F. r-l 

" "Is 


'* fi 


•5 ^O - ; O 

' .? a 3 c 

in * -* wi 

! > t-. 

: 9 -a 

H n n n 

: o BO "a 

fl s B a 

^ 3 □ B ^^ 

H 8 fl" 2 


Z b. b 

3 b ac 

m ift « ►*. 

-1 -fl ■-» »-> 




SPS '.3^=1 1 

nlfi k£ d O d 

•A ift 

■n V} V ^ 1^ in 

^ h r» c 
tf^ tfi m p 

t» & h-, M - O 

- O O [ 


t h ^ 

t- >: •^ n !*■ 

- -n a - r^ m h- 

irr in ■* V, ■"•" "1 "n 

fe d i ^ ^S S. ■§ 

^ fl ^ 5an -5^ 6. 
s, - E- s, s as - 

^■%z.% ,5 % •".■«« iat^"' ^2!_^'^*l-i- 


I mi 

■ S : *3 3 B 


*! la=^3■5 


2 B_ 



*_ * * ^ -t A 

fg: eg? *-:: S 'S £-;;"?£■=' 8 «:r s '-e-£ ■a— gfy-fr-egggat; ess 

fl«S SiJtS4.3R £ i: £ S 

xiH l^Siit^i it n i i i nS i ! j ! i i ;g I i 1 1 M MS i ' M 1 


8»<H-*-i:»»-30t^«- - - n-*- Q ■3'ChC o«a t*** ^ m - ^ ■> 

- ? & O -M< O »- *■«■ * 

S3 o^y.C ^^<-^^oSsoocTsSoooooooaa55coo2-«T-?'?fiaaoBaeBao-?i; 


U O U U □ « ( 

B 1; B 
H.O B 

Hafc, J. tn i- ^,-j ^ -: T ^ -n p^ _, ^ ^ 

.■Q D1L0COO 

O Oi <V O f^S S a^ 3 3 ^ = = U bB ^/ tt V 9V o I 

da a u: C OOt "i^ -^ -^T -rn-s --E a] Ki I OQ O C C 

Sb o O O O «f D 

3 IC IQ IC (Q Q 

:a H = = BJ3'a='a 9 

ED CDdllA "O 


--■-ir-irn^KtrnM _ „ ^ « »«« i>« 

SB n C = C C fl c p = C Q n c ^ [^ > > 

u'^ =5^=;;3adS33oo=^££,CHP.p.p.o.e.|rS-5io 

- . . - < V « ti O D f 9 .^ -J ' ^.' 

C3 a p Q-^ -^ T^ -. 1 --1 oj ri Ci o 


? 5 


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i t j 

: i 

: : i 






•: R " ^ ■ , 

R D 

?? g g^ "■■£•£-■ -S-a^ -5 -S-S -8 -S^-S &!??!? trttgglTC 

Royal Artillery. 



fiMf. n« Mill'*! VmiUciu .!■■., p^.s., hitn^fiir Art. CsUi^f 17 J«n, 
J CMmMm, Bmo* FratettdE, tVKM;<i(gii( Vnlio^uU I'rpal..... I 1 Mv. Aj 

■a lAn>UB,iri1UBaa»uO"> — ^ 1 Uw, ei 

■ BdM-fU. UowIraP" — — - I Mtt. (.3 

I MHrih.U<ir>tianuu<aM , — ^ 1 Ipt, 61 

uSsnll.Win sBaonFndurlck^ IBtM.CtUnul, t Jaly 9ti 34 Junoej 

1 Ftrrlar. AI«ijiiirl#r1^lffr,-,-~— ,--,,-,,,-— -—.-,-'^-,. .-.,., .-—lujODQtf j 
Avln-, fasMi iriU^H ywM>,>» la tturo* e/Zlaiiwr £ii(Wii«,) I , ,. 

aiittonrf*»i^rMtnH,Wiiw>amAt,i'y ,.,.,„...;- J i'<'""**J 

^fmwm, a wim A tf i mm , 9mpil- ei>/>m'i'<' Failory, Uailrai I>; Juiie6j 

1 CBEUa,WlIIU«|riwi<nskdlinuM>*u«["' ... AJulyli] 

or. DIIHM, Vtanoi* nt>lencfe.CkMin>iiliii; Bayai ^rtMrrj,JamMeal 1 Scpl.C] 

M Mwnaa. BafTtma B«w I.oirIa".„ — i a*pl.i) 

a n t l < n ,AramrAj,fialiH ~ „ t ltBM.«i 

a OoriMM. Itk^wd— ...... ..... ^ _ - ~...; ~... i a«pt.Si 

•o FcanM, ARhnrJMw,'" ChaadtAiv A. ArHUrry, JTanMNiu... 11 Scpi.Aj 

■ qraairj, WHIlMn TUIanmT* . . ... -„.. lOct. 61 

mitOmrft, nnmtiltr a»t Imf. ijf Warlifa Stirit, liali/ai,y.&\ 1 Not, (.', 

• Anrwivr, OUrtr rnnwi Thwibra ~ •• — ■■— _..... — 'iSDec, t, 

1 HiBpby,CaeawilliuiE>maRd(.'>" — j Ijj'nn'fi! 

■v Jon- 6* 
I Uu. 6, 

tfi Mnr. ftt 

1 » Apr. 6. 

1 > Anr. A4 
JiTaj 6, 
} Jaiie 6, 

tgjuljr 64 

W^Hm.ann »Mt «giM<r, XHthIbt «/ J-a«f is* >^».fil•; 

• OitiTua.Ea<r>n:Altan>"..- - 

aiMi. />!■ OraUa, S-rmttnJ^ltf Faelvrur. Sn^I .... 

I ■» WbIIbm. Botan llsili 

•e B«la<. ixiam Psun .. - — _... - _....» 

u MnUauBa, RiciArd Fianeii _ 

u TUibngMai. IUbt* -..,......- ~_ 

n ■tltT.XihBPnnt'a _ _. 



»■*. Wtuv. SrariH Clt^nl, p.a.r., DnmH liMiifnnf Atl^taHl 1 I , . , 

«..nC/«.i»SJ.,(A,..«(i,^Jlarl .„..,. ; '*A°S. 1* 

B<4M<<, f—lfrrAiri^ KiAa'l. Aintt. IfyJi. tf fatltrUi. ItngaVit, Auk. '>« 


Not. ri 

>j Dec. js 

» Jnn. 76 
I Jda. 76 
t J no, 76 
t Jail ^d 

15 J«n. 76 

I J JkU. ii 

E3 JitD. 7<^ 

roll. j6 

tj Mar. 76 
ti Hot. j6 
t) Mar 70 
•9 Apr. 16] 
loSMy ;«' 
a JonolOi 
li Jul 7 ft 

B 81PC76 
■ 1 Sent. }t 
>i o«i. j6 

I t>vo. ^ 
eS Jdd. 77 

t Fflb. 77 

, I'-b. IT 

■ Apr- 77 

I S«|)b.Ea 

I BmrtU.MaanlTtiOWu'H , . 

■ I'tusk*!*, BobcTt Ruunn 1Vill011KlilJ7 '16 Aiik- << 

' '•'amnte. B^nj rninci>"*. - « «...- is Ami. f^i 

I victkui. Gharle* BnDWn ~ - — - ~i.. u om. iSt 

4 Umb, wailaia Aluandar . - - iSOcl. A, 

r>W^y>^ J(«aUI,>» J^abaf jU SrigaAi Jfurtk IrM Diiiiiaity.^Q^^ . 

Lt flUJnn*. H*nn Oaoow FtunVtllO 

n tek«L Hmnl . 


t Madir, HoAlwr nmrt. _.„.... ..„..» 

( BnsM, U«Ma* — „-. 

t Bhk>ltr.lidnM» -. 

CamAta, JiAa Prn—mif. f im. In/i.afEii'lnlra.tlamilifflM ... . 
fWtt*r, JMv4 f'w'orr .""IViiW, 0i» (\»W4;f P.iclo't. jtTuJnM.. 

'■u.amUh. Cbiuta* Modioli „. 

I WtiAi, Attlnir ■'(^txla.u.f. /■>(. ■■ Baitft Fi^Jiati, Aldtrtlmt . 
ri-iB«-rij-. CbkrlsaJTIUInm. >1naiiir«-. Dtaanyarl . 

\ ■ BXMUMt, A»lilti*ld<*> 

M .ilvw, Jiilia UuriHD -,. 

HI tb>«*r<l, Frvlerto _ „ 

ft-r, Waltrr, Attlimr OnnvtW, xnitH nM £<cal Am*, Fie- 1 
t^ff^ ^^4 rmtll ^ tt.Wiuft .. ^ .. .r......... .,.......-,..,..,-../ 

«h}j .<«., JTilffJdT. ,^ ..} 

■rAf. AftrTj JQlin TI'vmu *.,,... .*......^...-~ 

fnAsmMB, Otori.'o'nuiUl'" (Bt U.Cht, t Mnr. Si 1 0(.6 NaT.S»:i ! 
J«>J(. .^lolail Otmir^l/ar Arfill^, Imiia - j 

■J PowMI. Kurluu 

M ■•< BlT.ini. ilnriir. Eilmrd™ 

ii I CMtoi-»:it. IIo»c}- llotnuB 

M : Doa^M, JshB E>(«HlM 

' <i ■ icaMin, Jaaai iMininl 

>i u O'lOUhr. Gmtcb HKMOt. ....... 

u ( HaciUs DadUyWiHim 

1 •e<^iaa4Mi,JAo Juui*'" 

>U*nkhLBaten _ „,.._. 

i^^tiMfml ■ »■ p fT'> y . BauiMT VBIiim ...^. 
Pj t TlhT. J*^^ <!*n»lC* — ..-..-....,.—. 

No/. 64 

I It Ker. fit 
iqJul)' Of 

] d Use. 0, 
I6D0C. 64 
'*D«, 6, 
i&Uor. «i 
'1I3 Deo. «( 
^j Dao. 04 

'iij Dec. 64 

1) D01-, ^4 

IT I'oli, Oj 

I Uu. 6j 

J Mnr. 6j 

II liar. 6( 

)t Uar. «t 
ji Uar. 6( 

>i Mnr. Ii% 

)(Mnr 6( 
>4 Unr. 0} 
14 Mar. n; 
>• Mir. «) 

B Ju! J fi} 

10 Apr. JT 

, _ . J* Apr, JT 
I* Aillf, fM'js Ajjr. 7j 

[pi KiKy JJ 
■A J 00077 

■ July j; 
1 Jiily 7f 

t July 7; 
I Jnlj jt 
io A lir. 77 
I July 77 
» Jaljr JJ 
uJolj 77 
14 July 77 

■* ■'"ly 77 

M "^"K. 77 
» AUK. 7J 

I »«pt.JJ 


1 Otl. Jjll 

I I Kov. fir 
r Nov. Jd J 

I Nh"!!-. B) 

1 Sw. Si 

15 n«o. Bi 

«4 Jbu, Bj 
M Fsb. Si 

>S Uar. B] 
17 Apr. a J 
If Apr. t) 


II Mny Sj 

« Jiinr B^ 
1 Jnly Bj 

7 July Si 

7 July I) 

>G Jnly S3 
.« J Illy Sj 

16 July 8] 
I Aug. 1} 
1 AoR. Bj 

J! AUK-S] 
JT AiiK.Sj 

I &Tpl.«J 

1 ecpi.S] 

r Bapl.Si 

14 (Ml I J 
4 Not. St 
■« Nor. 1] 
10 Dm. () 
If Deo. S) 

)i Ii»ei. ■> 

■I Dtf. Si 
]i I>m. B] 
I Jan, 84 

1 Jan. 84 
I Jan. t4 
I Jnn. S4 
1 Jan. S4 
1 Jan. S4 
I Jan, l( 
I Jan. B« 
I Jun. e* 
I Jnn. ■« 
I Jnfip S4 
I Jan. S4 
I Jan. t4 

iSJuly «jl ,0ot. 77 

I OiC jt\ ■"■■■ 

'Oe*. 77 

I Oct. n li Wot. 79 

I Oot. j7 •£ JaaoSi 

lOot. 77 

■ fhn. JJi 

I Ool. J7 II Dot. I3 

4O0I. 77 

(Out. JJ, 


: JineT.,...„ ....« 

. ri'i'.iiav lionrv txhtbc'^ ...^. ....„,,... ...„-.... 

(V_l»iH, Br. iranb»v:i Simitn K. Art. f aMifariiia 

i-KAl, iantM Kab«n llltnrOllvN 

'iiu, Janua AnMorrtMla .. 

---tifAsit.ArU.iii Bcnnci*, J.9.U. OnMrvf.Jleatiqr 

> . riMk.l'nBCla ■■•>••«• -. .. . 

■ UM. Waller'" _ 

I'.i3aa«, An&vr Ja^«« .-....-........-.,..—-....„. .......................... 

X.H. MiwT Atfrtt."^ AdJtUnI • JHHtBdt AotA InA SivMia) 

Cir-t cw» ArtiUtrf Italia t _ ,„....„ „ i 

il ■t.MackiBiay, (i*<ir«.t>.'.' -^ - 

•t I llan>u. GMrito lUak* Naplvri^ ...... ~ 

H tAJ. Jamn, I>njtM rirrJt. Otpttf A-ltliMl Dinetar tt Jt<lUa,fii\ 

I UumH ^ , J 

I) fiA«. Drtttf, Utmrj Pmali, Xhrnlv AuUtnnt*l amtratX 
qiav Aaauvihtt, AltaaoJrr Willlaui 

tB July it 
1 1 July Os 
i« July 45 
It July 6t 
iBjulJ Hi 
iiJaa. 6i 
ij Jan. bd 
19 Jan. M 
J t J an. 66 
13 Jan. 6$ 
...ujau, M 
..lit Jan. «« 
... iiJaii. «« 
... II Jan '.ft 
... Jan. <^ 
31 Qoa. 64 
jtJan. U 

jsJaa. (6 

17 July (dA 
17 Jb^ M 

jNor. 7j 

7 Nor. TJ 3j Aug. »J 
14 Not. 771 ...... 

H Vov.Tji 

I Jan. 7I1 ...... 

t .fan. j^ T.._ 

Jan. 7I 
H yah. jK. 
IJ Mar. jS 
11 Mar jB 
I J (Jar. jH 
<} Uu. r« 

1 .tur. 78 

I *.VT. 7I 

I Apr-rt 
n Afir. jl 
>> A|ir. 7SI 
ijUay Tl'tjOot. 8 

I J July W 

17 July 66 

lyJsly Mti Anjt 
» Jan. Mil Uat 

Hay >» 
>sUa7 7< 

iB Janii 18 

7 Aug )B 

Jan. Bj I Jan. It 

I Jan. t4 

I Jan. It 

I Jaa. Bt 

I Jan. I* 
1 Jan. Bf 
I Jan. 84 
I Jan. 84 
■ Jan. 84 
I Jao. 84 
I Jan. 84 
t Jin. t*' 
I Jan. S«i' 
1 Jan. 8« 
I Jan. t* 
« Jan. 84 
9 Jan. 84 
9 Jan. If 
« Jan. ~ 
gJaa. .. 
i« Jan. 84 
i« Jan. 84 
16 Jan. St 
1 Uar. S4 
13 Uar. Bt 
I , Mar. it 
H F<b, It 
if tfar. Bt 

I Apr, I4 

, »«»y 

i8KOT.8>| 7 Kay 

8 Jaw It 




Soyai Artm^ry. 



^■rmirii. JdHi Frtilgfiple, Auiilant Dirtetor, ArftFlerf CotUgw-., 
3 Dulhy. Arrhlbold Edivard ''' 

3 DowiilTift, f.'aiuerr>n Mncannoj Hwwood''* ,., - 

wffWAt«oi]» Robert Samuel, jur^e -^.,.^..,-,^.- .^.^. i' 

4 Shorc» Horn. Tre'lsriok William Joha„...... , 

I Jeryia, WaUor Nrjil 

HI liJabQ, CLurlcB John -.^ -.....- -^ 

1 Smith, WiUinm WbiUnorei" - 

(i.i.c. Eiie; liVnond Si^lill'* Dtpuly AaUI. Q. U. QlH.,Sntgiit.„ 
f'-t.e- Diinitlt, De Cafrru, Briffadt Major, E. Artillery, Cark ...... 

3 HavcrQald, Elenrj' Wj-keham OraakTaneuEl 

M&cGroiior. rhilip Ltl^'hton, p.ix.c., Intpeetar of Outu and Sitml 

cp.Aitkcn, Wininm'^ IBtLLCohintl, i Julj Bj) 

<o AlobisoiL, CbnrlcH Henry^"** 

lUrTtlV. ST^MA'aK. 

, ,„ ij J»n 

p >,c,Smith,WHlt6rWin.MKn-latI,£.J.J.Ori,/iir/u(nicIia>.£D>ulaii.:<i Jiilj 

' '■) 

! !■( 

■ I') 



! "' 


I iq 



CroJJon, i/inrj.i" p.a.e. Finmaittr.Forlimeittli laJalj 

*o Barron. Harrj- .j'O July 

WHYorke, Fred, Aounstufl J'oJalj 

1 Bltfndv. William Poynti, p.a.e................ ..............,...i'*>^'''y 

i.H.i.Bttjilie'wuri, Keppcl. riro' 'lo July 

I Knni, William Gforge'" ^lioJoJj 

I Bucklf. Eilmundi" , loJnlT 

3 Rid.loll, Wiiltcr."* Drrpo/ 15 J«n. 

£rDM, Jidteard BFajamin,^'^ firfmftttr, Btrmmda ...- .,,....'^...^ io July 

1.1. BtcTCDs, Goorso Morton , lo July 

so Vibiirt, Fnmcii Uereditb Rdmundi»" -..loJuly 

I Biui,'. Froileritlt ,.. i« July 

3 Hay. Edwiird Owon'" „ lo July 

3forifan, yrnUrick Opri^, firemutfer, &ibrallar — >.» ,.,^.. » Jan. 

I Bmilh. Williiun OHiIaiii"' _. S Jan, 

s.i.GrlHlUii. AlBpriiiin Bvdnoy -.. SJan. 

■ ■ Turner, Frederick Miniel B Jan. 

WN Yerbury, John Will iflm , ,. fl Jan. 

■ Uui.ioek. WLlLlHin etiu.ropa 8 Jan, 

I YatcB. Henry Townlpv ScoLl iJ9(.£f.Co(oiif», I Ang. E3I BJan. 

Prulou. Hear, Eilt-arJ, Adj. i Vol, (Sarfolkj Briy. Euilrrn Die... 8 Jan. 

Scufi, CkurUt HrwrVj Suiit-of GuKi/awJer Farfaritt, lAof^t*-* S Jan, 

Li Ua^laway. GeorcD Rowley'" ,,.. -..„...,,. S Jan. 

3 Curling, llptin' Thomaa* »S July 

1 Turdy, Rnbort,™ ij July 

o,». Fowler, William James'" _ 'S Jnly 

5 Blacklinm, I'dcr'" ., ij July 

to Waller, Frederick Edward „...„.... ^,,..,... .,„.,,, „...,. is July 

a IJurrid;re. FrjniciH Jifbn ......,,„>,._,,„„ ...,..„„-»...- 15 July 

1 Xonh, Roger Cbiirlea Kitwnnl 'S July 

bo ji.'.r, Hammond, i'oler Henry .,..., ,, tj July 

4 p.M.e. MunlBomtTj", Roborb Arthur ...,..„.^,„,,.., ..-.,...„..„„, ,.,,,,.., JS July 

no Nixon, Arundel Jamen. — ,.. ..„. ....4„.._...., 15 July 

DB Uurraj'-Grabam. Uonry fiLovrnrt , , .,.-., f 5 July 

■ .I, Lupurd. Henry Tmvtra'"' - .>,,,,„,„44..,, ,.,,,„..... .....,.,..„... 13 Jau. 

3 Leach, Joliu- .^.... ...... .......... ............... 13 Jan. 

p.t.e. Da'ton, J'imta Cmi/J^ Dri'Utj AhMmhI A-iiutatil Stiitral, \ ,„ Tan 

Ulllh,r„^, Hrai.A.Warqma \ '3^*"- 

CaMphfU, K'flliiim M"iuk-iiW 13 Jan. 

4 I'bnpman, Lionel Jamun Archer .,,...,....,.,. , 13 Jan, 

wjiSelfe. Sydney Gerard Frederick ,.-..". 13 Jan. 

4 Riij'Mell, Chiirlen .,, .,.. .........-.....^. ...... ............... 13 Jan. 

.Mil J hew, Thomaa, Firtntajttr, CVpe To*n -.,-, .,. 13 Jan. 

I Footc. Fmncis Oriblriw lliirringlon'*' .,,. _ 13 Jan, 

BiitOham, E^imunil Qeitrot ^ffrnrj."" wtrritiQ rilh 2"caf farcH in i ,, jm, 

^'e^i^nnth Jf'.iltt, rifX loe.i/ runt- of U.i^otontl ..,,........,, J 

Hd Arbiitbnoll, Wulter Clmrlc* Warner*" _ ..,...,13 Jan. 

SUHMridgr, EJii-ml Biilrir, I„itni:'or Arlillcr, CoJIrai rJnly 

I Wnlkor, EilcBr liolforrt"! 7Jiily 

*H Woiitern, t'biirlen Maiimiliari'i™ ..,,,..>.„,,....>».....,....„,,... ? J'^'y 

B Rnwlej-. Jfi.a. Wilhnm Clmmbri™ 7J0'l)r 

3 l)iivi,li:i,n, WillJEiir. Leslie"' , 7Ji'ly 

■ LiiifJrgLr, (liarlcrt L'nrmichael** ,..,..,„....„,..,...,.,.....,.,..... 7 Ji^'y 

( linker, Robert Henry Bberelun™ 7July 

I S'litrent. Nut;piLt Jonathan ...,. ..' 7Jii'y 

wnltile", i'bilii) Williiim H.Tlierl ,- ' 7 July 

4 AllHonp, Hon. Rannl]th*^ ...-,.| 7 July 

ifi Fairlloiiirh, Samuel (lorrHnl .,, ., -,....,,.. ,...,,.,. 7 Jtly 

Bigfi,Arlkiir.Mi>,"Ca.Cit<l ..Sqnrrrf in Ordinary (o Iff r ifn/Wji 7Ji'ly 

/jjpl-yir, Haltrr X'rillt, In/pretur Small Arm; Birmingtam 7 July 

1 Wliitelionie. Aribiir llowanl ,,...,...,.,,,. ' fl Jan. 

1 Ileiibbimc, Etoiirn Uonlim Webb'!". BJan. 

ii,i,FruHi-r, .\rtbiir Ilc-irlnaliL.,,.. ..,,.,,,.,,, .,,,.,,,1 BJan, 

fi.i.i-, timrrr, Jtikt irnrf.m Tluimat*" Jlrig. ilajor S. Art. Ctalltam B jBn, 

Lk FuiiKbuwo. IJeorire Dalryniplo ,,.,..- B Jan, 

f.i.PJavrmr, 1ie{)r^ ,lninen .,,,.. ,,,, .. ,,..,, , B Jau. 

Kiiytl, llrnr,.'" AJj. i llrig. l-imqu, Porlt Ditiiiimi (JTmi An, Jfif.i B Jan. 

wi JervtiiH, Henry Napiir"" 8 Jan. 

J WiKkeliiiii-i-, Kdnin Frodarick"* .,,...,,..,.. ..,,. 8 Jon. 

4 MiHin'. (rii'T^e Hubert .,,. .,,.,,,,.., 8 Jau. 

iUiinci-J/uioH. Qunhija Otorvi,"* Csmm. b/ OrJimiKt, III Clan ., BJan. 

r,4 Kiihlnee, Fniiiein .lohii Willinra'" ..,,..,.,. 8 Jan, 

ll.iktr, J.imn I'lJ.m/ ruiku,'" Aij. 1 S. Siiinyof York Art. lul., 8 Jan. 

1 ll'tK^iiii. Williiim BriKiko .,,.,.,...,... -........,,... B Jan, 

I Gukr, hlilu'iinl liorenlortl ,,.,,. ..,,.,,.,,..,,..,..,,,. S Jan. 

4 l*olliiiiL-lTT4|nh'ir(., FrmiciH Kdwant Romnlufi .,,.,,-. S Jfcn. 

y I,,- reu/ffr, Jiimrr KritX,*^ BriffaAt Mnjor, ikallt S Jan. 

, ^j'Jjjii'r, Kn-lerirk Anhnr 8 Jan. 

J U'liifki-m, J'liilip Eilmanil^' '3 July 

17 July M:>i Uuy 78 
17 July Ml I Aug. jt 
17 July 66 ; Aug. jB 
.7 July «fi I' Oct. 78 
IS Jan, 6j i5 Oct. 7S 
15 Jan. 67!igOc(, 7£ 
IS Jan. fij's^Uov, J., 
ij Jan. 67! I Sec. jl, 
i; Jan. 67 sT><)e< 78 18 HoT.Sa 
IS Jon. 6;lnI>M. li 
S Jan. 67I30DCO. 78 
,S Jan. 67:31 Deo. 7! 
IS Jan. 6;|3iDeo. 78 

67 31 Dee. 78 

6)'3i Dec. 7B 

671 I Jan. 79 

67 I Jan, 7t 

6j 1 Jan. 79 

671 I Jan, 7^ 

67' 13 Jan. 

67 13 Jan. 79 J, Apr. Sa 
67 13 Jan 

67 31 Deo. , 
£7 16 Jan. 79 
67 30 Jan, 79 
£7 19 Feb, 79 
67 1 Apt, 79 

67 1 Apr. 79 ,aNoT,Bi 
6B 8 Apr. 7S 

68 1 1 May 7S 
6a tj Jane 79 
68' 1 July 79 
68^ I July jfl 
681 iJoly 79 
esl "July 79 
66 iJnIy 79 
es 13 July 79 
eelajJnly 71, 

*e;io Aug, 7i 

63 it Auk- 79 
m iS Ang. 7v 
eSajAuH. 70 
b(l'|i7 Aug. 79 
68 'J7 A HE. 79 
esl»7 Aug, 79 
6B 17 Ann. 79 
68 J7 Aug, 79 
Ml 13 Sept. 79 
68 It Sept. 79 
69lio8epl.79 aJIw.Bi 

15 8opt.79 
17 S«)t.79 

4 Oct. n 

14 Not. 79 
TsNor- 79 

15 Nor. 79 
fl7 Not. 79 
13 Doe. 75 
30 Doc, 79 

-, 9 Jan, to 
69' 1 7 Jan. Bo 
69'i7JniL Bd 
69 J4 Jan. 8d 
69'34Jan, Bd 
rig J 4 Jan. Be 
6q 34 Jan. Bo 
691 I Feb, 80 
64 I Feb. Sri 
69- I Feb. Ba 

69 II Feb. 811 
69'MFe&. So 
«9 II Feb, ga 
t^- 1 Uar. 8d 

70 IJ Mar. io 
Jo 14 Mnr, 8d 
Tfj 11 Apr. 8a 
JO 13 May Be 
JO II May Bo 
70 19 May 80 
70 »6 ^lay Sa 
70 iB ^ay 80 
70 79 ^lay Bo 
70 tj JuneSn 
70 9 July So 
70 9 July 80 
Toll Jnly Be. 
jo' 1 AUB, Sa 
70 I Aug. 8a 
70 10 Auk. Bv 
70 II An^', £u 
7u I Ecpl.Sa 
JO 9Sept.,ga 

jtaiom. * 
■a Aujf.Kt 
Ta An^, 34 
»i A-nir.Bj 
r6 Aoe.Bj 
lA Au|f . B4 

j; Ang, U 

ID S^it. ti 





1 On. 84 

1 OeL 8, 

(Oct.. It 

I Oct. B4 

1 Oct. 8j 

I Oct. B4 

1 Oct, B4 

• Oct. 84 

4 0«. B4 

7 Nos, S4 
7 Piof , B4 
7 Not. 84 
J Kot. B4 
19 Kot. B4 
19 Not. 84 
»o Kot. 84 
Ao Not- B4 
IO De«, 34 

13 Deo. 84 
ijD«c, li 

1 Jan, I4 
6 Feb. I j 
6 Feb, 8] 
fi Feb. 8s 
6 reb, S] 

6 Feb, t) 

16 Feb- Bs 
It Fib. (( 

14 Feb. 8s 
■3 ilar. 8s 
13 Mar, 8s 
13 Mar, 8s 
il Unr. ts 
19 Mar, t] 
19 Mai- 8s 
19 Uar. Ss 

I Apr, 83 
I Apr. Bs 

I Apl. !3 

I Apr, Bj 

7 Apr. 85 
7 A|pr. as 

10 Apr, 85 
ID A pr, 8s 

11 Uay 3s 

II May ii 

>i May 3; 

13 May Bj 
i.l May Bi 
>S May !l 

]« May ■} 

7 JuocBs 
B Jane 8s 
I July 8; 
J July 85 
u July 83 
II July Ss 

17 July 8s 
)7 July Bs 
17 July 8s 
17 July 8s 

5 A lilt. Si 
1 £ept,8s 

15 Oct, as 

16 Oct. Bs 

16 Oct, Bs 

14 Not- 8s 
ij Dee. Ss 
ij IJec. >s 
10 Jan, 86 
__ Jan, SS 
■oJan, 36 

Jm. 86 
Feb, 86 
, Feb- BS 
l„ Feb. 86 



• [««■. Pbuin JuDM 


«at>u^a>, iawittux Vr«nhM«t<iD _...._ ... 

t Boulru. HolMOl lAimiKc — ^ ~ ^.— - 

ki lUdclIff. FrucU WilUiUn . _ ,-.. . 

irUt. Jra.r Ortftrj lirtM. Xii. ^k Brif. SmOm Dt*. 

« 81cb.i:hulMCVnaa.w£n«< _ — -'i,Julyj«;» 

- ■ I- is-.: 











■ LTaU.llaDiT- - __ - - 

P.r*am,nli , ,,, „..> 

' ■ Sariuiin. Joliu Juai ^_ -- — 

4 ri^w*il, NnwljiQ I'liMIHI— 

I fin:: IiI■^^e^ lUchanMm 

t WTMlt-ll«j«H, Uayio ,_ _ _ _ -, _ 

t>amrm, a*mrf nj-r. Miliar Cl*>, AttOUrt tViKw 

c.r.Rnckmtanr, llirlwrt WIlUBn" _ „. — - 

I KgVu««a,BMutVr(lUWBF¥uaclE**°.- .- - 

p.i.r. O'BafUnn, bjinu QvBi^Mk, BAgait Uajar Sritmt tf\ 

IJIDT. tmJiir . 

•t Jnly 7»,>: B<>pt.So 
'■J JEitj ^ lA RqpMe 
■I Jul)' JO iiiOeu to 

ij.'u'y 7=i'T Oil. Sa 
ij July i^'ijOcl. to 
ij July jwlij Not. *» 
Ii Jui. («>jS(!lll.» 

1 imoa- ^^ 

■T.if»oi,< ■mo'- 

I Dm. jcIij Deo. »« 

1 jui. ;i; 1 Jill. a> 

4 Juii. jj ig Jan. Si 

.......I 4 Jui. Jiin. ti 

4 Jan. 71 bA Ji^Q. Bi 

*JlU1, II 

4 Jun. f. 
4 jHn- ji 

4 Jut. } I 

4 Jmi. t' 

J llaw, Kaiirf VuutMfi _ _ 

Jtt*H», Wi/LmmBi^.AiJ.,n'mlltUimgi^r,.H'\ir,Arl. rvU.\ 1 Jnn. '• 
/ — rt f r. WiUiom OiMttJ'^ ImMntt^r Im OttHVrf. At«t«ry%m ..... 4 Jitn. ;] 
I lk«taftiR, AlcjUuJer Ndw>>*>(B<.irw>r,i»Juiiat)J 

ttfKoaMMT, iuBta ilurtnc 

' 4 FtiU, <Tutm UuUbt* — — — — - 

I 4 iloUuB. Jobn 

t WM>I4. H*M CluriW UlBBMn* .. 

> Omn, Own I'niUun 

I Bh<w. rraitrHk TnMo Uukinlay-- 

xWrr.t'terlM LMlr- 

I DMD'FiU, DoB8lMObatlM» 

H TmtvoB. Itolamon —..,_... 

(«XBi>Muiu,rwrtaic<;tuula4Sric^ .. 

4 rtitffrw, Hmrr U«*IUM .. 

rMJ liMtn , WiUimm Owrn. CummttAima IttaX Fuftm >■ IfMI ) 

Atitr^i, wMUntnmt^/M^imattCiilml j 

1 OtatUoM. Otorcv BIltaMp" - ..._ _ ~ 

■ Kam**t,r*9*tniik AuvbUii _. 

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> Bttiloir, Hasric* Jibn*" 


4 J»ii. fi 
4 Jan. jj 
4 itM- >i 
I Jms. T' 

• Juu. ji 
I Ao((. J I 

» Ailg. ji 

• Aait.T" 
J Auk- t' 

■ *!'«. ;■- 

• An|^ t> 

II Dec ji 

■ tPw. 7t 

1) Dbo. ;i 

I- Vf.. ;i 
ij [Ire. 71 

III Doc. 7> 
li) Sec. )i 

I JI*ekMa>«,fte»MlXnutli -'liDcn. 71 

BanbniT. n«rtMn JCaster. ^riw Smiiw <'«!■» jii Deo, ti 

JMm.t^ltOJla.'^mlt^nar ArUIUrt dUUs: WaolriH, ...... '.^ Dei. ■,, 

lA WwlOnl, WlUitin SworUt ....- — ^liiUvo, 71 

B)ad*.r»ifa>ickO«sTa<W|S>.Z.I.CW(W(, 15 Jaoats), I>.A..i. > I - „ . 

Otm.-Mmt4t.. ............ ^_.„.., ..,.,_......,...... ..,.H....,,...,., ...... J I ' 

'w. otatat. ir>H»V pitrritr'.".'—.! "■"."■' .!!'■"■'. I!!!. T"... !*!.!.!![. -Iij Ooe. ?■ 

a I Hi— rtm. Mawii WUtlaa.'wPirfrtJtJ'affC'JIwr. Jfaina li) Dm. 7< 

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17 v unites, CbartaMmnn ^. 6 Jen. » 

II je*. l U iw tt i ii . Jnlin Albert ' dJan. ji jaJuly ti 

I) Dec. 11 
■ iDeo, !■ 
I) Do«, r< 
,ij Dae. 71 

1'>1). <i 
I Feb. Si 
a Fell, it 

ijfvh. Il 
t6 I'eb.Si 
•d Feb. Si 

»7 Fcb.Bf 
a Mar. Si 
1 llui. Ii 
t Uai. £■ 
C Atir. m 
6 ADr. ll 
t May El 

-s x-y * 

II May « 

II U.iy »i 

1 1 June 61 

1 1 Jniieli 

I Julf Si 

I Johr 11 

I July II 

I July 9i 

I Juty It 

> July 11 
I JiLty t> 

> July II 
iJnly I 
1 July s 
t July II 
t Jnly II 

I f Julf Si 
I.I July ti 

1) Joly Si 
il Jn^ Il 
I) Ju^ Il 

■ iJuly II 
tbJalj' It 
il July It 
If iaV li 
jDJoIy Si 


iby. Uertact nmmi."' Jaatmfn'. AMIUtrf Cotl/gt 

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„ : W -IVrtaa. WllUam l>tnilMt,>" A4i- > Brif. If. /r^ Oi*. 
ij e.1. flaeM.UuA Aboukir 

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it va Ktnran, Johu Danla _.... 

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&J1UI. ;■ <j Anft-li 

■* I^M*. J«te WilUam Hndlia 
I tWIntt. AlkBt UVBTy . 

Wdf h-xxr^oMitUio U(Me«e~tnj^ix^leHl. 1 Jan. 8fi).iMI I 
_»J.Jto-to. a™ --,....._ Z!^ i 

4 Banuur, rpuOnUMBlnMi.. 

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TeBfOe, Joba ..... __,..,_.. 

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.t, JaaeaAlfrvu _.. .,., „ 

.i..*, Vrftm A-lwrn^ir, v,*.f. ....^... ...... ........ ,^.........,.. .. 

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utln: Ibf.'il^ .Ujmi«^ t AtMltmlBmttArtJi^VtSm^m 

Hmli)BH. IM>™nt .Si>ilaMEl'''_ _ „ 

(■.».• toiV"*. '^^*'*'"' — - 

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I n '•■ CMeeii. Xrueal - — — . ,..„ ..„. 

Iiij p-tt. Jmt— M. a i e*«n < ftuanit Jffaaji ifabf. «■!«*_..„. 

Jn *i.Pric«ea. Wlllt»iB liiben ., .,._ _ _ 

. -I I «•.». Biwt«. John mnnn hc«u _ „.,.._^ 

Uairny. rn<]*rte Btio*. A4/mlaml, Bfal AHIUttf SUmtail 

S.«flJi«>y r»r*f ... — ' 


' 1 II»«iu, Aniiar B«iuuni^ . 
■ 1 1f«lr. UttrytiTBTm ..- 

6 Jail, yt 
e Ian. ft 

( Mny 71 
tXar J. 
■ Uay?! 
eUay t) 
(Uar n 


7 Sept.ti 
7 MpMi 
tl SoiCli 
t OCL 81 

■ OeC I 
I OH, l> 

aU^ 71 iOol. tl 

a*fiti AHOUf atitOm A \ 

■ ""y J' 

t Uay 71 

11 3»pl.7i 
n Bopvrf 
II fl«pl-7t 

■■ Sept. 71 
» Bept.ji 
i> Uppt I» 

If Se^t.71 
11 S«pl.;i 

■I 8opt.7>l 

■ tStpt.T* 


iiOcl. Si 

dQol «■ 
'ifOcl. Il 
,™Oot. Bi 

■4 Out B: 
■i^Ocl. *• 

uOOI. (I 

I Nor.ti 

I I Vov.Si 
14 Not. Ii 
14 S-".!! 



It Feb. IS 
1 Jnly M 
i July 36 
( July Is 
7 July ia 
7 Jnly 86 

11 July l« 

at Jnly 16 

■1 July 86 
rt July M 
4 Sopl.ld 
4 SapLse. 


» hepLSS 
■ Oct. 16 
vOst, U 

i> Ocl. Bft 


nOct. M 
•«OeL 16 
„0C(. M 
agOct. M 
■aUok W 
iiDM. M 
m Dbo. It 
■J Aug. •7 
14 Auk. It 

11 S«[lt.lT 
tl SeT>Vl7 
■I JlepulT 
.1 80111.17 
11 aapl.*r 
(1 nei't.Bi 

>( 6CPI.I7 
>l BeptSf 
.Ot*. I7 

t Oct. Sf 

I ooi. If 
lOow I7 
lOoL sr 
tOot. B7 
iiOd- »» 
It CM. It 

I >9O0(. B7 

t^Ool. »J 
. Kov. S; 

— ■»'•"■!! 

hJbd. U 



■» *"«■!' 

..... .»Au«.ei 


1 Ocl. 81 

...... ijOol. SB 

f«Ocl. M 

nOcl. 8» 

....M toOol. IB 

tiO«. «• 

n Xo*. SB 



U Dee. II 

— tl Dee- W 



Rmjal ArtiUery. 

a OmuuDKhHin, Jobn Ditcrsa" ... 

<o*, A'fi- Jerrru Art, Mthli't i 

1 lA-fttcr, Henry JnhhS*^ 

j iUirrsiy, AnlmrSlorilnimt •-— 

A SiiUmijiahe, I'liilip 

3 JctlKns. llv. Uinni, Staff V'Jl. 

i:i.i. flilfi-r, ll'allT UliiKl, • 

Slafflai-I.. tt.A.JIOUg Ki/'gi 

AJjn'iiul g Jli;i/..,U a. /Pii* \ 
JJiritruH ..,.. J 

I'UkKfilJ, K-fir'V Jldg,AJilllililt i 
LVIyn/ZjuiJur Arl.Volt. J 

jriirtJ, EJr-., I'M.r,, -Untl'iH* \ 

Jiirl-et-tLr, Ri'j^it GHHjiii'TArr > 

far-lort, IfuliiaM .I'.li-f „ „) 

I'cnt'fv, ArlMvr PiU-^ Inferior'- 

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I.,d.Jlt«rs ll'tlek'^' 

J^^iitll, Jitin^r l.aiHg, Sriifriii-\ 
IrxtJral Siinll Am ,l/(im- J- 

HififfJi l-''ic*"rfftKirket ) 

I l^ocUert Kdwiiv<l Frencli''"' 

S/iri-c-r, Orraid IMfrl 

Ad(1i*>n, Alesmiilur Uiiprp,''' t 
Ulaff Coll-yf J 

Ema^, Uiiifrr T^'tlif, A^lil. 3> 

Brig- fieo/n^ Dirininn ....„,„) 

c:T.3mj'th,0itm Stunrt,''' VSO. ... 

Jiwax. CAa.'ln .tlog-iui,'''- AJj. ) 

S Brio. S. Iri,k D-a J 

rhillpgtt-.A H.Crgkpi^'.i.'M! ) 
Jnii-Si.(l>*^|i.B II. \ } U'cH)/icii-A i 
*.••. Uuldrji/k, Tboinn^ Stiiii^ t 

13 Sapi.?! II Deo. Srjj 


. Si 

19 Sirpt.7j'2i Dee, 
If ^v]it,7z 31 Dec 

a ^C|it.79 34 l>flC. bl 
9 >ljlTI. 7^ ,11 l*oc, 81 
Q Juri. 7^, 11 Jail. £2 

5 Jjni. 73^iS JdD. 8» 

Jnii. 7^ 21 3'\T\. ii 

/..p. O... 0/ Qrd, BtMll... i 1" ""*■ ", 
, Di^M'itr, DnvJtl BrBkine***. ........ 11 Fab. 741 

3 Apr. Ij- 

11 Fob. n'14 Apr. !j 

9 Jim. 
9 J :lll 

j3 17 ^[n_v Sj 
71 27 U.l.v n^ 

13 Fob. 74 
13 Fab. 74 

I Apr. Bj 
IT Apr. >j. 

M ,.. 

q Jan. 7j' I Juiiu32 ^ 
9 Jan. 

9 Jnu. 
9 Jun, 

9 Jnn. 
9 J1111. 

^ Jan. 

9 Jiin. 
9 Jatl. 
9 Jan. 

73 13 Jii:ieS? 
7J S3 JmiaS? 
73 34 JtiibvSs 

39 Apr. 73 

34 Juno S3 
14 Jane ti 

a July 83' 

S July 83 

B VaD^luLn-HURllDII^ tlmOHt^'...-.. 

u SituiulorxT William Artliurf^ 
Oiinr (l>i-pnl B.ii.i.) 1 

Qei'cr, J'lhH .itl-}t'i-f. Cillott'tt i 
t-'orMa in QHi-fUftitK-t iri'A f 

l..eal rail! i-f it-h' ) 

CItcvi'. Wni. Kiv.lorick.": ) 

At\,.ll..\>-l.i:-.:.l Di,,Ilraa.l ) 

4 Kjtiitu'r, Kiiiiii'L.-* < ^lll.■b]^Kfko ... 

H tSninioTH BiUvaiil^*' 

1 Onl. at, Jiilni .^1. Ui:<*r;jo 

V llur^'jii, Allit-i-t 

E llLirioii. ILii1)L?i-l 

Lo Kilworaa, EiKiiice Urealwy ...... 

J Wljeijle. Jim. SI, IjiwTcnco*^ ... 

c.f.Ji.'H". WjiMvon. IVaiiciP--,,-, 

lli-iT'ir'i.V^'^, tiritncillr iVm.'} 

S.'-' Aii. 1 AirrdttttArl. I 'oil. J 

Ri'itl, it-Airl AdJUaK, Fro/., 1 

Ji..TI Ci,ll.,Ei.g,lti. CuuuJ.r, - 

vith fiitik of Mtijar ....,, ) 

Hljitki>ll,Kil«arit Uinfrcvillu, ( 

A\lit-All'ih'i*^tA Dipifioi i 

B.I. <io .lorr'i'y. Wm. l-rjint 

Prifll-). J. X-iroiH,rt, 1 

A.h. 1 Br-1. NW.i iJici."i» t 

U'ltldtKy i^rrdtriek, /■(> 1 

ryector af W.irlibt SItri* ... i 

Fi'l'M, ll'ilj'r'd Dari'l Brailhn ... 

u hniuker, JniiioA .\[. Salhorljinil 

SiifMi, ./uiu f*'rm=« 

>nACowan.Hv.Vi\-iiia^*iV/<.iftij. ) 

iSNi.v. si|.,.. J 

ynH-i^iiH. 7**wfl'ij Twrp*t, Cow ) 

!-o lloiikiii-. Mmik'V OipIl'h . ..,..,. 

Uirl^iinlr^, OiTilHenrv. AA/. ,,, 

■ iiiM'ClinUx'k. [.Ciipnlil AlfTcJ, I 

A 'JMlriHt Bit'igal-rc I}io'niui y 

K-H Tvl.lim, WMIiiim 

R:,a-fi.^,l. S/'pir* I/irinn."' I 

.(.'(. 1 A'arlimmi. Jrl. V1.I: ) 

A Bickinari. Siopfuril i.'Mifbj''^ [ 

lfll.,l/.(/or. 3i Jan. 83) I 

Brrll, Arlknr Jlrmrj iniforj ... 

1 l.'iiTitiLri*. Kij''li:r Liijncl ...ii 

I Kinrii^.Trrinrr England. St'if I 

OlKrr.; VrlliHgli,* D-r/vl ., ( 

Aeirlai.Jaka )(']■. lfjr«lr«,=" ( 

A'lj.^ Volttute. r Hriy-EiXfttrn ■ 

PicufOH ) 

IMiir, n iiU-iai llx^k fjffunj. I OrJmaitce, judClntt... ) 

HaeK'i"'. Climilo Maion,"" 1 

A.ljnl'i.l £. Art. Enrmak \ 

BrMdifion / 

I IVAnie. St. Jndrev Bruco 
/ ya/ton.Geo. n;iile RnlHtnsBn... 
, ll'a.Hit<nr,Tli'i3.llt!nryJitcksor.\ 

39 Apr. 7.tlis JuTj- 83 
39 Apr. 73|jo Jnlj 3j 
■ij Apr. 73 1: Jnly Bi 

59 Apr. 71 ji Jnly 83 
2^ Apr 73 I gcpt-"J 

3-, Apr, 7., 
59 Ajr. ;j 
"t Apr. 7J 

19 Apr. 73 
?9 A|>r. 73 . 
3J Ajr. 7] 

It J'l-pl.?? 
11 5^11.73 
n ».pl.7i 
II Sc|iL-;.i 

3 [JOM'iir, JJnvitl Krakine**' ......... 11 raD. 741 3 Apr. B), 

ii: HejKKto,Wm.HovrlByBaKnniODl it Feb. j^'m Apr. 8j 

■'.•./■.fi-c.iBh.ArHiurGalhm'"! i I 

(Bl. 3l<\i., .5 Apr. Bji Bt.U. I 

C'^/., IS JnnB 8s) i ai^f 

Cililai.for B. Art. Bactr... ) 
KrUt.irt. atraid Talbot, Imp. I 

Jtr'nyer Buildtffa, Kojfal / 

I^iiboniforg .... j 

4 I!inl>i-uril, ArlbuT Cborchill'" . , .. ., 

i Hnnier. Fred. E meat AinndBlI™ u Fob. ji'iS Apr. Sj 

B l(, William Jobn 13 Feh. 74:18 Apr. Ij 

1 (,'iiitiF. Hiirrv AlQKKader Dvaria Fob. jt'it May Bj 

Xfr«r,AiJ.-'^ DSO. Bern. JT. Fall, n'.ii Utj 1} 
Ort't-n. Henry O'Hrien, Adi,\ ,, p_u .,, ,,«-^ v.. 

inino ""■ l'l:ni".,*Viniiim AnbQr,"'iSr(»( ii Feb. 74 iB JanaSj 

,_, 7Jnni!03| 4 liann, Wiliism FrKcleriok la Feb. 74I3D JuoeSj 

7j 7Jane83';Bo Urndh', ILabort Uaziflni 1 a Feb. 74 1 t July S3 

! I.ou(iiin, Itoliert Dunn, Ai*;. .„ 13 Feb. 74! 6 July 83 
73 13 J line 83 'c.p. Qnnictt-Itolflcld. W. Dubbon*"!! Fab. 74 7 July 83 

' I SmUi. EJrard AtUih'" 11 Feb, 74! 7 July B3 

n HiillaiLd.KllisClutrlrgFlauthar. 13 Feb. 74I 7 July St 

Fmll, .irlinr Sprnrrr la Feb. 74! I Aug. Bj 

"'xa::,:;^::::;^^:} "Feb.,*; .Aag.>3 

m MuTiiiiy, FrAixciB Jo^-.-pb -,,-.-, tsTv\i. 74*1' Aag. Ij 

X Miiliorly. L'liarloB Bviin*" - ii Feb. 74 »a Autf. I3 

Xkjirr, rAof. I'ittor Urfmtr,^' _, , I . ^„„ a^ 

U.h.C, t^Sir G.S. 0««« J ," ^<*''- 7*|3» AQg,Bj 

3 HAwkaLiw, IMvrimL CricbtOD it AhV- 7i'3t AOtf. S3. 

d.i. UuDMinl, Arthur rlifbm. 17 Aug. 741 1 SoTtt-l} 

Eifial. EilttMtd Ilnrrfftt.'^litJ. \. . ! h.^ », 

3JLfpJJ/.«riei^al'*.i*..^™j *7 AuR. N i Sept-Bj 

B Burton, baiuvnin -_*___.- a„_. o- 

V Allien, Ji^hii UieliaiNl Eloimnl.. 

Slirlinn, JatMii ir;j/ Ail. 1 

i !S.i-!,S.lrit\Uio. R. Arl.i 

Fotle, Trrtriord *". Woj.M) 

Coal. o/OnJ.ijnir/MM i 

.Fi/:, Jotn Prny. Ji'/. i Artp-\ 
<*ir<-D».r S(i(ffbnf.ilrliUi 

I a^feji/HP4 

BO Simpaon, Juljn Murray 

Jiiifrituit, tiobtrt jrflar*^ 
liwi/ttHe^AAj. i Voi.[Uimp'\ 
•kin] Urifl. Wttliv* Bit, ...} 
Fiif'on*. Clf'rlrM Sit;! B^iM-^ 
riJ.y.»' («/. J/.r^f.T40ct.8i), 1 
A.V.C. In Sir Hrrli,* Wood ) 
I'rank'irr, If'ulfrr'tJf ...... 

. KeLlio, riniik'S Wnnchope" .. 
JSimftwi^Hfiri Cii/ltf^n Coit-\ 
nrll Dail:,..^^Adi. a itrifodi I 

Soalkrm IHritiow J 

Biilfiiir, II":.. i:,lirard l.i^nttr,-! 
Adj. , t!.-! Riding nf Tort-' 
thire Arti/'T./ V'^tHnlervt ...J 
Giillfi, llii- ri (In. lliw^rd,'^--. I 

Ailjnla-I I irurH$ftrArltl-i.ijAug.r, 4N01.BJ 

Itrg ViiiPi'ltert ,.,.,-.. J . \ 

ic Purvis, AI.<\]inderBarrideo...li7 Auf?, 74 7 Nor.Sj 

lt:r-'it]hl;r,ti,>lrg, | ,. J Anf. 74 14 Not. «.. 

p.t.e. J^>«ii-3. K.fMfJ ll'i...'™) 
ataffCaM-na Sofot ATlillirf, V18 Jnn. 75 i4Kcrr,B3 
WarOgirt )\ I 

.^.riJr -f ty^rlii. Slor,. ... J ,'^ J""- " '« ■'■'"■ 

5 ^tl*:,3'.^ 

2-f A\-T. 73 16 HuplsSs 
^V Ain\ 73' 16 Sopl'82 
fij A^pr, 7^'t4 Sejit^Sz 
J9 Ajir. 73I30 iiepi.S? 
ay Apr. 73- 1 Oct- Bj 

aj A|ir. 73! I Oct. Bj 
'9 Apr. jj] I OCL 65 

17 Ang.j4' i8epl.Bj 
17AUK.7J1 iBepUBj 
17 Anc;. 74 a Sept. S3 

i7Aug.74| sBe|it.8j 

'J A08-74 BBaptSj 

17 Aufc. 74lii6ept.8} 
7 Aug. 74 j6 Sept. B3 

I Oct. S3 I 

I Oct. 83 i 

1 Oel. 83 i 

1 (let. 8j ] 

I Oct. B3. 

4 Oct 63 

4 Oft. Ba 

I J An;;. 74 
17 Ana. 7< 

7 0ot. tj 
7OCI. Sj 

■7AUK 74 'jOcl. Bj 

i7AnB.74J»lOct Sj 
17 Aug. 74' I Nor. B3 

1 1 tiL-pl.73' I Nov. 83 

■ I 

It Si'ikt.7j 35 Nov. B3 

II t=i'|it.73 ?5 Nov 
11 Siij>l.73 9 Dec. 
ji Sppi 73 ,3 Dee, 
II Still. 73 37 Dae, 
II SfiPt,73',i Dec„..,3,4jan.8;,"s^;ii;K;:s;.i: 

It iJi|it,73 14 Feh. 83 ' 
11 Kept.jj 14 Kul). 8j 

II Sopt.73 iS Feb, S3 

'" I 

S3 ' 


ml run'" 

II Sepi,73 38 Feb. 


11 Sepl.73'3B Fab. 



It Sepl,73 aS Feb. Sj 

11 Sout.ti 31 Mot, 83 
II tiept.7] aS Mat. S3 
11 Se|>[.73 1 Apr. Si' 

Irg*. Kiit^wtifH, CtiHad-it ritk 

rank nj' 31'ijor 

Srlalrr, Hnr, Cridtlon'^I^Bt. 
ilajor, n Jiiaa 8;l, ll.A.A. ^ 

Q.'M. firmrril. Sggiil 

PItil/iiH.Tifmni roaotdii IFjnia, ) 

Aiij. 1 Brig. ir.Dii ..S 

SimpiOH. Ckitrit* Napier, '■-) 

ilrnelur Rirful itiUtarj CoU. J 
Ifay, JTJjrnrtf ^inp/nu-./nrfrnfl. | 

lor Aeadtmw j 

Ziact. Rrginald Frmitrton,'! 

Inttfuctor R- if. Aeadtmjf } 
Xdki, Ocfunm,"' AilJ. 3 Brig. ) 

Jfoftkcra Did. ...-.) 

18 Jnn, 


38 Jna, 

7<' I D«. Ej 
js 10 Dee, 83 

iS Jan. 75 II Dae. B; 

33 Jan. 7< II Doc Si 
aS Jan. 75 39 Doc. 8j 
iB Jan, 7311 Deo. S3 
agj»n. Ti! « J"- '* 
iS Ju. 7S ' ^"^ ^ 

Itoyal AriitUry. 

^L4i;i;wau>t „.j 

p-L*. / » ■■< « . gimy Cltlom4 

■ BodlUOO. /uaMOlTBIl 

nKHrfaaa, MmnHl Soter All- 1 

4»T.W4rCWIw>. i 

ieEI;ac, WHIIuiiVradi'Vlcic* *"!;.. 
TIMWU..44. _ .{ 

■ bBlM. JSMM WaUllRl.t'>> 

T trrvn^ H'-^m Dw. J 

'-'"'Hni ArtUrwy JtitUit. t 
• IbiuK, BMiRt L«n**» „. 

'it /ui. ]f I t Jan. ft < 
.^ Jan. is^ I Juo. ti, 
'4 Jatt* 71 a JbD. t^j 

'it jAn. ;; 1 Jan. tj, 

'f1 Jui, 7; I Jan. Cjj 

'() Jnn. ;;' i Jsu. fiuj 

iC Jui. }J I JkR. I|. 

L I 

(tifui. jji t Jiun. tt 

■I Jul. n ' iiui. ii 
ilJon. 7s' 

9i JkD. 7} 

•Awtw, «.«m(w- «■>«»■ j 
< IV.40i«H)SH*. M-. ^ j 

Va^, OkUlM B«ar»nl>« _ .. 
— ■- WalMr Frrt. Oer>,j 

'Ankaff _... 

. ^B^nv JhsM<. ^ !«< 4< ) 

__*■ jkc. o. ^rbfkirt 

Irf al H . Ifs. ^ •^.B'Brif. 1 
M^ M. Art. aittn^t, \ 

t^.«» ,.., _J 

KBMtwa. Geo. IImUdi*,™ > 

""■■"' Mai.ti....^ J 

<ia Jobn ..,,^„,„ ^ 

.1 -. ,s-uiDir.a.J>*....f 
i> t'lKiU. fleriKit [jKt* 

I Jail- S| 

t Jun. U 

It^rMI. Arllar Ctoir*>,"' riH | 

tuc^t runt ijf Mntnf I 

»~/.Oi..Mri.,/Jd.B„^Ju/) i ' "^'^ »*'* "'"■ ** 

J AtHlr, Aiiilirtny John t Foto. 76 ^ DrtC. S* 

ftj, /'<ii»cl< Join,"' A ri.r.i I , -,L ..(.. n„„ . 

■ (larEow, CbArlti* Murvyii .,,,. f t'ub. 7A111 J>co, B4 

^^/ r »v,i;^^rj<», ( 

llovUnd. J0I1J1 Kuwloy KiT 

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•I ttB. n 

iSJu. 71 
iSJaa. 7} 
1} Abi>. 7} 

•V An(t TJ 
t^ Abs. 7> 

■« *ag. 7i 
)» Auj. jj 
•9 *iilt- 7 J 

I? AUK, 71 


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■ Haiunnnlt 

ttfri. Vtril Arthur. Atj. t ) 
Mr. £«H>t»> IK.MM ... i 

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iMUn^ KlohanlUanin 

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O^M. A JblttUrj, Ttrt i t 


ihn. 1,' 

I Jan. it 

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I Jan. i, 

»Jaa- 1« 
9 Jan. Si 
VJitn. S« 

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9 Juu. ii 
t> Jan. li 
t6 Jan. fli 
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i> liar. S4 
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■J Anjc.Tj ■; JUDcSt 
i9AU](.7i< 1 JulJ- it' 

■ iiAits. Tt^aJuIy t| 

:«Aug. t^l lAuK.Si 
'»*»«. »jiH Aug. »t 
'JAUJI' 7i|MAW-8t 
xiAuii. 7(117 


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1*1(1.71: >oti. »«' 

■ VAns-fS lOcL 8(1 
•9l««.TI I Oct. (t 

• r*b. }«j (Oat. 1< 

* rob 7«i a Om. ■( 

J I-ett je , o«. ««' 

■ fck. ;t iS Oct. Sf' 

■ rtb. 7« It Oal. ij 

1 1^1). ft 

» Feb. 7a 

I Jan. ts 

Cnilf), Jalim fnmrltj 
Urtg. S. tr,A Dir. 
a.i. ]i,i.r. Adys, John"" (Bt> 
MaJ^r, nJhii- t^t > 

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ir*./.. irill„.m Ltr*.." /■. j 

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tv nnokenir. F»it«rlck lt»nnr>i: 
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Its UiirDtiiian.KfniicUiJ.Wiilkiir 

BtiTAl.yH;im.,l. Arthur 

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i^vl.\ t.l-utila'^Urij}. li Ih*. f 

■r Mrjrrni»im, Itiitirv WuTiprt.-. 

> r<b. ;C IS Jan. 1^ 

.Full. 76.1 Jan. H 
» KbU.jsIijJuu- <i 
1 Pcb. }6\apJ,n, Bs 

jFuU. jtf* jFtti. 81 

• Flli.|«, 
1 Pil^ K ,« Fab. St 
.K.!.. »n!,5lfBi,, »s 
» ITob. »6 „ Fall. Ij 


uAui;. 701 iMiir. gj 

It AiiK. 7«'t)KBr. E) 
<t Aox-jdijMar.Ss 

It Am,-. jfijijMar. Ss 
i| Anj. jf/'ij jur. (j 

It Aim. t* I) >tir. t] 
M Aq«. I* . Apr. Ij 

ItmiiXIt, Jlrnrf Atjitrnii t^*. 
IU,'"limi.{Dr W.ijVr. 1) 

tBandluohi Ilr^r}' >lArIiii>'< . . 

) Kullv. HieliirJ SlukiUmipill j 
IIrih^tjLii<r I'rui^vU f 

ai.jfi.™.i('i. j'"„i. («i,«i)[ II Ann. r' iBUar.lj 

H- K«i;l, KlT^Urlir ft'ltnou^l , 

•0 AEovijiki'^f Tj <.:iirtr]« H(*ury .. 

C^pt.Kr.,u.lE.UUi^Zi 'tAiW-lfi, .Apr.ej 
hfrt^rafr^ Arnof4 VAitrlr*. i ^ , , i_^ .a . • 

.»V ■/ a. J«.^. W «™ i 1* *"*■ '^i "*■'■'"• 'S 

IVu»((. tauwt. /'..diBiii.Mj 

O^'A^vf . ji^ Cla^ ...... ...i 

Sklffi>rr. Ju..'^' io«ti--rfof 1 

A, JUll.Air, Arairm) j 

»■ Ilnj.Anbiir Bmwrt" ., ..... 

1.1 H-iiiiMri, An!iurC«ilBllT»li ,. 

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"■-.MaBiio! Wio.Palmsf,,. 

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MatJ/oli, Jiii4 P-rilir ..... 

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{HI lfo;ori5JiinflSO,JJ/. f 
I Bria. »'.!.» /).», «. Art.) 
LarJiitr-i.''irX/.Juktilt H'l*. 

it Aag. 76 ij Apr. I5 

i| ADe.7« ijApr. Sj 
> Fiib, ;6 19 Xdt.B* 

ijJaa. 7? 
•iJan 77 
■ 9AOX.7! 

JJ Jnn. 7) 
ij Jho. j7 

•S Apt. Bj 
•« ilpr. Sj 
rj Apr. B% 

... • , y ,; 

Ua.Ailj.z Vol'iiItfT [ll«f' 

Sif^t'ivr, l't'i*r\t EtfitMi .... 
a WnrJ, Krorln-.rl: l(.jnlttn; .. 
1 X'Vm, llmliiiitl )~mic.t 

JtaHT. >•'•"«- On- •^«^<i>l 
OamvtaStrC.C. SmilA... j 

Titt^rtt, tint. Jam*' t^fimfit.^ 

Aeai*»g ... _ .. .,.,. . _ ..J 
> nih 7« I Kiir, Bi 1* Mgroar, llairpj' KTBtono"* ... 

■ Fe(i.7A iKur.ti a •jmaa. rmlCTLiik JasM*..... 

■ Fall. 76 I X^T.Bt »>B<Tnii1>l>. (;ccll Edit&nl ...,. 
" " ' ' " J'tfW, iVtltrr Vav^mmr, \ 

AUt 4r Camp lo Maivr ^ n.W'tI/»wl 

» fob. »t I* X*T. tt 

>; Jftn. 7; £ Uaj I; 
•I Jan. TijiiUajr B5 

" JaD. jtIi, a^ I4 

>j Jan. 77 II K»y S} 

jjJmi. 77,, tf.r «» 
n Aug. 7».ij JnlySi 
1! Joii. 771 ,An«.a» 

II Jan. r>'>)Aug.Ss 

.J Jan. J7 I] Aa«.>j 

»sJan. J7 n Aait.l 
liJaa. 7j xAuR-l 
.-jJm. 77 19 Aug. I 

itJm. 77>oAac.«S 



Royal Arltltery. 



I CODOlly, William Hallott':' ...jsJm. jj VSept.Ss' Bdw.'''.;igDw. tShOCT. M 
GotdoD, Charlea WilUiim ... g^ Jan. 77 g8ept.Sjl|ffR JackeOD, Bra-ben Kindtill ... iS i>«c. jS 190a. U 

TliorBtoD. Bidney VMTion iB I»«. 7* ig Oct. 86 

I>alla$, Join Htnr) LatfTBii ,« IVo. V ■ Kav.EO 
Lo U'LaaRhllii, OsOTin Hall™ u& Dec 7E ^>S Nor. 86 

Britair,' BdxarJ IIVIiam.1 , ■ , n.. . . 

Adj. , ianruiAir* A^t. r„/-. / 'i '">■ T! ,'<■ '^^ ^j 
Hj. HoBaoll, William Molb.iurn6 ij June 77 a Nov. Bjl 

w* SlHler, Honrj llftTtyn**' ...ji^ June 77 7 Nov. E5 

WB Fenen, Mnstratli FOBarlr™... iij JUIM77 16 Nov. Sj 
H«ymnn^ OooiJ EU. UfUDib I I 

ton,"* tniti'Meior Kojfal !■ .ig Jano 77 35 Dec. Bj 

Milittifs Acadtmi M { I 

4 BLewitL. CliLiTlefl 'tornor ...■■■ 19 June77.3} Deo- S5' 

a PftWrfon. Kilward iUmiJtoii-iig Jnnej?! i Jan. S« 

Iblli*^ Tkom'iM Drunminid,')\ 

jml .4»:.l. Siipdi. «/ Ki- > ,9Jime77 i Jan. S« 

;«T(iiir«'<,SiA.D/"eii»«rrj(J I 

4 RoMneon. tJtiiirleflTnylnr ... igjaae77 3 Jan. S* 

4 Anilervon, y.lind, UiiUor**^ —.^^3^^a6^^ 4 Jan. 86! 

3 Chapman, Herbert Aleiander'ig June 77 11 Jan, E6 
Foiter, John Eaffay Itq June 77 II Jan. 86 1 

4 Bcateon.Wm. JohnArnoUi ""[ij June77|ii Jan. 86 

a Yane-Agnew, John Fra^er ...'ig June 77 1 ]r Jan. B6 ic.t- Umchiii. Fredericlc taikiner 
4 Gordon, Arth. Wm, Bolton"» 10 J one 77] 11 Jan. 86 I ai loKlie. Henry Alros" 

"■ ' " ---*-. _ T^Ocu 77IT3 Jan, S6 'a.i. Cbamberlain. Thomoa FfoAter 

' 90ct. 77 KiJan. S6 TH Bmith, SjdBnliam Camp-} 

90ot. 77aoJan.Sfil bsli-Hrquhart J 

I ».i , Burrowes, Hsnrj G[«y 

A.D.c:i, sSr.D. BditPJj'S »«■ 78» D«o. M 

L^ narley, George Roe ....,a Doc. 71," D»o- 66 

JfriioH, Bis"- Forttt, Cm. Von.. .ol». nmr M 

u> Block. AnburllDEh ]ig Dec. 78.11 Dec. 86 

V OldBeia, HoorT ELlioW !iS Deo. 781 i Jan. ij 

Tkairon, JocrifA HgM<»- il Dec. 781 1 Jan. 87 

4E™Mj*ir..JrWi,pyroi..J '8 WO- j8|J4 reB. BJ 

4 Kadlay, Neil Douj-Ibs ig Dec. 78 "8 Apr. 87 

I Tiambart, Bo*. AnUai ....... ^.i^t Dei;. 78 7 MW ?7 

a Pajet, WBlleBleyLvEeiliicl:H 

JbAH/Alt </aiu« TkoiaOMOm, - 
Aids it Gimji to tht Lieut. 
Ctovtmor OJtAff Fimjub ... 
B.i.Ricaiilo, Henry George 

18 Dec. 78 

6 Apr. 79 

i> Hay Sj 

6 Apr. 79 'S MW 87 
6 Apr. 79 iB May 87 

I Jojoe B7 

9 Oct. 77 

aajan. 86 


9O0U 77 10 Jan. 

jOct J7|K) Jan. 86 

9 Oct. 77 10 Jnn. 86 

sOit. 7;|Mjaii. 86 

9Ci:t. 7; I Feb. 86 I 

90ct. 77 sFeli.Sfi.' 

jOot. 77 i Vcb. 36.1 

9DcC. 77 i»Foli.86 

LI Kelson. Horace Sydney 

Hmatr, William Jamt^^ 

Bmilk, Slanlrf Ooorgt Drim,~, 
CoHmiMuiTi qf Onfanatt, > 

3rdClau J 

Winaalr, amrgt Ifillcr.'"') 
A^.<Vot.(3iui>x)B,isadt, J 

Cinqut Forlr IHpition ) 

TowTUeud, Ckarltt CollxTigKoal 
Wilton, M<|.. iTcn. Lultrttl J 

Fniit J 

BC Bell, Leonard 

I Toma, Fr^noiiiBovilt Ucail'^ 
■ Honiby.Edoiuiiil J.Phiinis^' 
I Lealio, John Henry, :V(u(M.ii ; 

SliiffOSiorr. Nrrimch J 

Jiieolli, ^ilaumd Qit4tiiona..... 

SMnl*, .iffhiir Btagdrn 

■1 8heivel[,H.Wll]inuiBon Uocnn 

JarktoH, Sfantagat SerlU 1 

OoUff,^'* rmyioyrd xifh J 

E^ptun Arntjf r 

■o VerBkar, Hon, Jem^y Edir, > 

Prendorgast , f 

^aekaon, Franev BtnJinKii, \ 

Adj. I Brig. S«ltil* Dis.... j 

WtuieTtJokn Davnn Jlviek^ ) 

■ ii»», iri CI. Oom.of Ord, t 

Ctildir, Edmund Homry Sum- [ 

^ rroilU.^" Ordmanet Store l 

Drpartment ) 

»,l,Fiiu»hawe, Edward Arthar"^ 

^,..r. ClillKlll, Cluu. fifB,™) 
St-iff^ Ctp/ain, InteUigenee > 

Branch, WarOffiee ..J 

Sutbur), Wm. St. ritrrt.-i 
.idjiila<il fBrigide BnllUli > 

Dmition ..-...-...-. .-.-/ 

BiFcK Fridtric ifory Jo**"',]! Jan. jB 14 Mar. 66 
I !ycoliy,Fred. Boanchamp"'..,.]! Jan. 78 " 

3 KInne.CliaTles Forboa ji Jan. 78. 

Bo}tri, JIugk Hearf*' A^. ■) 

4 fol. ICmqiii Forlt)Srijl. W3, Jan. 78 

6Apr, 791 6 Jiin«8^ 
6 Apr. 79 17 Juns87 

6 Apr. 79 29 Jana 87 

6 Apr. 79 

I July 87 
6 Apr. 79I I Jnlj 87 

SApr. 7911s Ang. 87 
6 Apr. 79 19 Ang. 87 
6 Apr. 79' "8W-8J 

6 Apr. 79'>i Bapt.87 

6Apr. 79'ii Bspt.S7 

6 Apr. 7911 Bept.e7 
6 Apr. 7^91 BeFt.87 

31 Jaa, 78 
^^r Jan, 78 

S May 66 
June 86 

■ '31 Jan. 78 16 June 86 
-hi Jan. 78I16 Juna86 
. ji Jan. 78 18 JuDc86 

3 Jnly 86/ 

7 July 86 
IS July 36 

Cimfite Portt Diuittot 
wa WiiUma, Cliarloa Uell'" 
I TbisllclhwrLyte, T. Qeorgo. 

a Sankay, Artlinr -. 

Btuke, Thomv Francie ...... 

V,l- Dou^iua, Jamea SLewarL^* 

1 M'Lood, BosinaW GeorKOl , . 

M'«iioou (.jiJan, 78 

^j^Ji, Eeffiituld llemrjf Jan. 78 

1 Holyar, Arthur Bcnainont ..-l>i Jan. 78 
I Hibben^ ArclilbnldLouiB „,l]iJaii.78 
Jiiaoinrom.Conr'iii Rd.Dobbe,\ I ^ „ ■ . .., 

Adl. 6 Brig. If. IrUh Dio.i \v i"'- 78 10 July 86 

aoJIutlbcwa. Alfred.,. [3, Jan. 7811 July 86 | 

t.l. Powell, AUiprlon ffolliott"' Iji Jan. 78 u July 86 ! 

I Guiio, Uowaru ,, Jan. jB)). July 86 

I GrancC, Bdward Jobn,*"!, , . , , '.Il 

SlojrColltgr J 3" J""' ?«'7 July 86 1 

Taylor, Pbibp Beauobamp.i ! .„ _ -I , , .J, 

p.a.e. KembaLl. George ' 

Vcro"' i 

I Armita^c. Rdwarcl Hnuie ... 

4 Harvry.Jobn Kiivard 

•N I'Aj-ior, Williftm Rowland 

ac Hobday, Bdmund Artburj 

Poneonby, Aid* da Cusp [ 

to Sir Frideriot Solertt ... i 

4 WrigW, Qeotjte 

■o flmiii, Gilben Boys"* 

3 Ogilvie. Norman Htoart ..... 
Humr.Ctarlu VenosMii da ) 

Camp lo Sir Frid. Botertt . i 

, £,A Goulbum, Ualhbert £dirard 

9 Oct. 7716 Jan. 86. K. I.Davidson, John RoUl. Barklj 

oC'ot. Tj, 1 Feb. 86 ' 3 CtobC, Frederick Uacdonald 

Olicer. WJlia- Jumit. Adj. ) 

1 Edinburgk Art. VoU. ...} 

so Butboven, Percy Henry"" ... 

Loiet, Eranou HaHlem. At. \ 

tittant Intpeetor tf War- \ 

. lAtHtoru ) 

9 Oct, 77,16 Feb. 86, wir Lane, Christopher Wm. Mooft J 1 jan. 78[ti Bept.87 
c.r.HeyKate, Richard Lionel ,■■-■. 6 Apr. 79 ai B4pt-87 
I FairholmeiWilllani Bmoit, 1, . . ' - - 

BtqfCatlrao i 

4 Guinness, Efustaca ..,,.-.,.- 

3 De Bobeck, Henry Sdward ) 

WtlUam J 

Balguf, Jokn Henrf, A^. 8) 

Laneathire Art. VotujiUtrt ) 

Lvmbrrl, WalUr, »«aior) 

Clate, Arlillerf College ... t 

a Gardiner, Henry Lawrence^ 

tl Chance, Harry. S'ojf College.. 

Eoberlt, Jokn Dohrte Ander- \ 

ton. Adj. 3 B.-ig. W. Bit. i 

Ifotkam, Frfdfrie Lewit, t^d 

Aeeiet. Director Qt*erolt 

Ordwxttt Faetorlet .... 

t StunrL, Alexander Ramaay, I 

^cliu Adj. B Art. Bftpt , 

V.I- CujnmingB, ^Vilfrid Heron, > 

Aetittg AdJHtaHt....,, .........} 

1 Tawnev. Edward Plowden) 
Archer. ^ 

9 Oct. 77 19 Fob. 86' 
9 Oct. 77 

9 Oct, 77 
9 Oct. 77 

9O0C 77 
.31 Jan. 78 
31 Jan. 7B 

31 Jan. 78 

13 Feb. 86' 
ij Feb. 86, 
3S Feb. 86 

IS Fob. 86 
17 Mar. 86 

14 Uar. 86. 

14 Uu-. 86 ' 

6 Apr. 79iiS<Iit-8T 
6 Apr. 79:91 Sept-Br 

6 Apr. 79'>i Bcpt.B; 


6 Apr. 79; ai Sept-S; 
6 Apr. 79'jt 8ept.S7 

6 Apr. 79 

e Apr. 79 

II Sept. 87 
II Bepl.8y 

6 Apr. 79 •■ Septs? 

30 July 79 8 Septa? 
ya Jnly 79 1 OM. 87 

lOct, (7 

lOOU 81 
■ Oct. E; 

30 Jnly 79 
130 July 79 

14 U"-') 
8 May 86 

8 May 66' 

ramer, ArclttT Uofd Uart- ) 
ictu,'. Com, ofOrJ.yiCl.S 
3 Bundle, Qoo. Richard Tyrell 
■ GoDid- Adams, Henry Edw.) 

lOct. Bj 


J Lane, Samuel Williairton 

SimuKiaia, Pfriy StciUnl, ) 

Firtmotltr, Jlong £oia ... i 

7 July 86 o.r. Fendall.CliaaP8ara,"rD80 

Lewtt, John, Inttnxlar ia 'i 

JO July 79 

30 July 79 

30 July 791 I Oct, S7 

30 Joly 79' ' 0=^ '' 
30 July 79 1 Oct. B7 
30 July 79] I OcU 8j 
30 July 79 I Oct. I7 
30 July 79 I Oct 87 

y Joly 79! = o**- "J 
30 July 79 ■• Oct B| 

30 Joly 79 »1 5«- !» 

iB Dec, 78 7 Sopl.E6 I 

18 Deo. 78 8 Sept.86 
iB llej, 78 8Bc|lt,a6 
6 Dee, 76 ii8opt.!6 


Botition Finding 

■ HarknoM, Thomas Bobert j___.^ .,--- . . 
BO lAbalmandiore,JullanATtlinr ja July T9|as Oct 87 

■ Langley. John Peotioe 30 July 79 19 Oct ti 

I Forde, Lionel ,..,.,- 30 July 79'390ot 87 

n Tothill,FrancisWm.a»lbr»lth " ■ 1 - - -- 
Mornt, SSaitriee 2£orBiin, ) 
AdiiUatil j Brigadt StaU > 

Iriek f>ioritaa ,.. ...,.., J 

1,1 Tyrurhllt, Ho*. Rupert 

4 Oulnneu, Charlsa Dairia ., 

30 July 79^99 Oct. 87 

JO July 7911 Dec- 81 

jaJoly 7; 10 Jan. 88 

18 Feb. So 19 Jan. (8 

Qlorgt, AijnUnt * 1 L. bi-k g_ .- i,-_ m 

DurkamArt. ro(M.(.wi...i 1" ""■ ",-*'"• " 

«i; Baker, Goorpe Dnff 
1 3 Pretyman. Kmtst Georf^ 

...'igFeb.&>9i JmlI 
...iiS Feb. SoligJaa. 

WM t.%^tor, ftiiMJiui lujwmiLu ... ia ifec. 74 11 Bopt.1^0 ■ 3 I'reLyman. &rn«B; i>eorf^ ...iie reo. ao:i94aii- aa 
tr.rAla.ta}ulcr.UeraMhArTaso»''it>t:c. 7SI , Oct. BSi 1 Jobn.vm, l\in«""i£e\\7'R»Ki»!>*'?*i.(«.y. Jan. 69 

- Jelielt, J-ihn //rn-itt 

.. ,.. . S6 1 1 3Q\in»vm, tWit, IteW^R^aoii* ■?*!,(«, y. Jan. 69 

18 Dl;o. jBliiOot E6.c.».^'«lt^)un>.V^v\V^llW.?™a^lt■«^l^4'i>&l.*.. \"t*."ft 

B6S«l ArlilUrff. 


l*iVir,JI««iry CUn««>[,,pg(^ ,, 1 Fib. U 
••Prtsvp,Dculu6Vi4M JiSrab fc iKu. »' 



I Apr, t« 
Apr. tt 
WDOkIn-. Xowirtf Dnn-i „g F.b. fc, < Apr. !8 

CA^BvS HADFT III < 1 1< ' J J 

■ i.aearnDuitl,. -''SPeb Bo ■ Apr. I« 

U. dnnpWii. rtiiHp Jobs) -,| r,|^ |^' , Apr. H 

, Wmiun TaTk* 

<< rob. Id, 

Apr. It 
11 I 

t* *fc J^->IU'>»«.CI«H"> ,» Fub. &»" Al>r - 
■ StdkM, AIIM— >»?•<•. fa <) Apr. M 

"'iSl^b, ft»:>J»»7 *t «.► Biekfonl, EJir»ril 

JtfMrH. dkurltt SlHort ..■^., 

IFt<«i!'. Fnfri' JK-j-nadf,"" Mmnf ) 

>■/> llr %)ii'i"' Ar^) ~ S 

I Wpiim, jNjhn ciosryr Kr>kLii|} — ,.-^. 

ATfcv'n*, Ci-ortri Kfnttl, i% e\ar^ ofi 

r^a^jtr timlili'i'it, O'll. K-r/Lfurt > 

Ji'.ifJct'iJ. itnaari Urorj/f, jl»ti>r. iWf*^ J 

tf^ ntn. -fflrd^Jtuei' in In-tiu } 

rnlltr, iir*.iril l(*,.iiJ«rM ... 

Ourlnit-Tni-Mt, Ertrtr Atfrti.Iiut. I Anitmj «....l 

L lUnny. Hldnoy Bpro»r«" 

Johnxm^FrfLUlI Krnfvt ...,,-.~'t-T>— .>.— . 
Or-JAa. nilKn WviiH. At^tt. Iti- \ 

•pnttr at WatWn SItira, UtUa J 

, Ilnbnn, W^lunWMffhTajrlnr - 

llinfchDI. Artliur esnJUDinXoiton 

i« r«»i, fo\" Mny 4* 
t«V«b.«r> (JuLcn 

•^■Iv, yrmitrv AA> .. 

k*. ttakt*. HdwDd ... , 

«■ KriO. CnttB Gnbam. 

>in«,VWkiB . 

• Vtim. Altnd MoniM Ota ... -- - -;- - , , , „ 
] daJawr.ODMmaka ■• £*, £„>^Ja<>«H 

■ ttidM. LoouPtfle ,■» »*- »-.>6J«"e» 

^ ■aMar-BIWr. Walinr <!■■«. '■! Fift >d.>I '<»r *> 

m^cttnf f "^ 

i)(«iilinn ...,} ' -^ ""i ^ 

u Dn ptmlajr. X»l VTiliacy 
n nwMiM Kjaa,'^ at W^f: 

ftWyr - _... ,..- ' 

r tnnmK lUnrd UuirtU 

■ Donr. llBurr Siocliir 

I Vtiv. FndRMk Una. j 

Krnmfo*. «"u BloUnt. _ 

Ilowmn, TtumuM Tbompton, AttinaX 

•T Jul? Eo 
IT July to 
)T Jnljr l» 

tr July Ss 

»j July I 
*I JolJ : 
17 JdIj Sb * 

If JD^ So 

*f Joly to 

(J JbI; <o 
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